Today we release another update to Opera 27 on our development stream. We took a Chromium update (40.0.2202.3), added Speech Synthesis API support and fixed many bugs, especially on bookmarks and sync.

Thanks for your testing and feedback.

Known issues

  • Speech Synthesis is not working on Linux
  • Sync login is not working (fixed in 27.0.1689.2)

Changelog and download links

Full changelog

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Ruarí, thanks for the update and fixes 😉

  • Wando Schneider

    Ruarí, the tab menu now appears only when the tabbar is full. But when you close the tabs (letting just one, for instance), it remain there.

    • Yeap, this is intended.

      It’s a new feature that wasn’t there before and it targets people who use a lot of tabs. There are lots of users however that only use 1 or 2 tabs and hence don’t need it. It activates, as you noticed, when you once filled your whole tab bar. Because you are probably going to need it regularly then.
      I agree that an option to only display it when your tab bar is full would make an expedient option, though.

      • x a

        There is a catch, though: Even a modest user of tabs may at one time shrink the size of the browser window for any unknown purpose – and then be surprised what he created: a button out of nowhere which he does not know how to remove.

        Not a problem with ,me at all – but I’m just saying…

        • True but I still think it is the best all round solution of the available alternatives. If you have a better idea and why you think it is better feel free to suggest it and we will consider it.

          • x a

            I edited my post to add my idea for a solution:

            So maybe add a minimum number of open tabs to the heuristics in addition to a filled up tab bar.

        • Deus Ex Vino

          Pleeeease dont ask the developers to put even MORE consideration on the side of almost-brain-dead users. They have already put Opera to iPhone level.
          If user doesnt know what to do, he needs either context help or documentation he can read, NOT removal of feature. There are already barely any.

          • A. R.

            this part “If user doesnt know what to do, he needs either context help or documentation he can read, NOT removal of feature. There are already barely any.” (nor removal of options)

      • A. R.

        Well thought. Perhaps people are afraid of that they will run out of space,, maybe? (so thats why only few tabs) like those people who always saves to desktop and thinks that “i’m running out of space on my computer” – some people doesn’t even know that one can delete files to trash can.. Oh well those are just few elders.

        I am amazed by the level of lockdown and locked features and options, stuff being removed and deprecated without any clear reason. After all Opera is a browser client, right? The newold Opera client isn’t doing very well.

        The new Opera is almost old gone hasbeen by now. Opera is pushing mark 30. But still there is very little to nothing of options and features.

    • Indeed this is intended. Most people work with only a few tabs. They will not need this feature.

      It appears for people who use a lot of tabs and then stays. If however you do not want it you can disable it in preferences.

      • Wando Schneider

        Thanks for the answer. When i saw the changelog, I thought that it would come only when is full, and if i close some tabs, it would hide again.

        • Christoph142 actually explained this better than I

          • Wando Schneider

            Both answers are clear 🙂

          • Don’t be too hard on yourself. They were equally clear I guess. ^^ 😉

      • Vux777

        only until user fills tabs bar for the first time. It is not reset with restart (next time when I started Opera with one tab, and every time after that, tabs menu was there…).

        I would like it more if menu is canceled on blur (when user clicks outside of it), or on mouse out. As it is now, it disappears when I click on tab in the list

      • plague

        Would it be possible to have the button for it change between black or white color depending on the titlebar color? Or through a setting perhaps?
        The reason I ask is that I’m using a black windowtheme and that makes the + and tab menu buttons invisible.

      • Emanuele

        Hi Ruari, thanks for the update

        About this feature I will say something a bit obvious IMHO but who known? 😛

        A simple option where you can choose between: Enable/Disable/Auto ?

        Too super-powa-user? 😛

      • A. R.

        Should be remembered that tab menu is a quick gum and glue patch to place the failed previews.

        Users did not like the previews. Wait what? Previews were suppose to be the tab handling feature..

        It is evident that the tab bar needs more functionality. Tab menu is not a wholesome solution either.

        Tab menu button could improve the bars indicate tabs?

  • x a

    Thanks for the new dev release. 🙂

    Notifications on Win8.1/WoW64 do not work – so to witness with my update notification extension. (You may use the test button on its options page to check yourself.)

  • Tibi

    These “updates” deserve a post on blog?

