Today, we have a couple of interesting updates in this Developer build. We tweaked how the browser previews tabs, so the UI works better, feel faster and is less likely to get in the way. Additionally, this build enables H.264 support for Windows (further work will be needed before it is available for the other desktop platforms).

Why we introduced the large previews

The primary advantages of a large tab preview are to help visually locate a specific tab and quickly check on a dynamically updating tab’s contents (e.g., Gmail or Twitter), without losing track of the page you are currently viewing.

These benefits are really for users working with large numbers of unorganized tabs. You, like many of us at Opera, might have a ton of tabs open for any number of reasons: opening multiple articles from the same website site, comparing pricing from several online stores, and the like. We hope that our preview changes will allow you to handle greater numbers of tabs effectively.

On the flip side, we realize that with very few tabs, the titles and positions are enough for most people to locate quickly and switch between their open tabs. This can also hold true for users with quite a few tabs, if the person is always well structured and keeps their tabs well organized.

With our previews, we hope to assist those who work with many, many open tabs, without intruding on the experience of those who don’t. The previews should not get in the way or be distracting when working with well-structured or limited numbers of tabs. It’s an experiment, so be sure to let us know what you think.

Changes to the previews

We decided to turn off previews for tabs when using keyboard shortcuts. In our current implementation, the preview does not assist in locating tabs or checking on them, since you are committed to the change on release of the control key.

We tweaked the timing, too. The timing for the initial display of preview (600 milliseconds) will not begin until the cursor comes to a complete stop. We no longer restart this timer when mousing over the active tab or when closing a tab and another moves into its place. We also sped up some of the animations.

Finally, we added two settings to the Preferences page: a general control that allows you to disable the entire preview feature and a power-user setting that allows you to tweak the initial timeout to a value of your choice.

If you do tweak the timeout value, please give us feedback as to why you felt it needed changing, what you changed it to and if you use a mouse or a touchpad.

H.264 video support

This build introduces support for H.264 video playback on Windows. H.264 video is widely used on the internet, and we don’t want you to miss out on any of this content. If you know of sites that use H.264 video and you use the Windows platform, please try Opera on those sites and let us know how it performs.

Occasionally, YouTube sends H.264 video content to its users, particularly so if they have opted in via However, not all YouTube videos use the H.264 codec. You can check this by right-clicking on the video and (if available) looking at “Stats for Nerds” menu item. This will allow you to see which codec you are using.


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  • nanana1


  • L33t4opera

    Hi Ruarí, thanks for the update 😉

    • Fhury

      Nice find! Tell us more 🙂

      Would be a good solution I think…

    • L33t4opera

      That is also really nice: opera://flags/#coast-like-speeddial-images!

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        What does this “coast-like” do? I don’t see any difference. I have set my speed dials to 161 (W) x 119 (H) and 8 columns.

        • Fhury

          reload them, you will see

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Oh! Not good for me. I thought they reload automatically when I restart Opera.

          • We have had a discussion, if we should reload them automatically or keep the previous look.

          • Snow of March

            I think that each tabs should reload itself and create preview when I move mouse cursor onto that tab.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            It’s ok for me if the featuere can be switched on and off, but what I missed is a possibility to reload all speed dials or a group of speed dials in a speed dial folder at the same time.

        • It fixed html5test for me, but screwed Opera Desktop Blog. And html5test is fixed in an odd fashion, as I get 555 out of 555 there, but when I open it I get 510 out of 555.

      • oCircuit

        I like it very much (:

      • Nekomajin43

        I love this. It was hard to manage screenshots in folders. Now it’s easy and IMHO it looks awesome.

        • ma_t14

          One problem I encountered is with reddit subredits. There needs to be special handling for that since they look indistinguishable currently

          • Nekomajin43

            And it’s not consistent, because sometimes it uses the logo of the site and simetimes generate its own logo. It’s not ready yet but it is already better than the current solution.

      • Monteiro

        Thanks !! If you didn’t comment this flag I wouldn’t find it. I tried it and it’s really nice.

        I made a topic some time ago on forum>suggestions to add the possibility of change speed dial immages, because I hate the page preview in speed dial. But this is even better, so I don’t waste time editing the images.

        Thanks Opera guys 😀 I am waiting for stable version with this feature

    • blackcoder

      But it doesn’t seem connected to the bookmarks-bar. I can not find bookmarks, which I added to the bookmarks-bar in opera:bookmarks.

      Maybe not yet implemented?

      • Fhury

        same here. does anyone get it to work already?
        Opera://bookmarks look very nice too!!

      • L33t4opera

        That is because the bookmarks, and groups from the “opera:bookmarks”, are in the “Other Bookmarks”>user_root, or under the “unsorted”.

        You can install one of the extensions (to manage bookmarks), e.g. “Tidy Bookmarks”, and use it to move some of the folders, and bookmarks form the Bookmarks bar, to Other bookmarks> “user_roor”, or to “unsorted” 😉

        • Vux777

          I think those are yous testbeds-placeholders
          When I delete them, they reaper again…it’s not functional yet…my bookmarks in “other bookmarks” are not recognized

          • L33t4opera

            I had the “tools” folder on the “Bookmarks bar”, when I dragged it and dropped on the “user_root”, and reloaded the “opera:bookmarks” page, the folder and its contents, appeared there, as you can see in the screenshot below:

          • Vux777

            yeah, you are right…
            I didn’t reload bookmarks page -.-

          • How did you get those tabs? I got no header, only the second row with the “My Groups” and “List / Grid View” buttons.

          • L33t4opera

            Hi Sebastián, which tabs exactly?

          • In your image, there is a bar at the top with the picture of a label and three tabs: “Bookmarks bar”, “Other bookm…”, “user_root”. I have none of that, just the second row with the title “Bookmarks” and the “My Groups” and “List / Grid View” buttons.

          • L33t4opera

            Oh these! They are the tabs, displayed by “Tidy Bookmarks” extension 😉

          • I see. Thanks!

          • It’s really cool to see people playing with our experiments in such depths 😉 Yes, the data is “mocked up” and created again when no mocked up data is found. This is meant as an experiment for us to try various idea. It really is an experiment. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but don’t get too excited (yet).

          • Elzo Lubbers

            Simply the fact you do seem to be working on better bookmark support get’s me excited. For now the bookmark sidebar in FireFox is keeping me save. But I would love to be able to return to Opera.

          • Nice to hear that 🙂

            We always said we are working on bookmarks, but it seems nobody really believed us … 😉

          • Nekomajin43

            There were a few comments saying you don’t work on bookmarks. It was month ago, when you worked on the Aura stuff.

          • Not nobody, but it was hard to hold to any hopes after some time.

          • I like where the interface is going. It doesn’t seem to allow subfolders (or subgroups) yet; I hope that gets implemented down the line.

            Without getting too excited, let me ask: Can I play with it by moving some of my bookmark bar folders to this new manager, without fear that a future update will delete my data?

          • It’s very unlikely that we will delete anything by choice in a future release, but as this is an experiment you should be careful. That said, we use the same data structure and apis as any bookmarks extension would use, so it doesn’t seem that risky to play around with it.

            Personally, I don’t see so much point in using it for anything but experimenting in it’s current state. There are tons of bugs and even some basic things not implemented.

          • Yeah, you’re right, it’s only about toying with it a bit… experimenting, as you say. I already exported my current bookmarks from Xmarks so I won’t lose much if I mess with it. Thanks. 🙂

      • > But it doesn’t seem connected to the bookmarks-bar. I can not find bookmarks, which I added to the bookmarks-bar in opera:bookmarks.

        For now, opera:bookmarks and the bookmarks bar are completely disconnected

    • Fallon

      Yes, finally some great stuff. It’s starting to look like we haven’t been barking up the wrong tree after all.

  • I really like Win8’s notification integration. It does only work with web notifications though atm.
    Notifications triggered by extension fail silently without any error over here.
    Is this known?

    • Marcin Mitek

      Yup, this will be done later.

  • SLR

    Discus crashes opera while Opera Turbo is on.

  • I can’t open files I download from Opera, have to open Windows Explorer to open anything. Firefox doesn’t do this.

    • When and how are you unable to open them?

      Note that you cannot open files from within the top-up immediately. Double-click protection time-out after about 2 seconds.

      • In the downloads manager, downloads finish and when I click open file or open location, nothing happens.

  • taneli

    Right off the bat the same old “Can’t bring Opera window infront” popped up mere minutes after installation & restart.
    So basically, what has been happening for quite some time now:
    Opera window is active -> you activate another windows (program, windows folder, what ever) -> you click on the Opera window (or click on the windows taskbar button) -> Nothing, Opera window won’t come to front, usually just needs a restart or clicking between windows for a good few minutes.

    This is very hard to reproduce, usually happens at very random, now it just happened to happen right after install, so my fear is that it’ll be even more frequent now.

    • Marcin Mitek

      This is the most mysterious bug since I started work here. Trust me, I switch apps thousand times per day and it haven’t occured to me yet. And every reporter says: it’s random. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, because we’ve seen a lot of reports, but without reliable reproduction steps it might be hard to spot and fix.

      • taneli

        Indeed, just absolutely no idea how to even start pinpointing the cause, to reproduce it 🙂
        Thanks for the reply.

        • eXzentrik

          I got that bug here too with Opera 22. Almost every day,

          • eXzentrik

            It could have something to do with opening external links from other applications such as Thunderbird.

      • Just as mysterious as the “autohide taskbar doesn’t show up anymore”-issue. It’s as random as well…

        • Marcin Mitek
          • I know that Chromium issue. I was the one who entered it into the BTS ^^
            But did you follow that bug?
            And do you know that there are always some people who are seeing this (in Opera 24 as well)? 😉

          • Marcin Mitek

            I am perfectly aware of that, I have it starred also in Chromium bugtracker.

          • And still not mysterious? 😛

          • Marcin Mitek

            Well, the most mysterious thing about this bug is how it comes back again every few months.

      • SQL

        This is really common for me, I’ve reported about this bug once.
        I’ll be trying to identify this bug better in the future (i already tried to get some video footage of it) and find out what’s causing this. This really annoys me whenever it happens, since it appears to be random and appearing for just some people :/

  • Кostadin


  • Nekomajin43

    Thanks for listening to the requests. It seems to work better now.
    I hope we get more of these settings in the future for other features.

  • average linux user

    Now that we’ve got a Linux version, the next question is: When can we expect an rpm for Fedora?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi, please have a look here.

  • João Gonçalves

    What the hell is this? Windows 8 toasts?
    A new undocumented feature?

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Summer egg :v

    • Marcin Mitek

      What’s the problem here? It’s not yet enabled, we will tell more when it’s enabled on Developer channel.

      • João Gonçalves

        Well, this just appeared to me right now, when I installed this last build. I did not enabled anything.

        • Marcin Mitek

          Ah, now I can see the screenshot 🙂 Well, Opera is now recognized as an application that supports Win 8 toast, we have some bugs to fix still, so it’s not yet enabled by default. Of course it is not limited to Win 8 only 🙂

          • Fhury

            Will Opera 25 serve eggs and sausages too?

          • Marcin Mitek

            And bacon.

          • Cryio

            But but … Windows notifications ! Awesome and unexpected.

          • João Gonçalves

            Is Windows 8 Toasts the same as Desktop Notifications?

          • Well, toasts are notifications.
            So why should Opera use its own notification system if Windows 8 does have one built-in? 😉

          • João Gonçalves

            Exactly. As Marcin Mitek said, they are now starting to use the built-in Windows 8 notifications system. At least, that’s what I understood.

          • Marcin Mitek

            Windows 8 has it’s own system, so we will use it there, to maintain consistent look on the platform. Windows 7 doesn’t have one so they will look slightly different there.

          • AFAIR extension’s notifications can have buttons while Win 8’s toasts can’t.
            How are you going to solve this?
            Use both systems side by side?

          • Marcin Mitek

            I cannot tell you anything more about extensions cause we have to finish this on platforms first 🙂

          • Expectedly… 😉

          • Cryio

            So Opera has Windows notifications. This is awesome.

  • Emanuele

    fine tuning based on feedbacks and options? Am I awake or am I dreaming? 😛

    good work guys 😉

  • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

    Will be able to turn off tab preview or change this preview to small (small tab preview like in Opera 12)?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Piotr, you can go to opera://flags/#tab-preview, and disable it, and I think that when this feature reaches stable channel, it will be implemented as an option, which you can easy enable/disable withing the Settings.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        Ahh, just forgot about flag 😛 But what about a small preview like in Opera 12? 🙂

        • No plans currently. Would you care to explain why you would prefer a small preview?

