Hi everyone,

Today, we are releasing an update to Opera 21 which contains a few critical fixes.
Opera on Mac had a bug where the Speed Dial could go into an unclickable state, and some of you were having problems loading Speed Dial thumbnails. We have fixed these issues now.

Thanks to all your feedback and reports.

Get the new build here: Opera Stable stream.
Or go here for online installation: Opera Network Installer.

Full changelog

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  • Alex Parker

    I hope problem with buttons is fixed. As I said, when I log in here using Facebook, the Log In button only works if I click on top of it, not middle or the bottom. Same happens with some buttons on other sites.

    EDIT: Yeah, seems to be fixed…

  • Patriĉk Bateman

    Is there any hope to get fix for mouse gestures? They stop working randomly.

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info, Andre 😉
    It’s nice to see the “DNA-19861 Opera Stable does not load SD icons” fixed.

  • Threepwood

    Small fonts in the menu on DPI > 100% still not fixed… So disappointed.

    • Krzysztof Pogłódek

      Does lack of bookmarks is not disappointing?

      • Jack O’Neill

        You can actually live without bookmarks which I never used anyway but this tiny little micro font is very annoying.

    • Jack O’Neill

      I just wanted to ask about this. Thx for the info… so I’ll skip this update and keep my reverted opera to the versio 20 where the font size was still good.

  • Александр

    I hope, you fixed ctrl+backspace in text edits, which instead of removing last word switched to previous page?

    • rrzepecki

      Already fixed internally, should be included in the next update.

      • Александр


      • Calypso

        What about Ctrl-Enter for sending emails and going in next line inside Google Sheets? Ctrl-B for bolding text in Google Docs? Ctrl-F for searching inside Google Docs/Sheets instead of firing up Opera’s search?

        • rrzepecki

          I am not seeing any problems with those. Ctrl+Enter works for sending email on gmail. Also Ctrl+F and Ctrl+B work fine in google docs but when a cell is focused. Ctrl+F would fire Opera search only if the address field is focused.

          • Calypso

            Doesn’t work for me – 3 Opera’s (latest update) on 3 machines. I’m using Google Apps heavily.

          • Calypso

            OK, seems it works now. Glad to see that. 🙂

  • Alex Parker


    Video controls are missing during playback in Opera 21. In Opera 20 everything is fine. Controls appear during pause, but not during playback.

  • My Name

    Thanks. I had given up on Opera a few months ago; gave it another shot today and still shocked how good it is. Thanks again and sorry for trolling you in the past.

    • Saskatchewan

      Sorry, but I have to ask. Are you now serious or just joking?

      • My Name

        Not joking. Never thought I’d spew such lame groupie like comments, but here I am. Really pleased with it.

        • Krasen Ivanov

          @disqus_DylbPMbHX2:disqus – Hahaha this is amazing comment 😀 @disqus_EJS6aAAw8t:disqus I think all useres here are hardcore fans of opera, and most of them here are trolling because they’r dreams got crushed by Opera team, but its nice to see someone here to like the new versions 🙂

    • bruce lawson

      good to know, thanks!

  • Alex Parker

    Sorry if I’m double posting, but quite a lot of time has passed and my comment hasn’t appeared…


    Video controls don’t show up during playback (only on pause). They worked fine during playback in Opera 20.

    Actually, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Strange.

  • siamak

    No Comments!

    • Michael Pürmayr

      simply not true.

  • 🙂 The load only active tab is useful (19 windows for Opera) in the flags

    • opera://flags/#lazy-session-loading (it is experimental)

  • John

    No update to build 34.0.1847.131?

    • nanana1

      It’s now 34.0.1487.137

      • John

        Thanks, after the update it says .132 here.

      • John

        Edit, sorry, I meant to ask build .137
        The other Opera 21 stable build released earlier already was .132,
        I’m not getting .137 here btw.

  • Calypso

    Ctrl-Enter for sending emails in Google Apps is not working. Going to next line inside Google Sheets cell doesn’t work. Ctrl-B for bolding text in Google Docs doesn’t work. Ctrl-F for searching inside Google Docs/Sheets opens Opera’s search instead of Google Docs/Sheets internal search.

