Here is another update to Opera developer, bringing us to version 27.0.1689.13 (and Chromium version 40.0.2214.10). The main fixes on the Opera side revolve around security and stability improvements to syncing.

Please let us know what you think and point any new issues you find.

Known issues

  • Menu separators are missing in the Opera menu and context menus
  • Hovering titles in the tab menu show as white on white on Windows 7 and 8

Changelog and download links

Full changelog

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  • Zik

    Thanks for update.

  • IllusionMH

    Looks like we’ve lost all separators in menus (O menu, context menu).

    W8.1 x64

    • Ah yes this happened after the Chromium update. We are aware and have a bug internally. I’ll add to the known issues. Thanks!

      • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

        But i like this ui improvement! :p

        • sergiol

          They just paved the way up for being equal to the times of (good) old Opera’s customizable menus!

  • Wando Schneider

    Finally :). Can we expect O28 in this Year?

    • Hecc-MA

      Wouldn’t count on it, as O26 came on Nov 20, and holydays always delay Opera development this season, so probably we won’t see anything new ’till mid January.

      • Wando Schneider

        Not just Opera. everyone likes holydays 😀

        • Hecc-MA

          The more reason not to expect a new build from anyone. Chrome 39 and Firefox 34 just came out too.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Developer builds ? I guess there is a chance.
      Beta and Stable only in 2015 i think.

    • No, Opera 28 is not scheduled to arrive this year. Over christmas work slows down somewhat, which means we delay 28 a bit. But there will still be a few developer builds and a stable release.

      • Wando Schneider


      • x a

        It’s a pity you don’t have the manpower and resources to be more rapid in development. 🙁

        I mean, look at the new Yandex Browser beta: I guess that over-simplified UI was something envisioned by the management when you abandoned Presto for good. I’m glad you do what you do now! That’s for sure.

        But then again you created Coast for iOS. Why isn’t there a ”Coastish“ (and Coast derived) thing for Desktop already? It would have its market; it would be a PR opportunity even without a big market. Yandex browser beta ‘d be boring compared to a Coast for Desktop. And while we’re at it: Why isn’t there a Coast for Android – just because you can… well, could. 😉


        • zmwangx

          They already “don’t have the manpower and resources to be more rapid in development” with the main browser. Yet you are asking for a Coastish thing… What’s the thinking here?

          • x a

            I see a vision of Opera’s opportunities, but am saddened by them letting those go.

            They ”don’t have manpower“, right – a deficit easy to fix, given enough financial support.

  • SuperTommy

    With the new navigation bar, when you switch to Bookmarks, the icons in the nav menu gets smaller. Reverts back to normal when you click speed dial/discover

    • Utkarsh Sharma

      Not much noticable, i think i (may be many of us coz it looked more beautyfull) liked previous developer version where it became white from below or whatever it is

    • Anonimo

      Ohh.. I see that too, and it gets a bit blurry, like 1px stretch. But I’m happy they finally implemented it, so we can navigate to all SD,B,D. I was asking for that for a long time 🙂

  • Clueless

    Guys, it’s not good…

  • sergiol

    Opera 26 stable? Where? Is? The? Official? Post?

    • It! is! living! in! the! future!

      • sergiol

        Why did you launch it on FTP, but still there no official post?

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, maybe this reply will explain you a bit regarding this case.

          • sergiol

            Thanks, L33t4opera

            Opera Stable was updated to 26 but with new features disabled, because of a bug in Opera 25 that could not otherwise be fixed (and the features not having gone through the required testing yet).

            The ‘real’ release of Opera 26 will happen soon, and it will enable all new features, including bookmark sharing.

          • loxiw

            They are talking about .24 there, are you sure that .32 isn’t the real 26?

          • L33t4opera

            Hi, @loxiw:disqus @disqus_OHBSh9LtM9:disqus: please have a look there once again 😉

      • L33t4opera

        Congrats on the DC-916, and most welcome the third friend in the Opera’s club 😉

      • And now here it is from tomorrow (your time). 😛

  • Thanks for the Update.

