Winter has well and truly arrived here in Oslo. Before the team packs up for the weekend and goes back home to a warm fire place, we decided to send out another 27 developer build.

In addition to the fixes listed in the changelog a few common crashes are now fixed.

Known issues

  • Menu separators are missing in the Opera menu and context menus
  • Hovering titles in the tab menu show as white on white on Windows 7 and 8

Changelog and download links

Full changelog

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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Ruarรญ, for this Opera 27 Developer build 1689.22 which is a minor update and readies itself to move to Beta soon !

  • RX-3200

    why it still called “developer” ?
    changelog show nothing for it – nothing to develop

    • 6th developer release for 27. I think we shouldn’t expect a beta release soon.

      • L33t4opera

        Hi Eser, this is 7th build ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • nanana1

      Developer is shown here :

      • RX-3200

        and what does it mean?

        just letters and numbers
        and nothing to develop

        • It has the same or no influence to the world as your nick RX-3200 may have.
          Your name seems to be a kind of synthi product or even kirchen machine. LOL It does not mean anything.

          • RX-3200

            you make a mistake with the theme
            here is not humor-show or philosophical-show
            Here we have the official interpretation of this term

          • Helge Andre Gjรธlme

            This is a developer build based on the 27 stabilization branch. This branch will shortly be promoted to beta. You will normally see new features appear in builds from mainline.
            Mainline builds are released shortly after the first beta. So not long after 27 goes to beta, the first 28 developer will appear.

          • FoolOfATook

            No need to go off-topic ad hominem because you don’t understand what is being said. Although I will admit @rx3200:disqus doesn’t do the best job of getting his/her point across.

            Developer = introduce new features.
            Beta = test said features.
            Stable = well, stable.

            I am of course referring to the respective release streams.

          • @RX-3200 I apologize about my joke.

            @FoolOfATook Developer should be the stream introducing new features, but its almost bugfixing, Chromium Core and security updates as you can see over the weeks.

            Developer seems not to be the same as the old Opera Labs, which introduced new features, version stream.

            I think its a term of definitition and understanding, what Developer means for us?

            I agree, that the DEV stream has nothing new over weeks, only fixing, which is fine exough.

    • Yes, you can not develop anything for the product.
      You dont know what betatesting means: Test, pray, wait, be angry, wait, test, be happy, have a release ๐Ÿ˜›

      • RX-3200

        you make a mistake with the theme
        here is not “beta” build

        this build called “developer”

        • But the word “developer” under sthe circumstances does not have any meaning for you you said.

          • RX-3200

            in this topic “detheloper” – is not just the word

            and I said – completely different (about “meaning”)

          • Call this browser as you like. Developer, Devils Opera, TheDevelOl’pa.
            I dont understand what you want to say.

          • RX-3200

            you want to say that you do not understand what is meant by the terms: “developer”, “beta”, “stable” and so “develop” in this topic ? – breathtakingly
            with this changelog this build must called “beta”, but called “developer”

          • Oh, know these terms.

            But i dont understand what you have to criticise about the calling the browser stream as Opera “Developer”.

            And sorry, it should have never been written betatesting, because the version is not a Beta in your opinion.

          • RX-3200

            not stream
            just this build

          • This build is a Developer build. And the stream publishing dev versions is called delevoper.

            Anything wrong with that?

            Your browser is a Beta?

          • RX-3200

            so you flatter yourself then you say “Oh, know these terms.”
            or you forget to reread start_comment in this branch of comments

          • Oh, my faulty interpretation or your posts.

            Yes, this build is bugfixing of current state and nothing of new features, in most programmer’s minds this is called a Beta. I dont know why these fixes did not stage up the build to Beta stream.

          • > with this changelog this build must called “beta”, but called “developer”

            Thanks for your extended answer!

            Now i understand, what you mean. beta = testing current features and fixing bugs. Developer = new features, testlab.

            On other programming communites only Final, RC and Beta exists, which shows better the development of a program, in my opinion.

        • FoolOfATook

          It’s like @reesmichael1:disqus said: They want a certain quality standard for Beta builds. Thus why you see bug/stability updates devoid of new features in developer. Look at developer as not only for introducing new features, but also for stabilizing said features to a certain (usable?) point. Not much point in having the features if they’re not at least mostly usable, no?

    • reesmichael1

      Hi @RX-3200:disqus,

      I’m not quite sure what you’re asking, but I think that you’re wondering why this build is still in the Developer stream and hasn’t yet been promoted to Opera beta, even though it doesn’t introduce any new features. If that’s the case, then my understanding is that the Opera team wants each build in the Beta stream to have a certain level of quality–even the first Opera beta build.

      Because of that, they release a few Developer builds after a new stable release, even though those builds don’t include any new features. That way, the Opera team can ensure that all of the Opera beta builds meet their standards. This build is one of those builds in the transition between releases.

      • Helge Andre Gjรธlme

        Spot on!