    In general – Opera doesn’t work with Google Apps properly. Please resolve this ASAP. Google Support confirmed it’s not a problem on their side.

    • Calypso

      Seems that it’s working now.

  • Verden er fantastisk

    May someone help we with an issue? It is regarding embedded videos on YouTube and other sites like http://www.pressfire.no. When I play the embedded videos from YouTube I get a horrible lag in small screen, but interestingly there are no problems in full screen. At Pressfire I am however having lag both in small and fullscreen. I have the same issues both in the newest version of Developer and Next. In Chrome Canary everything is okay. I have tried clearing cache and tried disabling hardware acceleration, but the issues remain.

    Also I would like to thank Opera for their efforts in making nice choices and alternatives like Coast. The explore function is great when you wonder what website you want to visit for news about a wide variety of things. Also I have just started using Opera as my daily browser, after using mainly Chrome for a long time. It is just this issue that irritates me..

    • bruce lawson

      Hi, I commented on your similar concern on the previous blog post. Please report this at https://bugs.opera.com/wizarddesktop/ – a pointer to a specific video would be very helpful.

      • Verden er fantastisk

        I have just submitted a report, thanks for the answer!

      • bruce the Canary might be the pepper Flash Player, I have seen similar issue with sites emeding Youtube videos, I think part of it is bad site coding

        http://sci2.tv/#!/videos/237#mkcpgn=fbsci1 Is an example of a Youtube embed that is broken (tho it is broken in Opera & Safari for me)

  • Nekomajin42

    Thanks guys!

  • How about a quick bookmarks bar improvement? Simply add a button next to the existing “+” (on the left), which would allow for toggle (hiding / showing) the bookmarks bar. Bookmarks would be usable (vertical space-saving), and I think that would satisfy a large group of users who could calmly wait for the real bookmarks manager.

  • Jack O’Neill

    Just as I expected (I know it from Opera 12) as soon as there is an update the old opera magically stops to work correctly.

  • UMaster 7

    still flashing Discover… 🙁

    • Stanislav Stratil

      So, there is someone who is using this feature? Why?

      • UMaster 7

        fast overview of news from all fields 😉

      • UMaster 7

        working in current final 🙂 no more headaches 🙂

  • Vux777

    right click works on find in page ツ
    not sure when was implemented (in this or previous builds), but TY

  • OldHickory30

    Ok, before I completely leave Opera, which I do somewhat like, may I please just have “one” reason, as to why I cannot change my default search to a “custom” default search engine, like every other browser? And well this may seem to be a non-issue with many, I assure you it’s not among myself and the people I know.

    • rufu2

      They explained it a few months ago: They are afraid of bad extensions hijacking search. I don’t know if that’s a valid concern.
      Someone came up with a good workaround: expand the list of built-in searches until everyone is happy.

      • OldHickory30

        So Opera is the “only” browser that is having this security issue, and the default engines like Google and Yahoo are safer? …Wow.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Nope, Opera is the only browser that prevents you from having those issues.

          • OldHickory30

            And the only browser that leaves me with the most insecure search engines as a choice. Thanks Opera!

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Insecure? Why?

          • OldHickory30

            Insecure why?? Please tell me that’s not a serious question. Google? Yahoo?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, i don’t recall any records about them being unsecure.

          • OldHickory30

            Google and Yahoo record your IP address on each search. In addition to the fact that Google seems to have completely disregarded a persons privacy. If you seriously haven’t heard of these issues, you may want to research it on your own. Besides I should have the option to use the search engine “I” want to use NOT be forced by Opera to use “their” choice.

          • SQL

            If you’re so afraid of using google you better uninstall Opera ASAP since it’s using Chromium.

          • OldHickory30

            I’m not going to get into an IT debate, however it’s apparent that Opera has its share of Google fans which explains a lot. It also explains the fact why I am not allowed to use another search engine by default, other then the ones big brother decides to allow. Thats is the question, NOT why some of us despise Google.

          • SQL

            Google is the mainstream browser and provider of Chromium. It’s the most logical choice as an search provider atm since Opera is still in the works to make the searching un-hijackable if that’s even a correct way to say it. So in the future – yes, i think you can change your search from Google to something else but Opera doesn’t think it’s time for it yet.