      • You don’t need the flag. There is a full setting now

    • You can turn it off from the normal settings page.

      • I was just about to comment 😉

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        And small preview like in Opera 12? Just asking, so… 😛

        • Not likely to reappear, sorry.

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski


          • helsten2

            Too bad.
            Tabs on the side with thumbs-view was my favourite function of O12. And nobody else had it 🙂

          • Alloytoo

            Why not?

            That was a great feature, a discrete neat solution.

          • At least we now can select how many miliseconds will pass before they are shown.

      • L33t4opera

        Yep, thanks, you are right Daniel, I didn’t notice it so far 😉
        Settings>Browser>User interface>
        Show tab previews when switching between tabs.

        • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

          Uhm… but there’s probably a bug with settings page :/ can change the setting to change my privacy, etc. :/

      • eXzentrik

        Thanks for making this optional!

  • Wando Schneider

    Really great, guys. The feedback that I send for the preview, using the keyboard, help made this feature work better, in my opinion, and I am happy to contribute.

    • Marcin Mitek

      We are happy that you helped us 🙂 Thanks again.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        Hey, will Opera in the future can install extensions only from Opera add-ons like Chrome only from Chrome Web Store?

        • i’m not aware of such plans, however if we also start receiving malicious extensions – we might consider implementing some sort of protection, too

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            Thx for reply about this 🙂

        • Marcin Mitek

          We have reviewers of extensions, you can read more here Our process of accepting is a bit different than the Chrome.

        • Herr Pietrus

          It’s not a good idea – currently Chrome Web Store base is so huge and Opera Add-ons base so basic. (however I’m using only one extension from CHWS – neater bookmars)

  • Just a quick thought:
    Doesn’t browserjs still force Flash player on us at YouTube?
    So testing h264 support with HTML5-player will get quite hard… 😉

    • check – if green text says today’s date – then this patch should be disabled on Windows

      • I do have current browserjs, but console says “Opera has modified script or content on (PATCH-1164, YouTube force Flash player for HTML5 content). See browser.js for details”
        Only if I disable browserjs this message vanishes.
        Do I need to restart Opera after browserjs update?

      • lassekongo83

        Mine says last updated in June 17. GitHub version seems to be the same one. Is there a later version for Opera Dev? Would love to get my hand on it so I can disable this Flash nonsense in Stable. 😛

        • Right, Stable has older version of browser.js (which asks youtube to use Flash), because it doesn’t support h264.

  • doesn’t play at all for me in this build, but plays fine in Chrome Canary.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Fine here.

      • It says “Playback error. An error occured, please try again later.”.
        But it’s playing just fine in Chrome at the same time.

    • helsten2

      Fine here.


    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Plays without problems here (Wx64). Did you try out changes of HiDPI support?

      • There’s no HiDPI-flag anymore.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Ok, new try: hardware acceleration?

          • Completely disabled since it makes using Opera a pita on my machine.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            That’s the point! If I switch hardware acceleration off in the settings I also receive an error message.

          • Yes, that’s it. Danke Ralf 😉
            Chrome works fine though with HWA disabled.
            Reported as DNA-23071

    • blackcoder

      No problem here.

      Windows 8.1 x64

    • Leonardo Gomes

      The video played fine here. Same OS.

  • Joana Silva

    Thank you very much!!! Opera is now getting better and better!!! 😉

  • Thanks for the adjustments and H264/MP3/AAC, new Opera is keeping up 🙂

    The last thing I need to stop using another browsers completely – is inability to choose certificate to log in / authenticate on .

  • Kartofel

    1) The preview is irritating at best… especially when you only want to close a tab. It’s very distracting – human eye reacts to motion.
    2) The animations still are slow.
    3) It would be better if it was activated when holding a key(shift/ctrl) – option
    4) Using this browser or chromium with many tabs… good joke…
    “H.264 video support”
    So what happened to all the “open web” bull****?

    • bruce lawson

      “So what happened to all the “open web” bull****?”

      I don’t understand what you mean. We support Ogg and webM, the open codecs. But, unfortunately, a lot of content exists only as h.264. We wish it didn’t, but wishing doesn’t change reality.

  • Vux777

    1) Crashing on Disqus comments loading with turbo + ?? flag

    I know from before that experimental JavaScript or experimental Web features caused this, this time I have no clue which flag is it.

    2) while I was reseting flag and restarting Opera to pin-point the corrupted flag, in latest start Opera reset ALL my settings, extensions, flags…. ALL of it like fresh install…. I did like 5-6 fast restarts in a row…maybe because of that

    3) I don’t see any difference when flag for alternative SD is enabled except this ( I have custom thumbnails tho)

    • Vux777

      About 1)
      it’s not the flag…it’s turbo by it’s self that’s causing it

  • =Skor_Pion=

    Hello! In this version I have problems with tabs (not immediately open and close!) And he does briefly freezes. With the previous version of the dev-everything was ok!

  • iG0Lka

    Make a vertical list of tabs! 1!

  • Mrreow

    I do want to use Opera, but last time I tested it I was still not able to set my default search engine to, has this changed or can I still not make it my default search engine?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think that it has changed.

      • Mrreow

        That’s sad, no Opera for me then, I’ll stay with Dragon for now even though I can’t get H.264 support over HTML5 through Dragon.

    • Ricardo J. Barberis

      Are you aware that you can add as a search engine and use it with a shortcut?

      I use duckduckgo and startpage like that, you just have to remember to put ‘du’ or ‘st’ before your search terms in the address bar, which is already focused when you open a new tab/window.

      This is a honest question, not trying to troll you. I simply think it’s silly to ditch Opera only because you can’t set a default SE of your choice.

      Maybe you simply didn’t know/hadn’t realised about the shortcuts, or maybe you do it as a matter of principles (which is fine by me).

      That said, I’d also really like the possibility to set the default SE to whatever I want.

      • Mrreow

        Yes I am aware that I can use shortcuts however I do not want to use shortcuts, I’m want to simply start typing what I want to search for, I don’t want to have to type a shortcut first, it’s just stupid in my opinion and as I do a lot of searching it is something that gets on my nerves. I did try to switch over to Opera and using the shortcuts, but I just got mad as soon as I had to search for something, so I gave up, and I’m not even going to test Opera again until this issue has been fixed, fine, I get it if Opera doesn’t want to allow us to choose our own Search Engines, I don’t agree with it and I would expect it to be anyone else but Opera but I still understand why, but couldn’t they at least add more search engines? No? Why not have a form for search engines that one could submit so they could be reviewed for addition?
        The whole thing is just stupid in my opinion.
        Honestly I miss the old Opera, you know the kind of Opera that wouldn’t limit you, that would always give you a CHOICE and had a lot of features, the only things this new kind of opera is better at is speed and compatibility, the rest is just worse which is sad.
        I honestly had hopes for this new Opera, if I remember correctly they said it would take a lot of time to get it to the same level as the old opera in regards to features, and I would understand that it would take time to add these features and I could accept that, but this isn’t that, this new Opera is going in a whole different direction, where it tries to nanny you and lock you down. I do not like it, I do not agree with it, and unless the direction of this new Opera changes, I will not use it.
        Sorry but I don’t know when to do spacing in rambling.
        Yes I tried shortcuts, it’s stupid, I shouldn’t have to use shortcuts.
        I miss the old Opera and do not agree with the direction this new Opera seems to be going, however compatibility and speed of old Opera is bad, hence I don’t use either but instead I use Comodo Dragon, which honestly isn’t the best browser either, but at least it lets me use Startpage as my default search engine.
        Maybe that’s not much of a TL;DR, but meh.

      • Mrreow

        Well I did write a reply but apparently it was never posted for some reason.. I can’t be assed to write it all again. I’ll just say that yes I know about shortcuts and they’re stupid and shouldn’t be needed, trying to work with Opera is a struggle in my experience, I also miss the old Opera that had more features and would let the USER decide instead of trying to control the user. I’m also disappointed in this locked down direction Opera is going after, in comparison to the old Opera that is.

  • Vux777

    enable flag first

    • Vux777

      my normal treehouse?!

      • We had some fun with combining a random list of adjectives with a random list of nouns 🙂
        Have you seen all of the 72 possible combinations? 😉

        • Vux777

          cool, nice, exciting, red, lazy, pretty, boring…
          car, carpet, treehouse, Cup, Nails…
          yeah, pretty much ツ

    • Vux777

      btw, very cool animations

      • Thx 🙂 Was fun making them … please really keep in mind that this is an experiment. Everything could be changed or the whole thing even thrown away and restarted!

        • Vux777

          ok ok..I get it
          “it’s experimental” + “not getting excited”

    • Vux777

      again, very cool…size of thumbnail and all

    • Very nice! I am loving where this is heading.

      • Keep in mind that you are looking at an experimental feature. Don’t get too excited (yet) 😉

    • Yes, New feature 🙂

    • I just found out where were going those things I marked, hahaha.

      BTW, in other Opera internal pages I can click heart menu and send them to Speed Dial, I’m such a lazy bastard and I don’t want to type opera:whatever, mostly when I’m navigating laying in my bed with my mouse in one hand and the remote in the other. So I have a Speed Dial group of internal pages, but my point here is I can’t make this one a SD!! No heart menu will appear for this one.

      And another issue, I think it should’ve used those BM’s you had in the BM Bar. Hopefully it will be solved.

      • SuuperTommy

        Click + at Speed Dial and you’ll find Bookmarks.

        Or use search: chrome-extension://knohfebhibeknbfioecpdmdkjkjdnjnl/manager/bookmarks.html

        • Vux777

          those are suggestions based on your latest visited pages

          • SuuperTommy

            Oh, ok. I didn’t give that a thought.

        • All my SD’s disappeared, I’m supossed to just SpeedDial it and put it in the group.

          Update: after close and reopen it is there.

          Now, where are those BM’s I had in the BM Bar?

          So we have, Speed Dial, Stash, BM Bar BM’s and these new BM’s?

          • Maybe you can drag things from the new BM to the bar and vice versa?! 😉

          • I have more than 50 SD’s, you want me to drag them one by one to the BM’s Bar, because you can’t provide a simple way to import them to that place, now you also want me drag them all again to a new BM Manager, because somehow BM Bar and BM Manager are not the same thing, or work with a different format or whatever lame reason you have.

            How’s that for a pety lame excuse?

          • This would be ideal. Does it work? It doesn’t seem so in my installation.

      • Of course, this should be linked to the bar, so that people who don’t want the bar can use it via a button (yet to implement) and the rest of us can manage our already existing bookmarks in the bar more efficiently.

    • Please keep in mind that you are looking at an experimental and very early version of the bookmarks manager. Everything could be changed and the whole thing as you see it now could even be thrown away.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        Thanks, Capitan thorbenb! 🙂 (No offense, of course :P)

        • Just wanted to make sure everybody understands what you are looking at … this experiment is in a really, really, really early state

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski


          • Piotr

            Experiment or not, early or not, I think it should be announced by Opera, that you are working on something. Community can now give You their thoughts about this bookmarks manager, report bugs and feature requests. Now the Community knows, that You are working on better bookmarks manager. But what else are You working on, we won’t know, until someone finds it in flags.

            I’m glad that @L33t4opera found this. But I’m also pissed off, because I had to read it as comment from user, and not the post on Opera’s blog.

            It’s sad that do not threat the community as partners, but as customers. I do not like this attitude: “we give you the product _we_ want, because we _care_ about _your_ opinion. Buy our product because it is sooooo AWSOME!!!”

            Anyway, thanks for giving us hope and possibility to shape our future with Opera as default browser.

          • Yeah, “buy” our product please 😉

            We always said we are working on bookmarks, so actually there isn’t that much change. With the blog post we simply highlight what we think is most interesting and also reasonable finished to mention.

          • Nekomajin43

            It’s OK from your point of view. But there is so much stuff missing and we would like to get back at least part of the old functionality so we jump onto every little developement.
            Also, I think if you wanted to hide this feature until further developement, you would not put this peace of code into the release, or at least you would hide the flag.

          • bwat47

            Flags are designed to house experimental features that may not be anywhere near finished. Most users wont even know about them. I don’t see the issue with not making a formal announcement until its in a more usable state.

          • Nekomajin43

            If they don’t want us to send requests and ask questions about these experimental features, they should hide them from the flags. If they don’t want to hide them, they should announce them in a separate, signed paragraph. Something like “this build also introduces this and this feature, but it’s far from stable. You can play with it, but we don’t want to deal with questions right now. Period.”