    • Would you prefer not get new builds? 😉

      To answer your question, yes. If you refer to the Changelog there are quite a few key fixes. Some of these fixes have the potential to cause problems elsewhere. The build is released to help discover any problems with the fixes and this blog post serves to give you a chance to easily give feedback in the comments.

      • Why are you not announcing Opera 26, I got it some hours ago.

        • Leonardo Gomes
        • Lacedaemon

          I hope it doesn’t come with this huge performance deficit -reported since O26 was dev- otherwise I’m uninstalling it for good and going FF.

          • P0lip

            Install Firefox with FXOpera theme, you won’t regret it ;). It’s way more customizable than Chropera. Also it’s open source not like Chropera

          • Lacedaemon

            Thx, I’ll keep that in mind. I’m waiting for the big surprise after it gets automatically updated. If that happens, bye bye Chropera.

          • P0lip

            I’d love to use Chropera, but there are still so many feature missing :(. I need sidebars to handle my bookmarks. I can’t even change the extension position. Old Opera had a great UI. The engine wasn’t as good as Webkit (or its fork – Blink) or Gecko, but it was still good.

          • Lacedaemon

            I’d love it too, but so many things not working and banging my head to the wall every time, I’m tired man.

          • P0lip

            Have the same. Honestly, many that were complaining (in the positive way) here are gone. I will wait till 30-31 release and then go aswell.

          • Lacedaemon

            I wouldn’t mind waiting till 30-31 as well, but having reported that when it was in 26 dev, then in 26 beta, and now that I read that 26 gone already to stable, when the latest 26 build was yesterday and the proble was there – and I’m 99% sure they didn’t fix that- man this drives me crazy and mad.

          • P0lip

            What’s your OS?

          • Lacedaemon

            Win7-64 bit

          • P0lip

            So, I’m on Linux, but I also have a VM with Windows and I didn’t experience this on both platforms

          • Lacedaemon

            O25 stable doesn’t have this problem.

          • P0lip

            Do you have the same background image on Opera stable and beta/dev?

          • Lacedaemon


        • fff

          Great news!
          Finally I have some feeling that it may be worth to install it. And if it exceeds my expectations, I will finally get rid of IE!
          🙂 🙂 🙂
          Didn’t have this will since version 12.
          Waiting for official post …

          • sergiol

            fff, I am with you …

          • “finally get rid of IE!”

            OMG, well between 2004 and now, you’ve been living in a cave?

          • fff

            No, it is just that feel IE to be superior to current Operas.

          • I don’t think so, or you wouldn’t be so eager to ditch it.

          • fff

            By the latest Operas, I mean since 15.

            And about 26, I only can speak after trying it. And I am not really eager.
            I will install it and if the browsing experience does not convince me, you can be sure i will get back to IE.
            My original comment says it all:

            “And if it exceeds my expectations, I will finally get rid of IE!
            🙂 🙂 🙂
            Didn’t have this will since version 12.”

          • Doesn’t matter what Operas you mean, you’re eager to leave IE, then IE ain’t so good.

          • fff

            I am not eager, really. It is on the ftp server and till now, I didn’t download it. Still waiting for the official post …

        • It is 26 due to a new chromium version, and we had to release this update to fix important crashers. There are no new major features in this release.

          • So what about bookmarks sharing and sync? I tough those were the main novelties.

          • They are not enabled in the version we released.

          • Opera 25 keeps saying it’s up to date, are you that much ashamed of Opera 26 you won’t even push it to the autoupdate servers?

            I had to manually update it, I needed it because O26 will allow me to import my Firefox Bookmarks, which once came from my old Opera Speed Dial entries (manually imported too), after a reinstall, and allowed me to turn them back to Speed Dials with almost no hassle.

          • It is on the autoupdate servers. But refer to the known issue on the latest blog post.

            You would have got the update eventually.

    • Wando Schneider

      Of course.

  • João Gonçalves

    The Facebook top bar still jumps 1 pixel up and down when I scroll with the mouse. Very, very annoying.

  • Wando Schneider

    Other thing: Sync won’t work… If i login, after few seconds, the icon have the error sign and the popup show that is an error…

    • Elzo Lubbers

      Same problem here, Win 8.1 (x64)

      • Indeed I see the same. I’ll try and find out if it is server side or a problem with this build. Thanks to both of you for report and confirmation or issue!

