Today, we move the Developer stream to 24.0.1558.3. This time we haven’t added any new features, but we applied a few fixes to those which were presented last time. As the title suggests, we improved H.264 playback, HiDPI-display support and our new method of previewing tabs, among many more fixes. You can find the details in our changelog.

Mac improvements

Fixed the most frequent crashers on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Linux improvements

Fixed OpenSSL errors on non Debian-based distros (this also fixes WebRTC).


Full changelog

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Przemek, thanks for the update, fixes and improvements 😉

  • Since I am involved with both the Mac and Linux teams I am pleased to see those highlights.

    Mac still has some way to go to feel correct on Yosemite but step 1 is certainly to remove the big crashes.

    It is also nice to see some fixes on Linux for non Debian/Ubuntu systems.

    • ooblv

      I wish the resizing problem and the tooltips eaten by the border problem on Linux were on the list.

      • One thing at a time 😉

        • ooblv

          yeah I know lol. I was reminding.

    • Olli

      Thanks for fixing the crashes on Yosemite! I can’t find the timeout settings for tab previews, am I blind?

      • Nah, it is just very well hidden. Load opera://settings click left of the search field to focus the background. Then issue the “konami code“: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a

        This will enable you to enable the “Power User Settings“. After which the timeout setting will be visible.

        • Olli

          I thought you were kidding but…thanks! 😀

    • Xpander

      so far its been nice experience with 24 on arch linux.. been using it since it came to linux. no crashes ( and i like to use a lot of tabs at the same time, 60+) only 2 things that i dont like: 1) hardcoded ubuntu theme for min, max, close buttons 2) doesnt seem to play mp4 videos, just downloads them

      Thanks for linux work on it.. really loving it more than chromium

    • It’s working with my window decorations in Fluxbox – great work! Also liking the bookmark manager.

      I still haven’t used the Stash yet. If I could make short notes with it as well as save links… 😉

    • omuculopata

      Linux looks great! Some UI tweaks would be appreciated: besides better integration with the desktop environment, the toolbar could be a bit smaller/more compact – even though the UI elements (tabs+toolbar) are only a few pixels taller then Chrome/Chromium, they look too big in Opera (and in Firefox too). Other than that I like it. There is one bug: after switching tabs there are some rectangular regions on the screen with checkered background.

      It’s sad to see websites that still require Flash to work, but it’s easy to get it by copying/symlinking the PepperFlash folder from the Chrome installation to /usr/lib64/chromium/PepperFlash. H264 support would reduce the need for Flash, since most video websites now fallback to HTML5 video.

      • It is true tho (h.265 will replace h.264 some years from now), I am wondering if Pepper Flash makes it’s way to Linux. H.264 takes a bit of hardware power (some people have older hardware that does not do so well with higher res h.264 videos. Flash Player is very buggy with OpenGL (for over 10 years), I poke them and the OpenGL team about it, it gets to be a cpu hog on videos above 360p resolution, tho Flash Player using DirectX (Windows Only) is not affected by that performance bug.

        opera://flags/#bundled-pdf-plugin Does that get update via a Delta update? Is it affected by having added to Opera?

        Should SPDY indicator be built in and have an option in the preferences? (with similar delta updates (maybe with the PDF viewer no need to restart the browser to install the updated component)

        Spell checker is not working on comments here (Opera Dev 24.0.1558.3 OS X 10.9.4)

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Thank you too. says, that video is supported, but “code detection” is buggy.

    • In O22 I click on it and get a green stable smiley and 4 points, same result in O24, even when it is marked as buggy.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Oh, true. I did not dare to klick on it.

      • Veger

        I think ‘stable’ means that the official standardization/definition of the feature is stable. Not whether the support in a browser is stable or buggy.

    • Przemek Kudła

      Thank you for information. The issue will be filed.

  • MikeGav

    When the rpm packages are available?

    • Its not a priority in the near future. You can try to use a utility like alien to convert it. (Not officially supported.)

      • average linux user

        How long “near future” is? Several weeks, months, a year?

        • There is no specific timeframe defined. I can say it is not a priority right now, as we have the Linux guys focussed on fixing Linux specific bugs and trying to match the feature set of Mac and Windows.

          One of the highlights today was an OpenSSL fix that allows WebRTC to work on Fedora, openSUSE and other non-Debian/Ubuntu based distros (it already worked on Ubuntu). We have also done some preliminary work to make Opera look less Ubuntu specific, e.g. using native titlebars and decorations in non-Unity environments. We would like to fix more issues such as these before we think about having rpm packages.

          Also, keep in mind that Linux is not like Windows or Mac with regards to packaging and installation. For the overwhelming majority of Linux software packages you have installed, the packaging was not done by the original author of the software. It was done by your distro or a maintainer from a third party repository to which you subscribe.

          If someone wants to repackage Opera and make it available to users of their distro, we allow this (just make sure you conform to our license). An Arch Linux user repackaged Opera Developer for Arch within hours (perhaps minutes) of the first release.

          If repackaging is beyond your current skill set, use can these notes to learn how to handle the install and removal more manually. Or if you find that too much, look at the links in that article and you should find all the hard work has been done for you.

          • ooblv

            Nice stuff to hear. Native titlebar and decorations made me happy.
            I dream a headerbar for Gnome based distros but not having Ambiance by default is still nice.

      • Alien really? I wouldn’t touch alien myself. Particularly when others have already written a dedicated rpm .spec file to do the conversion.

        Alternatively use these notes to learn how to handle the install and removal yourself.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, maybe this info will help you in some way 😉

  • Nekomajin43

    When this version hits stable, I will be a happy Opera user again.

    Also, I know it’s under developement, but can you confirm anything about keyword support and sort by name/created date/visited date in the bookmarks manager?
    I like this bundled extansion idea, and so far I like the bookmarks manager, but I hope it will be powerfull too, not just shiny.

  • oic

    Hey guys, if you’re still looking for a bookmark manager, try this one out called vbookmark. They recently fixed an issue I had with it, so now imho its the best book manager for chrome/opera browser

  • myxelloss

    Hi developers!

    I am very happy with the work you have made in the shiny version for Linux! It works pretty well, it’s very fast (much more than other browrsers, specially Firefox). But I have a question about the look-and-feel of the browser.

    Are you planning to make the browser take the color theme of the OS (at least in KDE) to paint the tab bar? It is not a big change, but makes the browser look much more integrated in the look-and-feel system.

    Best regards to you all!

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      There will be further changes to the Linux color theme, but I can’t promise any specifics.

  • ooblv

    so I see
    DNA-23041 [Engine] Enable PDFium WP1 – Enable PDF plugin
    This mean since google open sourced their pdf engine that you decided to drop Mozilla’s one and go for the google’s pdf stuff, or am I wrong?

    • Of course we evaluate all the available options.

      • Wando Schneider

        That’s great. It’s awesome have options, and Chrome plugin’s is way more stable than mozilla. Thanks!

        • But more incomplete, I can’t perform searches in that thing.

          • L33t4opera

            Hi Hector, it is “WP1”, which if I understand it well, this means the first step of the whole implementation of this feature.

          • Lacedaemon

            I suppose this is why you can’t save a pdf using the save button of the panel bottom-right?