            I see their point, and I’m OK with it, but you can see too that we are running the same circles every time in the comment sections. They don’t announce it, we find it, we ask, they say it’s not ready.

          • CrashNBurn71

            We get it. We get it. You just started work on it last week.

      • Thanks for the info. And THIS FEATURE SHOULD BE PRESENT SINCE OPERA 13!

        • Unless you work for Opera I don’t believe you ever tried Opera 13. How do you know it didn’t have it. 😉

          • Konstantin Paramonov

            Should I hope for a separate search box next to the address bar?) Sadly it is the last thing that keeps me on 12 ;(

          • No, there are no plans to bring that back. I am genuinely curious as to why you want it. What advantage does it bring?

          • Konstantin Paramonov

            I use 5+ search engines on a daily basis. I copy text from mail/rss and paste it in the box, a drowdown search list appears and I pick what I need. Without this search box I have to open a new tab first, then pick the engine and then press enter. Context menu search isn’t always possible and needless to say how burdensome it is to mark out text in blink.

          • Marcin Mitek

            There is a magic shortcut Ctrl+Shift+V and it doesn’t even require focused addressfield. Probably my favorite shortcut in Opera (also in O12), give it a try.

          • Konstantin Paramonov

            How do I select a needed search engine?

          • Marcin Mitek

            This work only with the default one, unfortunately. Alternatively, you can use search keywords, it speeds things up a little.

          • Konstantin Paramonov

            My mindset needs a revision I guess, but new approach is going to take more clicks and buttons (time, efforts, nerves) anyway 🙂 Thank for the hints, cheers 🙂

          • Marcin Mitek

            Every change breaks someone’s workflow 🙁 (relevant xkcd –

          • Nekomajin43

            You can try my way, it may help you.
            Select text, Ctrl+C, mouse gesture down to open new tab, type search keyword, Ctrl+V, Enter.
            It can be pretty fast after a few days.

          • I think it would be faster using the keyboard. For example, if you want to use Google: F8, g, Ctrl+V, Alt+Enter will search for the string you copied in a new tab. It’s automatic for me.

          • Konstantin Paramonov

            Well it is not faster, I checked.

          • Well, fine then… Everyone has their own habits and what’s faster for me might be slower for you. Generally, using the keyboard is faster than aiming the mouse and clicking for most people, but if you prefer that way, it looks like you’re out of luck with the new Opera.

          • Herr Pietrus

            I could search for something (with “display in new tab in background” selected) without leaving currently read website! That was great especially while using on-line dictionaries or even wikipedia. Now I have to use ctr+t and then type a world preceded by a shortcut or use RMB menu, but because Opera don’t remember anymore last used search engine I must always choose appropriate one from the list..

            Separate searchbox was really great and I miss it too, So much place on main bar wasted by omnibox 😉

          • Piotr

            Could You tell something more about Opera 13 and 14?:) Was it based on Presto or Chromium?

          • bgh251f2

            It was a mix, more like a centaur but with wings, claws and three heads.

          • Lacedaemon

            Opera 14 was the first chromium based of the line for Android phones. They skipped 13 for superstitious reasons, iirc.

        • Too bad it didn’t see any light, and probably was never even in developement.

  • Kartofel

    I’m still waiting for something basic and simple… SHIFT/CTRL+ENTER in the addressbar… and any input field on the page.

  • senja1

    Bring back mouse gesture for scrolling tabs.

  • Dave-H

    Early days, but the bookmarks manager is looking very promising.
    That should shut a few people up when it’s rolled out!
    On a not so good note, everything is still being displayed 25% too large on my system, and I see no option yet to correct this.

  • Inquisitor

    Still problems with HiDPI: everything (fonts, bars, speed dial,…) is enlarged in O24. Changing font sizes or zoom level never get me the setting I like or feel comfortable with. It’s most irritating.

    • Dave-H

      For me, everything seems to go to the size it should be if I set the overall zoom level to 75%.
      However, quite apart from the fact that I shouldn’t have to do that, I feel that the display quality is being degraded by this.
      I hope there’s a fix soon!

  • Muhammad Ubaid Raza


    Bookmark manager (looks very initiative, job well done)
    Coast like thumbnails, speed-dial looks so pretty
    Tab preview customization, good
    Windows 8 toast support

  • zakius

    newsfeed? configurable gestures?
    still waiting for opera

  • nmt1900

    Well… first Linux build did not had this problem, but now most of fonts look absolutely horrible and I haven’t managed to find any workaround to this yet…

    • Veger

      Fonts look good for me (Kubuntu 14.04), for both the previous and the current build:

      • nmt1900

        Well… there you go!

        I normally use XFCE as desktop and there it IS horrible – however when tried out on KDE both scaling and rendering are quite different, BUT rendering is still horrible unless antialiasing is enabled. It was not a problem with previous build as it worked fine with antialiasing disabled at system level.

  • ooblv

    What about the fact that it’s very very difficult to resize the window on Linux, because you can only do that on the 1 pixel border, while the resize cursor should appear like 4-5 pixel approaching from outside the window? Is it even tracked as bug? What about it?

    Also, I know you are only supporting Ubuntu and stuff, but lot of people even on Ubuntu don’t use Ambiance and I’m sure they are not gonna use it until there’s some kind of window titlebar and borders support like in Chrome.

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      The bug you described is tracked as DNA-21837.

      • ooblv


  • SQL

    This is one of those days when i love Opera (Reading both post and comments 🙂 )

  • oCircuit

    The new Coast-like speedial images are a very cool feature. thanks for that (:

  • ooblv


    Linux Bug: tooltips get eaten by the border.

    • Андрей

      True story, same on Kubuntu 14.04 :/

  • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

    @ruario:disqus or @marcin_mitek:disqus or @Aeyoun:disqus

    Will you create a feature which will center the dials in SD? In Opera 12 the dials are always centered, not on the top.


    thanks for tab preview. not realy nedded things, but better than nothing.

  • Alexander

    H.264 video support – Excellent, now let us kill Discover and introduce a decent modern interface, please.

  • Inquisitor

    Sooo… can someone explain to me, step by step, how this bookmarks import feature works? I want to import the all my bookmarks (folders and subfolders) from O12 to O24.
    I’ve got the feature enabled in flags. So what’s next?

  • Olli

    Instantly crashes tabs when scrolling on OS X Yosemite. I know, this was a Chromium bug, but it was already fixed on the stable channel, so it should also be fixed in 37.0.2041.4. So what is this?

  • cgebhard

    This is a really nice build with so much to play with, thanks!

    1) Will the Coast-like SpeedDials replace the existing entries, or does it only apply to new entries? So far I didn’t see any changes.

    2) Using tabpeek with a 50-100ms latency to prevent peek when accidentally hovering a tab or moving mouse to the 1px line, but then it’s still pretty fast visible, when needing it. Thank you so much for this customizability!

    3) tab peek still appears using Ctrl-Tab (I suppose this is related to the alternative tab-cycling flag?)

    • taneli

      1) Right-click over your old speeddial -> Reload.

      • cgebhard

        thanks…I guess that was just too easy 😉
        Do you know a way to reload all thumbnails?

    • Tab Peek? What is Tab Peek? 😉

      • cgebhard

        Ah, excuse me, still had the Cadillacs song in mind…got confused 😉

        Anyways I suppose it’s a matter of how one uses it – for previewing or for a peek 🙂

  • Cyro

    Hi, ever since last snapshot Pepper Flash stopped working for me. I’m on Win8.1 64bits. And using this latest dev snapshot.

  • Hmmm, what was the “initializing Windows 8 toast”? 🙂

    And it looks like you finally fixed the “weird font bug” as well, but I don’t see that in changelog? Weird.

    Anyways, neat build, thanks!

  • Footman

    Opera does not support future to stream mp3 like chrome. For example:

    Some sites are broken.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      The mp3 bug confirmed with W7x64. Opera doesn’t stop loading. Chrome no problem.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      A player appears but there is no sound.
      Using Win8.1

  • Tab preview is great! Although I understand the 600 ms delay for them, I tried 300 and 100 just because I like the transition animation when switching to a tab from preview.

    • Gökhan Tralala

      where I can change the delay? Thanks.

      • On the Opera Settings page, enter the Konami code using your keyboard (, and then the option to change the delay will appear after you accept the conditions.

      • L33t4opera

        A small note: To make the code to work, you have to move the mouse pointer away from “Search settings” field, then after you enter the code, and accepting the warning, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and tick the checkbox on the left of “Always show power user settings”, under the “Advanced Settings”, and then, scroll a bit up, and you should see the “Delay of initial tab preview in milliseconds”, under the “User interface” section.

  • L33t4opera

    Could you fix this bug, which occurs on Linux, please?

    • Arjan van Leeuwen

      No promises of course :). But this is tracked as DNA-21837, so watch the changelogs.

      • L33t4opera

        Hi Arjan, nice to see you here again, thanks for your reply 😉
        Of course, I’m pretty aware that it’s not such easy to fix this bug, anyway patiently looking forward to the fix.

    • Please provide more context when posting links. Please submit bugs through the bug wizard.

  • naranjaa

    Waiting 32 linux version, thanks.

    • This is not a priority in the immediate future. However, you can migrate a 32-bi system to 64-bit assuming your processor supports it.

      • L33t4opera

        I’m aware, that there are “Some issues to resolve on 32 bit.“, and that they are not quite simple to fix them right away.
        Nevertheless I think, that you should not expect, that all of the Linux users, who would like to test the Developer build on their Linux box, will change it to a 64-bit version, only to be able to install it. With all due respect, but It seems, that this is not the right way of thinking 😉

      • naranjaa

        yes i have, but only have1gb ram.. this doesn’t matter? Would not affect my performance?

        • Running 64-Bit Linux actually starts making sense from 892MB or better, despite what you may have heard previously.

          Linux Torvalds has previously stated:

          And for the kernel, the bigger virtual address space really is a _huge_ deal. HIGHMEM accesses really are very slow. You don’t see that in user space, but I really have seen 25% performance differences between non-highmem builds and CONFIG_HIGHMEM4G enabled for things that try to put a lot of data in highmem (and the 64G one is even more expensive). And that was just with 2GB of RAM.

          The RAM limit when compiling without HIGHMEM support is 892MB. Hans Peter Anvin therefore suggests using a 64 bit kernel on anything with more than 1GB of RAM.

          Since 32 bits means that any machine with 1 GB more means HIGHMEM, the number of non-embedded machines that should run 32-bit kernels today is functionally the null set.

          • naranjaa

            I just upgraded to 64, opera browser is already running!
            are you on the linux team? thanks so much, the info was very useful to me..

          • reesmichael1

            “@ruario:disqus QA and team lead for Opera Software’s Mac and Linux desktop browsers” 😉

          • I was the Linux team leader for some time. These days the team is lead by Arjan (who wrote the first post that re-introduced Opera for Linux). I do still assist them.

            Additionally I have been a Linux user for a number of years and regularly post on several Linux forums.

      • naranjaa

        very useful info, thanks!

  • Emil Huber

    It crashes everytime I try to open this site ;-(

  • I just reloaded some Speed Dials after enabling coast-like thumbnails!! My eyes are bleeding, it hurts!!!! Those intelligence-insulting-crappy-pixelated-low-res icons!!!

    • Dave-H

      Yes, most of them do look pretty dreadful. I think they are often just the site’s favicon, which is seldom if ever going to be an image designed to be displayed that large!

      • But Betanews got a very decent treatment, I wonder why @Aeyoun:disqus ? hahaha. I disabled it anyway, reload and back to normal.

        Also I noticed default Speed Dials like You Tube, Amazon and Yahoo, can’t be reloaded.

        • No preferential treatment. 😉 They just give us better icons (as described higher up in the thread.)

    • It is based on Windows 8 TileImages, Apple Touch Icons, favicons (fallback), and related techniques. Not all sites provide decent images so we have to do a best-effort (which is not always very good.) The favicon fallback, however, is a bit dreadful at the moment.

      • Veger

        The favicon fallback is not/never good. As others mentioned already: those icons are not designed to be displayed at large.

        Why not use the old thumbnails as a fallback?

        • Never say never. Favicons can be 256×256, or more likely 64×64 or 32×32 (“Retina”).

          • Veger

            In such a case you could check if the favicon is big (enough) without scaling (too) much, resulting in the pixelated tiles.
            If there is only a small favicon available, use the (old) screen shot.

