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  • Ste

    I was thinking that it will be stable, but ok, we must wait a while.

  • Alex Parker

    Will Stable come out this year? Its been 1,5 months already.

    “cosmetical changes among Speed Dial and some opera://flags polishing”

    ^ that took you 15 days since last build? o_O

    • Marcin Mitek

      We are almost there, sorry for the delay.

      • Alex Parker

        Thank you a lot, that’s great to know! We’ve been waiting most (im)patiently. 🙂

      • Rafael Luik

        What delay? You clearly state it takes approximately 2 months between every major stable release in the streams description page.

        • Alex Parker

          Well, up till now it always took one month.

          • Rafael Luik

            For how long have you been following?

            Opera 22 – 2014-06-03 (1 month -3 days)
            Opera 21 – 2014-05-06 (2 months +2 days)
            Opera 20 – 2014-03-04 (1 month +7 days)
            Opera 19 – 2014-01-28 (2 months +9 days)
            Opera 18 – 2013-11-19

          • This is why I don’t ever trust those theories.

          • Rafael Luik
          • Jorton

            Definitely, can not be faster than Chrome!
            Opera claimed that it would follow Chrome.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Chromium. not Chrome.

          • Marcin Mitek

            To explain a little bit: Novemeber -> January – there is a holiday season, so for more than a week staff is greatly reduced. Same applies to March -> May, there are national holidays in Poland and Norway and Easter in that time.

      • Tibi

        Opera is your single job man, or you have another job?

        • Marcin Mitek

          Yup, this is my only job. Except for being superhero at night, but shhhh.

          • L33t4opera

      • L33t4opera
    • nanana1

      15 days and made only 4 changes in this new Next build. 🙁

      • Marcin Mitek

        We’d been waiting for Chromium, it became Stable just yesterday.

        • nanana1

          Yes, I know that and Google Chrome went up 36 Stable last night. Expecting Opera to do the same soon. 😉

        • Alex Parker

          Ah, so that’s the reason for the delay. Glad to know we’re moving onto the next Chromium build.

          Gosh… never thought I’d be typing this in Opera blog.

          • Jorton

            Chrome guys usually do not type so many words to waste time. Opera guys like typing rather than adding more features.

          • Marcin Mitek

            388 characters is not that much IMHO.

        • Jorton

          I am happy to know the truth.

    • reesmichael1

      No, it just means that the developers have been working on Opera 24 (and other new things to come) at the same time.

  • Joe Black Friday

    Linux? No?

    • No. Linux is only in the Developer stream for the moment.

      • Sidney Moraes

        When Opera 24 become next, it will have linux too?

        • Like any feature, it will undergo the stabilization process (“Next”) before becoming final when it is ready.

          • Sidney Moraes

            Thanks 🙂

    • O23 is coming, I think this week or the next, so in about 1.5 – 2 months we’ll have O24 Stable!!

      • Joe Black Friday

        32-bit, any chance?

        • It’s 32 bit on Windows and Mac already, oh do you mean Linux, I don’t think so. I’m migrating to Firefox anyway, Opera destroyed the one feature made me stay and take all the excuses, the lack of features, etc. Speed Dial is broken here and no fix in the horizon, it became all sluggish and that was the last thing I could take.

          I kept ignoring all the other browsers for the last 6 years, Opera became the old Firefox, and Firefox became the old Opera, so the path is clear for me. Because Opera had everything built in, not dependant on extensions, now that’s gone and other browsers’ extensions now achieve most of the features Opera had, if not better.

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Marcin, thx for the update, Chr 36.0.1985.125 well appreciated 😉

  • Steve Hayes

    never mind there is such a word, learned something today

  • zeke

    Opera Next is working beautifully. Thanks guys. I’ve been using speed dial a lot. Peachy. Congrats to you all. 🙂

    PS: Steve, languages can be treacherous. The Oxford dictionary does not mention it, Webster’s does. Living and learning, mate! 🙂

  • SQL

    Small bug, but decided to report it still: DNA-3628

  • Joana Silva

    Nicely done, closer to the stable version!!! I like Opera’s guys!!!

  • KN

    Any plans to allow users to disable the now mandatory Sitecheck in Opera? It is easily disabled in Chrome in the settings but Opera users are stuck sending all web browsing habits to Malware/Sitecheck service. I am competent enough to drive my browser without this forced option privacy concern. Please allow us to disable ASAP as all other browsers already do. I won’t use Opera again until then and was just beginning to really be pleased with it for full time use again.

    • ECLiPSE

      I was going to post about the same subject. Previously there was a checkmark somewhere that could disable that behavior.

      PLEASE let us choose!

