Today, we’ve released Opera 22 for Windows and Mac – a safe and highly compatible browser that gives you one of the best experiences of the web. Not only is Opera fast and powerful, it’s also beautiful. If you’re already running Opera, you will receive this update automatically.

A new web browser with a fresh look

We have gone through considerable effort to make Opera look slick and modern, while still blending in nicely with its surroundings. Since our browser was born in Norway, we decided to take Opera’s look a step further by selecting five new, inspiring themes that showcase the local scenery. They complement Opera and add a touch of Scandinavian style to your desktop. We hope you like them as much as we do!

You can switch between these new themes by selecting Opera Menu → Themes on Windows:

Or View → Show Themes on Mac:

For an even greater selection, drop by the themes section of the Opera add-ons site. You can also set any image you find online as a theme by right-clicking on it and selecting Use Image as Theme.

Silent, seamless updates

It’s very important to update your browser regularly, to keep you safe and secure when surfing the web. To help, Opera releases a new version every few weeks. While updating is necessary, we know how annoying it can be to have windows popping up asking for your password just to update your browser. This is especially true when you are immersed in your favorite website.

With Opera 22, we have introduced a new silent-update mechanism on Opera for Windows. This update will be the very last time you seen that irritating authentication dialog while surfing the net. From now on, you can browse away without distraction, and feel safe knowing Opera is always up to date and secure.

We have also introduced a technology to reduce the size of the updates, which means that updating Opera uses less bandwidth. If you are interested in the technical details of these installer changes, read our earlier developer blog post.

Key fixes and improvements

  • New Default themes
  • Silent updates on Windows (this will be the final release that displays the update dialog)
  • Smaller updates to conserve your bandwidth
  • Updated Chromium to 35.0.1916.114.

For the long list of changes refer to the Opera 22 Changelog.

Download Opera for Windows  /  Download Opera for Mac

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Ruarí, thanks for the info, and congrats on the Opera 22 release!
    How is this great, big thing, that’s coming? 🙂

    • I’m sure I don’t know what you are talking about :p

      • Azrael

        You know, the browser formerly known as Opera.

        • Tomáš Pavlík

          If you are not satisfied, switch to another browser. Simple as that.

          • Azrael

            Actually i’m still on Opera, it’s you the one that has switched to a Chrome clone.

          • Tomáš Pavlík

            Right 😉

      • Looks over there :right:

    • Tibi

      C’mon Opera, you can do more than that.

  • Willi

    Opera continues bravely in losing one good feature after the other. Where’s the only great theme gone, the one with sky, clouds and trees in comic-style? Bring it back please! I know, there is a similar theme accessible in the Add-on section ( https://addons.opera.com/de/themes/details/cloud9/ ), but it’s NOT exactly the same – it doesn’t look good in the speed dial any more. I’m really disappointed. Not everybody is interested in nature photography!

    • Hmm … I’ll see if I can get old themes uploaded to the add-ons site.

      • Willi

        That would be great, thanks! 🙂

        • Fhury

          The old one is there. Just browse to the last page of extra themes.

          • Willi

            I can’t find it, could you post a link, please? I suppose you did read my posting carefully and do *not* confuse the original old theme (or background picture, whatever, but they call them “themes” themselves) I was talking about with the slightly different “Cloud9”?

          • Fhury
          • Willi

            The old theme is available again under the same link I (and Fhury) posted above. Thank you very much for uploading, Ruari!

      • Ix

        Yes please! I have been searching for a way to restore the old default theme.

  • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

    Useless things = 3
    New/Old features = 0

    As always…

    • Raylan Givens

      At least Chromium 37 now comes in 64 bit version… Will Opera follow?

      The reason I use Opera over Chromium, you might not believe it, but it’s because of the Windows native design. Fully squared on Windows 8.1 and I really like its simplicity.

      Moreover, as it seems Opera has few developers and can’t keep up at the moment. I hope in the future they will hire more dudes.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        Maybe… or maybe not. Now can’t be sure what Opera can do, but it’s not my problem. It’s their problem.

        • Raylan Givens

          They simply cannot mention something they didn’t build… All the Core features Chrome gets with each new version, we get ’em too.

      • Azrael

        Actually DirectWrite implementation in Opera is an abysmal failure as experienced by a few posters right here in this comment thread.

        • Raylan Givens

          Well, it’s certainly better than before ( without DW, only GDI ). The trush is I noticed some fonts are anemic, not as good as on Firefox. If they have special settings for fonts in place, and not according to Windows default, they should reconsider. Firefox gets the default

    • Qazo

      Going on the new engine, they promised that “there will be more time to develop the browser instead of the race for the standards.” Well … no race for standards .. why does not develop? But the pictures are changes. Excellent!

  • Bryan Long

    I’m still on 15 :O gotta update so badly!!!

    • Cryio

      You poor thing. Yet you’re not missing that much.

  • Pesala

    After two failed to update messages, the third time I launched it Opera had finally updated to Opera 22.

    Where’s the HiDPI seting got? Now I am stuck with tiny fonts for menus and Bookmarks.

  • Inquisitor

    “A new web browser with a fresh look
    We have gone through considerable effort to make Opera look slick and
    modern, while still blending in nicely with it’s surroundings.”

    tsk, tsk,…

    “Its surroundings” (not it’s)


  • miaholte

    What about sync options for speed dial, stash etc? It’s driving me mad!!! Who cares about themes? Thats just cosmetics…

    • They are testing it (it is behind a flag right now)

      • miaholte

        Thank you! 🙂

        • Eroticus

          and it’s works great =) any way.

      • ynothere_ynotnow

        only speed dial, no stash, no bookmarks. wow. since 5 version heart nothing from sync.

  • Vux777

    now FB bug started to affect stable chanel too (previously in dev and NEXT)


    when user profile with cover photo is opened with middle mouse click in background tab from Bookmarks bar (must be a user profile, with cover photo, and wait until page is loaded, than switch to it)

    • Vux777

      bug ID: DNA-21447

      • BK


        • looks like it gets stuck in the (non right click open link in new tab) picture viewer

          • Vux777

            yea, it started to appear in pic viewer too, in latest build (in my case at least)
            I think it’s some sort of combination of auto scrollTo and padding of the bluebar.
            FB always scroll profile pages to the beginning of profile picture, and in that case, bluebar get’s starched.

  • Threepwood

    1. DPI still not fixed (tiny fonts)
    2. Gismeteo plugin isn’t working properly

    • Jason Coplen

      Google Chrome Canary has it right now while Chrome Beta doesn’t, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Opera will get that when Chrome gets it…i.e. Chromium covers DPI.

  • littledoremi

    Can’t seem to update it. I’m under a proxy. “Check for Updates” and manual installation using the network installation both failed.

  • Helmar Rudolph

    1. “it’s surroundings. ” -> its surroundings.
    2. I totally agree with Willi’s comment. Opera on Chromium is a far cry from the old Opera that millions loved. Sure, the rendering engine became dated, but to release something with the core features stripped wasn’t a smart move. Most of the features that made Opera great are gone now, and please name one reason why one should still be using it if not for sentimental reasons. Such a shame to see an awesome product become just as average as the competition has been since the beginning. Even “Dragonfly” works differently now, and is far less intuitive than on Opera 12.

    Helmar (Opera employee #6, and user since v2.12 – that’s TWO POINT TWELVE)

    • ruduh

      @Rafael Luik, your favorite reason: “and please name one reason why one should still be using it if not for sentimental reasons”. 😛

      • Rafael Luik

        I reported your comment.
        I won’t bother replying.

        • SQL

          So rude.

          • Rafael Luik

            Yeaaaaaaaaaa… I’m the one being rude, thanks.

          • burke

            Please stop being so passive aggressive to everyone who dares to see the current direction of our favourite browser with the slightest bit of scepticism.

          • Rafael Luik

            No, I’ll continue because I’m evil.

    • It’s not that features were stripped. Rather, we had to create the browser from scratch. And features like mouse gestures, Speed Dial, Turbo, etc. are still around in the new version.

      • Helmar Rudolph

        Hi Haavard, fair enough, but how wise is it to release the “written from scratch” browser without what made Opera great? Bookmark management, Access closed tabs. Notes. Sidebar. Feeds. Extensive settings management.

        Do you keep stats on who uses what feature to what extent? But then again, you guys know why you are doing what you are doing, and your success or failure will prove you right or wrong. It was just me throwing in my 2c. 🙂

        On the other hand, it’s nice to see that Opera is still around. 🙂

        • Adel Alrayani

          Not to mention the old lil opera IRC…

        • A lot of code base to clean up (plus help clean up http://operasoftware.github.io/upstreamtools/ they have been busy )

        • We released Opera 15+ without forcing an upgrade, so Opera 12 users can keep using that version. I use it myself.

