Today we update Opera developer to version 28. It includes a major version upgrade to Chromium (41.0.2236.0). It also includes more than 150 key fixes and improvements to Opera.

As always this is just the first 28 developer build, so expect further fixes and improvements in the future.

Known issues

  • Opera crashes on activating find in page on Windows and Linux

Changelog and download links

Full changelog

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  • Marcin Mitek

    Good news folks. We have fixed running with custom DPI settings.

    Basically to run Opera with custom DPI use –alt-high-dpi-setting parameter. For example:

    100%: opera.exe –alt-high-dpi-setting=96
    125%: opera.exe –alt-high-dpi-setting=120
    150%: opera.exe –alt-high-dpi-setting=144
    200%: opera.exe –alt-high-dpi-setting=192
    250%: opera.exe –alt-high-dpi-setting=240

    • See on how to use this if you’re not familiar with command line switches 😉

    • sgrandin

      I’m not clear on this, as I’d like these webkit versions to show smaller by about 15%, not larger. That’s the approximate difference with Opera 12 which I’ve written in these blog comments a few times. My Windows dpi setting is at 115%. How do the two correlate?

      • Use 96 which corresponds to 100%.
        By default your install will scale to 115%. That’s what you’re seeing right now.

      • Marcin Mitek

        If I understand you correctly, you want to run it at 100%. To do that, use the first line provided in my comment:

        opera.exe –alt-high-dpi-setting=96

        Your OS will run in 115% and that above will override that setting in Opera, causing it to run as 100%.

        Sorry for a late response, I totally phased out for Christmas time.

    • Vux777

      nepotism 😛

      • firuz-7

        Marcin Mitek
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      • Its worse. Now my comment is featured. We do feature others comments sometimes. 😉

        • Vux777

          *now ? 😛

          I know, I was featured once…I felt epic all day 😀

          geeke humor from the start 😉

          • Vux777

            hopefully after this, ppl won’t ask me do I vote for Putin
            …I don’t even live in Russia 🙂

        • firuz-7

          Please window to save your password opened in the upper left corner of the page and as a translator in chrome and not the entire length, and has been expanded Kaspersky and can swing with the Chrome Web bilateral, and when it will be for windows Opera 64, all just switch the browser 64 – bit version, and I would liketo my favorite browser Opera also switched to 64nemnogo, and if I can not hard to figure out why the expansion of Kaspersky does not work on Opera.

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          it is more correct

          I was just out on the Russian and therefore can not speak through an interpreter translated

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Please, there is no need to post the same thing lots of times in just a couple of days.
            It will not make things happen.

    • hspdion

      Will this be a built-in preference setting within the browser by the time Opera 28 becomes the stable release..or will these command line parameters be the permanent solution for this from here on out?

      • There are no current plans on adding them into settings right now. I fought hard for this command line parameter and I also requested some UI, but nothing happening in that area yet worth mentioning.

        • rabe85

          Maybe there is a chance to get it as a “power user setting”.
          Sometime in the future when they implement more power user settings 😛

    • Der Herr Nick

      Yeah! Finally I can read the menu!

    • Herr Pietrus

      Great news for those who don’t want default DPI. Personally I found it really useful that Opera scales to system DPI (when it started to do in on my PC correctly) – that’s how every new applications should behave, that’s how e.g. Office works. It’s nice that I don’t have to set custom zoom level any more, because all pages are “bigger” by default. But still, great info for those dissatisfied with HDPI implementation. If it could be placed in hidden advanced settings it would be even better.

    • Dave-H

      Er, surely that setting has been available for months?!
      It’s nothing new, I’ve been using it for ages.
      And shouldn’t it be loader.exe you run with it, not opera.exe?

    • Андрей

      why not add it as an option or flag into the opera?

      i do use –alt-high-dpi-setting=96 for the Opera shortcut, while my Desktop setting is 110. but it doesn’t work if browser was started via external program (i.e. after clicking on the links in the IRC client or in the Text editor).

      or mb there is a way to turn HiDPI off at all?

    • Vladimir Redjko

      Hi, I’m sorry, but you’ve actually broken it 🙁

      I have 125% text size set up in Windows. By itself that means that Opera renders everything upscaled by 25%, including images, including raster pixel-perfect images like pngs, which really really sucks. Chrome doesn’t do that.

      Specifying –alt-high-dpi-setting=96 allowed me to override that behavior for the rendering engine, while still having UI elements (tabs, menus, url box) render at the same size as all other applications.

      Not any more, since Opera 28 “–alt-high-dpi-setting” apparently affects the UI elements as well, so it all is broken without recourse.

    • Vux777

      I also have problems related to DPI
      I didn’t dig too much into it (don’t have time now) but seems that browser zoom and OS DPI altering devicePixelRatio twice (multiplying it).
      In one of my extensions I have to juggling between CSS pixels and browser zoom based on devicePixelRatio. It works fine, but when user changes OS DPI, calculation based on devicePixelRatio gets messed.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Ruarí, thanks for the info, and congrats to the whole Developers Team on the first Opera developer 28 release 😉

    Merry Christmas!

    • reesmichael1

      Merry Christmas!

      And the same to you! 🙂

  • Кostadin

    From all of us to all of you – Merry Christmas to you too 🙂 I can see at least 15 new flags 🙂

    • _artem_

      I see at least my pc froze after starting opera. reset. launched opera. pc froze again. reset. launched opera all the opened tabs gone. closed opera. renamed session.dbak to session.db. launched opera. pc froze. reset. launched opera it’s blank. no tabs that were opened. renamed session.dbak again. launched opera. pc frozen. reset. launched opera. now I have to live without the tabs I had opened for months. can’t open them again because I don’t remember what they were. thanks to lazy session these tabs never loaded so they don’t appear in recently visited. best update ever.

      • Кostadin

        No problems here yet. Except for the known issue. But this is the Dev stream anyway 🙂

      • That’s the price for using dev builds. They are not made for daily use after all (we all know that we are all doing it anyway), but backups are a necessity. There may always be crashes.

        tip: This crash is related to some combination of flags and tabs. (I’m having it, too)
        Run Opera with –no-experiments switch or install Opera 27 as a USB install and copy your profile into it. You’ll probably be able to recover your tabs then.

  • Wando Schneider

    Thanks Ruarí for this Christmas gift 🙂

  • Daniel Constantin Anghel

    i tried the new experimental speed dial. it’s meh
    can you bring back the previous experimental speed dial please?

    • Gustav Ekner

      I think the new one is better

    • It’s an experiment. It may change at any time. If it’s deemed better than the actual one it’ll substitute it eventually. But it’s not possible to switch between experimental versions (other than using different builds).

      • Daniel Constantin Anghel

        i know, which is why i’m sharing my opinion, maybe you’ll consider it

      • Gloriam

        I actually hope you’ll improve upon this design, instead of going back to the old.
        I made a complaint that the ‘new’ speed dial didn’t use thumbnails, really happy it’s got that function now, please, keep it in!

        • Herr Pietrus

          Does it really have thumbnails?!
          I haven’t installed dev build already, but wow, that’s great!

          Thank you very much, even if new experimental speed dial is still worse than classic one!

        • Ian Tompsett

          That’s interesting, I actually quite liked the new design, I had speed dials grouped by colour and found it was easier to find the one I wanted.

          With this reversion to the old design it feels like going backwards and the dials all look more similar to each other.

          • Daniel Constantin Anghel

            that design was simply brilliant

          • Guest
          • Lacedaemon

            Disagree, I don’t need the mobile phone’s limitation of screen space to ruin the browser (and my eyes) on my 24″ monitor. I’m not blind or whatever to see huge colors with text like we are at the internet age of 1996. Yeah that direction was backwards. Ditching it is forward.

          • Ian Tompsett

            You make a good point about screen size, maybe it should function differently at different size screens. I am using a 14″ screen, pretty average for a laptop and therefore closest to what most people will use, and I found the new (now previous) design much more useful (NB I have ~30 dials). If I had a 24″ monitor then the same 30 dials (assuming a high resolution) could display much more identifiable details from their respective websites. On smaller screens it’s far more useful to have both a wider variety of colour (for easy differentiation) and large icons (quickly located and identified). As it stands my dials are now a sea of white with tiny unreadable fonts (I chose the smaller dials because I want all 30 to be visible at the same time for obvious reasons).

  • Gustav Ekner

    I’ve noticed that you have changed speed dial so one can’t change it to the new one (but one can still do it in opera://flags)

  • Elzo Lubbers

    Nice, didn’t expect a new version before the new year. To bad I don’t have time to check it out for the next few days.

  • IllusionMH

    Nice build. Tried to find changes for bookmarks and speed dial and get known issue.
    Glad to see some new actions for old speed dial.
    Please, add ability to remove page from bookmarks/speed dial through Heart menu.

    • L33t4opera

      ability to remove page from bookmarks/speed dial through Heart menu

      When you click the Heart menu, you can already tick/untick the checkbox on the left of the “Speed Dial” option, to add or remove the website to/from the Speed Dial.

      move Speed dial/Bookmarks/Discover to top

      Go to the address bar, and type opera:flags#webui-navigation-bar, the select “Disabled” from the drop-down, restart the Opera.

      • IllusionMH

        But not from Bookmarks. Need to click Heart menu > click View in Bookmark > find current in large list > click X.
        In O12 we were able just to click Heart menu

        opera:flags#webui-navigation-bar. Old menu is awful with gradient ther ruins almost all themes. New menu is good but too far from regular mouse position at the top of the browser.

        Also good option – remove discover.

        • L33t4opera

          Until the time before this probably will be implemented natively, you can right click on the page, and select “Remove From Bookmarks” from the context menu. In case, that you prefer to use the button for that purpose, you can install the “Remove bookmark in one click” extension.

          In regard to the navigation bar, it seems that it doesn’t look as bad as before, maybe you should check it again 😉

  • Cyrris

    I like the new speed dial change. The text labels make it far more usable, which is no doubt why they are also used on Opera Mobile – it’s something that makes sense regardless of platform.

    The logical disconnect between the speed dial and the rest of the bookmarks is still really grating, though, even with the new bookmarks pop-up. Using the heart icon to add to a page to the speed dial with the check box indicates that a speed dial entry is a sub-type of a bookmark. Philosophically this is spot on, but in reality they are kept oddly separate, for no reason I can think of. I know I’ve harped on about this previously, but it’s my only real remaining problem with the new Opera that stops me from recommending it to others.

    TL;DR: Ditch the speed dial checkbox in the Heart popup, and just make the speed dial a bookmark subfolder you can select there instead.

    • Check flags! (Hint: type “fav” into search field there)

      • Cyrris

        Thanks for the tip, that’s an exciting development! Enabling the flag & restarting doesn’t seem to have any visible front-end changes as of yet, but I imagine it’s a “stay tuned” sort of thing. I’m looking forward to playing with this in future.

        • Well, bookmarks e. g. do get synced. So… 😉

          • Cyrris

            Yeah, I had been pondering that. I recall seeing it mentioned earlier that synchronising the speed dial entries was actually not necessarily part of the plan, as people like having different entries per device. So, I thought that should my wish come true, then any future speed dial subfolder might be excluded from the bookmark sync.

    • x a

      Philosophically this is spot on, but in reality they are kept oddly separate, for no reason I can think of.

      I have one (philosophical) reason in mind: Speedial for me is ”location / device dependent“. It’s reasonable to find it appropriate, to have different speeddials at home, at work, on your mobile, on your tab.

      Different Speeddials, but the same bookmarks collection.

      Edit: Only now I see your other comment – so we don’t disagree at all. ☺

  • Oskar

    Could you highlight the most important news in every update as you did before? I know most people look at the change log but there must be someone else who doesn’t.

    • This is the last build of the year. Not telling you what’s in it makes Christmas season more exciting 😛

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Oskar, please have a look here 😉

  • Thanks for the jul present, a new DEV version.

    On changelog at the title is 27.0.1719.0 – 2014-12-19 – blog post

    You developers forgot updating major version number.

  • Unknown

    that left panel looking good.

  • Robert

    Found a bug. If you press Ctrl + F, Opera crash.

    Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit

  • Still no option of using bookmarks as the start page without loosing your session on restart… =

  • sgrandin

    Meant to post these on today’s beta, which I installed, but still seem to apply here…

    – Update changes start page to last page used
    – Start page still not accessible from Speed Dial or from thumbnail opened via SD
    – Print Preview still has no scaling
    – Print Preview still shows double numbers in Quality field, e.g., “300 300”

    Don’t see any of these referred to in the changelog here.

  • Jorton

    A bug: Ctrl + F will cause a crash.

    • x a

      Known issues
      Opera crashes on activating find in page on Windows and Linux

      • Janghou

        Hope this issue will be fixed before holiday. Quite essential and much used feature here!

  • _artem_

    why […] you disabled experimental start page?
    why […] you removed textual thumbnail?

