Another update to Opera 27 on our development stream. Lots of small fixes, improvements and tweaks, particularly to sync and the tab menu. In addition, the Hangouts PPAPI plugin is now detected on Linux.

Thanks for your testing and feedback.

Known issues

  • Dragging bookmarks into folders does not work. You can work around this via enabling the flag opera://flags/#bookmarks-multi-drag (which will also allow you to select and drag multiple bookmarks)

Changelog and download links

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  • nanana1

    Thanks, Ruari, for this incremental update with Opera Developer 27.0.1683.0 !

  • Now who wants to complain first, that Opera isn’t listening and bookmark manager doesn’t improve at all? 😉

    • btw: order of address bar suggestions is a bit odd:
      1. speed dial
      2. history

    • MadEddy

      Well to be fair, nobody asked for this new opera in the first place. Bookmark manager was great until chromization of opera.

      • I wonder what internet would look like if not everybody constantly felt the need to complain and rant about sth… ^^

        • MadEddy

          You removed everything making this browser great and reintroduce castrated versions of these features. If you take presto opera as a comparison, the bookmark manager didn’t improve at all, it’s even the opposite. You even removed bookmark completely for a while.
          Once you’ll have reached the quality of presto opera, we will talk about improvement. Until then it’s just catching up.

          • I stated this before, but I’ll do it again just for clarification:
            I’m not working for Opera. Everything that I say are my own personal opinions.

          • Rob Segal

            You should repeat that often because your sarcastic comments as a mod make opera look bad.

  • Hope you’ll add MSE & h.264 support to opera so we could once again watch 1080p video on youtube with html5 player..

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Ruarí, thanks for the info, and congrats to all Opera’s Developers for the nice work 😉

  • SuperTommy

    DNA-8742 Bookmarks suggestions in Address Bar Dropdown

    Thank you. 🙂

    • Yup, thanks! 🙂
      But order of address bar suggestions is a bit odd:
      1. speed dial
      2. history

      • SuperTommy

        Agree, bookmarks should be higher up on the list, and history last.

    • Bookmarks suggestions in Address Bar Dropdown

      But how to activate the Bookmarks suggestions without using having google suggestions.

      • SuperTommy

        You mean the predictions? You can turn that off in Settings > Privacy & Security – “Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar.”

        Then it will only use bookmarks, speed dial and history.

        • Thanks for the hint. I tried it.
          But the real problem was a incomplete update to 1683.0, so the autocoomplete did not wirk.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    The problem with Java is still there:

    If I have installed the 32-bit- and the 64-bit-version of Java, Opera doesn’t find the plugin and I receive an error message on pages like

    • This issue was known already. You wanna watch out for DNA-29205 in changelogs.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        In this changelog? I don’t find it and it’s not solved.

  • Wando Schneider

    If i disable the tab preview on settings, the tab menu still show them up. Other minor thing: the last change on the webUI is nice, but now there isn’t a indicator showing in what page you are (i know, this may sound silly…)

    • If you disable tab menu, it’ll show up, too. More work to do… 😉

  • Кostadin

    Thanks for the build! I may have missed this but tab preview does not work on hovering tabs here. Win 8.1 x64. Also, I cannot find the way to get the Address Bar Dropdown

  • Dave-H

    Still no download progress being shown on the update.

    • Marcin Mitek

      If the scheduled autoupdate is triggered, it is possible that it will be done in the background. So launching Opera few hours after the task is scheduled will end up in already updated Opera. Also, as I said this before, incremental patches are really small, sometimes, you won’t even notice the progress.

      • Dave-H

        It can’t be that in this case, as I hadn’t run Opera 27 since well before the last update was announced, so it can’t have already downloaded it.
        I don’t use it any differently than I’ve always done (Opera 12 is still my main browser so 27 only gets used every now and again, not all the time) and there has always been download progress displayed, even if only briefly, until a few of the most recent updates.

        • SQL

          27 Updates silently on the background without you even having to launch it as far as i know.

          • Dave-H

            In normal circumstances yes, I think it does, using a Windows Scheduled Task.
            That doesn’t happen in my case though, there is no Scheduled Task, I think because mine is a standalone “USB” installation.

  • Mike

    Whats the “Hangouts PPAPI” about? Google Hangouts or something else?

    • Yes, it is a plugin to allow Google Hasngouts to work on Linux

      • How to enable it? To enable PPAPI FlashPlayer there’re –ppapi-flash-path and –ppapi-flash-version parameters. What parameters do I need to specify in order to use Hangouts plugin? Opera doesn’t see it when it’s installed at the default location.

        • Nothing is required it should just work. It does here. What distro are you using?

          • Slackware64 14.1. google-talkplugin is installed from SBo, symlinks to PPAPI plugin reside at /usr/lib64/chromium/pepper, other symlinks point to NPAPI version.

          • Ok, it seems that we are only looking in the location of one of the symlinks made during deb package install, specifically /usr/lib/chromium-browser/pepper. I’ll request an update to the fix to look in /opt/google/talkplugin directly.

            In the mean time, issue this as root:

            mkdir -p /usr/lib/chromium-browser/pepper
            ln -s /opt/google/talkplugin/ /usr/lib/chromium-browser/pepper/.
            ln -s /opt/google/talkplugin/ /usr/lib/chromium-browser/pepper/.

      • Mike

        I’m guessing that’s the web version and nothing to do with the chat extension then?

        • Even with the extension installed you still need the plugin

          • Mike

            Unless I’m reading it wrong, does that mean you can use the hangouts extension in Opera? I’m talking about the Chrome one that lets you chat “outside” of Chrome. If that’s the case, is it working on Windows as well?

  • So, there’s a bug that’s been bugging me (pun intended) for last few versions. 🙁

    Let’s open a flash page in one Tab (let’s say, You can normally click on it and it works. Now go to another Tab and then return to the Tab with flash page. You cannot click on anything and even secondary button on the mouse brings the Opera context menu and not Flash context menu.

    • ABDX

      thats true ! WIN7X64 Here.
      but if you press the mouse repeatedly over and over again, it will respond in the end.

  • Also, there’s a bug I submitted a looooong time ago, any progress in fixing it?

    I think it’s DNA-12881, about forced downloads of pictures instead of opening them in browser like old Opera did. It is really annoying. 🙁

  • Nekomajin43

    Is there any chance you make the position of the webUI navigation bar customizable? I really like it on the left side, but at least I’d like to have it on the top, if the sidebar option is a no-go.

  • ABDX

    you spent nearly two versions of opera to develop tab previews and now you disabled it by default …? why is that ? don’t you think that disabling it is just a waste of time and effort.
    it was a very good feature but needed some tweaking, as i never liked the one on opera 12.

    • Wando Schneider
      • plague

        …yeaah, except that they didn’t listen whatsoever when it comes to the tab previews.
        Nobody wanted them to disable tab previews completely. Some people wanted smaller tab previews (Opera12 style) and some people wanted faster (or slower) previews.

        I for one like the new tab previews and have adjusted their speed to be a bit faster, as I don’t wanna sit and wait for them to show up.

        But as I said, nobody (or close to nobody) wanted them gone completely, so disabling them per default is just cheap. Sorry, but it is.

        I don’t really care though, as long as I have the option to re-enable them.
        But if they remove that option “incase it might be confusing for new users” then I will get royally pissed off.

        Forced dumbed down user interfaces with no advanced options/settings for experienced users pisses me off.

        One does not have to sacrifice one group just to accommodate another.

        • Wando Schneider

          I believe they will not remove the option. Now, you say “nobody wanted”… but you don’t have the data (from the survey and for the usage statistics) that the team have to decide.

          • plague

            No, but I’ve read plenty (thousands) of comments on this blog and I’ve pretty much never (or at the very least extremely rarely) seen anyone wishing for them to disable the tab preview completely. Options are awesome, bring more, but for features like that, they should be opt-out, not opt-in.

          • Wando Schneider

            Yes, yes.. i’ve read them too. But people who are unhappy with something usually comments a way more often than others… and i think there’s more users than the usual ~200 guys who contribute here.. 🙂

          • plague

            true, but do you really think there are lots of users who don’t comment here that even knew about that survey, let alone bothered to actually contribute to it if they haven’t bothered to contribute here? It seems doubtful, but then again, I may be completely wrong.. 😛

          • Wando Schneider

            One thing i know for sure: You are right, or i’m right or we both are wrong…. =D

          • plague

            I think we may have a “Schrödinger’s cat” scenario… 😉

  • After finally syncing my bookmarks/bookmark bar (but not speed dial) a couple of revisions ago it has stopped syncing the past several days… Anyone else experiencing this?

  • alvin

    Opera developer 27 has problem with youtube, the audio still play but nothing flash screen sometimes become pitch black. It appear again while scrolling but comeback to black again after that

  • Tore

    Is it possible to give us a small, but comprehensive, overview of the sync-rules?

    – What happens if I have three different machines with Opera browsers now, all with different sets of bookmarks (with some bookmarks in each set being the same). How will this work out as I connect start to sync one after the other? What happens with duplicates?

    – What are the rules for deletion of bookmarks in different browser installs?

    – How does speed dial items and bookmarks work during sync, especially when new speed dial items are connected to bookmarks, while old speed dial items are independent?


    • x a

      I had the same questions, a couple of them have been answered.

      As due to Disqus it’s amazingly difficult to search comments and Disqus annoyingly does not allow to link into the hierarchy of a long discussion, I post the links separately:

      »» Here are my questions,

      »» here are the answers.

  • Quasar6

    How can I make the bookmarks show only text and no images or screenshots? Is there even a way? And if no please make it possible.