          • OldHickory30

            So Goggle is the most logical choice, not sure I follow you reasoning. Opera offers as default, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and Wikipedia. Would it really be a stretch to offer DuckDuck Go and Start Page for those of us who want SECURE up to date search engines? Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia? Really?? How is that the logical Chromium choice?

          • SQL

            Yes – you don’t get the point. Chrome is insecure because of that feature – every other browser apart from Opera is insecure because they allow that. You know babylon virus, right? Also InncrediBar? Onewebsearch? They’re all browser hijackers that change your default search to something random and it’s pretty hard to get rid of them. Those can affect every browser apart from Opera. You get the point why Opera doesn’t yet let you choose your own search provider? I’d rather leak my shit to google than babylon.

          • bgh251f2

            Well I never had that problem on Linux, oh wait…

          • SQL

            You see – linux is still the minority :p

          • Leonardo Gomes

            You said security issues and those aren’t security issues.
            And about privacy, there never was it in this world. Unless, maybe, if you leave outside of society.

            And your ip address is known by every site you visit.

          • Jesus, just use Disconnect Search or proxies if you are that paranoid about search engines knowing your ip.

          • OldHickory30

            Or use a browser that respects your privacy by allowing secure search engines.

          • Joana Silva

            Why other search engines are insecure? There are in the Web more known secure search engines, Opera developers can analyze each of them, as they do with every addon to confirm whether they are safe or not. It’s a simple question or not?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            The issue is not the search engine itself but allowing the change of it.

          • ruduh

            But each addon that can modify the custom serch engine(afraid of Opera’s developers) is analyzed carefully by them before being released for installation, so what is the point here? Besides, this issue has dragged on for months and months…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            We aren’t talking about addons but about malwares.
            It’s not only to prevent addons to change the default search engine but any malicious third part software.

        • It’s not the engines that must be secure. It’s the browser. An extension could replace the URL your “g” search term points to without your knowledge. That could break havoc everywhere.

          • OldHickory30

            I guess I still haven’t heard reasoning as to why Opera doesn’t build DDG or StartPage into the options, which I’m sure makes more since then Yahoo or Wikipedia, if security is indeed reasoning for not allowing one to set their own default,

          • I’ll give you a bit of reasoning for that. As legitimately as you want DDG (d) and StartPage (s) added to the default list, other users will want to have Teoma (t) or Wolfram (say, w) or a host of other seach enghines. If Opera started adding predefined, immutable searches to the left and right, most letters would be “taken”. This would annoy EVERYONE, not just you.

          • OldHickory30

            DDG & StatrtPage are highly rated, at least here in the US. DDG is even higher rated then Google in some cases, and, more private. The two you mention don’t even come up on the radar, and, there not secure, But I guess Wikapedea and Yahoo makes so much more sense! Think privacy!

          • Privacy and search engine “quality” have nothing to do with what I’ve explained to you. It’s a problem of quantities: letters running out.

          • SQL

            In internet you just don’t have privacy. Unless you’re browsing with some cheeky tor stuff then you might have a bit of it. But no, if you are afraid of using Google you should be afraid of pretty much everything.

            EVERY SINGLE SITE YOU VISIT _gets_your_ip_address_always.

            Even DuckDuckGo gets it, altho they remove it almost instantly after using but hey – DDG could very well be targeted at the exact millisecond you’re connecting to their servers and your ip could get leaked! :shocked:

            In this world you just should understand that anyone can get your ip wherever you are, and there’s nothing you can do (tor is once choice but yeah)

            Even i could get your ip address right now if I really wanted – with that, your name, your home address – your email etc etc etc etc. Just through Disqus. It’s very possible but i don’t really want to waste my time into that since it’s risky and pointless. But you get my point?