        P.S. And this is exactly why we put the builds out. 🙂

        • Wando Schneider

          Always glad to contribute 🙂

          • Added a known issue

          • ayespy

            That’s kind of hilarious if you think about it. “Fixed a bunch of sync stuff. And broke the log-in. Sooooo, enjoy all the sync fixes…” Heh, heh, heh.

          • Yeah I will admit it. It kinda is! :p

            On the plus side, see my most recent edit. 😉

        • x a

          You are definitely experiencing server issues – by coincidence or not: Gateway timeouts on this blog, browserjs status page time-outs, and possibly sync/auth has issues, either.

        • Jorton

          Opera 26 has no problem.

    • Sławomir Szewczyk

      Same problem here, Debian Jessie (64-bit).

  • Nekomajin43

    Click on “Inspect views: background page” crashes the browser since the last 2 or 3 builds.
    Win7 32 bit

    • That was only known to happen with 64-bit builds and it didn’t occur in 27.0.1689.0 anymore… You’re seeing this on Windows?

      • Nekomajin43

        I use Win7 32 bit. It started a few builds ago and still exists in this build.

        • I guess it also crashes if you click “inspect element” on any website and undock dev tools, correct? (beware that you can’t dock it again if it starts crashing on you, so you might wanna try in a separate USB install)

          • Nekomajin43

            Now that you’ve asked, I tried it, and yes, it crashes this way too.

          • Thanks for checking. I’ll make sure it gets looked at again. 😉

          • Nekomajin43


  • fauske51

    sync not working for me

  • taneli

    Any plans on putting the updates to a static path?
    Kinda annoying, when i have loads of stuff bound to my mouse via Logitech Gaming Software, and it detects the path of the executable, sooo, after every update i need to go change it to the newest one. Nope doesn’t work when adding the launcher in there.
    And secondly, some users will have tons of useless data on their disk after several updates (unless you do some sort of cleanup with them, i just delete them manually so haven’t noticed such).

    • Only one additional folder is kept during update in case something goes wrong as a fallback solution.
      All previous versions do get deleted on next update.

      • taneli

        Okay, cheers.

  • A. R.

    Why Opera is rather a viewer than a client these days?

  • Lacedaemon

    * DNA-28947 Shift+RightClick menu on Speed Dial Folder(s) doesn’t work as it does with single thumbnails

    Sigh… the point of that was to get it working for folders as well, not disabling it…

    • Yeah, I have to agree here.
      It felt the same when I saw it…

  • ver000

    Can you add an icon showing what tab is playing sound/video like in chrome?

    • ma_t14

      That would be a great addition, especially useful for tracking down those pesky websites with auto-play videos.

    • taneli

      I like the idea, i’m just not sure if i like the icon… i think Opera could take advantage of color coding, lightly reddish/greenish/whateverish tab when it has video/sound, should be easy to find, and make the color light enough so it’s not disruptive.
      Just a thought. (or highlight part of the tab, like, make it have some 3px hight red bottom border or whatnot).

    • zmwangx

      +1 for sound. I waited for years before Chrome finally got this one; then I lost it when I switched to Opera.

      The icon design is arguable, as @taneli pointed out, but I don’t think color coding is a good idea. I prefer a uniformly colored, simplistic tab/address/toolbar experience. Also, if you color code, how do you handle the case when the current tab is playing sound? Color the entire tab/address/toolbar combo?

      • taneli

        I like uniformity as much as the next guy, but i do like easy to spot (but subtle) visual cues too, well, if current tab is playing sound/video, dim the color a bit, or lighten it, like currently active tab is “lighter” than other tabs.
        And i don’t mean any bright colors, just a light touch of some color, would be easy to spot the tab that way (if it’s a non-active tab).

        • zmwangx

          Only coloring inactive tabs is unfair, since the auto play video might as well be right in the current tab, yet you don’t know and look for it.

          I think a well-designed icon should be pretty visible. You don’t hunt for auto-plays all the time do you. (If you do, get adblock plus instead.)

          • taneli

            I have µBlock, but i also sometimes have several youtube tabs open, like 10, and switch tabs around, sooo, it might be hard to spot which one’s the one that’s playing something.

            Something along the lines of this anyway:

            (i also want to get rid of that bloody X on them tabs, grrrr.)

