Just as the summer calendar is about to commence in Oslo, we are releasing an update for our hot flagship desktop browser.

The modernized Opera contains stabilization and security fixes. We have also worked hard to keep you up-to-date with the fresh version of Chromium engine.


Opera Stable for Windows
Opera Stable for Mac

Or go here for offline installation:

Opera Stable offline package for windows

Full changelog

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  • L33t4opera

    Hi Mikołaj, thanks for the info, and stability and security fixes 😉

    • reesmichael1

      Thanks for your comments like this on each post. It’s refreshing to see someone consistently thank the developers for their work instead of constantly whining about the perceived slow pace of development. It reminds me of the user nimu_chan (or something like that) who would always say “Thank you very much!” on each of the old Desktop Team posts. That always seemed very nice, and now, it seems that his torch has been passed on to you. Thank you! 🙂

      • L33t4opera

        Whoa! Michael, I really don’t know what to say, maybe only that I’m thankful for your kind words.

        Yep, I really liked him, and his amazing approach to this whole case, and his good soul, he, and his comments were as a breath of fresh air over the ocean 😉

  • Nice background. Which one is tihs?

    • NoName

      Haha, I’m tired of this background.
      I have created a 3D WebGL game, that uses this image of all textures.
      I found it by searching for “Wallpaper” on Google.

    • L33t4opera

      and music 😉

  • Łukasz Jurczak

    Auto-update doesn’t work?

    • nicks

      yea something is wrong… Opera doesn’t update when I checking for update and there is info you have newest version of Opera 22.0.1471.50

      • Łukasz Jurczak

        It shows that new version is available but there is an error while downloading.

        • I see it sometimes, wait a few minutes try again or restart Opera and check for updates, or you can always downlaod the update from Opera.com

  • Patata Johnson

    “our hot flagship desktop browser”

    You mean you’ve updated Opera 12.17? 😛

    • I’m still using Opera 12, it has so many good features the “Chromium” version doesn’t have and probably never will.

      • Eroticus

        at last chrome not crashing every 5 pages, and opera 12 works pretty slow and not optimize to more than 1 core.

  • FoxkidMCF .

    “expect something very interesting next week” so, where’s that very interesting thing?

    • Melisek

      new background 😀

      • FoxkidMCF .

        Ugh I don’t find that interesting, just regular.

        • Cryio

          It was sarcasm.

    • Martin Brada

      You should expect the new thing in the developer release.

      • Onaj Tamo

        The developer release is out,and even the developers admitted that the interesting thing is not yet out.

        • Martin Brada

          Well, there are going to be more Dev. 24 releases and the developers admitted that the big thing will be in one of them.

          • Onaj Tamo

            I sure hope it is a Linux version.

          • Martin Brada

            There were some hints that it will actually be the Linux version. But we will see…

  • We deserve play with Opera on Linux along summer.

    • would be nice…

    • Wishful thinking many of us wish comes true.

      • Well the internal builds are running quite nicely now, so … maybe? :p

        • Talking about that, I got Java to work in Firefox in Ubuntu after installing JDK and icedtea plugin, but couldn’t get it to work with Chrome. I hope Opera won’t have that problem.

          • Actually it will. Chromium (and us) now only support Pepper-based plugins in Opera for Linux.

          • So if Oracle ever decides to develop a Pepper Java, then we will have it?

          • At some stage we will probably stop supporting NPAPI plugins. Though there is no set timescale for this, so no need to begin worrying unduly.

            However, when we drop support for NPAPI (which seems likely), if there is no alternative way of running Java plugins (it is the only current method) then we would not support Java.

            Chrome is committed to dropping NPAPI support very shortly. Mozilla is also pushing for their death. This will put pressure on websites using Java (and Oracle) to come up with alternative solutions.

            So by the time we get there, the hope is, it won’t matter anyway.

    • Not the first to ask about it, they are getting closer based on the Flags in Opera Dev 24

    • L33t4opera

      • Come on, throw us that build!