          • OldHickory30

            As I have stated in the past, I’m not looking at getting into an IT debate, with that said, Google is the biggest violator of privacy out there, next to the NSA, and often times there working together. Having said that, when you search in DDG or StartPage your IP address is NOT stored in conjunction with that search unlike Google. The search is recorded but again there is no IP addressed associated with that search Also you will notice that security icon appears with either one of those search engines, also unlike Google. Googles privacy concerns are a huge issue in the US, and becoming a grave concern in Europe, in addition to their business practices, makes many of us despise the company. Opera has said in the past that they were going to be different when they change their format, however the very fact I can not take Google off the start page, nor have a VALID alternative as a default engine shows that they are in bed with Google on all levels. So you may continue to make technical justifications all day long as to why I should use Google, however it should be my choice. But then again, I do have the option of using Yahoo, which also has its privacy and security flaws, and then is Bing and Wikipedia, really?. Again it should be my choice when using Opera if I want a secure search, and please strop telling me that Google is a secure option, it almost laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

          • SQL

            All i can say is that Opera is now developing this browser for “normal” users who would get angry if they had anything else as default search than google. Now please define me how has Google affected your privacy so far? I bet you must have a very interesting life if they’re keeping an eye on you.

            And your “green icon” is just a sign of a verified SSL protected site. That has nothing to do with privacy, again.

          • OldHickory30

            Your really starting to show your ignorance while missing the point altogether. The lock means it is SSL AND encrypted, which is just one more level of security. Which I would rather have then no encryption. And, again Google stores my IP address with any and all searches performed. I literally don’t know anyone that uses Google as a primary search engine. Youtube is riddled with complaints about Opera defaulting to google, with little to no choices. BTW, so “normal users” use Wikipedia as a default search? Again it should be MY choice not yours or Opera regardless what my reasons are for wanting a secure search The very fact that your naive along with being ill-informed, is something that you may want to work on. Otherwise I suggest landing a career Google, if, you don’t already have one with them presently.

          • SQL

            Privacy =/= SSL

            Even an encrypted site can store all of your data so you really can’t argue with that.

            Yes, normal users consist of the so called “retards” who might live in the clouds thinking Google is the only search provider or Wikipedia, depending on which one they’ve been taught to. I mean – Google is the default search in all of the modern browsers apart from a few lonely fighters. It’s a normal thing, you know. Most of the users are fine with Google, and at the same time Opera is protecting their product from search engine hijacks – why should they break the safety just to please the minor part of their audience by letting people change default search engines? Yes – you can now refer to how other browsers offer this option – And so can I refer to Opera being the only browser with this good of an security layer – so I’ll leave this here because it’d otherwise never stop.

            And just so you know – you can’t hide from google. Google gets to peak you through advertisements – google search – youtube – every_single_damn_application_/_site_they’ve_developed_thus_far. it’s impossible to remain mysterious to Google. I know that Google knows my name, where i live, my emails, my pretty much everything – Why should i honestly care? So does know facebook too. Oh, also Twitter know quite a bit – thousand of sites that store all of my pictures i’ve once downloaded to facebook or instagram. How does that really matter? The real threat are actually malwares – keyloggers – those get to know the most important data of all – not Google. Google might have bad privacy – so does every single site on internet.

            Oh and by the way i work in an internet security group – i work with database handling, i know my stuff pretty well. (That’s why my name is SQL)

          • OldHickory30

            Although that sounded like an engineering response, I can say as a user, especially, with all the privacy issues going on, we would like to have the choice / option for privacy AND quality! Just like every other browser. The fact that you won’t allow someone to take the Google bar off the start page, and how you would rather have Goggle, Bing, Yahoo and Wikipedia, as a search options, tells me that there is something more financial related to Operas decision.

          • I am not affiliated with Opera. And nobody’s forcing you to use the default search engines. You can use any search engine you want, just not with those letters.

          • Rafael Luik

            1. It’s possible to remove the search bar in the Speed Dial with power user / really advanced settings (Konami Code). And BTW, this bar is Yandex’s in other regions.

            2. Another reason why not every search engine that exists is built-in in the browser is because the ones that are there (except Wikipedia I think) paid Opera Software to be included as default. That’s how it works with Firefox too, the default search engines paid to be included there.

        • I agree at a certaing extent, since most common search engines are more exposed and more targeted.

  • iG0Lka

    Again, do not fix PROBLEM c small print interface Opera, when the hiDpi

    19 version everything worked perfectly had no problems with the font size in the interface!

    Long will you scoff?

    New versions can not be used on monitors 30″ !11!!

  • moto0000

    Plis, add “special” thumb for speedial for GitHub, Dropbox and iCloud 😛

  • I like your changelogs, BUT…

    1. Finish Opera link!
    2. Give us tab folding back.



  • Stanislav Stratil

    Search by image on http://images.google.com is not working, pls fix it.

