We have just pushed an update to Opera Stable, now ending up at the magic number of 64 (24.0.1558.64). You shouldn’t notice any change at all in this version, it contains the grand total of a single bug fix!

A security flaw was discovered in one of the cryptographic libraries used by Opera 24, it is this flaw which has now been corrected. The flaw would allow an active man in the middle to take over some secure connections, depending on the certificate used. For more details, you can check out the following links:

Mozilla announcement
Intel Security announcement

Opera Stable for Windows
Opera Stable offline package for Windows
Opera Stable for Mac

Don’t panic, keep calm and carry on!

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  • nanana1


  • Mister

    Of course there are flaws, but Opera is the best browser on the Chrome engine.

    • Lacedaemon

      Reality check: Still worse than Opera Presto.

      • András Ács

        ..in every way except web browsing? 😉

        I’ll show myself out.

      • Mister

        Yes, not enough features. But much faster.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Sigbjørn, thanks for the info and for the update, that includes this fix 😉

  • Thomas Scholz

    Is Opera Presto (12) affected too?

    • Sigbjørn Vik


  • wolkenspalter

    Is beta and developer stream affected?

    • WOFall

      I’d assume so.

      The real question is whether they’ll get an update today, or simply be updated in due course. Stable obviously deserves priority, but all streams should be patched immediately when it comes to major security issues.

    • Sigbjørn Vik

      Yes. They will be updated, but not today. They will presumably be updated along with other scheduled updates for them.

      • Dogma

        Please do not take this issue lightly, and issue a fix ASAP for all the streams. What you are doing is extremely dangerous to all users above 24, and there are quite a few.

        Why do people never take security seriously…

  • Jorton

    still slower than chrome….

    • Still prettier than Chrome…

      • P0lip

        Still missing so many features…

        • wolkenspalter

          Still misunderstanding new Opera,,,

          • AshenTech

            still defending the lack of features.

          • wolkenspalter

            Sorry, forgot this one 😉

          • Tommy

            “Understanding the new Opera”… this is so funny. New Opera == 2% of Old Opera? Did I get it right?

  • icetom

    i am on stable 24.0.1558.61 and it tells me there is no update. trying manual update

    • rpsgc

      Same here.

  • :towel: better the security bugs get patched, before they get exploited

  • P0lip

    Linux user should update nss to 3.17.1 which fixes this issue.

  • Tommy

    When will you fix the “Loading…” problem?

    • taneli

      Do you mean, open a link in background tab, and it just says “Loading…” on the tab, doesn’t show the spinning loading animation, and just leaves you with an empty tab? ’cause that’s what i get on Dev26.

      • Tommy

        Yes, that is exactly what I’m writing about.

  • Tommy

    Another question. Is it so HARD to install the updated version in the same folder as the old one? What’s up with those “24.0.1558.61”, “24.0.1558.64” folders? A normal installation is too mainstream for you?

    • I agree! I have to re-pin Opera to the Task Bar and setup any input software like Logitech Gaming software every time Opera is updated.

      Here is a link to uservoice suggestion, please vote it up


      • Nekomajin43

        Use launcher.exe instead of opera.exe.

    • ruduh

      Its a thing so BASIC and LOGICAL for EVERY BROWSER IN THE WORLD but Opera doesn’t solve this issue yet(more than 1 year!!!). If advanced users like us already have annoyances in dealing with this issue, what about the “average users”(like mom and dad), the new target of Opera? 🙁

  • Kai Ockendorf

    No word about it on the Security Blog????

    • Sigbjørn Vik

      Nothing interesting to say there which hasn’t already been said elsewhere, so no 🙂 Updates will go out automatically, so no need either.

  • Joana Silva

    Why the incredible extension X-Notifier was removed from Opera Addons and even from Chrome Webstore? I had to install it through developer mode, but now I’m worried. What is the problem? Is now this extension dangerous to my PC ?

    • Guest
    • ahoj1234

      well, I think “that all “check” something plugins” might also “collect” these data and eventually use them against you.

      not saying that this is the reason but think about if you wanna show someone else these informations.

  • Jademarisa

    That is the sad thing, that you don’t make any big changes at all, least the ones users ask you to implement.

    • ayespy

      No changes are ever made in the Stable stream. Changes are made in the developer stream. They are refined in the Beta stream. Stable only gets security updates and, rarely, bug fixes.

  • Łukasz

    is there any chance that you were able to delete the default search engines from the Opera House, which are adding?

  • dick_c

    I just upgraded to this version from 22.something and my zoom level is way off. I’m working on a website, looking at something that’s supposed to be 1260 pixels, and it measures 1509ish. Yes, the zoom is set to 100%. None of the levels gives me a 100% zoom. Where is this coming from? I can’t work with this.

    • dick_c

      It looks like Opera has started adjusting my zoom level by looking at my Windows font size adjustment. So now my option is to roll back to something with a security flaw?

  • Łukasz

    Please a new download manager, with the ability to stop and resume after switching to Opera

  • Vladimir

    Opera browser after 20 versions in terms of password saving forms greatly deteriorated !! Opera does not store passwords and does not work autocomplete forms, although the settings are all included. Earlier in the 20 version, all worked and now nothing keeps 24 (passwords and forms)! When you return the key, which was in the 12 version. Was cool stuff. Automatic login after clicking on the key. Why can not replace a search engine that is built in the express panel? !!!
    When installing the Ukrainian version of the opera is absent Spell check dictionary FOR UKRAINIAN LANGUAGE, have to put it yourself !!! In Opera why so few options, the browser must be flexible !!

  • Janghou

    Opera Stable Linux (Opera Presto 12.16) is not vulnerable?

  • Papadove

    I installed Opera_24.0.1558.64 on my toshiba -L745 but my laptop became toooo slow. I couldnt even use it and so had to uninstall it but i am used to opera and so want it back. How do i solve this problem?

  • Clicktoplay is broken on http://www.fox.com/watch/258031171875 (have to add fox.com to the exceptions of clicktoplay)

  • Shion

    Hurry up and make another update. Current one crashes on certain webm videos (https://2ch.hk/b/src/76965058/14125941899790.webm).

  • eXzentrik

    May you please change the current behaviour of the context menu option “Open all bookmarks” in the bookmark bar? Currently, when you right click on a bookmark root folder and then click on “Open all”, it opens the bookmarks of subfolders, too. This is kind of annoying and unhandy. It would be much better if it would open the bookmarks in the root folder only. At least an additional context menu option like “Open all root bookmarks” or so would be great.

  • Important security update to Chromium 38 is missing!

    No Opera STABLE (seems to be Chromium 37) update?
    See http://googlechromereleases.blogspot.de/2014/10/stable-channel-update.html

    • L33t4opera

      The fresh new Opera stable 25.0.1614.50 for Mac and Windows 😉