          • zmwangx

            A suggestion for your YouTube problem: get YouTube Center: . There’s an option to auto pause other tabs and only play one video. Of course, Youtube Center does much more than that. I can’t imagine YouTube without this extension (although it can’t block all ads without the help of Adblock Plus).

            Btw, there are no freaking X’s on OS X:


          • taneli

            I don’t want to auto-pause other things, usually when i get off from work, i just check my subscriptions feed for new videos, open all as background tabs, pause them, watch/listen one at a time (many of the things on my feed are speech only), and continue my regular browsing, but if i then have to pause the video for any reason, i’d find the tab that is playing fast.
            And i use Magic Actions for Youtube extension, for the nice mouse-wheel volume control, and i wouldn’t touch Adblock Plus with a stick anymore, µBlock is working nicely.

            Getting a bit side-tracked here, my original point was that, they *could* use color coding (subtly) rather than just ramming icons everywhere, the “play” icon *can* be hard to find within some tabs, hence my suggestion for color coding.

            Anyways, it was just a thought.

            Edit: Bloody hell, why do they force feed us X’s on Windows, jealous.

          • zmwangx

            I get your point. As for the YouTube problem, I thought you just want to hunt down those tabs that start to play without your permission; then my suggestion pretty much solves the problem. If you intentionally plays them in the background, then that’s another story.

    • A. R.

      lot’s of requests for this, and it would be handy – but this is s small code snippet and not something Opera to make headlines about.

      Features, features, features

      Options, options, options

    • Fallon

      A Tab could be underlined with a color, like in Notepad++.

  • qwertyuiopasdfghjkl
    can you fix this disgusting scrollbar?

    • qwertyuiopasdfghjkl

      can mod reply me?

    • Sidney Moraes

      Can you post a better screenshot?

  • x a

    Speech Synthesis API is great fun to play with. And can be useful, of course.

    But I wonder why there is no provision to allow or deny the use of it in the API – it just wasn’t the time to consider that back in 2012?

  • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

    Bug in Page Zoom settings. Pages always open in 100% zoom mode even though zoom setting is set to different setting.

  • Hookah1388 .

    I’ve been using the new speed dial format for a while. I have it zoomed at 90%. With the update, it stated it was on 90% like I was with the previous build, but it displayed the speed dials/page as 100%. Small glitch, fine, I just reset it and put it back to 90%. However, it keeps refreshing and showing it as 100% (while still saying 90% in the dropdown menu) whenever I open up a fresh tab again. Annoying.

    • Olli

      Yes, zooming seems to be broken in Speed Dial. Especially a problem in old speed dial (which is much better than the new one in my opinion).

  • myxelloss

    Please, are you planning to develop the SSL client certificate authentication? I think it’s basic for a mature web browser like Opera, and all other browsers have this feature since… a long time ago?

    Thank you for your work.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    DNA-29929 The bug is still there. Opera does not recognize any Java, if both versions (32 and 64 bit) are installed. Is there a chance that you can fix this in one of the next versions?

  • ko1o7

    possibly a bug but opening a link inside a folder in the bookmarks bar with left click+ctrl closes the drop down for the folder. which makes it annoying to try to open multiple links in one folder. another thing with links inside folders in the bookmarks bar is the link showing the entire url when its nameless. unless there is a specific reason for showing the url, it should be truly nameless with only its icon.

  • Dave-H

    The update download progress was displayed this time!

  • qwertyuiopasdfghjkl

    when is speech recognition support?

  • Manuel

    The “Text to Speech” talks even if I close the tab which started the speaking..

  • Andres

    Sync don’t work on my Windows 7 – 64b

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Side panel moved to the window bottom, I like that! My monitor is 4:3, so it’s much better than the vertical one.

    • taneli

      That happened a couple of updates ago, although as a flag, guess they enabled the flag by default now then?

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Could be. But I totally don’t remember that and the flag.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          What “side panel” and what flag are you talking about?

          • SuperTommy

            #webui-navigation-bar, enabled by default in this update. New navigation bar.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Ah! Now this ugly row is gone. Thank you!

  • DuckDuckGo is now my default search engine again, yeah!

    • taneli

      Hooooow did you do that!