          It was important to get Opera 15 out because it’s vastly more compatible which was the #1 problem keeping Opera from growing faster. We wanted new users to get proper compatibility, because we figured that would make more of them stick with us. And that is actually the case. Opera 15+ users are more active, and fewer are dropping off.

          What made Opera great is different from person to person. We had to prioritize what we thought was most important at the time. Signature Opera features Like Speed Dial, mouse gestures and Turbo are examples of features that were considered to be important.

          • Raylan Givens

            Well, it’s true… I did like the old Opera, but I have to admit lately was fully bloated with “hipsterish” features. Personally I don’t miss anything from the old Opera. The only thing I didn’t like at all when v. 15 came out, was the no-bookmarks bar.

          • Jonathan

            I don’t understand why the thumbnail tabs are gone. That was my absolute favorite feature. It was the one big thing that Opera had that no other browser had – and because of that it was the only reason I used and loved opera. But now it’s gone!

            I really don’t see the difference between Opera and Chrome now.

      • Azrael

        Oh come on, how dumb do you think we are? You haven’t had to do pretty much anything beyond taking a fully developed browser, tweak the aspect of the UI, make it worse by removing some basic features and adding something that could have just as easily been issued as addons.

      • Guest

        I can’t believe you guys just removed old themes without saying anything. Can you at least upload them here https://addons.opera.com/en/themes ?

      • Pesala

        This excuse is wearing thin. Mouse gestures are still around, but not all of them, and there is no way to customise them. The same for shortcuts.

        How hard can it be to implement a GUI method to edit a text file? That is basically all that Opera 12 did.

        Speed Dial and Turbo are good enough, but not being able to set the default search engine ?

        Two or three months should have been long enough to fix the shortcuts and gestures, and a year is clearly plenty of time to fix the Search engine issue.

        I have my own themes — no doubt other users have their’s too. Few things are less urgent than adding a few more themes or a menu for selecting them. What are the developers thinking?

        • Even if you disagree with priorities, it is still a fact that we had to create the browser from scratch. It is not accurate to say that features were stripped. Rather, features have not been implemented in the new version.

          • Pesala

            That you had to create the browser from scratch was never disputed, what is wearing thin is the excuse for why important features have not been implemented after such a long time.

            I test a product with just two developers and they have added more new features in six months that your team has in twelve — and development started on the new Opera long before Opera 15 was released.

            It took you just a month to add the Bookmarks Bar for Opera 16.

            A Linux version is still nowhere to be seen. There must be at least three developers working on that surely?

          • SQL

            Too much details, no comment coming.

          • Fhury

            @ Pesala I think you will not get an answer (just like SQL stated). And as no answers are coming from Opera you have to draw you own conclusions. Could very well be that only a couple of dedicated developers are working on Opera desktop as we can see from the result: bug fixing an a few reimplementations of old features.

          • aminiesta

            I really think that the development for desktop is the last place compare to the mobile version.

          • Fhury

            Think so too and I do not blame them for it as a big “new” market, but they could take there desktop users a bit more serious.

          • I’m not really discussing the implementation of features. I’m just pointing out that the reason features are missing isn’t that we specifically removed them but rather than we had to start from scratch with no features.

          • Vux777

            I’ve been repeating myself like a parrot, but one more try…
            There’s been a huge bug in dev channel related to iframes and css
            I reported it as DNA-21193
            it started with 23.0.1499.0 (Opera developer: now with unprefixed CSS transforms)
            I’m sure if someone from devs look at it, it will confirm it, and fix it (extension that I’m developing is completely broken)

          • bwat47

            Is there plans to allow setting a custom search engine as default for addressbar search? Doesn’t seem like that would be hard to implement, there’s already a search engine manager, but it has an arbitrary limitation of no default button next to user added engines.

          • Lurking_Grue

            I think that is actually the same thing and you are just being pedantic. The upshot is you released a browser that is lacking in features.

            Don’t worry though, the loud people are running off to Firefox.

    • Federico Costantini

      i use it because runs better than chrome, at least on my mac

    • zzpat

      What browser are you using?

      • Helmar Rudolph

        Opera 12 and Opera 22.

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    New theme with Penguins. Does it mean that you are close to release a version for Linux? 😛 By the way, congratulations for the release of O22.

    • Vux777

      those are seagulls (I think) 😛

      • Tomáš Pavlík

        Damn. I should first wake up before i write something. Thanks for noticing. 😀

  • Nick Rosenberg

    And that’s all you do? Sh*t.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Yes, it’s all what they do 🙂

      • Shion

        They do? Rly?

  • Azrael

    You keep using that word, themes. I don’t think it means what you think it means – it’s just a background picture for god’s sake.

    • Shion

      Wish they were calling clean paper a “paycheck”. You know, with that kind of logic.

  • I have to agree with everyone here. Bunch of useless features and the important ones still missing. What about sync, better stash or other features? After many years being faithful to Opera, I’m thinking about switch to another browser.

    • Shion

      Switch back to Opera. The 12 one. And this is the wrong place to ask for stuff. ChrOpera now follows the Chromium developement, so unles those guys accept and implent the features – ChrOpera will never get them either.

      • bwat47

        Chrome/chromium already has sync and a bookmarks manager, I don’t think chromium is the reason opera doesn’t have them yet…

        • Shion

          But chrome had problems with webm, and chropera 22 now has them too (BSOD). I wonder why they inherit only useless features from it.

          • bwat47

            That’s not a feature, its a bug. They both use chromium/blink as the rendering engine, so obviously they will share some of the same bugs.

          • Shion

            That’s not a feature? Oh reeeeeeally…

    • Tibi

      Stash for Romania, please!

  • SQL

    How are your pixels doing, Ruari?

  • Cryio

    And stable is a newer build than Next. Let’s keep parity, shall we?

    • I don’t think that’s necessary, as the different streams have different purposes. They won’t be far apart anyway.

  • ajithnair

    Chropera will never become half as good a browser as Presto-based Opera.

    • DD64

      If they continue like this, then you are right

      • Azrael

        Have you ever saw any indication that they will change their direction in the slightest?

      • Shion

        Who knows. Maybe at the version of 7628 they might get a bit closer to it.

  • Cryio

    Alright. That’s it. We’re a year in your Blink experiment.

    I’m not recommending Opera to anyone ever again.

    • Ra-Mon

      I never used to recommend, in the past 15 years, Opera to other browsers users. Now, i can recommend Opera to all IE/Firefox/Safari/Chrome user o/
      This new product is designed for them, not for me or faithful legacy Opera 12 users.

      • Cryio

        Good for you. Opera does NOTHING special for the normal consumer that IE, Chrome or Firefox already do.

        And at least I know IE, Chrome and Firefox have a a path set in mind, which they all follow. Opera seems to be all over the place.

        Personally I still have it and use when I lazy and I want to open a ton of tabs at once (its Speed Dial implementation is still the best). But for anyone else? Nope. Hell, even Maxthon would be more reliable and functional than Opera

      • Lurking_Grue

        Seriously, there is little to recommend the current Opera over Chrome for “Normal People”

    • Cryio

      48 likes and 6 months later and I haven’t recommended Opera to anyone.

      Coast on iOS doesn’t count.

  • Licaon_Kter

    Set custom browser as default?

  • petval

    Do you consider proper themes that modify also the browser window? For example in dark themes – dark borders, tabs, menus…

    • fanboy punisher

      They are talking about themes man, not background images what is what you want…

      yes, I know, it’s bizzare.


    are you realy so stupid?

    • Tomáš Pavlík

      This comment should be deleted.

  • pekikuubik

    Expose a ‘disable silent updates’ in the settings somewhere. I have no reason to trust the current Opera Software ASA to not sneak anything suspicious past UAC.

    • UAC is not the best (it is a performance hog when enabled), and many programs don’t have any UAC interaction (some were last changed before Vista), Opera is not the first to do silent updates, Google has done it for a few years now, Mozila has a bit also, and so do other programs

      • pekikuubik

        You could’ve just written “It’s okay because others do it!”

  • Wow, so now I have no opera stream to use, as they all have deleted the flag “Public suffix domain matching for auto-filling of passwords”. I guess there is no point in updating anyway as synchronisation of passwords is not implemented in other versions either. So I’m deleting opera_autoupdate.exe for the time being and waiting for a miracle / the domain matching to begin to work properly..