    • Vux777

      temporary workaround
      Fix Google Image Search

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Cool! Such an elegant solution, forcing user agent only for Google! 🙂

    • It should be working again.

      • ABDX

        nope !

        • Perhaps google is applying fix by region or something?
          Try cleaning up cookies and cache, disable any Turbo or proxy thing and try again.

          • ABDX

            thanks a lot.

    • Rafael Luik

      It’s not Opera’s problem to “fix” it.
      Google is browser sniffing.

  • nicks

    I’ve got some problem with youtube player on some sites… when wathing video belt where is play/pause etc hiding too fast and can’t do anything like move to some other point in video or change quality etc.

    • blackcoder


      • aminiesta

        Me too.

  • Bilbo Bagosz

    I still would like to modify or create new search engines in options 🙂 Optionally, just add another one to default search engines: dgg.gg.

    • aminiesta

      I’m with you. Whatever reason they have to not doing this is not very acceptable for me. It’s pretty annoying to insert ‘d’ before every search.

    • Sergey

      You’re already could create and add new search engine in options: Settings – Manage Searcg engines – Add new search. But yes, new added search couldn’t be a default search engine 🙁

      • SQL

        Look at my earlier comments about this.

      • “I look at new Opera and don’t understand what is the killer feature of it in comparison with others browsers?”

        Mouse gestures, search engine terms and creation on the fly, Speed Dial extensions. Most definitely Speed Dial extensions.

    • sbs73000

      Not a good idea to add DDG to the default search engines : DDG is more customizable than others and the one you want isn’t the one I use.


      And I don’t want a default DDG that would monopolize the letter ‘d’ I use for my DDG.

  • Syn

    I am one of those disgusted users who could no longer see his 400+ speed dial thumbnails with your silent and uncalled update and now you claim to have fixed the problem you have caused in the first place (and apparently not having “fixed” several issues you have also created, like microscopic fonts, lost slider for page magnification, lost bookmarks, unable to group tabs, etc., etc.) but with all your recent terrible flops, I am now afraid to install the fixed version, because I am not sure whether it will just make my old thumbnails visible again and leave them as they were, or will it wipe them all out and only make new links be visible henceforth. Can you assure me that my old links will NOT disappear by installing your fixed version?

    • ayespy

      No one in their right mind would assure you of anything.

      That said, on my Win 8.1 x64, it is working perfectly again.

  • aminiesta

    Many thank to the developers.

  • BR41_0XP

    Unfortunately Opera when closed with active downloads does not show a dialog box asking the user whether to cancel the download. I think this is a problem that should be fixed soon, despite being a basic problem ends up harming the effectiveness of the software!

    • ABDX

      100% needed fix

    • Leonardo Gomes

      A notification would be good.

      Btw, you can enable “Enable Download Resumption” so Opera will resume downloads on start up.

      • BR41_0XP

        This is an alternative that can sometimes doesn’t work, considering that some servers do not allow continue paused downloads.
        So to add the notification would be very good!

  • VfBFan

    Is there any chance that adblock can block the annoying ads from the speed dial images? As it is now, it’s ugly. 😉

    • I said this some time ago, but didn’t get a proper answer, it rather seemed like the person that replied was trying to make an excuse. Another thing about SD is reload it and middle click it to open in a new tab, you will attest how that tab finishes loading, and probably you even finish doing your stuff before the SD thumbnail can finish reloading.

      • I already gave an answer to this, although I don’t remember if I was answering to you. Extensions don’t work on internal pages, and the Speed Dial is an internal page. So, there can be no adblocking via extensions on the thumbnails. This is the proper answer.

        • It wasn’t you who replied and you didn’t reply to me.

          That’s indeed a proper answer and I thank you for it, can’t believe a real Opera dev couldn’t say that.

          • Oh, they did! At least once… but the issue keeps popping up here. They should definitely have implemented a search-in-comments function.