      • Open opera://settings/searchEngines and try it! 😉

        • taneli

          I’m excited, can’t find a button to make it default, but i did find a small bug; when in Search engines -> you open one -> and close it by clicking the same search engine -> you can’t open it again anymore.

        • taneli

          Is there some flag i missed or?

          • Nah … my mistake. Wrong build. I have too many versions of Opera installed. 🙂

          • taneli

            Ooooh you….

          • Clearly I am losing it! :p

          • L33t4opera

            Do you mean, that it’s a little early, to share with us a little Christmas present, don’t you? 😛

          • Guest

            I missed the post. Could you tell me what feature was posted here? o.o

      • Maybe devs sometimes DO listen to you guys in here after all… 😉

        • P0lip

          Yes, super! After one year. They are happy like they did something unusual 😀

          Anyway, it’s a good change

    • P0lip

      It’s a good change. Any plans for supporting rpm packages?

      • We are not discounting the possibility. In the mean time,

        • P0lip

          Ye, I have both Opera beta and developer on my Fedora, but for some users it’s a problem, I guess. Anyway, the rpm package (in future and maybe only for stable stage) would be appreciated.

          • Also, we allow repackaging. So if some RPM distros want to repackage and provide a package in their non-free repository that’s allowed and even very much appreciated.

          • P0lip

            I could provide a rpm (for Fedora) package. The only problem is that there is still an error when yum checks the dependencies. In dev release (27) is missing (I symlinked it, so it works) and in 26 and (I have the symlinked too). Both dependencies are taken from libssl1.0.0_1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.5_amd64 package.

          • You do not need to take files from the libssl1.0.0_1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.5_amd64 package. Read this or the short version would be:

            ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/opera-developer/lib/

            My own install script works around these issues for users who want to try Opera on other distros and need no extra libs.

          • P0lip

            Yep, already have it in my script, but yum still ask for them (probably I would have to rebuild the package and remove these requirement manually), but when I install without checking dependencies it works, so I didn’t do it.

          • It is possible to exclude the automatically found dependencies in the .spec file

          • P0lip

            Should I just remove line “requires” or do something else?

          • Pipe the list of binaries to “/usr/lib/rpm/find-requires | grep -e libudev -e libcrypto” to generate a Requires section in your spec.

          • P0lip

            Thanks for the tip.

        • P0lip

          Also, I’d like to report this glitch once again. It occurs on Fedora with KDE.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Russian translation seems to have degraded in the page leaving confirmation dialog: (screenshot)

  • hacel

    I can not set a different default search engine than those from the default list. There are no set default button on the other

  • Robert

    Speed Dial folders are still “black”.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Found a bug:
    SD page custom zoom is not applied when SD page is revealed after a tab is turned into SD page using Ctrl+Space or the only open tab is closed. SD page is instead shown zoomed at 100%, while the zoom control in the menu says it’s 125%.

  • opticyclic

    JNLP files don’t autorun and they download to my downloads folders instead of to a temporary folder. If I am launching lots of Java Web Start applications (or the same one multiple times) I don’t want to have all these temporary jnlp files littering my downloads folder!

  • Bug in network installer on OS X (since auto update was not grabbing the new build, I grabbed the network installer), when it finished install, it did a kill dock (make the dock restart)

    Not sure why it would need to kill the dock to install (it seems it is ignoring dock settings for Opera dev (I have it set to not keep in dock, network installer (not sure why a force restart dock) set Opera dev to keep in dock

  • Joe Gutiérrez

    Thanks for the build and fixes, but now almost every animation in the UI is ”broken”. Also, the bug of the SD folders is not fixed yet…

    Thanks again!!

  • ma_t14

    Can we please discuss about what is going to happen with the speed dial extensions, since they are not supported in the new speed dial, are they going to be supported in the future? Is a new API coming for the new speed dial?

    Because if support is removed altogether that would make me sad.

  • Zin

    IRC PLEASE, we need irc back.

  • beBoss

    Fullscreen not working. I mean for some online players for TVs. It opens in fullscreen mode, but the picture is with the original size filled with black for the fullscreen.

  • I’ll wait for a stable version for Linux because this version has many bug.

    • Wando Schneider

      Can you list them? I’m using on linux mint and i don’t see so many bugs, besides than a few things, that don’t prevent you from using it.

      • One of the biggest problems for me is the scale of the page.