  • Kai Ockendorf

    At first I like to thank you for the new release 🙂 Adding new default themes is great on one side! But it would be better to get rid of this shining light from above on Speeddial & around the slider on Stash…even darker themes would look nice!! I mean..come on, nothing is really impossible for the guys at Opera 😉

    • the shining light has been added to make the navigation visible on all themes. Questionable is if we should the navigation there…

      • Kai Ockendorf

        Trust me…you should!!!! There are certainly other ways to make it better 😉

        • Shion

          Then you should show an example of one. Cuz these guys definetly can’t into making things better without a clear explanation. And even fail to do it with one.

          • Guest

            Sorry for the delay, but I think this is ugly enough 😉

          • Kai Ockendorf

            I had problems with my login, so the picture was posted by me!! And as you can see, there MUST be some work on it 😉

  • Stanislava Anastasova

    Does anyone know where I could find the older themes and in particular, the default theme from previous versions? Thanks.
    And one more question: is it a known bug that after installing updates and restarting Opera, the language is swiched to the default for my location?

  • Kurt Zon

    ok i, CONFESS – i play evony !!!!
    unfortunately with this update this is no longer possible using opera 🙁

    • Could you elaborate a bit on that? What is it that prevents you from using the new version to play Evony?

      • Kurt Zon

        well – evony loads but the map is a blank page with “Copyright ©2009-2012 Evony, LLC. All rights reserved.” showing at the top

        • Kurt Zon

          here is a screenshot

        • This seems to have been reported through the bug tracking system: DNA-21493

          Is this your bug report?

          • Kurt Zon

            thanks for your reply.
            i’m afraid the answer is “no” to both your questions.
            fyi this problem started with o22 and is also present in o23.

          • Since you were seeing the same problem on the login page, it was a bit easier to reproduce.

            However, if it’s working in 1522 that’s good.

          • Kurt Zon

            thanks opvard, i appreciate your time with this…

  • aiphed

    After installation wikipedia search worked fine in english, (w “Search term”) then after few hours in a sudden it changed to native language… What’s up with that? Why did that happen? I need it in english, since wikipedia in my native language is really poor.

    • What is your native language?

      • aiphed

        Hello. My native language is greek, (ελληνικά) but what does this have to do with the fact that it starts with english and after a few hours it changes to greek by itself? Also, there is no greek for Discover, are you going to do something about it? Thanks.

  • theomni

    Two major concerns. Can you disable the silent updates? Sometimes the newest version of something breaks a feature, so it is nice to wait until that gets fixed.

    And, much more broadly, where is Opera going? What’s the overall theme of the browser? When I think of Opera 12 and earlier I generally think customizable and feature rich. So what’s the defining aspects of this browser? Will it be customizable in the future, will you be adding in features? It’s been a year since this new Opera has come out and it’s still unusable for me without many of the features I use everyday, so I’m wondering what should I be expecting in the future?

    • Thomas Sawyer

      To disable the silent updates, just start the Task Scheduler using the command ‘taskschd.msc’ and disable the ‘Opera scheduled Autoupdate’ task from there.

  • Dainis Valdmanis

    Thanks for the update, although in my opinion highlighting of new them… emm… wallpapers as a important feature was totally unnecessary and does make you look like a lazybones . 🙂 No offence!

    On a serious note, do you have any plans regarding download management? It is really annoing if you have to save to the download folder all documents you are opening and not be able to open them directly.

  • Chris

    Who cares about Backgrounds? (Its not Themes, its only a Picture in the back)
    Give us a f***ing Bookmarkmanager or other important things.
    Who decides these senseless things?? I dont understand this policy.

  • Update.ed

    opera://downloads/ Was the way to clear a stuck download icon

    • Tho it is not auto clearing if there are no downloads in the downloads list

  • iG0Lka

    30″ monitor with a resolution of 2560×1600 font size in the interface looks awfully small!

    It can not normally use!

    From a distance of 1 meter (normal operating distance for a 30″ monitor) interface font Opera indistinguishable!

    How much will you have to ignore this problem?
    I am still forced to use version 19!

    Why Chrome, as well as a Opera v.19, font size in interface is normal size, and the latest versions of Opera, he miserable?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      When full hidpi support arrives then probably the problem will be gone.

      • Helder

        His monitor is not hidpi, it have almost the same pixel density as a 23 full HD monitor.

    • Billybob

      This has been a problem for several builds and instead of fixing it, they keep making the font even smaller. Somebody please give the developers at least one computer with Windows 8.1 to show them how stupid the tiny fonts are on the bookmarks bar and main menu. It’s like they are still working with Windows XP and an 800×600 monitor when they make these updates.

      • iG0Lka

        new 23 version, fixed font size on the menu!

        Name tab, the icon size on the bookmarks bar and the font size in the bookmarks bar, you can change the interface settings in windows if change the font size for the item “Windows Messages”

        • Billybob

          The problem with changing the messages font is then all other programs including Quicken and IE then become barely usable because then their fonts are way too big. It’s not a problem in Chrome so I don’t understand why it’s such a problem for Opera developers.

  • Licaon_Kter

    Set custom search as default?

    • Shion

      You have to accept: they won’t do it. The Chrome guys I mean. Opera doesn’t do sh*t this days. Try to adapt for the time being. Like teaching yourself to type “g ” before the serach term, or whatever your favorite search service shortcut is.

  • Dante

    That white gradient over the image on the speed dial is horrible. You guys should hire a decent designer because really, the amount of lazy on your team is amazing. Also, themes are not themes, they don’t modify that horrible blue bar on the top.

    When will we be able to put another search engine as default? It’s been 7 versions already. Why is that horrible Google bar on the speed dial? Where is a minimal sync function? Really, that new hipster lifestyle in SV has gone way over your head. No one cares about this browser anymore, Maxthon is way ahead of you guys. All this coming from a fan who used Opera for many years, but I’ve had to move to Chrome, who is overall superior. Shame.

    • Which white gradient are you referring to? The highlighting to make the controls more visible?

      • Dante

        That one. It;s amazingly ugly, please get rid of it. Please get rid of the search bar on the speed dial, also. Please allow us to put other engines as default. Please allow to disable Discover, it’s completely useless for most of us. Please introduce support for H264 so we can play videos without flash. Please allow us to disable the plus button on the speed dial.

        Really, it should be a given that you have some pro designers on your team, but I guess we’re out of luck. You guys should take a look and copy Maxthon, those guys don’t have your money and still work their asses for a decent browser.

        • I quite like the highlighting myself, but I’ll leave design up to the designers.

          • Nekomajin42

            Sooo much coding needed to make that gradient optional.

          • SQL

            No. Opera 100% knows that their users want. That’s why nothing has to be optional.

            They know we want – and need silent updates, they’re sure silent bookmark importing is the thing we want, we don’t need any options as we’re controlled by opera like russian government.

            But seriously just think about your stuff. It’s not up to the designers if you want to make something optional, just do it!

  • Opera Mail for Linux?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I wouldn’t expect anything new regarding Opera Mail. Not soon at least.

      • me too. Seems, OM will be stable till forever as published…:(

      • I was happy how it worked on Windows, I just want the same functionality in Linux.

        I don’t care what state, even if they compiled it right now.

      • Bohrquadrat

        I wouldn’t expect anything on linux, tbh.

    • Azrael

      It’s there, called Opera 12.

      • Yeah, try saying that to my one 2.2 Ghz core 1GB RAM (with the integrated graphics card gobbling up 250 MB of it, so actually 750 MB) HP 6 year old formerly Vista notebook.

        I had to install Lubuntu to get at least some functionality out of it.

        • Azrael

          Then something is seriously off with your hardware because on my Athlon XP 2.0+ (Thunderbird core, so not even Barton) – with 512MB RAM and an NF4 MX videocard with a measly 32 MB of video memory – desktop running in dual boot XP SP3 and PCLOS i have absolutely no problem whatsoever.

          • Hm. Probably some kind of Vista disease.

            My laptop likes very much to run at 60% RAM (since 32 bit, 80% causes an unusable OS), and 80% to 100% CPU while browsing HTML sites. But also I never quite look at my email without anything running in the background, and when I have FF and TB together, I can’t really do anything more there.

          • Azrael

            Check how many processes you have open, something is very wrong in your setup – in mine it never goes above 40% RAM and only goes to 95% CPU when loading flash heavy sites like YT.

          • I didn’t mean that it ALWAYS has 80% to 100% CPU, only while I browse web pages.

            Don’t worry, my processes are fine, I always have a System Monitor in the background 🙂

    • For now, Opera 12 is the latest version for Linux. Opera 12 has an e-mail client built in, so I don’t think it will be available in the near future.

      If you are having performance problems with Opera 12 when using it just as an e-mail client I doubt that this is going to be easily fixable with the standalone mail client.

      • What? I don’t know about you, but Opera Mail uses much less RAM than the standard Opera, so of course it would be better if it would be standalone.