            BTW Opera 12 had some algorithm to find the ‘interesting’ part of the page (the logo, an header, etc.). That part was then used as the speed dial image (if I remembered correctly).
            That algorithm seems nicer to use as a last-resort fallback, than a screenshot of the complete page.

          • I think he suggested a far more better solution, use regular thumbnails instead.

        • Nekomajin43

          Personally, I’d rather see a program generated, favicon look alike, calculated color thing than an inconsistent speed dial with screenshots and shiny logos side by side. It may not be perfect, but anything is better than a pure screenshot with such small dimensions.

    • Vux777

      there is “High-resolution thumbnails” flag…
      I’m using it, and thumbnails look nice

    • Hm, I think I said those things before, but … you are looking at an early experiment. Expect this feature to be better, different, non-existent in future versions. There is a team of highly trained monkeys assigned to try to make the thumbnails nice 😉 Stay tuned about what they come up with!

  • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

    Bug: While dragging a tab, tab preview appears for tabs behind it.

  • ayespy

    It looks as though implementation of H.264 may be screwing with Adobe flash/shockwave operation. For the first time ever, I have had crashes related to shockwave or flash freezing up.

    I don’t know if it’s related (I suspect it is) but I’m also having problems now with Sidewise extension (the only way I can have “vertical tabs,” and a sad excuse for an implementation at that) that I installed from the Chrome store.

    So if we’re going to be forced onto pepper flash because of compatibility problems, and if you’re going to break my vertical tabs, it’s all the more important that all important browser options be built in rather than require extensions, AND that all these built-in options function flawlessly (for instance, that pepper flash not fail where Adobe flash would have worked, etc.)

    Just sayin.’

    Native features rule. Extensions suck. This early version of this stream is giving me some problems.

    • tdudziec

      1 What exactly issues do you have with sidewise ? (I dont think that h264 is related here)
      2 What operation did you make on flash /shockwave that there was a crash for you ? On which site ? We would like to check those

      • ayespy

        The issue with Sidewise is that if you close Opera with more than one tab open, Sidewise stores them in a hibernated page. When you reopen Opera, if you have it set to open with start page rather than resume old session, it starts a new page with speed dial, and sidewise is sitting there with both the old hibernated page with its tabs, and the new page as well. If you click on the hibernated page, it offers to restore those tabs, and if you click OK, it restores those tabs to Opera and Sidewise Crashes.

        I mistakenly thought this was related to a crash that happened at the same time, on Huffington Post, where a message popped up that Shockwave was “slowing down” my browser and offering to disable the plugin. The browser was frozen solid and the only solution was to force-close it and start over. Each time I did so, of course, the problem with Sidewise occurred.

        The Sidewise issue is reliably reproducible with any more than one hibernated tab.

        The Shockwave freeze has not reoccured, so I don’t know what element of the very busy Huffington Post page caused it.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    New flags:

    Enables bookmark manager and related menu items.

    Coast-like Speed Dial images
    Prepares Speed Dial images based on Opera Coast algorithms.

    Experimental start page
    Enables an experimental version of the start page.

    Improved Start Page preloading
    Enables sharing preloaded Start Page across all windows.

    Start page switch
    Enables a switch between the regular and the experimental start page.

    Keyboard activation of tab preview
    If “Tab preview” is enabled, show tab preview when pressing Ctrl+Tab.

    • reesmichael1

      Thanks for consistently compiling these. I know that I, and surely everyone else, really appreciate it 🙂

  • Well, at least bookmarks are coming in slowly. Although it seems the bundled extension isn’t meant to be used for a massive amount of bookmarks (yet?)… And: Without type-ahead accessing your bookmarks via adress bar, it’s still as (not) useful as Speed Dial etc. – Opera 12 style (and import!) FTW!

    Vine and Bandcamp seem to work now (with click-to-plugin)! 🙂

    Too sad you wrote more than 2200 characters about the tab previews, but small O12-like previews probably won’t be an option… 🙁

    PS: As usual some stuff which kills Opera 15+ for me: No text selection within links. Useless AutoFill option (flexible Opera 12 forms, please!). If I use shortcuts for search engines, “paste & go” doesn’t work. No central site preferences. No GUI customization (e.g. zoom slider)…

    • > Well, at least bookmarks are coming in slowly. Although it seems the bundled extension isn’t meant to be used for a massive amount of bookmarks (yet?)…

      Why do you think so?

      • The bookmarks GUI seems to be designed to be more looking nice and slick than useful (although I have no experience with Chrome’s bookmarks). No subfolders at the moment (?). Search function extremly slow for now (and as I said: search boomarks via address bar is a must-have).

        Well, it’s obviously a very early extension (e.g. you can’t edit your entries, so I don’t know if keywords and description will be implemented) and I hope for more!

        • > The bookmarks GUI seems to be designed to be more looking nice and slick than useful

          It is an unstyled experiment

          • Nekomajin43

            Can you confirm that there will be nickname support when it reaches stable?

    • Ricardo J. Barberis

      +1 to small(er) previews ala Opera 12, the big previews are a bit annoying for me, since I tend to push my mouse to the top inadvertently.

      Tab bar on the bottom with native windows decoration would be an option also, just sayin’ 🙂

  • Footman

    No preview delay configuration on Mac OSX.

    • reesmichael1

      You need to enable power user settings. It’s under the User Interface section.

    • taneli

      “To enable the power user mode press the following key combination while you are on the settings page: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right b a”

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Tabs seem to be hibernating even with tabs hibernation set to default (disabled). Anyone else noticing this?

    • ayespy

      I notice that my tabs retain their content, but become unresponsive. If you switch to a stab that’s been sitting a while, mouse-clicks have no effect on it.

      Further, when I go to open a new speed dial page, it often comes up blank white – and then fills in after a short or long delay.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        I’ve noticed that issue with SD too.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Setting the tab hibernation flag to disable seem to fix (or minimize at least) the problem.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        It seems that i’ve spoken too soon. When returning to a tab after a while, it appear as a blank page.

        • taneli

          I actually turned off the tab hibernation ’cause some pages (such as gmail) won’t update the tab when there’s new activity (new mail), i COULD use the hibernation if someone went and made an email extension though… (POP3/IMAP, not that “have the google cookies” crap there are around, hard with several accounts.), haven’t really seen any other problems with it (FB updates fast enough to not get hibernated, and a couple of other places).

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, i’ve reset my flags and things seems better now. Let’s wait a little more to see if the issue has really gone.

    • ahoj1234

      seems like I can confirm it :/

      tab hibernation is messed up (for a few last updates) – tabs from hibernation are not gonna load when you switch to them. I have to reload it myself or even close them because reloading do not solve it (content is not active and you can’t click on links etc..)

      So I wanted to disable it (set it to default=disable) but it’s still hibernating.
      W8.1 x64, this build

  • Moris299

    Hi! Zoom have a little problems
    1. IMO in 22 it’s looks better.
    2. In 24 left border is in incorrect position 🙁

    • kokolo5

      It’s better to click now. In my opinion, it could be even bigger and cleverer.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Both are known issues, we are going to bring the look from 22.

  • Mike Robinson

    Downloaded it for Linux and the first thing I did was try to install extensions and it doesn’t work. Every extension I try to install displays the message:

    “An error occurred when installing the extension: Installation failed”

  • Ghirahim

    I can’t find those two settings. Am I blind? Windows user here.

    • taneli

      It’s a Power User option.

      “To enable the power user mode press the following key combination while you are on the settings page: Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right b a”

      • Ghirahim

        I forgot about that, thanks.

      • Browser -> User interface -> Show tab previews when switching between tabs

        • taneli

          Ah, the option actually wasn’t there, ’cause i had the flag set to disabled from the last build. 🙂

        • Interesting how this option found its way into regular settings, almost inmediatelly, and things like Tab Hibernation will remain a flag forever.

          • It may not remain a flag forever, this has yet to be decided.

            Additionally the preview is much more obvious to the average user and as such they need a way to control it without looking through the multitude of flags.

          • So are Themes, and they never made it. Full URLS are evident but not important to most people, but those made it to the settings page.

            The thing is Flags = Experiments (supposedly).

            You’re telling me you got 3 choices about Tab Hibernation:

            1. Make them a visible option.
            2. Keep them as a flag forever.
            3. Remove them (please no!!).

            What I’m saying is move those stable to the settings page, and you’ll get a richer settings page, which will in turn get more comprehensive reviews and news, and more users. Most bloggers don’t know about many things, because of that.

            Been saying it for several months, seems I’m speaking nonsense.

    • It is there:

      Browser -> User interface -> Show tab previews when switching between tabs

  • taneli

    Opening a new tab while uploading a video to youtube is a bit slow… does the actual upload process affect Opera so much that it’s slow to open the startpage, or does it also send some data when opening?

  • PaulW

    Still seems to be lacking any of the functionality of Opera 12..

    • Speed Dial, Turbo/Off-Road, mouse gestures, and so on. There are several features from the old Opera available in newer versions.

      • I face silence everytime I say: persistent search across tabs, status bar, dropdown arrow, drag and drop buttons, custom sessions, or stop unpining those tabs I want to have pinned for start page…

        Come on, lecture me.

        • I said that there are several old features in the new version as a response to a claim that there were none. Your comment doesn’t seem to be relevant to what we were talking about.

          • Your response comes because there are features from old Opera that came back to the new Opera. I’m speaking about old Opera features you forgot.

            Sure, not related at all.

    • The new bookmark manager looks promising, but until it imports automatically those BM in the BM Bar, I’m not bothering, I’m not even using that bar, until they provide an easy way to show/hide, and to import all my Speed Dials there.

      In one or two years I may change my mind.

      What I’m interested in is the long gone without a valid reason status bar, with all the functionality attached to it. And persistent pinned tabs, as startpage.

  • Mike Robinson

    There’s a visual glitch (Linux) where the tooltips from menus do not leave the region of the tooltip (see screenshot)

  • knoelli

    This build (24.0.1555) has strange rendering problems on my pc (Win 8.1/64). The UI is not updated/redrawn correctly: for example if I try to open a new tab, it is opened, but there’s no tab indicator in the tab bar. If I then minimize Opera and maximize it again, the tab indicator is visible. The same is true for closing a tab: if I close it, the contents are gone but the tab indicator remains until I do the minimize/maximize trick.
    However rendering problems are not limited to tab bar, if I try to enter an URL, the dropdown with suggestions is all garbage, nothing readable. Also the scrollbar at the right side is completely black most of the time. Speed dial folders are opened but are then empty (while the size fits the amount of entries in that directory), and speed dial extensions display either nothing or some data from another tab or an already closed tab.

    Currently I’m back to 24.0.1543 which works flawlessly in this regard. I also tried to delete all my settings (deleted the Opera Developer directories in AppDataLocal and AppDataRoaming) and start with a clean profile – but that didn’t change anything.

    • miles82

      I also have these rendering problems (on Win7). This version is completely unusable for me.

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      Do you see any difference if you disable hardware acceleration?

      • knoelli

        Indeed, you’re right. With disabled hardware acceleration, everything is working as expected again in 24.0.1555.

      • shucream0808

        I had same problems too. But Opera works well without hardware acceleration.

      • miles82

        This worked for me too.

  • _artem_

    great, but still no notifications from extensions, e.g. Pushbullet shows no notifications from smartphone – notification mirroring

  • plague

    “If you do tweak the timeout value, please give us feedback as to why you felt it needed changing, what you changed it to and if you use a mouse or a touchpad.”

    I reset it back to 200 ms. If I move the cursor through the tabs, I want to see what’s in those tabs. I don’t want to have to wait for the preview to show up.
    I tried setting it to 0 but that meant the preview would show up even if I just accidentally happened to temporarily hover over a tab with the cursor.
    200 ms seems like a good compromise.

  • Babua Sheni

    gj opera team and keep going 🙂

  • Leonardo Gomes

    With the flag “Proprietary media types” enabled i almost can’t watch any files on my plex server.

  • bwat47

    Glad to finally see h.264 video support 🙂

    and the bookmarks manager experiments look very interesting!

  • kokolo5

    Thanks. The new features are very cool and the bookmark manager is very interesting.

  • “We decided to turn off previews for tabs when using keyboard shortcuts.”

    You should have done the opposite. When I use the mouse, I am already looking at the tab titles. When I use the keyboard is when I need to see the preview.

    • When you use the keyboard with Ctrl+tab without preview you switch tabs so you can see exactly which one you are on.

      With enough tabs open (for which the preview was designed) cropped tab titles will not help you much in locating a tab via the mouse.

