Hello in 2015! It’s been almost a month without an update for the beta channel! But have no fear, we have something for you at last.

There are couple of things worth mentioning for this build, let’s start with Chromium updates. Over the time of the holiday break two of them were pushed to Opera beta, and currently we are using 40.0.2214.69 version.

Our developers also fixed annoying bug that was happening on Facebook for our users using various IMEs – you should now be able to input characters without any problems. Crash fixes and other improvements are listed, as always, in our changelog.


Head over to our changelog to get all the details.

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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Marcin, for this first 2015 incremental Opera 27 build 44 Beta update !

  • Linux users on non-debian based distros:

    Arch (AUR)
    Fedora / openSUSE (more info)
    • Gentoo (use emerge directly)
    Other rpm-based distros
    Other non-rpm/deb distros

    • firuz_u7

      сделайте 64-битный Opera для Windows я жду это с нетерпением

      do 64-bit Opera for Windows I’m waiting for it eagerly.

  • SQL

    Hello, talking about facebook fixes; What about the “open image and then close it returning you back to the start of the page” bug? That was mentioned in Opera 19 Known Issues, and it still exists. I even tried to use google chrome as UserAgent but it still misbehaves. It’s something wrong on your end I’m pretty sure.

    • Marcin Mitek

      I cannot reporduce it on my machine atm. Few questions to you then:
      – does it reproduce on clean profile?
      – do you have any extensions enabled? If yes, does it reproduce without them?

      • SQL


        There, it was listed there so you (Well at least someone) was aware of this issue.

        I have a clean installation of O28 (Dev) and i can repro it there. No extensions. I use 27 (beta) for daily browsing and thus it’s not a clean profile + i have quite a few extensions. Triggering here too. I’ve had this issue for as long as i remember. Seems pretty weird that someone has been aware of this but it still exists :/

        I can give you more info if needed, I’d guess you have an internal bug for it somewhere tho. Win7x64 btw.

        • crasher / Steven

          Same problem for me.
          I am using Dev-release on Win8.1×64

        • Marcin Mitek

          Thanks for your efforts. We will look closely at it. Maybe the issue isn’t as common as it used to be (when it was reproducible for all).

      • SQL


        There, decided to even record it. In that video i used O27, and i had just deleted facebook.com cookies + refreshed the page with SHIFT-F5. Tried without any extensions, still triggered. In this video i had extensions. The same thing happens in O28 (completely clean profile). Idk if i’m the only one having this problem.

      • SQL

        Sorry, it seems to be caused by the Experimental web platform features flag, but i don’t recall ever enabling it (+it was enabled in my fresh installation of 28 too, which seems weird.)

        • Marcin Mitek

          No problem. I am glad that it works. (without that flag)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Do you have “Enable experimental Web Platform features” enabled by chance?

      • SQL

        I actually had, is it enabled by default? Since it was enabled in my fresh installation of 28 also. Disabling it fixes the issue, thanks!

  • loxiw

    Is stable 27 coming soon or will it be delayed ~2 weeks for holidays? Just to know =)


    • Marcin Mitek

      There will be a little longer wait, because of holidays, but overall it is shaping up nicely and coming soon 🙂

      • Sorry but could you tell me how much better are stable 27 over stable 26? 20%? 30%?…

        • 7.183%

          … Seriously, is “better” speed, reliability, compatibility, features, web technology support, …? And how the hack would you measure that in percent?!
          Read 27’s changelog (linked above) and you will know which improvements there are over previous version.

          • Marcin Mitek

            It’s 7.187% better ATM. You have outdated info. 😉 /s

          • Damn. You guys are working too fast. 😛

          • Well for me I guess it’s not that much improvement. So overall it’s just 5% better than 26 for me. LOL….

          • Marcin Mitek

            I think Apple does that when announcing new products. “It’s 40% thinner people! 35.7% faster! 21% cooler!” and everyone goes crazy. We could post some synthetic benchmarks or maybe make a video like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaT7thTxyq8.

          • ahaha I didn’t know that one. Made me laugh so hard xD
            There you have it, Serialmania 😀

          • Patata

            A video back from the days when Opera was a great browser and company…

          • Well I tried out the 27 beta but it still have page compatibility issue on some sites. Guess I have to wait for 28…

  • Are youtube problems fixed? )

    • [828586]

      probably not

    • Sidney Moraes

      What problems?

      • opera stable and next both have problems with youtube videos and control buttons in yt player. black screens, buttons freezing etc. same on 3 different windows machines.

        • tdudziec

          youtube should work better now. some of small possible issues with freezing buttons were fixed

          • [828586]

            I doubt, this bug is present also in 26 and never fixed

        • Sidney Moraes

          I did’t have any problem on YouTube with Opera Stable.