      I’ve read that it was only a hash of the site, but it’s sending the HOST in PLAIN TEXT with an added hash.

      • myoperaexile

        In plaintext? I seem to remember seeing outgoing connections to on port 80, which would tend to support that statement. However, now when I enable outgoing connections on my firewall they’re going out port 443, so maybe they’ve fixed something.

        Either way, sending in plaintext would be a huge security hole and another reason for Opera to be more upfront about the reasons for forcing it upon us and provide easy ways to disable it.

    • myoperaexile

      Yup, me too. Always turned off Sitecheck in O12 and older.

      Now, I have to add a firewall rule to block all outbound connections to ( Seems to work but it’s a pain and I if Opera change their IP address then I’ll again be giving away info to them (and anyone else monitoring that traffic). This should be an advanced user setting at the very least.

    • kokolo5

      That’s a very important subject, safety should be one of the most important topics for Opera browser,

      • Lacedaemon

        Yeah it’s funny and bizzare how you are not allowed to change the order of the extensions or that the Speed Dial can not be accessed by any extension (Adblock) and something so important like this isn’t implemented since the beginning of chromium based Opera 15+

  • kapsi

    Can you guys fix the battery draining problem in chromium?

  • newto

    Something that has been bothering me…

    ( Btw, still trying to like the new tab preview… But hey, it’s something at least. )

    • Use Control—[Shift]—Tab. It works in every browser on all operating systems.

      • newto

        Thanks, Daniel. But what i’m supposed to do about 3 keys that i use E-V-E-R-Y day in any software/browser?
        Chrome, Firefox and Safari didn’t change that… so why you guys want that?
        Want to be the “new” kid on the block or something?

        And again i need to remember about Opera 12, who had an amazing preferences panel, that you could maybe even change the tone of the sky and how fast the universe did go.
        Well, i hope that shortcut is gone in the next version, because it doesn’t make sense at all…
        Until that happens, i’m going to try what L33t4opera said.
        But thanks anyway, Daniel.

        • He won’t answer because you used plain text like any peasant. Make a nice graphic and you might be recognized as someone whose problems are truly special.

          • Kassius

            Woah, dude!
            I didn’t received the letter that people don’t have freedom to use images anymore…
            I’ll try to contact Disqus and tell them to erase that option quickly!

            Or maybe i’m just getting crazy here, and you’re those guys who must be so much fun at parties.

          • I can’t speak for anybody else, but I’m generally not allowed into most parties. My friends and I have more fun however because we organize our own wild parties where we write letters and give them to each other to read aloud. One of my friends dared to draw a little doodle on a corner of his letter once, and we promptly sent him home. Last time I heard of him he was developing apps for Microsoft BOB.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, you can try to rebind it as follows:
      1. Close the Opera, and
      go to the Opera’s profile folder (you can find the path in
      O-Menu>About Opera>Paths>Profile), and then open the
      “Preferences” file in your text editor,
      2. Edit the first 12 lines, to make them look as below:{
      "Keybindings": {
      "Basic": {
      "CycleToNextTab": ["Ctrl+Tab"],
      "CycleToPreviousTab": ["Ctrl+Shift+Tab"],
      "SwitchToRightTab": ["Command+Alt+Right"],
      "SwitchToLeftTab": ["Command+Alt+Left"]
      "Settings": {
      "AdvancedEnabled": true
      (the value for the “AdvancedEnable” can be false, if you don’t use advanced keybindings)
      3. Save the changes, relaunch the Opera.

    • Rafael Luik

      Ohh hai, you, the most important, special and precious pearl who can’t use text like everybody else.

      • Guest


  • Rob Segal

    I’ve been experiencing a problem with Shockwave not responding in this version and the previous version. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it but its still happening. This is on OSX 10.7.5. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Ice007

    And again Opera (Chromium?) captures the screen, if task-bar is “hided” (Win7)
    The task-bar don´t appear if hovering over bottom of the screen.
    That problem is really old! In one build it works – then again not. Eventually it should be solved finally.
    On my Netbook I only have 10″ (1024×600). I need the Space.

    I can not even use the bookmark bar, because you are not able to provide it in a Side-Panel. So please give me at least what you are able to.

    • josemuk

      Yes, Opera is unusable for me because of this so I’m stuck with 23.0.1522.14 version.

    • BitterTaxpayer

      windows+T or windows+tab don’t do it for you?

      • Ice007

        Are you kidding me? Only Windows-Button would do it.
        But that is neither the question nor the answer.

    • Nashuim

      Yeah, I was hoping that a Chromium update would fix it but alas nothing yet. This seriously annoying.