    • MarshallRaylanGivens

      Unfortunately, this is the reason I keep SpeedDial clean. I don’t use it.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Extensions won’t work there, as it has already been pointed out. Filter out the ads with a firewall.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        Hey, Dmitry. I can’t find your comment, but can you send me an e-mail or PM on Facebook or whenever? I need to know how to sort extension button in Opera 21 😛

        • Dmitry Kirin

          I guess you mean this (with a proof of effect). 🙂

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            Thx for that post 🙂

    • fanboi punisher

      That is very annoying and very ugly indeed. I won’t use Chropera until they fix that and lots of other annoying things as well.

  • When you open a pic in a new tab and then want to save it, it downloads the pic again, instead of just copying it from the cache as old Prestopera did.

    Can be quite a hasle with a big image on a slow connection. It took an entire minute to load it, then it’s another whole minute to save it to disk.

    Is it Chrome engine too damn behind the times or just an issue you haven’t sorted out?

    • Vux777

      With turbo mode ON, this is how it’s supposed to be
      Opera use WebP for rendering, and when (if) downloading to HDD, downloads original image

      Without turbo it just downloads image from cache instantly without fetching it again.

      • Not in my PC, without Turbo it still downloads pic again, even when it is open already.

  • AG2AKE

    My Opera freezes now when every time i open it after about 10 seconds. I restarted the computer and nothing works It keeps freezing. Mozilla works perfect.

    • Are you opening a lot of tabs at the start? It could be an outdated or corrupted plugin

      Another thing to try is opera://flags/#lazy-session-loading (it is experimental)

  • Jademarisa

    Same Chrome thing. Still not using it.

    • bruce lawson

      So, er, what’s the point of your comment?

      • Azrael

        To remember you that the path you’re now on leads to failure.

        • Kurt Zon

          ah – love minus zero 😉

  • Calypso

    Cannot open http://www.glazbenestaze.com. It’s a Google Site behind 301 redirect. Older Opera opened it without a problem, Chrome and other browsers are opening without a problem.

    • Alaknár

      Can confirm. White page, no content.

    • Vux777

      I tested it in FF 30, Comodo Dragon 33, Opera 11.64 and latest stable Opera 21.0.1432.67
      None of the browsers could open that site.
      Only Opera 11.64 gave me this option, and after following red link it opened right page

      • Calypso

        Yeah, I tested it again, and it’s now not working with any browser. :/ Talking with DNS zone provider support right now, trying to determine where is the issue – them or Google. Original URL works without a problem, but 301 Forward doesn’t.

        • Calypso

          Resolved. It was Google – they implemented some setting that affected URL’s that were forwarded using masking (cloaking).

          Anyway, here’s the resolution – From your Google Sites site Go to More (Gear Icon) > Manage Site > under Security (second group from the bottom) select “Allow embedding of your sites in other sites”.

  • Stanislav Stratil

    Dear Opera Team, maybe its just me, but im using windows 8.1 and I must say, that Speed Dial in Opera, looks somehow… old school. I think it would be nicer if it looked more sharper or something, without rounded edges.
    I know you have your hand full with many other things right now, and there are many more important things which must be done, thus take this comment just as little opinion on your speed dial design.

    • ayespy

      Interesting. I’m on Win 8.1 and find Opera’s speed dial to have the most pleasant-looking interface of any of them.

      • Stanislav Stratil

        Hmm, I dont think so… Everything in windows 8.1 has sharp edges, and opera speed dial thumbnails has rounded edges. I think, that it doesnt fit well. It fits better for win 7. Still, Im not saying that its ugly or something.

  • Vux777

    again that annoying bug with constant reloading on forums.Opera.com when I try to log in

  • Sidney Moraes

    Change the download page, make more atractive like Opera Next download page!

  • hkeye

    It seems impossible to create a thumbnail for speeddial for the following links:

    1. https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2014/05/opera-stable-21-0-1432-67/#disqus_thread

    2. http://y.qq.com/webplayer/index.html

  • Rahul Brahma Reddy Intha

    Is it me or does anyone feel that that new opera 21 is similar to chrome. I am going to revert to the older one which had lots of customizations.

    For example Copy to note feature was something that was so useful for me that I never considered other browsers.

    Why did the team delete so many features??? Have been using opera since almost when it was first available. Just can’t consider using other browsers

    • ayespy

      They didn’t actually delete anything. Rather, they started over from zero building a new browser on the new engine – because nothing in the old Presto browser was compatible with the new engine.