          • L33t4opera

            Yep, I can confirm this also on my WXP SP3, but you can right-click on the page, and then select “Save as” from the context menu (or alternatively just press “Ctrl+S”), and then click on the “Save” button.

            I think that the Windows users, are lucky in opposite to the Linux users, cuz in Opera under my Linux box, this plug-in doesn’t work at all :/

          • Hopefully both of them will evolve and offer a decent and realiable solution, I just say I don’t see what’s so bad about PDF JS.

          • ooblv

            I find the google plugin really faster with big pdfs. I know that Opera made tests and they saw there was the possibility to improve Mozilla’s one a lot in that thing.
            If they really decided to go for the Google’s one I’m sure they will just make use of the engine and they will make a new interface and add stuff.

          • PDF JS is good enough, don’t see why to change it, I still prefer it.

      • Jorton

        Make a better one.

  • SuuperTommy

    The bookmarks manager is looking really good in this build. 🙂

    • I think it’s headed to replacing the Speed Dial once it’s mature enough. It already looks pretty similar if you squint a bit.

  • Lacedaemon

    Bookmark manager looks so sexy. Time to move my many many stash items to it… That’s why we want things made by YOU instead of extensions. Is it the time to create a sexy Mail HTML page as well? Like the one from with a sexy icon next to Discover ? 🙂

  • Olli

    Thanks for fixing the crashes on Yosemite! I can’t find the timeout settings for tab previews, am I blind?

    • You need to activate power user settings first (Konami Code in settings)

  • Philip

    New bug: On Linux, when I open the developer tools in one tab, all the other tabs (content) get truncated as if the dev tools were open there too.

    • Philip

      Also, when I close the dev tools, the tab content is not resized until I scroll the site.

    • I can’t reproduce this problem.

      • Philip

        Try switching between the tab with the dev tools and the one without a few times. Doesn’t occur on first tab change always. But always occurs after ~5 tab changes.

    • I get that on Windows

  • ver000

    Guys, the browser is well designed, but the Opera menu is way too huge and redundant. I think you should consider to rethink and redesign it. Big menus are not cool anymore nowadays. They should be light and essential with those important things you can’t already do without having to open them while more advanced and less used stuff should just be in settings.

    Also, why the opera menu button is in the titlebar with a cut O? Why not simply put a big red O in the rightmost part of the toolbar (like it is already in the mobile Opera)? It wouldn’t interfere with tabs, it would be in the same position for every os and view and it would look better.

    • It’s more natural on the left, and it’s also in the same position everywhere. Putting it on the right side would lead to people mistakenly closing the browser window (I know it would happen to *me*). No need to reinvent the wheel here.

      • ooblv

        I don’t really agree.
        On Linux for example if you maximize the window, tabs have to move to make room for the button.
        The mobile version has it on the toolbar, there it would just be consistant.
        There is space between the close button and that position. Where it is now people could click for mistake the first tab or close it (since it gets smaller if you have multiple tabs open).

        • Mistakenly switching to another tab is much better than mistakenly closing the browser.

          • Łukasz Darzki

            About that ‘mistakenly closing the browser’… Please… please?! Please! Add ‘Confirm on exit’ option. CTRL+W is too close to CTRL+Q.

          • ooblv

            don’t just cut what I say, you always do that every time.
            the space between the close button and a toolbar button is a lot.
            I said you can accidentally close the tab, and the space here is really a few pixels

          • I don’t know what difference it makes. You said “click for mistake the first tab OR close it”. It’s not very likely that you close it (you would have to aim REALLY bad for that to happen, since the closing “X” is at the right side).

            The problem with the window close button is that it is at the end of the trajectory of your mouse, so if you go too far by ANY amount, you end up there. The menu button is now already at the end of the trajectory. Closing the first tab by mistake would entail: (1) having so many tabs open that it becomes really small, (2) misaim the pointer in precisely as much distance as the difference between the O button and the right side of the tab. Not as likely as going too far and fall on the menu button itself.

            You can disagree with me, but there is no point in implying that I misrepresented what you said. I didn’t.

          • ooblv

            I made a few considerations about my thought and you came out with a set phrase just ignoring what I said. You always do that to defend your invalid opinions when someone make you understand they are actually invalid.

            I said:

            1) the toolbar is really far from the close button so this an invalid opinion made by someone who doesn’t know what to say. That’s really a big distance for a computer interface. Do you just move around with your mouse and click by chance? It’s a big distance. Other browsers have it there, also Opera on mobile has it there. Are they all mad? common.

            2) If you really want to consider the possibility to close something is way more possible that someone will close a tab when having multiple tabs opened because the x of the tab and the menu are a couple of pixels close.

            you just came out with a set phrase like:

            “Mistakenly switching to another tab is much better than mistakenly closing the browser.”

            ignoring the fact I said close and that I pointed out that the distance in your scenario is a lot and this make it invalid.
            I’m done because it gets frustrating with you, next time if you want to make a conversation keep it smart, reply point by point, giving reasons, and not just come out with set phrases

          • iPristy

            Can’t agree more…

            I like to say something positive but this is not it sorry. I guess they are investing more in Android than on desktop. So that’s that…

          • I didn’t stop at the “set phrase”. In the next comment, which you are ignoring completely, I explained AT LENGTH the problem and why it’s more problematic to have the button on the right and below the closing button than on the absolute upper left. If you didn’t understand, it’s your problem, not mine. Goodbye.

          • ooblv

            Dude, seriously, if you always do this with everyone it is impossible to make a smart conversation with you.

            Just follow the flow.

            -You stopped at the set phrase.

            -I told you to not cut what I say.

            -you replied you didn’t “You can disagree with me, but there is no point in implying that I misrepresented what you said. I didn’t”

            – in my last post I explained you why I said you actually misrepresented my words.

            You had come out with a set phrase, your explaination came later, after I told you about that.

            I don’t agree with what you said and it’s a very very weak point but I don’t care about it because you stopped a smart conversation before it started (I’ve seen you always do that with everyone).
            you had to write that explanation before that set phrase and before misrepresenting my words and my points.
            And to that explanation I already replied in my first post saying my idea, you had to write there your explanation, replying to my words, not to the part you wanted ignoring the rest.

    • Vux777

      recently I installed Opera on friends (father) laptop… I think it’s a 17 inch HP, don’t know other details…
      while on my desktop 24′ monitor (1920×1080), Opera have pretty big tabs (compared to Chrome) and solid O-menu size, on his laptop thing were other way around…. Tabs on tab bar where tiny (in height) and O-menu was blown up
      I don’t think he changed any DPI or something….
      Maybe it’s not (just) about Opera how big the Omenu will be…

      • ooblv

        well the trend nowadays is to avoid where possible menus.
        For some applications it is necessary (like a photo editor or so), for a browser it is also necessary but it should be a simple menu with necessary stuff. No reason for big menus.
        For example the “quit” entry: there are already many ways in the OS to close an app, and there is the x in the titlebar, no reason at all for that voice to be repeated again in the menu. Why would I open a menu to close an app?