    I don’t want to see preview of pages that (previews) are full with [ads]. I remove most of the unneeded parts of every page – side bars, navigation, footer, header – I just want to see content – but you brought back th[ese] screenshots which are full with ads. […] – 3 previews generated by opera – how I see page 1 – how I see page 2 – how I see page 3

    now tell me WOULD YOU RECOGNIZE THESE PAGES BY LOOKING AT THE PREVIEW WHICH OPERA GENERATED? So either let adblock extensions access the pages while (before) taking the screenshot OR just bring back textual thumbnails. PLEASE

    [mod edit: I corrected your comment, but that’s a one-time thing. Next time it’ll be gone without further warning]

    • Watch your tone, please.

    • Rob Segal

      How can anyone think it’s ok to be this rude?

      • _artem_

        why the hell – doesn’t mean being rude
        caps lock – doesn’t mean being rude

        me and lots of others ask for extension access while taking page screenshot since opera 12.xx but we are ignored. that’s absolutely not difficult to implement but opera team doesn’t implement it. why? I have no idea maybe you know? why do I have to see this thumbnails – they are there to help me identify the bookmark – but when the page looks 100% different than what I see – this is not help, this is just crap. it’s like you got picture of your neighbor in YOUR passport (ID). that’s just stupid don’t you think so?

        • why the hell – doesn’t mean being rude
          caps lock – doesn’t mean being rude

          Yes, you are coming across pretty rude and that’s not the tone we want to see here.

          that’s absolutely not difficult to implement

          And you are the one to know that? You have absolutely no idea how these thumbnails are generated and what’s difficult to do or not.

          • _artem_

            I’m programmer (developer, coder) I know what I’m talking about
            cmon dude I wrote resident viruses under DOS as I was 7

          • Fine. I’m a dev, too (according to Opera’s recent survey most of us are), but you still don’t have any inside knowledge about the sandboxing or alike involved in here.

          • Don’t mean to be rude, but a Software Engineer knows that you cannot estimate without knowledge of the system involved.

          • RX-3200

            don’t tell us about “difficult” (it is DNA-10524)
            “bookmarks” in new Opera already can make thumbnails of pages with all changes, which made by UserCSS & UserJS & extensions

            but in bookmarks it screen to thumbnails only center of the pages,
            & all file://* pages & forums pages & many other wide-screen-sites are looks ugly in it,
            but this is another bug (DNA-25162)

            PS: now changelog have DNA-31*** indexes,
            so, we are waiting for quite a long time

  • beBoss

    Please FIX stupid flash problems…. I have two flash plugins:
    With this one players options works, but on full screen the video/stream size is as before to be set on full screen, and the other part of the screen is black.

    With this one, you can set it on fullscreen because player options are not showing -> player is not responsive, if you double click it open on fullscreen, but not on the right monitor (I have laptop with extended monitor). ->Opera is opened on the second monitor and after dowuble click the flash player is opened on the laptop scren….

    WITH GOOGLE CHROME there is no problem, so please fix it, or just use their model as opera is actually chrome core….. It’s annoying fourth or fifth version to see broken browser cuz of flash plugins…..

  • The update changed to old startpage style with website previews. :(((
    The SpeedDial icons are all gone.
    On Linux and Windows.

    How to get it back? Wait for next udpate?

  • SQL

    Syncing my bookmarks from Opera beta (27) to Opera dev (28) had some issues – maybe it’s intended that the default “reading list” and stuff gets synced too even tho my only intention was to sync my already existing bookmarks from 27 (where i had deleted the default folders).

    At first i was trying to import my Opera 27 bookmarks to Opera 28, but the import option did not even list Opera beta. So i installed an export extension (html file) but as i imported the file in 28 it just told me “imported successfully” or something, but i never got the bookmarks.. Which sort of forced me to this whole sync thingy (I have 27 and 28 on the same computer, really saw no reason to create sync account just because of that.)

    EDIT: Btw, how can i import my speeddial from 27 to 28? is it safe to just copy the favorites file? or will something break / is there a better option?

  • Кostadin

    What about address bar pop-out when in full-screen mode. Or something emulating F2 from Presto.

    • SQL

      Did F8 do something like that? or F6 maybe?

      • Кostadin


  • SQL

    And also, thorben told us that opening all bookmarks inside a folder would be a possibility in this version, no?

    EDIT: Here:

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Well, he said nothing about it being available in the first public build.

      • SQL

        But that sounded more like it was already done 🙁

    • You can now! There is a context menu on folders in the main view, e.g. Right Click -> Open All in New Tab. What where you expecting?

      • Lacedaemon

        Probably “Open all in new window”. Just like it should be with folders of the SD as well and it isn’t for an unexplainable reason…

      • SQL

        Oh, i never use the main place where you see all of the folders, i thought it’d get added to the folder list on the left too. This is cool, thanks. If we just could get it to the left too :).

  • taneli

    About PDFium:
    1) Is there any way to jump straight to a certain page via an anchor on the URL (#page) ?
    2) Any chance to get “auto widen to fit” as default?

  • Lacedaemon

    “DNA-30284 Create a context menu for multiple selected items”

    Excellent, now please make Shift+Click on Speed Dial folders opening the folder to a new window! You did it for Bookmarks, why can’t you do it for Speed Dial as well? Don’t you see the necessity of it as well? It’s the same thing and it’s used more frequently, it just doesn’t make sense having it only in Bookmarks. (been asking this since O15)

  • Hookah1388 .

    Dear Opera Dev Team,

    Choose a darn start page and stick with it. Thanks.

    Long Time Opera User Who’s Temperamental

    • Dear Hookah1388,

      There is a startpage. And it’s there since version 15. If you can’t stand changes of experimental feature then here’s your build:
      (or simply keep all flags in default state)

      A Mod Who’s Pretty Chilled 😛

      (and since I can hear the upcoming complaints already: I’m not working for Opera, this is my personal comment)

  • quark

    Last build of the year and it crashes on CTRL+F (which is purely automatic for me to press). Thanks a lot.

    • Nobody forces you to use it. You may stick with 27 if you prefer that and the ones who appreciate the effort devs went through to stabilize this build to the state it is in now can use it.

      • quark

        I don’t mind some hidden bugs and crashes but releasing a build that crashes on a basic and wiiiidely used functionality is kinda meaningless and it just couldn’t went unnoticed.

        Happy Hanukah, Christmas, New Year and Orthodox Christmass (there’s no god anyway). And bring back old new speeddial (my xmas wish)

        • Orthodox Christmas is on December the 25th 😀

          • quark

            Then what’s on Jan 7th?

          • Depends. Some countries (all of them Orthodox IIRC) use the old Julian calendar which is a few days behind the Gregorian one, so their 25th of December falls on our Jan 7th. But for them it’s still Dec.25. However there are other orthodox countries (I live in Greece, which is one of them) where people follow the Gregorian calendar and hence Christmas falls on the same day as everywhere else.

            In short, Julian=Orthodox, but Orthodox=Julian (for lack of proper symbols).

          • quark

            Anyway I’m from Ukraine and we go nuts on 7th

        • I think it was better to put out a build, than give you guys nothing until after the holidays. As you see from the other comments, many here are able to work with it and enjoy seeing our progress. But if it doesn’t work for you there is always beta (which has a higher version number than the last developer).

          In any case, here is a workaround.

      • Stabilize, as in breaking one of the most useful features? Mmmmmmno…

        • Putting out a build with a known issue still allows us to gather valuable feedback on all the other features. If we did not put out a build because of this issue, we would have no feedback and hence be less aware of other bugs. So yes, it does help us stabilise Opera! 😉

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There’s always a price to pay for using developers builds.

    • Here this workaround might help.

    • Hecc-MA

      Do you really need to use the Dev build? there’s a Stable version.

      • quark

        I like to live on the edge

        • Hecc-MA

          Well don’t complain then, and don’t expect any commodities.

  • firuz-7

    Marcin Mitek
    please do uvidomleniya to save password opened in the upper left corner of the page and translator and was also to expand Kaspersky was and could swing with chrome web Sided and when it will be for windows Opera x64, Just all browser switch to 64-bit version, and I would like to have my favorite browser Opera also switched to 64-bit, and if I can not difficult to find out why the expansion of Kaspersky does not work on Opera.

    Adobe Flash Player PPAPI for Opera and Chromium me on this plug-IDM-internet download manager for all sites intercepts and offers to download the video automatically please correct it and make it to the expansion was in opera: // extensions

    • Sorry, but this translation of your post into english is not understandable.

      • firuz-7

        Marcin Mitek

        Please window to save your password opened in the upper left corner of the page and as a translator in chrome and not the entire length, and has been expanded Kaspersky and can swing with the Chrome Web bilateral, and when it will be for windows Opera 64, all just switch the browser 64 – bit version, and I would liketo my favorite browser Opera also switched to 64nemnogo, and if I can not hard to figure out why the expansion of Kaspersky does not work on Opera.

        Adobe Flash Player PPAPI opera and chrome I have this plug-IDM-Internet Download Manager on all sites intercepts and offers to download the video automatically pleasefix it and make it the expansion was at the opera: // extensions
        it is more correct

        I was just out on the Russian and therefore can not speak through an interpreter translated

  • L33t4opera

    First impression after several minutes of testing:
    – the New Folder, Select All, and Paste options in the context menu (right click on the main BM page), and the add/remove to/from Speed Dial checkbox, and the “Move into new folder” option in the Heart menu, are quite cool additions, and a nice gift for Christmas 😉
    – Improved DnD in the BM, and more readable folders names on the new Speed Dial page are quite cool.

    Some new flags:
    – opera:flags#client-certificates: Support generation of client certificates in-browser and log in using client certificates,
    – opera:flags#extensions-error-console: Enable an error console for displaying all extension errors in one place on opera://extensions/ (developer mode only).
    – opera:flags#favorites-bookmark-backend: Implements Speed Dial using the bookmarks backend,
    – opera:flags#fullscreen-exit-popup (Windows, Linux): Enables clickable fullscreen popup when browser is fullscreen. Popup slides from top of the screen when mouse is near the top,
    – opera:flags#improved-bookmark-popup: More style and usability for the bookmark pop-up,
    – opera:flags#startup-improvements: Decreases Opera startup time in certain conditions (e.g., a slow HDD),
    – opera:flags#sync-time-skew: Query the authentication server for time skew before renewing tokens used for synchronization,
    – opera:flags#tools-custom-controls-style: Enables experimental style for the HTML controls on internal pages.
    – opera:flags#enable-out-of-process-pdf: Enable the out of process PDF plugin.

    Besides that a bit annoying crashing, when you press Ctrl+F (which is known issue), the build is quite nice – given that this is the first release, which is based on a newer version of Chromium 😉

    Edit: there are also some problems, e.g.:
    – The “Move into new folder” option doesn’t work properly on Linux: when you select it from the list, it closes the menu, and opens a popup window, in which you can add a new folder name, but when you click “OK”, it only creates the folder, and closes the popup, but not returns to the menu. It works without problem on Windows,
    – The Copy function in the context menu doesn’t work,
    – When you select multiple items, to delete them at once by pressing Del, or Shift+Del, then no matter if you click “OK”, or “Cancel”, it deletes them anyway, and displays the error message “This webpage is not available”, and then you need to close the tab, and press Ctrl+Shift+B, to reopen the BM page properly, and sometimes you need to restart the Opera, to open it at all.
    On the other hand, when you right click one of the selected items, and select “Delete Selected” from the context menu, it works without problems 😉

    Nevertheless, as I already wrote about it above, regarding the fact, that this is the first release, which is based on a newer version of Chromium, this build is quite cool!

    • IllusionMH

      What does opera:flags#favorites-bookmark-backend actually do in current build?
      I’ve enabled it but I can’t see any difference on first look. I hope this is for future ability to use same image for Bookmark and Speed dial.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        For now it seems to put your speed dials into the bookmarks file.

  • taneli

    This build still becomes completely unresponsive when browsing image sites, such as (but not only just that site, pretty much every site that has images become unresponsive the same way.), sometimes takes minutes to load a small gif, and after browsing a few (even only after 5-6 images) the browser starts to get increasingly unresponsive (the whole browser, not just the tab.).
    This issue was happening on every 27 build and now carries on in this 28.
    26 stable has no problems though.
    Any idea what’s up with this?

  • Paweł

    Is it me or:
    1. Speeddial extensions are gone (I had similar problems with experimental SD but experimental != default).
    2. There is absolutely no way to see Speeddial extensions except for extension list page.
    3. Opera uses smaller icon in system menus.
    Ubuntu 14.10 with Xfce DE, I can’t tell about Windows – I use stable frontend there. Downgrading to previous developer version (and disable updates) until Speeddial extensions works and Opera stops crashing on searching webpage.

    Can you make RSS reader (aka Discover) configurable so I can add my own RSS feeds and/or use sorces from different countries/continents?

    Thank you in advance for your help and efforts.

    • Oliver

      Speeddial extensions are indeed gone, not only from the new page, but also from the classic speeddial page if opera://flags/#experimental-start-page is set to “disabled”. Are there any plans to reenable them for the new page?

  • saudiqbal

    Please disable addressbar inline autocomplete, its really annoying. Also bring back drop down button in address bar so that I can quickly open typed urls again.

    • plague

      Completely agree!