    • Nekomajin43

      Have you tried the list view?

      • Wando Schneider

        He asked for Speed Dial, no bookmarks 🙂

        • Dave-H

          His post originally did say bookmarks, that’s what my e-mail notification version said. He must have realised the mistake and edited it!

          • PaulW

            Does anyone know how to sort my Opera 12 imported bookmarks into alphabetical order??

          • You cannot do that … can you tell me the problem you are trying to solve with sorting?

          • ahoj1234

            remembered order of bookmarks. that’s “no questions asked” answer, I can see this with my SD folders (since I can’t import them to bookmarks I still use mostly SD)

            – also when searching with a bit unsorted folders something you might know (there is faster the “search” option, I agree)

          • PaulW

            All I want is to be able to see my bookmarks in alphabetical order as they were in Opera 12. It’s a pain having to scroll thru lots of folders to find the right one..

          • L33t4opera

            Hi, you can try this solution 😉

  • Autoupdate does not work with Opera menu -> About Opera…
    Download is done and Opera shows hint to restart Opera to install updated version.
    After restarting Opera remains old 27.0.1676.0

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Have you tried it a second time? I had the same problem with the normal (full) installation file. When I did the installation a second time it worked.

      • Dave-H

        Worked first time for me, but again there was no download progress displayed.

  • Jin

    So the pepperflash issue with Windows x86 is still there Opera’s still not detecting the pepperflash plugin on the machine unless you do it manually.
    Hopefully this’ll be fixed.

    • No, it will not be fixed.
      It is fixed already. It just didn’t make it in time for this build 😉

      • Jin

        Do you mean the fix is just not implemented in this build…?

        If so, that’s great! though I want to have it in a build as soon as possible…then I’ll be finally freed from the “–ppapi-flash-path” routine 😀

        • Yes, that’s what I meant. I added an “internally” to make it clear.
          Next build will have it in if nothing unforeseeable bad world-destroying happens until then 😉

          • Jin

            ah verstehe. Danke Christoph142

  • Joe Gutiérrez

    Please, fix this:

    The objects marked in the following screenshot are not working. (click to zoom).

    -The buttons marked are not showing their respective ”pop-up” when clicked.
    -The supports for ”WebGL”, ”objectstore blob” and ”objectstore arraybuffer” are missing.

    * Everything (except the WebGL support) works when I’m not using Aero themes (transparency).
    * Everything works in Opera Beta 26 and Opera Stable 25.
    * I’m using Windows 7, 32-bit.

    Please fix these issues ASAP, It’s completely annoying and I don’t want to disable Aero.

  • Som

    Please please please fix the dark thumbnails in the speed dial folders, makes em unusable the way they are at the moment

  • A. R.

    What is TAB menu? Ok I know it,

    but we need tab stacking, of course you can do all sorts of menus…

  • A. R.

    Nice new look at blog thanx.

    • Only that green comments symbol is non-functional…
      for those wondering what we’re talking about: press Ctrl+F5 now.

      • Vux777

        from the main page, click on green bubble lead to disqus comments, but not from article (not important very much)
        but favicons are missing on whole blog

    • x a

      I hate these grid / multi column layout overviews that allow no (sequential) overview at all.

      But the rest of the visual changes is fine.

      • A. R.

        well yes it’s monotonic especially with the lack of using images/thumbnails. Well they’re blog is a good example of they’re browser – force everything and everybody into same mold.

        • x a

          In anything you’ll find a reason to criticize Opera’s philosophy/approach/development, hein?

          • A. R.

            That’s right. I’m pushing it to be better. Opera used to over-top itself all the time.

    • Irontiger

      Yeah, it’s great and finally we have a date near the topic! Wow 😉

  • I guess you’ll have fun tomorrow. I just created 7(!) new bugs O:)

    • I closed half of them 😛

      • Doesn’t matter. I just created several new ones so you guys don’t get bored O:)
        … 16 in 2 days… ^^

        • A. R.

          See the pattern here, I’m still disgusted about the removing of options, my goodness, option to relocate the cache.

          • Not sure what you’re talking about and what that has to do with my comment.
            btw: why on earth do you like your own comments?

          • SQL

            He already explained it once; Why not like your own comment if you agree with it?

          • Wando Schneider

            AHAHHA. I don’t wana be rude but, for me, like your own comments is something like that:

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Because it doesn’t make any sense and just shows how selfish and narcissist the person is.

            Or maybe a fear of any “likes”/upvotes/whatever for his comments.

          • Dave-H

            You can relocate the cache using a command line switch, but I agree it should be configurable in the UI!

  • icetom

    having 2 columns in a blog where time is important is a bad idea. even when the left is always a tad higher (newer).

  • A. R.

    I have 35 processes for just 10 tabs, just great. And when I enable a switch to do it in one process, bookmarks doesn’t function as even space wasn’t left for it in the root code, it’s badly implemented if functionality breaks from this switch, no matter wwhat they explain, these addons to Opera 15 are all badly implemented that’s why flip flopping with features, lack of new features and options, existing options removed etc, all these addons to O15 are badly implemented, where are the good Opera coders?

    • WTF … why is it a problem to have 35 processes? Processes are well separated and make your browsing experience more fault tolerant. Processes also enable your system to suspend / hibernate / page-out their memory at will, effectively enabling you to have more tabs.

      This sounds a lot like a passenger complaining about only two engines on his 777 when we really wanted it to have four … well, trust the engineers. Or go study computer science and apply for a job at Opera!

      • ayespy

        On some machines, 35 processes gobbles up all the RAM and processor cycles. On my X64 machine, 10GB of RAM, 6 processor cores, the only problem is the occasional over-revving of the cooling fans when the CPU gets too hot. But on some machines, this is a really heavy load.

        I gotta say, though, it looks like Opera’s resource management has improved. I have multiple tabs open in Stable, Beta and Developer all at the same time right now, and if I add up total resource usage, it comes to less than 5% of the processor and less than half a gig of RAM reserved..

        • A. R.

          yeah the single process also uses some half a gig – it’s awesome. And so it was Opera 12 x64 it was damn stable that one process plus plugin container even with 200 tabs open.

          +1 for Opera 12.

          Shame on you Opera (koh koh Chopera).

      • A. R.

        We’ll I’d love to intern a program studio like Opera. Also i’m interested about pc and mobile games 🙂 But I also do websites and produce material for print, also layots.

      • A. R.

        I want to see my processes neatly organized – too. Maybe those sub processes doesn’t need to show up at task manager, but can be in subs – that still can be managed command line or with other tools. Win (7 x64 ) Eplorer also recognizes if a process wether sub or prim needs to close and then asks the user.

      • A. R.

        BTW, see my new post, switch –single-process now works with bookmarks but generates a heap of another issue(s).

  • I have to say I am disappointed … we got so many comments about multi-drag not possible in the bookmark manager. Now we have it and nobody mentions it. Sound like we shouldn’t listen to you guys so much 😛

    • taneli

      How does one multi-drag?

      • ahoj1234

        enable it in flags:

        • taneli

          Oh, a flag, okay.

    • Fine! Multidrag, very appreciated 🙂
      Thanks a lot!
      I use it while moving my large bookmarg archive into other folders.

    • escruting

      This is great, thanks very much. Though i think it needs to show the squares of the things you are dragging, i dont know how to describe it, on windows we have this –>

      • taneli

        Yes, this was my concern too, show a stack of sorts when dragging many, or a number.

    • rufu2

      Thank you, dragging works well.
      Now we need to have subfolders visible to drag stuff into 🙂

      Also, selecting multiple bookmarks could still be better:
      Say I want to select bookmarks #1, #4, and #8 from the list. Clicking the small check mark is slow and a bit annoying. Pressing shift and clicking would be the obvious choice, to me.

      So maybe consider an option to use left-click to select a bookmark and shift/ctrl-left-click to select multiple.

    • Maybe because, since we don’t have a tree on the left, its usefulness is very limited right now? But thanks anyway! 🙂

    • Elzo Lubbers

      It’s very nice thanks. Just that it’s after I reorganised all my bookmarks without it. It will come in handy the next time I want to reorder my folders.

  • We are trying to prioritize our future bookmark manager development. Care to share the problems you are having with the current bookmark manager?

    It would be most useful if you try to think about the problem you can’t solve with it (like “I need nested folders to organize my bookmarks. It’s hard to nest folders currently) and not solutions (“Give us a tree view in the sidebar!!!!!!!one!!!exclamationmark!!!”).

    Thanks a lot for your feedback!

    • ahoj1234

      1) I really need smaller previews (to have more columns)
      2) I would like to move the whole SD to bookmark manager and replace the starpage with BM manager
      3) I can’t search in bookmarks fast. (sorry for a solution but I would prefer address bar active when bookmarks are opened even though more native is to have active the bookmark search bar )

      can’t find more than these + these I asked a few build ago. But the only showstopper to start using them is lack of fast import SD to bookmarks.

      and the last but not the least:
      f*ck the (bookmarks) synch! I just did not like the icon that I should log in (in the BM manager), so I log in (again) and it re-added all my DELETED bookmarks (and bookmark folders) instantly back… I have to delete it again, well that’s why the synch should always ask if I want import, export or do nothing… – only this device is connected (not two) so it should not even be confused about what is “actual” and what’s “old”.

    • Suggestions and wishes for bookmark manager:
      1) User defined shortcut for bookmarked entry (like in Opera 12)
      for example of for the Opera Forum
      2) Faster search for bookmarks
      3) Global switch for Bookmark list or Icons
      4) Last used date of bookmark
      5) Sort bookmarks by name/url/date etc. per folder

      • rufu2

        Oh yeah, these all make a lot of sense!