      • Fair point about the cropped titles. Also, there is a flag for enabling the feature when using the keyboard, so no complaint here. Thanks for replying, keep up the good work. 🙂

  • rseiler

    Does anyone who’s been following new Opera know whether the wonderful dialog that you get when you click the icon to the left of the URL (“View site information”) in Chrome is going to be adapted? Firefox has something similar. It seems kinda important, so I’m not sure why it’s still not here.

    Sure, a lot of those things are in Settings/Websites, and that’s good, but most of the time it’s the sort of thing you want to change right then and there as you’re using a particular tab. As opposed to dropping everything and going into Settings.

    Of course, Opera classic had Site Settings available with a right-click.

    No bookmark menus yet, so this is probably asking a lot. 🙂

  • Virprospere


    • care to expand that comment to include some helpful pointers with regards to the bugs you see?

      • Virprospere

        Video card: Radeon x1650
        OS: Windows 7
        Theme Windows: Classic

        Such a phenomenon occurs constantly. Just do not draw the elements in some pop-up windows.

        Try reinstalling from scratch …

        • Marcin Mitek

          This should be fixed in the next Dev build.

      • Guest

        Video card: Radeon x1650
        OS: Windows 7
        Theme Windows: Classic

        Such a phenomenon occurs constantly. Just do not draw the elements in some pop-up windows.

        Try reinstalling from scratch …


      • Virprospere

        Video card: Radeon x1650

        OS: Windows 7

        Theme Windows: Classic

        Such a phenomenon occurs constantly. Just do not draw the elements in some pop-up windows.

        Try reinstalling from scratch …

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Hi Ruarí, thanks for the update! It’s cool that you’re putting so much care to the tab preview feature. I guess it’s a right decision to switch tab preview off by default for keyboard activation and on for activation on mouse hover. Especially cool is that you’ve made it configurable via Settings right from the feature’s early life. I hope someday other useful features will get their place on the settings page and Preferences (for example, cache path).

    • myoperaexile

      Interestingly, the opera://flags/#tab-preview-with-keyboard setting makes no difference for me; I always get tab preview when I Ctrl+Tab, even with that setting disabled and after restarting Opera. Anyway, I *do* want tab preview on Ctrl+Tab since I rarely use the mouse to switch tabs, so this is not a problem for me!

      Re: cache settings, a flags option would certainly simplify things, though I have a workaround whereby all my pinned icons and registry entries are set to call launcher.exe with the –disk-cache-dir=… setting.

  • Philip

    BUG: produces high CPU load when running downloads (currently 3 files in parallel). On Xubuntu.

  • Dmitry Markovski

    I see visible degradation of font rendering in this build (1555) compared to previous build (1537). Please see screenshots. I have reverted to 1537 for now since my eyes hurt.

    opensuse 13.1 with latest updates’, kde, intel video chip.

    Please let me know if you need more info or testing.

    • nmt1900

      When looking at these it seems like rendering has changed even when system-wide antialiasing is activated. It is funny, that some websites are rendered as before, while some others not. It distantly reminds webfont rendering issues with Chrome some times ago.

  • Ste

    Video works fine here. When we will see the sync? 🙂

  • Iron_Storm

    hi folks, I love the way you talk about the development, make choices and also define normal options and power-user options. I still use Opera 12 for mail, but Opera Next for browsing and I must say it’s becoming pretty cool browser.. most recently I loved delayed loading of background tabs.. since I’m using 60+ tabs, this is kick-ass!! no longer have to disconnect from network when loading browser 🙂 also I’m curious about tab preview feature

  • Farhan Rashid

    I am really liking this new update. I have noticed that memory usage of inactive tab are automatically reduced, which is a dream feature for me.
    One thing I would like to ask whether is it possible to create multi user profiles? if yes then how? Thanks for the great work 🙂

    • L33t4opera

      create multi user profiles

      Hi Farhan, you can add command line switch, as follows:
      1. For Windows: “…launcher.exe” –user-data-dir=”X:pathtotheprofile_dir”2. For Linux: …/opera-developer –user-data-dir=/path/to/the/profile_dir/

      • Farhan Rashid

        can I use same directory for developer, beta and stable version?

        • Saskatchewan

          Better not, because configuration files’ format may not be backwards compatible. Opera stable might be unable to read a file saved by Opera Next or Developer.

          With that said, you can try, but nobody can assure you that it will work without problems.

        • You can, but don’t. Its a can of worm.

  • Hi, using 2 Displays in maximized mode the Opera menu will show up in the other Display and not were opera is open is this know ?
    This problem is on all recent versions of Opera.
    I have reported this bug. Thx

  • Saskatchewan

    I would suggest to rename bookmarks “Groups” to “Folders” in the bookmarks manager. I guess you remember what happened to the “Quick access bar” and the “Off-road mode”.

    There’s no need to invent new names for something that is already well known.

    • Rafael Luik

      They have even changed Speed Dial “groups” to “folders” before! They managed to bring a term that has been already replaced back…

      • It’s an experiment. I assure you that groups is not the final name.

        • Please assure I won´t have to drag every item from here to there, one by one, either by groups or automatically altogether, at least as an option.

  • At first I never like Speed Dial, but right now I like it you made it great when has it got folders I mean what was the first version that used folders in Speed Dial ?
    And now that Speed Dial that is so cool could you made a fusion like Speed Dial to work close with Bookmarks.
    For the future bookmarks that is a work in progress I mean.
    Speed Dial + Bookmarks will be a blow away super great feature.

  • Lacedaemon

    At last a very interesting build with many features. Keep it this way! And thanks for listening to the criticism about preview tabs and addressing those issues.

    Questions though:
    Why is “Delay loading of background tabs” only working with “continue where I left off” and not with “Open a specific page or set of pages” ?

    Why is Shift+Click not opening a SD folder to a new window but does so for SD thumbnails?

    • 1) Because the option says “Open pages”. As in, you want them to open. (Technically it is because the tabs are opened after the session is opened.)

      • Lacedaemon

        Thanks for answering but I didn’t quite understand that. Yes you want to open them but in either case when you open them you see the 1st tab and all the others are supposed to load or not load (or gradually load with extended lazy session) in the background, so what’s the difference?
        (As I see it, whenever you want to open a large quantity of links (over 5), be it a predefined set, a last saved one, or grouped in a folder, as long as this option is ticked, it should behave the same for any option, because in any case, you don’t want them to throttle your CPU and bandwidth by loading simultaneously, experiencing that unresponsiveness / stuttering)

        Also would you be so kind and say something about #2 too? Isn’t SD Folder grouping supposed to provide that benefit? Namely opening the SD Folder in a new window, keeping the main window clean?

  • Most of extensions are broken. I can’t see it in a “Known issues” session. 🙁

    • ma_t14

      Everything is working fine here for me


    • Ralf Brinkmann

      My extensions work. W7x64

    • I installed a clean instance. All GUI functions are crappy. I have to change to window mode and return to fresh GUI. It affects tabs and extension buttons. (Win7/x64)

      I will test at home later. (XP)

    • I had to reinstall all of them, or also you can transfer your profile from Opera Next, so it is upgraded, but don’t transfer directly from O22 to O24.

  • Ralf Brinkmann does not work and show the map. In FF and Chrome it works. W7x64.

    • By me within the page the map works correctly. But all GUI changes (write address, tab and extension buttons appearance, etc…) work only with switching to and from between window mode and fullscreen mode. It’s a GUI freshening problem. Nothing problem with previous (b1543) build.

  • Vux777

    any chance that Opera supports chrome apps?
    any chance for Zoom API ? (access to native browser zoom through JS)

    • Basically Opera supports chrome apps, the chrome store just doesn’t support us 😉

      • Vux777

        I tried to load it through developer mode, but Opera gives me error… type not supported
        is there any trick that makes it possible?

      • Petter Nilsen

        Thorben, he means apps and not extensions. We don’t support their “apps” 🙂

        • Ah, you are right, misunderstood that. Yes, we don’t support chrome apps. But chrome extensions should work.

        • Vux777

          yes, apps…as Chrome packaged apps
          any chance for support in future?

        • Why you don´t have the mod tag in your name?

          • Petter Nilsen

            I’ve never bothered to get it, but if any of my coworkers read this… 🙂

          • Petter Nilsen

            I do now.

    • Nekomajin43
      • Vux777

        but it’s not useful to me
        window.devicePixelRatio can’t read CSS pixels

        • Nekomajin43

          I’m not sure what you want to read. Can you explain?

          • Vux777

            I wanna change zoom lvl trough JS
            and for that I would like to have access to native browser zoom api (none-existing currently)…
            browser zooms differently than extensions (trough JS)
            it probably uses some combo of document zoom and scale …

          • Nekomajin43

            I can see now. In this case it would be useful.

          • > I wanna change zoom lvl trough JS

            what do you want to do with it?

          • Vux777

   zoom pages ツ
            (or did you mean something else?)
            simple doesn’t behave like native browser zoom

            that’s why it would be nice to have zoom api

          • Well, we give you a user interface to zoom that should hopefully work pretty well. Why do you want an api? What kind of things do you envision to do with it?

          • dqdb

            For example I can write an extension which emulates the zoom feature in Opera 12 (custom zoom level per-tab and not per-site). Changing the zoom style is working in most cases, but not always. Embedded videos, framesets, popup menus, and anchor navigation may cause problems which don’t occur with native zooming (based on the experience of my semi-finished extension for about a year).

          • Vux777

            to add on @dqdb:disqus post:
            this is difference between native and extension zooming on some pages
            example 1 on
            example 2 on phys-org article

            it would be very nice to have access to native browser zoom through API… that would probably be the simplest (and easiest) api to make
            you already have Stash and SD api’s in addition to Chrome default ones

          • Vux777

            I’ve just find out about this one…
            not sure when was introduced, probably in last couple of days

            someone from above is listening … or from down under…doesn’t matter 🙂

            (not from Australia -.-)

          • Well, I was under the assumption you wanted this as a public JS addition available to all websited

          • Vux777

            no, no… my fault that wasn’t clear enough

            I was asking for zoom API so that I can change zoom lvl with extension, and so that is directly linked with browser native zoom. So far, extensions could zoom pages but that didn’t changed actual browser zoom factor, and it wasn’t good enough like native browser zooming (page elements sometimes act weird)
            differences between native and extension zoom:

    • YemSalat

      document.getElemementsByTagName(‘html’)[0].style.zoom = %VALUE% ??

      • Vux777

        try to save any page on bookmarks bar and then change it’s URL to:
        javascript:(function(){document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0].style.zoom = 150 + '%';})();
        …than go to

        and see the difference with native 150% browser zoom and when that bookmarklet is clicked (need refresh and reset zoom to 100%)

  • escruting

    Its showing the tab preview even when ctrl tabbing for me…I have the flag ”
    Keyboard activation of tab preview” on default

  • taneli

    Mouse hover pointer is randomly broken in Facebook, sometimes it won’t change to the “hover pointer”, and sometimes it won’t change back from it after hovering.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I’ve got the same bug here: when I hover the pointer over a user avatar, it does not change to hand and the user property popup, the one where the number of likes and posts is shown, does not appear. If I right-click it, the pointer changes and the popup is shown. The pointer also changes to what it should be upon wheel scroll.

  • Herr Pietrus

    Great changes, really appreciate them, but it would be nice to add also na option or flag for turning on tab previews for tab switching via ctr+tab 🙂
    But generally I think that currently we have nice compromise

    • Did you read the blog post? Tab peek using keyboard shortcuts have been disabled and moved to their own flag.

      • escruting

        Yes, but it still happens for people like us, that have “tab cycling” flag enabled….It would be great if having this flag enabled didnt change the changing tab behaviour (having to release the ctrl key), just the tab cycling order (which is what this flag is supposed to change, just the order).

        • escruting

          I suppose the need for the key release makes sense with tab preview enabled, but with it disabled it should not be this way

      • Herr Pietrus

        I read, but didn’t notice anything about flag, I read about it later in some comment.

  • Konstantin Paramonov

    Is there a way to start Opera in a safe mode? My dad bumped into malware which blocked mouse and hotkeys by locking focus on its pop-up window. I had to delete AppData in order to get rid of it. Is there a better solution?

    • If you still have that AppData folder (maybe in the Trash?), we would really want a copy of it for analysis! Submit a bug and you’ll get an email address to send attachments to afterwards.

  • sneaker

    Will you now focus on H.264 or will WebM receive further improvements. Currently “WebM” with VP9+Opus is not working in contrast to Chrome and Firefox.