      If I start typing, it autofills with one of my last searches.
      Why would I want to go there again?
      I _obviously_ want to go to, _not_ to some random search I’ve done before.

      So I have to remember to override my muscle memory of just writing, press enter, everytime and force a delete keypress in between to get rid of the autocompleted crap.

      Very very annoying and counterproductive.

      Not to mention the privacy/nsfw concern for when someone else uses the same computer and immediately gets the last users search string on autocomplete.

      It should at the very least be “hidden” in a drop down menu.

      This is basic, basic stuff:
      Do not forcefeed me things I’m not asking for.
      Do not _ever_ steal focus unless my computer catches fire
      (An Opera extension, called Google™ Translator, suddenly opened a tab without asking, switched to it and browsed to it’s download page, supposedly to let me know an update was available. It happened right when I was watching Youtube in fullscreen, causing Youtube to close the fullscreen, but not stop playing, and then switch tabs. That extension got promptly deleted seconds later by me. Do not _ever, EVER_ do that crap.).

  • hspdion

    “- opera:flags#client-certificates: Support generation of client certificates in-browser and log in using client certificates”

    This was one of the main missing pieces of functionality that has been driving me to switch out to Chrome/Firefox at certain times throughout my work day.

    Thanks for the addition!

    • I was wondering when somebody would say something about it. I actually expected @gwendragon:disqus to be the one… 😉

  • Is there a way I can disable the Find in Page shortcuts?… I’ve crashed my browser a few times already because of hitting the search shortcut before thinking about the known issue. :-X

  • Richie442

    Great job, guys. Thanks for Linux version 🙂

  • carlx

    hi,just one question, yet still in version 12.x now that I’ve seen that in the latest version has bookmarks, I was thinking of upgrading of version, but I have not seen the functionality of aliases in the bookmark. They will not implement it,its done or is in process?

  • rabe85

    Some nice improvements 🙂

    Here are some bugs and questions:
    – Is it normal, that the folder names on the side bookmark page are very small? It uses only half of the high, but makes a scrollbar.
    – How opera decides which bookmark folders are displayed in the dropdown of the new heart menu popup? It feels completely random and with subfolders, i almost never use to add new bookmarks. Shouldn’t it show the main folders?
    – The “opera://settings/fonts” page has no abort or reset button. I saves the changes with the X button and with the done-button. So i can’t test how something looks without remember the old settings.
    – Right-click “Open all in new tab” at a folder in the bookmarks manager opens only the pages from that folder, but not the pages from all subfolders. Thats great, i love it. The O-menu -> bookmarks -> right-click “Open all in new tab” at a folder opens all pages (from that folder and all subfolders). It’s strange to have the same options with different functions. Please change it to the function from the bookmarks manager (only folders pages, without all subfolders pages).
    – BM manager: Right-click “copy” doesn’t work.
    – BM manager: Right-click “Open all in new window” and “Open all in new private window” on a folder only opens the folder (like a left click).
    – BM manager: Select two or more folders and right-click them. “Open selected in new tabs” opens nothing.
    – BM manager: Select two or more folders and right-click them. “Open selected in new window” and “Open selected in new private window” only opens an empty new window / private window.

    • L33t4opera

      How opera decides which bookmark folders are displayed in the dropdown of the new heart menu popup?

      It looks like, that this feature still needs some work, you can disable the opera:flags#improved-bookmark-popup – this will restore the previous style of the Heart menu 😉

  • Where is the “Windows 8 tile”-style SpeedDial? For me those are much more visible and recognizable.

    • It was an experiment that was discontinued. It was substituted by another experiment (which needs to be enabled in opera:flags).

      • RX-3200

        please kill this “another experiment” too:
        new SD have very small thumbnails & thumbnails background_frame is too bright, especially on dark theme …
        it have too small interval of time creating thumbnails,
        so the contents of the page does not have time to load,
        so thumbnails show a small portion of the page, or just “loading icon” in the case of your evernote page

        old SD still better

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, you can go to the address bar, type opera:flags#experimental-start-page, and select “Enabled” from the drop-down, then restart the Opera 😉

    • Gustav Ekner

      I think they seemed too small for speed dial extensions.

  • Martin Falke

    Thank you so much for the “New Speed Dial” with “preview images”, already works quite well on Win 7 64 bit 🙂

  • Sander

    Oof, this release really shows me that I shouldn’t use the Developer version as my main browser. Had the search bug happen to me 5 times this evening >.<

    • Gustav Ekner

      I’ve also realized that, and since I can use sync in beta via a flag, I use it instead of developer as my main browser now.

  • Zik

    Finally image and page preview in experimental speed-dial returned.

    • Gustav Ekner

      And there are no black folders!

  • forvatera forvatera

    CTRL+F on any loaded page crashes this build every single time. Nice work, as always.
    I assume all the effort went into bookmarks, as usual. Good lord, it’s almost 2015 and you’ve awakened to bookmarks…………………………………..

    • CTRL+F on any loaded page crashes this build every single time.

      Yes, it does. However, we did warn you in the known issues.

      It is a developer build, it is not expected to be perfect. You are using bleeding edge software after all. Additionally, I think it is better we got something out rather than had everyone wait until after the holidays. If it is not stable enough for you, try the beta or the stable streams.

      P.S. Here is a workaround.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Thanks for the update! It’s such a nice and awaited conclusion of the year. I’ve been happy to read this blog all through the year, as the year before, even though I comment less and less, as the browser is growing better and I have fewer things to whine and wtf about, which I will of course continue. 🙂

    The new experimental start page is pretty cool, except that I miss site favicons as thumbnails in some cases. Another good thing in the previous experimental SD page was that SD title would appear only if there were more than one item with the same icon. Please reinstate that in some form on the new SD page.

    Also, I noticed that it’s now impossible to drag the site badge (the globe to the left of the address bar) onto the bookmark bar to create a link at the BM bar root. One can use the “+” button, but drag-and-drop was cool too.

    • L33t4opera

      I noticed that it’s now impossible to drag the site badge (the globe to the left of the address bar) onto the bookmark bar

      Hi Dmitry, it works here, perhaps that I refreshed Opera’s profile, cuz I had a problem with the expandable list of folders in the Heart menu, which magically disappeared after some time of using it. However, it doesn’t look like the general problem with the old profile’s settings, because when I turned off the opera:flags#synch, this solved the issue, and so far DnD works 😉

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Thanks for the advice. The first thing I tried was disabling content-aggressive extensions like AdBlock and Ghostery, which didn’t help. Starting with a fresh profile didn’t help either. No problem; grabbing the badge from the left side of the screen is somehow not too convenient for me anyway, and I can easily drop that habit in favour of the plus button. 😉

        • L33t4opera

          You are right, I can confirm, that this bug occurs on Windows XP, but the DnD works without problem on Linux 😉

  • If you find yourself regularly triggering find in page without thinking, here is a “workaround”.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Thanks, it’s very useful indeed, because of another thing with the Find keybinding that I noticed in the previous dev version: In some cases, Find is triggered when it should not be. For example, in comments to a Facebook post, in the main feed or a personal page, “.” triggers the search. In this version… well, it triggers the known problem of the day. 😉

    • Dmitry Kirin

      All Find actions are faulty. FindInline is what has “.” for hotkey and, therefore, hit quite often.

      "Advanced": {
      "Find": [ ],
      "FindInline": [ ]
      "Basic": {
      "Find": [ ],
      "FindNext": [ ],
      "FindPrevious": [ ]

      • Yep, thanks for the feedback. I updated the blog post for the other basic shortcuts.

        I left out the advanced ones as not everyone has them enabled and in any case this is just an example.

      • Veger

        Thanks for mentioning the ‘advanced’ key bindings as well (after fixing the basic ones, I was still accidentally triggering the crash)

        Hopefully I can manging without FindInline until a next version (otherwise I am forced to downgrade 🙁 )

        • Use the extension mentioned in my blog post to provide inline fine.

  • Laviic

    Oh wow! You actually brought back the old non-recursive ‘Open All’ to the Bookmark folders! Thank you so much!

  • Lacedaemon

    The thumbnails in the new experimental start page -while being more closer to the previous design of Opera Presto- have too much white (especially the folders which have white all over them), and the height of the title underneath is pretty big also, so the overall brightness is huge and they eyes hurt. The white blurry animation of the folders that are coming to the foreground makes things even worse. Too much white overall. Default Speed Dial is the best.

    Also creating a new folder while bookmarking a page was 1 click in *< O28. Now it is 2 clicks and an extra box in your face. Not the best, plus the positioning of the new folder is not at the top. "Speed Dial tick" underneath is good though, no new user would think about the little blue icon in the top right of the thumbnail.

  • RX-3200

    linkyfied links to opera://* (in forums and ect) still turn us just only to “about:blank” page

    please set some special “class” or “id” for strings with “☣” simbol in changelog page
    (with it, UserCSS will easy to colorize changelog strings)

    and picture-question about “bookmarks” page:

    please kill effect of “lazy-load” thumbnails in opened big speed-dial folders (more than four thumbnails per folder) in Opera 28&27
    (may be thumbs preload is broken in Opera 28&27)
    turn it back like in Opera Dev 26.0.1655.0 & earlier

    please make temporary db file for tab_previews pictures …
    it may be something like “stash.db”, but just for only opened tabs …
    because tab_hover – is not the reason to unsuspend tabs processes, and
    tab_hover – is only the reason to show tab preview
    (this db can fix “can’t load page” message for prev. session tabs, if lazy_load for tabs enabled)
    but this db must can absolutely_delete inclusions on tab_close to minimize db size

    when can we expect the return of “opera://drives/” page from Opera 12 ?

  • Zin

    bad news for me, no embedded IRC on it…. x( neither more Opera 12 features…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      The chances of a built-in irc client is basically none, i’m afraid.

  • Harrison A. Heck

    Please make hovering over a bookmarks bar bookmark have a visual indicator. Right now they don’t actually seem clickable, even though we know they are.

  • Sidney Moraes

    Suggestion: put smooth animations between Speed dial, bookmarks and discover, please.

  • Guest

    What happened to the speed dial, now I can not set more than 5 columns, and all my previous thumbnail now looks ugly, the folder have to much white and in some cases is hard to tell if is a folder or a single page, ..not cool Opera not cool….:(

  • kokolo5

    Beautiful photo (: and thakns for the subfolders, need them in stable (:

    My wishes:

    1.Bar ( bookmarks speed dial and dicover fields ) should be permanently on screen, also during surfing through web.

    2. Hope you don’t remove the coast function /:

    3. New design for navigation bar, more modern and transparent colour

    4. New design for bookmarks bar, transparent

    5. Restart button in “About Opera” menu.

    6. New UI, much clearer and summarized by more nesting.

    7. Much less grey, why you go back to the outdated grey look ?

  • Onaj Tamo

    Anyone here remember opera show?Or the integrated torrent client?

    Though Opera is moving back into a good direction IMHO.

  • Riot Nrrrd™

    I’m going to try this new Developer release out (on a Mac OS X 10.6.8 Mac Pro), but I tend to stick to Opera Next. Speaking of which … if I’m on Facebook for a long time, at some point Paste stops working completely – it’s quite bizarre. (Opera Next 24.0.1558.51)

    I can still paste into the menu bar, and I can paste into other tabs/windows, but not into Facebook. If I quit the browser and restart, it goes back to working again – until the next instance. Very odd behavior …

  • shane

    Horizontal scrolling is still generating key events with a synaptics touchpad:

    Not an issue with other browsers. Causes undesirable behaviour on sites that handle those key events.

  • Martin Fiala

    I got happy when I saw the new “Proprietary media types” flag, hoping that it would mean that Opera would now be able to play 60fps YouTube videos in MP4 format (it can only play the VP9 ones now).

    However, it still doesn’t, there’s no DASH support with MP4, so no 60fps MP4’s on YouTube.

    What is the reason that Opera in Linux can play those videos just fine (even 27 could), but can’t play them on Windows? Is it not possible to use the same codecs in both systems? Firefox nightly now supports 60fps YouTube MP4’s on Windows as well, why not Opera?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      That flag is not new, at least on Windows.

      • Martin Fiala

        OK, maybe I just didn’t notice it. Anyway, the rest of the post still stands.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Opera doesn’t support “H264+MSE”, this is the reason for h264 videos in 60fps not work in YT.

          • Martin Fiala

            Which is exactly what I’ve said in my original post – that Opera on Windows doesn’t support DASH (so, basically, MSE) on YouTube, but does support it on Linux just fine.

  • So, you killed Speed Dial extensions already?

  • Leo Liu

    This problem still exists!

    DNA-30545 [Linux] Opera does not correctly remember its geometry settings on restart
    The clip below is my test.

  • Serpher

    Confirmed bug: If you drag and drop a thumbnail, the other thumbnails won’t show Close button underneath them besides the one you moved around.

    • Vux777

      It is probably related to this chromium bug
      here is a test page
      (drag and drop horizontal nodes on the right, after drop, hover state is broken an all nodes, and dragded one is stuck in active state)

  • Bug: Logindata (same domain with different URLs) with server Auth Basic is not inserted in servers login popunder. All fields are blank!