      • While I think these would solve problems people are having, please don’t give us solutions, give us problems (if you really want to help)

        • Sorry for my wrong questions.
          My current problems with bookmarks are:

          * I cant open a book mark in addressbar with a shortcut
          * On my PC the search for bookmarks in manager is slow
          * I cant set display of all bookmarks to List instead of Icon
          * I miss the display of last use date of bookmark
          * I cant sort bookmarks by name or url or use date

          • Thanks for adapting 🙂

          • Zin

            a good thing for bookmarks would be if it had a toolbar button like on Opera 12 and we could drag it and put it anywhere we wanted with EXACTLY the same behaviour of Opera 12.

          • You can already drag bookmarks in bookmarkbar.

            What kind of button (like Opera 12) do you want to have?

          • kohoutec

            They used to be a button you could drag to any toolbar. When clicked it would open your bookmarks menu. We currently have to click the Opera menu and then click Bookmarks/My Folders to get similar behaviour. Only two extra clicks but 2 more than it used to be…

            It would also be useful to be able to choose the folder the menu starts at (e.g. I would like it to start at “My folders”)

    • Nekomajin43

      How about auto-focusing the search field in the bookmarks manager on page load? If you want to find something manually, you use your mouse, but if you want to use the search field, it would be one action less.

      A trash folder would be good. A confirm popup would be really annoying every time I want to delete an item, but there must be some data loss protection, and the good old recycle bin is a fine solution.

      And a tree-view would be nice. 🙂 But really, there is no better solution to quick-jump to any folder than a folder tree.

    • rufu2

      Thank you for asking!

      You’ve mentioned my
      #1: Smoothly usable nested folders. I happen to believe that a tree would be a very sensible part of the solution…

      #2: Organizing bookmarks is awkward: a single left-click opens the link, while I expect it to select the bookmark, and I would expect to select more than one bookmark with Shift-click.

      #3: Deleting a selected bookmark with Del does not work

      #4: If the folder is set to show the large thumbnails, I don’t see the full URL of the link anywhere.

      #5: I’ve grown to like my user defined shortcuts in O12…

      #6: Searching for bookmarks works OK, but ideally I’d also like to be able to sort the results sometimes, e.g. sort the urls alphabetically, or according to date visited.

      #7: Is the bookmark bar part of what you’re asking us about? I think a horizontal bookmark bar holds too little bookmarks for me, and it takes away vertical space. I want to see more bookmarks at once and quickly switch pages with one click. To me, a tree of bookmarks in a panel on the left would be perfect. (oops, sorry, we shouldn’t give solutions…)

      Again, for me it seems that a bookmark _manager_ is not the same as a bookmark _view_. And it looks as if it’s not trivial to combine both functions.

    • Ok, few things.

      First of, give us the ability to use Bookmarks as startpage instead of SD. I know I can set it to that right now but I lose my current session this way so it’s not optimal.

      As for bookmarks management, give us an option to add new bookmarks to the end of the list not in front. Also, let us select multiple bookmarks to move them to folders. The ability to remove bookmarks through the heart menu would be nice too.

      • rufu2

        You can now enable opera://flags/#bookmarks-multi-drag to select and move multiple bookmarks. It’s a good start.

        • Rob Segal

          Thank you!

    • x a

      1/ Fast and immediate access to well-known bookmarks via keyboard: nicknames (search, even intelligent incremental search, cannot act as substitute for that functionality).

      2/ Nested folders;

      3/ fast access to those folders from ♥ pop-over as bm destination.

      4/ Have an arbitrary destination folder visible as drop target for organizational purposes while showing bookmarks of another folders (think of a workflow like with two panes).

    • Herr Pietrus

      “I really need smaller previews (to have more columns)

      Global switch for Bookmark list or Icons

      Sort bookmarks by name/url/date etc. per folder

      Right click menu: open all selected bookmarks in new foreground/background tabs & in new/private window”

      bookmarks menu button on the main bar

      possibility to place some bookmarks in root folder to have them on the list immidiatey after opening bookmarks list (bm still should have Unsorted as default folder that is opened after launchning BM)

      • Well, thanks for your feedback, but I was not kidding when I said that problems are most useful. When you make a suggestion to a developer, mentioning the solution doesn’t really help. He could only guess what you actually wanted to do and help you do it. There is also a good chance that he thinks your “solution” is for a different problem and that it’s already sufficiently solved with another solution implemented.

        Let’s go through your list and tell you my 30 seconds thoughts about it. (Don’t take them as stuff we would actually do!) You’ll probably see that the solution approach does not work:

        > Global switch for Bookmark list or Icons
        List view should give you more space or be useful when you have many sites that have no images. So all your bookmarks are not graphical? That is very unlikely … Or maybe it’s because your screen is very small? Probably we could do a version where the images are only half the size of what they are now.

        > Sort bookmarks by name/url/date etc. per folder

        Sorting is for finding stuff faster. Probably the need will disappear with better folders and indexed search.

        > bookmarks menu button on the main bar

        No need for that on mac as they are directly in the menubar … would make the chrome more system dependent.

        • plague

          Just need to add my 2 cents here..

          >> bookmarks menu button on the main bar

          >No need for that on mac as they are directly in the menubar … would make the chrome more system dependent.

          So, because one, and only one, system has a global menubar where the bookmarks menu is easily accessible on _that_ system, all other systems should suffer for it?
          No offense, but that doesn’t exactly make you feel warm and fuzzy inside when you’re not a mac user.

          Why don’t you just add a bookmarks submenu to the right click menu then?

        • Imre Lovasz

          With all due respect, I have to disagree with you on this “problems are useful, solutions aren’t” approach.
          When people suggest some solutions it’s because they have a positive experience with them, they liked it, those solutions worked for them.
          Suggesting a solution is a strong opinion as well.
          Also mentioning a problem without suggesting a possible solution is just opening a whole new can of worms.
          People are suggesting solutions because they want to use the product, they _care_ about the product. Ignoring them is just counterproductive and rude in my opinion.
          This is exactly why I had to ditch the new Opera in the first place – the developers won’t listen.
          I came back to check on the progress and I’m disappointed to see that the attitude of the developers haven’t changed much…

          • Wando Schneider

            I strongly disagree. Not just for development, but in science too, the first step to solve one thing is to know exactly what the problem is, and in what context it appear. Using a solution, you can go to a wrong path, because the solution can be unrelated with the core of the problem.. or lead you to make a palliative solution.. letting the cause of the problem unresolved. (i know, this explanation is confused, but i think you’ll understand what i mean 😀 )

          • Imre Lovasz

            The problem is well known (the current implementation of bookmark management is unfit for being a general solution) and the suggested solutions are well established and proven to be working well.
            As a developer I always welcome any suggestions when a problem rises. A user suggested solution puts the problem into perspective and let me examine it form a different point of view and helps me to develop a solution for the user’s benefits.

            Your statement might be true in general cases but this whole thread is about bookmark management so the problem is given.

        • Herr Pietrus

          Ok… so there are my problems:

          I have many bookmarks in almost every folder and if I use bookmark manager (to manage them, not to launch them – it’s useless to launch bookmarks, a least to launch them fast – as useless as nested menu under opera button, that’s why I use neater bookmarks extension for chrome) i don’t want to scroll and scroll and scroll. To be honest thumbnails are useful for me only in unsorted bookmarks – even so big as they are now, because I keep “temporary”, not well known pages there. Pictures help to recognize these websites at a glance. Perhaps I would use thumbnails in a few other folders but If they were smaller.

          Usually I use my own order in bookmarks but sometimes it would be nice if I could sort them alphabetically when I need it… It’s easier to do it by choosing proper option.

          Sometimes, I want to open a few bookmarks at once. It’s easier to do it by PPM – but as I’ve said I use neater bookmarks so You were right – opening many bookmarks in the same time via your manager it’s not my problem 🙂

          I think that nice integrated with Opera design and available without installing chrome extensions, launched form main bar bookmarks three will be the most convenient way to use bookmarks. Your hidden under Opera button in the top left corner of the window and multilevel menu it’s useless, and bookmarks bar consumes vertical space so I have to use neater bookmarks extension and only for that one extension I must install another one that let’s me to use chrome web store. All other useful extension are available on Opera’s extensions website.

          And that’s true, discussion about last case doesn’t make sense without that menu.

        • Ela2014

          > Global switch for Bookmark list or Icons
          >>List view should give you more space or be useful when you have many sites that have no images. So all your bookmarks are not graphical? That is very unlikely … Or maybe it’s because your screen is very small? Probably we could do a version where the images are only half the size of what they are now.

          I also would support the option to allow always the list view and an easy way to set it. I don´t need any pictures on my bookmarks. Really i don´t need to have pictures. I keep my bookmark names in good shape so they work out fine for me. I am not preaching others shouldn´t. Everyone who likes images to select bookmarks i wish all the best but please don´t force this upon us. 😉

    • Searching bookmarks via address bar was a much needed step in the right direction (bookmark entries should always be shown first)! Thanks!

      What I want/need for the bookmark manager:

      – More sorting options, esp. “show folders first” and “sort alphabetically” (after importing O12 bookmarks, everything is messed-up)
      – show “my folders” when going into bookmark manager
      – autofocus on search bar when going into bookmark manager
      – option for smaller thumbnails (compare the zoom slider in O12’s speed dial)
      – “Give us a tree view in the sidebar!!!!!!!one!!!exclamationmark!!!” 😉

      In O12 besides searching bookmarks via address bar, I used the small bookmark button (where the “startpage” button is now) to launch a Windows Startmenu-like bookmark menu. That is IMO much easier and faster (and fewer clicks!) than your new bookmark manager.