  • Mister

    Dear developers, can you comment this post? Does this true for Opera too?

    • Joana Silva

      This issue is already getting better attention by Google/Chromium’s developers AFAIK. Whether all the specialized blogs are saying is true, so they should give special priority to solve this, because according to my
      calculations, for those who leave Opera(Chromium-based) open all the time, can mean untill 1 hour less battery charge for 6 hours or more of Notebook usage. Can I be bleating some nonsense?

      • Mister

        Okey, thanks ) it would be desirable to hear certainly also developers. but probably very few people from users excite this question.

    • Please provide context when posting links. Refer to the commenting policy.

      • Mister

        sorry, i dont understand what you mean. if in the Chrome there is a bug, it can quite be and in the Opera. perhaps I have an error in spelling? because, in my opinion, the context is traced.

        • ayespy

          What he means is, do not post a link without specifically stating what the link GOES TO, or people, especially developers, may not follow the link. State the reason you are posting a link, and where it goes, so that readers will understand the link is not an ambush.

          • Well said.

          • Rafael Luik

            I don’t see any problem in the user’s post.

            See. “Does this true for Opera too? followed by a readable URL which says google-chrome-killing-your-laptops-battery”

            You seriously can’t get the context out of this? cc/ @ayespy:disqus

          • ayespy

            Unless I hovered the link and read the bottom of the page, no.

            But that was not the point. Mister seemed to genuinely not understand what Daniel was talking about, so I explained.

            It’s a good policy, and works no particular hardship on commenters to follow it. The fact that it’s possible to figure out what Mister is talking about in this instance doesn’t mean the policy ought to be ignored, or not understood – yes?

    • ayespy

      The answer to your question is this: The fault is in Chromium, and Opera is built on Chromium – so, yes, Opera does it too.

      And Opera cannot fix it except in the case that they should come up with a solution that applies to Chromium overall, and commit that fix to Google, and get it accepted. As it happens, the problem has received so much attention lately that Google themselves has elevated the fix to a higher priority. With their own team working on it, we may hope it will be solved in the near future.

  • Інна Володимирівна
    • IllusionMH

      Let me guess: you have Java x64 installed.
      If I’m correct, than install x32 version too. That will solve problem.

  • Toan Nguyen

    Thanks for another update. I’m asking for an option to disable updating extensions automatically and also more and more performance improvements.

  • herrschildkroete

    Always I have been seeing the same mistake on start Opera Portable since version 16. It occurred in top of Speed Dial and underneath address bar (bookmark bar) a black line and flashed on every time with first start of the browser and computer (computer was complete shut down and is now started). I think it is mainly an aesthetic problem.

  • dedelamalice

    lost passwords after reinstall windows 8.1 with opera next 23.0.1522.58 / profile usb
    there are well in Login Data
    someone say why ??

    • Vux777

      probably because security reasons
      “login data” file is linked to your OS, so that no one can copy it… wont work after OS re-install or on different pc
      happened to me too
      probably one of those things that creates more mess than benefits…especially when Opera doesn’t have working sync for passwords

  • zeke


    I am not able to fill some registration boxes with Opera Next. i simply can not write anything. paralyses. happened in the economist website and others. (here too when attempting to fill the disqus prompt box)

    just letting you.

    otherwise: no probs at all. first problem with Opera Next.

  • Victoria

    For me, I can’t seem to even get opera to load anything at all now. It can’t seem to access any webpage and I’ve been trying to download something to resinstall it but I can’t seem to download anything at all.

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      What system are you using, windows, mac or linux? Also did you try doing a clean install? (Stand-alone installation (USB))

  • Tomek

    Come on… can Opera open more than 20 tabs without taking all system’s memory? This is PATHETIC.

    • It should be minimized when the system needs it. You can, however, test the experimental tab hibernation feature. opera://flags/#tab-hibernation Or as I like to call it, laptop fan control mode.

  • Guest

    Since the last dev build, I have been having these graphical/rendering issues (see attached images). Any solution?

  • Zajoch

    Since the last dev build, I have been having these graphical/rendering issues (see attached images). Any solution?

    • Vux777

      try disabling hardware acceleration (on the bottom of settings page)

      • Zajoch

        That solves the problem, thanks! I was looking for some setting like that, but the search function doesnt show it, if you dont open the advanced settings.

  • Hi, all versions of Opera have this bug: the iFrame embeds on the page to swap out for one of the random embeds duplicating the video across the page.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Load up

    2. In the address bar (on the same page) type the and press enter (you have to go to that page).

    3. Hit back on your browser (“back” button in Opera) – all the iFrame embeds on the page to swap out for one of the random embeds duplicating the video across the page.

