Today we’re bringing you an update to our Opera beta stream.
This build includes a bunch of translation fixes including the very important
DNA-29178 - Fix stupid nynorsk autotranslate mistakes (and => og).
Also included in this build is not just one but two chromium updates!
We fixed an annoying issues where some embedded videos would appear very choppy, these videos should play smoothly again.

As always, please let us know if you find any serious issues. If you are eager to try out or talk about sync, please use the latest developer post.


The full list of fixes is available in changelog.

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Andre, thanks for the update and fixes 😉

    • He prefer to go by his nickname “Biff”. Like in Back to the Future.

      • L33t4opera

        Yeah, now I see some similarities, e.g. red T-shirt 😉

        • Helge Andre Gjølme

          lol, the red t-shirt was a coincidence. I don’t know why some former colleagues decided to call me Biff, but I came into work one day about 5 years ago, and there was a picture of Biff Tannen (40 year old Biff unfortunately) pinned to the board behind my desk. Been Biff ever since.

          • We call you Biff because you are so damn mean! What did we used to call you? “The meanest guy in the office!”. Yep, I think that was it. :p

          • Helge Andre Gjølme

            only the meanest guy in the office would say something like that.

  • Zik

    Thank you for update.

  • SuperTommy

    Fix stupid nynorsk autotranslate mistakes (and => og).

    Sounds like someone had a bad day reporting that. 🙂

    • I’m both the nynorsk translator and working on Opera. We use a system for managing translations, and it has a translation memory. It’s usually helpful, but sometimes gets stuff wrong. I found the error when proof-reading my changes, but I had already clicked «finish», and the system locked me out since I did the change at the deadline.

      Since I also have access to the code I created the bug, fixed and integrated it outside of the system (and translator deadline).

      I forgot changes like this would surface in our public changelogs, but being in there I see Helge thought it funny to point it out 😉

      • SuperTommy

        Great background story. 🙂 I found it in the developer changelog a couple of days ago, laughed at it, and it got even better now when Helge chose it as *the* doomsday-bug in the article as well.

        I do some translations using software like Qt Linguist and Transifex. Out of curiosity, what do you at Opera use?

        • Helge Andre Gjølme

          I read the changelog and thought the same thing, funny title. We have some hidden gems in our bug tracking system, sometimes they reach a changelog.

        • Opera uses WordBee. It’s a commercial SAAS product.

          Outside of Opera I also use Transifex (though less now that they don’t have the source open anymore), Pootle and Launchpad’s Rosetta I think it’s named? Or just straight-up po-files locally in Poedit.

      • A. R.

        How can I supply you with FI-fi proofing files?

  • SQL

    DNA-29447 Disable ‘Delay loading of background tabs’ by default
    Why is that? :/ Wasn’t it just added not too long ago?

    • SuperTommy

      Yes, it was enabled in the previous version.

      • Helge Andre Gjølme

        We enabled it to test out how it worked, got some feedback, and we found areas which needs improvement.

  • WL-`

    EDIT: I got it to work now.

  • ma_t14

    Any comments about this?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Just a plugin that Opera has found like the other ones.

      • ma_t14

        Has “found”? Why is Opera using a plugin called “Google Update”?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You can ask the same for the “Microsoft Office ” or the “Photo Gallery” ones.

          Opera has just scanned for plugins and found them.

          • ma_t14

            No, you can’t because both of those are used for a certain purpose. What’s the purpose of using Google update in Opera?

          • x a

            Google uses the Plugin to trigger updates to the Google products, you installed.

          • ma_t14

            Hm, I’m just puzzled what exactly this plugin does. “Triggers updates to Google products” doesn’t say much honestly. Somebody implied that Opera shows plugins that it does not necessarily use which quite frankly doesn’t make much sense.

          • ahoj1234

            it’s just a plugin (as many others said) that Opera HAS TO load it. live with that… no matter if the plugin is called “google update” or whatever. If the plugins is not dangerous it would not be good to forcing Opera do not load some plugins just because of it’s name…

            anyway, if you are so freaking mad about name including “google” in plugins why do you have installed some google product(s)…? That’s more weird than loaded plugins in Opera.

          • ma_t14

            Nope, not weird at all, I have nothing against Google. I only wanted a clarification about how Opera makes use of this plugin, something probably better answered by an Opera developer. Nothing more, nothing else. Nobody is mad here.

          • I don’t actually think that an Opera dev would be able to provide a better answer to that question.
            Plugins are third-party programs. And there’s an infinite variety of them. Opera’s devs don’t and can’t know them all either.
            If anyone can answer the question what *any* browser does (they all do the exact same thing, no matter if it’s Chrome, Opera, FF,…) with that plugin, it’s Google.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            As said, Opera checks your system for plugins (npapi ones, I guess) and lists what was found.
            If there was a plugin called “Microsoft Update”, it would be listed.