      And GwenDragon’s suggestions:

      1) User defined shortcut for bookmarked entry (like in Opera 12)
      2) Faster search for bookmarks [in the bookmark manager]
      3) Global switch for Bookmark list or Icons
      4) Last used date of bookmark
      5) Sort bookmarks by name/url/date etc. per folder

      PS: The bookmark manager needs quite some RAM…

      PPS: As always: Text selection within links! Central site preferences! Instead of Autofill the forms function (?) of O12! Image properties! Better click2plugin (page-wide button like in O12)! Page Links view function of O12! Etc.

      • I looked through your reply. Thanks for trying, but: I am sorry, I really need problems, not solutions

        • A. R.


        • Sorry, I’ll try to give some bookmark-related problems, although I don’t really understand why precise functionality suggestions don’t help. (I guess many commentators here “fear” that you guys come up with a fancy new idea for a problem that was already solved more or less flawlessly in O12 ;-).)

          1. I can’t sort my bookmarks and bookmark folders by name and “folders always first”: E.g. after a BM import, the sorting is messed-up and searching unsorted visual bookmarks is tedious.

          2. I can’t undelete things in the BM manager, because there is no trashcan function.

          3. I can’t access my bookmarks (besides address bar search) without losing focus of the actual tab and I have to click many times (at least 2-3 times: on “bookmarks” and then on “my folders”).

          4. I can’t switch the bookmark view globally between thumbnails and lists.

          5. I can’t give my bookmarks a keyword/description. Because sometimes I forgot the exact URL and website name of a bookmark, but have a fitting topic in its description in O12 (which is also searched via address bar).

          6. I can’t remove a bookmark via the heart menu.

          7. If I want to resort my bookmarks with many folders and subfolders, it is tedious because there is no tree view.

          8. I can’t add bookmarks via the heart menu in subfolders.

          • That is a really well structured response, thanks!

    • Well, I need nested folders to organize my bookmarks AND a way to move them from folder to folder easily and at a glance. Also, sometimes I wish I could be working on a page with my bookmarks still visible.

      I won’t mention the word but you know what I mean… 😉

      • NIBB

        +1 nested folders.

    • MadEddy

      Make it like on opera 12. That would be a great start. No need for animations, colours and other fancy fluff, just make it functional.

      A way to visualize bookmarks in a little window while not leaving a page would be great, like some sort of… panel?

      Or I have a better idea, you drop this abomination and resume opera presto development.

      • I guess you know yourself that this is a quite useless response. Come on, give us something constructive and good reasons to still read this blog!

        • A. R.

          I thought Opera 25 IS equivalent of Opera 12 – which clearly is not. Can we please get official response to this? Otherwise it will be dealed at opera stock holders meeting, and i will read the all of Norway’s phone books at my address until it’s confirmed tabbed stacking is on it’s way 😉

          • Please stay on topic!

          • A. R.

            Shame on you, shame on you. i will read those phone books..

        • MadEddy

          I reformulate my post so it is about bookmark problems:

          -when I display bookmark in list, it doesn’t apply to all folders. It is probably intentional, so my problem is there isn’t a master setting to make it all in list. I admit being able to choose per folder is great

          -I have no way to organize bookmarks (be it by alphabetical order, date, website)

          -I have no way to search and interact with my bookmarks (like copy pasting a link) without opening the bookmark page, and therefore leaving my current page. If I use the opera menu all I can do is click on the bookmark to open it, also you can’t do a search in the opera menu).

          -I can’t resize folder tile/URL space which results in huge waste of space

          -I can’t select several bookmarks just with shift+click or ctrl+click and then right click to do an action, instead I have to tick the bookmarks one by one and then right click to open them. Not convenient at all.

          -I have no way to see subfolders in the folder tile on the left, I’m forced to search it on the bookmark space on the right

          -I have problems to recognize folders and bookmarks in list display because the icons are the same color and about the same shape (they’re squares). I’m not blind but it requires efforts to see the subfolders, when you should be able to find them in a glance

          -animation transition is too long

    • Joel Spadin

      Given the details in the known issue section, I’d say you’re already solving my major problem with bookmarks.

      Other, more minor issues:
      – I can save all my open tabs as a speed dial folder. Why can’t I save them all to bookmarks at once?
      – I can place something I’ve bookmarked onto the speed dial page. Why can’t I send a speed dial item (or folder) to bookmarks?
      – There’s no way to remove a bookmark from the heart button at the right of the tab bar. I have to go into the bookmark manager, find the site, and remove it from there. If I’ve been saving the item in bookmarks to read it later, I’d like to be able to quickly remove it from bookmarks before I close the tab. That would also make it easier to remove the site if I accidentally click on the heart button.

    • Dan

      Heart icon only allow making a speed dial if you make a redundant bookmark.
      I don’t need a folder just to store folders of bookmark. A button to access the bookmark instead of going through Opera menu and select bookmark or making a new tab and go to bookmark menu would be great.

    • 1. delete confirmation (edit and delete buttons are very close), or a much better solution: trash (like in Opera 12)
      2. nickname support with searching, or a much better solution: bookmark tagging
      3. keyboard support for list navigation, delete, open, maybe ctrl+number for opening first 9 bookmarks in current folder
      4. unbookmark button in heart popup
      5. feature to select subfolders in heart popup (currently I cannot bookmark a page to a subfolder of bookmark bar directly)
      6. support for opera://bookmarks/myrootfolder/mysubfolder1/mysubfolder2 urls for direct addressing folders

      • I read your post, thanks for helping, but I really need problems, not solutions

        • A. R.


        • Okay, then here is my list with almost the same issues as problems:

          1. Edit bookmark and Delete bookmark buttons are too close and too small, I’ve clicked the wrong button multiple times and my bookmark gone without possible undo or confirmation

          2. OK button in bookmark editing is in exactly the same position as Delete button, so an accidental double click (due to a sticky touchpad or a dying left mouse button microswitch) on OK deletes the bookmark immediately after editing without possible undo or confirmation

          3. when I’d like to bookmark a page to a subfolder of the bookmarks bar, I have to bookmark it to the bookmarks bar, and drag it manually to the subfolder.

          4. without nicknames or tagging I have to name my bookmarks like Page Title |nickname”to have working nickname search in address bar by typing“|nickname” (without pipe I would have a lot of irrelevant hits for popular words). With a built-in nickname feature and properly prioritized search results everything could be cleaner. Bookmark searching is a must have (thanks for the support), but it is not enough smart.

          5. I press Ctrl+Shift+B to open bookmark manager and I can do nothing even opening a bookmark without using a mouse. I can enter the search field after hitting five Tabs, or scroll the bookmark list after hitting sevent, but that’s all.

          6. Search field in bookmark manager losts focus after/during entering text. I have to activate it again with mouse.

    • Elzo Lubbers

      One “problem” I can’t solve is opening several bookmarks at once.

      As an example: I have a folder Comics with a subfolder Old Comics.

      What I would like is to be able to open all bookmarks in Comics without opening those in the subfolder (like the way it works from the menu with middle mouse button on the folder).

      A second problem is working with bookmarks while looking at a page.
      I don’t use the bookmarks bar (I like my vertical space).

      If I have a page open. I need to either use a lot of mouse actions to open bookmarks from the menu that closes after every open action. Or open a page that blocks my current page and open the bookmarks from there one by one.

      Smaller requests:
      -Sort by name

    • Problem: I can’t efficiently select bookmarks with my touchscreen (not even daring talking about selecting multiple ones) (DNA-29950 & DNA-29951)

    • wolkenspalter

      Folders in bookmark bar: Sort by name should work permanently, also on new entries.

    • sbs73000

      My problem with bookmark manager : everything is too big. Only 6 bookmarks appear in preview mode (I use it for unsorted bookmarks only) and 13 when I choose list view (vs. the double in O12 and his side panel!).

      More than 1/3 of the screen are wasted (vertically) with navigation bar (in my opinion, it was better on the side) and the unscrollable upper block which contains search bar, file name (does it really need two lines ? yep, sorry for the solution ;-), share button…

    • Cyrris

      Problem 1: I have no way of easily moving my heavily foldered speed dial collection to the new bookmarks system so I can start using it full time.

      Corollary to Problem 1: In general, my mind sees speed dial entries, the bookmarks toolbar, and regular bookmarks all as different strokes of the same brush. But the browser seems to only properly integrate the latter two with each other, which is jarring. At this point I’ve decided it’s the browser that is the problem, not my mind.

      Problem 2: The heart icon in the address bar has no means in and of itself to remove an entry from bookmarks if it is already highlighted red. If I accidentally add this blog entry to bookmarks, I can’t quickly undo this. I have to open the bookmarks manager, find it, and delete it there. It’s a bit of extra effort which could be avoided. Both Chrome and Firefox provide this functionality with their equivalent buttons.

    • * I cant separate bookmarks in bookmark bar’s submenues with lines

      That would be nice for better visibility of bookmasrks grouped, belonging together.

    • SQL

      Well,currently i can’t open all of the bookmarks inside a folder at the same time (I have to manually open them all).

      I would like to have an option that whenever i simply click on a bookmark it opens it in the current tab instead of opening another tab for the bookmarks (My usecase is opening many different links from bookmarks with Ctrl + left click and then as i find the last bookmark i want to access i would like to simply click on it so it opens up in the same tab as the BM manager instead of creating yet another tab when i no longer need the BM manager, i have to manually close the BM managers tab currently.)