        But I will try that though, maybe when I’ll find out how to disable SD and things like that are useless in a mail client I’ll find out whether the performance is comparable…


  • Nikos Tsiligaridis

    I like how at Opera they call menial things like backgrounds and silent updates “features” and they reserve a whole major version number for them (22). This is what Opera has become. Ridiculous. Don’t forget to add an option so we can change the color of the “O” letter in the menu button, call it version 23 and make a major announcement on opera.com. Also send a copy to all major magazines for reviews and testing.

  • Scribe_uk

    Sorry, but it’s just tinkering round the edges, and the ‘smaller update’ was still 28 Megs – there needs to be an option to update manually.

    I need to see proper bookmarks, a zoom slider or buttons, the bookmarks bar items are too widely spaced for smaller screens, highly customizable mouse gestures would be good too… I could go on, but many of the other posts sum up my thoughts!

    • blackcoder

      You will probably have the silent and smaller updates from now on. You first needed the version with the stuff for it.

      • Scribe_uk

        Thanks, yes good point – we shall see!

        Just thought of a couple of other things to add to my wish list – A built in ad blocker, and screenshot tool – I know there are extensions which do a good job, but it would be nice if it was all there ‘out of the box.’

  • Nekomajin42

    OK, still no answer, so here it is again:
    Will you make the automatic update optional in the future? If yes, when, if not, why not?

  • Olli

    So Opera is not working on OS X Yosemite DP 1, not Opera 22 and not 23 Developer. Do you guys think you can fix this soon? You can start up Opera and do anything you want until you want to scroll ANY page, the page immediately crashes. Also settings immediately crash on opening.

  • Felipe

    What happened to the default theme?

    • Sidney Moraes

      There are new themes 🙂

      • Felipe

        But how do I proceed with this? Not found in section of the Opera..

        • Sidney Moraes

          I think it is impossible now. Sorry

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      They are deleted… forever.

      • Felipe

        Really? It was the best theme.. Opera increasingly disappointing.. :@

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Felipe, here you go: the Made to discover theme.

      • Felipe

        Thanks.. ^^

  • Emanuele

    We have gone through considerable effort to make Opera look slick and modern

    To be honest, it doesn’t look slik (waste of space, giants margins and paddings, etc), nor modern


    • Shion

      I want the status bar back. Those 24 pixels in height are much more usefull than this “modern look” they left.

      • SLR

        How I miss the status bar, the zoom bar and the show image toggles… :'(

  • Vladimir

    Developers, that you do not listen to requests from users?! Members from the outset exit Opera 15 asked you to turn off a lot of unnecessary cumbersome and Searches stitch AND BUTTONS (piggy bank, recommended) – shown in the screenshot! Make finally allow users to enable or disable them.
    Most people are accustomed to from Ukraine Google search engine, Not Yandex!
    With most versions of Opera 15 browser is very poor Ukrainian translation! Hire a translator and do not disgrace!

    • AlexBrtn

      alt+P ↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, B, A, Start

      • Shion

        Ever since this ridiculous thing got implented, I was wondering, if there is a spyware software in Opera now. The one that tracks the key input in browser. Cuz it makes sense if you think about it.

    • L33t4opera

      Opera does not want set at WinXP SP2. A codec.dll

      Hi Vladimir, do you mean “launcher.exe – Unable to Locate Component This application has failed to start because WindowsCodec.dll was not found” ?
      If that is the case, then try this solution.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Translation is done occasionally, on Next stages, when a bunch of issues is ready. If you are seeing translation errors, you can report them using the Bug Report Wizard. I’ve done that a number of times with Russian localisation. It is very good now.

      • Інна Володимирівна

        Я знайшла помилку в перекладі. В Opera слово ‘Download’ переклали як ‘Звантажити’, а повинно бути ‘Завантажити’!

    • Leonardo Gomes
    • Guest

      Windows XP is over a decade old, isn’t even supported by microsoft anymore, and you aren’t even running the newest service pack.

  • viqw

    continues with high CPU usage in flash sites like youtube. Here it uses 40% CPU with one tab with one 360p video

    • Stanislava Anastasova

      I can confirm. Do you have problems with overheating?
      I’ve noticed that watching videos on youtube brings the CPU to overheating while the same has no consequences on the older Opera. Can someone explain that?

      • viqw

        Overheating? Yes! And battery drains fast.

        • Stanislava Anastasova

          I disabled “hardware acceleration when available”. It seems to mitigate the problem, but doesn’t solve it completely.

  • AlexBrtn

    When do you plan to introduce import bookmarks? I would gladly have already switched to Opera. And what is significant, you work now?

    • Import from where? You can already import your old Opera 12 bookmarks. And you can import and sync easily the bookmarks you have in FF or Chrome with the Xmarks extension.

      • AlexBrtn

        From Dragon/Chrome. html bookmarks. How to install xmarks in Opera? in the extensions, opera no xmarks

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There are some flags regarding import settings from other browsers on Opera 23 so i think they are working on it.

  • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski


    OMG! I posted somewhere on Polish site, that Chrome will soon be avaiable in 64-bit version and now they released a 64-bit beta/dev version.

    Case? I think not 😛

    • SQL

      Soo, Will Opera support 64 bit versions in the future too?

      • Vux777

        probably… Google is now offering default download for Canary as x64.

        • ruduh

          Opera will also offer in the distant future the 64-bit Vulture version? ;-P

    • escruting

      So, now they can “develop from scratch” a 64-bit version of Opera Browser, nice.

      • Emanuele

        LOL … you made my day XD

  • Joabe da Silva Arruda

    where is the rss reader? :/

  • Stanislav Stratil

    Great… I have only updated opera (just from curiosity), and I got this… I know I can just restart my computer, but this really pisses me off and its one of the reasons for me to not to use opera anymore… Actualy, you must go a looong way to convince me about using your browser… Im now totaly happy with firefox now, i have there everything what i need from old opera, and even more…

    So, bye and good luck. Maybe you will have good browser someday (and i wish you that), but your user-base will be going slowly down… and you should know that…

  • dizzykei

    Is there a chance to have a “copy without formatting” option in new versions?

    I create a topic on forums (https://forums.opera.com/discussion/1835958/copy-without-formatting) and got sort of solution, but it doesn’t satisfy me. Native solutions will be much better, than chrome extensions.

    • ayespy

      I’m still hoping such a thing comes along. In the meantime, there’s the Auto Copy extension, which copies anything you highlight, unformatted, as soon as you release the mouse key on highlighting.

      Its one GREAT weakness is that if you then highlight something ELSE, in order to replace it with what you just copied, it copies THAT, replacing your clipboard contents. Otherwise, works a charm.

  • marinespl

    It’s useless.

    • Rafael Luik

      Yes your comment really is.

      • marinespl

        You mean it’s obvious now that Opera is useless?

        • Rafael Luik

          No, I mean your comment is a bag of meaningless utter shit.

          • marinespl


  • Gabriel Cardenas

    nobody cares and my problem is not recent, lose Latino users having problems sites like http://www.mediotiempo.com/, loading the videos


    World without work well as importanes sites for Latinos

    **NOTE: In Google Chrome, FF, IE… ok

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It seems that the site uses a codec not supported by Opera.

      Opera has started adding supporte for h264 and mp3 so it may be possible that the site can work in the future.

    • GRR DISQUS bug lost 100% of the comment I was typing (it deleted it, when I did not ask Opera at all to do a go forward in time (which went to speeddial)) then it took me a while to get back to this comment box to find it lost it all

      SO here is what I can remember:

      tho tried the link video in a private window and got “This video isn’t encoded for your device”

      Some browser sniffing for IE 5 & Netscape 6 (in the source code (also lots of vendor prefixing wasting space & increasing page size), the ad is a .webm (which the site thinks Opera does not support which is false) , the main video is in a flash player (check https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ to see if your flash Player is current) the main video player is broken

      In dev tools under the error console

      “Uncaught SecurityError: Failed to read the ‘localStorage’ property from ‘Window’: Access is denied for this document.”
      “XMLHttpRequest cannot load http://a.collective-media.net/pfadx/cm.mitv/video_ron_ctp;sz=1×1;ord=1185188545;dcmt=text/xml;cmu=. A wildcard ‘*’ cannot be used in the ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header when the credentials flag is true. Origin ‘http://www.mediotiempo.com’ is therefore not allowed access.”