  • Wando Schneider

    Two releases on this week, you’re trying to redeem yourself for last week Ruarรญ? Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hecc-MA

    Go beta already!!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Basically it’s already a beta.

      • FoolOfATook

        Funny because it’s true.

    • Lacedaemon

      If they go beta now their next dev version will be around 7-9 January I’d say (12 Jan the latest) and people will whine for a month that there is no new dev… Apart from that 27 is not even in a good state right now. Unresponsive, BKM has many problems etc….

      • Hecc-MA

        That is what the beta period is for.

        • Lacedaemon

          You got a point for the latter since the dev looks most certainly “feature complete” to our eyes by now, but I think internally they know as well in which horrible condition the dev version is, with so many basic things utterly broken, that they don’t even dare moving it to the beta. Even beta has some prerequisites and requirements for alpha to become beta…

  • Opera, the latest stable update removed Bing from the default optional seach engines. Please place it back.
    Or at least make the ‘Other search engines’ with an option of being set as default.

    • FoolOfATook

      Being able to set “Other” search engines as default is the logical move to take. So, why has this not been done yet? The only possible reason I can think of is that Opera has financial reasons in restricting usability of non first party search engines, seeing as they may hypothetically get money from companies paying to have their search engine featured in the browser. Restricting usabililty of search engines that don’t pay would be meant to differentiate the two tiers and provide motivation for paying.

      I have no clue if this is the case of course.
      Opera could just be lazy ยฏ_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

      • bwat47

        They claim its for security reasons (against search engine hijacking malware).

  • Anonimo

    Fix 26026 already…. [mod edit: you meant to say “please” here].

    And please please please for a Christmas present, a nice sidebar…

    • I hope for a sidebar, too; but may be it will be a easter egg present ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Maybe in a future Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Clueless

    Thanks. Just… awful, as usual.

  • With this build I can no longer reproduce the crash on at the end of flash-video (DNA-30430). ๐Ÿ™‚


  • RX-3200

    effect of “lazy-load” thumbnails in opened big speed-dial folders in 27 still here
    (may be thumbs preload is broken in 27)


    “ContentBlockHelper” and “Stylebot” still show “grey”(not left-clickable) buttons on extensions bar
    so DNA-29191 still not fixed
    it work fine at last in Opera Dev 26.0.1655.0


    we still can not sort search engines
    we still can not sort extensions buttons on extensions bar
    we still can not convert SD-folders to bookmarks-folders
    from UI
    we still have no normal bookmarks tree

    • Leonardo Gomes

      “ContentBlockHelper” and “Stylebot” still show “grey”(not left-clickable) buttons on extensions barso DNA-29191 still not fixed
      it work fine at last in Opera Dev 26.0.1655.0

      Have you reported it to the extensions authors? Stylebot doesn’t seem to be an extension listed in Opera’s Addons page and in “ContentBlockHelper” one i couldn’t find any report of this issue.

      • RX-3200

        “ContentBlockHelper” and “Stylebot” work fine in Opera Dev 26.0.1655.0 and in “beta”
        why should we bother authors?
        there was no official comment on that this is a problem of the extensions instead of the Opera27, since I first wrote about DNA-29191 in this blog in previous bilds of 27

        • Leonardo Gomes

          why should we bother authors?

          Well, let me see…

          Because they are probably the first ones to want their extensions working in Opera? At least the one whose extension is listed in Opera’s addons page.

          Because they can try to fix the issue?

          Because they can check if they also have the issue?

          • RX-3200

            it’s in your dreams …

            but in reality, the author of “ContentBlockHelper” said :
            “Thank you for report.
            I think, maybe it is Opera Dev’s bug.
            I’ll treat it If it have not fixed on Opera Stable.”

            and the authors of “Stylebot” does not respond to reports more than lunation

            and in general I agree with the first of them is that it is a bug of Opera 27
            and no one until proven otherwise

  • Mike

    Is there a way to hide the new blue search icon to the left of the address bar?

    • SuperTommy

      You can disable #experimental-addressbar, which by the way is disabled by default. So you’ve enabled it somehow.

      • Mike

        That is Default (disabled) currently!

        In fact, all of my flags are set to default except tab menu which is disabled.

        • SuperTommy

          Then I have no clue! I don’t have it, only when that flag is enabled.

          • Mike

            Damn! Even enabling / disabling it doesn’t remove it ๐Ÿ™

        • gregorweber

          Same issue here. Blue search button right to the address bar. #experimental-addressbar flag set to default (disabled). Odd: under a different Windows account, I see a blue button with search icon but no text at the *left* side of the address bar. The flag is also ignored there. Third account: no search button, enabling the flag has no effect.

          My assumption is that Opera presents different features to different users, looking for usage statistics.

          If you care for my direct feedback: the button is useless and borderline condescending. Anyone who has used a browser before knows that you click the current address to enter another one or to search. Also, the blue color is really distracting.

          • Mike

            Just checked the install on my dekstop – no search icon. Exact same settings as well!

