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  • kokolo5

    Hey Opera, i have two suggestions: Make the o menu in the same style as the transparent black side panel from new the start page, i think this transparent would look very good + white highlights.

    And, have you ever thought about a nice and smooth built-in messenger in opera ( not a client ) ? I think it would be a very cool feature and very unique when you make it right.

    Also, will there will be an upgrade form Opera 12.17 to Opera blink soon ? I think it’s time for that, i think that a lot’s of casual users – in russia for example – are using the old version and they wonder why Opera no longer works so well, you will lost them. Are you waiting for bookmarks ans Opera link in stable ? I hope so (:

    • Vorpal

      Disagree with proposition of built-in messenger. Thanks for improvements like this we have a growing in width bloatware like Nero Burning ROM combine and so. Also unique messenger in a one certain browser is another invention of the bike. Better take one already existing messenger (Google Hangouts for example) and make an extension client, thus those who need it will install it for himself.

      • kokolo5

        Oh no, not an extension from a google service (; Opera and the new start page needs more unique points, there is still space on the side panel. I always prefer an in-house solution in Opera ^^

        One big point for a good stylish build-in Opera messenger: It can have a very positive effect for Operas circulation.

        Opera user can advertise: “Hey, i’m always online with my browser, connect with me through Opera” – that would be the marketing slogan^^

        You need just your browser, for surfing und comfortably chats.
        I personally think it can be a help to achieve more market shares.
        When it’s tricky and stylish and good integrated in Opera, i think it can be a big plus for the Opera browser.

        • Vorpal

          I always prefer an in-house solution in Opera

          So lets build in an OS in Opera and Photoshop, and AutoCAD ’cause maybe some people need it and lazy to install this software separately. I wish built-in coffee machine in Opera.

          Why do you think the extension of messenger is worse? (Doesn’t matter it’s Hangouts or else)

          Also Opera-locked messenger is useless yet it does not have about tens percent of the browsers market share.

          • kokolo5

            It’s about a feature that works like self promotion, through social chain reactions. It needs to be clear, entertaining, simple and could be one of the important flagships in Opera .

            Maybe it’s not for you, but i think we have different ambitions in this point.

            I don’t talking about dusty clients for some people. That could do an extension.

            But i talk about a fun marketing tool for new user.The people love to connect (;

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Ελευθερία, thanks for the info, and update to the Chromium 36.0.1985.143 😉

  • nanana1

    Request to forward and back webpages instantaneously and without reloading like Opera 12.

    • Cryio

      Aka you want the browser to actually use the thing called cache.

      Opera Presto was the only browser that respected the freaking thing.

      • zakius

        iirc firefox uses cache for this too

    • Keiv M. Salmon


    • Martin Brada

      I would like that when Opera turbo is on.

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  • nicks

    ehh why you didn’t fix this problem with youtube and other players in this stable version? it’s really annoying… we need to wait for this to Opera 24? really? and only 1 change, great…

    • Are you talking about the “black-boxes-around-playlists”-issue?
      It’s fixed via browserjs. So it doesn’t need an update.

      • nicks

        No, i’m talking about belt where is stop/play or other options, he’s hiding very fast and can’t change anything like quality etc. This problem was reported here many times, many people reported this on different players not only on youtube and we have next version of Opera stable and still this problem.

        • Herr Pietrus

          Confirm. It still exist.

      • Was it? Opera OPRDesktop 15.0 core 1387.77, June 17, 2014. Active patches: 16 . that the current that I get with Opera 23

        I am not seeing it on OS X and the current version of Flash Player 14

        • ahoj1234

          Here is what I get, so browserjs works fine here: (though, I have not been inspecting the YT issue)
          ( )

          Opera OPRDesktop 25.0 core 1592.0, August 19, 2014. Active patches: 16

        • It’s being tested in dev channel first AFAIK atm.

  • IMaysky

    The latest versions of Opera, I do not remember exactly, about 21 versions and up to the present 23.0.1522.77, after the launch, you can see a black stripe at the top of the browser. And after the browser is closed for a long time spinning icon expectations.
    Win 8.1 x64 (on ssd)

    • icetom

      confirmed. I also use 8.1 x64 on ssd

    • It’s a known issue. Thanks for the video though. I’ll add it to this report 😉
      (DNA-24684 for your reference)

    • herrschildkroete

      It’s my experience too. And the black stripe is under 24 and 25 yet. I wrote recently in my comment about.

  • ultravy

    So far is working great 😀 ! But it will be a big deal if all pop-ups will open in a new tab instead of a new window. or its Chromium bug?!

  • zakius

    well, does this “stable” is actual release version or still only the alpha that doesn’t crash?

  • Ron Crafton

    Okay so I after to download the update every time I wan’t opera to update. Opera will not auto update for me. Can anyone help me?

    • You can visit opera://about/ and see if you have the current version

  • Ron Crafton

    I do but when it checks and says new update available, it doesn’t download it.

    • Guest


  • pidgin

    Opera button it taking up too much vertical space unnecessarily, something should be done about it.

  • Stanislav Stratil

    When I download something, the icon on my taskbar stays like this until I restart opera… am I the only one?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s a download progress indicator. If it’s red then something is/was wrong with your download.

      • Stanislav Stratil

        No, there is nothing wrong with my download… My download is complete, and functional. When its downloading, its green and its filling up, and when its complete, its always like this… and downloaded .rar .exe .jpg or anything is functional after that. But icon stays like on the picture, unitl I restart opera.

  • Інна Володимирівна

    Opera often freezes and brakes on this site:

  • Adobe Flash Player is wrongly labeled as Shockwave Flash (Shockwave Player is a separate plug in from Adobe) by detecting hung plug in monitor

  • Евгений Смирнов

    After browser restart search engine manualy have choosen in settings resets to default.

  • Shion

    Updated to latest flash plugin (14,0,0,179) and got few new(?) problems:

    – If you seek online video before it downloads completly, loading speed decreases each time – possibly “previous streams” aren’t being closed corectly (xhamster).

    – Not completly loaded flash stream video crashes on seek via javascript (swfchan), it is inside a iframe (might be related).

  • João Gonçalves

    Oh my, what have you done with Opera?
    I’m suffering from GUI freezing and new blank tabs, and also extreme hdd shuttering.
    It started in the Developer channel, then after a few builds appeared in the Next channel. Now it arrives also to stable channel in this latest build.
    I’ve ruined my experience and usability in Opera browser. I can no longer use it.
    Will have to switch to another browser until this problem that affects me, is solved.

  • Federico Costantini

    why there is no heart icon?

  • Federico Costantini

    no heart icon

  • Pit

    Dear, Opera!
    When browser will work correctly with attaches downloads in Gmail?
    Browser does not recognize files names and trying save them “untitled”…
    This problem has remained since presto! How it possible on blink?!
    p.s. perhaps this problem occurs with files with russian text. Have not this problem on chrome and chromium/
    Windows 7×64

  • L33t4opera

    The first new Opera 24 stable: 24.0.1558.53 😉