    Autoupdate may fail after downloading and restarting Opera. I had to remove files from OS temporary folder and reinititate autoupdate.

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    the opera://about page says- Chrome/40.0.2214.10 & i don’t know how it works that should be beta stream update.

    • The key number here is 2214. Nonetheless I have updated the post and changelog entry.

  • Владимир Назаров

    When do smooth scrolling?

    • Hecc-MA

      Smooth scrolling has been always possible adding the following to the shortcut:


      • Кostadin

        Thanks Hector! How did I miss that 🙂

        • Hecc-MA

          Also works in Chrome.

      • Anonimo

        OMG seriously? If, so please add that to options! I hate when features are hid from users!

        • Hecc-MA

          I found out in these forums too, =)

        • SQL

          It’s “hidden” because it’s not fully supported in Chromium.

        • Your avatar fits your comment PERFECTLY.

          • Anonimo

            Sorry… This is how I usually look. I’m not a good person.

          • You might be a good person with very little patience. 😉

      • Druszlak

        It works very well. Should be turned on by default.

        • Hecc-MA

          Been saying it too.

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    hello,ruari odegaard. I see some experiment do not work sometime, so why put it it there, i mean, it wastes valuable time in case i enable them(which i always do).

    • Wando Schneider

      The Developer channel exists for this reason. 😀

      • Utkarsh Sharma

        hmm, all right

    • I think you want beta or stable. See the links on the sidebar.

      • More likely Stable.
        Utkarsh, why do you think they are called “Experiments” and don’t you think that warning on top of flags page is there for a reason?

  • How can i switch to other language of UI without restarting Opera?

  • =Skor_Pion=

    «(and Chromium version 40.0.2214.6).»

    Only version of chrome is 40.0.2214.10 …

    • The key bit here is 2214. Anyway, I have updated the post and changelog entry.

  • Hecc-MA
  • Anonimo

    Bookmarks manager still lacks “New Folder” option in Subfolder… Is there anyone working on it?

    • yes

      • Lacedaemon

        Moving around items in the BKM (left column & main) has become very choppy, and items are overlapping each other, are you aware of it?

        • yes

          • Lacedaemon

            Good, thanks.

          • You are welcome 🙂 Thanks for the feedback.

      • Anonimo

        Thanks god, because I started to think it will stay like this. For now I have to manage my bookmarks with extensions which is ridiculous 😛

      • Zik

        Will you add option in bookmarks manager to see date of adding bookmark? I saw you save this information but dont show it in manager.

        • There is currently no plan to show you when a bookmark was added, but you will be able to sort by “date added” in the near future.

  • Zin

    Please tell me that embedded IRC, another missing feature of Opera 12 will make it to Opera 28, then i will have another try with Opera again.

    • IRC? Never. There are many clients, better working for IM.

      What other features do you need/miss?

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        Gopher-protocol support 😉

      • Cidel Fastro

        Such as? Most IM clients are terrible and intrusive. That’s the very reason the Tox project was started

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Hmm, Mirc? You can also use a web based irc client.

          • Cidel Fastro

            I can also just use my web based email but Opera including these features was extremely convenient

        • I use pidgin with OTR.

          • Cidel Fastro

            Pidgin is just a front end for other services. One is still required to have an account for the protocols which doesn’t alleviate the privacy issue I mentioned when your messages must pass through their servers.

    • No there are no plans for this

      • loxiw

        What about e-mail? There are tons of us who would love that awesome feature back… a dedicated e-mail client (abandoned or not) is a pain, the way Opera 12 managed that was just perfect

        • taneli

          Or atleast sockets api so someone can make an extension for it :>

        • Cidel Fastro

          email and actually being able to customize the browser are the 2 features I need/want the most.

        • zmwangx

          “A dedicated email client is a pain.” Hmm. I see two possibilities from there: either you get at most a few emails a day (then why would you ask for a feature that you don’t even use that often), or computer is a pain for you in general. If neither of those apply to you, I’d recommend that you get yourself a good email client (or stick to a good webmail) and save everyone some trouble.