            My feedback is the same as yours. It’s pointless, people know how to search already from the address bar, having a button to clear the text and focus it is pointless. It being blue is heavily distracting as well!

            Ok there’s a “quick_search”->”ui_mode” in the Preferences file. I can change that on my desktop between 0 and 1 to toggle the icon but on laptop it keeps getting forced to 1. WTF?!

          • gregorweber

            quick_search ui_mode in Preferences file kept getting reset after a restart here. Same with ab_tests.json which has a checksum on top for the apparent purpose of preventing edits. Deleting that file returned the address bar to its original state.

          • gregorweber

            Eventually, ab_tests.json has been restored. And ui_mode keeps resetting to 2 here. So this is not a permanent solution.

            I guess being experimented with is what I signed up for in chosing the developer stream.

          • Mike

            Replying again so you get a notification.

            Go to C:UsersAppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Developer

            Make sure Opera is closed.
            Open ab_tests.json in a text editor, find test_state and change to 0.

            Open Preferences in a text editor and find ui_mode and change to 0.
            Launch Opera and the icon should be gone.

          • Helge Andre Gjรธlme

            Looks like you have been targeted for AB testing ๐Ÿ™‚

            “Anyone who has used a browser before knows that you click the current address to enter another one or to search.”

            This is not true. We’ve done extensive user interaction studies where we can clearly see that not everybody knows that you can search directly from the address bar.

          • Mike

            ab_tests.json restored here and promptly removed again. Is the developer stream really the stream to do split testing for “general user” tests?

            You could at least make the search button configurable…

          • IllusionMH

            In release there definitely should be a way to remove so bright and unnecessary button.
            And bookmarks button on the left when tab is added to bookmarks attracts to many attention. Also all actions related to page through extensions are on right side, so it is more logical to place it on right side along with other actions and there it will attract less attentions.

          • gregorweber

            “Looks like you have been targeted for AB testing :)”

            So other than switching to beta or stable stream, how do I unsubscribe from this? Deselecting “help improve Opera by sending feature usage information” does not seem to have that effect.

            Don’t get me wrong, I very much like to test and give feedback on new features. However, it would be helpful if you could effortlessly (and permanently) switch between different test modes in case one is buggy or, in this case, distracting.

          • Lacedaemon

            I suppose if you don’t share your usage data you are given the search blue button since they assume you don’t know how to search …
            I mean literally: …

          • Mike

            I’ve now emptied the ab_tests.json file then added a deny policy for writing to the file for my account. Seems to have finally got rid of it!

      • FoolOfATook

        Anyone feel bothered enough to upload a screenshot of what that looks like? I’ve tried enabling/disabling the flag, but there’s no difference. I don’t see anything blue in the address bar anywhere. Nothing has changed for me from the previous Operas.

    • taneli

      Also have that, it’s pretty redundat since all it does is clear the address bar… i know, sure it will have more functionality in the future, but i’d still like a way to disable it.
      It just kind of steals my attention all the time being all big bright blue thing there for no good reason.

  • Jono

    Where the hell is Bing???

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Replaced byb DDG.

      • And why replaced?!
        I’d like to know that, too.

        • FoolOfATook
          • icetom

            ofc its financial reasons. it is the same case as gaming companies making online drm to “secure” the gaming-experience. in the end, its always about money.

            Opera tell us to use third party extensions for all sorts of lacking features, but then they tell us we cannot set own search enginges because of security. that is contradicting itself.

      • A. R.

        +1 for DDG but they surely can add yet another engine such as important as Bing. I love Cortana on my Windows Phone, WP. All WP havers get win 10 for the cell/tab for free upgrade ๐Ÿ™‚

      • DarkWiiPlayer

        What? They finally added it as a choice for standard search engine? YESSSSS!!! Been waiting for this to come back since opera 15!

    • Bing has gone to hell.

  • _artem_

    flash not working, at least pepperflash

    upd: PPAPI not working. just installed PPAPI (latest beta as of today, 05.12.2014) – it’s working now – this one PPAPI works

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      No problem here with PPAPI under W7x64. Which OS?

      • _artem_

        w10 tech pre x64 (9879)
        plugin is shown in opera:plugins but it didn’t work on any flash based site (can’t load plugin (or content, don’t remember the exact error message) – but it’s the same placeholder with error when you have no flash installed (or it’s disabled)), even showed the same placeholder instead of flash version… installed todays latest flash 16 beta .240 (233 was the previous beta) and it started to work. opera restarts didn’t help until I updated flash to the latest beta

    • beBoss

      Flash player not working at all for opera….. On fullscreen shows the same size as before fullscreen with black background to fill full screen..

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Which type of flash, npapi or ppapi?

        ppapi flash is working fine here.