        • Vux777

          try to remove it from menu, and bunch of ppl will complain “where the f… is EXIT?…such a basic feature/option…I always use it” ….trallalalala and so on…
          even this is considered stripped/dumbed down

    • oCircuit

      I agree. The o menu looks old and the grey is outdated. It should be look bright and friendly – like in the settings. I think Firefox could be a good inspiration for that ( maybe you can do it much better and with own clever ideas )
      The O button should be white, with a beautiful red O in the centre.

      So i wish a more harmonic and brighter menu. Forget this dusty grey please (;

      And please keep working on the promising bookmarks manager, i need it (:

      • ooblv

        yeah grey looks old. White would be better.

  • knoelli

    Thanks for the new version. However it does not fix the display problem that occurs with enabled hardware acceleration since 24.0.1555 and which I reported here:

  • I hope you will offer an easy way to translate all my Speed Dial entries into BM entries, folders included, seriously I don’t want to do it all over again.

    • Rafael Luik

      seriously I don’t want to do it all over again

      Who is forcing you? I’ll keep my links in the Speed Dial.

      You can drag and drop your Speed Dial folders in the bookmarks bar if you want.

      • That doesn’t work, it won’t add them, you get a prohibition mark instead.

        • Lacedaemon

          Yes, I never understood why that is not possible doing, together with the Shift+Click on SD Folders opening in a new window.

      • bwat47

        Unfortunately dragging speed dial folders into the bookmarks bar doesn’t seem to work, its quite annoying. I can open the speed dial folder and drag individual entries into the bookmarks bar, but dragging a sd folder itself onto the bookmarks bar does nothing 🙁

  • Wando Schneider

    I’m experiencing some bugs related to youtube (using flash plugin) and the tab preview. If the tab preview open during a video, the plugin vanish, but I am still able to hear the video, but not see it.

    • Wando Schneider

      Other thing that I noticed is the youtube menu (on the left, suspended), opens behind the plugin while playing a video.

    • Wando Schneider

      Another detail: Using html5, is working very well.

    • reesmichael1

      I’m not sure exactly what you’re talking about. Do you mean that a video that’s playing in a background tab is not displayed in a tab preview, like the screenshot below, even though the sound can still be heard? If so, I’d say that’s the expected behavior.

      If, on the other hand, you mean that after accessing the preview, the video is no longer playing in that tab when you switch back to it, you have a more serious issue–and it’s one that I can’t confirm. (I’m on Mac OS X 10.9.3 right now if it makes any difference. If the second option is actually the issue you’re talking about, I can check again in Windows/Linux.)

      • reesmichael1

        Sorry for the derpiness of this screenshot…I accidentally selected some of my other monitor at work for the shot as well, and Disqus doesn’t seem to allow editing pictures.

      • Wando Schneider

        The second. I’ll try to explain again. Excuse for my poor english. I have two tabs open. One is playing a youtube video with flash plugin, and the other is a regular web site. If I pass the mouse over this “regular web site” tab, the tab preview pops up and, after showing that, the video is no longer displaying images, only sound. If I press the mouse right button on the black frame (where the video was playing), opera shows only 3 options: save as, print as inspect element. I tested that on windows with the latest version.

        • reesmichael1

          Your English is perfectly fine 🙂

          That’s an interesting issue. I don’t seem to be experiencing it on Mac, but I’ll check on Windows later. Does it matter what the “regular web site” is, or does it happen for any page that you happen to have open?

          • Wando Schneider

            Any web site. On the latest test, I used the speed dial page.

  • YemSalat

    Thanks for the update!

    Friendly reminder: zoom indication.

  • IllusionMH

    When Opera is maximized on right monitor, O menu is opened on the left monitor.

    Same result can be obtained when window isn’t maximized, but small part of O button is on left screen.

    Probably small shifting of popup menu to the right will solve this problem. In any case there is 1px unusable gap when window is maximized on left monitor.

    Win8.1 x64

    • Marcin Mitek

      Which one is your primary monitor? Right one I guess? Positioning of them might be the case here also (I see that they are not aligned).

      • IllusionMH

        Monitor configuration screenshot
        Main monitor is left. Screens are aligned bottom.
        Left 1920×1080. Right 1440×900.

        You are right. Alignment have it’s impact on this problem.

        When screens are aligned bottom – menu is on left screen, but when screens are aligned top – menu is on right screen.(unfortunately such alignment has it’s own usability problems because of different monitors resolutions and diagonals).

        And there are no difference which monitor is main(primary).

        • Marcin Mitek

          We used to have a bug where the monitor assignement was making difference, that’s why I asked. But I will check that again and respond somewhere here with BTS ID to track, ok?

          • IllusionMH

            Yes, thanks!

          • Marcin Mitek

            Old bug: DNA-11411, for a reference.

          • IllusionMH


  • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

    Is there any work going on this issue (high power consumption) of chromium browser?

    • Sidney Guioy

      Since this article someone has been assigned to the bug and it got a better priority it will probably fixed soon

      • duhduhduh0

        Bug was reported in 2012… not solved yet in 2014. Kudos to the Forbes author to bring it up!

        Can Chromium guys also fix the Mac version too?

        • ruduh

          Bug was reported firstly in 2010 and its does not happen with Mac.

    • ruduh

      Very, very interesting and intriguing… Someone knew about this serious bug of Chrome or browsers Chromium-based, especially those that use Notebooks/Netbooks? Citing article of Ian Morris: “So, what can be done? Well, not much. I found out about this bug a long time ago, and it’s been raised with Google via its Chromium bug tracker for a long time( It has, for the most part, been ignored. The first report was in 2010, but the last confirmed bug addition was made yesterday. If Google doesn’t take the problem seriously, then the bug will remain, and Windows laptops running Chrome will drain the battery faster than the same machine running Internet Explorer or Firefox. ”
      Also, according an update of the article, “Google has also assigned this bug internally now, so it is getting some attention. For that reason, the bug is locked for new comments. It should still be possible to “star” it though, and thus vote for its resolution.”

      Microsoft article cited in Chromium bug tracker(””If the system timer interval is decreased to less than the default, including when an application calls timeBeginPeriod with a resolution of 1 ms, the low-power idle states are ineffective at reducing system power consumption and system battery life suffers.System battery life can be reduced as much as 25 percent, depending on the hardware platform. This is because transitions to and from low-power states incur an energy cost. Therefore, entering and exiting low-power states without spending a minimum amount of time in the low-power states can be more costly than if the system simply remained in the high-power state.”

      First report of this big bug at 2010 and not solved yet? LOL!!! What can be done now, in my point of view, is wait for the goodwill of the developers of Google/Chromium to solve this problem. 🙁
      And this issue doesn’t hapen with Linux or Mac, only Windows, for my happiness, because I use more Linux than Windows. 😉

    • Vux777

      my clock rate is at 1ms at very beginning of session (turn on computer) when I didn’t even started any browser…

  • Shion

    Stable stream update when?

    • Veger

      When O24 is stable (enough) obviously

      • I think he meant O22 maintenance update or O23 moves to Stable.

        O22 has seen only one update since launch, so either give us another or move 23 to that channel.

        • I am guessing it will be in the next few days to weeks a Opera 22 update or 23 moving from next to stable (based on Chrome hitting version 36 very recently)

  • I know it’s a work in progress and may be ditched, but since I’m testing the new bookmark manager: I tried dragging folders from the “Bookmarks bar” folder (which of course replicates the bar itself) to the list of “My folders”, and they disappeared for good. As in, I no longer had those bookmarks anywhere.