  • Lacedaemon

    Are you ever going to fix this?

    I haven’t even updated to 26 because of the fear of it.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Java is running again. It’s shown in opera:plugins, even you have installed the 32-bit and 64-bit version at the same time. It’s not in the changelog, but it works. Thank you!

    • They (same thing happend with Silverlight etc.) were Chromium issues. So they implicitly were mentioned in “updated Chromium” 😉

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Yes, I know, but I wanted to say something positive. It’s Christmas time!

  • x a

    I can confirm chrome.notifications.*-API working again.

  • RX-3200

    DNA-29191 still here (not fixed)
    “ContentBlockHelper” and “Stylebot” still show “grey”(not left-clickable) buttons on extensions bar
    it work fine at last in Opera Dev 26.0.1655.0
    please fix DNA-29191

  • beBoss

    With my laptop I’m using second monitor and when I open a video, from web player in full screen it opens on my laptop screen, not to second monitor that it should be.

  • inDigazzZ

    Known issues
    Menu separators are missing in the Opera menu and context menus
    it looks much better with no separators – it’s clear.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Have there ever been separators? I don’t remember and I don’t miss them.

      • taneli

        There have and they’re useful.
        From UI point, it’s easier to navigate with graphical cues, such as separators, if them things on the list are separated by separators, people get used to finding what they want from say “Nth column”, without looking any further, you can easily find the section to look for.
        Separators aren’t bad.

    • But I see the separators…

  • ABDX

    there is an issues with embedded youtube videos where you cant switch to fullscreen mode by double clicking on them and the controls bar doesn’t show when you hover the mouse on it, and the flashing(keep showing and disappearing very fast when you hover the mouse on them) in player controls in embedded videos also.

  • sgrandin

    I just noticed something with the last beta, now two weeks distant, and since I don’t download the developer versions, thought it worth passing along here. When in the Speed Dial page, the Start Page thumbnail in the toolbar goes inoperative (greyed out). I can understand that for forward/back when first opening the SD but it’s counterproductive for the Start page at any time: 1) if the Start page is closed, there’s then no way to get to it w/o closing and reopening the browser; and 2) if the user wants to open a second start page tab, they have to first open another non-SD page to do it.

    Btw, why don’t you use the traditional, standard Home Page icon instead of something new that can only confuse, as it did me initially and someone posting on opera:general today?

    • You can open multiple start pages with gestures.

      • sgrandin

        Thanks. That tip unfortunately doesn’t help the good majority that don’t use gestures.

  • Guest

    What’s with the black Speed Dial folders in the new mode?

    • shevchenko1987


      It’s not a bug, it’s a future 🙂

      • ahoj1234

        it’s a bug, confirmed by Opera developers. Though, it takes a bit longer to “fix” it (hence it has never been right).

    • Don’t worry. It’s not gonna stay like this. Promised.

      • I didn’t think, that I will prefer the new speed dial mode. But now already I find it much more “visible” and recognizable. 🙂

  • sgrandin

    As this page finishes loading, a popup comes up. With 26 beta the popup doesn’t respond (close) by clicking on the X. Is that any different with 27 developer? It closes with O12, FF34 and IE11. Another thing to check: in 26b the text is miniscule, while with IE11 and O12 it’s normal sized; FF is smaller but still much larger than O26b.

  • Hookah1388 .

    Thank you for fixing the zoom.

    • Oh, YES. A thousand times thank you.

      Now, to fix the middle click issue, please? 😉

  • Shion

    Opera 26.0.1656.24 here. Is it normal for Tumblr to lag so much on scroll? When you search for stuff, and scroll down a few pages – response time grows noticably. There is also a full load of one core of my AMD-A10 CPU while said tumblr tab is opened. And it’s a 2.5Ghz CPU here.

    Extensions, right?