        • beBoss

          Name: Shockwave FlashDescription: Shockwave Flash 16.0 r0Version: C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlashpepflashplayer32_16_0_0_240.dllType: PPAPI (out-of-process)
          Name: Shockwave FlashDescription: Shockwave Flash 15.0 r0Version: 15,0,0,239Location: C:WindowsSysWOW64MacromedFlashNPSWF32_15_0_0_239.dllType: NPAPI

          Both not working well, Ver: 15 is unresponsive, you can use controls, they are hiding, and if you somehow put it on fullscreen it opens on wrong screen, I have a laptop with second monitor and whe the browser is on the second monitor and you open it on fullscreen it opens on my laptop screen, V16 working well but on fullscreen the size of the screen is the same as before the fullscreen filled with black,

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Try disabling the npapi one in opera:plugins.

          • beBoss

            I already said that both now working well, that means I’ve tried both…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Both not working well, Ver: 15 is unresponsive, you can use controls, they are hiding, and if you somehow put it on fullscreen it opens on wrong screen,(…)

            I already said that both now working well

            Please make up your mind.

            I said to disable the npapi because having both enabled may be causing the problems.

          • beBoss

            Oh….. that the way I test them… with disabling…

          • beBoss

            What you didn’t understand, ofcourse I tried them not enable on the same time…. Both not working, when only one is activated…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I was facing the same issue until flash has autoupdated itself.

    • FoolOfATook

      Flash works. PPAPI. W7x64. Likely old version of Flash is incompatible with this v. of Opera is all.

  • A. R.

    Where is beta release?

    It is important.


    May I remind you.

    I recently downloaded Firefox and though of ‘oh this is so handy’ so I’m having a test’n’try of Firefox, to decide if stick to Opera or move shift make transition to Firefox.

    Opera 30 should be interesting.

    I urge everyone to download Firefox and test’n’try of Firefox, perhaps move shift make transition to Firefox.

    • ayespy

      No matter how hard I try (and I have tried mightily on and off over the years) I simply cannot get comfortable with firefox. It even has a vertical tab extension, plus the ability to move the bookmarks bar to a vertical position on the side, and I’m crazy for vertical elements. Still, I simply cannot make myself at home with it. It is not possible.

      • FoolOfATook

        I’d be curious as to what are your reasons for not liking Firefox.

        Since for me there is but one crucial thing that prevents me from using it: the way its History fuctions. (It’s broken and isn’t an actual proper history). The slow render engine, slightly subpar Ctrl+F, and inability to turn off the Library panels when in bookmarks/history/downloads/etc are not that big of a deal.

        Everything else about it I do love though. Especially the nature of the fact that it’s open-source.

        • ayespy

          Feels slow and clunky to me – not smooth and fluid. The interface and menus don’t feel intuitive, and I don’t like the look. It has no native, smooth-operating speed dial. I can’t pick the bookmark favicons I want (the extension that used to do this is no longer maintained for FF). Some of the text sizes for various pages are arbitrarily too big or too small. Don’t like the way the find in page function works.

          I don’t know how else to explain it. Just “feels foreign.”

      • Hecc-MA

        Firefox got extension sync!! Altought it didn’t work as expected once, usually fine and better than Opera style (not having it).

        • ayespy

          I kind of hate the idea of extension sync. I want each of my versions and devices to be utterly unique as to extensions used, and ideally, I want few to no extensions at any and all times. I’m using five extensions in Stable right now, and that is four too many. All but ONE of my extensions absolutely should be built-in functions. There is no excuse for my having to add on to the browser just to have the ability to plain-text copy, pick my own favicons, download Chrome extensions, or have vertical tabs. No excuse at all.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Where is beta release?

      Waiting 27 to reach (a more) Beta state so they can change the stream. Like i said these latest builds are basically beta ones.

      • So there’s a “usual” delay in development cycle. Let’s see why:

        Opera suffers from poor decisions made during the chromium switch. Reducing number of workers, releasing a new browser without essential features (bookmarks, sync), etc.

        Still they are resisting not to listening their user base but they spent last 6 months with implementing bookmarks and sync.

        In future, I think they’ll step back but it will be too late to implement essential opera features like tab stacking. Serious numbers of opera fans started using Maxthon, Firefox or Chrome (it’s reasonable when there’s no difference) already.

        I’m just trying to resist and adapt the change. But still no sync? It’s a serious problem for a browser in 2015.

        • A. R.

          If some of the essential things aren’t done by Opera 30 then I will change to Firefox or such. And I’m gonna have a test’n’t try of Firefoc here.

          And on the larger in the web I will have test’n’try Opera (stable/beta) in various places in internet, the AD will have millions of viewers in Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle-east, North-America, Mexico, Argentina.

          The AD will be on websites and it’s a free space for Opera, so.. I hope many will test’n’try Opera, compare it to they’re current browser and make the shift to a much better online experience with an amazing luvable Opera.

          The audience is mainly young people so they usually glimpse things, but reaction is guaranteed by the AD, or not.

          Thank you.

          ps. Internally were gonna have firefoc test’n’try :/

        • Leonardo Gomes

          So there’s a “usual” delay in development cycle.

