Good day!
I hope you were as excited as us from yesterday’s announcement.
After yesterday’s Opera for Linux release, here’s a quick update to the Opera Next stream for Windows and Mac. Opera 23 is getting closer and closer to going stable and here is our latest build with stability fixes.


  • Translated strings for Opera 23
  • Opera crashes on disabling extensions
  • Fixed an issue with Speed Dial extensions not displaying content on opera://startpage

Opera Next for Windows
Opera Next for Mac
(Linux available from version 24 and newer.)

Or go here for offline installation:
Opera Next offline package for windows

Full changelog

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Helge, thanks for the info, and stability fixes 😉

  • Easy on going “stable” pls. Make sure everything is ironed out first.

    • nanana1

      Opera working on Linux starts with Developer version 24.
      Opera Next is still at version 23. 😉

      • Smileys ought to be given more meaning in the future. I know it’s O24 and beyond, I was kidding.

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      That’s why we’re doing these Next releases, to get your help to iron out everything 🙂

  • “Speed Dial extensions not displaying content on opera://startpage” FINALLY!

  • Igor Nester

    Make smooth pageview.
    (Сделайте плавный просмотр страницы)


      maybe you meant smooth scrolling?

      (Вероятно ты имел ввиду плавную прокрутку страницы)

  • Guess O23 Stable is about two or three weeks ahead. Please don’t rush it.

    • Marcin Mitek

      There’s nothing to worry about, amount of fixes taken to this channel usually decrease with time, when we are close to the release date. We are careful when picking them 🙂

  • Tester

    Hello, the last update has a problem with Czech language. (Discover a pluigins in context menu) thx

  • godan58

    Auto-hide the taskbar – not work

    • josemuk

      Same here. I guess is because of the chromium update (latest Opera 24 has the same problem)

    • Dejan Kordic

      Same here, please we need fix for this!

    • Phil

      Same here. I downgraded Opera back to 22 and now the address bar doesn’t work as a search bar and I cannot choose, edit and add any search engines in settings. Very annoying but not being able to activate the windows taskbar is even more annoying. Why change something that works to something that does not work?!

  • Fukurokudzu

    Changelog -> ctrl+f -> Sync = no matches.

  • escruting

    Why does ctrl+tab just highligth the next tab in the cycle order and it only shows the page when you release the ctrl key? It’s a bit annoying and it is slower.

    It was like this from the beginning of Opera 15, but then i dont know how it changed to the more direct solution (like it was on Opera 12 and it is on Chrome, just change to the tab, not highlight it and change when you release the control key) and then it returned to how it is now, the slower version 🙁

    Anyone know what i’m talking about? Sorry for my poor explanation.

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      Check out Opera Developer, which uses the new tab improvements for Ctrl+Tab as well.

      • escruting

        But it still won’t change the page until you release the control key, this wasnt always like this…

        • Marcin Mitek

          Hmmm check opera://flags/#activation-order-tab-cycling, you probably have this enabled.

          • escruting

            Yes, if i disable that flag it behaves like i want it to, but without the last used order cycle.

            Why is the animation and the slower tab change with key release a requirement if the last used tab cycle is enabled? I don’t see the reason…

  • ergee

    Good job! I’m using the Linux Opera and it’s very fast. The pages are sharper like in Opera 12 and pages load even in the same way. It seems you’re slowly bringing back all the Opera 12 features. The only thing left is Bookmarks, a good bookmarks manager, and a way to customize the search engines. Opera 12 with Chrome extensions is a very interesting browser!

    • Wraith

      Don´t forget about Full Syncronization too!

    • Fernando Sorensen

      Don’t forget :

      *) Custom proxy settings (no “use system settings” crap)
      *) Full-featured sidebar (with very useful options like links and notes)
      *) Tab stacking
      *) Private tabs (i use this all the time if i want to temporarily open my Facebook / Yotube / GMail account without closing my wife’s ones).
      *) A REAL download manager, just like the REAL Opera.
      *) And probably a lot more that i have so used to utilize on the REAL Opera that i can’t remember.

  • You have any roadmap for Opera Link?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think there is a public one.

    • icetom

      i think they have secretly killed Link and dont tell us.

      • MarkG54321

        The put the Google on back, I can then use Opera on my desktop and Chrome on my Chromebook. Right now, Opera doesn’t get a look in, because they don’t have Link, and Chrome works everywhere.

      • Marcin Mitek

        We already secretly killed Linux, right?

        • Marko Koivuniemi

          You bastards! First you kill stuff and then dig them from their graves and make weird experiments and bring them to life again.

        • icetom

          what has it to do with each other? your communication is just plain bad.

          • Martin Brada

            I have read many times that there would be a Linux version “when it is ready”.
            The Link is in the flags for some time and is an essential feature that is not going to be dropped, I suppose.