      Ruarí Ødegaard opvard Can you check to see if other video players on other sites break the in with similar code?, based on the error it thinks Opera is a mobile phone or tablet

      Might be a site that can be fixed with a browserJS patch

      bjsversion = ” Opera OPRDesktop 15.0 core 1387.77, May 30, 2014.” ” Active patches: 17 is what I have for a BrowserJS

      Also using the @ name is severely broken in Disqus (it is 99% breaking after a cut from a private window and then paste to a normal like this one) after that it seems to delete text and then Redo and undo are completely broken

  • cgebhard

    The printing of pages is a complete mess. Pictures and general page layout is fine but text is…I don’t know how to describe it (see screenshot)

    – This happens on this release and happened on the last Next Build.
    – Developer 23, Firefox and other software I tried so far work fine, so I don’t think it’s a problem of the printer/driver
    – the extensions used on all opera builds are the same.
    – problem occurs when printing on paper as well as printing to pdf.

    Win 8.1 x64

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Omg… Confirmed. Not every day one can see a picture like that. 8- Reminded me how I was coding some vector output to PostScript, had an insane bug in calculation of coordinates, and didn’t want anyone to see what had emerged from the printer. 🙂

    • Carson Coyote

      Yep, happens for me, too.

      Win 7 SP1 x64

    • cgebhard

      Problem solved: It is linked to the DirectWrite-flag. Once I deactivated that, printing works like a charm.

      • bwat47

        Yeah I’ve found chromium’s directwrite support is still quite buggy.

  • Patriĉk Bateman

    Problem with gestures is still there

  • Tommy

    Adblock Plus doesn’t work anymore, great new feature!

    • Tommy

      It’s working after turning the extension off and on again. So easy…

  • Shion

    I fail horribly to see the difference between 15th and 22nd Opera besites the protocol name in the adress bar. Was it meant to be that way? To look like you only waste time.

    Request for the option: If you are too incompetent to fix the focus-steal by a download popup, MAKE A DAMN OPTION TO TURN THE POPUP OFF COMPLETLY! Why is it so damn hard to use your brain a little?

  • Alex Parker

    WE NEED right mouse context menu in stash. I DON’T HAVE middle mouse button on my laptop, and I CAN’T OPEN PAGES IN TABS from stash!

    If you want us to use god damned stash, AT LEAST let us open tabs from it!

    • Vux777

      ctrl+left click on speed dial thumb will open page in BG tab
      same for stash

  • Alright I’m kinda mad right now because I liked my surfer theme. Why the heck would you removed the old themes and how can I get them back?

    • L33t4opera

      I liked my surfer theme.

      Do you mean the “Sand” theme?

  • Guest

    Just ran into this weird problem. It worked fine in Firefox (as shown), as well as Opera Next and Opera Dev.
    Windows 7 SP1 x64

    • escruting

      This is caused by DirectWrite, this bug started appearing with an made update last week.

  • icetom

    So basically the only thing new is the cromium update?

    You seriously write that big passage just about the backgrounds you implemented (which should take about 5 minutes for 1 person)?

  • Herr Pietrus

    There is currently one huge problem with old users’ whining. New Opera isn’t perfect, isn’t even as good as old one. It is also devoid of many useful features. But it still brings us some build in tools provided in other browsers by extensions and actually isn’t worse than Chrome.or Firefox. New Opera is no longer better. It’s a shame, indeed, but I don’t see any good reason to start using Chrome while it won’t offer me anything more…

  • WCM

    half way through the 22.0 dev cycle, it seems Opera hit a BRICK WALL when it comes to printing ANYTHING. i use Opera 21, latest rev, and it has the best printer in the bsns, bar none. I tried Opera 22.0.1471.40 and it was an absolute catastrophy when it came to printing ANYTHING .. complete gobble-dy-gook .. i will forward output if you want. CONSEQUENTLY, i do not believe this latest release will be any better since i do not notice anything re printing in the change log. I also notified Opera about this at least 1 month ago .. nothing seems to have been done. this is in keeping with the old Opera 12.17 which also has a lousy barely-working printing subsystem, for at least 15 years .. so it seems they have returned to their roots, and are probably quite proud .. they now have the best browser in the business WHEN IT COMES TO NOT BEING ABLE TO PRINT ANYTHING WHATSOEVER. i use Wdoz 7, 64-bit

  • zakius

    oh well, my comment from latest dev blog post fits here perfrctly

    who cares about missing mouse gestures, newsfeed and mail client when you can INSTALL THEMES

  • Łukasz Darzki

    I see that silent updates were forced without users consent. So, dear Opera, lets look back to June 2013. Do you remember what happened that month? No? Let me help you with that.


    It happened once, and it can happen again and I don’t want my background image (called themes here) to be changed to viagra pills advert.

    • That is something different and can happen to any company, the digital signature is one way of checking the file for verification, via asking a server, and the digital signature can be revoke if needed (which is what happened)

      A lot of software has been going to silent updates (which has improved security (and most of the time) stability), most end users don’t know what software updates are or do

      • Łukasz Darzki

        Yes, you are right about silent updates and security/stability, etc. Probably most of the users do not want to be interrupted by frequent browser update. But even in IE, worst of the worst (in the past, in my opinion) you can choose to disable updates; to install them manually. And that is not even that important – ~1,5% of internet users did not knowingly installed Opera just to have a Chrome clone, where browser thinks what is best for you and you can’t change it. Is is simple – just give an option.

        • Only recent versions of IE have gotten an auto update option, others you had to set it for the Windows/Microsoft update

          Opera has a few things Chrome does not have, and Chrome has gotten a lot of fixes from the fixes Opera has submitted to Blink

          Not all updates are delta (what has changed) update

  • ruaman

    As Google has just released 64 bit version of Chrome can we expect Opera to release a 64 version soon?

    • Not a stable but a 64bit Chromium (same base as Opera both can Blink) build

  • Justas Gervinskas

    Anyone experiencing problems with soundcloud?
    Can’t play any track, chrome works well though.
    Using Mac

    • Do you have click to play plug ins on? Click to play breaks some sites (I think the plug in calls are not the normal or something similar). If you have click to play plug ins on, try adding soundcloud to the exceptions list for click to play plug in

  • Federico Costantini

    there is a bug on the mac version. when i click the fullscreen button every menu disappear, and even tabs disappear

    • Azrael

      That’s how it’s supposed to work in Chrome, so it most likely is how it will work in Chropera.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      That’s how full screen is supposed to work.

    • The menu is still there move the mouse to the top of the screen (it is the same with other apps in full screen)

  • Fałek

    f**k themes! MAKE OPERA!

  • Wraith

    Wow Everything sound really pretty, but Opera sadly lacks of two basic function, A good bookmark manager (bookmark bar is horrible) and Full Sync, you can say everything you want about themes and other stuff but without sync and a bookmark manager each version of Opera feels still incomplete.

  • Ricardo

    Hi guys! I hope this doesn’t come as trollish but now that aura is fully functional on linux, do you plan to use it for the linux version of opera? BTW, how is that version coming along?

    • I think they will have something along those lines in the next few weeks

      • bgh251f2

        Not to be mean, but where is the source on that? Or is it jus a feeling?

        Altough I don’t plan to use Chropera very much because of the lack of java on the future, I’ve already migrated to Firefox, and only use Maxthon for youtube so…

        • Yep, the Opera Dev builds flags (that list which OS they work on)

          • bgh251f2

            They are not a source to say we will have something in a few weeks, it is a source for the fact they are working on it. As far as I know they can keep the flags for months or years without anything new.

          • It is a good source, it shows that it os getting closer to a public testing

            By a few weeks I mean it could be in the next week or two or maybe more

          • bgh251f2

            When on the last year there was on the changelog the reference to a linux exclusive library I thought it was close, now I will not put any hope on Opera until they deliver a build.

            They are talking that it is being done for more than a year and nothing, hoping that they will deliver soon will only make me sad, even more as the linux version will not have support for several plugins, so I will not even be able to use it anyway.

            I already decided that I will wait until Opera make the next big rebuild of their system, and see if then they don’t abandon Linux, because I am tired of companies making a good software and then abandoning the support on my system out of nowhere, like Adobe, Google and Opera are doing.

          • Flags mentioning Linux are recent, there is a lot of testing to do, many differ Linux OSes and different desktop environments (like Gnome)

          • bgh251f2

            Which as a Linux user I can’t even see, and as They haven’t said anything about it(only that “it is not vapourware” or “it will be done when it is done” and “we are working on it” or even “It will come”). It is not evidence as it is only wishful thinking and gut feeling.

            They are saying it is coming for more than a year and until now that is the official info. Anything else is speculation. We have people saying it was coming soon since version 15(including people pointing the changelog that mentioned linux as “evidence”), so I will only believe when they really launch, and even than I won’t use it because, you know, Java.