        • L33t4opera

          Hi DoctorJellyface, I’m a user just like you, but all the sparrows chirping, that a little more patience, and it seems that most of the Linux users will be happy with testing it 😉

        • L33t4opera
  • jewp

    Big shock, it’s still terrible. Christ, it’s getting so bad that I’d actually cough up some dough for a updated version of Opera 12…

  • Perryking

    I have problems on Vimeo. High CPU usage when play videos and even slow video on full screen. Another problem: I can’t activate the subtitles in videos.

    Versión: 22.0.1471.70 Fuente de actualización: Stable Sistema: Windows 8.1 64-bit (WoW64) Flash 14

    CPU Intel Q8400 8GB Ram

    • Laga Mahesa

      I get this too. I think it’s not Opera/Chrome’s fault though, as Vimeo uses a higher quality of compression than Youtube does for their videos. I can’t watch full screen on my 2560×1440 ASUS.

      • Perryking

        I don’t have problems with Chrome or even IE11. High CPU usage is only with Opera. And subtitles is another big problem.

    • Play the video at a lower resolution, also try the Maintenance tasks in Windows 8.1 in the Action Center

      On non Windows device, (OpenGL use) people have been waiting on a fix for a 10+ year old performance bug to be fix in Flash Player (it has done some hardware damage for some), the same bug does not affect Flash Player when it uses DirectX

      • Perryking

        Its a bug, really. No problems with IE11, FF or Chrome at high resolution. And the subtitles is another Opera bug.

        • Also partly Flash Player defects, you might try with out extensions or other things, see if there is something blocking the CC

    • I confirm. This problem of the Opera. Chrome works well in situations in which Opera uses a lot of CPU.

      For example http://www.weather2umbrella.com – metogram with rain icon = 100% CPU

  • Turo Orvel

    I’ve got huge amount of bookmarks from 12 and pretty big speed dial. What’s the best way to transfer these to chrome or firefox?

    • Vux777

      for bookmarks just export it as HTML file…for speed dial there is only manual way

  • vanessa

    I use chrome and firefox now. I only come here to see if something new happens… but again is the same… no bookmarks… and whatever… How difficult must be create bookmarks for browsers?

    • Kelyn

      Bookmarks exist in the browser. You just have to enable the bookmarks bar in the settings and the functionality is returned. Unless you were referring to something else?

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        Lol, bookmarks doesn’t exist in Opera 🙂

        • BarskeKjekken

          Yes, it does. It’s just with a gui instead of text only.

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            Are you thinking that I’m idiot? Bookmarks BAR IS NOT bookmarks.

          • BarskeKjekken

            I was talking about the speed dial.

        • Guest

          I’m not sure whether you’re trying to make a point or not but I’m going to assume you’re being serious. Here you go.

          • Fhury

            FFS when users mention bookmarks in this blog they mean: FULL BOOKMARK SUPPORT. Now go troll somewhere else…

          • Jonathan Aanesen

            Bookmarks and full support for bookmarks are two different things tho :c

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            Bookmarks BAR IS NOT bookmarks, do you EVER used Opera 12 or lower?

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      If you are interested in new features, follow the developer stream.
      There will never be a new feature in Opera stable if it hasn’t already been showcased in Opera Developer.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        You are not creating FEATURES in Dev. Opera, but it’s your problem.

    • Bookmarks are NOT your whole life,all right? Don’t be struggling with it any more,for it’s meaningless. The new Opera is still a good broswer without “bookmarks”,isn’t it?

      p.s Now I feel Opera is pretty handy to use than Chrome or Firefox.

      • ruduh

        Why do you think this way? Is Opera now more handy that Firefox? I think not yet…

      • vanessa

        If you knew me… but obviously you don’t know me, you will see that bookmarks are essential to my work in a browser… I would not be using chrome or firefox if they (bookmarks) not are essential to me… I have many links, many, many links… and speed dial isn’t good because I need to separate everything into folders so I can find them easily. The addons are terrible compared to the native bookmarks from other browsers, so then before judge me, stop and think. Thank you and sorry my bad english.

  • icetom

    why do you call it pre-summer update? seems you prepare a summer update also. I hope it will be more substantial. but thanks for pushing chromium numbers.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Maybe because it was released just a few days before the beginning of the summer?

