Opera Next is now 23!

Hello Opera Users!

It’s high summer here in Norway and Poland, and our coding elves have been sunbathing so much that they’re practically smoking, so we’ve summoned them back to their computers. (As you may know, smoking is bad for your elf.)

So today, we’re releasing Opera 23 Next. The biggest UI change is that we have tidied the combined search and address bar to contain just a single heart. The heart now triggers a sub-menu where you can choose to add a site to Speed Dial, to Stash for later use, or to the bookmarks bar.
Heart Menu
We have also added UI elements to unblock insecure content in an otherwise secure session, and we’ve added search functionality to opera:extensions and opera:themes.

Now that the elves are back at their desks, expect something very interesting next week.

Opera Next for Windows
Opera Next for Mac

Or go here for offline installation:
Opera Next offline package for windows

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