    • Vux777

      I think the theme plays big roll in scroll performance on Tumblr pages
      if its continuous (not splited into sub-pages), with mouse over effects, with audio player, gif’s…etc

  • zmwangx

    The font (the letter-spacing, in particular) found on Opera pages (start page, About Opera, etc.) looks ridiculous on OS X, compared to previous versions. Is it only me, or is it intentional?

    Dev 27.0.1689.13:
    Beta 26.0.1656.20:

    (I actually skipped the last dev build due to some server problem, so it might have been there since the last build.)

  • Why is opera not supported: ?

  • Charlie Sanchez

    I think that customizable search engines shortcuts (I mean ‘y’ for Yahoo! etc.) would be good improvement. I like to use other letters for those search engines.

  • RX-3200

    kill effect of “lazy-load” thumbnails in opened big speed-dial folders in 27
    (may be thumbs preload is broken in 27)
    turn it back like in Opera Dev 26.0.1655.0 & earlier

    • mb

      I have this issue too, speed dial thumbs always take a while to load. Sometimes they just stop loading and I’d have to refresh the page.

  • mb

    I would just like Bing back as a choice as a default search engine.

    • L33t4opera

      In case that you want to use Bing (and you don’t use DDG), you can download the default_partner_content.json file from the link which is mentioned here, close the Opera, and open Windows Explorer, and then navigate to the Opera installation root (find the path in OMenu > About Opera > Paths > Install), and switch to the 27.0.1689.13resources subdir, and then rename the default_partner_content.json file to e.g. default_partner_content.json-org, and copy the downloaded file to this subfolder. Launch the Opera, go to opera:settings/searchEngines, and set Bing as default search engine.

    • Jono

      Who got paid off or pissed off? This is as stupid a move as Opera could make, assuming they wanted to increaser market share.

  • Laviic

    All in all, i am kind of happy with the way the new Opera is going. However, there is two small things which i am still missing:
    – Bookmark nicknames. I know i can use the bookmarks bar and right click on a folder and “open all”, but it also opens bookmarks in that folders subfolder (recursively), unlike in O12. Also, the bookmark bar still looks quite ugly, tbh, and feels somewhat strange. I don’t want to have it open all the time. Its just… annoying.
    – The biggest one for me: Mouse gesture “Down Up” to clone a tab. (Its ridiculous how often i use that) This one should be super simple to add, since the clone tab functionality already exists. Just the mouse gesture for it is missing.

    If those two features come back to new Opera, then i guess its finally time for me to make the jump. But right now, because of those two missing features, the new Opera is still feeling a bit too awkward for me to use.

  • What’s the reason, that in some versions (27.0.1689.13, 26.0.1656.20) the Flash Player plugin requires the newest Flash Player version, but others (27.0.1689.2) don’t? (Win7/64)

    • More info: On WinXP I didn’t recognize this problem, only on Win7(64).

  • taneli

    Is everyone sharing their bookmarks so wildly now, when it was announced in o26, that the servers are unresponsive, or is there something fishy going on with o27 when trying to share?
    Trying to share a folder and it just times out and gives “try again”, been pressing that for some time now, nuttin’ happens :p

    • taneli

      Okay, it took couple of hours but got them shared, guess server overload then.

  • Herr Pietrus

    If you moved buttons to the bottom of the SD/Bookmarks/Discover page, you should also move search field and SD content up. Now we have useless empty space on the top of the screen. BTW – these new buttons are ugly. First version of the SD was the best….

  • Hookah1388 .

    I forgot to mention that I reeeeaally don’t like the Speed Dial/Bookmarks/Discover bar at the bottom. I preferred it when it was on the left. It’s obtrusive. The scroll bar doesn’t even reach the full page, it’s ugly, and moving around speed dial’s, especially near the bottom is a chore when it’s panning all over the place. Please add an option to disable the bar if you’re not going to change it to where it was on the side.

    • Hookah1388 .


    • Ralf Brinkmann

      What about opera://flags/#webui-navigation-bar and opera://flags/#experimental-start-page?

      • Hookah1388 .