          • ma_t14

            And as I said I find it hard to believe that Opera lists plugins that it does not actually use, but if that is the case then I guess case closed.

          • x a

            Plugins provide services. Websites may request those (eg by using the tag).
            Opera does nothing more but gathering a list of plugin provided services and brokering the websites request to the fitting plugin.

            You have to ask the quesion what a certain plugin does (ie can do) to the provider of the plugin, not Opera.

          • ma_t14

            Yep, thanks for the clarification and the detailed answer. That was indeed the source of the confusion.

          • ma_t14

            Clicking the “show details” button (I didn’t immediately notice it) seems to verify what you say, I think.

            Anyway thanks to everyone that bothered to answer.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Have you installed them by yourself? If not, then you can ask.

            As said, Opera list (almost) every single plugin in your system. And it happens since Opera 15.

        • x a

          Opera is ”using“ any* Plugin it finds installed (by you! – knowingly or perhaps not knowingly as part of another application) on your machine.

          * except blacklisted ones.

    • icetom

      i think its part of Chrome or other things like Google Earth

    • You already disabled Adobe Reader, it wasn’t so difficult to simply disable the rest, was it?

      • ma_t14

        Thanks for the constructive answer

        • There is no answer to your complain. Disable it move on.

          • ma_t14

            There already was

  • zmwangx

    While stable channel on OS X has fallen back to 32-bit, the beta channel is still running at 64-bit. What’s the roadmap here?

  • Lacedaemon

    This bug previous in dev is still there: (does not happen in Stable O25)

  • icetom

    “We fixed an annoying issues where some embedded videos would appear very choppy, these videos should play smoothly again.”
    does this fix stuttering and high cpu usage on twitch and also? They are not really embedded, if you fullscreen them. or does this count as embedded too since they have a chat bar on the right when you dont fullscreen?

    • Why don’t you give it a spin and find out for yourself 😉

  • EmperorTerran .

    Linux version for few versions now stopped having the option to remove the 1pixel gap at the top. Is that a regression or deliberate?

    I just wonder if opera works like apple, where design department got the final say on issues. I mean it really feels like stuff is getting unnecessary complicated and easier way would be just going with the flow. Chromium does not have the gap, firefox does not have the gap, why give it to opera?

  • Mister

    Guys, where I can offer you new features? in what releases: beta or developer?

    • Lacedaemon


    • A. R.

      In dev although after bookmarks no new browser features have introduced. What a shame. Is bookmarks a huge invention of the modern day?

      Opera used to ride on a leading wave, it used to be unique. Now it’s all gone.

  • Bob Tarling

    Good evening everyone, could someone at Opera please fix the annoying appearance of the bold lettering that displays Facebook contact names in the news feed?. An uppercase C always seems to appear as an O…

  • on Yosemite, Opera stable comes without chrome pepper flash. Please include pepper flash.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can download it from

      • I can download but when I was on Ubuntu, Opera has used Chrome pepper flash by default. I did not have to download anything.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It probably uses the one from Chrome.

    • A. R.

      Pepper flash and Chrome PDF reader are viruses, should be default to off.

      • x a

        What kind of nonsense is that statement?

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      We can’t bundle Flash.
      However if you download pepper flash manually, Opera will prefer pepper over npapi.

  • sgrandin

    Print: Great, you made the connection between your print dialog and the printer box, so the full range of print options is now availble (except it’s no longer technically the system dialog, is it?). And now Escape closes it. After all these years, a real Print module! Congratulations.

    Next: I’d begin the switch from 12.17 if there were a way to put the tab bar on the bottom of the screen (whether built in or via an extension – FF has the latter).

    Would be very helpful (make more efficient):
    – Allow the “O” or “Opera” button to be put on the bottom, as with O12
    – Have a “closed tabs” popup (button), preferably on the bottom like O12
    – Allow users to modify buttons (add, remove, place) on the main toolbar

    • sgrandin

      Oops, spoke a little quickly about Print: There’s no scaling (as IE and FF have). Without scaling within the browser’s print module, there’s no way to see the effects of different percentage choices. It’s extremely important for practical purposes, and without it I’ll still have to leave Opera to print quite often. The system print dialog does allow scaling, but no way to see the effects in advance (print preview).

  • Waiting for stable release for Linux. 🙂

  • PaulW

    Anyone know what the Opera 20 plus files is used for passwords?? It was wand in the old Opera. I just did an update to O26 and all my passwords have gone..