    The first time I dragged to the “My folders” title itself; the second time, to another existing folder in the list. Both times, my dragged folders vanished.

    Thank God I made a backup! Or, more accurately, that I have Xmarks installed and could restore the latest version. 😉

    • Rod Corkin

      Similar thing happened to me, I created some new folders with a few links and they all disappeared. I wouldn’t waste any more time on this manager until they get it into some kind of working state.

      • Inquisitor

        Same here. All bookmarks gone!
        The bookmarks manager, as it appears now, is also unnecessary complicated and cumbersome to work with. Back to the drawing board, Opera developers!

        • Inquisitor

          Okay, I got my bookmarks back to ‘My Folders’ with the ‘Bookmarks Importer’ from the Opera Menu. But the folders are unsorted, I can’t change the names or remove a folder, and I can’t find a way to get my bookmarks back to the Bookmarks Bar.
          I don’t like having to use a scroll bar either.
          So far, this Bookmarks Manager sucks.

          • Rod Corkin

            I think they’ve barely started work on it at this point in time. Personally speaking however, all I need is to be able to sync what is currently on the Bookmark Bar in addition the Speed Dial stuff (in O22 I’ve created my own bookmark tree on the BB but only SD is sync’d at the moment).

          • ayespy

            I use XMarks to sync my bookmarks across machines and browsers.

            I’d love a native solution, but XMarks works well in the absence of one.

          • Rod Corkin

            I have an Xmarks account too. If it was better featured none of us would be worrying about bookmark managers on any browser, but as things stand perhaps I’m one of the few who is actually content to use the BB!

          • Inquisitor

            I managed to get all my bookmarks folders and sub-folders back on the Bookmarks Bar. It’ll have to do for now.

          • Rod Corkin

            Whatever happens I think somewhere down the line there needs to be a direct link-up between the speed dial and bookmark entries. This has been mentioned before.

          • Guys, really, keep in mind that you are using a developer version and inside of that an experimental feature. DON’T USE IT WITH YOUR IMPORTANT DATA!

          • Inquisitor

            First of all: my default browser is and remains O12. Everything is safe there, so no worries.
            Secondly: aren’t we supposed to ‘play’ with the experimental features to see how and if they work? So far, the bookmarks manager is useless. Better completely remove it from the next build, until you have something more substantial. (Off my soap box, now)

          • Well, I don’t think most people would be happy if we give you less things to play with.

            It is behind a flag and we have not officially announced anything. No need to complain 😉

          • ayespy

            As am I.

        • Could you explain “cumbersome” in more detail?

          • Subfolders are positioned in a weird fashion.

          • Inquisitor

            Too much clicking and scrolling!

          • Could you explain “Too much clicking and scrolling” in more detail then? 😉

          • Nekomajin43

            With too much scrolling I have a little problem too. The header with the buttons and the search field takes about 1/4 of the vertical screen space. Too much margin. I know it looks good, but vertical space is limited.
            One item (in list view) is too thick. Too much padding. It looks good with this thickness, but takes too much vertical space. I think some kind of slider would be good to adjust the padding, similar to the stash. Or at least two or three optional values similar to the Gmail.

            Another issue: Will you implement context menus on the folder tree and the items? This icon solution is not too handy.
            Will we get a real folder tree at all? I can create subfolders, but I can’t see them on the left side.

    • Sorry that you lost data. We told you it’s an experiment (and didn’t even mention it in the blog post) … I guess this is also why you backed up the data.

      Still, thanks for testing. I just checked this situation in the actual current version I am developing on and it works as expected. So expect this to work in the future 🙂

      • No problem! You had warned me indeed. I asked if you’d be deleting bookmarks in a comment on the previous post, and you told me it was unlikely that you’d delete data *on purpose* but that I should be careful anyway because this was an experiment, so I was. 😉 Thanks!

  • Dave-H

    Sorry, everything is still coming up 25% too big on my display on 100% zoom, which should be the default!

    • Inquisitor

      Here exactly the same: fonts (with size = ‘normal’, page zoom 100%), bars, speed dial,… all too big.
      Look at the difference between O12 and O24:

      • Dave-H

        Glad I’m not the only one with this problem, not many others seem to be mentioning it!
        I’m sure it’s to do with HiDPI, and if there was still an option to switch it off, we might be able to check (hint, hint!)

    • ayespy

      The “Normal” size in other release streams is actually a tad too small for me – menu text especially. 100% zoom in this stream in its current state is too big. 75% zoom in this stream is just about perfect in every respect.

      I’m sitting here looking at a 24″ wide-screen monitor with no-line bifocals and even with this relatively huge display, menu text is borderline microscopic in Next and Stable. It used to be bigger, which apparently was a “bug,” which got “fixed,” and has made the UI text too damned small.

      • Dave-H

        It’s not the text on the Opera UI that’s the problem, it’s the fact that all websites are too zoomed in, and look completely different to what they look like on all my other browsers at 100% zoom! Elements are actually cropped and cut off on one website I run, which now only looks as it should do if I reduce the zoom to 75%, which can’t be right!
        This only started happening a few versions ago, and I’m sure coincided with the HiDPI implementation, when they also removed the ability to disable it!

        • ayespy

          EVERYTHING is bigger because of a glitch with HiDPI. It’s not as though the websites are zoomed but the UI is not. I was merely making the point that when everything is “normal,” the UI menu text is actually too small – whereas when we have this too-large bug, the menu text actually suits me (as does website text with the browser set to 75% zoom), even though the rest of the UI chrome is too overblown, just as the web pages are.

  • In previous snapshots, I could drag bookmarks inside a bookmark bar folder and the folder stayed open so that I could see the result of the operation. Now, as soon as I release the mouse button, the folder closes, and I don’t know what happened until I click on the folder again. This is annoying and makes me nervous. 🙁

    • ayespy

      On bookmark operations, the folder NEEDS TO STAY OPEN until you either select to bookmark to go to, or click outside the folder.

  • Dialox

    When i open a new tab the speed dial takes a bit to load, like 1 second,
    it looks ugly, for example, in Firefox when you open a new tab the
    speed dial is right there, there’s nothing to load, no blank page for a second.

  • Inquisitor

    Extensions on the speed dial don’t fit in window:

    • Inquisitor

      Picture added:

      • Marcin Mitek

        These are Coast-like Speed Dial thumbnails, rather unrelated to HiDPI.

        • Inquisitor

          Another strange thing: Coast-like thumbs are OFF in flags, yet they show up in the Speed Dial.

    • On which platform it happens? Have you enabled any flags or changed default settings?

      Tried it and works just fine on Windows 7 default installation.

      • Inquisitor

        Reset all flags to default, but problem remains. Did not have this problem in previous Dev stream.
        I think it has to do with a HiDPI bug/flaw. When I set the page zoom to 75%, the window fits somehow, but it’s off-center..

  • helsten2

    I noticed that you can re-order the bookmarks. Why not use the same function for the Stash items?

    • Stash will likely be eaten up by bookmarks.

