Dear Opera Users,
Right before Chistmas we would like to give you another update for the Opera beta stream. It’s not a very big update, but it contains several bugfixes, and some of them may be important to you. For sure they will increase the stability of the browser. Have fun testing!

– For Windows XP users we’ve fixed the issue with opening PDF files. “Adobe Reader is out of date” message should no longer appear. (DNA-30631)


Detailed list of changes, as always, is available in our changelog.

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  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the update, and bug fixes Marcin 😉

  • NicolaMantovani

    first bug to be solved: bring back Bing as a default search engine, goddammit!

  • Mr. Operaniac

    Any news about Opera 28?

    • Sure, I’m running it right now! :p

      • Petter Nilsen

        ..but it crashes quite a lot!

        • Maybe developer is not for you and you should stick with this beta. 😉

          • Don’t forget to tell about –alt-high-dpi parameter whenever you think about publishing 28 😉 😛
            (or is it in 27 already and we all forgot about it already?! ^^)

          • Marcin already has it covered. I guess he read your comment. 😉

      • Cjcr

        When we can running it us? 😛

    • L33t4opera

      Have a closer look on the ftp servers 😉

      • Wraith

        Hey please share the ftp url I don´t remember where it is.

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, a bit off-topic, but here you go, it’s Christmas time 😉

  • SuperTommy

    The icon issue in the navigation bar is fixed, thank you. 🙂

  • supersur

    Hey I found knohfebhibeknbioecpdmdkjkjdnjnl quite informative!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s the extension ID (or something like that).

  • bengtl

    So, are you going to fix DNA-30344 at any time?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      And this one is about….?

      • bengtl

        The popup message showing a link when you hover over it, gets stuck once you have clicked the link and then hover over something else.

        • Leonardo Gomes


          If i understood the issue correctly, then it seems to happens in developer 28 also.

  • sgrandin

    – Update changes start page to last page used
    – Start page still not accessible from Speed Dial or from thumbnail opened via SD
    – Print Preview stil has no scaling
    – Print Preview still shows double numbers in Quality field, e.g., “300 300”

    Don’t see any of these referred to in the changelog for the new Developer release either.

  • firuz-7

    Marcin Mitek.
    please do uvidomleniya to save password opened in the upper left corner of the page and translator and was also to expand Kaspersky was and could swing with chrome web Sided and when it will be for windows Opera x64, Just all browser switch to 64-bit version, and I would like to have my favorite browser Opera also switched to 64-bit, and if I can not difficult to find out why the expansion of Kaspersky does not work on Opera

    Adobe Flash Player PPAPI for Opera and Chromium me on this plug-IDM-internet download manager for all sites intercepts and offers to download the video automatically please correct it and make it to the expansion was in opera: // extensions

  • mirage56 bva

    В старых версиях Opera уже открытые вкладки и еще не открытые вкладки отличались наличием треугольника в правом верхнем углу. Можно ли сделать это в новых версиях Opera 27, 28…?

  • mirage56 bva

    In older versions of Opera already open tabs, and are not yet open tabs characterized by the presence of a triangle in the upper right corner. Can you do it in the new versions of Opera 27, 28 …?

    • L33t4opera

      Cool script Ruarí, thanks for the nice article as well 😉

  • sgrandin

    Text still unreadably small at many sites, e.g., – screenshot: Opera at 100%

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Seems ok here.

      Have you tried changing the minimum font size in settings/websites?

  • When in 2015 is the stable version going to be released?…

  • Anton Chelnokov

    Why bookmarks are sync but stratpage is not?
    When would it be done?!

  • Dark Magician
    Sometimes nothing happens when you click on the link, right click open in another tab works.
    And works fine after refreshing the page.

  • L33t4opera

    New, small update for the Opera beta 27.0.1689.44, and the change log 😉