    Worked in Opera 27 DEV.

    Reported as Bug DNA-31907

  • Lacedaemon

    I’m reading many reports on chromium about the white blinking of tabs in various scenarios (some cause responses like that: “Bumping the priority of this bug. We really need to get this fixed before it makes it to the wild.”), like I have also reported since O26dev. Same thing is happening with O28dev. as well. (Last version not having that issue -or it was so fast that it was unnoticeable- was O25-Chrome/38.0.2125.122.) Issue is DNA-30973 and looks like it’s Chromium-Blink Renderer/Compositor related, so can you join your forces with Google on that one so that you can solve it once and for good?

    Just a small look at opera://tracing while loading a new Speed Dial tab shows me a huge difference in rendering lag between O25 and O26,27,28.

    • Lacedaemon

      WTF… I think I found where your problem may lay. Disabling
      Impl-side painting almost completely fixes the problem (or at least the delay in ms is so low – depending on how heavy the theme is-) of the blinking tabs in all versions after O25! You may start investigating already.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    In this and the previous version, I sometimes see strange behaviour of javascript. For example, on this page, when I click the section header Recent Posts in the right column, the section is expanded only after 3-5 seconds. When I click it again, it starts to retract with the same delay. Opera 28.0.1719.0 and 27.0.1689.22, Win7x86. It’s strange that I can’t reproduce this on the same numeric Opera versions at work, though I’ve got Win7x64 there, not exactly the same.

    Another scripty bug is on Skype account page: avatar picture is not shown and when I click the button “Change,” the edit boxes don’t appear. Works in IE. I know Opera can’t be responsible for any site scripting bugs, but thought I’d mention it as a test case.

    • Zik

      I dont sure, but I think it’s because of hibernation tabs.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Good guess, but no, it doesn’t look like that: it happens every time the browser is started and page loaded, without having ever been sent to hibernation.

  • Nick Monte


    “DNA-31642 Extension icons in the address bar are not visible” is still not fixed, as I see no icon in the address bar, but right-clicking on the empty space where the icons should be leads to corresponding extension’s menu.
    Anyone gets the same issue?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not happening here.

      It happens with all extensions or just specific ones? And what is your OS? I’m on Win10.

      • Nick Monte

        Win7 32bit. It happens with every extension that should have an icon in address bar. I’ve tried different extensions, but now I have “Smart Rss”, “Select like a boss” and “Page expand”.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Smart Rss icon appears fine here.

          Just to clarify: you mean the icons on the left of the addressbar or the ones inside it?

          Anyway, both seem ok here.

          • Nick Monte

            Maybe I should try a clean install. Does it matter if Opera is installed in portable mode? And I mean icons inside the address bar.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I guess it worths a try and i don’t think that Opera being installed in standalone mode makes much difference.

          • Nick Monte

            Weird, but clean install did help. Thanks!

  • Nekomajin43

    Good. The undocked devtools crash is fixed.

  • Herr Pietrus


    Of course there are some issues e.g.:
    – we can’t choose which picture is displayed in SD. It’s great that thumbnails are back, but I suppose that everyone want to have choice.
    – SD/Bookamrks/Discover buttons should be placed on the top! And sholudn’t have so ugly background..

    But generally – you’re going in the right direction.

  • Raylan Givens

    Seriously, have you notice how many more resources Opera is spending when plays a Youtube html5 video against IE11?

  • Hecc-MA

    Fixes and improvements… no new features?

    • Nekomajin43

      There are several smaller new features.

      • Hecc-MA

        Like, for expample?

        • Nekomajin43

          Read the changelog.

  • Flykz

    Hi there.
    Firstly, I would like to thank all Opera’s team for their work, I think we, too often, say what is bad (in our opinion) and not what is good. And I’ve to say, there is a lot of good!

    It’s my first post here, so i’ll try to do my best and highlight problems, rather than give a solution.

    So, first things first : The “new” startPage. I noticed that now, the title of each folder or thumbnail got his own text, wich is on a white(or almost white) background. The issue is that, when the thumbnail is also on a white-grey-thing background, well… that’s a little big ugly, the colors don’t match. Before, it appeared on hover, and was less shocking. (and it was black, with an alpha channel if i remember correctly).

    Then, the new heart pop up when we save a new bookmark. It looks better than before, but is also less convenient :

    • We can’t see anymore how much images are available, and where we are (like 9/12) .I liked it because I could, if I didn’t get quickly a cool thumbnail, go back to the first, with just the name on a colored background, without paying attention to the thumbnail, and just watch the number state.

    • All folders are not showed up by the list, so i have to go ctrl+shift+b and search my new bookmark and put it in the right place. Sub-folders are never shown either, but they weren’t before. It would be good if we still had them. But sub folders are less important, i think.

    Also, speaking about bookmarks, it would be super-cool if we could customize the colors when we got just the site’s name and the background. I think having the same color for every thumbnail for a given website or some topic (like red for what’s Opera related to, and orange for what’s up to Firefox) would increase the readability of the bookmarks a little more. (instead of having to create tons of folders and sub-folders to keep it organized and correctly readable)

    Well, that’s all for this time, sorry for the size of the comment 🙁

    P.S : This photo from Opera’s building at sunrise (or dawn?) is bloody amazing, it’s so beautiful ! Good choice, and happy holidays everyone ! Don’t work too hard 😛

  • led9ru

    Ctrl+F on ANY page = > appcrash!

    + well at least the opera did not explode 🙂
    I’m not complaining, just surprised.

  • 350ZOmega

    Please fix this site!! It always launches in mobile for some reason.
    In google chrome it launches fine.

    Im always on a laptop/ windows 8.1/x64/amd …keep up the great work guys!!!!

  • Druszlak

    Is there any chance for opening *.jpg files inside browser? Now Opera starts download instead.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not happening here. Any example links?
      Or are you talking about jpg files in your hdd?

      • Druszlak

        For instance this site with wallpapers:

        When you click one of the resolutions Opera 15+ starts download, when Opera 12.17 opens image. I prefer old Opera’s way.

        • The server responds to a click on a wallpager at×272.jpg as:
          GET×272.jpg HTTP/1.1
          Connection: keep-alive
          Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,*/*;q=0.8
          User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/41.0.2236.0 Safari/537.36 OPR/28.0.1719.0 (Edition developer)
          DNT: 1
          Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, lzma, sdch
          Accept-Language: de-DE,de;q=0.8,en-US;q=0.6,en;q=0.4

          HTTP/1.1 200 OK
          Accept-Ranges: bytes
          Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=sin_city_a_dame_to_kill_for_2014_movie-wallpaper-480×272.jpg
          Last-Modified: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 11:41:00 GMT
          Content-Type: image/jpeg
          Cache-Control: max-age=2592000, public, public, max-age=604800
          Expires: Sun, 28 Dec 2014 11:42:25 GMT
          Content-Length: 76205
          Accept-Ranges: bytes
          Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 11:42:25 GMT
          Connection: keep-alive

          This “Content-Disposition: attachment; ” forces the browser to download as a attachment!

          Not Operas fault.

          And download of attachments are not opened in new Opera.

          • Druszlak

            So, old Opera breaks the internet and do what I want. <3


            Thanks for figuring it out.

          • No, old Opera dows not download automatically but shows Download-Popup.

            If you change the settings with Alt P in Browser -> Downloads for the download directory and select to ask before dowloading, Operas shows a popup where to save.

            Opening Image was a override feature of old Opera 12.

          • Druszlak

            That’s what I’m talking about – there is no possibility to open that image in Opera. There is only option to download and save it.

    • Vux777

      you mean like, drag and drop JPG in Opera window?
      It shows image in new tab without download procedure

  • Vux777

    I have found important bug
    hope this will get fixed before xmas/ny holidays
    I can’t work like this
    OCD and stuff like that…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think there will be another release this year.

      And what exactly is the bug? How to reproduce it?

      • Vux777

        it should be “417 days ago”

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Ah, sure. Not something top priority, i think.

          • Vux777

            that’s cold 😛

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It seems to be a work in progress and also you can disable the new heart popup in flags.

          • Vux777

            uhm, I was joking from the start
            ofc it’s not “important”
            and ofc I don’t expect it to be fixed before xmas/ny
            and (I hope) I don’t have OCD
            …and sometimes I think you are bot 🙂

        • Wando Schneider

          C’mon, Its not so important.

  • beBoss

    When will we get a normal text select function in Opera as old Opera Presto? Now text selection function is terrible, awful, almost useless… Everybody knows what I mean and here is the example of the useless function: I’m trying to select
    Lenovo G710 “59412640”

    and of course I can’t….
    Gif with my try:

    Please don’t use chrome function or fix it…..
    p.s. And yeah, I don’t need extensions to fix browser problems, just fix it…

    • Yes, the easy selection of text in links is nonfunctional.
      If i want to seelct a text, often the link is dragged. This is a ugly behaviour.

      @ OperaDevs
      Please add feature:
      Dragging vertically results in real drag of a link
      Dragging horizontally results in marking text of a link
      or other easy-to-use methode for marking text in links.

      • We will not change the default behaviour to this for the reasons I explained earlier in the thread.

        • rabe85

          The reasons are understandable. I don’t think you should change the default behavior, but please give us an option to switch between both ways. So the default is like it is now and each user can easily choose what he likes (without searching for any extensions and all the problems with it).

          So you could keep the new behavior and make all users happy in a simple way 🙂

          • searching for any extensions and all the problems with it

            Have you tried the extension yourself and seen problems? If so did you report them?

            I like the old Presto behaviour and have the extension installed. It works just fine for me!

          • rabe85

            I installed it after writing the post. Atm it works, but i havn’t tested it very much.
            Mostly it’s hard to find such extensions. There are so much of them and i hate it to try around 10 extensions each time to find the right one to fix one specific problem. Also i’m depend on the author to get fixes. I don’t know whats with him or her in a few years when opera changes something that an extension doesn’t work anymore.

          • NoName

            Have you tried the extension yourself and seen problems? If so did you report them?

            Yes, I have tried it. The functionality it great so far. Thanks for the link!

            But I assumed that it’s going to use a mouseover event to check this. I went through the code, and I was right.
            mouseover events are very CPU intensive, which is obviously bad for several reasons.
            A native option would be greatly appreciated for a feature like this.

            The extension actually has a mouseover event going whenever you got your left mouse button pressed on a site. Not only when selecting from a link.
            It seems to be intensional, as a certain few HTML element does not trigger the mouseover ( and ). I’ll try to report this as a bug to the author.

            But a mouseover event will always be needed to some extend for this feature in js 🙁

      • Guest

        I use Select like a Boss extension. Very nice 🙂

        • Yes, mostly it works fine, but not under all circumstances.

    • Well, yes, atm you do need an extension… Have a look at
      I’m using it myself. It finally rids the issue until devs fix this for good.

      • beBoss

        Well, I don’t need extension, I need working browser. Why Opera needs user with their extension to fix Opera’s bad work? i posted this comment to pay attention to Opera Dev, finally to fix it. It’s a shame…

        • We are exceptionally unlikely to change the default behaviour for the reasons I explained in my previous reply to you.

          I say this as someone who actually likes the old Presto behaviour and installed an extension to get it back.

      • Drag down dows not always work with the extension.

        The more problem is, that many extensions slow down Opera.
        Some missing features should be implemented as machinecode, not as JS 🙁

        • See my earlier comment where I explain why we now have it this way.

          P.S. If the extension does not work as it should, let the author know. I have reported an issue to him in the past and he was very responsive in implementing a fix.

    • SuperTommy

      Agree, it’s really hopeless.

    • Lacedaemon

      Every time I face this problem I want to kill myself…

      • So install an extension and then you will not have to deal with it again.

        • Lacedaemon

          Why do you rely on extensions when this is so utterly broken? Shouldn’t that be the default behavior in the first place?

          edit: I’ve seen below you give an explanation somewhere. I’ll go look for it.

          edit 2:
          You talk about discoverability… How would a new user find that extension for doing that? The moment he realizes it’s not possible he saves that in his memory and accepts it as a hard fact. He must know beforehand that this was the Presto way of doing it which is impossible. So this user is stuck forever with a broken issue.

          About them sending you bug reports… you should explain them the functionality of it instead of taking it as a flaw (because someone was so stupid and couldn’t understand it, while so many were using it -but never reported the joy of using it-) and removing it. Suggestion: instead of providing only bug reports, provide also satisfaction reports.

          • You talk about discoverability… How would a new user find that extension for doing that?

            When someone mentions it as a possibility, they think of the idea independently or by simply looking through the extension catalog and stumbling across it.

            If we had it the other way around (the Presto way) how would a user discover how to disable the “feature” (which they see as a bug)?

            The moment he realizes it’s not possible he saves that in his memory and accepts it as a hard fact.

            Actually that doesn’t happen or at least not always, otherwise we would not have received multiple bug reports about broken dragging of links, some of which were quite angry about this “obvious bug”.

            Neither method is perfect, we picked the one we believe is most understandable to the majority of our users.

            In any case you are arguing over something you can fix via an extension but simply choose not to.