      • helsten2

        OK, I was actually expecting that …

        Two requests:
        1. Function to configure default (start) folder in bookmarks
        2. Function to configure default view (icon or list)

        Another topic:
        Any plans for vertical tabs with thumbs preview (as O12)?
        Was my favourite browser function ….

        Keep up the good work 🙂

      • Nekomajin43

        Does it mean that we get a Bookmark button on the start page next to Speed Dial and Discover?

        • That is one likely interpretation.

          • Nekomajin43

            Is there any chance that the start page will be extensible with addons? Full-page stuff, like the Smart RSS extension, would be good as the part of the start page.

      • Corzo

        I like stash, mostly because take the screenshot exactly where you left.

        If the bookmarks replace stash, the screenshot function will remain?

        This feature is really helpful for me, at least make it a option.

      • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

        Noooooooooo…….. pls!!! You can add another tab on speed dial for bookmarks!

  • of

    It’s frequently crash after Ctrl+W or click on Close tab button. I’m not sure but I think it started after 24 version build.
    Windows 8 Enterprise 64bit

  • Alacran

    This build does not auto enter saved passwords on web pages.
    I tried clearing browser data, clear saved passwords expecting that Opera would offer me to remember the pass again if newly entered, but no…
    This does not happen on all pages.

  • Licaon_Kter

    [Linux] I keep changing the fonts yet I see no change even after some restarts, what am i doing wrong?

  • Snow of March

    I think that tab preview size should be customizable.

  • Wando Schneider

    2 minor things that could be implemented:

    1: pressing F6 could set the focus on the address bar, like others browsers do.
    2: CTRL + D could open a pop up with the 3 options: Speed Dial, Stash and bookmarks.

    • András Ács

      I think Ctrl+D should be reserved for adding a bookmark directly, as other browsers do 😉

      • Wando Schneider

        I don’t think so. Opera have stash and a speed dial that really works, and have options it’s great. Bringing back the CTRL + D shortcut, need to consider the existing options.

        • András Ács

          Edited my post just before you answered.

          So yeah, what you say is logical. But there are as-of-yet inexistent options, if you enable the bookmark manager, the classic star icon is added to the address bar. I would think it is not final, but tried the updated one now and it already shows integration with the bookmarks bar (there is a group for it), *and* thus the heart menu (if a bookmark is on the bar, the heart menu indicates it). Also, the bookmark star has its own popup. As Ctrl+D is firm muscle memory, I would think it would involve opening the star menu, adding a bookmark in the process.

          Of course I wouldn’t know if the design is getting finalized or still in flux, but now it shows a clear direction.

          Clearly, opening the Heart menu deserves its hotkey, if not Ctrl+D.

  • András Ács

    Opera is now borderless under i3! Yaay!!

    Thanks team for the improvements, and that Linux is a first-class citizen again!

  • Didit A. Pamungkas

    Still no flash for linux?

    • Rafael Luik

      It normally detects and uses the PPAPI Flash present in your system.

      • Didit A. Pamungkas

        Automatically detected??..
        But still opera://plugins show nothing?

        • Rafael Luik

          And how have you installed PPAPI Flash in your system?

          • Didit A. Pamungkas

            I just installed conventional flashplugins version 11..
            But, I just installed pepperflashplugins version 14, now opera had flash but, try to play youtube so heavy can’t play well.
            Any suggestion why?

          • Abhilash

            (Sorry to barge in on your comment)

            How do I go about installing pepper flash on ubuntu 12.04 for opera 24 ?

            Added to sources:
            deb precise main
            and then installed via pepflashplugin-installer

            I have a .so and .sh in /usr/lib/pepflashplugin-installer

            -rw-r–r– 1 root root 2.0K Jun 5 04:16 manifest.json
            -rw-r–r– 1 root root 17M Jun 5 04:16
            -rw-r–r– 1 root root 278 Jun 10 22:47

            Contents of

            # Include this script from /etc/chromium-browser/default to enable
            # the Adobe/Google Pepper Flash plugin.


            CHROMIUM_FLAGS=”$CHROMIUM_FLAGS –ppapi-flash-path=/usr/lib/pepflashplugin-installer/ –ppapi-flash-version=$FLASH_VERSION”

            I am not able to find a similar file corresponding to /etc/chromium-browser/default for opera developer

          • Didit A. Pamungkas

            I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 doesn’t need PPA anymore.
            It’s automatically detected once pepflash installed.

          • Abhilash

            Im on 12.04. Currently have added this in the Exec in the shortcut and its working. Exec=opera-developer %U –ppapi-flash-path=/usr/lib/pepflashplugin-installer/ –ppapi-flash-version=

        • Install chrome or chromium, so that you get Pepper. Not available as standalone install, AFAIK.

          • Didit A. Pamungkas

            Well, on my ubuntu 14.04 pepflash-instaler-non-free can install pep flash wihout chrome installed.
            Now troubling youtube, only youtube playing video so lag. when I disabled flash and using html5 everything back to normal.
            flash played well on vimeo/soundcloud.
            I’ve tried disabled or blocking flash forcing using html5 player only on youtube via opera://setting but youtube detected flash already and not showing player. and i’ve tried add-ons to force html5 player not worked too.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    New flags:

    PDF viewer plug-in
    Render PDF documents using the bundled PDF viewer plug-in rather than external plug-ins.

    Only auto-reload visible tabs
    Pages that fail to load while the browser is offline will only be auto-reloaded if their tab is visible.

  • xbqo

    Is desktop notification supported on Linux now? I saw it is mentioned in the changelog

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      Not yet.

  • oCircuit

    I love the new bookmark manager <3 Thanks guys. It will be a very good day when i can use bookmarks in stable (:

    I have a suggestion:
    It would be practical and cool if we could assign colors to the folders.

    • Let’s save some cool stuff for version 2 😉

      • serendipity1002

        Really, congrats to you developers for such a beautiful manager. However, right now are the bookmarks I save using Opera synchronized?

        • bwat47

          not yet, they are still working on sync. There’s a sync flag on opera:flags but atm it only works with speed dial/stash.

  • L33t4opera

    @Developers: “CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support” – it seems, that it still doesn’t work, at least on my Linux box. Do I need to perform some additional steps, to make it work?

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      We have not implemented H.264 or MP3 support on Linux yet.

      • L33t4opera

        Thanks for your reply, ok I understand, but in that case, this info “CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3 and H.264 support”, is a bit misleading, because it’s not clearly stated, which of the operating systems, supports this feature – as opposed to the info (for the same CHR), mentioned in the change logs, for two previous versions.

  • oic

    small issue with bookmark manager. THE URL Icon is a star. The icon on the top left of the bookmark manager is a heart. Need to be same icon/consistant

    • Well, what you see now of the bookmark manager is an experiment. It is currently virtually un-included with the rest of the UI

  • ooblv

    Is it possible to have tooltips with round corners? On linux (don’t know about other systems) they kinda look rounded because they have a sort of shadow, but when you move out the cursor the shadow disappear before the tooltip and you can see it squared. Having them with round corners would be cool

  • Dmitry Markovski

    [Linux] Fonts are still bad compared to the first linux build (1537). Please see the screenshot.