    4. Refreshing the page will correct the issue.

    Tested on Windows 8.1:

    – Opera (22.0.1471.70, 23.0.1522.58, 24.0.1558.3) – bug
    – Chrome (36.0.1985.125, 38.0.2100.0) – bug
    – FF – ok
    – IE – ok

    Original mention here:

    Thanks for fix this bug!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve tried twice with Opera 24 and couldn’t reproduce the problem.

      • It is strange to me, the problem occurs in 100% of cases. I’m trying it on the version without the extension.

        Here are the screenshots (before and after)…

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Ok, maybe i was doing something wrong or misunderstanding the issue. I’ve tried again and now i can see the problem here too.

      • I could.

    • Rinne Tensei

      Yes, It is happening !

    • You should file a bug @ 😉

  • Gloriam

    Any chance we’ll see a search button or anything like that for the bookmarkbar?

  • Alex Parker

    Move along, move along. It appears Stable release date moved to 2015.

    • reesmichael1

      Is there some reason you have this burning desire to see the stable release?

  • Jorton

    Stable stable, Go! Go!!

  • Where is it?

  • Joana Silva

    Everybody: where is my stable??? 🙂

  • nicks

    where is my stable? 😉

  • Vux777
  • where is my next next?

  • SQL

    Ok i just experienced the “Opera window not getting focused bug” (Click Opera window – click another application – click Opera window again and the window you just had open stays now on top of Opera unresponsive (you can still click on opera and things but the other applications window stays on top) So, i tried to open Bandicam to record that bug while it’s happening when i experienced this; When i opened bandicam and it does something im unsure about but every screen recorder does, it changes the display mode or whatever not really display mode but simply does SOMETHING related to showing anything on my screen (my screen sorta flashes always when that happens, it feels like its entering some kind of mode) THEN the bug disappeared. It seemed to get fixed as that state got activated by opening bandicam. I tried swapping between windows but didn’t manage to recreate the problem. So i exited Bandicam and opened Opera again, then i opened irc client and clicked on Opera again – The bug was there again. Just as it disappeared a minute ago. I opened Bandicam AGAIN cause i really wanted to capture that bug, but once again after i opened bandicam the bug disappeared. This time after closing bandicam it did however not appear again.

    Decided to inform you a bit about how this mysterious bug seems to happen. Hopefully you’ll find out what’s causing this at some point, but it surly has something to do with the Opera window getting locked somehow or something.

    Win7 x64, is there anything else that should be mentioned? Has happened before and after Aura so not related to that. Never happened in Chrome, only in Opera.

    Not gonna file a bug report once again since theres no real way of reproducing this problem, just gonna post this here incase someone from Opera is trying to figure out this bug.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Thanks, what IRC client are you using? I was trying to reproduce it back in the days with Pidgin (I use it for xmpp and IRC) but that didn’t work.

      • SQL

        Hello, my irc client is X-chat 2 ( ) but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter what application you’re trying to open. I’ve faced this bug by just opening some folders, by opening Photoshop, even windows media player. It just appears to trigger very randomly. It seems to happen with almost any application. However i have not managed to trigger the bug with Steam client, or any application with different kind of UI than “normal” windows UI that applications tend to use (Well that sounds stupid but maybe it’s a possibility)

        If you have more questions I’ll be happy to answer them at any point. I’m still trying to get video footage of this bug when it’s happening, I think I’ll have to film it with my phone camera or something though.

  • I’m really getting sick and tired of this stupid behaviour of jumping to the top on Facebook, everytime right after you share anything in your wall.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Not only after sharing. It happens, irreproducibly, after clicking like or following an external link.

  • Vux777

    stable is out…

    • A. R.

      Do you or anyone else,, is Opera Next stable as in stable for normal daily usage? I mean usually?

    • A. R.

      Maybe I’ll just use Next the, try, see if it’s good enough for daily usage. Still some features missing it’s really bothering me. And here in the forums will be heard about, I’m gonna have a poll someday for which features they’d want from 12.x and we make a TOP10 list.

      If that doesn’t happen, then people probably mimic opera 12.x in other browsers with extensions. I highly recommend Firefox – for it’s better security than others.

      Opera devs need to make a combo of the basic and signature features of 11.x-12.x and chromium.

      The new Opera,, it should be like that people would not even realize/wouldn’t of guessed …. that the new Opera has a same source-root than Google Chrome.

      TOP10.. can’t wait to it 😉

      (People list here features/missing for top10 here too if ya want)

  • AlexBrtn
  • A. R.

    Is Opera Next stable as in stable for normal daily usage? I mean usually?