    • Petter Nilsen

      Do you have an example of such a video that doesn’t work?

      • sneaker
        • tdudziec

          Is that file corrupted ? It could not be downloaded in any browser.Please put it to some popular share site -rapidshare etc.

          • sneaker

            The file is not broken but I re-uploaded it anyways:


            crc32: BA972C04
            md5: ae9d3142118776349e5f65fa10255dea
            sha1: c5dff8ced11529df5c3bbc05f46897aa1b5f17b2

          • tdudziec

            thank you so much !

          • tdudziec

            this movie has vp9 not h264 codec . this movie also does not work in chrome .

          • sneaker

            “this movie also does not work in chrome .”
            My bad, while Chrome does support VP9+Opus in WebM this sample does indeed not work either. I investigated further but didn’t find the cause of the problem yet. Some samples work and some don’t. Can you look into it or should I report it somewhere upstream (Chromium?)?

          • sneaker

            I think it might be a bug in the newest mkvtoolnix. I will report back.

          • sneaker

            I have seen your bug report on the Chromium tracker. Thank you for your help. I will keep an eye on the report and supply any info necessary.

          • tdudziec

            thank you

  • Michael Maier

    I like opera:flags ‘Coast-like Speed Dial images’ and also opera:flags ‘Enables bookmark manager and related menu item’ looks promising.

  • Ksnoo

    Thanks for the bookmarks manager!

    In the current state it is not useful but so far i can say that i like the basic layout and the grid view.

    Whatever you will do until finishing the bookmark manager i hope that the manager will be connected to the bookmarks bar and will work without any addon

    • Khairul Skmt

      i would like their integrated this bookmark with start up page like speed dial and discover….etc
      it is common sense give a link or shortcut button on there!

      • escruting

        Then the background image of speed dial/stash/etc would make it so hard to read the content of the bookmark manager. Its supposed to have a lot of buttons, bookmarked pages, columns with information about those bookmarks….I dont think having a background image would help with all that content on screen…

        • Herr Pietrus

          I assume he thought only about the button on the speed dial page to enter bookmarks manager – with default, gray background 🙂

      • Ksnoo

        I like the idea very much! Cosequently the star for bookmarking a site should then be placed in the heart menu

    • Farhan Rashid

      where is it? I enabled the flag, but still cant find it

      • L33t4opera

        “Your changes will take effect when you relaunch Opera.” 😉

      • Vux777


  • Dmitry Kirin

    With the new favicon-ish SD images, the SD page looks neater. I think it would be great to have a checkbox in SD item context menu to control whether to show favicon thumbnail or generate page thumbnail. It would help when you want cool images for some sites, but just page snapshots in a Speed Dial folder containing multiple Twitter or FB pages, to distinguish them.

    • Lacedaemon


  • taneli

    Feature requests:
    1) Ability to remove the “X” from tabs (be it via a flag or some other way).
    2) Right-click + Mouse-scroll to change tabs.
    3) Click on active tab to activate the last activate tab.

    Been almost a year that i’ve been requesting these… maybe some day… 🙂

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I’d even say, wheel-scroll through tabs without right click.

    • 1) The close button will automatically hide for background tabs once their is not enough room for it on each tab.

      • taneli

        Yeah, would just prefer to never see it, i normally won’t have that many tabs open for it to hide, and it is still rather easy to accidentally click the X (I prefer closing the tabs with middle-mouse anyways).

  • x a

    Especially In case I use so many tabs, that their favcon is not displayed anymore due to the small width, I now found 600ms to be a too long delay to use the tab peek feature as a means to cope with that many tabs. I founds a quarter of a second (= 250ms) to be a convenient delay…

    [Off-Topic: Please – I cannot contribute via Disqus if you continue to auto-moderate my postings if I use the web for what it was invented for: hyperlinking. It’s a frustrating waste of time for me.]

    • Regarding moderation: Links must lead to English content and you must describe what the link leads to. Provide some context for the link. Then it should be okay. See the commenting policy:

      • x a

        I only linked to Specs or x-linked desktop.opera-internal. I can add, that I used a fair amount of em or blockquote tags for readibility. (Let’s try that right here.)

        And the posts were Disqus-auto-moderated, sometimes never to appear again. They were not removed or hidden by you moderators.

  • Guest

    Hi Opera Team, would it be possible for you to add one of the recently added features in Chrome which adds a volume icon on the tabs when that particular tab is doing playback (audio/video)? It makes it hell of a lot easier to locate the tab with volume if you have many tabs.. 😀

  • Guest

    Hi Opera Team, would it be possible for you to add one of the recently added features in Chrome which adds a volume icon on the tabs when that particular tab is doing playback (audio/video)? It makes it hell of a lot easier to locate the tab doing playback if you have many tabs.. 😀

  • JWGrasli

    Hi Opera Team, would it be possible for you to add one of the recently added features in Chrome which adds a volume icon on the tabs when that particular tab is doing playback (audio/video)? It makes it hell of a lot easier to locate the tab doing playback if you have many tabs.. =)

    • I removed your double posts

      • Brazil was eliminated.

      • ayespy

        It’s cool that you can do that.

        Is there any way to communicate with Discus and get them to fix the board so that “deleted” comments do not ALWAYS come back to life as zombie “guest” comments?

  • Arturo Martinez

    I am using Xubuntu 14.04 and with this update; Opera is crashing when it starts to load pages, I had to downgrade to the previous version because in the last crash, the screen went black. after that the system just restarts itself.

  • Nigdicks

    Tab groups when?

  • Charlie Sanchez

    I think that tab preview could be an option. There is an option to turn off preview when tab switching so there could be also one that turns it off when mouse cursor is hovering over tab.
    I hope this comment will help 😉

  • Bjarne Bertelsen

    There is no doubt, Opera is great, really great, including the new Opera mini for IOS! But please, give us soon synced bookmarks, and please for all the platforms, Mac, Windows, IOS ans so on. And please export and import of bookmarks. It has really been a pain all this time to be without it.

  • YemSalat

    There is no way to tell if the current page is zoomed or not.

    • Press CONTROL + 0. If it changes, then it was zoomed.

      • reesmichael1

        True, but (at least on Mac) there doesn’t seem to be a way to immediately return to the same zoom level. Of course, I don’t know why anyone would want to know if the page is zoomed or not just for the sake of knowing, so the ability to return probably to a prior zoom level isn’t very important.

        • YemSalat

          I was browsing this blog with zoom 90% and had no idea until I randomly pressed Ctrl+0 a few days ago.
          In Chromium (read Opera) zoom is preserved between pages of the same domain (and also preserved forever, meaning that restarting the browser will not reset the zoom), so you can accidentally press Ctrl+ or Ctrl-, (or hold CTRL key and scroll ) and have all the pages on all tabs from the same site zoomed without knowing it.

          • reesmichael1

            Yep. I do that all the time. I agree that it is a problem, and it would be nice to be able to disable this behavior.

      • YemSalat

        I know this shortcut, but there should be a visual representation

        • If you´re used to a website rendering at a certain zoom level, you notice when it is different. I do.

          • YemSalat

            This is silly. And in know way a justification for the missing indication.
            If you’re using multiple computers with different screen sizes/resolutions/pixel densities like I do – you would have no idea what the website should look like in 100%

          • Press CTRL + 0 and find out.

            You’re a minority inside a minority that zooms pages. And who cares? all that matters is you can read the web in question.

          • YemSalat

            First of all I was talking about zooming by accident.
            Second, people who use bookmarks are also a minority, yet we are getting a bookmarks manager.
            Even Chrome shows an icon in the address bar when the page is zoomed, the browser that was designed for “the majority”
            There is no point justifying the absence of visual indication, please don’t bother replying, you’re not making sense.

          • Move to Chrome if such thing is important to you, I use computers since 1994 and Internet since 1997 at least, never ever have I heard such absurd complain about this nonsense.

          • YemSalat

            Ok, now I’m convinced you’re trolling. Have a nice day.

          • I’m not, I’m very serious about it, IT IS NOT IMPORTANT.

  • Herr Pietrus

    Well, there are so many posts…

    It nice to see that you are working on the bookmarks but are you planning to give us some “fast access” bookmark menu? No, we don’t like bookmarks bar, i hope you remember that we have been craving for bookmarks menu such as in neater bookmarks!

    Second thing – does experimental start page work? I’haven’t seen any change after enabling corresponding flags except word “alternative!” on the left side of SpeedDial button

    Please, remember to leave us a choice which miniature style we want to use in SpeedDial! I don’t like “coast like” bookmarks very much (but maybe I’ll give them a try when you finish your miniature choosing tool :))

    • ayespy

      “No, we don’t like bookmarks bar”

      Speak for yourself. I could not operate without it.

  • Latest builds
    On the side is missing info for the Linux build

  • oCircuit

    I must say, i love the new bookmarks manager (: it’s looks very promising and feels fresh. I hope you will decide for this fresh version experiment and and not for the dusty old one. Google, Firefox and others will certainly take it over soon.

    But I hope that it will be possible to save sites with the heart.

    • Bjarne Bertelsen

      I don’t understand what bookmarks manager you mean. Are you talking about some of the extentions?

      • Alaknár

        opera:flags -> search for ‘bookmarks’. Restart.

        Not sure if it actually adds a button in the menu (it doesn’t in my case) but you can access the manager via “opera:bookmarks”.

        It’s pretty bare-bones right now, but definitely looks promising.

        • Bjarne Bertelsen

          Yes, now I’ve found it. Looks very promising indeed! Thank you.

  • beBoss

    this build is broken, i mean it hangs, freeze, you have to “end” pages with the process manager, and then to reload it,slow loading sometimes the speed dial page, and so so so…

    • Dev builds are expected to behave like that. People insist in using Dev builds as Stable ones, not Opera’s fault.

      Bugfixes belong to Next branch. And even Stable versions have 2 or more updates during their life cycle.

    • oCircuit

      Developer streams are there too introduce new features and functions.
      Next streams are for test them and make ready for using.
      Stable stream is for daily use.

      The two develope phases before are not intended for normal use. it’s for the community and Opera to make Opera stable and good as possible.

    • beBoss

      And you telling me that because? I know what is dev stream. Just report a problem with this build and waiting to see does the problem only appearance to me or to all.

      • ayespy

        Unfortunately, your comment is not helpful. It offers no guidance as to what actual problem you may be experiencing.

        I can tell you that HERE, on Win 8.1, I have no such problems. I have had a SINGLE browser freeze, related to Shockwave on a page.

        If you could try to determine what actions you are doing when you get your crashes, disable your extensions one at a time and re-enable them to see which one is related, etc. you could possibly give some useful feedback. If you can’t give useful feedback, and aren’t willing to try to help the developers pin down what’s causing your problems, then it’s pointless for you to use the Developer stream.

  • taneli

    Would be tremendous if you could select text in links, many pages nowadays have block-style links, and it’s completely impossible to copy the text inside them in most cases, and if you try to start copying “outside” of the link, it usually takes a good 10 or so tries to get the correct text.
    Now you just need to go dig the text from the page source, which is very, very annoying.
    Why do we have these “copy the url” instead of text nowadays again? Could something be done about this, say, “shift + mark text” when it would ignore the link and just copy the text?
    Pretty please?

    • There is an extension for that. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name, but if you search for “link selection” or something like that in the Chrome Web Store you’ll find it.

    • ayespy

      The very idea that one would have to install an extension to implement something as very, very basic as this to fundamental browser usability is indicative of bad design. Not poor design, or marginal design, but BAD design.

      One of the ways in which Opera can distinguish itself from the rest of Chromium monoculture, shine brighter, stand out, is to look to little things like this that Google et al are either too big to care about, or too pressed for resources to correct.

      The differences between an OK product, a good product, and a “top of the line” product are often competence and craftsmanship in the “little” things.

  • stepAli

    if only h.264 would come to linux ,

    why only on windows 🙁 ??

  • Guest

    So weird, in my Windows 7(x64)/Control Panel to uninstall programs appear 2 versions of Opera: the actual stable 22 and the previous one 21. ???

  • Joana Silva

    So weird, in my Windws 7(x64)/Control Panel to uninstall programs appear 2 versions of Opera: the current 22 stable and also the previous 21 stable. ???