          • Nekomajin43

            It would be nice to have small features like this in the power-user settings…

            I understand your explanation, and I also understand why you are right, but using an extension for every small but annoying deficiency is not a good solution. It consumes about 12 megabytes of memory. How much would it consume if it was a native implementation? If I install a dozen of them to have features like this, they will use more than 100 megabytes. It is ridiculous.

            If you remember, I enumerated almost a dozen missing small features many months ago, yet you have not introduced any new power-user setting for ages.

          • Lacedaemon

            When someone mentions it as a possibility, they think of the idea independently or by simply looking through the extension catalog and stumbling across it.

            I’m not talking about someone mentioning it somewhere, I’m talking about a new user that wants to use some phrase/part of the link for a search (just like beBoss showed) but finds out that it’s completely broken. He will never wonder why, he just memorizes that this is not possible and accepts it. Same analogy is with deleting Bookmarks from the BKM. Once a new user tries pressing “Delete” (the obvious) for deleting an item and sees it is not possible, he will accept it as a fact and will not come to think about using Shift+Delete.

            About the bug reports related to drag: I don’t understand how one can mess that up, in Presto era, even if you would have selected a part of the link the link could be dragged to the top, where’s the problem in that? Besides, everybody should know from the beginning that it is Click-once-anywhere-in-the-link-HOLD & DRAG-UP, not taking the link for a ride on the whole screen or selecting text before doing that. And even then, you could implement some sort of delay so that the system can understand when it is about draging it and when about selecting the text from it. Plus in Presto, there was Shift+Click for that, or middle clicking with the mouse and then visiting the tab- who used drag-link anyway? Or your share-usage data showed that drag-link was popular somehow? Then I’ll pass.

            I don’t mind using an extension for that – I’m using so many anyways for trying to emulate what was native in Presto which is pretty sad and consumes tons of recourses for nothing-, I just wanted to show you (as others did too) that 1. having something utterly broken like that is embarassing and 2. even me has not thought about searching for that kind of stuff in the extensions, imagine new users.

    • If you want that behaviour, install Select like a Boss (which I use myself).

      There is a reason we are unlikely to return to the old behaviour by default. It used to work as follows. If you dragged up or down the link was dragged, if you dragged side to side the link was selected. Numerous users did not understand why dragging a link did not always work and so we received bug reports because the behaviour can be interpreted as inconsistency. Additionally the other potential use case (needing to be able to select text part way through a link, so that you can copy just part of it), may not immediately spring to mind.

      The current implementation (where you must select from the left or right of the link) is a better on average, if you step outside of personal preferences and choose your compromise based on the principle of least astonishment.

      “When two elements of an interface conflict, or are ambiguous, the behaviour should be that which will least surprise the user; in particular a programmer should try to think of the behavior that will least surprise someone who uses the program…”

      Consider a user who knows little or nothing about the intricacies of this problem. If they were to use the current implementation and tried to select the link and it was actioned (or causes a drag) they are likely to have a thought process along the following lines:

      Ah, this is a link and links reacts differently to clicks than the rest of the page. Perhaps I can tackle this some other way such as starting selection before or after the link

      They maybe slightly irritated but they will be able to get their job done will not be totally surprised that things work this way. Furthermore if they attempt to drag a link it will just work regardless of direction (i.e. there is no inconsitency, which does cause surprise for some users).

      There is a case for making this a preference so that long term Opera users, who are used to our old behaviour, can get it back. However that will still suffer from a discoverability problem. How will they know about the preference? So it is not a lot better than using an extension (which could be searched for and found via a posting like this).

      • Ian Tompsett

        I don’t understand this part:

        “Additionally the other potential use case (needing to be able to select text part way through a link, so that you can copy just part of it), may not immediately spring to mind.”

        How do I do this with the current implementation? Your comment is ambiguous as to whether it is possible.

        This has been bothering me for ages, and as someone commented below I simply didn’t realise the function had changed and so assumed it was simply broken.

        • It isn’t possible in the current implementation, without an extension. This is why I said, potential.

          Anyway, my point being that many users were not even aware that this was an option in the Presto days and were just confused by the fact they could not always drag links. To them this was simply a bug and an annoying one at that.

          • ahoj1234

            I’m sorry to write that… But in “my world” browsers are supposed to have OPTIONS. This seems like one of a good options to give to us.

            Anyway, more simple and less resource taking solution would be something like that:
            – a page in “opera:settings” (called somehow like “external options and features”)
            – there could be catalogue of missing options that are there as EXTENSIONS but it’s not worth to implement them (yet)
            – including link to the extension what is giving us the option/setting
            – all moderated by Opera employees (what extension will be showed because the whole catalogue is FAR BIG to even find what you want or you WOULD need).

            for example extension for this (selecting), RSS reeder, notepad, torrent, adblock (why not?) and other “old features” and also new good extensions.

            what it takes/gains?
            1) more extension users
            2) more satisfied users (who will finally find an option even as an extension)
            3) also some more incomparability as new features may bring (even as extensions) but… we would gain more than lose I suppose.

            Someone can say “extension catalogue is here” but honestly… It’s like with sales. You will not “need” and “look” for something till you see it (because of big “for sale” or because of some “recommends”).

            It’s hard to look for something you could only imagine that it actually exist.

          • I actually started to do this on my own blog about 9 months. Talk about extensions that provide some of the old functionality from Opera Presto. I stopped when life (in the form of my daughter’s growing needs for my attention) got in the way. I have recently started my blog up again. If I find the time I’ll try to go back to focussing a little on extensions that provide some of the old functionality.

          • ahoj1234

            glad to hear that. 🙂 really (no irony). Sadly even me – who reads this blog every single day – did not know that you are doing that.

            So it’s a bit “not enough” for us, Opera users.
            I’m not saying that my solution is the best one. But most of the time you (devs) are replying here that “this extension can do that” or “I use this extension for it” etc…
            If you were asking a few weeks ago about “problems” not “solutions”, my problem is:
            “I just can’t find extensions I believe I would use without some help.”

          • did not know that you are doing that.

            Well as I said, I put the whole thing on hold for about nine months, so even if you had followed my blog you would have found it a bit dull. 🙁

            Its hard to find time for these things, so I don’t want to promise too much. However, I will say that I was always a fan of Presto Opera (long before I ever worked here). In fact I bought 5 license (3 Windows, 1 Mac and 1 Linux). I have also paid quite a lot of attention to the available extensions out there for modern Opera, so I generally know about many of the ones that emulate old functionality or would be interesting to hardened Presto users.

            That said, you cannot completely emulate Presto Opera workflow’s with the currently available extensions. You have to be willing to adapt and find new ways of achieving your own goals. This is possible, or at least it was for me. And though I dearly loved the old Opera I wouldn’t go back now, I am happy with the new one.

          • Ian Tompsett

            I check in on your blog every few weeks…I suppose to find out how much attention your daughter still needs!

          • John Rambo

            I never realised that there is an option you can drag links O.o
            Since I moved from Presto, I thought it is broken that I can’t select text in a link, it made me crazy many times.
            Is there any guide or blog where I can find all functionalities of Opera, even those simplest?

          • Lacedaemon

            which is what I was saying also. You got Ctrl+Shift – click for opening a link in a new tab in the foreground, (Ctrl – click is for background) who uses that drag stuff?

          • beBoss

            Or mouse scroller click opens the links, but yeah who the hell is using it…. Nobody!!!!

          • Lacedaemon

            No, not the same, mouse middle clicking for background tab is much more favorable, most useful and very easy and to discover (judging by the use of it from many users) than … holding down links and dragging them aaall the way up while being careful not to release the button before placing it to the correct position… older people for example can use middle click easily, but if you tell them to hold, not release and drag a link to the top they don’t have the patience and the mouse controlling mechanics to do that.

      • Thanks for the explanation of devs decisions for the average users.
        Understandable, but a little bit sad about missing old Opera 12 features 😉

      • BratetsVolk

        Please add to the program the ability to hide icons extensions from the address bar. Select like a boss is constantly displays in the address bar icon which is distracting.

        • That feature is already present. Go to the extensions manager and tick “Hide from address field”

          • BratetsVolk

            Thanks. Earlier this function does not work )

          • SQL

            Any news as for when can we organize the icons next to our address bar? Like choose in which order they’re displayed, currently you have to install them in the right order if you’re used to certain ones being in their places.

          • Carson Coyote

            Huh, I somehow didn’t know about this!

      • Carlos Gómez

        A preference is much better than an extension, because it doesn’t force you to hunt for the extension every time you install Opera, then install it, trust that whoever made it is trustworthy and doesn’t want my data, and hope it doesn’t break with future Opera updates. It’s a world of difference IMHO.

        For this reason, I tend not to install extensions at all… I use a bunch of computers (home computer, laptop, two work computers, and they get renewed rather often) and I’d become crazy if I had to find extensions and then manage them for all of them. This was one of the prime reasons I always preferred Opera over Firefox: Firefox had quite a lot of functionality through extensions but to me, that didn’t count. Opera Presto could be set up in like 10 seconds: Alt, File – View Menu Bar, Tools – Settings – Advanced – More tab settings… – uncheck “Close button on each tab”, check “Click tab to minimize”, and it’s done, the perfect UI. See? I even know it by heart 😛

        At least I would feel more inclined to install extensions if we could sync them between computers with the sync functionality, is this planned?

      • Patata

        If all depends on extansions, please explain your potential userbase why exactly they should use Opera instead of any other like Chrome or Firefox. Because of the Engine? Chrome has the same. It even offers more extansions. Firefox allows much more ways to customize the experience with extansions. So why exactly Opera? True reasons, not just “cause we are the best” bla blub pr blurp 😉

        • my personal favourite features are: our Speed Dial implementation, The best HiDPI support of a major Linux browser, Activation order tab cycling options, Keyboard shortcuts are customisable, Large tab previews, Extensions in the store are reviewed, Built in mouse and rocker gestures, Single key shortcuts, Bookmark (collections) sharing and tab menu (which uses our large previews).

          • Patata

            For speed dial there are several extensions for Chrome, some even exceed the functionality that your implementation has to offer. Linux and HiDPI is nice for that 1-2% market share Linux has and everything else is still behind presto or can be achieved with Extensions on other browsers too. Still can’t see any killer argument for Opera. Why not just completly drop the desktop version and spend time and resources on other products? There was a time when Opera Desktop didn’t look like a spare time project of Opera ASA. Sure, Opera Presto had a small but loyal userbase cause it was a unique browser with its own strength and flaws. User who used it did so cause it was different compared to other choices. Chropera isn’t nearly that unique.

          • In my personal opinion none of the Speed Dial extensions is a patch on our implementation. It’s fine if you think otherwise but I’m sure you can at least agree none of them are identical and so it is a differentiator and as such some users will select Opera for this reason.

            With regards to several of the features I mentioned, e.g. large tab preview and tab menu (which integrates this), there are no currently comparable extensions that I am aware of.

            With regards to editing keyboard shortcuts, there are no extensions that allow properly changing or “unsetting” them. You can only add shortcuts and they will not work on internal pages (chrome://), so keyboard customizing extensions are not really comparable to our native implementation.

            You made no comment on human reveiwed extensions. Ars Technica produced an interesting article about the review process various browsers employ for their respective extension catalogues. I would encourage you to read the whole thing but to get the some idea, here is a quote they took from one of my colleagues, Andreas Bovens (Opera Extensions product manager & developer relations lead):

            [We do not] allow extensions that include ads or tracking in content scripts, so extensions that, for example, inject ads inside webpages the user visits are not allowed.

            You may also wish to note that the extension highlighted in that article as problematic, is for adding mouse gestures. There are no such issues with our native mouse gestures implementation.

            P.S. I can’t take your suggestion that Opera should drop the desktop product seriously. It makes a significant contribution to Opera’s revenue. Why throw this away, exactly? Do you throw a portion of your salary in the trash each month?

          • Vux777

            about SD…
            I think you had! superior speed dial page compared to others, but experimenting with it, you just messed it up (first forcing bookmarks in it, then color thumbnails, now part of bkm page as subfolder…)
            Solid and separate SD (logically and functionally apart from bkm’s) with folders, page thumbnails or custom img/color, option to remove (+) button…

            and you are set for next couple of years without touching it…
            now, with almost every new dev, there is new SD philosophy

          • Charles0815

            Major Linux browser? Sorry – this is bullshit, and you know it. Where ist the 32bit version??? Where ist the version for Opensuse and so on??? Where is the Tarball-version? Where do you live, that you say: major linux browser? Do you know linux? I think not. Sorry – an angry linux user.

          • Major Linux browser?

            In the 2013 Members Choice Awards for Browser of the Year only Firefox, Chrome and Chromium received more votes. To put it another way we beat the likes of Epiphany, Konqueror, Midori and even SeaMonkey in a user selected poll. So yes, I think it is fair to say that Opera is a major Linux browser. Perhaps you do not agree and that is fine but I do genuinely believe it so I am not lying as you suggest.

            Where ist the 32bit version???

            It is true that we won’t currently offer a 32-Bit version of Opera 26, however the majority of the Linux desktop userbase runs x86_64 as can be seen from various distro provided statistics. Our own download and auto-update stats also bear this out.