          Couldn’t get what you mean by this. Opera development happens in a daily basis and afaik doesn’t seem to have any delays currently.

          Just because some features aren’t being added doesn’t means that the development has a delay.

          And essential can be very subjective.

    • P0lip

      Don’t forget about FXOpera theme for Firefox ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • BlB

    Can I activate somehow the Java plug-in under Ubuntu?

    Edit: Ubuntu 14.04.1

    • FoolOfATook

      Have you gone to opera:plugins?

    • No.

      The Java plugin has no PPAPI for new Operas as Chromium/Chrome stopped support of old NPAPI plugins.

      • BlB

        Thank you ma’am!:) I’ve knew it but I hoped YOU or somebody to give an alternative…

        Anyway THANKS!

  • Zin

    We need IRC from Opera 12 back please.

    • Wando Schneider

      It won’t come back. Forget about it. Install a IRC client, because Mail Client, Notes an IRC i think (and the developers answers for other request like that) that won’t come back.

  • ayespy

    Smaller and more frequent updates. I smell an upgrade to Beta stream coming…

    Oh, and in case the developers have forgotten, the three priorities assigned to you for Developer 28 are: 1) finish developing bookmarks, 2) introduce code for vertical elements within the main browser window and 3) begin work on vertical tabs.

    Just in case you forgot…

    • FoolOfATook

      Are these ones that we’ve assigned? Or ones that they have proposed/agreed to? Sorry, not up to date on these things.

      • ayespy

        I don’t know about “we.” They are the ones I have assigned. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • shane

    Google searches are still broken in this build:

    This webpage is not available
    The webpage at…. might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address

    Every second or third search results in this error. A refresh allows the page to load.
    Have tried disabling all extensions and clearing the cache, also using instead of – still an issue. Others have also reported this. Started being a problem as of last build I believe.

    More info : Works fine with Chrome. Tried debugging a failed request with the network logging in Opera and it just shows a zero byte response:

    text/html Other 0โ€‰B

    • shane

      Have found the problem. I had experimental spdy support enabled in opera:flags. It appears google searches (and perhaps other spdy sites) fail about every 3rd time with this enabled.

      • Vux777

        I have enabled spdy and no problem with page you linked
        but it redirects it (Opera and Chrome)

        • shane

          The page I linked isn’t the problem, that’s just part of the error message (and I redacted some info out of it).

          The problem is with google searches, i.e typing in a keyword into the address bar and pressing enter, then typing in a different keyword into the google search box and pressing enter again. It fails about 1 out of 3 times with spdy enabled.

          • Vux777

            still can’t recreate it… I’m getting results for my local google search from address bar, and every search after that from search box is correctly called(spdy on)
            maybe it’s some aussie thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jorton

    That’s beautiful.

  • Sorry to request features, but a user interface for selecting personal certificates in Linux: can this be added? It has been fixed –

  • ะะฝะดั€ะตะน

    No more “Disable DirectWrite” flag in the opera:flags… This DirectWrite font rendering is really ugly as on Linux as on Windows >.<

    • DirectWrite exists on Windows only.

      I agree, font rendering is not very well done.
      New font hinting results in thinner fonts on boths OS.

    • No more “Disable DirectWrite” flag in the opera:flags…

      Really, on WIndows? I found this at opera://flags/#disable-direct-write

  • koniiiik

    I’d really love to see two things in Opera again.

    1. RMB + scroll to switch tabs. This is a very convenient way to quickly switch tabs using just the mouse, without having to move the pointer to the tiny items in the tab bar. I’d even implement it as an extension, but it simply isn’t possible (an extension can’t make this work in, for example, opera:// tabs, or where pages from are loaded).

    2. spatial navigation

    Any plans to implement either of those?

  • @Mods
    Something stealing CSS style :focus on the blog in comments here!
    Cant navigate by keyboard!

    The blue border around selectable links is invisible.

  • Lacedaemon

    “Your web browser does not support the minimum set of features required to watch this broadcast.
    Try again using the Steam Client or visit the Broadcast FAQ for a list of supported browsers.”

    What are the browser requirements for watching?
    Steam Broadcasting is currently supported by the latest versions of the following browsers:
    Steam Client
    Google Chrome
    Apple Safari

    • Marcin Mitek

      Yup, we know, we are working on it. Now I can’t watch my coworkers efforts in L4D2. After work of course.

      • Lacedaemon

        Thx. It’s obvious Stable has the priority right?

    • Zik

      no emoji

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I can see them in Opera for Android but not in Opera Desktop.

      • Developer 27-0-1689-22 has the fix, it will work its way to other streams also (Chrome and others are also getting the fix)

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, i can’t see them in developer 27.0.1689.22.
          Maybe i need any special fonts?

          • taneli

            They work for me on mIRC, not on Opera.

          • The CHR-3506 is a OS X related fix (kinda strange Google who brought Emoji out of Japan couldn’t display it)

            It works for me on OS X 10.10.1, not sure how other OSes look (Ubuntu 14.10.1 it kinda works, 1st emoji shows 2nd one fails to show)

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I’m on Windows 10.