      • icetom

        of course. I forgot Opera team cares so much about the weather and the temperature. I wanted to know if there is more behind it, but obviously not.

  • LoverOfLife

    There is somekind of a bug, when i try to search something on google (and i’m logged in) the page with search results is reloading forever, i have to close the tab. What is that?

    • LoverOfLife

      reloading forever too on souncloud, when log in

      • Helge Andre Gjølme

        We have gotten some reports on sites that kept reloading over and over again. In those cases it was malware that caused the issue. Could you try to download and run an anti-malware program like: AdwCleaner or something similar and see if you have been infected.

        One user claimed that removing “RightSurf” fixed his issue.

        • LoverOfLife

          Thank you! It was TowerTilt virus. I have removed it, and now Opera it’s working fine. God.. i thought it was something else.. Thanks again and keep it up! 🙂

        • Do you think that’s also the reason why Opera keeps jumping to the top of page in Facebook?

          • Rafael Luik


  • Mikko Muhonen

    Downloaded Opera Mail today. By default, images not shown=sucks. And links in email are not working unless I choose to view email as “Plain text”. This is really terrible software. Basic stuff are missing are not working, very little stuff in options to choose, which make it very much false advertising “Lightweight customizable email client”. I cannot customize almost anything. Even Microsoft Email software from 2007 had more stuff customize and working better, and much faster and easier to setup. (Some email clients only asks your email address and email, this one forces to google server addresses and ports for both receiving and outgoing mails.)

    • reesmichael1

      I don’t know what software you’re using, but that’s not the Opera Mail I know and use daily.

    • The not show images by default is more of a security feature (a lot of scam emails sometimes add malware to images), it can also increase the speed of loading the message, there is the option to load images.

      It was the Presto based Mail that was in Opera 12.x

    • I was a big supporter of M2 like 2 years ago, until I started experiencing he most strange issues, contacts with weird characters in their names/adresses, causing emails to never get sent, duplicate contacts, emails that randomly would get sent or get stuck, etc.

      Now I’m using last pass and well… not the same thing, but I can’t complain about it. At least I get to read my mail without typing usernames and passwords.

      I held to big hopes that it would see important updates, after they launched it as a separate product, updates never came, my hopes vanished.

      It’s dumped, move on.

  • Peter B.

    Flagship 😀

    • plum

      I laughed so hard, good thing they have some humour left.

  • OldHickory30

    Curious, what is the scoop that a new version of Opera 12 is in the works?

  • Laga Mahesa

    Updates should take care of the plugins folder, too, if it exists. Copy it to the freshly downloaded build folder, please.

  • Tüütlüm Ohaya

    I’ve asked that question many times, can someone answer from Opera ? Are there plans that Opera can detect a website’s logo and using it for Speed Dial ?

    • Some can set a image to use (they set it in the site code, similar to what Opera Coast uses), It is nice and easy to find a site by it’s logo tho not all will work well with scaling

  • duhduhduh0

    The update is making Opera unstable for my system. (10.9.3). Everything seems to freeze for 3-5 seconds to load a tab.

    • Not seeing that here, I am also on 10.9.3 (OS X), might be an outdated plug in, or an extension

  • Having http://9to5mac.com/2014/06/18/police-ios-7s-activation-lock-has-helped-reduce-iphone-theft-in-some-cities/ open (just sitting) seems to be a RAM eating bug, right now it is at 1.4GB and CPU usage at 25.2 Task Manager – Opera says

    • bwat47

      For me the tab kept climbing until it got up to ~375mb of ram and then stayed steady there.

      • blackcoder

        Exactly the same here.

      • I just had it sitting in the background (different window (background window), You on Windows or OS X?