  • RX-3200

    if opera://flags/#enable-direct-write enabled –
    tab with eat all RAM, and so tab crash or browser freeze …

    and please: add tool to optimize .db files …
    deleted items in them only marked as deleted, but not realy deleted …
    my stash.db is 194MB, and it not change stash.db size on delete Stash items …

  • Turo Orvel

    So stacked tabs are getting closer 🙂

  • Onaj Tamo

    Hi,i have a problem with both opera and chromium,somehow it seems on Linux they are overriding keyboard input methods from the system(Croatian) and are using the default English keyboard layout.

  • Freon

    the 600ms timeout seems a bit slow for me, I set it to 500 or maybe even 450

  • Inquisitor

    Now that the development op the bookmarks feature is well under way, I’d like to see a ‘quick access’ bookmarks button integrated in the menu bar. That way, you can access your bookmarks from whatever page or tab you’re on, without having to open a new tab or having to go to the speed dial first.

    Simple, quick and easy. 🙂

    • taneli

      It’s there already, after you enable the bookmarks flag.

      • Inquisitor

        I have the bookmarks enabled, but I see no bookmarks button.

        • taneli

          The full functionality of this button may not be there yet, i would imagine that you will be able to access the bookmarks via this button in the future, atm. it seems rather broken and very unfinished.

          • Rod Corkin

            That is not what Inquisitor is thinking about. As a stop-gap you can place the bookmark manager tab as a link on the bookmarks bar

          • taneli

            As i said, the full functionality probably isn’t there yet, IF they don’t let you access the bookmarks via that same button when it’s ready, would be just silly…

          • Rod Corkin

            Yes the function doesn’t exist as yet. Of course you can easily create a bookmark tree on the bookmarks bar, which is what I use at the moment.

          • Inquisitor

            I have a bookmarks tree on the bookmarks bar for now, but I don’t like it – the bar takes up valuable vertical real estate on my 1920*1080 screen.

          • Rod Corkin

            The aspect ratio on my screen has more vertical space than typical 16:9 (more like 16:10) so it’s not such an issue, but a button on the address bar is what we really should expect to see sooner or later

  • Dialo

    When i open a new tab the speed dial takes a bit to load, like 1 second, it looks ugly, for example, in Firefox when you open a new tab the speed dial is right there, there’s nothing to load, no blank page.

  • cgebhard

    Did you remove the opera://flags/#delay-onload flag? Has it become a standard in version 24?
    I frequently experience the “preview is currently unavailable”-message when loading some background tabs (by Ctrl-clicking a link) and then hovering them. Some pages seem to be rendered only when actually viewing them and only from then on the preview is available. It would be nice to have the preview triggering the rendering.

    I don’t have the knowledge to find out where the problem is (and if it’s linked to a delayed onload event), but here is an example:
    (It’s a german link, I’m afraid. I’ll post an english one, as soon as I find a page with that behaviour)

  • Marko Koivuniemi

    For me stash, bookmarks and speed-dial are all the same: sites and addresses which I would like to save. Now there are 3 separate pile of addresses. I would suggest single storage and flags that tells that this URL belongs to stash, speed-dial or bookmarks or all of three. This way it would be easier to find and managed and import addresses. At least give us way to move stash -addresses to bookmarks and vice versa. (And of course simple way to import addresses from single file bookmarks.adr or csv or whatever. Current implementation that automaticallys imports form “somewhere” is not good for example after computer reinstallation etc.

  • viqw

    how do I backup and restore the passwords?

    in opera 12 I copied the file wad, and now?

    • Vux777

      “Login Data” file in profile folder

      btw. won’t work after OS reinstall
      (and probably on different machine)

      • Doesn’t work when you transfer to different computer, only transfers usernames and/or email addresses, but not passwords. I ended up creating a text file with all that info, the other solution is install Last Pass and have an account there.

      • viqw


        there is no other way?

        • Vux777

          there is LastPass extension (and similar) that twill sync your passwords between
          different browsers, computers, devices…. but it’s a third party solution, meaning you need to have it installed and running on all those … browsers, computers …
          I’m using comodo dragon to sync my passwords and bookmarks with google acc (since opera sync is not fully functional) and just transferring those files from one profile to another when needed

  • NoBigGovDuh

    When will you bring back the ability to switch between tabs with the mouse???


    Working fine. Except that it doesn’t work with Ubuntu HUD.

  • ingviowarr

    Every first start of the browser was buggy, if I has an opened tabs with video content (YouTube, etc.) before. Splashing black-video pop-ups starts all-together, in random style, with mixed audio, OUT of the corresponding tabs (basically, somewhere in the center, under all tabs).

    I know the Settings option that cause it: Settings -> Browser -> At Start -> [+] Delay loading backround tabs. So needed option don’t work for now.

    If option unchecked, everything is OK. This trouble exist in all last Opera builds.

    (Sorry for my English, my Opera interface not English too)

  • oic

    I don’t like the fact that add speed dial, add stash and add page to bookmark bar is merged into the one heart icon. Is there an option so they could all appear by themselves and have their own icon. I rather click once than click twice

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Oic, you can disable the Heart menu (restore the old buttons):
      1. Go to the address bar, and type: opera://flags/#heart-menu, press enter,
      2. Select “Disabled” from the selectbox, and relaunch the Opera.

  • Mohammad Imtianul Haque Dimik

    Downloading the offline package 🙂

  • Charly // Shaffe

    When I watach a YouTube video, switch to another tab and go back to the video, the YT player turns black (while the sound is still playing).

  • pisarz1958 damn, I broke something…

    • Rafael Luik

      Yes. Disable the extensions for a start.

  • TheProjectionist

    I have some weird DPI issue on certain websites in Opera 22.0.1471.70 on Windows 7 64bit.

    • TheProjectionist

      Probably for the same reason, when opening images in a new tab, it sometimes forces smaller-than-the-viewport resolution images upscale to it’s width.

  • Any hint about a new build next week, or the upgrade to Next? Until that happens this is my primary browser in Ubuntu, but it is very unstable. I was using FF and Chrome but I don’t like them.

    • ayespy

      Isn’t that weird? FF and Chrome are “more mature,” “have more features,” “are more configurable,” “just work,” etc.

      Bur no matter how hard we try, we cannot like them.

      • Never considered them like that, Opera is 20 years old. more experience.

        • ayespy

          This is what we hear, though.

          FF has been “the” alternative browser since the beginning of the internet (starting as Netscape Navigator) that all of the innovation and security snobs stuck with, it has a huge development team, etc.

          Chrome is “fully developed,” containing all features and configurability that one normally expects from a browser, even though it’s a relative newcomer, and it has captured huge market share owing to Google’s endless money and ubiquitous presence, which gives it credibility.

          Certainly Opera has been around a long time (and I’ve been using the browser for most of that time), and the company has a good deal of institutional memory in the browser business.

          But after the re-boot, after the culture-shock of discovering that our beloved everything-to-all-users browser had been consigned to the dustbin, here we are with a clearly unfinished product and we (I at least) still prefer it to its “mature” and “full-featured” competition. It’s hard to explain.

          • Actually IE was the alternate browser when Netscape ruled the scene, but it took over.

          • ayespy

            Yeah. On reflection I realized that. In the beginning, Netscape was all we had. Had I not already been using Opera when Netscape tanked, I would have mourned its demise. I did miss its online community.

            Our first machine for which we wrote programs to calculate and print out the bills for our business was an Apple IIE (1983).

            Our first internet capable (had a built-in dialup modem) machine was a 1992(?) Packard Bell 486 on Win 3.1 and a 28.8 kbps modem that had Netscape pre-installed. We signed up with Sprint to get on line and got our first home internet address (, and the rest is history. When I first became AWARE of Internet Explorer in mid-1996, I just kind of assumed it had been around since Windows, pre-loaded on IBM machines or something. Only later did I learn Netscape had the jump on them.

          • Rafael Luik

            Do the objective comparison. It’s not as unfinished as you imagine depending on someone’s needs, it just accomplishes different things.

          • ayespy

            I see it objectively as unfinished in that the Bookmarks managing functionality (import/export, identification, arranging, etc) is overtly a work in progress, the various tab functions intended and predicted by developers are still in the works, tab preview is in a blatantly fluid state, there’s no x86 for Linux and only a single flavor of Linux is directly supported, video support is likewise fluid, print functionality is unfinished, extension support is in flux, speed dial likewise, etc., etc. Changes from Stable to Next to Developer are still quite distinct, as opposed to increments or tweaking at the edges.

            The browser can be taken as “mature” when the raging teen hormones subside and the “adult” personality it will ultimately show settles into place.

            As of now, none of us can be quite sure what that personality will look like entirely. I’m pretty sure it will be someone I like, but can’t yet be certain.

            IE, FF (for all its “new and revolutionary” UI), Chrome, Safari, etc. have all become quite predictable. Opera, not so much.

          • Rafael Luik

            Everyone will have different definition of mature.

            Most users don’t need a classic bookmarks manager. My bookmarks were already in Opera and they’re now in Opera’s Speed Dial so I don’t need a importer from other browsers. Export: why would Opera need to waste time on this? Ask the third-party browser vendor you want to import to, to implement a way to read Bookmarks and favorites.db, they’re easily accessible by them. Opera is under development for Linux.

            Now here comes the “special treatment” users give Opera, by special treatment I mean “it’s not enough you s*ck Opera devs!”: Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, none of them have mouse and rocker gestures, tab previews or tabs in sidebar, *real* Speed Dial, Turbo, Stash, multiple search engines in menu, complete recently closed menu, fully customizable keyboard shortcuts, etc, and yet they’re considered “mature” but of course until Opera gets all these features in a flawless execution it’s not “mature” yet, it’s an unfinished product doomed to fail and to be sh*t forever. Spare me…….. (Not you specifically.)

            Don’t believe the FUD. Opera is a finished and capable product.

          • ayespy

            I don’t understand, Rafe. You seem to WANT to have a fight with me.

            a) I have done nothing to spread FUD.

            b) I have not criticized Opera, and certainly not the developers.

            c) My intent with my original comment was not condemnatory, but complimentary – even established browsers can’t compete with this unfinished upstart.

            d) I am convinced that any developer here would happily agree with me that it would not be accurate to refer to this stage of development as “finished.” Capable, yes. Finished, no.

            e) For me personally, the majority of the features you just called out have little to no impact on my browsing experience. I have no use for mouse and rocker gestures, a list of search engines, turbo, stash, customizable keyboard shortcuts, etc. Neither, by the way, do I need a “real” bookmark manager. The bar does me just fine, if only it could be placed vertically on the side (right next to some vertical tabs, eh?) Aside from that, I’d like unformatted copy/paste and the ability to copy part or all of a link as text only, without a struggle. But that’s just me.

            Still, I like this browser best, for all that it does not suit my personal preferences completely. When it is finished, I expect I will still like it best.

          • Rafael Luik

            I don’t want to fight, I just made a generalization/example for you, to explain how people are wrong when they say Opera is unfinished. I didn’t say you spread FUD. 🙂

            If someone’s going to say Opera is unfinished compared to other browsers, yet everyone knows it has a bunch of features other browsers don’t have(!), then call them all unfinished or I’ll call this person a hypocrite – or at the very least have a talk about pet features and different browsers existing to cater different needs and wants.

            Question: why do you use Opera (answer in features and ideology, not in sentimental reasons)? Or ~ If you try another browser, why can’t you use it satisfactorily?

          • ayespy

            Why do I use it?

            At this point I can’t put my finger on anything other than “feel.”

            It just seems smooth and responsive, and things are where I expect them to be.

          • tab preview is in a blatantly fluid state

            That’s the nature of Developer builds.

          • ayespy

            Goes without saying… 🙂

  • ayespy

    In case no one is still reading the Ver 22 blog post, I wanted to make sure devs were aware Ver 22 is still sometimes presenting a blank speed dial page. Happened to my wife the other day, and she completely freaked out: “What happened to all my speed dials? I had a complete collection of them all sorted!!”

    me: Hit “refresh”

    wife: “Oh.”