          • “there is a lot of testing to do, many differ Linux OSes and different desktop environments” There is a lot to do and they also have to get Blink to run well on the different Linuxs, which involves a lot of testing and bug fixing

            I was not even pointing to a changelog but to parts of Opera itself

          • bgh251f2

            Still not evidence for a Linux version on the next few weeks…

          • It is that they are working on a build/s

          • bgh251f2

            Still not evidence for a Linux version on the next few weeks…

  • Catalin MT

    Hey Opera Team. Please stop ignoring people’s needs and get the damn Opera Link back! It’s been too long now…realy..is that hard to work something out about it and bring back the darn thing??? I’ll start using Opera again when Link is back! Untill then.,..ya’ll have fun with themes and other useless stuff! Nuff said!

    • It is behind a flag for a bit now, they have it in testing

  • This thing says I’m banned, I’m not banned, I DELETED this account, who do I contact.

    I tought deleting an account would be simpler than creating one.

  • Emanuele

    Just thinking… I find really funny how many comments there are here about the miss of the previous “theme” … a damn, f***ing wallpaper showed only as background in Opera internal pages …

    well… I suppose this is what happens when one tries to target the “average facebook user” … ಠ_ಠ

    • Nekomajin42

      I am not an average fb user, but I would be pissed if an update would chang my background image. If they don’t want more than five preinstalled images, fine. But implementing an algorithm to check whether a preinstalled image is set by the user would be a few minutes. It’s not really about the bg images but the way they treat the users. What will be the next move? They mess with the search engines? Or unistall certain extensions? Anything the users set to themselves is off limits to the developers.

      • Emanuele

        Yes Nekomajin I’m aware of your point and you’re right … but when I read lot of comments about something like “I want the previous image” … well … I can’t stop laughtin XD

        • Nekomajin42

          I don’t think it would be such a huge problem if it would be the only weird decision the devs have made.

  • Tibi

    Would it be possible to only show my bookmark bar when I open a new tab?

  • IEuser

    [0604/004716:INFO:net_installer.cc(174)] Opera NetInstaller startup – version 22.0.1471.49 Stable
    [0604/004716:INFO:net_installer.cc(179)] Command line: “C:UsersIEUser.xx-99DownloadsOpera_NI_stable.exe”
    [0604/004716:INFO:payload_reader.cc(29)] Reading Payload
    [0604/004716:INFO:progress_dialog.cc(42)] Displaying progress dialog
    [0604/004716:INFO:win32_dialog_dispatcher.cc(25)] Switching to hwnd 002306A6
    [0604/004716:INFO:net_installer.cc(226)] Preparing to fetch the download URL
    [0604/004716:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(112)] Preparing to download to a string
    [0604/004716:INFO:net_installer.cc(243)] Fetching the download URL
    [0604/004716:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(165)] Starting download from https://autoupdate.geo.opera.com/netinstaller/Stable
    [0604/004725:INFO:win32_dialog_dispatcher.cc(30)] Switching away from hwnd 002306A6
    [0604/004730:INFO:win32_dialog_dispatcher.cc(25)] Switching to hwnd 002306A6
    [0604/004735:INFO:win32_dialog_dispatcher.cc(30)] Switching away from hwnd 002306A6
    [0604/004754:INFO:win32_dialog_dispatcher.cc(25)] Switching to hwnd 002306A6
    [0604/004808:INFO:win32_dialog_dispatcher.cc(30)] Switching away from hwnd 002306A6
    [0604/004810:INFO:win32_dialog_dispatcher.cc(25)] Switching to hwnd 002306A6
    [0604/004815:INFO:win32_dialog_dispatcher.cc(30)] Switching away from hwnd 002306A6
    [0604/004821:WARNING:wininet_downloader.cc(266)] Request completed with an error indicating connectivity issues: 12002
    [0604/004821:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(416)] Retrying 0 of 600
    [0604/004827:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(431)] Attempting download resume
    [0604/004930:WARNING:wininet_downloader.cc(266)] Request completed with an error indicating connectivity issues: 12002
    [0604/004930:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(416)] Retrying 1 of 600
    [0604/004936:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(431)] Attempting download resume
    [0604/005008:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(287)] Initial request completion
    [0604/005008:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(463)] Download completed
    [0604/005008:INFO:net_installer.cc(288)] Preparing to fetch the installer
    Preparing to download to C:UsersIEUser~1.XX-AppDataLocalTempOpera
    Starting download from
    [0604/005009:WARNING:wininet_downloader.cc(266)] Request completed with an error indicating connectivity issues: 12007
    [0604/005009:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(416)] Retrying 0 of 600
    [0604/005015:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(431)] Attempting download resume
    [0604/005015:WARNING:wininet_downloader.cc(266)] Request completed with an error indicating connectivity issues: 12007
    [0604/005015:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(416)] Retrying 1 of 600
    [0604/005021:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(431)] Attempting download resume
    [0604/005021:WARNING:wininet_downloader.cc(266)] Request completed with an error indicating connectivity issues: 12007
    [0604/005021:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(416)] Retrying 2 of 600
    [0604/005027:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(431)] Attempting download resume
    [0604/005027:WARNING:wininet_downloader.cc(266)] Request completed with an error indicating connectivity issues: 12007
    [0604/005027:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(416)] Retrying 3 of 600
    [0604/005033:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(431)] Attempting download resume
    [0604/005034:WARNING:wininet_downloader.cc(266)] Request completed with an error indicating connectivity issues: 12007
    [0604/005034:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(416)] Retrying 4 of 600
    [0604/005040:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(431)] Attempting download resume
    [0604/005040:WARNING:wininet_downloader.cc(266)] Request completed with an error indicating connectivity issues: 12007
    [0604/005040:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(416)] Retrying 5 of 600
    [0604/005046:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(431)] Attempting download resume
    [0604/005046:WARNING:wininet_downloader.cc(266)] Request completed with an error indicating connectivity issues: 12007
    [0604/005046:INFO:wininet_downloader.cc(416)] Retrying 6 of 600

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What does it suppose to mean?

      • Azrael

        a failed update log.

    • Might be firewall issues or a network connection issue

  • Helder

    In one month, Opera Blink will have 1 year. By now, cant see much of a difference between Opera 15 and Opera 22.

    • A. R.

      I agree. The new Opera is a huge disappointment release after release.

  • Opera 22 seems to use less memory

    opera://flags/#enable-websocket-experimental-implementation seems to be working

    • Leonardo Gomes

      How to test it?

      • Well I have about the same amount of tabs open as with 21 (they have been open)

        On Windows you can use teh Task Manager, and on OS X you can use Activity Monitor (there are others too)

        And you can try it with different sites (some have plug in content, others have animated images, others have lots of content that refreshes), thats part of what makes web browser testing and debugging hard, Devs can’t vist every site in the world, they do get some to try from user feedback (a lot of the end users are also developers themselves and do a little debugging and send feedback, which is the same with about any other software or hardware)

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Sorry, i should have mentioned that i was referring to the websocket thing.

        • Vux777

          just a little note
          tabs accumulate mem. usage with time, and with reloading
          this simple page on first load use 35 MB, after 10 times clicking reload, mem. usage is 56 MB

  • Alex Parker

    Of all your “improvements and fixes” the only important one that I see is updated Chromium. But then I could just use Chrome. 🙂

    • Tho they have the same Blink, but different features

      Opera has submitted a lot of patches to Chromium & some to Webkit too (Chromium is a fork of Webkit), and the patches will show up in OS X, iOS, Android and some other places

    • Chromium upgrades contain “core” fixes, and don’t necessarily affect the user interface.

  • Sardorbek Pulatov

    I want to make DuckduckGo my default search engine, how could I do that?

  • Nicolás

    After the update, the font rendering of the browser is ugly. Now all the webs I visit have blurry fonts. Is it normal?

    • It is probably a good idea to mention which operating system you are using.

      • Nicolás

        Yeah, you’re right. I’m on Windows 8.1 update 1.

        Before the update to 22 the font rendering was good, similar to Firefox’s. Now is more similar to Chrome, and it is annoying.

        • I would expect it to be close to Chrome since both Opera and Chrome are based on Chromium 🙂

          Do you have a comparison screenshot?

  • zeke

    Hello everyone,

    While checking for updates manually, this happened.

    Version: 22.0.1471.50 – An error occurred while checking for updates Update stream:Stable System: Mac OS X 10.6.8 32-bit

    thanks for a great browser and all the best,

    • You can try a page refresh, you can also try restarting Opera and then try the check for updates 22.0.1471.50

      • zeke

        i tried that but it did not work
        had to re-install.
        now it works fine
        thanks, chas4

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  • Zapruder

    there aren’t themes. it’s called wallpaper. Please do a real new theme. It’s seems to using chrome.

  • zeke

    a question: if the update does not work (see below) on mac will i have do erase the version im using now 22.0.1471.50 and then install the new one????

    thats very irritating. it happened with next. dropped down to stable for that reason. and now it happens with stable!!! 🙁

    irritating but worth it. Opera is an excellent browser.