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      We don’t have any public roadmaps, we are working on sync. And when it’s ready enough for being tested it will be released in the developer stream.

  • kokolo5

    real bookmark manager please and a panel for bookmarks.

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      What do you think? We got about 50 different people asking for the same thing here every day 😛 Is there even a possibility that we’re not working our asses of when it comes to bookmarks?

      • kokolo5

        good to hear (: but a side panel and a bookmark manger is a must- have. are u plan that ? the current solution covers the entire screen, it’s not ideal for the whole concept of the new opera. i thought “the window to the web” should be in the center, not lists who covers the entire screen.

        • Jonathan Aanesen

          I’m not the guy who plans and chooses stuff around here, but it seems they’re going to do a lot of things with the bookmarks. So these things you’re talking about will probably come one day, but might be different and better than what you’ve imagined :3

          • Lacedaemon

            Can you give us a hint about Stash being also looked in to be more ergonomic/customizable/a bookmark place alternative?

          • bwat47

            what I’d like would be some kind of tagging system for bookmarks and stash, like firefox has for its bookmarks. Its super handy for organizing things. I think tags could unlock a lot of potential in stash.

          • kokolo5

            It sounds promising
            But i hope it comes sooner than later (;

      • Cryio

        Opera 25, codename, Bookmark (only ). Fully featured.

  • kokolo5

    guys, give us synchronization, what tooks so long ? this is a feature, which should be done before you made the browser. and please bring notes back ?

    • Its taking a long while because doing it wrong could be disastrous for our users’ highly valuable data.

      /me hums on Daft Punk’s hit song Doin’ It Right

      • kokolo5

        I agree with Daft Punk’s opinion (; But can you give a time indication ? Within the next 6 weeks or longer ? (:

  • nnospam123

    I’ve been using a Chrome extension called Chrome Audio Eq

    But it’s not working in Opera. Is this because of a codec that Chrome puts into their browser? How can I find that codec and make it work in Opera Linux?

  • Dante

    Please allow us to disable Discover completely, it’s amazingly useless.

    • Then Opera Team will be “disabled” completely.

  • zeke

    I do hope you manage to get flash inside Opera (not stand alone) working without any probs.
    Standalone flash (14 or any other standalone) is not a good idea, apparently. the “experts” warn against it. dont know what to make of it.

  • nicks

    can you guys fix problem with twitter? when i click on twitter link on some pages opera open him in a new tab and crashes for ~10 second and that’s happened everytime on different pages.

  • zeke

    Discover is pretty useless. It makes no sense since each of us has very different news interests and since you must restrict the subjects covered for reasons of space. (you do provide the option to customise subjects but…still)

    I would get rid of it. An adblock made by Opera would be a far more interesting proposition and, i suppose, far less complicated. 🙂

    Still, a great browser. that is my only quibble with it, really. that and the absence of an “internal” flash.

  • zeke

    why not find a way to integrate Stash, a very innovative function, with bookmarks??????????????

  • zeke

    do not mean to be a nuisance…

    say, imagine you are researching topic X online…
    usually there is not bookmark aggregator based on topic (each bookmark by itself separated fom other bookmarks that may or may not be related to previous/next…

    now: imagine a stash function that contains not one but several bookmarks, grouped in a topic (say world cup 2014)

  • Josip Kozarac

    Besides Opera v12 bookmark manager & other Opera v12 things, can you make a download window with all options as in Opera v12 => Run, Save and Cancel, not only Save and Cancel. I want to have an option for that! When I download a small ZIP or RAR file, I opened it every time, not downloaded it. I don’t need that ZIP or RAR file on my computer, (only in Opera temp folder :)). In new versions of Opera, there is no option for Open button. Why? Chromium? OK, but you could (must :P) put it in Opera options.

  • romath

    Start page button still doesn’t respond here, although it does show the tool tip.

  • Philippe Krueger

    ONext current version on Win7: expanding auto-hidden task bar is not working anymore when Opera is maximized (I’m not talking about F11-fullscreen, but regular maximizing). is that a bug?
    any suggestions on how to fix that would be greatly appreciated (apart from disabling auto-hide, of course…)

  • Pinned tabs disappear when the browser is closed and reopened.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Darcy, to keep pinned tabs, when you close and restart the Opera, go to Settings(Alt+P)>Browser>On startup, and tick the checkbox on the left of the “Continue where I left off”.

  • Jademarisa

    Just four words: Classic Menu, real skins

  • L33t4opera

    New update for the Opera Next: 23.0.1522.28, and the change log.

  • Nicholas Westgate

    So far this has become my browser of choice. It’s more secure then all the other browsers and I find it uses less memory and is just as fast as Chrome.

  • Marco Tulio Sifontes Rodriguez

    Do yo put opera link in the next update?