            Where ist the version for Opensuse and so on???

            Opera 26 runs just fine on recent versions of OpenSUSE, as it does on many other distros including: Arch, Fedora, Gentoo, Mageia, PCLinuxOS, Slackware (which I run myself) and others. All you are missing is packages provided by Opera directly. These are not so nessecary as you might think. Consider that Arch, Gentoo and PCLinux all have Opera 26 in their repositories, yet we provide no native packages for ay of these distros. Opera is also available in various community repositories (e.g. Russian Fedora non-free repository).

            You should also consider who did the packaging for the vast majority of Linux packages on your system. It wasn’t the upstream developers of the software but rather the packaging team of your favoured distro. There is no reason why it need be any different for Opera. Our license specifically allows this as explained in the FAQ above.

            You mention OpenSUSE, so I will give you a bit of history with regards to the Opera presto packages (including 12.16) found in SUSE’s own repository. They are not our official rpms, which are generic and make compromises to try and accomodate a range of distros. Instead, the OpenSUSE team do their own repackage to better suite the packaging rules on their own distro, just as they would with an Open Source application.

            So rpms are not needed to get Opera 26 into OpenSUSE’s repository and indeed, even if we provided them, I doubt they would be used anyway.

            P.S. We do assist maintainers with packaging. Here are some example .spec files, or if you want something a little more end user friendly, you can try this deb to rpm conversion script I wrote.

            Where is the Tarball-version?

            There is a compressed tar within the .deb (as there are within all .debs) containing all the files. You can extract it as follows:

            ar x opera-stable_26.0.1656.60_amd64.deb data.tar.xz

            I suspect you are actually after something more flexable. If so I have written a couple of scripts, install-opera and standalone-opera.

            Where do you live

            As you could have probably guessed, Norway.

            Do you know linux?

            I have used Linux for over a decade and as my primary OS for the last 5 years (alongside some work on MacOS in the last year and a half). I am fairly active on various Linux forums, most noteably on the Slackware forums. Additionally I have contributed a couple of articles to the Slackware documentation wiki, on topics such as UEFI and GPT, and some thoughts on manual dependency management. I also maintain a few packages on At work I am currently running Ubuntu and (as you might expect) at home I use Slackware. Previously I used Arch (and mainatined Opera packages for Opera and Opera Next on the Arch User Repository) and before that I used Mandriva and OpenSUSE. I have dabbled with numerous other distros and always have a bunch installed in Virtual Machines, primarily for testing Opera but also just for playing around.

            Sorry – an angry linux user.

            No problem, I prefer people who feel passionately about things anyway. 🙂

          • Where ist the version for Opensuse and so on?


            Where is the Tarball-version?


          • shane

            How are keyboard shortcuts customisable? I can’t see any option to customise them.

          • There is currently no ui so it requires hand editing the preferences

          • Lacedaemon

            why is there no “CloneTab”: [“shortcut”] as well?

          • L33t4opera

            Hi, I’m aware, that it’s not exactly what you expect, but you can just push down Alt, then hit D and Enter 😉

            In case, that you want to use your own keyboard shortcut for this function, you can install the “Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key” extension, which allows you to duplicate a tab with the browser’s built in functionality, so the history is preserved and the page isn’t reloaded.

          • Lacedaemon

            Thanks a bunch for that… almost shortcut, that is at least something. Although it has a negative, it duplicates the tab not next to the current one, it puts it to the end of the tabs. :/

            The extension is not working properly I can’t edit the default shortcut, it does not show the “configure controls” in the options and the default Alt+Shift is used by me for switching languages… so no luck there either. :/

            Another thing I repeat all over again is that having to rely on Chrome’s extensions is sickening me… I want to use a complete program not hacking other browser’s appstore/extensions, that’s pathetic sigh…

          • L33t4opera

            Regarding the extension – the default shortcut is: Shift+Alt+D, that works here without problem, and when I changed it to Alt+D, it also works without issue 😉

          • Lacedaemon

            How did you change it?

          • L33t4opera

            Visit the Extensions page, at the very bottom right corner click the “Extension Keyboard Shortcuts” button, and you can change the shortcut under Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key > Duplicate Tab – click on Alt+Shift+D, and type new shortcut, and then press “OK” 😉

          • Lacedaemon

            Crap the lack of any need before made me completely forget that there was a button there… thx.

          • Lacedaemon

            @Opera devs: 16 extra MB for just

            “CloneTab”: [“shortcut”]

            Please do something about it, it’s ridiculous.

  • beBoss

    Some sites think I’m using mobile browser, wtf….

    • Report it to the site’s author.

      • beBoss

        And Why? Cuz IE, Chrome and FireFox works fine, then author is the problem? Hah…
        And btw the problem comes with this build, so…

        • ahoj1234

          yes. The author is the problem. It’s called “browser sniffing”, you can search it.

          They most likely sniff for Opera and then offer you mobile version instead of regular one, desktop one. So it’s not relevant to complain here, devs (usually) know what they are saying. 🙂
          edit: I’m not getting mobile version of the page you add in examples. Though, that do not make any difference (and it might already has been changed by the provider).

        • Mask your browser as Chrome and you will get the same (non-mobile) page in Opera.

  • mb

    Few of my preferences I hope you guys consider:
    1) Old experimental speed dial – telling apart websites from tiny pictures with text is hard (24″ 1080p) The bold colours with text made it much more readable.
    2) Bring back Bing as a default search engine, if you have some kind of issue with MS, let us know so we can stop asking for it.
    Little bug/issue: Sometimes speed dial thumbs do not load completely upon start up or opening a new tab, this has been an issue for the last ~3 builds iirc, refreshing the page makes them load properly.

  • Marko Koivuniemi

    In good old days when Macintosh use 68K processors and OS was called 8.x you can decide how much can program use memory. It was very handy feature. I think this kind of feature could be useful today in browser – when people have massive amounts of heavy webpages (= Facebook, gmail etc.) Or another solution would be to give tab reload time which will totally empty used memory and reload tab. My another computer (OS X 10.7.) I often end up with freezing system because Facebook tab will steal over 500MB’s of memory (Total 2GB). Only solution is to close Facebook tab and start another tab with Facebook. I know memory in computer is meant to be used but in real life I see that browses slows down.

  • Any reason to remove the icon thumbnails in speed dial? Using thumbnails from sites are so ugly. By using the site logo and color everything is so much more cleaner and easier to find.

    At least give us the option.

    • Nekomajin43

      +1 for the last line!

      The funniest is that they already have this feature in the bookmark popup.

      • Yes and perhaps this is now the best place for multiple links to the same site and use SD for top level domains.

        • Nekomajin43


          • For this read: bookmarks

          • Nekomajin43

            I see now. But I don’t think you are right. Why do you want to decide what I should store in the speed dial? What if I want to store two pages from the same domain in my speed dial? I am perfectly capable to decide how to use a feature.

            But the initial comment was not about this case. Lots of comments asked for thumbnails, lots of comments asked for icons. We have different habits. Someone likes thumbnails, others like icons. One site looks good with a thumbnail, the other looks good with an icon. And you already have the technology to fulfill both needs, but you don’t want to use it, because you want to decide how we use the speed dial.
            I just hope this problem will be solved when you imlement the bookmarks backend to the speed dial, because this is ridiculus.

            This is far the biggest problem since you switched engine. You don’t want to fulfill the needs of the users. You want to create some idealistic software for idealistic users, instead of giving tools and options. Yes, the old Opera was somewhat a bloatware and it was confusing, but you went from one extreme to the other. And we tell you this all the time, and you do it with every feature.

            How is the market share? Did you managed to move away from the 1-2% share in the last one year?
            Tell me something unique besides the turbo what I can’t use in any other browser with or without extensions! Why should I use this browser?
            How do you want to step forward if you make the same mistake month after month? You always implement a promising feature, then you release it semifinished.
            The average user speech is not a good reason anymore since you have hidden settings. You could make this browser look like a dumb on the outside but a powerfull software on the inside. You just don’t want it, because you always look for the magic solution but you fail to see that it does not exist.

          • Sorry but this is far too long to respond to in depth, late on a Sunday. However I should point out one key entry in the changelog:

            DNA-30634 Remove support for the previous new Start Page

            We have listed to feedback on the Speed Dial and start page as a whole. We have already dropped the previous experiment and are reworking it.

          • Nekomajin43

            Will the new-new speed dial have the option to select from a thumbnail, a site icon and a script-generated icon or not? Will it have an option to move the navbar from the bottom or not?

            Anyway, I would appreciate a detailed response later, because I like your comments in general. My previous comment was not against you but against the decision making of the company. I am sad and somewhat angry because this browser has so much potential, but you always deliver 90%.

          • SuperTommy

            I liked the experimental speed dial, it’s much more visually useful than the current/old one. The only thing I missed was letting us choose the image ourselves like in Bookmarks, sometimes the text/site logo is useful, sometimes not.

            I hope you haven’t scrapped it fully.

          • plague

            But, that is not listening to feedback _at all_.
            Completely removing the previous new Start Page is _not_ what all users were requesting!
            I _loved_ the Speed Dial Icons! Lots of people did!
            What a lot of people wished for was to be able to choose between an icon or a thumbnail.
            Now you scrapped the icons completely and _only_ offer automatic thumbnails.
            That means you _again_ only listen to a subset of your users and completely stomp on everyone else.
            PLEASE bring the icons back, ATLEAST as a per-site option.

          • You assume the new new version will not be at all influenced by what we have done previously. 😉

          • plague

            Not at all. I really hope it is.

            But you have a history of making something available, promote it a bunch and then kill it completely or turn it off by default. So it’s very easy to expect it to happen again.

            Stash and tab previews comes to mind.

            I don’t care whether something is turned off by default or not (tab previews) but when things get killed off completely for reasons never explained more than with a “we listened to feedback”, that’s where I tend to get upset.

            Based on all the comments I’ve read:
            People did _not_ massively request Stash to be removed completely, they just wanted regular good old Bookmarks functionality _aswell_.
            People did _not_ massively request the tab previews to be completely disabled, they wanted to have the option of choosing between having small floating previews and having the fullscreen ones.

            If there was massive demand for turning those features off, where is it? Where did that feedback come from? You never specified that.

            Now, if you say you will implement optional icons for the SD, great, awesome!

            But until it’s been done, all I have to go by is what was available before and what is now currently available. Nothing more, nothing less.

            So I draw my conclusions based on history and what’s currently in front of my eyes. nothing wrong with that. You would have done the same thing in my shoes.

            I do appreciate your answer though, very much so.
            As I’ve said many times before, communication is key.

          • Ian Tompsett

            Does this mean you are improving the new speed dial rather than reverting to the old one? Since the new SD has been implemented in stable I would be surprised if you fully reverted – jarring for simple users. So, has feedback been generally negative on the new design? I was skeptical at first but came to realise its advantages outweighed its disadvantages.
            Merry Christmas/Yule!

    • RX-3200

      let’s make five bookmarks to pages from one site to SD,
      site logo help you to find something or not ?

      • Nekomajin43

        It totally depends on user habits.

      • Well you could store those in our visual bookmark manager and keep top level favourite sites in speed dial, then this would not happen.

        • Lacedaemon

          why would he do that when he actually visits those pages regularly?

        • plague

          Being able to choose the thumbnail or icon for the SD preview would also solve the issue completely.
          But that would mean having customizability, and we can’t have that, can we?

        • RX-3200

          “our visual bookmark manager” – stiil very far from ideal …
          it requires too many clicks to get to where you want …
          bookmarks thumbnails for wide sites still ugly (DNA-25162) …
          it still do not have a normal folder tree …
          popup of bookmarking, which offering a stripped-down list of folders instead of a folder tree – is ugly … we don’t want to resort just_created_bookmarks, we should be able to immediately put them on their intended place in a folder at any level of nesting …
          and bonus question:

          read the letters: “speed dial”,
          and, path from the root of the site to the page you want – it’s not “speed”-way …
          so, you offer a bad method of use SD

    • Yes, the webpages apple-touch-icons are missing in SpeedDial.

  • Guilherme Inácio

    How can I get Bing as default search back?

    • Keiv M. Salmon

      they removed it in both beta and developer. annoys the hell out of me that they are removing my search of choice.

      despite the popularity of google i do find that Bing gets me what i search for better than google.

      • L33t4opera

        Hi, if you can accept a workaround as the solution to the problem, then please read my comment above 😉

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, if you don’t want to use DDG as the default one, you can still use this workaround – with one exception: go to the 28.0.1719.0resources subdir, and copy the downloaded file to it 😉

      • Guilherme Inácio

        Thanks for the workaround, hope someday Opera will listen its users and let us change the default one.

  • Guest

    1.i creat folder in bookmark bar and drag drop site from adresbar too this folder . but dont creat bookmarked site too this folder !
    2. i love drage and drop from Fivcon site(in adress bar ) too bookmarked site but this is dont work in opera ( in chrome and all chromiom soft this is easy)


  • Patata

    If someone told me two years ago that I would become another Chrome user I would have called him a liar or idiot, but that’s how times are changing.
    I was never really a fan of Google or their browser, but after Opera became a Chrome light, it doesn’t really matter that much anymore.