    Is there anything I can do to make fonts look as in 1537? Please let me know, I will be very obliged.

    opensuse 13.1, kde

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      To me they look much better in your most recent screenshots :). But font settings are subjective, what’s important is that Opera tries to follow your system settings as closely as possible, regardless of what you or I may think is the prettiest. That way you can change your system settings to get what you want in Opera.

      What does it look like in other browsers on the same page (Firefox, Chrome)? What are your font settings in KDE?

      • Dmitry Markovski

        Thanks for your quick response.

        I agree that fonts are subjective and I fully support that opera should follow system settings.

        In the attached image, I added Chromium, Konqueror and Firefox. To me, the new build looks different than everything else, while the 1537 looks exactly as Chromium.

        Please let me know if you want me do send you the original png as it loses quality when converted into a jpg.

        Another screenshot is of my kde font settings.

        Thanks for the linux version, guys. I am not complaining here, I just want the opera browser to be perfect on linux – like it was once.

        Do let me know if I can help test, etc.

        • Arjan van Leeuwen

          Can you file a bug report at ? Make sure to leave your email address so we can contact you for more information. You can also add screenshots to the bug report after filing it.

          • Dmitry Markovski

            Thanks, done.

  • RX-3200

    look report at this screenshot:

    • Oh boy.
      As stated over and over again:
      This is highly experimental!

      • The perfect oportunity to contribute with your ideas, after it goes stable you will depend on Opera’s.

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      Apart from all that, don’t you think the bookmarks page looks smashingly nice? I never expected that we would make something as nice as this :3 But you should take what Christoph142 said to your heart and wait patiently 🙂

      • kokolo5

        The bookmark manager looks extremely beautiful and feels very smoothly. You promised not to much (;

      • Tom Lindberg

        It’s actually quite a bit better than any built-in or add-on manager in a browser these days when it comes to presentation and probably convenience once a few problems have been fixed.

        The thumbnail selection seems rather odd. It just selects a random image from the page you’re adding. Even the language selection flag icon in one case. I’d love it if you could add custom images in a simple way, but you should at least fix this.

        Also the icon in the address bar is not hiDPI. I guess I will always haunt this blog with these issues.

        • Jonathan Aanesen

          That’s perfectly understandable, if I were a HiDPI user I would do it too. I think pretty much everything you mentioned is under work/planned or is noted and have a high possibility of being added considering it’s really neat ideas 😛

  • Footman

    *CHR-2543 Implementation of MP3

    Still does not work. Get traffic stream now but no sound.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Confirmed (W7x64). Works in Chrome and FF.

      • Lacedaemon

        and Opera 12.17

  • helsten2

    Random NSL seems to be back …

  • Oskar

    I have problems with my homepage since the last update (I think)., it crashes several times a day and when I restart Opera it works for a while again. Reloading usually doesn’t work. The functions I use includes: gmail, weather, google calendar, calendar, twitter, links and google tasks. Pretty annoying. 64-bit win8 and Tab hibernation in use.

  • Vux777

    turbo + Disqus still crash Opera (last two dev builds)…not related to flags

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      Yeah, we have one fix for it already, but it didn’t fully work so we need a follow up fix. Should hit 24 shortly.

      • Vux777

        24h or 24build?
        I like first one better 🙂

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Opera 24, i guess.

          • Vux777

            Hi Leo!

            Say “Hi!” to Leo if you pass by him in the comments section.

          • L33t4opera

            Nice! +1 😉

  • jeti

    I would like to use 32 bit linux version, because my processor does not support 64 bit. For my friends I also migrate 7 old win xp laptops to ubuntu, which also support only 32 bit.

    What could you recommend for me? I would like to use the new Opera on Ubuntu 32 bit and I can not buy a new laptop, tablet…

    • 32 bit only!! you live in a vintage world already, Opera 24 would not run on those things anyway.

      • jeti

        “Linux is highly secure and performs well, even on machines with limited memory or suboptimal hardware. Not all of us can afford the latest Mac or Windows machines, not all of us want proprietary operating systems, and some of us simply love using Linux. But, everyone agrees that they should have access to a beautiful browser.”

        • I know but there’s a limit, latest thing is Quad-Core 4.0 Ghz, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD/1TB HDD, of course not everyone can afford that,

          Suboptimal means at least 2 cores, 2Ghz each, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB. And that surely supports 64 bit.

          Chropera doesn’t perform well at under 300 Mb RAM alone!! Windows version is 32 bit and it won´t use less, no extensions, one tab, and can go up to 800 MB RAM, with less than 20 tabs open.

          • jeti

            I have 2 x 1.73 GHz Intel CPU with 1 GB RAM. “lscpu” said: “32-bit” (only).

          • And you sure that won’t run 64 bit code? anyway as I said above, even in 32 bit Opera is by no means lightweight.

      • jeti

        Are there any script which can generate 32 bit version from the 64 bit version? (There are scripts which create rpm packages too.)

    • ruduh

      The central philosophy of free software, developed by people of good will as Linux’s developers, is to provide the same opportunities for people of all kinds. There are countries where most people are poor and can not afford to buy a good and modern PC or Notebook 64 bits-based. The Linux platform fits well in this situation because there are many light 32-bit distros Linux designed for old and weak PCs. The world’s most famous distro called “Ubuntu” whick has a version 32 bits, quoted so many times here in this blog, this word “Ubuntu” means “human kindness” or “humanity towards others”.
      If Opera only will release a Linux 64 bit version, it will be a big mistake IMHO.

  • Guest

    The PDF viewer is good! But the a save button does not working on Windows 7. But the right click save as menu working.

    • Try PDF JS, a far better solution.

      • I guess this is highly disputable. PDF.js is certainly not faster … but safer in theory.

        • Faster doing what? on a fast connection both are fast, and a slow connection slows both of them.

          But PDF JS is more functional.

          • Faster displaying the PDF 😉 Have you checked out [2] about when we investigated PDF.js performance? We concluded it’s fast enough, but in almost all situations the new native plugin is faster.


          • Nekomajin43

            I’ve found the Foxit Reader plugin much faster than this new plugin. It renders pages almost instantly on scroll while I have to wait several seconds to render the next page in this new plugin.

        • SuuperTommy

          I prefer this new built-in PDF viewer. It’s loading the content quite faster on my computer compared to the extension. 🙂

  • jeti

    The PDF viewer is good, but the a save button does not working on Windows 7. However the right click “save as” menu working.

  • Dark Magician

    Add memory usage summary in task manager.

    • Lacedaemon

      Yes I’ve been asking for chromium’s about://memory for some time now, we have about://histograms which is completely useless to us contrary to memory which is much needed.

    • What exactly do you mean by “usage summary”?
      Cause there are 6 different memory figures in the Task Manager already…

      • Dark Magician

        I mean that in the bottom there is complete memory usage calculated. Not just individual.

  • Alex Parker

    OK, that’s it. I’m not waiting for Opera 23 anymore. 20 days since NEXT post said you’re getting close to releasing O23 Stable, and nothing at all.
    My auto-update is manually disabled (don’t wanna be updated to buggy versions until I verify them), and I’m just done checking for new version already.

    Seriously, what the heck are you doing for 20 days after saying you’re getting close to releasing Stable?? Guys, whether you like it or not, whether you can or not, you HAVE TO work faster! I don’t want a full-feature browser by the time I’m 80 years old.