  • herrschildkroete

    I made a Power User test with Opera Dev 24 Vers 1555 and created a scenario like one use in an office x64 environment. Opened eight apps, 98 Background-Processes, Windows-Processes 23, loaded two / three Browser Engines (Opera 23, Opera 24, Firefox), Winword and Excel 2010, Graphic-Tool to tinker screen shots. Now I opened 43 Tabs in series from the same Internet page (Online Magazine) in Opera Dev 24, two tabs on YouTube and streamed a song enclosed the test time. My RAM was at 53 percent and the CPU around 9 percent. First I noticed the time span to open a tab from the stack (43 Tab) seems (imagined) a bit to long as I hovered direct on a tab for the purpose to see the Tab-Preview. Slideing from tab to tab, the reaction time seems well for the preview change. I change the tabs randomly and observe the previews pop up and found no worries. Later I drove my computer, first, to energy save modus, opened the machine anew – no worries. Later I use the modus hibernation with the full opened equipment and started again – no worries. In the end I tested H.264 video on You tube with some videos which test this feature versus RAW. H.264 is a fine bright and clear video modus with surprisingly well drawing contours emphasize and maintained by zooming in.
    I think Opera Dev Tab-Preview is a fine matter for all users who work with five or more tabs. / Of course, I miss some necessary things for the browser. So I hope for included a PDF Reader, meanwhile I use here the very pleasure extension from Opera Software. And I hope for a Reader (have a look to Safari Reader or IE Reader in Windows included the browser).

  • J. T.

    Ok, how to fix this? Unused space on the right side.

    And every time I try to log into Opera link to sync the browser crashes.

    • ayespy

      Easy. Just implement vertical tabs in the browser.

    • lassekongo83

      I see you have adblock+ disabled on that page. Try enabling it and my guess is that the white space will go away.

      • J. T.

        Your guess is wrong.

        • Vux777

          this is how it looks on my comp (latest dev, win7 x64)

          I see stylish on your toolbar…did you make some css roles? reddit specific or general

  • dflyra

    What about all links from a pinned tab open in new tabs, leaving the pinned tab intact? If you think that’s a logical thing, I believe it should not be a difficult matter for the developers to implement (but then again I’m not a programmer…)

  • Michal Raška

    I have a notebook with Lubuntu 13.10 a diagonal display size 15.4″ and 1920×1200 resolution. Texts GUI desktop does not respect DPI settings. Can this be necessary?

  • Kevin Thompson

    I love the work that you guys are doing, and I want to keep being able to use Opera. Please implement mouse gestures on links, so I can stop using Chrome 🙂

    • Vux777

      but Chrome also doesn’t have gestures on links (actually, doesn’t have gestures at all…natively)
      if you are using extension, you can use it in Opera too 😛

      • Herr Pietrus

        Yea, but build-in gestures is one o these extra features of Opera… I like them even now very much, but of course any further development will be welcome!

  • I hope Next week means Next, for all branches.

  • zeke

    can not wait to try these innovations in next+stable. 🙂

    is opera going to develop an in-the-box pepper????

    dont fancy standalone flash at all. keep reading that it is vulnerable to
    malware etc. is that true?

  • ABDX

    Pleeeease remove that white hue on the upper part of the screen from the speed dial page, its ruining every background image i use

    • Herr Pietrus

      No! I’d say it’s quite useful, thanks to it buttons are clearly visible especially on dark backgrounds.
      Perhaps some flag for disabling/enabling it? 🙂 I don’t expect that there can appear regular option for doing it.

      • ABDX

        it specially ruins the dark backgrounds !

      • Inquisitor

        Opera could move the buttons from the speed dial to the heart menu on the address bar.

  • Lacedaemon

    This page about the Final in the world football cup consumes almost 100% of CPU. Opera 12.17 does not have any problems rendering it.

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      That’s what happens when you’re opening a page that contains too many gifs for your computer to handle. An example of this could be this site:
      It completely wrecks your computer. This is also the main reason why most pages containing many gifs (such as 9gag, tumblr, 4chan and reddit) have a function where the gifs are played only when you can see it, or after it has been clicked.

      • Lacedaemon

        Yes but Opera 12.17 eats it for breakfast… How about that?

        • Jonathan Aanesen

          I get the same CPU usage from both of them

          • Lacedaemon

            That’s strange, in 12.17 it never exceeds 50% (its about 15-35% most of the time) and the most important, it never hangs. Only the memory footprint is way bigger in 12.17. (about 900MB)

          • Jonathan Aanesen

            Yeah, I’m sitting on a laptop and my cpu goes around 70% for both of them when scrolling fast through the page. They’re pretty much the same for me.

          • Jonathan Aanesen

            Try opening the example page i sent and check your CPU and RAM readings from that one.

          • Lacedaemon

            40% max CPU usage on that page. CPU is Core 2 Duo E8500 on W7/64bit

          • Jonathan Aanesen

            Is that CPU usage for both 12 and stable?

          • Lacedaemon

            Edited it 15 seconds before you replied 🙂

          • Jonathan Aanesen

            So the CPU usage on that page is lower for stable? :S

          • Vux777

            Opera 11.64
            latest dev O24

            they both have Turbo enabled…
            while scrolling, O11 is usually 15-25%, O24 50-75%
            plus, only one core is doing scrolling job with O11
            x3 455 3.3GHz, 6Gb ram, win7 x64

          • Lacedaemon

            Thanks for helping in that matter. I will post some screenshots as well if needed, I can’t believe that this page hangs in the chrome engine, which is supposed to be “superior and optimized” but performs so well and so smooth in 12.17, which is supposed to be “old and behind times”…

          • Well, it always depend on what your optimisation goals are. I just doubt that a page with many animated gifs is something the average user will view these days. But yes, there are a few nice tricks in Presto, that probably will be ported to Chromium eventually

          • Lacedaemon
          • Lacedaemon

            I don’t have stable installed, I just tested it with the latest dev (24) and 12.17.

        • Vux777

          true… on my Opera 11.64 proc load is about 1/3 of O24, O-next, comodo dragon (chromium)

      • Nekomajin43

        And that’s why the click to play option would be good to be applied to gifs too.

        • Lacedaemon

          Sounds good but it is unacceptable for me performing so well in Presto engine and totally hanging in Chrome engine. Wasn’t chrome engine supposed to be faster and performing better?

      • Lacedaemon

        I don’t think so, the problem seems to be related to the vine (is that flash?) animations, hardware acceleration or Aura, because if you disable hardware acceleration the page plays those gifs just fine, (Vine animations are frozen) and doesn’t cosume that much CPU.

        • Jonathan Aanesen

          I would say the problem lies with the Vines. This is because we recently had a huge bug that caused Vines to not work at all in the Opera Browser. Therefore the fix might not be complete but it’s working.

  • Vux777

    Opera is still creating this files on every session end. (in every channel)
    Content of those files are extensions that I’ve installed from Opera addons site
    (I have 6 more manually installed)
    file sample:

    Id’s are from this extensions:
    Image Autosizer
    Tab Position Options
    Magic Actions for YouTube™
    Adblock Plus

    Seams that this only affects me (and couple of more ppl, but with the different content of those files…not extensions lists, but something else)
    so…It’s kinda weird ๏̯͡๏

    Is there any reason why would Opera create those files…????
    usb install, win7 x64…. every Opera build for almost last 10 months
    First O-blink versions didn’t create those files, and also Chrome doesn’t

    • x a

      I still consider these to be reports assembled for “Help improve Opera by sending feature usage information” feature… But to my knowledge there hasn’t been any “official” confirmation yet.

      • Vux777

        I uncheck it on every installation, including the initial one on first start…
        but yea, it would be nice from O-devs to say what are those file for

    • Herr Pietrus

      I’ve found a bunch of such files too. Apart from them there have been also other (.tmp) files named as Local state…/TransportSecurity…/Preferemces with main part of the name followed by some numbers and letters. Majority of them were created on the same day. Perhaps it’s true that they are created because of reporting function enabled?
      Now I’ve disabled it and deleted all the files, I’ll see if they appear again and when…

      • Vux777

        I only have one .tmp file
        probably depends on configuration

  • This build seems to have broken Vimeo. 🙁

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I have just tried out one video. No problem here (W7x64). Do you have an example link?

      • No Vimeo video seems to work for me. I get the “This video can’t be played with your current setup.” error.

        An example, but none works anyway:

        • Lacedaemon

          Strange, plays well here Win7/64-bit, as do all vimeo videos.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Runs very fine here. A nice song. HWA is enabled, actual flash player is installed and activated (including pepper flash). What else can I say? W7x64.

    • Vux777

      click to play messes Vimeo (is on by default with Turbo)
      if video starts at all, I’m not able to click anywhere on progress bar (no reactions)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve tried a video on vimeo here and Opera totally frozen.

    • taneli

      Vimeo doesn’t work without Hardware Acceleration, that’s what i’ve noticed.
      Too bad i can’t use HW acceleration ’cause the browser becomes unusable with it while i’m working.

  • ingviowarr

    Opera doesn’t remember last path for Save file (?)

    • I don’t remember if the Presto version did, but AFAIK, O15+ works with a fixed save location, unless you click on “save as” in the right-click menu and choose a different location.

    • ayespy

      Hector is right. Opera will only and always save to “Download” unless you change that to a different folder in settings, or unless you set it to “ask me every time.”

      It doesn’t remember the last place you saved something.

      • ingviowarr

        ODe can ask for one s-a-m-e folder only… For now… It’s a bug.

        “An ODe is a poem that is usually written in praise of a particular person, thing, or event.” 🙂 Isn’t it?

  • Yowan

    When will the win64 builds be ready? 64-bit Chromium has been out for quite a while.

    • ayespy

      Heh heh. We can only have Windows 32 and Linux 64. What a screwed-up world.

  • aaa839

    I’m using the Opera Developer Channel version 24.0.1550.0
    build 1550
    I watch my GPU debug report in opera://gpu page

    I found out opera cannot use GPU Rasterization:
    Rasterization: Software only. Hardware acceleration disabled.

    In problem detect collum it said
    Accelerated rasterization has not been enabled or is not supported by the current system.
    Disabled Features: rasterization

    How can I turn on the GPU Rasterization in Opera 24?

    I have try the command link of Chromium for reference
    I add these two command in the opera shortcut
    –force-gpu-rasterization –disable-software-rasterizer
    However It still doesn’t work
    How to solve it???

    • You don’t want to go that way.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can try enabling opera://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist but i don’t know if it would help.

      • Noy likely, he’s looking forward to enable GPU rasterization, that flag you suggest is meant to ignore not supported graphic chipsets, not the same thing.


    All preview of bookmarks are the same. On new start there is no preview.
    Please add future open all bookmarks from group.

  • Alex Parker

    Opera 23 is never coming out, is it? TWENTY days ago Opera Next post said you’re getting close to releasing a Final.

    • Every one more second is one less second.

    • Marcin Mitek

      It is coming, we are delayed a little, but’s not related to us. Stay tuned 🙂

  • L33t4opera

    New Opera Developer: 24.0.1558.3, the change log, and the official announcement.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Shit, you are faster. 🙂

      • L33t4opera

        Don’t worry Ralf, next time is yours 🙂

      • Vux777

        xaxa… ca’t beat L33t 😀

    • Bult in Chrome PDF viewer, testing now!

      Update: Sucks, back to PDF JS.

      • Why do you prefer PDF.js?

        • Besides being stable, it’s more feature complete.

        • SuuperTommy

          You didn’t ask me, but I prefer Google’s PDF viewer over the Firefox one. At least on my two computers it loads the pages quite a bit faster. Plus it looks better visually as well.

  • very good , This is one of those days when i love Opera (Reading both post and comments 🙂 ) ukash satın al

  • NIBB

    Does this mean we are going to be able to use HTML5 player and videos instead of Flash on youtube? Currently HTML5 videos on Youtube are not supported on Opera and its a pain because the Flash player is very buggy, slow and tends not to load videos correctly. It would be really nice if Opera can play HTML5 videos on Youtube just like Chrome and IE10 can.

  • mixal11

    Would like to know if customizable mouse gestures are on the roadmap. Since Opera 21 PigToolbox for Chrome can not be used for mouse gestures(gestures does not work anymore), I’m stuck with Opera 20 or FF.

    • dflyra

      My problem too. I hate using the keyboard to navigate. The only solution I’ve found: smooth gestures (

      It is not perfect: it works only with the page fully loaded and doesn’t work in internal pages (settings, speed-dial, extensions etc.). For the internal pages you have to assign keyboard shortcuts to your mouse buttons. I have a logitech marathon mouse and have assigned Crtl+T (New tab) to the side ‘forward’ button & Crtl+W (Close tab) the side ‘backwards’ button. I have also assigned numerical 1 & 2 (previous tab & next tab) to the mouse wheel left & right tilt. I have also installed the opera-like tab switcher extension ( to have wheel tab selection. I think that is an acceptable configuration.

      • mixal11

        I’ll use FF, till they implement normal mouse gestures probably.

  • ultraviolet

    i can’t get HTML5 videos to load on youtube, can anyone help please? i’m using opera-next on linux [yes i have the right codecs installed]

  • How to disable this tab preview shit ?