          • That I know is a preview version (not sure what Emoji support Windows has), I will try some time soon in my VM (I have the Win 10 technical preview in a VM with Opera stable at the moment)

  • taneli

    I’m having a lot of trouble scrolling on pages, like on imgur, takes 10secs to move 1 step when scrolling down.
    This is with I7-3770K overclocked, 16GB DDR3 @2166MHz, installed on PCI-E Raid-0 system.

    Apparently stable is also unusable in this regard on laptops of abt. 2 years old (not sure of specs, just hearing this same thing from friends).
    Which is sad, ’cause i told them to try Opera, now i’m directing everyone away from it.

  • shane

    Horizontal scrolling with my touchpad (lenovo thinkpad) results in keyboard events instead of scrolling. This is extremely annoying on sites that respond to left/right keyboard events differently. It is not a problem on IE or Chrome, and wasn’t always a problem in Opera.

    Has Opera changed the way they expose horizontal scrolling to 3rd party touchpad drivers etc? Please can we get this looked into.

    Check this site with Opera vs Chrome and scroll horizontally using touchpad:

    • shane

      Problem appears to be with the driver. I tried changing:


      ; Opera web browser

      (was previously ‘SendInput’ which presumably sent key press events).
      However it seems to have no effect (after reboot).

  • Vux777

    My speed dial thumbnails are loading slow on start, one by one…

  • Bing, please.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, please have a look here.

  • Lacedaemon

    Performance issue: SD items don’t rearrange themselves for over 20 seconds to the full width and height of the maximized window if the browser was previously in a window.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      On my computer, the rearrangement starts ~0.7s after the Maximise button is pressed and completes in ~0.3s, so the whole process takes about 1s. Win7x32, Intel Core2Duo 3GHz.

      • Lacedaemon

        How many thumbnails do you have? I ‘ve got about 90. Alone and in folders. W7x64, Intel Core2Duo E8500 @4GHz, 6GB DDR2 4-4-4-12

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Now that I’ve done some cleanup, the most trashy folder contains only 35 items. They are now rearranged instantly, even without that 1s, somehow.

  • RX-3200

    please check in Console all opera://* pages
    for example: opera://bookmarks show 4 errors in bookmark_manager.js:98

    and finally make for us opera://urls page

    we want to return of opera://drives/ too

    • regarding Console errors – I’m currently aware of two expected errors: first, “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED opera://thumbnail/…” for failed thumbnail generation; and second, “Unchecked runtime.lastError while running bookmarkManagerPrivate.drop: Can’t find parent bookmark for id. at dragLeave” when cancelling bookmark drag-and drop. Can you tell me how to get those errors you see?

      • RX-3200

        I just did bookmarks for opera://* from O-menu & ect because Opera have no opera://urls page with these links
        you can open opera://bookmarks and just press Ctrl+Shift+I and open Console tab in this tool
        I still use Dev 26.0.1655.0 because some extensions show no-left-clickable buttons on extensions bar in all builds of 27
        so – example from 26.0.1655.0
        so – all pages to check

  • Quicktime play back is broken on OS X Video won’t play

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      Apple hasn’t released a 64-bit Quicktime plugin for OS X, so Opera (and Chrome) are not able to play back these videos. Quicktime isn’t even used to play the videos in this case (the videos themselves are standard H264-encoded MP4 videos) – it’s used as a wrapper to serve different sizes to different devices.

      Opera has contacted Apple to ask them to provide the standard-format videos directly (instead of wrapping them in a Quicktime layer).

      • QuickTime Player 7 is x86, but Quicktime Time X is x64

        • Arjan van Leeuwen

          That’s the standalone program, a 64-bit plugin for browsers is not provided.

          • That is one thing I am wondering why there is not a 32bit loading of plugins if there is no x64 but version, Silverlight (Which Amazon prefers) is only x86 right now on OS X

  • Dark Magician

    I can’t make latest beta default browser Win 8.1 64-bit.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I don’t know anything about Win 8.1 (I have Win 7), but isn’t there something like Windows System Settings – Standard Programms?

    • Start regedit and look for

      It should read Operadeveloper

  • Suhonam Suhomanchegov

    It’s all good, but the style pop-up menu in ekspresspaneli killing me . After so many versions do not attach to the binding system , why do I have to admire the design of 7 ? I’m use windows 8.1! This

  • KjokR

    Since build 27.0.1676.0 I believe, I’ve got an issue with the new start page and speed dial. The opacity/transparency of the groups of shortcut thumbnails has significanty decreased, so that I can hardly see the shorcuts thumbnails. Is it already a known and/or reported bug ?

    The same issue is present on 3 different machines, one with Vista SP2, one with Win 8.1 and one with OS X Yosemite 10.10.1.

    Does anyboby have an idea of what this bug is ?

    • Wando Schneider

      Yes. It’s already reported. But i think it won’t change before Version 28.