    • Rob Segal

      I second many of these, with the inability to view/sort alphabetically, by date visited, etc. probably being my biggest problem. At least for me, It’s not just a way of finding things that can be eliminated with better search/folders. It’s a way of keeping things organized without having to manually put many bookmarks in alphabetical order or moving newly added bookmarks around, and of seeing which sites I’ve visited recently or most frequently, etc. This is my number 1 problem right now.

      Two smaller problems I just discovered after accidentally adding about 100 bookmarks to a folder: when “lassoing” multiple bookmarks to select them, the screen doesn’t move to allow me to select bookmarks that are above or below (off screen). This is on mac, not sure if it is the same on other platforms. Second, no ability to delete multiple selected bookmarks.

      Thanks for taking our feedback!

    • One word: Treeview.

    • plague

      My feedback for the current bookmarks implementation (formulated as problems):

      1. If I accidentally click on the heart button, it creates a bookmark and I can’t undo that by deleting it again directly in the heart menu. I have to open the BM, find the bookmark and delete it there.

      2. If I want to add a site to SD, but not to BM, I can only do it through the right click menu or by opening a new tab and click “Add a site”. There is no way to do it through the heart button, which makes it extra work compared to bookmarks.

      3. If I want a folder structure in bookmarks, I have to place the folders in “My Folders”. This means that when I want to open a bookmarked site, I have to open the “Opera” menu, then open the “Bookmarks” submenu, then open the “My Folders” submenu and _then_ I can browse through my bookmarks to find the site I wanted. That’s three steps before I actually get to the root folder of “my” bookmarks (Opera->Bookmarks->My Folders->[folder structure]), when it really should be a maximum of two steps (Opera->Bookmarks->[folder structure]).

      4. If I want to add a bookmark to a subfolder, I cannot do that in the heart menu, I have to first add the bookmark to a root folder, then open the BM, find the bookmark and manually move it into the subfolder.

      5. If I have lots of subfolders in Bookmarks, it’s very hard to get a good overview of the actual bookmarks, as the right pane is filled to the brim with folder icons, while the left pane only shows the root folders and none of the subfolders.

      6. If I want to quickly open a bookmark that is placed four steps down in a folder structure (root->folder1->folder2->folder3->folder4->selected bookmark), I have to either traverse the folder structure as submenus through the Opera menu (which is not always ideal), or go through the BM, click on the root folder, then find and open the first subfolder in the right pane, find and open the second subfolder in the right pane, find and open the third subfolder in the right pane, find and open the fourth subfolder in the right pane and _then_ find and open the bookmark. This makes a tree structure of folders in bookmarks very very time consuming, when it really should be _less_ timeconsuming to have bookmarks organized and separated into a folder tree.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Hi Thorben,
      Thanks for the BM page enhancement. Multiselecting items by encircling them with mouse with left button pressed is awesome!

      [bookmark search-as-you-type bug]
      When I enter a text in the search field on the bookmark page, the search-as-you-type is limiting the list of bookmarks. If such a redraw happens, the search field loses focus.
      Also, the search result is shown in thumbnail mode even if the current view was list-only. I think it would be more consistent to show it in the same mode as the current one.

      [full-text search]
      The thing I’d like most in the bookmark manager is, surprisingly, not in the field of UI. It’s full-text search. Currently, I’m not sure whether I’m missing anything when I search just because I might enter keywords from the pages themselves and not from the currently searchable domains (title, url, and meta tags).

      [SD folders draggable]
      Recently I decided to re-organise my SD folders, which have grown too big. It took longer than I’d like because only SD links were draggable, not folders. When an item was dropped onto the boormaks bar, the dialog popup was appearing. Along with the overall slow operation, on my Core2Duo 3GHz, it didn’t feel fast and responsive.

      [select/deselect buttons]
      When I select an item using the button on the item overlay toolbox, it gets selected, but the deselect button (blue mark) appears to the right from the cursor, not under it. If I selected the item by mistake and would like to deselect it, it would be intuitive to click again at once, but this just opens the item. And when I deselect it, the delete button appears right under the cursor, so if I click once more, it gets deleted without a confirmation!
      So I suggest there should be a safer and more intuitive list management approach. With selection boxes appearing in the corner, like on OneDrive, perhaps.

    • Libor Dupák

      Thank you for working on bookmarks. My notes:
      1) I need nested folders to organize my bookmarks. It’s hard to nest folders currently.(hehe)

      2) I need smaller icons and/or narrower (changeable size) left-side panel – to have more bookmarks visible on small laptop screen without scrolling. Same for the upper part with search field.
      3) I’d like to be able to change icon image, e.g. for site logo. Suggested images are usually strange, try bookmarking
      4) In listed form, folder icons are for me too hard to distinguish from links (especially when favicons aren’t loaded) and are not top of the list and I’d like them to be sorted that way.
      5) I need to be able to quickly access bookmark via shortcut, e.g. it is much faster to type “ma” or “bz” and hit enter to get certain bus connections than looking through bookmarks or speeddial.
      6) I’d appreciate undelete/trash for accidentally deleted bookmarks.

      • ahoj1234

        agree with 1,2,3, and also 6 since deleting is so easy (no confirmation needed, would like to see settings for confirmation than another “trash” folder)

        not sure about meaning of 4, disagree with 5 (I would only put BM search prediction higher than history etc)

        7 -> you can already see it 🙂 it’s right down from the “search” or right up from the folders/links. (written as a root, small text..)

    • shane

      I use xmarks to sync across multiple browsers.
      Opera places bookmarks by default into some weird sub folder that is not synced, and the bookmark must be moved.

      Please remove the silly ‘my folders’ stuff and just use the standard bookmarks folders that are known by all browsers.

    • Problem: the margins for selecting multiple bookmarks by dragging the mouse are too small.

    • Mr. Operaniac

      The members in our community mostly raised these following questions or needs:

      1.why bookmarks added via heart menu is not shown in bookmarks bar by default?

      2.users need a recycle bin or something like that to find their deleted bookmarks which have been done so by mistake.

      3.the approach to multi-delete several bookmarks in a time.

    • SimonGentrey

      It seems like the current Bookmark Manager is aimed at those with only a few bookmarks. At last count I had over 6000 bookmarks in a deeply nested structure of several hundred folders. I have a couple of problems:

      1) With Opera 12 I can have multiple low level folders open simultaneously. For example, I might have folders about .NET, SQL Server, Git and Music all open simultaneously, all of which are sub-folders of other folders. I can’t do that in Opera Blink’s Bookmark Manager.

      2) Secondly, every now and again I’ll rearrange some topic (eg combining folders Tools > Testing and .NET > Visual Studio > Unit Testing). I can’t easily drag sub-folders and individual bookmarks around from one branch in the hierarchy to another in the Blink Bookmark Manager.

      It basically comes down to visibility and flexibility: The Bookmark Manager seems to designed to deal with just a single folder at at time and I can’t see the other folders I want to, or easily move things between folders in very different branches.

      And a couple of minor niggles:

      1) Bookmarks and sub-folders seem to sorted in random order by default, rather than alphabetically, after I import them from Opera 12;

      2) There don’t seem to be global defaults or settings that apply to all bookmarks and folders. eg I would rather see a list of small icons in each folder than see the bookmarks as enormous thumbnails by default. But I seem to have to change the view in each folder individually when I open it, rather than being able to set my preferences globally.


  • Leonardo Gomes

    New flags:

    Bookmark suggestions
    Mac, Windows, Linux
    Enables bookmark suggestions in the address field.

    Multidrag in Bookmark Manager
    Mac, Windows, Linux
    Perform drag and drop operations on multiple items in the bookmark manager

    Extension debugger API
    Mac, Windows, Linux
    Enables the extension debugger APIs.

    Extension declarative content API
    Mac, Windows, Linux
    Enables the extension declarative content APIs.

  • dflyra

    Talking about bookmarks, I must admit that they are visually spectacular, but they need some ‘functional polishing’:
    1. Alphabetical sorting of files & folders (an option for automatic sorting would be nice)
    2. Sub-folders (nested folders) visible, in order to drag & drop bookmarks anywhere in one stroke.
    3. Right click menu: copy/cut/paste selected bookmarks (also a workaround to the No. 2 above)
    4. Right click menu: open all selected bookmarks in new foreground/background tabs & in new/private window
    5. Undelete bookmarks (trash can/recycle bin?)
    That’s it for now!
    PS. Regardless of the above, the bookmarks’ manager development is exponential.

  • rufu2

    Ceterum censeo: side panels and configurable default searches, please 🙂

  • Lacedaemon

    Oh my, were to begin…

    * Clicking on Bookmarks, the cursor should move automatically to the search field (economy of actions – like it is in History, Settings, etc)

    * Let’s say for example that I’ve got some bookmarks of technical nature about the PC which I store in a folder called “PC topics”. I realize now that a lot of them have to do with “Windows” so I want to create a folder “Windows” in “PC topics” to move the relevant bookmarks there. I need to be able to create a new Folder on the spot, while I’m at it, so I need a button “Create New Folder”

    * You can drag and move bookmarks but it just COPIES them to the other location, it should MOVE them. I know you have to hold Shift to do it but this is just WRONG.

    * I can’t open multiple bookmarks from the BKM at once. Or I’m browsing my Bookmarks and I’m interested in opening 5 of them. I’m quickly selecting those 5 with the mouse and press ENTER to open them. Not possible. I want those five to be opened in a new window so I right-click and click open in new window. Not possible, only the first opens.

    *I want to open a folder of BKM in a new window, so when I close it I can return to my clean other window. Not possible here, not possible in Speed Dial. NOT POSSIBLE.