        Now available version 27.0.1689.2 and the problem persists. 🙁

  • Wraith

    Ruarí any solution to disable title bar in linux, I know in Gnome is posible but I’m using Elementary OS and Opera doesn’t hide the Title bar and looks ugly.

    • You could use Devilspie2

      • Wraith

        Oh Nice…. thanks Ruarí that do the trick, the only downside is when the window is not maximize the window decoration is not show but no matter because I use it in full screen all the time…

        • You can still manipulate the window by holding Alt and dragging it around

          • Wraith

            Oh Yes I mean maximixed, by the way your script return me a error “attempt to call global ‘get_window_class’ (a nil value)”, so I tried the same but with devilspie (the first version) and with this version works well.

          • Ok, that script works for me. But as long as you have a solution I am happy. 😉

          • Wraith

            Ruarí I know why it doesn’t work, is because you wrote “maxmize” with a missing “i”, I fixed that and done, Thanks a lot for your support.

          • No problem!

        • I use it in full screen all the time…

          I think you mean maxmised, rather than fullscreen (F11).

          Anyway, it will still possible to move the window around by holding the Alt key. Alternatively set it to always start maximised as well:

          if (get_window_class()=="Opera developer") then

  • L33t4opera

    @Developers – /bug/ report: if the “opera:flags#webui-debug-mode” is enabled (which is by default), the DnD of the new start page’s items doesn’t work at all on Linux (on Windows it works without problem).

  • Emanuele

    [BUG] In speed dial Opera doesn’t remember anymore the zoom level … can anyone confirm it?

    If you want to move the “selector bar” to the bottom, please consider to put the “corner link” to switch between old and new SD in other place

  • Fallon

    Can you mention in ‘opera://downloads/’ not only the site from which a file comes, but also the time when the download has been completed. This is useful because many storage sites have time limits before a next file can be downloaded.
    Can you make it possible to use the ‘back space’ key to go back to the ‘Main page’ at the moment when the focus in Opera has shifted to to the upper right download panel. This is useful for efficient downloading from image galleries. When downloading images from galleries, (example fashion galleries), a wanted picture often starts up replacing the gallery thumbnail page. After the picture loads, users right-click to save it. At this point the FOCUS in Opera switches to the temporary download panel, making it impossible to use the ‘back space’ key. This key is much more efficient than the mouse in such cases.
    To save website pages with content (to include in Archives for example), I suggest you implement saving to a proper ‘web page archive format’. As you know ‘.mht’ files are compatible with Iexplorer. But compression is important too, so with better compression than in old Opera presto please. Maybe you could also embrace the better Firefox ‘.maff’ format.
    I suggest you provide a disable button/option for Flash Player in general, or a disable option for the sort of update messages, like the forced ‘update Flash Player’ message. Flash player runs every shit on a lot of web sites, so I prefer to decide myself if I want to run it at all, or for example an older more limited version.
    If possible, a click on a ‘Tab’ to return to ‘Previous Tab’, would still be nice, although meanwhile you have done many things right to make up for the old Opera.

  • pureocean

    If CTRL is pressed, Chrome can open the previous tab as new tab.
    But Opera can’t support this feature. This is one of the negative aspects of the Opera for me.

    • Zik

      You dont need to press CTRL, you can press “back” button by wheel and it will open new tab.

      • pureocean

        Woow I didn’t know that! Thank you for wheel button tip.

  • cgebhard

    When typing a password into the sync panel the ^ sign doesn’t work as expected:

    Normally when one presses ^ and then another letter, e.g. “t” the outcome would be ^t. The username field behaves like this, but the password field just enters 1 symbol (since I can’t unmask the symbols I don’t know whether it’s ^ or t)

  • Thrinrot

    How about a import function for Bookmarks? Is there already one I just can’t see?
    The only reason why I still got Chrome and Firefox installed is ’cause I can’t import my bookmarks to Opera. 🙂

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, Settings (Alt+P) > Browser > Default browser > Import Bookmarks and Settings (or just go to the address bar, and type “opera:settings/importData”, press enter).

      • Thrinrot

        Thank you very much! =)

  • Jademarisa

    Can you build a proper usable browser at all and leave out all Chrome useless features?