    Opera uses Blink / Chromium, Firefox tries to impose Chrome’s look and feel.
    What about offering choices? What about being unique? Do you really think that becoming a clone of Chrome will make you equally successful?
    Why should anyone use Opera instead of Chrome? Just look at your rapidly dropping market-share… are you sure that you are going in the right direction?

    • Patata

      Now since Opera ASA suggests us to use Addons for all those features they won’t add, there isn’t any reason left to keep using their browser. It basically shares the same extension that Chrome has (Chrome has even more) and for those little gimmicks like Speed Dial there are plenty of extensions for Chrome with the same or even more features than Opera got to offer.

      • This.

        Comment of the week.

  • Guest

    When you press Ctrl + F browser crashes!

  • Cristian Cornejo Díaz

    what is the future of speed dial?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Only time will tell. 🙂

  • mozzer

    It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s almost 2 years when you’ve announced new Opera. And what after this 2 years? You’ve restored bookmarks which after all are underdeveloped. Wait indefinitely for basic O12 features is pointless.

    Can you give us please simple road map of future versions? What can we expect, what will not show up. It’s so simple…

  • Bug with Javascript?
    Mouseup event not triggered with drag and right mousebutton

  • Guest

    Pressing CTRL+F in Linux crashes Opera! Have submitted a bug report…

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Already known. Read the rest of the blog or simply the “Featured Comment” above yours.

  • Client certificates! Nice one.

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    I straight away start typing and opera searches with a yellow box on upper right corner???? how can i switch between different options 1,2… of 2????

    • You patched your keyboardsettings as ruari posted on his blog? You use extension “Type-ahead-find”? You can jump with F3 to next entry, with F4 you toggle mode..

      • Utkarsh Sharma

        thanks gwen, i didn’t connect that, i had forgotten.

      • Utkarsh Sharma

        Glad you mentioned “Type-ahead-find” . Blimey I had forgotten.

  • Lacedaemon

    A shortcut for cloning a tab would be nice please.

  • Milad Ebadi

    3 bug in Opera 28 Dev :

    1. ctrl + f ( finding ) is dont work and error “opera stoped” and restart opera !

    2.i creat folder in bookmark bar and drag drop site from adresbar and fivicon site too this folder . but dont creat bookmarked site too this folder !
    3. i love drage and drop from Fivcon site(in adress bar ) too bookmarked site but this is dont work in opera 28 ( in chrome and all chromiom soft this is easy)

    this is good in opera 28 : dont popup box too ok the bookmarked page .

    • Leonardo Gomes

      About 1, read the known issues.

    • 1. Known problem.
      Do you really have read the blog arcticle before testing a DEVELOPER?

      2. Drag does not work
      Use + sign in created folder for adding the current webpage

      3. Yes, compared to Iron, Chrom and Chromium the interface of Opera’s bookmark management is strange and at current state incomplete

      • Milad Ebadi


        1. i am new user and dont good read. Sorry

        2. + is not good ! becuse + bookmarked site too after other bookmarked page ! but in draged bookmark you have costumuizer location for paged bookmark.

        opera is dont optimiz for drag and drop in all fields …
        opera is best in 2015 year

        • 1. i am new user and dont good read. Sorry

          No problem. 😉

  • plague

    Please bring back Coast-like icons for the Speed Dial! 🙁
    Atleast make them optional.
    You can do it like how you can switch between bookmark thumbnails for a site.

  • Sierra

    Can we expect ability to reorder extension buttons in 2015?

    • senna_4ever

      i am expecting it too

  • Vorpal

    I think you should combine the bar of “search in sd” button and the bar of “sd/bookmarks/discover” buttons like in older versions (O20 or something). Now it takes so many useful space.

  • Vorpal

    Oh, and another one suggestion that can help Opera to make the web better in another one little thing.

    Many sites includes a special “To top” button but every site made it in different way. It is actually annoying. So maybe it’s time to make the native “To top” button inside a browser interface (near the Back, Forward and Reload) and make it like “Industrial standard”?

    • You could try hitting the home button on your keyboard.

      • Vorpal

        You not get my point 🙂

        As for me, I don’t need and don’t like “To top” buttons. I use bind of “Home” to one of buttons on my mouse. But it doesn’t matter, I talk not about me. I trying to say many sites have their own versions of button that scrolls the page to top. It is obvious that many people need it.

        Now I explain the root of problem.

        1. “To top” is function of page browsing control. Therefore it must be a function of browser, not of website.

        2. Every site made it in own way. Button placed in random corner of interface, has random shape and different functionality (some saves position and can scroll back, some just scrolls to top). This button is often unwanted in the interface of website due to bad influence on the website’s usability.

        3. Of course we can make and install extension that make this button in the browser’s interface. It takes couple of minutes and couple of JS strings. But it not solve the problem because the button will not start to disappear from the web unless browsers will take it upon themselves officially.


        If Opera implements this button as native and will set an example to other big browsers (at least chrome and ff), web designers will stop make it in the websites interface. Unifying is better than thousands of homemade bikes. So usability will be better; users will always know where is this button and how it looks on any website; interface of websites will be cleaner and not have to do browser’s work.

      • SuperTommy

        What is you use a Windows tablet/laptop hybrid without attached keyboard like Surface Pro? Then you have to finger-scroll like a madman. 🙂 Just thought I’d give you a scenario where it could be useful, as those hybrids are becoming more and more popular.

        • Then you can use an extension.

          • SuperTommy

            I hope you won’t say that when the majority of Internet users are on one of those hybrids.

          • Padure Radu-romeo

            Hi Mr. Ruari,
            I need yo ask your advice concerning Opera 10 on computer Intel P3, 800 mhz, 256 mb sdram, for the moment and best functional os, on that system, Windows Millenium.
            I need to see videclips from youtube for my small daughter, 9 years old, and experience some troubles.
            Is about VP8 / VP9 codecs, 264 and also html5 browser.
            What should I do / install to fix those troubles?There is one or more supported updates compatible with Win Me?
            Thank you very much in advance and Happy New Year 2015 !

          • Leonardo Gomes

            My advice would be: it’s time to update. Yours computer configuration set doesn’t seem compatible with modern technologies.

            Buy a low end tablet, they are cheaper but powerful enough for children to watch videos and play a little.

        • Vorpal

          Interesting that mobile Opera already has native “To top” that appears when you trying to scroll fast, no matter on which site.

  • ildefons

    Is it only me or importing data from Firefox stopped working? (firefox is closed for opera to get file access)

    • ahoj1234

      can’t confirm.
      this build of Opera and latest firefox (34.0.5) under W8.1, tried with importing bookmakrs only.

      • PaulW

        I found that this build would not import bookmarks etc when it was installed from the default browser (Opera 26 beta) so had to manually copy the files across..

  • Utkarsh Sharma

    Hello Ruari(nice name, really).
    I flaggged on the enhance bookmark popup:
    but i think ‘add to speed dial’ should appear above as it would be “quick to click”.)
    Hoping you people will like my suggestion & implement it.

    • ahoj1234

      well, and I do not like it 🙂

      1) you probably want to change folder where to place your bookmark (it’s down) so another setting somewhere up is not logical.
      2) and place both (bookmark folder and SD selection) up would eventually cover a preview when selecting some proper bookmark folder

  • Milad Ebadi

    suggest :
    in History page multiple choice site for deleted many site in a choice

  • inDigazzZ

    There’s no ‘Trash’ folder in Bookmarks manager.

    • Sidney Moraes

      That is not a bug, the devs simply does not add it.

  • Have all a nice Jul feast and enjoy the holidays if you have free time 🙂

  • PaulW

    Just gone back to Opera 27 beta as I’m finding this version too slow plus it’s already given me a BSOD today when I went to close it..

    • Hmmm imagine that, in the last few days I’ve had three BSODs (which I had forgotten what they looked like!). I didn’t attribute it to Opera, but seeing someone else reporting it… Hmmm.


    ctrl+f crash opera down

  • Ksnoo

    I like the release! Thanks!

    Just one thing: please put the navigation bar from the bottom to the left and bring back bing as default search engine!

    Happy christmas!

  • DataZByteS

    Still waiting for Bing as a default search to be back. Why should I go via workarounds to do something as menial as setting a default search engine.

    This is ridiculous.

  • senna_4ever

    now I am seeing a line separating the pinned tabs from the other ones in tab menu 😀

  • Vux777

    what happened with SD thumbnails?
    they loading too slow, it wasn’t like that before
    one by one, it takes around 4-5 sec to load 30 thumbnails

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Happy Holidays

  • Konstantin Ilchenko

    I liked new speed dial with nice logos instead rendered pages. Now some logos are gone, and I can’t change thumbs. For example: here I’m trying to select logo thumb for GitHub, and here is how it looks in speed dial. I even tried to remove and add bookmark.

    • Sidney Moraes

      You can’t change the speed dial thumbs, only the bookmarks are possible to do that.

      • Konstantin Ilchenko

        But… it worked in previous build. Is this in plans to implement it [again]?

  • Eric83

    I didn’t realize how often I used Find until I started using this version. Otherwise, the browser is looking good.

  • GoodOmens

    a new version of speed dial is missing…i only have old version

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Try enabling opera://flags/#experimental-start-page

      • GoodOmens

        thanks…it’s beter now, but part – go back to the new (old) start page still missing and i have similar problem wiht logos like Konstantin IIchenko

        windows 7 platform 64

  • I’m missing the “windows8 tile”-style SpeedDial (therefore I use the 26.0.1656.60 version), because of better visibility with fonts and colors. Will be developed a similar speed dial later? The thumbnail preview is much less information-rich, than tiles.

    • ahoj1234

      It depends. I hate “coast-like” (win8 like) thumbnails because when you have for example 10 films from some search database in SD (I used to use SD only, now I have it in bookmarks) it is a mess if coast-like thumbnails are used… also when saving some content to read – I want to know the content (I remember it by style) not by the page logo…

      • Lacedaemon

        agreed. You can’t just claim “The thumbnail preview is much less information-rich”

        • SuperTommy

          No, you can’t. It all depends on how you use your Speed Dial. Sometimes the text ones are more useful, sometimes thumbnails are better. Therefore I hope we can choose image ourselves like in Bookmarks in the future.

    • Lacedaemon

      “The thumbnail preview is much less information-rich, than tiles.”

      That’s a really big and unjustified claim there, you think that the tiles in my following example are more informative than the thumbnails?

    • Guest

      In the meantime you could enable #experimental-start-page in flags. I use it at the moment, very similar to the other one we had, with some tweaks and work in progress.

      • I can see, that the new experimental speed dial is better, than the old version was. But I would prefer, if I could change the thumbnail pictures. So I could customize my speed dial. I would be satisfied with a such solution perfectly.

  • GoodOmens
    • ahoj1234

      confirmed, it’s weird since it was working for a few days and since (I guess) yesterday it’s not working properly.
      W8.1, separated install

    • Yeah, I’m facing this issue, too.

  • Vitalya Bogachenko

    Opera turbo don’t work on private page. It’s normal?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Doesn’t work how?

      • Vitalya Bogachenko

        Almost on all sites at once vanishes Opera Turbo icon from the address bar and proxy from Opera-Turbo is not set. On normal page, it’s all works.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Those are secure sites? Turbo doesn’t work with secure sites.

          • Vitalya Bogachenko

            No, i watch it on http. It’s problem not on secure sites. Problem just on private tab. One and the same site. Turbo works on usual tab, but on private tab don’t works.
            Something like this…

          • Vux777

            there are only private windows (unless you are using old Opera 12)..
            and yes, I think Turbo mode won’t work in private browsing

          • Vitalya Bogachenko

            I’m using opera 28. Yes, i say about private windows.
            Strangely, Turbo previously worked with private tabs. Version 5-6 ago. But if it’s normal, ok.

            P.S. easier to say “private tabs”, than “tabs on private window” 🙂

  • Вадік Дудар

    When opera will sync passwords? and show opera turbo saved traffic? like in opera for android

  • Gustavo Gomes

    When will the new Sync actually sync passwords, addons and Speed Dials? Right now it is only syncing bookmarks…

    • I hope, early summer, 2015 🙁

      • Gustavo Gomes

        What? Really? That is almost unbelievable. Firefox, Chrome, Maxthon, etc all have working Sync. Opera doesn’t even sync the settings!

        • Since over a year Opera Link did not work anymore getween devices and Opera versions.

          Sadly, i think we have to wait (very long) to get a functioning Sync like in other browsers.
          Yes, it’s a shame that Opera introduced and made features which worked only for old Opera browsers and are broken now.

        • Well, FF and Chrome weren’t written last year… Things take time.

          • Gustavo Gomes

            True, but isn’t Opera based on Chrome?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Nope, but both are based on Chromium.

          • Gustavo Gomes

            Yes that is what I meant.

          • Wando Schneider

            I get it. But its not the same thing. An analogy to understand the situation: Chromium is the engine, the rest of the car need to be done by Opera.