    • ayespy

      You know that “alphabetize” for instance, can be done from the Opera/Bookmarks menu, yes? It just can’t be done within the manager, or if the manager is even open, which is of course a real deficiency.

      • Lacedaemon


    • Some good points here.

      Especially 2) would be nice as currently I have to create folders at the top level and then drag them to their destination. Would be easier to create that folder in the folder I want it to be.

      Kinda related to 3) and 4) is that it would be nice to open all bookmarks in a folder at once (like in Speed-Dial).

      6) I would generally like to sort them alphabetically (not only in list view). Simply sort them like folders and files in an explorer.exe window.

  • Dan

    Speed dial folder would almost make up for session if there is an open in new window option. Also make the order of “Save tabs as speed dial folder” when opened open in the same order as when they were saved.

  • Jorton

    It’s helpful to have the “Bookmarks suggestions”. Could you guys think about to get suggestions not only from the web addresses but also from the web titles/names?

  • Jorton

    When will bookmarks integrate with opera link?

    • ayespy

      From the looks of things, never. New Bookmarks sync is on different servers, using totally different protocols than the old Link. If they do anything to make it possible to import the old stuff, I would expect them to make it possible to export it from the web to HTML, and then import the HTML file to new Opera, from which point you could sync to all your devices. As it stands, if you have Link, you have/had Opera 12.X, and you can already import from there to Opera 25+, even if you have to temporarily reinstall Opera 12.X to do it.

  • Farhan Rashid

    I am not able to play any of the flash videos on this site, while they are working fine on other browsers

    (using latest opera dev)

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, the video playback works well here: Windows XP/7 – FP NPAPI, FPB PPAPI, and Linux – FP PPAPI 😉

      • Farhan Rashid

        Win 8.1

        Adobe Flash Player

        Shockwave Flash 15.0 r0

    • Plays with Flashplayer NPAPI on Windows 7 x64.

      • Farhan Rashid

        Windows 8.1
        Opera Version:27.0.1683.0

        Adobe Flash Player
        Shockwave Flash 15.0 r0

  • A. R.

    2 ISSUES:

    BUG: switch –single-process makes extensions api non available and extensions don’t work proper also cannot install new ones.

    THANKS: Bookmarks now work with that –single-process switch

    NOTEA: In flags I have all settings for extra threads disabled, but I’ve played with these and these doesn’t seem to effect thread amount on CPU at all.

    NOTEB: Despite using –single-process there was another opera.exe process – which is just fine 🙂 But 35 — NO.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Are this or any other switch officially supported?

  • A. R.

    SEE PIC:

    Also 1 PROCESS system Opera with additional container needs to function properly to match O25 mismatch ‘unintentionally don’t support Opera 12’.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    I don’t know if anybody has already posted this bug:

    If you open the flags page with a # hyperlink shortcut (i.e. opera://flags/#bookmarks-multi-drag), when you change any other flag value, the page jumps to that original flag. It only affects advanced users, so it’s a low priority issue.

  • Kamen Minkov

    It would be useful to show the folder a bookmark is in when searching from the address field. This feature existed in Opera 10 or 11, but was later removed for reasons unknown. There’s plenty of space on a wide screen, so this can be shown to the right. Even if not that way, it would be nice to have a two-row view at least optional. I also miss nicknames and descriptions for bookmarks and bookmark folders – not something I personally use for each and every bookmark/folder in Opera 12, but can be very useful in some situations.

  • helsten2

    I am not sure if this has been commented before, but in the last builds, I have noticed that it takes longer and longer time to open/close tabs. It takes more than 1 second if you keep Opera open all day. If you close absolutely all tabs (without restarting Opera) it’s quick again. But again it will slow down over time.

    Anybody else with the same experience?


    • escruting

      Yes, it happens to me a lot. I think it is related to the high CPU and HDD usage nature of Chromium.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Absolutely not here. Opera is running 24/7 and I have always around 30 tabs open. And three more programms, which are working the whole day.


      • helsten2

        Hmm, …

        Have you enabled “Continue where I left off” in Settings?

        • Ralf Brinkmann


          • helsten2

            If I enable “Open the start page” instead, the delay seems to be gone ….

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Only 1 second?

      Btw, is “delay loading of background tabs ” enabled?

      • helsten2

        I said “more than 1 second” – to be polite 🙂
        What kind of delay should I expect?

        “Delay loading of background tabs ” is not enabled

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Don’t know, 1 second is not even a delay for me. 🙂

          Enabling it makes any difference? What kind of pages are being loaded?

          • helsten2

            No difference – as far as I can tell.

            Pages being loaded: Newspapers, magazines, discussion forums, web shops.

            But disabling “Continue where I left off” in Settings definitely makes a difference

          • Leonardo Gomes

            There are pages with flash videos, any media, heavy content or something like that?

            Have you tried with one page at once to see if a page in special is causing the issue? And what about disabling extensions if aby being used?

          • helsten2

            I have not noticed any difference based on the content of the page.

            And I don’t use any extensions 🙂

  • In new Startpage some SpeedDial icons display no title, only while hovering with mouse, but the title is set in SpeedDial icon (can be inspected by contxt menue with Edit).

    • ahoj1234

      it’s known, also the “dark foreground” for SD folders. the question is if it’s not easier to do bookmarks manager far better and ditch SD as they ditch stash. Bookmarks are becoming better SD in my opinion (still needs far more work to be better than SD but I can imagine that SD will be ditched in a few months).

      • the question is if it’s not easier to do bookmarks manager far better

        In SpeedDial i have the most uses webpages i visit for fast access.

        Currently Bookmarks Manager is not confortable ynough 😉

        • ahoj1234

          can’t agree more. That’s why I have stuck with SD, bookmakrs manager need more polishing. I had to (and I also did) said that it might be easier to adapt bookmarks manager.

          for example size of icons, ability to change thumbnails easily, ability import whole SD to one bookmark folder etc. After that I can imagine ability to use bookmarks manager OR speed dial as our startpage… and eventually ditch SD if it goes well.

          • Herr Pietrus

            yeah, SD with folders tree on the left side… sound so “great”…

          • ahoj1234

            first at all, in bookmarks there is folder tree on top (under “search”, the small text, though), on the left – as you mentioned – and also for opening “deeper” folders you can see it right in the place.

            anyway I’m not telling that right here, right now it’s done well and that bookmarks manager can replace SD these days. But I kinda can see the irony you used and honestly, I love SD, I always did. But I can see the future with bookmarks.

            and to be honest, developing these two – almost similar – features (SD and bookmarks manager) will only insult in a wasting of resources (money, time…).

            I would love to hear what CAN’T be done with bookmarks but CAN be done with the new SD (not mentioning old SD extensions, it’s just matter of some API)

    • Wando Schneider

      It supposed to be like that. Only display when a folder have 2 or more icons from the same domain.

      • Thanks, Wando, for the explanation. Two bookmarks from same domain in one folder show always title.
        Oh yes, i recognized it now! I was confused by this ‘missing title’.

        I dont know where this feature of bookmark’s title really was explained.
        May be it was overseen by me.

  • Marc

    I can’t add a site to my start page (speed dial) without also first adding it to my bookmarks (via heart icon). So I always have to delete the unwanted bookmark afterwards. Oh and to delete the bookmark I have to go into the bookmarks manager. I can’t use the heart menu for this.

  • BUG: Opera doesn’t recognize already added bookmarks if they are in subfolders (at least in “Imported Bookmarks”). I have tons of old bookmarks in folders and subfolders and when I open them and click on the heart button (to get an image added to them) it only works when they are at the root “Imported Bookmarks”. Those on subfolders get added to “Unsorted Bookmarks” instead of being updated in place. I only noticed this after seeing how the images were not updating for them (because I hadn’t realized the heart was not highlighted, as Opera didn’t know these URLs were already bookmarked).

    • ayespy

      I find the problem only (but always) with imported bookmarks. Ones that I set or modified within the browser since visual bookmarks came online will all accept new images.

      • Just to be extra clear, the problem is not that the bookmark doesn’t take the image, but that Opera doesn’t know it’s already a bookmark, and puts it in “Unsorted bookmarks” when I click on the heart, without touching the original copy in another folder.

        • ayespy

          Weird. Had not run into that. But then, I’ve not been messing with my bookmarks recently. I seldom make new ones (took me twenty years to get a couple thousand) and only update them when the particulars of the site change (or if they go dead, at which time they are simply removed).

          I’ll have to see if I get the problem you are reporting.

  • Švabenzi Matori

    1. When I set a cookie block for a certain domain (e.g youtube and many more) it still manages to accept them.
    2. Thumbnails not being generated for imported bookmarks.
    3. Not a problem, but the + button on the bookmarks bar has no useless really.

  • Tom Lindberg

    My main issue is that I’m having a hi dpi screen and the thumbnail images displayed appear blurry and pixelated due tot he low resolution.

    It also seems like I can’t update the content of a shared bookmarks folder?
    Like your previous example, I used this to make a wishlist for Christmas and then shared it with my family (great stuff), but I’d rather not go through the process of sharing and resending the link every time I add something.

  • ko1o7

    i think its a bug since i can do it in chrome but when i open a link with ctrl+left click inside of a folder in the bookmarks bar, it opens the link in another page but closes the folder aswell which can be very annoying when trying to open multiple links in one folder

  • rabe85

    I like the way to get one feature and ask about the problems 🙂

    Here are my bookmark problems (i hope all of them are problems, not solutions):

    – I don’t like it to have the extra folders (tab bar, imported, shared) visible in the bookmarks manager. I never use it, so they are unnecessary. The tab bar and share option are disabled. I moved some bookmarks into it (instead of the last normal folder) and it took me half an hour to find them again.