    • Opera Next is a beta version, and Opera Developer is a alpha (both test versions), where the other channel is the stable

      You can also manually downlaod an update if update checker does not work

      • zeke

        thanks chas4,

        re-installed Opera stable. it is working now.


  • Herr Pietrus

    We know that changing SpeedDial backgrounds has long tradition, but I repeat: we want our old backgrounds at least uploaded on the themes website 🙂

  • titilambert

    Hello !
    I have read all comments … and I just don’t understand the lack of communication of Opera about the project… (mid-term roadmap, linux, …)
    So, I will just ask “why you don’t make more communication about the project ?”. I don’t ask what is the roadmap, but I just want to UNDERSTAND your silent about it ?

    BTW: Maybe we (the community) should launch a kickstarter to REcreate an opera 12 multiplatform, opensource and featurefull ?

  • nanana1

    New Opera 23 Developer build 1522 is just made available for our download and testing !


  • ConvergenceCos

    Purchased a new computer XP Pro to Windows 8.1 – what a shock. V12 to vSomething before today’s update. Now in W8.1 right clicking on the task bar to open a new Private Window no longer works. So disheartened by losing all the functionality of v12 that I downloaded it to the new computer, sync’d everything from the XP machine and am setting up my bookmarks toolbar again.

    PLEASE bring back the functionality of v12 – including, but not limited to: Real Bookmarks, the little “password key”, ability to easily handle search engine selections…

  • Юрій Василевський

    no opera mini for n9 … ‘((

  • Olav

    hi opera, plan you in the future sync for bookmarks? when no, say it now. then i can change to another browser with full sync and don’t waste my time.

    • ayespy

      They have said they are working on FULL sync.

  • mike_s123

    Fail. They’re wasting time on non-functional appearance. Where’s the missing MDI interface?

  • Vux777

    Sometime I can’t stash page. Heart just go gray instantly on click, and page is not saved to stash.
    I think it’s regression. Started with this build
    example page
    I have other stackOverflow pages in stash, saved from this and previous build

  • Editing format (underline bold etc) does not seem to work right with Outlook, anyone else see that when writing or replying to an email?

  • Click to play plug in is is broken on http://instagram.com

    And on Vine https://vine.co/

    A few other sites also

  • Before was:

    Half-Life 3 confirmed!

    Now, is:

    Opera Blink for GNU/Linux confirmed!

  • eXzentrik

    Because of DNA-21681, DNA-21682, DNA-21684 and other things such as the absent possibility to customize the GUI and tab behaviour, to automatically delete selected local data on exit, to deactivate automatic updates, to open pop-ups as tabs and to set a custom search engine as the default search engine, I have to switch back to Firefox 30 next week. Since australis, Firefox is no more a creditable browser for itself, but it’s the lesser of two evils compared with Opera.

    As soon as the mentioned bugs are fixed and the features (or at least some of them) are on board, I will give Opera another try.

  • Shion

    BSOD BAD_POOL_HEADER (tcpip.sys) when trying to see a webm video. But yeah, new background images! WOOHOO!

    • Dmitry Kirin

      More likely, it has something to do with your network interface card or WiFi drivers. Check whether you have them up-to-date.

      • Shion

        I know it is a common practice for developers and their supporters to think that everyone else are retarded. But in this particular case it is more likely to be an inability to play some WEBM videos, that was inheritet from Chromium. If such video is left open for some time, BSOD happens.
        The funny thing, this bug was found about 2 weeks before the Opera update and still was inherited by Opera. Kinda makes you think if Opera developers are actually developers.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          A common practice is to try and identify the most probable cause of the problem. BSOD is shown when a kernel-level problem occurs. So almost everytime it happens, the solution is to check the hardware and drivers, not forgetting antiviral software. If the problem is indeed in one’s NIC, videocard, or RAM modules, or Avast, which has been known of, it won’t be surprising Chromium does not fix it. Anyway, could you provide a url for us to test and how to reproduce the problem?

          • Shion

            I see you still think I’m retarded. Well, иди в жопу! Anyway: http://cutsberry.com/albums/20140505090804-8424222759/1urr9ssKSv.webm – open this. Keep it there for some time. See BSOD. Or not. As I won’t wait to check if this “browser” is able to screw up my PC anymore. But the point is that Opera unable to play that kind of videos anymore (blank rectangle, no response, no video) and it was an inherited bug from Chromium that wasn’t there before.

  • Alex Parker

    Opera 22 Stable occasionally crashses when I save pages as “Webpage, Complete”. Noticed on Ebay, saving by pressing CTRL+S. Doesn’t crash all the time, about once every 5-10 page saves.

  • Vux777

    Upon every start Opera is “blinking” (black screen couple of times). This wasn’t happening before in previous builds.
    And none-custom thumbnails are fetched every time on startup. Opera doesn’t saves them. I’m moving my thumbnails.db file from one installation to another/new, maybe something got corrupted.

    • Vux777

      and one more thing that is affecting opera since…ever?!
      when editing bookmark title from BB, after that, mouse cursor outside input area is still caret. Only after clicking somewhere, it changes to normal pointer

  • Izer0

    Uf, how can I disable the stupid blue rectangle on link on right click??? Why there is no settings to disable this stupid thing? And why are you not working on bookmark manager instead of doing this … things??? Second question – how to disable second new stupid thing in Opera 22 – showing “This page is blocked by extension” ??? Revert back to 21 🙁

    • Izer0

      Heh … and some note – you guys “working” on an “backgrounds” for new tabs like we all looking lots of our time to new tab instead of websites 🙁 Opera guys is like children with crayons 8-(

  • AlexBrtn

    at me Opera to a poumolchaniye isn’t established by the browser. It isn’t present even in the list, a choice of programs to a poumolchaniye.

  • i have updated my opera theme it was awesome and transparent.thank you for giving info.NICE POST.


  • Bug in the updater on Windows 8.1, after it asks if you want to install the update (after the update trigger by opera:about), it does not close Opera before starting the update

  • Sidney Moraes

    Thanks for the improvments 🙂

  • ayespy

    Two recurring UI issues:

    GoogleMaps periodically just goes black. Controls, etc. will be there, but no map image

    Speed dial sometimes opens with no dials – just the background image. If I refresh, the dials reappear.

    Win 8.1 X64

    • Izer0

      Try to enable DirectX in opera://flags instead of OpenGL that raise lots of problems…

      • ayespy

        DirectX DOES cause a lot of problems still. That’s why I don’t turn it on.

  • On http://secunia.com/ with different window sizes is the left/ right scroll make the page look cut off to anyone else?

    OS X 10.9.3

  • Qazo

    Dear developers of Opera… Sorry,.. but what you f***ing doing? How long will you provide minor development as a separate product? “Wow, we have added one button and a few templates! Now it`s a new version of the Opera!”

    This update MUST be 16.over9000 version, but not 22

    Slow down! At this pace we will see more or less satisfying user version that way to 115th. No big changes dramatically from the 15th version. Give us harvester level “Opera 12” instead of “chrome” in another wrapper!

    ps Sorry for my English

    • Version numbers now reflect time (they are released on a more or less regular schedule), not the amount of changes.

      • Emanuele

        yes, but the problem is that the “amount of changes” don’t reflect time left at all … what we can see is a costant update of the chromium base with very fine tuning of… themes? seriously? after 1 year of PUBLIC development you’re still developing the damn themes stuff?

        If I pay a 16 year old programmer it’s able to achieve the same result in 1 week, and I’m serious about this, no joke

        You said that switch to blink/chromium will leave you a lot of time to develop incredible features in a very short time… but this isn’t what we can see, sorry

        I’ll be honest: the best thing Opera had done with the switch to chromium is the enhancement of the upstream engine, and at this point I really hope that Opera will continue in leaving the development of its browser behind (as clearly it’s now) and concentrate in the Blink stuff… at least we could enjoy some good browser based on that engine (Otter ?)

        • I’m afraid browser development is slightly more complex than you seem to realize.

          • Shion

            Nice excuse. Useless as an answer, but very effective as a “STFU” alternative. Good. Good.

            When’s the new version of Chromium coming up? That WEBM player disability and ransomware vulnerability won’t fix itself, you know.

          • Nekomajin42

            I’m affraid marketing and communication with the users is slightly more complex than you guys seem to acquire.

      • Qazo

        I think, if it`s new version, – it must be new version. But if it`s low changes for end-users (techchanges, simple visual changes, etc.), – it must be build of current version.


        Or provide more changes for new versions.

        How say Piotr Karol: “Useless things = 3, New/Old features = 0”.