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Login Data.

      • PaulW

        Thanx for that . It worked but does take a long time for the passwords to load after the browser first runs up..

      • PaulW

        Supplementary question. Is the speed dial info held in the bookmarks file or is it separate file as it was in O12. Can see anything there like a speed dial file.??

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It’s favorites.db afaik.

          • PaulW

            Thank you 🙂

  • Dark Magician

    I don’t now what the fuck have you been doing.
    But users, that stayed are really pissed by now, how slow all this is going.
    You’ve managed to get 12 versions away, and nothing is in it.
    I don’t know what is your logic. But Opera means only one thing, power users.
    And you’ve managed to piss every single one of them. There is a really wide set of options of browsers for average users, who by the way will not come in contact with Opera, unless we show them. I was open to wait, but get of your ass, and make Opera what it’s suppose to be, or you’ll run into the ground.
    Smaller projects have more options and customizations, and you can’t get anything done in years.

    This is an honest suggestion, since I don’t want that to happen.
    Or take it as an insult, however you want.

    • siamak

      Best Comment Ever

    • A. R.

      Word, every single word. The devs have no direction but flip flopping and now O30 just around the corner, should it be safe enough for all of us to shift to FF?

      Because that’s the path the devs have been digging all this time.

    • Alex Parker

      I’ve been asking Opera to fix YouTube black square bug since Opera 23. Now it’s Opera 27. Still not fixed. I said **** it and since last week switched to Firefox. I’ve been waiting for Opera to fix its critical bugs since version15!!!
      I am DONE waiting. When I switched to Firefox I used plugins to make it almost exactly like Opera 12, and now I’m happy with it. Screw Opera, I’m done waiting and dealing with critical bugs.


      P.S. Been a loyal Opera user since version 8.

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        Are you saying that “YouTube black square bug” is critical?

        • Alex Parker

          All YouTube videos load up as black squares. One of the most popular sites in the world if not THE most popular doesn’t work properly. And that hasn’t been fixed for months. Now guess an answer to your question.

          But aside from that, yes, every single version of Opera had some serious bug that made it unusable at least for me.

    • Sidney Moraes

      They changed that meaning, it is not only power user. Opera is for everyone.

    • Watch your tone, please.
      I know that other mods would have deleted your comment (and I can’t guarantee they won’t do it now). I censored it.
      You may express yourself, but do so in an orderly manner.

  • Andrew Andreyuk

    DuckDuckGo, please. Safari and firefox have DuckDuckGo as a search option

    • icetom

      apearantly very complicated to program search engine customisation.


      • A. R.

        They said O25 is equivalent of O12….

        And these bright minds haven’t even coded mime types handling yet..

        Go figure ~

        Shame on you Opera.

    • fff

      Opera gets money from Google search. I am not surprised 😛

    • Mayhem

      Am I the only one getting Google search icon automatically added to my Speed Dial once a week?

  • A. R.

    Hey, how do I send translation files to Opera? fi-fi lang. Oepra doesn’t have that. The pack is common open source used to work in O12.

  • Bob Tarling

    Cllicking on the ‘+’ to open a new tab now seems to open multiple new tabs at once. I’m also seemingly having more memory leaks causing me to Ctrl+Alt+Tab too much. Many instances of Opera running…

  • LoverOfLife

    1. Is it possible to have in the near future a new Speed Dial ? Cause i/we don’t like either the old or/and the new SD. Or, the possibilty to install a SD extension from store and take control over default one.
    2. I/we want to “always open torrent files” option

    • Sidney Moraes

      How would you like to have speed dial?

      • LoverOfLife

        I’ve already explained myself through my other posts, how i’d like to be SD. I tell you again:

        In my opinion the new SD should have options on dials like this:
        – rss feed
        – change label
        – edit url
        – change icon (thumbnails) with custom ones, or generate them
        – change background colour of dials
        – change size of dials (small, medium, large, custom size)
        – change wallpaper

        Something for inspiration as this extension:

        • Sidney Moraes

          Change wallpaper, edit url are aready possible, import/export is very useful and I hope we will have it soon. About the others I wouldn’t put faith in it.

          • LoverOfLife

            Okay, i’ll cut those 2, but about the others.. I don’t have either much hope from new SD.

  • hspdion

    I really enjoy the new print dialog in recent releases of Opera. One feature request though: Would it be possible to add a ” Scale: X % ” option? Without this I tend to have use the mac ‘print using system dialog’ regardless. I use this many times to fit a webpage print output nicely onto a single page.

  • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

    Still crap since using Chromium. Do I need to wrote an e-mail to your CEO? I think yes.