        • Moris299

          I had this problem too. Go to youtube.com/html5 and activate html5 player.

  • senja1

    Only in Opera Bing not showing correctly. When you go to Images, in Opera look like this: http://i.imgur.com/2YiCfBJ.png

    In other browsers look like this: http://i.imgur.com/xGCzyrP.png

  • sgrandin

    On installation and default opening, dpi settings in Properties don’t take. Have to close and reopen to get them.

    Still holding my breath for print preview scaling and toolbar placing options to make this the full-function browser that very long in the tooth Opera 12 is.

  • Predrag

    Speed dial page on XP x32 is showing grouped bookmarks as black rectangles.
    Any one else?

    • They are not black rectangles, they are darkgray rectangles with bookmark’s icons mostly invisible.

    • tdudziec

      this is only for new start page by design . It is known . Try old start page to have more visible bookmarks folder

  • [828586]

    let’s skip this useless version and focus on 28 ?

  • Please, return us ability to choose any folder to store bookmark in.

    7 latest folders is not enough!

    • “last 7 folder” does not make any sense. the purpose of bookmark folders is maintaining categorisation.

      rarely using a bookmark folder doesn’t mean some folders are completely redundant and user doesn’t need them anymore.

      • Really? How I can categorize my bookmarks when I can’t choose folder to save bookmark to? A few builds ago this dropdown list contained all my folders. Now it contains only 7 of it.

        Of course I can go to the bookmarks and drag&drop each bookmark manually. But it takes a lot more time then needed. Almost each bookmark now takes more clicks than earlier.

    • Are you talking about Opera 27? 😉 This screenshot looks like Opera 28 for me… 🙂 Please note that we usually do only bugfixes in Opera beta. Opera developer is a place where features are developed, evaluated, and, sometimes, disappear.

      • My bad. I didn’t see the number 🙂
        Who I need to annoy to get folders back? 🙂

  • Zik

    Now 92-95% DPI makes size of font is really small, it’s hard to read.
    In dev 28 ver. size of fonts on page is okay.

  • [828586]

    let’s skip this useless version and focus on 28 ?
    new Opera nad and censorship ?

    • let’s skip this useless comment and focus on feedback ?
      Every version undergoes stabilization in beta channel and you wanting to skip versions will not change anything on that process. So please stop re-posting.

      This piece of sarcasm is private property. I’m not working for Opera.

      • [828586]

        26 == 27 in functionality, deliberately skipping meaningless changes because for user they are completely unnoticeable, so let’s skip this version and focus on big changes from user point of view not developer, me and probably most users are not interested what is under the hood

        we want results, we want opera back not some chrome like crap

        or at least chrome like opera with functions that old opera had, directs this word to Opera employees

        • skipping a version only means one thing: it’s gonna take just as long to finish the next version (28) and all changes in this one (27) which could already be available to users will be delayed. So there’s no gain at all. EOT.

  • rabe85

    Can you please add a warning, if a download hasn’t finished and i close opera?

  • kokolo5

    So guys, something is wrong with Opera Stable. I had 40 Speed ​​Dial entries. All but two are deleted after Opera stopped at a YouTube video. The entries are also lost in the profile. What happend ?

    It’s very annoying. When this would happend with my bookmarks, it would be a real disaster for me.

  • TrustNo1

    Please, check aliexpress.com. The problem with right site display is only on Opera 🙁

    • No problem on aliexpress . com with 27.0.1689.44

      Give us a screenshot and more information about your system.

      • TrustNo1

        Here U are

        Same problem on frash install 🙁

        • Yes, i can confirm this with Opera 26 STABLE and 27 BETA.

          Firefox 35 loads all content.

          • Marcin Mitek

            Browser sniffing. I changed the UA to Chrome and it loads properly.

        • Bug reported as DNA-32799

  • Hi!

    I have Opera 27.0.1689.44 and my session.db file is 40MB. I always have a lot of tabs open so I tried deleting the session.db file and re-opening all my tabs and again the sessio.db file has grown. Theres also a one second lag when I open or close a tab and I can hear my HDD is busy.

  • Chamelleon

    I don’t know is it bug but when I try to open http://mgsm.pl/, Opera adds www to address and when it looks like http://www.mgsm.pl/ I can’t enter this portal. When I delete www on address bar portal works ok. Tested on Chrome and only Opera adds www to address automatically.

  • escruting

    It seems the problem with https page loading has returned. It says it couldnt load the page, but you reload and it loads fine. Happening a lot lately.

  • TrustNo1

    Still same problem with aliexpress.com while using latest Opera 27.0.1689.54 🙂

  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 28 has been promoted to the beta channel: 28.0.1750.15 😉