        • bwat47

          That was on a windows 7 computer. I just tried it on my macbook air, and it didn’t go above ~370 for me in OSX either after being open to that page for ~5 minutes. It climbed until it reached ~370 and then steadied: http://i.imgur.com/GQ94XXg.png

          • Tho I look at it based on the Opera Task Manager (it’s in a flag)

    • Vux777

      strange behavior in different browsers (with same extensions in all three of them)

      at first run, Opera took around 390mb and stayed there (filling that mem usage was fast, very fast)
      second time opening, mem usage was around 70mb and with tab hibernation dropped to 600kb
      comodo dragon portable 33.1, first time was under 50 mb, second time 65-70…no tab hibernation
      chrome canary portable 37.0.2041.4, was raising until 160mb and then suddenly dropped to 12 mb and stayed there (I don’t have any extension for tab hibernate in chrome, and there is no such a flag like in Opera)

      • There is a flag tho not in the stable stream (if I recall right), Next & Dev have a flag

        • Vux777

          tab hiberanation?!
          yes, stable have it also…I wrote that mem usage was dropped to 600kb after a while
          but other two (dragon and canary) don’t have it, and still have better mem usage

  • Alex Parker

    Thing I’ve noticed right away – as I added sites Speed Dial, thumbnail picture has not appeared for a VERY LONG time for some sites. It wasn’t an issue with same sites in previous build of Opera 22.

  • Joseph

    I lost all my opened tabs after the silent update of this version. Normally, Opera will restore the opened tabs, but it didn’t do that this time!!!
    I am using the Windows version on 64-bit win7.

  • Nao

    Does anyone know how to change/reset search engines on Opera 22..? The thing is completely broken for me after downgrading from an Opera 23 test (see below), opera:settings shows an empty select box, and the ‘Manage Search Engines’ button shows an empty list too. I can no longer use the omnibox to search something. I tried to edit my files using these hints (http://superuser.com/a/615054), to no avail either.

    Not exactly great. Upgrading to Opera 23 isn’t any better, because it doesn’t seem to support lazy sessions (I have hundreds of tabs, and the silly boy attempts to load them all.)
    Can the Opera team do something about these things..?
    If the search engine list is empty, can’t they simply repopulate it with the default stuff?

    • BarskeKjekken

      Doesn’t 23 instead in a different directory?
      You’ll edit it in opera://settings . Just type it in your adressbar

      • Nao

        I have a dozen installs of Opera, most of them pre-Blink, I try to keep up with the folder names eheh… In my case, what I did was to backup all of my profiles, and then move my 23 profile in place of the 22 profile, hoping it would start again. It did, and everything was working fine, except for the search engines being deleted (as I said, none show up in the dropdown in the opera://settings page). I suspect Opera changed the way they store it in-between 22 and 23, and I’ve been unlucky.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Don’t edit default_partner_content.json. Take it from another installation of Opera, or make a clean one, just to get the file.
      As is written in the superuser.com article, custom engines are stored in the files Web Data* in the profile. If you suspect anything wrong with them, you can replace/delete them too.

      • Nao

        I tried both solutions earlier; I deleted the JSON file, it doesn’t seem like Opera bothers. Editing the Web Data file will not change anything either. If Opera could give me the precise path of the file they’re using, in case it’s not the one I think of… (Which it must be, because whenever I launch Opera, many files in that folder are updated, save for the Web Data one… It’s as if Web Data isn’t even read in O22…)

        Anyway, all I’m getting, all I’ve been getting for a couple of days now, is that if I type something that matches a tab in the omnibox, it’ll allow me to go to its URL, but if I type an actual search query, as soon as it no longer finds a matching tab, it replaces the Earth globe icon with the Sidewise icon (it’s a Chrome plugin I’m using to manage my tabs), and at that point, I know that hitting the Enter key will trigger nothing. It just doesn’t react. Also, after I’ve done that, attempting to quit Opera will result in it crashing. It only crashes if I tried doing a search. So much for a ‘stable’ version… :-/ Then again, I’ve seen worse in the good old Opera 10.x days!

      • Nao

        I was able to semi-fix the problem by going to google.com, right-clicking the search box and doing ‘create a search’… Then I could use ‘g something’ to search, which is better than nothing. (Ideally, I would simply have to type ‘something’ to search it.)
        However, it still doesn’t show in the Manage Search Engine page, and after restarting Opera, the shortcut is gone– again. So, I would have to redo this operation on every launch… Not great.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Upgrading to Opera 23 isn’t any better, because it doesn’t seem to support lazy sessions (I have hundreds of tabs, and the silly boy attempts to load them all.)