    You’re hardly leaving us any choice but to move to a browser with faster development cycle. Are we gonna wait for new Stable versions for two months now? And that with so little (for average user) major changes you implement?

    • I was just checking that, haha.

      O22 was released on June 2, and one update on Jun 18, so it shouldn’t be long before we see O23, but O24 is what I’m really looking forward on Windows, and O25 or whatever brings H.264 support in Linux.

      • Alex Parker

        Yeah… It shouldn’t have been long judging by the post at the end of June. 😛 I hope you’re right, fingers crossed. Usually development team posts updates about once a week, so I hope that doesn’t mean we have to wait for a week more.

    • Your post leaves me confused … on the one hand you seem to really, really cautious and only want super stable versions … on the other hand you want faster development and releases. You can’t have both, even if Opera would have infinite developers: it takes time to make something stable (there need to be testing, fixing rounds) and 20 developers are not always better than 2.

      I would suggest you either relax your need for super stable versions (I can’t remember that I every had a problem with Opera Next) or you try to happy with the slightly older versions.

      We are releasing a new stable version every 6 – 8 weeks. I think this is actually really often.

  • Some comments on the BM Manager.

    • I can’t reproduce any of the bugs you mentioned. Which either means you have a special setup or in the next version you will be happy 😉

      • Sidney Moraes

        That are not bugs. He is suggesting some improvements 🙂

        • I should have been more precise, most things he mentions should have actually already worked, so they were bugs for me …

          • I meant to suggest improvements, as Sidney said. Mainly about the treeview, that’d be great.

          • dflyra

            I thoroughly agree with all your suggestions.

          • Lacedaemon

            Plus it needs much extra work on right-click menu on these items.

  • netmain

    thanks guys for your hard work,
    but unfortunately, opera dev 24 is unusable on my pc. It has serious rendering issues of the UI and webpages. I don’t see anyone reporting this, or mentioned in the “known issues” section !!
    uninstalling my graphic card drivers seems to solve the problem!
    opera 22 and next 23 working just fine.

    win8.1 pro 32bit, intel g33/g31 express shipset family, 1440 x 900 screen resolution.

    • netmain

      well, After disabling the hardware acceleration on opera:config ! everything is fine now !
      the hardware acceleration isn’t available for my installation in the 2 others streams ( stable and next ), I don’t know if you enabled it on purpose, or it was just a bug.

      • Vux777

        on my win7 there is always HW checkbox on every stream as far as I can rememebr

        • netmain

          yeah, even though the checkbox is checked (it says: when available), it didn’t cause any problems so far.
          so, maybe chromium team did some changes there.

      • David

        I also have major problems with the last 2 versions developer versions (24.0.1555.0 and .24.0.1558.3). Win 7, 32 bit. For most web pages the screen is totally black. Am unable to type in the address bar. Is there any way to turn off hardware acceleration in the settings files? I am unable to access the settings page.

        • L33t4opera

          Hi David, yes, there’s, press “Win key+E”, to open Windows Explorer, go to your Opera profile folder, and open the “Local State” file in your text editor, then find the line as below:"hardware_acceleration_mode_previous": true,replace “true” with “false”, save the changes, run the Opera.
          Alternatively, you can run the “launcher.exe” file with the command line switch as follows:"...launcher.exe" --disable-gputhen go to Settings (Alt+P), scroll down to the bottom of the page, and then under the “System”, tick off the checkbox on the left of “Use hardware acceleration when available…”, and relaunch the Opera (without the switch).

          • David

            Thanks for your quick response. Using the command line switch has worked, and turning hardware acceleration off seems to solve the issues.

          • L33t4opera

            I’m glad, that I could help. Oh, I forgot to mention about one more step, that before opening the “Local State” file, you should first close the Opera – sorry for that 😉

        • netmain

          go to opera:config, check: show advanced settings, then unckeck : use hardware acceleration when available.

          L33t4opera’s is good hack too 🙂

  • WL-`

    I’m experiencing consistent stuttering(FPS) on twitch. There’s no problem on Chrome though. Can you look into it? I’ve tried disabling hardware acceleration on both flash and Opera flags with no success.

    I’m using Opera Next 23.0.1522.43

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, if you’re using Flash Player plugin, then instead of it, try the PPAPI beta version: for Windows, or for Mac.

  • LoverOfLife

    I think it was asked before.. Is there any way to open torrents files? Maybe an extension.. anything?!?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi LoverofLife, like this one: uTorrent easy client ?

      • LoverOfLife

        Thanks! I’m trying now, but i’m stuck in settings. I don’t know what to write in path. I get this error: Connection error! 400, Failed to get token! Possible wrong path.

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, click the “uTorrent” button on the toolbar, and in the pop-up window, click on the “help” link, then scroll down, below the “Preferences”, then you should see the step by step instrucion, as below:
          ‘1. Open uTorrent application
          2. Go in “Options” > “Preferences”
          3. Open “Advanced” section > “Web UI”
          4. Check the box “Enable Web UI”, enter “Username” and “Password”
          5. Check the box “Alternative listening port”, enter port number 8080
          6. Now enter “Username”. “Password”, “IP-address” and “Port”. If you do not know your “IP-address” try enter
          7. Press the button “Save all” ‘.

          • LoverOfLife

            Thank you! It works now 🙂

  • Łukasz Darzki

    Is it safe to delete .opera-backup-crashrecovery* after successful session restore? I had some power outages and now I see like fifty of those. (linux)

  • Lacedaemon

    Build 1555.0 did not auto-update to 1558.3, except for when I clicked on “About Opera”. I had used the offline package installer back in the day, is this related to it? Does this occur with the net installer as well?

  • Mike

    not the same height

  • Jorton

    PDF files can not be saved if chrome pdf plug-in was used.

  • Andrés

    Bad in linux. Not able to remove window border. Version 24.1555.0 was without border, this new one border has appeared and it’s not possible to disable it. Not able to go back to older version. In my opinion, we’ve gone a step back.

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      We’re still experimenting with getting this right, but currently we only use our ’emulated’ window border (which tries to emulate Unity) when you’re using Unity or Gnome Shell, and native borders on all other systems, so that we can better fit in.

      If you want to see what each looks like on your system, use the command-line option –force-native-window-frame={true,false,default}.

  • Павел Шут

    Found a bug where svg images as background show scrollbars. Here’s a picture , see it live here . No scrollbars in other browsers including Chrome.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      No problem here, no scrollbars. W7x64.

  • Lacedaemon

    I’m not sure I’m liking the (occasional) zooming of a picture in a webpage affecting all the open pages of that domain also… In Presto Opera that was not the case, why such a change?

  • Reports that Codec detection is buggy

    Opera Dev 24.0.1558.3 OS X 10.9.4

  • _artem_

    extensions still don’t show notification
    notification from gmail (that’s the only I actually get, because extensions don’t show them since couple of builds). and also if I click on any demo notification on the web – I DON’T GET NOTIFICATION ICON IN TRAY. so if you looked away from pc, and notification was shown in that moment, you are absolutely unable to know if you got any notifications. cuz notification stack isn’t shown in system tray or else where.
    and please let extensions like adguard have access to speed dials so my thumbnails aren’t full with stupid ads. most of the sites I visit. are modified by me – stylish, tempermonkey and adguard – so most of the side bars, side menus and unneeded headers, footers and searchbars aren’t visible for me – but on these speed dial thumbnails I see the original layouts full with ads. just let my extensions access these pages just before you generate that speed dial thumbnail. PLEASE – I’m not the only one who asks for this

    • _artem_

      speed dial thumbnail – and loaded page. compare!

