Opera Developer 24: Pepper Flash is coming to Opera

Today we move the developer stream to 24.0.1534.0. We have several interesting changes for this version lined up, which we will announce over the coming weeks. To kickstart 24, our first big change is support for automatic loading of Pepper (PPAPI) Flash.

Introducing Pepper Flash

Pepper Flash allows for a more stable method of running Flash, since each plugin is sandboxed. Opera has been working with Adobe to provide a PPAPI-based Flash solution for Opera users. This effort is not yet complete. Further work will be needed from both Opera and Adobe before Pepper Flash will be available to all, out of the box.

Testing the Flash 14 Beta

If you would like to try the work in progress, head over to Adobe Labs Downloads and grab the appropriate Flash 14 Beta package. Currently, Pepper Flash is only available for Windows but the code is in place for this to work on Mac as well.

Private Mode

One small visual change you might notice on Windows is that the main window is darker when running Windows in private mode.


As always with a new release, we have updated our rendering Engine. Please make sure you give this careful testing on your favorite sites and let us know if you find any issues.

Known issues

You do not need to report any of the following:

  • Icon problems with Geolocation, Microphone and Camera on Mac
  • Version 24.0.1534.2 on Mac (the changelog remains identical)
  • Search suggestions are cropped on Windows
  • There is no indicator to show which search engine is selected on Windows


Full changelog

User comments


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