        If you select “version numbers by reflect time”, – then hide version everywhere and don`t anonce every build like “new version”. Because it`s In most… lie

        • The version number is still useful to distinguish between releases. However, it doesn’t say anything about the amount of changes.

  • ayespy

    Just wanted to mention:

    One of the reasons features should be inbuilt insofar as possible, rather than provided by extensions.

    I mentioned a couple of problems below and no one has confirmed up “upped” my comment. Am I the only one with these problems? Are either of them caused by one of my (VERY few) extensions? How will I ever know? At least if I didn’t HAVE to have extensions just to have essential functionality, I would already know that my probs stem from a) the coding of the browser, b) my OS, or c) my graphics card. SO, btw, would the developers. And they would be able to test against fewer variables and with more likely successful results.

    The more extensions there are, the more ways there are to get a screwed-up browsing experience, not know why, and blame it one the browser.

    • Shion

      And that’s the perfect excuse for a developer not to do anything:
      – Our browser is perfect! Your extensions aren’t. Bye! *added to ignore list*

      • ayespy

        The opposite is true. Bad extensions is a REASON to build reliable functions into the browser.

        • Shion

          Only in case if your goal is to make a good browser.

          • ayespy

            If you mistrust Opera ASA’s motives, you should go somewhere else.

          • Shion

            For starters, I don’t know nothing about their motives, besides the “making a new background image for speed-dial tab”. Anyway, could you show me the right direction then, sir? The browser with support for Smart RSS and HTTP switchboard extensions, multi-tabs, customisable controls, good download engine, and without google spy-stuff would be nice. And bookmarks! Yeah, that’s the main part. Do you know of any?

          • ayespy

            I have no idea what you want in a browser. I only know that insulting Opera’s efforts and Opera’s users won’t make it appear.

  • AlexBrtn

    Clarify. The Opera browser is the default, but links from other programs will not open. Have to manually insert the link in opera. How to fix it?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      They don’t open at all or they open on another browser?
      Check if Opera i sthe default program for those files and/or protocols that you want to open.

      • AlexBrtn

        They don’t open at all
        I tried to reinstall, but without changes..

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You can open the files from inside Opera?

          • AlexBrtn


          • eXzentrik

            Are you using the portable version of Opera? It can’t be set as the default browser correctly, at least not for links from external applications. I already reported it as a bug (DNA-21684).

          • AlexBrtn

            no, not portable. Full installation. Twice reinstall.

          • AlexBrtn

            after installation, file Association looked so…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Opera is also the default program for http(s) protocol?

            There was a bug in Opera the p´revented external links to open in Opera but it was on a developer’s build and was fixed some time ago.

          • AlexBrtn

            here is a screenshot immediately after installing opera

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It shows only files, what about protocols?

          • Rafael Luik

            This. @disqus_AlexBrtn:disqus you need to associate HTTP: and HTTPS: to Opera.

          • AlexBrtn

            see above, added

          • AlexBrtn

            I understand you) Protocol: http unknown application; https unknown application. In the list of choices, no opera next

          • Leonardo Gomes

            When Opera Next was installed, it was installed for “all users on this computer”?

            At Control Panel > Default Programs > Set Default Programs, does Opera Next appears?

          • AlexBrtn

            tried for all and for a single user. The result is the same. At the moment opera installed for a single user.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Afaik you can only set Opera as a default program if it has been installed for all users.

          • AlexBrtn

            no, other browsers correctly installed by default. We are talking only about opera next.

          • AlexBrtn

          • AlexBrtn

            you need my installation_status.xml ?

  • lassekongo83

    So so tired of having to use the resource hog Flash on YouTube still. Fix your broken browser.js and allow me to use the HTML5 player. Wasn’t this issue already fixed by Google?

  • koss_x_treeme

    I don’t want self auto update.. I want to get noticed of updated and accept or decline them !!!! Opera is going down with this “useless” and “not user friendly” innovations… where are bookmarks?? In version 50.0.4140.5 maybe?

  • Izer0

    Who deleted my comment about you are doing “pictures in background” for years instead to working on bookmark manager? Censorship here?

    Repeat: Dear Opera … how long you want painting with pencils like children instead to do one working bookmark manager as customers asking for long long time?

    • ayespy

      You’re never going to gain anything by insulting the staff.


      • Izer0

        While staff still joking us… There is lot of comments.

        BTW: censorship is practice that customers do not like. This is not the way how to answer customers questions.

        • ayespy

          Trolls insulting the staff is also a practice that customers do not like. I am fairly sickened by some of the pointless and non-constructive bile that some trolls feel compelled to belch onto these blogs.

          Opera has stated repeatedly that anyone is free to complain about the software and about Opera, the company.

          Personal insults, however, are not permitted. Removal of comments that violate the rules is not “censorship.”

          Calling the staff names and insulting their motives, skills or intelligence all fall under the heading of personal insults.

          No one here is “joking” you. The devs are doing the best job they know how. To imply they are intentionally pranking you or anyone is just a pointless insult.

          • Izer0

            So, people asking for something is trolls, because you think 😉 People uses Opera from payed times and have thousands of bookmarks and want to use it properly is trolls 🙂 People showing absurdity of working on pictures in background for two years is trolls. Ignorance of what people is asking for is not like “pranking” 🙂 This no needs any more comments, nobody needs this flame wars.

          • ayespy

            I don’t care who you are or how long you’ve been around. I care how you comment.

            I, too, have been using Opera since I had to pay for it.

            SOMEHOW, I manage to make my wants and needs known without insulting anyone.

            I don’t know why this is such a rare skill.

          • Shion

            Man, you’re so awesome. I mean they put 15+ Opera right up your mouth and made you swallow, but you still behave like a gentleman. I salute to you, sir.

            Well then, while you’re still a gentleman, can you please tell them developers that you don’t like having major bugs in their browser? You know, like to put your awesome talent for good use. Be the middleman so to speak. They certainly could use one or two.

            I wonder how do you manage to get back on people. And why do those people think, they should be thanked and praised for doing a shitty job. It’s kinda mistery to me.

          • ayespy

            Failing to be an asshole is not the same as meekly accepting what is in front of you.

            Being an asshole is a great way to get your remarks put on default “ignore.”

  • hkeye

    I frequently use Opera turbo, but not continuously because sometimes Opera turbo is not fast. Is there any shortcut or button that could allows me to enable (or disable) Opera turbo by only one click (instead of 2 clicks).

  • Shion

    Just now had to “repair” Opera from being “locked” (ransomware). Good thing it was as easy as to delete sessions.db. Bad thing – Opera is vulnerable. Nice fucking job, guys.
    No, I don’t know what and how happened. I only saw 4 tabs and a loop of “page reload” modal dialogue (not sure if it was Opera’s). Don’t know how dude managed to get into that situation.

  • xavier83ar

    Linux?! 🙁

  • Usman Haider Sheikh

    plz port the printing code from opera 12, current opera(chromium based) skips info filled in forms and one needs to have both versions installed for some productivity.

  • Jozka Jozin

    MAC version – when I have Opera in fullscreen mode and open link to new window (example: MS Outlook WebApp > new message) so it opened in fullscreen mode too, but it takes a long time and in new window is bookmarks bar deformed, see attach.

    Solution: new window not open in fullscreen mode 🙂


  • Tom Conlon

    I’ve always been very impressed by Opera and want to say well done to the team on this release. Long time users don’t appear to be happy but the best-loved features will surely return before too long. The speed, performance and feel is great. Now they are in synch with Chrome/Blink and latest features they can really innovate in their own way. Devtools now with mobile emulation is a great addition.

  • L33t4opera

    New update: 22.0.1471.70, the change log, and the official announcement.

  • thawh27

    Sure it’s “value added” if you use a browser just to stare at the themes all day long

  • Squirrel

    What happened to the SpeedDial ? Can I still set how many entries to display per row? I like 3*N, not 4*N……

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  • zzpat

    I started using Opera a few stable builds back and was about to leave this browser because 22 and 23 had too many problems. The latter 23 builds are a lot better so if you’ve had problems with the current stable build, get the beta.

  • zzpat

    Some videos still don’t work. If I reload the page numerous times, it might work.

  • theUnnamable69 .

    Wow. I tried it for an hour or two and couldn’t stand it. Glad I was able to revert back to 12.17. The two big features I use opera for (rss feeds for podcasts, turning off images with style) were gone.

  • dmouflard

    Still waiting improvements of tabs, lateral bar with signets et history, sync, difference. It’s Opera, not Chrome !

  • Cedric Tejeda

    Thoughtful analysis – For what it’s worth , if others requires to merge two PDF files , my colleagues came across a tool here http://ow.ly/Xlj3G.