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Update to Opera developer 28.0.1738.0

Happy New Year! Most of the desktop team have returned from their holidays and are back to working on your favorite browser, so we thought it might be a good time to give you another release. Additionally, the annoying known issue from the previous build is now fixed. So no more crashing when activating find in page! \o/

A couple of the nicest improvements for today’s build are for our Mac users, so let’s start with them.

Highly compressed Mac packages

By switching to a different compression format, we have decreased the file size for autoupdates and network installations by a quarter! If you use the latest network installer you will benefit right away. Those using autoupdate should get the benefits from the next build onwards.

Improved Mac full screen mode

In full screen mode on Mac, the menu bar will no longer slide down on top of your tab bar. Previously, the menu bar would slide down on top of the tab bar when you moved the cursor to the top of the screen. All toolbars and the menu bar can now be visible at the same time.

Bookmarks popup improvements for everyone

This is not strictly new for this build but rather something I forgot to mention last time. We have changed the behavior of our bookmarks popup (the “heart menu”) with regards to folders. We now list the seven most recently used folders, even if they are deeply nested. Previously we displayed the top level folders. We are still experimenting around this area and would be grateful to hear what you think of this change. Do you like or dislike it and why?

As always thanks for testing!

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