      Settings > Delay loading of background tabs

      • Nao

        But I don’t want to delay them, I want to ignore them entirely… Only load the current background.
        I’m currently using Sleipnir as an alternative. It looks so much like what Opera Blink should be right now… Impressive. Too bad it’s not 100% Opera, but it’ll have to do for now because these broken search engines are ridiculous.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, you asked for “lazy sessions” and i showed you where the setting is now.

        • Lacedaemon

          They don’t load at all until you click them, that description does what you need but is misleading.

          • Nao

            That’s not what I’ve been experiencing… All of my tabs are showing up as soon as I click them. It does seem like they’re loaded from the get go. The advanced setting for lazy session is enabled, and the flag for ‘extended lazy session’ is disabled (enabling it would explicitly load more tabs than one, AFAIK.)

          • Lacedaemon

            Check it with the built-in Task Manager (or any other) like Process Hacker/Process Explorer. The tabs are shown but only their titles, not their contents . When you click each of them a new process is created which uses CPU cycles, receives bytes and allocates more memory (as expected).
            In Opera 24 (23 also I presume) the flag for lazy session became the “delay loading” in settings, hence what I’ve said about misleading. In O22 you are correct, you need only “Enable lazy session loading”

  • ayespy

    The problem with blank speed dial persists in this build. Best way to replicate it is to close the last tab, whereupon blank speed dial page appears. Reload page, and dials show up. Win 8.1 x64. Current O22 build

    • cgebhard

      I can’t reproduce it on the same system and Opera setting. Speeddial loads correctly every time.

      • ayespy

        I have changed the background pic to the fjords “theme,” if that makes any difference (and it shouldn’t).

        Further, it only seems to happen it I have not had speed dial open in quite a while, and if I close a last tab that has been open at least several minutes.

        I also use the Sidewise tree-style vertical tabs extension from the Chrome store.

        These are the only factors I can think of that would make any difference.

        • cgebhard

          Maybe it’s a flag? Have you activated one concerning speeddial?


          • ayespy


  • YemSalat

    Probably this was mentioned before, but you guys need some visual representation of current page zoom. I mean there should be some way to tell if the current page is zoomed.
    Chrome does it by putting an icon with a magnifying glass into the address bar.

  • AlexBrtn

    the problem with the default protocols http and https remained

  • Scribe_uk

    Any chance of getting a Go button? I find it easier than pressing Enter.There is an option to add one in v12, and even in Google Chrome (chrome://flags), but it seems to be missing from Opera.

    • P Head

      How is it easier? If you type address in the address field, you might just as well press enter – you have your hands on the keyboard.

      • Scribe_uk

        True, but I suppose it’s just a matter of personal preference – something that this version of Opera is lacking!

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Surprisingly, there’s quite a lot of people who never use Enter instead of, say, OK buttons. They type text, then reach for the mouse only to click the button. Not that they couldn’t learn to act in a more ergonomic way…I guess they’re just taking time for thinking during the pause while moving their hands. 🙂

        • Scribe_uk

          Once you’ve clicked the Go button, your hand is already on the mouse and ready to navigate the website. 🙂

          As I said, it’s what works best for different people, but It would be nice to have the choice!

          • Rafael Luik

            You’re just adding 01 keystroke (Enter) after you type the address before you can grab the mouse.

      • bwat47
  • cgebhard

    Is there a way to clean up stash in a fast way? like deleting e.g. all items containing “xy” or maybe delete all items “older than z weeks”?

    I just started using it and I really like the meta text search of the stashed pages. but when it accumulates after weeks/months of usage, won’t it slow down the search or even the browser/synchronisation significantly?

    plus: I never read about the full text search in any of your “presentations” of stash nor could I find it on the help page. It does make a difference if it’s just a screenshot of the page or a possibility to specifically search some keywords.
    I read a lot about “discoverability of features” in this blog and wonder if there are other “hidden” features, that are just not as easy to find as you thought?
    (Please correct me if I’m wrong and I just haven’t see it in any announcement. In this case please ignore the last paragraph)

    edit: sorry, found it on the help page…but who reads those anyways 😉

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Theoretically, one could delete rows from the table stash in stash.db, running a VACUUM operation afterwards, to compress the database. Though there is also a full text index and I have no idea how to delete it correctly. 😉 For example, the following query shows the number of Stash items never visited in the last 2 weeks:

      select count(*) from stash where last_visit_date < strftime('%s', date('now', '-14 days'))

      P.S. Oh and by the way, I’ve got 951 items in Stash. No slowdown yet. Though if I decide to sync it to another PC from the cloud, it will be a hell of downloading.