        Thank you so much. I prefer the new speed dial actually. I was looking at the webUI navigation but wasn’t sure what it was exactly for. I’m back at where I want to be now. Appreciate it!

    • I don’t think it is obtrusive at all, instead i feel it to be so far away from my regular working area that I find kinda troublesome to reach.

      Is worst when your speed dial is “organized” or you have a big screen (or both), I wonder, why there is so much blank space between my icons and the next interactive zone?

      Was better on the left, I agree!

      • Hookah1388 .

        I have a decent amount of speed dial’s and it’s zoomed out 10% less than the default. I might feel different with a bigger monitor/new PC, but when it’s on the left it’s never in the way of anything 😛

  • ahoj1234

    guys… Am I the only one who find out “new” feature what was hidden (probably in chromium – prove me that I’m wrong).

    but what it is and how to reproduce it..
    try to type: “download” (without “) in address bar and there some URL like image’s, pdf’s file etc…
    for example (not working example): “download
    and the file is downloading…

    this feature reminds me possibility of downloading stuffs in downloads with presto Opera. Anyway, as I mentioned many times -this should be included in downloads (without needing to type “download”).

    Any other useful “hidden features” like that?

    • Lacedaemon

      I have just checked the date and it’s not 1st of April, so….

      • ahoj1234

        are you about to say that it do not work for you? I’m not lying nor kidding. (will post a video if you can’t reproduce it)

        Or I just do not get your “date joke”.

        edit: it’ probably caused by an extension. The extension is download control (by christoph142), so that’s all, my bad, sorry.

        • Lacedaemon


  • pytajnik

    how about sync? like the REAL good old sync? why did you even get rid of this? this is the only browser that is actually completely useless for me.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Hi Opera Team,
    I’m sorry if this has already been mentioned: Network installer does not work here through a proxy under non-domain users.

    Our corporate proxy server is running ISA 2006 (Microsoft) and listening to a custom port like 8080. It requires Active Directory authentication: When I try opening a url in a browser, the Windows security dialog pops up. I enter a domain user credentials and the web site is opened. When I press the installation button in Opera network installer, the same dialog pops up, I enter the same credentials, and the installer shows the download progress which, however, does not run forth. The program remains in that state, though does not hang up completely—I can interrupt it and exit. Our admin says he has encountered another program to not work through the NTLM auth; had to install some other proxy software. I’m not sure whether you’ll find it worth looking into. Hope it helps you to improve the network installer.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Thanks, I’ll pass it to our developers and QAs responsible for network installer.

  • L33t4opera

    New update – Opera developer 27.0.1689.22, the change log, and the official announcement.

  • Constancia

    I see someone has already mentioned the Speed Dial/Bookmarks/Discover tab being on the bottom of the screen looks ugly, and breaks up the style of the new start page. Is there a way to put it back to the left side of the screen and still keep the new start page? Or at least will there be a way?

  • icon67

    Re: Opera 27.0.1689.54 Stable
    I don’t like the speed dial/bookmarks/discover bar at the bottom of the screen, it takes up precious screen space. At least if it were under the address bar it would be less instrusive and it would be nice to choose whether to show it at all or not. Also in most browsers you are able to unselect a bookmark by clicking on the point that shows it is bookmarked but in Opera you can only uncheck it from Speed Dial and have to go into bookmarks to find it and delete, any plans to modify any of these things?

  • jus785

    Очень хотелось бы донести до разработчиков мои замечания, если они конечно важны для них.

    Совсем не понимаю зачем по кругу гонять эту меню с экспресс панелью, закладками и рекомендациями, оставьте вы её на верху или с боку, зачем через весь экран проводить мышкой, не проще ли в одном месте скомпоновать инстументы, я лично задолбался это делать на тачпаде!!!
    В меню закладок сделайте пожалуйста возможность регулировать обём плитки.
    Прокрутка страницы происходит рывками и это не аппаратная часть.

    Неплохо было бы увидеть темы меняющие весь фон браузера а не только картинку в экспресс панели.

    Спасибо за внимание, перехожу к конкурентам.