  • ruduh

    The main extensions that translate directly from the highlighted text(“Instant Translate” from Opera Addons, “TransOver” from Chrome Webstore, for example) here on this blog does not work anymore. In Chrome still works. It’s the fault of that damned Disqus or what? 🙁

  • Lacedaemon
    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Not here. Which Flash Player do you use?
      W7x64, Pepper Flash 235.

      • Lacedaemon

        FYI, with npapi (and ppapi disabled) Chrome plays it without any stutter.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          I don’t have the beta versions, I have installed all regular versions. I can play the video in Opera with PPAPI, in Chrome with NPAPI and also in Firefox (32 bit) and Waterfox (64 bit) as embedded window or full screen without stuttering or interruption. And I don’t need to disable anything.

          • Lacedaemon

            I think Chrome uses PPAPI when you have both installed, so you must disable it to be sure you are running it with NPAPI…

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Ah, yes, you are right. But have you tried out PPAPI with Opera?

          • Lacedaemon

            I have tried it in the past just for testing reasons but I won’t use something that consumes 3x CPU usage compared to NPAPI just because Google wants it. I expect the same good performance from Opera using NPAPI just as Chrome does.

            If you disable the flash plugin though the video plays without choppiness (using HTML5 probably). Maybe that is what Chrome is using as well and it doesn’t use at all PPAPI or NPAPI.

  • Snow of March

    ctrl + F causes crash.

    • You don’t say?!

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Have you seen the featured comment above yours?

      • Snow of March

        I have completely missed that comment. Thanks.

  • owyn999

    I know this is probably oversimplifying, though what is the possibility that you could write a bit of code for your users to cull the data from their bookmarks from previous versions of opera that is in the opera sync to export to an Internet explorer style html that could then be imported into the new bookmark manager?

    • You can basically all do this yourself using extensions

      • owyn999

        Right we could, I am just saying the entire statement that they weren’t going to do it seems like they stopped just short infact I can’t figure out why they didn’t just run a script to convert all their users data over or even made a link to download as a csv.

  • GoodOmens

    my wishes for 2015

    1. back pictures to the center as before… now i use an extension image to centre and i think that is only extension for that?

    2. separate speed dial from bookmarks and give us possibility to put stuff directly in the speed dial folders

    3. these folders need some color

    4. how to change the image in the bookmarks without opening each file separately

    i imported bookmarks from maxthon and i got this

    and this…

    but i want to change picture

    5. i will not die without sidebar :))

  • Kurt Zon

    Happy new year Opera Team and all who post here..

  • docwho

    *off topic… is pepper flash waaay slower than netscape flash or am i deceived by my own mind?

    • Lacedaemon

      no you are not deceived. It requires tons of CPU usage compared to NPAPI for the same task and with inferior quality, because it runs sandboxed. And because Google Chrome is multi-platform and the future is mobile phones and tablets, (= one task only), you may start forgetting doing anything else with your PC except for 1-2 tab browsing and even if you do so don’t forget to run only one flash video, otherwise it will start to stutter (99% CPU doesn’t leave room for anything else).

  • disqus_B1p6k5JwKA

    When you post new update to Opera Developer?

    • ayespy

      Geez. It’s the holidays. Chill.

  • Marcin Makowski

    still doesn’t work or, since opera 25

    HTML5Player-1: got native error event; error.code=4
    (anonymous function)

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      What exactely does not work? I can not see (or hear) any difference between Opera, Firefox, Waterfox and Google Chrome on these pages. Everything is shown and the music is playing.

      • Marcin Makowski

        windows 8.1×64


        music is not playing

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Both songs displayed in your images are playing very well here. Are you sure that no extension or anything else is blocking something? Here I use Adblock, Ghostery and HostsMan and in spite of that the songs are played. What happens, if you close Opera, rename the profil folder just for testing and then start Opera again with a fresh profile? Later you can delete this new profile and rename the old one back.

          • Marcin Makowski

            I disabled all extensions, but your advice has not helped, opera with fresh profile still is not playing music.

        • Music plays on with Windows 7 x64.

  • On KDE Linux the colors from a contrast color theme like “Zion (Reverse)” (that means darkgray or black as background color) are not used for all Opera UI parts.

    The Popunder at pages with server authentication has unreadable white as background 🙁

    Bug DNA-32160

    See img

    Can anybody confirm problems with colors on Linux KDE or GNOME?

    Same problem on Windows 7 with Contrast theme

    Same on Opera 27 BETA and 28 DEV.

  • LoverOfLife

    Congrats Opera Team! You succeeded to make me completely uninstall successfully all 3 versions! Good job, take care!

  • Guest

    Where can I report bugs? Imdb videos doesn’t work on Opera or Opera Dev
    Win 8.1 x64, flash enabled, other extensions and plugins disabled.

  • Dont SPAM!

  • The tab is crashing on with this build and Opera 26.0.1656.60. Open the website and wait a few seconds until it crashes.
    It didn’t crashed a few days ago.

    Windows 8.1 64-bit
    Adobe Flash (PPAPI)

    Can someone confirm this?

    • Can confirm the crash for Windows 7 x64 with Opera 26 Stable, 27 BETA and 28 DEV after 20 seconds laoding webpage content.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Here is the Opera developer 28.1719.0 update blog and the page does not crash here under W7x64.

      • You use fresh Opera profile?

        Wait about 20 seconds or more (wthout doing anything) and then the page crashes,

      • I just tested if it is related to flash and that is the case. If you disable flash it doesn’t crash.
        Maybe even only PPAPI.

        • Lacedaemon

          Probably… it’s not crashing when using the original Flash (NPAPI). W7x64

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          I use the my normal Opera installation with PPAPI and the page doesn’t crash. I have waited more than 5 minutes.

    • Reported as Bug DNA-32217

      • Ah thanks. That saved me some work. 🙂

      • Current does not crash anymore, so Opera devs do not investigate it.


        Strange. I dont understand it. Opera crashes on Windows may be security issues. So, it has to be checked.
        For others: Never report a bug! They may investigate tooo slow and toooo late.

        Yes, that sounds rude. But Opera should not react to bug reporters this way.

        Opera Devs should give bug reporter a tool to send them crashreports.

        • Marcin Mitek

          Oh we did investigate it thoroughly. At least two QAs were checking it (including me). And it wasn’t crashing for us, on various Opera builds, with different plugins and different machines with different OSes.

          I just wanted to remind you that we really had limited amount of people working lately, so some activities took longer than usual.

          Reminder: if you file a bug as a security issue: it is always reviewed by the member of our security group. QAs outside of security group are not even supposed to resolve such bugs, even if it’s obvious that something is not a security issue.

          Besides, that site has massive amount of tracking scripts, it is generally heavy, I suspect that maybe that was a problem with the website itself on the given day.

          • Thanks for your answer.

            OK, few QAs working late or at nonwirking days, i understand this. But somethimes the communication between testers/reporters is not as good as it should be.

            Sorry, but I cant examine if crashes are security issues.
            Or should is always report crashes as ‘security issue’?

            But how can i report crashes if you cant access the webpages later? Saving as MHTML des not always work.

            How to send informations if no crashdump is written?
            In older Opera 10.x,11.x,12.x days a program (i think called somethinglike Inspector IXI) existed for better reporting information about crashes/problems.

            Should i ignore such crashes?

            If you need good bug reports, reporters need good tools to catch crashes.

            And good communication eases bug reporting, for users and developers. And enhances Quality Assurence of a product.


    • ruduh

      On Linux Ubuntu 14.04.1 this issue doesn’t happens – Opera Stable plugin PPAPI.

    • Eric83

      Opened the site and spent a couple minutes reading it. The browser didn’t crash, but my brain did. I’m using Opera developer 28.0.1719.0 with Ubuntu 14.04.

  • Lacedaemon

    Something needs to be done about including other search engines to the default list.
    Despite considering Duckduckgo more private than Google, their servers are still in the USA, (in a state where privacy is an offense) contrary to Startpage & Ixquick whose servers are in Europe (the Netherlands). FYI Ixquick is the only one with a “European Privacy Seal” – for what it’s worth it – .I thought Opera is still European or do those European enlightenment values don’t matter to you anymore?

  • Maciej Gryniuk

    I am migrating to Opera Developer. It’s possible to get favicon thumbails on speed dial page?
    I like them to fast look (but grouped shadow in latest Opera Next is useless):

    The best option is I think to get possibility to choose between favicon and thumbail for each element.

    Also I am unhappy for no speed dial and bookmarks migrate from Opera Next :/

    • It’s possible to get favicon thumbails on speed dial page?

      In this DEV? No.

      • Maciej Gryniuk

        Ok. Thanks 🙁

        • Perhaps in next version, but i dont know if Fav-/Apple-Touch-Icons come back.

    • Zik

      How you make tabs with rounded edges in metro Win 8?

    • GoodOmens

      Also I am unhappy for no speed dial and bookmarks migrate from Opera Next :/
      if i understand you…you can copy them from opera next folder to opera developer folder.

      • Maciej Gryniuk

        Too late, I added my ~20 speed dial manually and used “Share” to bookmarks – the only bad thing is another folder, not main page of bookmarks, but I don’t care.

  • Cant edit first address of Autofill Adresses, the Edit… button does not react.

    Editing worked in Opera 27 DEV.

    reported as bug DNA-32232

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Confirmed in W7x64.

  • LIN

    CTRL + F

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Please read the known issues.

      • LIN

        I know it.I would like to ask them when will they be willing to fix it ? Has been for a year.

        • SQL

          Well i guess Opera officially started working again on 5th this month, which is yesterday. Are you really expecting them to release a new build a day after working?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It’s a two weeks bug in a build released just before the holidays.

          Probably it will be fixed in the next release.

  • Martin

    I keep accidentally deleting speed dials, is there any way to lock it?

    Also because of the ability to delete speed dials which are being covered by the grey folder box. I reported it as dna-32238.
    edit: only possible with experimental speed dial flag enabled

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Nope, not possible to loick SD.

      But how can someone keep accidentally deleting SD entries that often?

      • Martin

        Too bad, since the new speed dial is still actively being developed, I hope it will become an option.

        I guess it’s bad luck 🙁

      • x a

        Just happened to me, too. Be too impatient and click speed dial items fast – and there is the non-negligible chance of hitting the ”X“. Even more so in groups, as they are animated to expand.

  • CSS style of visited links is reset to unvisited after restart of Opera!

    Does not exist in Opera 26 STABLE and 27 BETA.

    • Confirmed with this build.

      Working fine in Opera 26.

    • Wando Schneider


    • Reported as Bug DNA-32282

  • AndreiV

    Every time I update Opera (either Stable or Developer) my environment language changes, i.e. the OS language is automatically picked up, although my browser preferred language is different. This means that I must always re-select my browser language. How can I “persist” this setting from one version to another?

  • L33t4opera

    The first build of the Opera developer 28.0.1738.0 in 2015, the change log, and the official announcement 😉

    • Lacedaemon

      “DNA-31713 Use the images of the bookmark model for the speed dials WP1”

      Not a bad start, let’s see how this turns out 🙂 …

      • L33t4opera

        – “DNA-27479 [Tools] Implement a trash folder for bookmarks”
        – “DNA-31863 [Win] [Linux] Crash on inline find ☣”

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    “Search in Page” (CTRL-F) works again (puh, thanks). Editing the first address of “Autofill” still doesn’t. Maybe the time was too short.

  • Gloriam

    I’m curious, is there a way to use the empty tab space for opening tabs without clicking on the + button, in Opera 12 and before I used middle mouse button to open up new tabs, as well as close them with the middle mouse button.

    I preferred this way of working instead of clicking on the + button, it’s minor, but is there an extension for this, or could the be included in a future opera update?

    • Lacedaemon

      There’s the way of using the mouse gesture. To me it’s far more convenient and faster since I don’t have to move the mouse cursor to the top.

    • Ralf Brinkmann


  • Petar Pavlov

    Opera Speed dial is not syncing Opera 28.0.1745.0 on Win 7

  • goomStar

    I really hope the ‘old new speed-dial’ will come back soon. I really can’t work with those back-and-forth-improvements. First iconify my speed-tabs, then switch back to content-filled thumbnails… I don’t want to change my resolution with every update. It was fine with the ‘new way’.

  • Guest

    Hi, changelog for latest stable verison says: DNA-35369 [Win] With HiDPI 150% UI looks much too small. Is this still an open problem or do you consider it being fixed?

    Due to visual impariment I run DPI 150% in win7 and with an additional launch script “-alt-high-dpi-setting=110” to thin the huge UI borders but keep text size which have worked ok since version 24 I believe.

    Updating from v. 27 to v.28 the overall text size got a lot smaller even without the launch script, forcing me to rollback and use Opera 27 which is a big inconvenience.

    Do you have any additional info on this problem? Thank you in advance

  • Rand0Mone

    How can I get Flash to work with Opera 28 ?
    Sites such as Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook and others will not play videos now. I installed latest Flash version today (again), is v17.something, but still no luck. In the older version (Opera 12.x) everything worked without difficulty.

    Thanks in advance for advice/suggestions.