    – I can’t see if opera is still importing bookmarks or not, if the bookmarks manager is open in the background. The importer doesn’t grey out the options while importing and doesn’t show a progress bar or success message. I have to restart opera to see the result.

    – The popup messages (which ask something if i want to delete a folder for example) are ugly. They are not in the middle of the screen and not good visible.

    – The bookmark images are too big.

    – It’s very hard to sort the bookmarks in a folder alphabetically. I have go to the o-menu -> bookmarks -> my folders -> right-click at it and select the sorting. After that it needs a refresh of the bookmarks page, if i had it open before the sorting.

    – A refresh of the bookmarks page opens the unsorted bookmarks instead of refresh the current folder.

    – I can’t change the image (or refresh it, if i have the page sreenshot) of a bookmark.

    – I can’t change the url of a new created bookmark in the heart window (to remove the session id of the url for example).

    – I can’t change the title of a new created bookmark in the heart window.

    – I can’t delete the bookmark with the heart window.

    – I can’t save bookmarks into subfolders with the heart window. I have to save them somewhere, go to the bookmarks manager and move them to the right subfolder. That’s too complicated…

    – If i use the o-menu -> bookmarks, i want to see my folders directly there, not a folder called “my folders” with my folders in it. That’s an unnecessary and bugging click each time. A little workaround to show some bookmarks directly there is to move my normal bookmarks to unsorted bookmarks, but that doesn’t work with the folders. They can’t be at the same level as the “my folders” folder.

    – The “o-menu -> bookmarks”-menu closes each time i make a right-click and i have to reopen all the subfolders again after rename something or sorting it alphabetically.

    – I can’t open all bookmarks from a folder (without all bookmarks from all subfolders) at once.

    – The “open all” option is only in the right-click menu, not on top of each folder (like i used it over years in the old opera versions).

    – The “o-menu -> bookmarks”-menu shows scroll bars on top and bottom each time, regardless if it still is scrolled up or down to the first or last entry. I don’t like the scroll thing in the menu overall, but that’s not bookmark related 😛

    – A double-click at a folder in the “o-menu -> bookmarks”-menu doesn’t open the bookmarks manager with that folder.

    – I can’t delete a selected bookmark.

    – New bookmarks in a folder are shown at the beginning of that folder instead of the end.

    – I can’t create subfolders directly.

    – I can’t add a bookmark manually, if i know the url.

    – I can’t rename “my folders”.

    – It’s hard to go from the bookmarks manager to speed dial or discover.

  • I just realized the new design doesn’t show how many comments are posted, so I can’t prejudge about it being interesting or not. hehe.

    • taneli

      Well the chat system itself is still Disqus so, you wouldn’t find any comments anyway, if there are more than 5.

  • Akbalder

    Why doesn’t the tab menu open itself when doing right click + mouse wheel? (as in opera 12)

    • taneli

      Noo no no, i’ve been asking for this.
      But rather, make it straight away cycle the tabs, screw the preview.
      Mouse right + Mouse wheel = switch tabs would be preferred.

      Unless it’s technically impossible as so many trivial things seem to be with Chromium/Webkit.

  • ayespy

    None of the blog posts have a favicon – so I can no longer look for the red “O” on the tab bar, but have to read the tabs. C’mon…

  • Unfortunately I’m switching to Mozilla, I always liked Opera, but with time he was falling increasingly nowadays I see it as a copy of Chrome, and missing several things, took years to put bookmarks in the browser not to mention that the menu is still ridiculous, Opera has been innovative, now is just a shadow

  • Azamat

    I use everyday at work, but with previous update, that page crashes. As soon as it’s loaded, it crashes. Just updated to 27.0.1683.0, but problems hasn’t gone. This makes me to use another browser just for Please fix!

    • Azamat

      BTW, I’m on Ubuntu 14.04.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Under Windows 7×64 I can open the page without problems.

        • Azamat

          I just remembered, that I get page crash for another website too:

          As soon as I login into my account (using Github), it loads dashboard and after 3-5 seconds I get Page Crashed error.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            That’s something I can not test here, because I don’t have an account there. Have you tried out to disable all your extensions for testing and switch them on again one by one? Or to test it with a second, clean USB installation in a separate folder?

          • Azamat

            Yes, I did test disabling all extensions. What do you mean “USB installation” ? I tried to install (not update) downloading fresh deb package.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            I don’t know in Ubuntu, but in Windows you can select, if you want to install the programm for all users, only for one user (the user data will be written in special user data folders) or as separate USB installation, that’s like installing it on an USB stick for mobile use. All user data will be written in a subfolder of the Opera programm folder itself.

          • Azamat

            ok, you mean portable install. I’m not sure how to do it on Ubuntu, but I don’t think this would help. Let’s wait for someone to check it on linux, maybe @thorbenb:disqus can say something.

      • No crash with Opera 25.0.1614.68 and Opera 27.0.1683.0 on Windows 8.1 64-bit.

    • I get strange freezes and slow interaction on, but no crashes.

  • cgebhard

    A possible bug I ran across:

    When you try to drag a folder around bm-manager (which doesn’t work) and afterwards right click this folder the context menu is lying behind the folder.

  • cgebhard

    Some thoughts as problem oriented feedback for the bm-manager:

    1) I can’t select multiple items and delete them all at once, which is annoying when tidying up and getting rid of unused bookmarks

    2) In general I see it problematic, when a program ignores the established working/interaction patterns of an OS and introduces it’s own. Users have to learn a new way to operate which might puzzle new users and feel very unintuitive compared to the already learned interactions within the OS or annoy long-term users. (Especially when you compare bm-manager to a file explorer, which I intuitively do, but that’s a subjective opinion)
    2.1) To be more specific, in Windows you can select several items using Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click. In bm-Manager I have to click tiny check-marks or drag a lasso around the items I want to select. That might be fine for a small collection as e.g. in a speed dial but not when you want to move/organize a proper bookmark collection.
    2.2) When you perform a right-click operation on multiple selected items in Windows, the action is done to all of the selected items. In bm-manager when I select multiple entries and right-click–>”open in new tab”, only the one entry i actually clicked on is opened.

    3) back-/forward actions in bm-manager (this was suggested on the forums already, so I won’t post a duplicate here unless anyone might ask 🙂

    4) I can’t add a bookmark to a subfolder. The workaround I could use is either adding it to the level 1 folder of choice and then move it around in the bm-manager. The other way is just having level one folders, but honestly I do not believe that a list of 30 level 1 folders is “cleaner” or in any way more clearly than opening a tree-like structure. Both is not a very practicable design. (Okay, I know this is a solution and should not be said here, but at least I explained the underlying problem as well 😉

  • Another problem that is important for those of us who use different browsers, and that I had pointed out before, is that the folders you can create on the bookmark sidebar are NOT recognized by any bookmark extension, including Xmarks, which makes it impossible to sync them between browsers. If you move some of your bookmarks there, they will only exist in Opera.

  • Ted Baker

    Is it not possible to sync Speed Dial between installations? Also, please bring back bookmark nicknames.

    • ayespy

      No, speed dial is not included in sync at this time. I expect it will be in time.

      • A. R.

        Shame on Opera.

        • ayespy

          Christ, A.R. Would you shut up with the pointless bashing? If you have something constructive to say or ask, fine. Otherwise, you are just littering.

  • Libor Dupák

    When I select address in plain text, I cannot open the address in new tab/window. Is it somehow possible to do it easier then copy+new tab+paste+go ? It used to work with shift/ctrl click.

  • RX-3200

    DNA-29191 still here (not fixed)

    some extensions are still looks broken on extensions bar :
    “ContentBlockHelper” and “Stylebot” show “grey”(not left-clickable) buttons on extensions bar …

    it work fine at last in Opera 26.0.1655.0

    please fix DNA-29191

  • jimmyhouj

    the new opera 27 is very good. i have an feature request, sometimes when opening many tabs and clicking a new link maybe open an tab which is yet open again. please dear opera developers it isnt an bug but an problem if opening the same link many times because of lost control.

  • NIBB

    You want problems. It takes a long time and its very annoying to access one.

    Click on the Opera main menu, hover on bookmarks, hover on my folders, hover on the folder you want, then finally ! Click the bookmark.

    Why is this so complicated? You just need to slightly move your mouse pointer wrongly and have to hover all over again the menus, in particular if you have tons of folders and bookmarks its like playing find waldo.

    In Chrome its like this

    Hit Ctrl+Shift B

    Hover over the folder, click the bookmark. Since they are all horizontally aligned in the bar, you know exactly where to click without even looking it.

    It seems that Opera in order to make everything so slick, just hides important features. Same for the Recently closed option, which is used allot. In the past you clicked on the trash icon, now you have to make more steps to find it in the menu.

    Basic rule of GUI, Microsoft has learned from this with their fiasco in Windows 8 and they where warned about this. If a user cannot see a function or feature, it does not exists in his mind, so he will not use it. Things need to be visible and easily accessible in order to get used and to make it easy to use. If you want to hide things, then at least make keyboard shortcuts for them.

    • Nekomajin43


      The trash and bookmarks button should be on the toolbar next to the downloads and sync button.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Ctrl+Shift+B > Select the folder on the left > Select and open the bookmark. Far from being complicated imho.

      • NIBB

        Really? How did Metro worked out for Microsoft? People don’t like to be disrupted from their work focus each time they need to do regular actions. Your proposition is going to a completely different screen/tab which is very annoying. In the old Opera you could have them as side bar, in other browsers you can have them on the top. Some people open things in background tabs, its clear this does not work here either as you are forced to first go to the bookmark page and then force to go to the bookmark you open. Even if you use Ctrl to open them in the background, you are still forced to change tabs this way just to open a bookmark.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, I’ve never had problems with Metro and i really don’t see any relation to Opera’s bookmarks.