    • Lacedaemon

      CEO said with O25 they brought all features from Presto back so this won’t help much…

      • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

        LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. What a liar 😀

        • Lacedaemon

          Great isn’t it? xD

    • Sidney Moraes

      If Opera Blink is a crap for you, you are free to use other.

    • Please use Opera 12, that may work on most websites.

      • PaulW

        Actually that the reason why I switch to O 26/27 because some web sites I use all the time have become unusable.. Like Google+

        • Yes, Opera 12 hat much performance issues on many Javascript driven sites. And it struggles more and more with TLS over secure connections now.

          Using Opera 12 for daily work is not a pleasure any more. But Opera 12 is dead; no bugfixes any more, certificate store not uptodate etc.

      • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

        I already use Firefox which looks very similar to Opera 12 🙂

        Thanks for deleting my comments. It’s clear I need to be in touch with Lars B., because you already said I can critize your company and your products, but you didn’t read what Daniel A. wrote on Twitter.

        • Oh yes, you use Firefiox and keep on trolling here. See read

          Thanks for deleting my comments.

          Oh yes, if did it for 500 norske kroners, my dear. No, I’m not Opera ASA! Thats your strange view, that evrybody commenting here is strictly Pro Opera Chromium 😛

          It’s clear I need to be in touch with Lars B., because you already said I can critize your company and your products

          Oh yes, touch Lars B. for your pleasure, if you like. Write him a letter.

          but you didn’t read what Daniel A. wrote on Twitter.

          Yes, no one kknows what you mean, you twitter URL must be very secret.

        • Marcin Mitek

          Go ahead.

  • Łukasz Darzki

    What the f happened to the blog? My eyes… !!!

    • escruting

      Yes, now its harder/slower to tell if theres a new entry or not.

      • Operalino

        Why should it be harder? I hope the newest one always is “the big one” at the top 🙂 Nothing really harder than before or did I forget something?

    • ahoj1234

      I kinda like it… But I am not sure if this change is needed… Depends on what resources were used…

      • SQL

        Don’t worry I’m pretty sure they have their own team for maintaining the site 🙂

        • ahoj1234

          So its wasting of resources then. If it was not a task for some externist (a student for example) but paid person, its wasting. Resources is very complex word. But sure, end of the year is comming and someone needed to “account” some work, I understand that.

          • Marcin Mitek

            Let’s shut it down, so more people could moan about lack of communication 😉

          • Sidney Moraes

            Hello Mod, there is not favicon in the tab I am typing now, I can’t subscribe to Opera’s newsletter, I get error message.

  • Sidney Moraes

    I can’t subscribe to Opera’s newsletter, I get error message.

  • A. R.

    Oh btw there is a bug in youtube the screen sort of freezes and solutions are:
    * reload page
    * move page a bit up and down then all the items in page activate again

  • A. R.

    2 things:

    BUG: switch –single-process makes extensions api non available and extensions don’t work proper also cannot install new ones.

    THANKS: Bookmarks now work with that –single-process switch

    NOTE: In flags I have all settings for extra threads disabled, but I’ve played with these and these doesn’t seem to effect thread amount on CPU at all.

    NOTE2: Despite using –single-process there was another opera.exe process – which is just fine 🙂 But 35 — NO.

  • A. R.
  • Herbert YAN

    Opera is the essential productivity software for me because Opera notes and opera link. I don’t think these features should be sacrificed for faster browsing experience from Blink. Please bring them back. I am counting on you guys!

  • gurqn

    Bring back NPAPI 32/64bit support back as Safari does on OSX. Can run both 32/64bit plugins…

  • nmt1900

    There’s one very big annoyance – if new page is opened, then focus is not on the address field and typing will not cause usable input.

    This problem is present on Linux (Ubuntu 14.10 x64), but not on OS X…

    • Is a Ubuntu 14.10 issue.
      On Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS (x86_64; Unity) the focus is always on address field.

  • L33t4opera

    New build for the Opera beta 26.0.1656.20, the change log 😉

  • Veldrin

    You are in version 26 now. The jumps are a little bit out of my grasp.
    Opera 12.7 was for me a approximately perfect browser. Opera 15 or Opera 26? There is no significant difference, but to 12.7.

    You should call it by name it’s Opera r0.5beta. The R is for relaunch.

    PS: i really appreciate getting the (bookmark/email) sidebar back.
    Opera has one but it does not support full drag n drop support, is no real sidebar, because you can’t open a page without leaving the sidebar, ’cause it’s structure requires it.

  • Brother Cavil

    So DuckDuckGo but no Bing? Oh come on, guys…

    • John_JP

      Please. Seriously? Who uses Bing? It’s useless, inaccurate, & spies on you more than google.