      • cgebhard

        Okay, thanks. I guess since I’m still far from 951 entries I don’t need to mess with the database.

        And apparently deleting stash.db doesn’t do any harm. So at least there is a way to “reset” it.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Hmm… I don’t know: If the data is synchronised to the cloud and stash.db is deleted, Opera might try to rebuild stash.db, retrieving all the content again. Never tried it myself.

          • cgebhard

            good point. I just renamed the file for a second and saw a new stash.db was created. before I didn’t give it any time to sync, but now I tried and actually nothing happened:

            Sync was still active since speeddials added on one device appeared on another pc. But the status of stash stayed untouched on each device (the one that got its stash deleted stayed empty, the other one kept all existing stash entries)
            So basically neither was the old stash rebuilt, nor the new empty stash synchronized to other clients.

    • Lacedaemon

      That is quite an issue to be honest. Stash items organizing and Stash customization in general is pretty much at kindergarten lame level.

  • eXzentrik

    Please (re)add an option to deactivate moving tabs between windows. It’s no longer possible under opera:flags.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Just for curiosity, why do you think Opera should have such option?

      I’m asking because it (moving tabs between windows) doesn’t seem to be something you can do by mistake or acidentally.

      • eXzentrik

        If you often move tabs on the tab bar, it can happen that you accidentally drag the tab and trigger the “move between windows function”. And since this function was under flags before and could be deactivated, I think it’s not a great effort to reimplement it.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          And how someone could do this? I really don’t see a scenario in which a tab could be moved to another window by mistake.

          • eXzentrik

            Not into a new window, but accidentally dragged and detached from the tab bar, which is annoying.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPRjCeoBqrI&feature=youtube_gdata&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter (Played in 1080p & on full screen) The video stuttered a bit (Yes I test the Pepper Flash beta on the Stable Opera 22, the video is from Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars (Official video)

  • Hello from the awesome Otter Browser on Linux.

    • Cjcr
      • Meh, they were too slow for me, I fell in love with Otter.

        • ayespy

          Different strokes for different folks.

          Otter still doesn’t do ANYTHING I need from a browser and Opera now still only falls down in one respect (again, for MY needs), which is vertical elements like tabs and bookmarks bar placed at the side.

          Otter claims it will one day replace O12. We will see.

          • honssnoh

            Everything like bookmarks side bar and other things like integrated email client etc. etc. will be back in otter in a while. These guys are really working hard and soon they will surpass this imitation of browser.

          • ayespy

            Your faith and confidence is charming. For my part, I will wait and see what happens, and how fast.

          • honssnoh

            It is not only faith. They have clear list of priorities to do in the next release including above mentioned enhancements divided into groups by their importance. Also you can reply on their forums directly to them not like here….You can see their vision of recreating old opera functionality with touch of modern browser/engine. Their progress is really admirable.

          • ayespy

            Representations are not results. Already, priorities and what will be done by when have changed more than once. And “they,” as nearly as I can tell in terms of actual development, could be just one guy.

            I’ll get excited about Otter when, at any stage of development, it contains something that makes it actually better than the current Opera for me. As it stands, it is a very rudimentary browser with some promising claims as to what it someday may be. I have had a copy of it on my machine since it was first available, and have been downloading and testing each update as they have come out.

  • Jorton

    it fails the acid3 test.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Fail how? It seems ok here.

      • Click on the bottom right of the A in Acid, it gives you the details, the old bug with test 69 is still there

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It says “0 failed tests. No JS erros, no time issues”

          • I also get 100, but it still shows that (Safari used to have that error, not sure if they still do) On OS X (that is where I see it)

      • Jorton
        • Leonardo Gomes

          100/100 here.