      • KjokR

        Thanks for your reply.
        It’s a little bit amazing to have such bugs for several builds as it is for the separate lines in main menu, but well.., we gonna be patient and wait.

        • Wando Schneider

          The lack of separators on menu is new… And the Start Page, as they say, is experimental, this is why they are messing around (in a good way). You should consider using the Beta Channel to avoid this sort of inconvenience.

        • IllusionMH

          Separators in menu are known issue for last two builds.

  • DataZByteS

    Good job taking Bing out, no really, thanks. – I am being sarcastic in case its not obvious.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Create your own Bing.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, you can use Bing as the default search engine, if you don’t want to use DDG as the default one, just follow the steps mentioned here – with one exception: go to the 27.0.1689.22resources subdir, and copy the downloaded file to it ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • taneli

        Does that work on 27 though? Atleast when i tried to change anything in that file, and started Opera, it had removed all the default search engines, and only had Google (guess this is to prevent 3rd party software from changing the file).

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, yes it works here – I checked this on Windows and Linux.
          There’s no need to modify the original file, just rename it to e.g. *-org, and copy the downloaded file to the same subdir (don’t forget to close the Opera, before you start to do it).

          • taneli

            Yeah, but, it is essentially a modified file ๐Ÿ™‚ (not the same checksum, which i think was checked on startup when i tried to fiddle with it, but it just reverted to only using google)

          • L33t4opera

            It seems to be not, as Candytaco said in his post on the forums, it “is an older version of that file, pulled from my 26.0.1656.24 files” ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • taneli

            Yes, but not the same file as comes with 27 ๐Ÿ˜€
            Guess they allow the old version then, but won’t allow any other kind of fiddling (like changing the shortcut of things, would really like to free up that Y for Youtube ;p)

          • L33t4opera

            If you want, you can use “yt”, or just “t” for YouTube – t like Taneli, or like tube, easy to remember ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • taneli

            I know, i know, i’m just stupidly specific with my wants and needs. :>

          • taneli

            Tested, worked, still can’t change yahoo’s default shortcut Y to say Z or X though ๐Ÿ™

  • edkowalachuk

    developer keeps hanging for me, even while opening the speed dials pages. quitting and reopening helps, but this version seems pretty unstable.

  • Hecc-MA

    Two Stable O26 builds and no beta in the horizon.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess that a (official) beta may be coming soon as 27 seems to be reaching that state.

      • Hecc-MA

        Stating the obvious but we want that state to come already.

  • Lacedaemon

    Can’t play embedded videos: W7x64

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Doesn’t work on IE either. In Firefox it says the videos are geo-restricted.

      • Lacedaemon

        That’s a different thing. Try adding ?locale=el_gr to the url, although I’m not quite sure it would work either, due to the IP. Or through a proxy. Working fine in FF and in Chrome here.

  • Jason Boxman

    Fixes Google Sheets not accepting input from arrow keys and tab? Kind of essential to use Sheets at all.

    • Jason Boxman

      The answer is: yes. Awesome!

  • Edson Jรบnior

    The best browser that I’ve used in months. Opera consumes less memory than the competitors, the navigation is extremely fast and dynamic. Some issues happen sometimes as the flash plug-in to load gmail camera (to take pictures in hangout). And I think that will be great to improve the html5 integration in youtube, to stop the use of flash plug-in.
    I changed from Google Chrome to Opera and I do not regret that.

    Kind regards!

  • Dick
  • one question – did you plan opera for windows modern UI?

    • Wando Schneider

      I don’t think they’ll do. After Windows 10, the modern UI will be just for devices with touch screen, and for now, i think the majority of Opera’s Users don’t have such a device, so its a low priority thing.

  • DarkWiiPlayer

    One quick question… Why not add a way to search the bookmarks in the address bar? Kind of like another search engine, where you type “bm some random webpage” and it automatically takes you to the bookmarks page and searches for “some random webpage”?
    It can be kind of annoying to open a new tab -> go to bookmarks -> clock on the search field -> typing something instead of just Ctrl + T -> typing something

    • Search in Bookmarks by addressbar is broken.
      It is not working like it was in old Opera ๐Ÿ™

  • Appleland

    I’d like to have the option to change at least the default keyword of default search engines, so we could use it in our customs search engines

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      You can. Close Opera. Go to the actual version folder and then to ressources. For example C:Program Files (x86)Opera27.0.1689.22resources.

      Rename default_partner_content.json to whatever you want, for example default_partner_content.json.original. Restart Opera.

      Now you can create and use your own search enginges and give them your wanted keywords.

      • gregorweber

        Only to be reset whenever Opera auto-updates itself. Notice how this workaround has already shifted from editing that file, which now contains a checksum, to removing it. I also doubt that this possibility is going to be available for much longer given the justifications that we have been given for locking default search engines in the first place. It is this mindset that would need to change.