          If you don’t want to open a new tab to see your bookmarks, you can use the bookmark’s bar or the bookmark’s menu.

    • Leonardo Gomes
      • NIBB

        Well, at least Mac users have the options visible instead of hidden under one Opera logo, so its one less step they have to do.

  • mozzer

    Please, allow me to open entire speed dial folder with scroll mouse button, like in single speed dial elements.

  • Sidney Moraes

    Devs, since the implementation of Pepper flash support, I can’t make Opera developer or next detect it. PLEASE HELP!

    • mikemanger

      What operating system and version of Opera are you using?

      • Sidney Moraes

        I am using Windows 8.1 32bits and Opera beta 26 and developer 27.

        • mikemanger

          Newest Opera beta 26.0.1656.20 has a Pepper flash fix for 32bit Windows.

          • Sidney Moraes

            I saw it!!! That fix will be applied to Opera developer? because it hás the same bug.

          • SuperTommy

            Yes, probably in the next developer release.

  • Dave-H

    Sorry if this has already been mentioned, but I keep getting a pop-up from Opera 27 telling me that my Flash Player needs to be updated.
    I have installed, which is the latest version.
    If I click on the pop-up, it takes me to an Adobe download page for the Beta version of the Flash Player, complete with a box already ticked to download and make Google Chrome my default browser!

    • SuperTommy

      Do you use Pepper flash? If so, the latest beta version is 16.0:

      If you use the regular version, then I don’t know, because Adobe website says the version you mentioned.

      • Dave-H

        I’m not using Pepper flash as far as I’m aware, YouTube for instance is using the normal Flash Player plugin.
        There’s no Pepper flash mentioned in the plugins list.

        • mikemanger

          On the plugins page you can only tell if it is Pepper flash if you click on ‘Show details’ this’ll also show if you have more than one flash plugin installed. For the type it’ll say PPAPI.

          • Dave-H

            The Pepper flash plugin is definitely not there.
            The only one listed is NPSWF32_15_0_0_223.dll.

    • Yes, the popup misleads.
      I had the working latest NPAPI flash .223 installed and Opera wanted to force me to install Pepper Flash .215 beta.

      • Dave-H

        Perhaps that’s what it’s trying to prompt me to do too, but the pop-up certainly isn’t directing me to the right place if it is, it’s prompting me to install an older version of the normal NP Flash Player than I already have!

    • wolkenspalter

      I followed the popup download instruction too. Now – surprise- I have installed. But there is no pepper plugin recogniced by opera. Whats wrong?

      • You really need PepperPlugin 16 beta?
        On which OS?

  • TM

    where the hell my comment gone.. yesterday only i comment here.. regarding a prob with opera v27 stand-alone usb installation… that it gets hanged when click on luncher,,,the 1st run is perfect,,,but on second run its just get hanged and only the min,max & exit button works….and if i delete those update files in that opera folder,,,then it runs properly…but after few min again it get stuck when restart the opera browser….the old v26 dev never shown like this prob..this mostly happening with v27 dev.

  • askela Problem witht this site, doesnt show text.

    • Works fine on Windows 7 x64, Fonts appear with freshed installed Opera DEV.

      Do you block any domains?

      • askela

        I dont blok anything. AdBlock running. i uninstalled the adblock, but still no text.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Can you try a clean install as USB installation (portable) in a separate folder for testing?

          • askela

            Just did, no effeckt, still doesnt see the text.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            And with other browsers?

          • askela

            Opera 12 evrything works. Explorer some charters missing.


          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Firefox? Chrome? As I told you, I have tested it with Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and now also with Waterfox (64 Bit). Everywhere the same result and always with the complete textes. So I think it might be something outside of your browser. Something in your Windows settings or I don’t know.

          • askela

            Ok, thankyou for your effort. I think is time to make clean install of windows.

        • Marko Koivuniemi

          Tested with Adblock Plus (Windows 8.1 64-bit) and seems to work. Try to rename Opera profile folder and test without settings and plugins (you can then rename it back) This is alternative way compared to separate and clean USB installation.

      • askela

        I dont blok any domains. Only AdBlock Plus extention is running. I uninstalled AdBlock, but still have problems.
        (index):204 GET net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

        (index):615 GET…-sinu-igapaevaprobeemidele-mis-ka-tegelikult-toimivad%2F&rnd=1416224012425 net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT(index):615 f


    • You dont tell us anything about your operating system.

      • askela

        Win 7 32bit

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Text? Really? I can see all textes and the page looks the same in Opera, Chrome and Firefox here. W7x64.
      Maybe it’s an extension on your system?

    • May be your system has problems with Opera + hardwareaccelaration.

      in Settings -> Browser -> System Try to disable Hardware Accelaration and restart Opera

  • Ela2014

    Problem: Cannot fill in and access bookmarks by Nickname

    I cant fill in a nickname for a bookmark. Therefore i can´t access a bookmark quickly via Alt-F2 (a key combo that also doesn´t seem to work in this build)

    The problem i am trying to solve here is working quickly with my regular bookmarks. Using nicknames is always faster than navigating by mouse. Also indexed search is no replacement for that because you need to look at the results to be sure to select the right one. If i give nicknames to something i just know that pressing ALT-F2 and entering “ma” as the first two letters of the nickname “mail” will open my webmail page. Its just extremely fast. No way to beat that with searching and/or clicking around.

  • Ela2014

    Problem: Cannot insert seperator lines

    What i am trying to solve with it? It gives you a better overview over folder contents where you might have more bookmarks in one folder but might not want to move stuff to subfolders. Why not use subfolders? It increase access times because you need to navigate more. This seems only a ahort moment but if you remember that you might do this daily multiple times its just not always efficient to use subfolders. Index is not a replacement because if you have a lot of bookmarks you might not remember whats in every description so you might waste time searching. Its all about efficiency.

  • Alexander


    Just want yo say what Im missing in O:

    1) Issue with opening torrent* files through “save” procedure..

    2) Make bookmarks page opening in speed dial page, not like new “bookmarks page” with different interface. And on top of this page must be always visible 3 buttons: speed dial, bookmarks, discover.

    3) I loved in O12 feature when you press F5 on speed dial page – all speed dial previews reloaded at same time, So I could see whats going on on this 18 pages (speed dial preview).

    4. RETURN possibility to view images properties with exif data. I realy miss this, as Im working a lot with images/ photo..

    5. How I can make hot key “Shift + click on the link” to open it in new tab?..

    6. Im very disappointed with your synchronization feature!! Three days ago I reinstalled Windows + all soft (HDD failure)..and what I got when I installed new O and logged-in in synchronization? Only speed dials..and HOW ABOUT PASSWORDS, history and so on..

    7. And if its possible – optimize cold start-up..because something terrible is going on (looking at HDD light) when O makes cold start)..

  • Андрей

    I’ve got stable crashes after login and navigating to translations on & as on Windows as on Linux. It happens at least in the last 2 dev builds.

  • L33t4opera

    New Opera developer 27.0.1689.0, the change log, and few, interesting changes:
    – “* DNA-29883 Opera on 32-bit Windows does not find pepper flash”
    – “* DNA-30219 Notification when the PEPPER is present but disabled”
    – “* DNA-28947 Shift+RightClick menu on Speed Dial Folder(s) doesn’t work as it does with single thumbnails”
    – “DNA-29900 Enable the ‘WebUI navigation bar’ flag on developper”
    – “* DNA-29872 Dragging of bookmarks fails”
    drag flag”
    – “DNA-29963 [Tools] Support batch operations in the bookmark manager”
    – “DNA-30021 Enable ‘Multidrag in Bookmark Manager’ on the developer channel”
    – “* DNA-30220 Put CTRL+A + batch delete behind the multi-drag flag
    – “DNA-29738 Refactor the search provider strip”
    – “DNA-29997 [Engine] Quick search model should use profile prefs instead of local prefs.”

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      You must be Rentner or something… 🙂

      • Vux777

        bot 🙂

      • L33t4opera

        Or someone else 😛

  • archmageforac

    i imported some repeated bookmarks and only found there are no bookmark in my opera. fucking shit!

  • Gurmukh Singh Panesar

    Sending speed dials back to bookmarks is very manual and tedious. The older bookmarks do not have the image preview as the current ones do.

  • PALADIN777

    Just got Opera today and found a few items I’m hopeful to see in the future to help me keep mine organized.

    -Ability to move multiple book marks at once.
    -Ability to move a sub folder and its contents to the “My Bookmarks folder list”.
    -When importing bookmarks the option to have Opera mimic their original folder placement, instead of all being dropped into an imported folder.
    -Ability to adjust the size of the bookmark tiles.
    -Various sort options.
    -Sort by name.
    -Group multiple bookmarks in a folder that are from the same site together.
    -Group By color (of the tiles).
    -Group By Date.
    -Ability to replace the stock Text on tiles with in site images without having to go to each page. Options to do this with 1 or many tiles at the same time.
    – A way to identify broken links so they can be deleted.
    – An way to password lock particular bookmark folders.
    – An option to not show recent history or bookmarks.
    – An icon link directly to bookmarks like there is for Speed Dial.
    -Option to rearrange where various link icons appear in the tool bar.

    I decided to try out Opera when i bought a new computer and was unfortunately saddled with windows 8.1 preventing me from being able to use Firefox in an efficient manner. If more of these options are made available I think I will be very happy keeping this browser around for a long time.