  • Shion

    WEBM playback error is not fixed.. God damn it, guys.
    Example: http://cutsberry.com/albums/20140505091005-46188154/15KSGd6Kij.webm

  • AlexBrtn

    when you click on “reply” on youtube, a new window opens and then closes

    • It is a 3rd party cookie issue





      To the 3rd party cookie exception list

      • AlexBrtn

        cleared cookies, logged into your youtube account, clicked comments under the video “reply” and is all that is described in my previous comments.

        • I used to not be able to comment myself, it was a 3rd party cookie issue

      • AlexBrtn

        P.S. do you think that the person who has registered in disqus could not understand what you need to log in to a google account?)

  • Is the Spell checker not working on the comments here? On OS X 10.9.3 here with Opera 22 and the spell checker is not working (Check Grammar is greyed out (when I right click > Spelling and Grammar > Show Spelling and Grammar) it is not using any of the text replacements I have set

  • http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?111230-Google-VP9-4K-HD-Sample (downlaoded zip is 197.6 MB) The WebM VP9 video listed there causes a big CPU spike in Opera (119%)

    • NoName

      It overclocks your CPU for you? 😉

      What CPU do you have?
      I could imagine that 4K with VP9 on the CPU would be heavy…

      • 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7

        Might just be a rendering performance bug (similar things happened when 1080p videos hit the web)

        • NoName

          I got a 4.2Ghz i7, The 4K VP9 video take up ~20% CPU in all browsers that supports it.
          I tried with VLC and k-lite codec, they use 50%+

          So actually the browsers are performing better so far.
          We are gonna need some hardware acceleration for VP9, so it’s possible to see these videos on not so highend machines.

  • honssnoh

    Sinking ship….

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      Submarines are way cooler than normal ships. 😉

  • Shion

    Man, how long does it take to fix a 6 months old bug?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess it depends on the bug.

  • Eggert717

    how do i get the theme or layout of the desktop shown in the photo above?

  • Eggert717

    Thanks for replying but its not the back ground but the the red yellow and green dots instead of the opera red thing in the corner

  • Eggert717

    Thank you for the answer

    • Vux777

      you are welcome ツ
      btw. if you want to reply to other ppl comments (like in this case)
      you don’t start new thread, just click on reply text/button under targeted comment
      see the screenshot

  • I don’t understand why Chrome 35 in Linux has smooth scrolling. Will Opera feature SS on Linux?

  • ganesan raman

    sir please make default search engine is customizable i unable to change my default search engine as Google i feel lucky is very good and fast and also auto spell check. all other ie. chrome add ons, turbo and look are good and fastest browser in world.

  • herrschildkroete

    It’s seems me there a common user problem with the Discover switch. This has been disturbing me since the new Opera Browser is published. Discover is a pretty tool for meet information at your fingertips. But sometimes it seems me slightly like a vulgar kiosk magazine. My proposal is Opera should manage this switch to a free configuration for the user’s own thinking. Hence he can changes, for example, the Discover switch against a bookmark folder switch, or link it with his Mail-Software, or with a favourite place in Internet perhaps his Social Network.

  • kokolo5

    Please bring this to Opera: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/simple-mail/ and real bookmarks

  • Guest

    very good job (:

    please bring this to opera https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/simple-mail/

  • Spell check (& Grammar check) not working for Facebook comments (it is greyed out)

    Nor is it working here in the desktop blog comments

    Opera 22.0.1471.70
    OS X 10.9.4

  • ayespy

    Just to remind you guys – THIS is still happening:

  • Надми Н

    How do I delete a bookmark?

    • Vux777

      on bookmarks bar, right click that bookmark, and from context menu choose “remove”

  • Надми Н

    Как удалить ненужные закладки?

  • No, still an issue in Opera 32 WinXP – pages crashing randomly, having to update plugins by guessing, shoukld be automatic and be waarned before update from 12.17, many mistakes, getting “An error occurred when installing the extension: Installation failed” which reports as a Chrome error – not in Opera, but Opera 3- is based on Chrome. You havent figured anything out yet!