  • ahoj1234

    any solutions for deleted bookmarks and its re-adding from synch. servers even the bookmakrs were deleted?

    it’s really driving me off. it happened again. New bookmarks are synchronized and deleted one are re-added to my bookmakrs manager…
    W8.1, standalone install, synchronization is NOT always active (“signed in”).

    PS: would be nice to ask 1)what 1)if 3)when I want synchronize to servers or from servers to my phone/pc/laptop etc…

    • Nerdebeu

      It is as if the server kept an old copy of the bookmarks file.

      If on a device, I added favorites and I removed others, on this unit after several closures and openings of Opera, it synchronizes properly.

      If I change device, favorites removed reappear. I delete them again, I will start a third device favorites deleted reappear … (and on the first too !)

      I got so fed up that I offline synchronization, and I synchronize files manually is time consuming and not really practical!.

  • Alexander

    Please make possibility to sort bookmarks on bookmarks page: frequently used/ date added/ times page (bookmarked) was visited.

  • Alexander

    One small issue) I have adblock extension installed, but when I reload speed dial, preview of pages displayed with advertisements..but when I open page – adblock blocks all ads… so can U please implement the same way previews rendered in speed dial – without ads..if U have adblock extension installed.

    • Lacedaemon

      This has been asked since O15. They don’t want to give extensions access to SD like it was before (Presto Opera), so there is a 99.99999% certainty that you will never see it.

    • There are pros and cons.
      e.g. I’m using modern scroll and print preview sometimes shows parts of scroll bars. That’s something I don’t wanna see in speed dial…

      • x a

        Another checkbox like โ€โœ— apply during thumbnail generatingโ€œ for each suitable extension in the extension manager would certainly not let the skies fall down on us. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Dmitry Kirin

      If you have a firewall or antivirus suite with a content filter, add a url filter list there. Web content will be filtered before Opera builds page thumbnails.

  • Deus Ex Vino

    I lost my trust in you. I am looking to migrate to thunderbird, and as soon as its done i will no longer have a single reason to use Opera. i will either switch to Iron or Firefox – browsers that are more mature and offer same or more. I dont believe in opera anymore and i cant stay with 12.17 forever.

    • Good idea, Thunderbird is a extendable solution as a mail client.

  • taneli

    I still have to close tab every so often and open it again ’cause it just keeps getting sluggish and unresposive after a little while of use ๐Ÿ™
    Same with some other sites.

  • beBoss

    Well, the spell checker doesn’t work for my language(Bulgarian) or works in half. It underline the wrong word, but there’s no suggestions?

  • Azamat

    Fonts became ugly on linux, after this update. Tried to roll back, but get: Config files are for newer version of opera.

    Saw comment below about “Disable DirectWrite” flag, but there is no such flag on linux.

    Does somebody have solution for this?

    • Have you set already your own font smoothing settings in Linux?

      May be you change the settings for text antialiasing.

      1. Open opera://flags/#lcd-text-aa
      2. Change to Activate
      3. Restart Opera
      4. If this does not work, goto 2. and change to Deactivate

  • aaa839

    I cannot download the opera developer installer
    even offline and online
    it redirect me to this server
    but it doesn’t exist the devloper vesion of installer
    How could I download that?
    I’m from Hong Kong
    ISP:HKBN(Hong Kong Boardband Networks)

  • senna_4ever

    i am having problems with some flash/heavy sites that crashes this version

  • Snow of March

    When I push ctrl+’+’ for zoom up a page, another tabs (from same domain) seems to zoom up synchronously. This function is completely useless for me.

    • Vux777

      this is how all chromiums work.
      Soon it will be possible to change zoom only for current tab and temporarily (not saved for next visit)

  • firuz-7

    please do uvidomleniya to save password opened in the upper left corner of the page and translator and was also to expand Kaspersky was and could swing with chrome web Sided and when it will be for windows Opera x64. Just all browser switch to 64-bit version, and I would like to have my favorite browser Opera also switched to 64-bit, and if I can not difficult to find out why the expansion of Kaspersky does not work on Opera

    Adobe Flash Player PPAPI for Opera and Chromium me on this plug-IDM-internet download manager for all sites intercepts and offers to download the video automatically please correct it and make it to the expansion was in opera: // extensions

  • L33t4opera

    The first new Opera developer 28.0.1719.0, and the change log ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • nmihai67

    Opera wont start anymore, also after several new installation, please help.
    I cant understand what is wrong, please provide solution for a normal user, not advanced in windowstroubels! Thank you !

    Problem signature:

    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

    Application Name: launcher.exe_Opera Internet Browser

    Application Version: 27.0.1689.66

    Application Timestamp: 54cc2546

    Fault Module Name: launcher_lib.dll

    Fault Module Version:

    Fault Module Timestamp: 54cc24ba

    Exception Code: 80000003

    Exception Offset: 00016230

    OS Version: 6.1.7601.

    Locale ID: 1033

    Additional Information 1: 0a9e

    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    Additional Information 3: 0a9e

    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789