  • Azorex

    Some problems with pages in (big russian social network). When clicking on the any picture for closer look – it shows in 50% zoom. No matter what scale was previously. Please fix. VK is REALLY big net…

    • Marcin Mitek

      I haven’t noticed anything unusual on Do you have any extensions enabled?

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Open any feed. Set zoom to, say, 75%. Click a picture; it will be shown in the picture viewer div with the zoom 100%. Close the picture. The entire feed is now at 100% zoom, even though the zoom control shows 75%.

      • Azorex

        I removed all to see. It didn’t help. The problem with the scale was repeated on two different computers. And on version 27.0.1689.2 too.

  • nicks

    My Opera stable 25 update today to 26, no info here… lol

    • This is not the discussion for Opera 25 STABLE!
      This is Opera 27 DEV 😉

      May be it was a security update from Opera 25 to 26.

    • Zik

      Thank you man! ^^

  • IllusionMH

    Side panel moved to bottom is not so good because you interact with tabs at the top of window and then you should move cursor way down to the bottom to open bookmarks manager. Bar at the top will be more usable. Please provide top placement as the option.

    Also It would be nice to have ability to choose image/icon/text(and background color) for speed dial. Current version have no titles and too many pages with same domain.

  • name siname

    а че епта не показываете новость про 26 оперку

  • Entering word support in address field does not find all my Bookmarks.
    But here are more than two in boormarks manager!

  • Vijay Kumar

    Thanks for the update. 🙂 Just made the account to take part in conversations here.

  • hspdion

    I’ve been having issues with the last few developer builds on the mac and the lastpass extension. If I login to lastpass during any of my browsing sessions via the extension, when it comes to exit out of Opera Developer, I am unable to do so gracefully and am forced use the ‘Force Quit’ option.

  • 160grad

    Please let us arange the extention icons!

  • Lacedaemon

    Watching a stream using

    Firefox utilizes 20% CPU for the NPAPI flash plugin. That’s it.

    Opera Blink, Aura whatever:
    26% CPU running the tab
    +21% CPU running the flash plugin (NPAPI)
    +13% CPU for… the GPU process (CPU that was supposed to be off-handed to the GPU still being utilized, go figure…)

    = 60% CPU…

    I don’t know WTF you guys are doing there… I’m not even going to mention PPAPI whose performance is even worse.

    • ruduh

      Normal for me, Opera is using 25% from Processor(4 core), My card vídeo is a GeForce 9800GT with 1 giga of VRAM.

      • Lacedaemon

        This sounds too generic if you want to be valid then split the processes as I did and include those other browsers as well.

    • al_ghul

      I also have seen that bad tendency in opera dev in last months, that’s why I had to search for alternative. slower laptops are really working slower and slower with opera:/. I thought that opera with more and more features will be still lightweight, like old opera in the past. new, modern engine + clear and lightweight, good optimised code…but it really resembles more firefox now…maybe they forget to test new opera in older hardware and omitted it however. it is sad:/. look at maxthon speed with a lot of USEFUL features. sad that also maxthon newest version (IMO still beta) works similar to new opera – too bloated with effects).

      my hardware: ASUS UL30A, Intel Core 2 Duo U7300@1,3 GHz, 4GB RAM, Win7 64-bit, Mobile Intel 4 Series Express. opera with videos really takes above 50% CPU, often 80%:/

  • L33t4opera

    A small update – Opera developer 27.0.1689.2, the change log, the official announcement 😉

  • ruduh

    The useful extension TransOver from Webstore ( is not working anymore in Opera Stable, Beta and Develeloper. Please, fix it. Thanks in advance.

  • Wndsong

    Now perhaps you could be so kind as to get the frees standing Opera mail team to include the Speech Synthesis API so that the opera free standing mail app could take dictation . It has been years since there has been any upgrade to the opera mail.

  • Wndsong

    Now perhaps you could be so kind as to get the frees standing Opera mail team to include the Speech Synthesis API so that the opera free standing mail app could take dictation . It has been years since there has been any upgrade to the opera mail.

  • godutch

    I notice I am more and more put of by the beta and even more the dev icon, could you just include the stock icon too, it looks so much more nice and clean?

    (I extracted the icon but it would be nice if it were included by default)

  • Dimitri Mouflard

    It could be interesting to have the way to disable the search bar on speed dial or to make it the same as the default search engine…