    • Lacedaemon

      Indeed you aren’t, I am annoyed by that as well and asked for it a couple of times in the last months, positive news are that some devs like thorbenb have also expressed their annoyance so I hope to see something for that matter. If you can’t stand it at least try replacing it with a Opera coast thumbnail (which needs some work as well).

  • João Gonçalves

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but this two last builds are a bit unresponsive.
    If I click the new tab button, I get a blank page for about 3 or 4 seconds and then Speed Dial page appears.
    If I am one tab and return to the Facebook tab, it becomes unresponsive for several seconds. Sometimes I even have to reload the Facebook page to force it to show the new content or to now that the facebook chat windows have new messages.
    It’s so strange this behavior. This started to happen in build 1555 and 1558. The last “good one” was the 1543.
    Is this happening to anyone else?

  • Lacedaemon

    opera://flags : “Disable password manager reauthentication”
    “Skip prompting the user for their OS password before revealing passwords on the passwords page.”

    Where’s that prompt to begin with?

    • Rafael Luik

      It appears when you press the button to show a password if you have a password set in your OS user account.

      • Lacedaemon

        yeah thx, for a moment I (wrongly) thought about the admin’s password…

  • João Gonçalves

    In this page I cannot cycle through the images:

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I can. W7x64.

    • IllusionMH

      Try to turn off ad blocker.
      Works fine after ABP was disabled.
      Win 8.1

      • João Gonçalves

        Thank you.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    Didn’t you all see the new Next? Or maybe you are only hot for a new Dev. 🙂

  • Adoxographist

    In the quick downloads view from the toolbar can you add an option to cancel downloads and also to clear the downloads? It’s annoying having to press ‘ctrl’ + ‘j’ every time because just to cancel downloads.

  • Jorton

    There is post saying the Chrome browser is killing the laptop battery. I checked Opera and found it was the same for Opera.
    So, please resolve this issue asap and save Opera funs’ batteries.

    • Then it might be a Chromium bug, I think I remember hearing about it a number of years ago, same issue (same bug)

  • Guest

    Opera 24 crashes everytime I open an URL to a local SMB share. The URLs are in this form: smb://

    First Opera shows a dialog what to do with the external protocol. I choose to ‘Launch Application’. Dolphin gets opened correctly. And Opera crashes (and restarts)

    Kubuntu 14.04

  • Andrew Nagle

    I’m seeing font rendering issues on some websites. It seems to be a hit or miss which websites render properly and which don’t. I’m running under Gentoo Linux with the Xfce desktop environment.

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      This is something that will be hard to reproduce by others, since it depends on which fonts you have installed. You probably have one specific font installed that gets selected by Opera incorrectly and is causing these problems.

      If you have any experience with fontconfig, try identifying which font it is. Otherwise you can try removing different font packages to see which one is causing the problem. If you find out something, make sure to report back so we can try and reproduce it here too! And if you’re not able to identify it, a list of all your fonts (use fc-list) would help as well.

      • Andrew Nagle

        I was able to narrow it down the the version of Helvetica I have on my computer. FC_DEBUG reports the font file being used as “/usr/share/fonts/100dpi/helvR10-ISO8859-1.pcf.gz”.

        In Gentoo this file belongs to the package media-fonts/font-adobe-100dpi. I think the equivalent package in Debian and Ubuntu is xfonts-100dpi.

  • Marcio

    I’m using the Linux MInt Cinnamon 64 bits. My Opera (last version) doesn’t show videos from Facebook. He asks the Adobe Flash Player which is installed on the machine. What should I do?

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      You’ll have to find and install PPAPI Flash.

  • Opera Dev 24.0.1558.3 Mac OS X 10.9.4 64-bit

    I notice a big CPU spike (about 66.9%) when using Flash Player PPAPI (out-of-process) beta on (might be US only) when watching it on High quality (commercials don’t do it, only the main video content)

    I know Flash Player has had a bug for years when using OpenGL (DirectX (Which is Windows only) does not have the bug that dates back over 10 years). It is a performance bug affects all that use OpenGL with Flash Player, I poked Adobe Cares & Kronos group in a tweet

    Interesting that the spell check works in Opera Dev 24 (but not Opera stable 22), tho in the edit menu under spelling and grammar “Check spelling while typing” & “Check grammar while typing” are greyed out. Is there a work around for that bug? I see this while typing this comment here.

  • Do a find in page and sroll down, the scroll marker is missing

    Opera Dev 24.0.1558.3 Mac OS X 10.9.4 64-bit

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      The page doesn’t exist. Maybe another one?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        I guess you should replace the “someoneusername” part with a real username.

      • someonesusername is a place holder, replace it with any user name

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Then give me one. I don’t know any username. If you write a clickable link it should be an existing one.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Thank you. Now I tried what you said: CTRL-F (“find”), I type a search term, the first hit is marked, the scroll marker on the right side of the screen is still there. W7x64.

  • noel

    please still support i686 linux

  • It seems that Opera is sharing the same profile (bookmarks, history) database with Chrome. Is it true? How can I make them work at the same time?

    • ayespy

      No, they should not be using the same profile at all. They should be in entirely different folders.

      Mine shares nothing, and they can run at the same time, no problems.

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      The first time you start Opera, if Chrome was your default browser, Opera will import bookmarks from Chrome (and if another browser was your default browser, it would have imported from that browser).

      But the profiles are not shared, and they’ll work perfectly at the same time.

  • For the ClickToPlay Plugin can the website exception list have a sub menu for each website, that allows a user to control what plugins auto play in the exception list for a site (rather than have all plug ins auto play, user control what can auto play on a website)

    Apple did this for Safari (tho it is partly broken)

  • GeX TheGreat

    Maybe it’s time to allow Opera to understand .mht files and add this type into the “Save As” menu?

    • Vux777

      (in address bar) and enable it…
      in that case, all web pages will be saved in mhtml format
      Opera supports it for many years, probably one of the first browsers that did
      or “mht” is something different?

  • Philip

    New bug: When a HTTP BASIC AUTH dialog is open in one tab, I can not click on speed dial entries in another tab.

  • Ralf Brinkmann
  • Edmárcio Santos

    Opera 24 for Linux was a big surprise for me… so I’m crazy to install and try it but I’m getting this error even after fix libcrypt and libssl issues.

    “opera-developer: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.14′ not found (required by opera-developer)
    opera-developer: /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.15′ not found (required by opera-developer)
    opera-developer: /usr/lib64/opera-developer/lib/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.15′ not found (required by opera-developer)”

    I’m using RHEL 6.5… any ideia to fix that? Opera 12 works fine here.

  • Ryan Farmer

    I don’t suppose there’s any way that someone could tell me when there will be an RPM package for Linux?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Vux777

    new opera developer