      • Rahul Brahma Reddy Intha

        aw man that sucks. Opera is no more fun. It is way too similar to other browsers and lost all its really differentiating features.

        Even the way the pages are loading is slower. I will stick to the older version for now and see if the new one gets the features in the future.

        • ayespy

          Yah. Took them about fifteen years to develop the first Opera. I expect it will take another year at least before we have a good feel for what sort of potential this Opera will have.

          • Toan Nguyen

            I think Opera 21 is heading in the right direction. Like many, I do miss the old features in Opera 15, but I guess you can’t live in the past forever. Chromium looks very promising. I use Gmail a lot and Gmail loads extremely slowly on Opera 15, but so very fast on Opera 21.

            Keep up the good work, Opera team! Just ignore those complaints from people who won’t get enough of anything.

          • Rahul Brahma Reddy Intha

            well you seem to have missed my point. I am happy if opera is faster but not at the expense of making it loose its unique features. They may not look to be of much use to a lot of people but for someone like me who have used opera for more than a decade it is a disappointment

          • Rahul Brahma Reddy Intha

            I guess that will be the case.

  • SlowBoy Fast

    Will we be able to disable or move “O Opera” menu button? It’s the ugliest thing in Opera since forever.

    • aminiesta

      That is our trademark and we love it.

      • It still doesn’t answer my question.
        Stick to football mr. Iniesta.

  • Areopagit

    ВЕРНИТЕ нормальную древовидную структуру закладок с доступом из меню!!! Жду еще с 15 версии!

  • Toan Nguyen

    Dear Opera team,

    Please introduce an option that allows disabling the auto-update of extensions. Sometimes newer extensions don’t work as nicely as older versions. Thanks!

  • jmc777

    Does Opera sandbox the Flash plugin? I’ve seen this asked on the forums a few times but don’t recall seeing an answer.

    • icetom

      when the flash plugin crashes, it can be restarted indepently of Opera. Is that the answer to your question?

      • jmc777

        It was more to do with the security side of things. I was wondering if Flash was sandboxed (like Chrome, IE, Firefox) to help reduce the chances of any Flash vulnerabilities compromising users’ PCs.

        • icetom

          ah ok nvm. I dont know. Someone else has to answer 😀

  • SQL
    • It appears to be working just fine. (It is hosted by GitHub.)

      • SQL

        It was down 9 days ago, got fixed within two days if i recall correctly 🙂

  • Guest

    Opera 21 breaks everything here but 23 dev does not. please fix this.


  • XypherCode

    YouTube(home) lags/freezes for a few seconds before loading completely. Ideas?

  • eXzentrik

    Update for my bugreport:


    —> I got a problem with the URL autocomplete feature in Opera 20. When I type “youtu” in the address bar, it doesn’t suggests “youtube.com”. Instead, it lists a specific URL to a youtube video, which I’ve seen a while ago. Even when I delete this specific YouTube link from the history, the autocomplete feature still suggests me this link. There is a similiar behavior with other domains, too – i.e. cloudantivirus.com.

    Perhaps, deleting the whole Opera history would be a workaround – but this is not an option for me. Is there already a bugfix in one of the upcoming releases (Opera 21 & 22)? Or is there another way to fix this manually? <—-

    I've found out that the described auto complete misbehaviour emerges only when I open a link from an external application such as Miranda or Thunderbird. But there's still no way to delete such an unwanted auto complete suggestion without messing with the whole browser history. Please fix this.

    • Rafael Luik

      Type to get the matches and highlight the entry you want to remove, then press Shift+delete to remove it from the inline auto-complete list.

      • eXzentrik

        Thanks for the help, but this does only delete the link from the adress bar list, not the auto complete suggestion itself.

        • Rafael Luik

          It works for me. (But there’s no way to disable the inline auto-complete URL suggestions from the address field so the entry will come back if you access the URL directly again.)

  • vladon


  • Snake223

    Hello opera team. in stable 21.0.1432.67 , when showed popup dialog from one page, i can not scroll or do any action on other page from this site opened in another Tabs.

    see screenshot: While opened Popup Dialog, other Tabs from site 4pda is freezes

  • eXzentrik

    Please add an optional browser exit confirmation/warn dialogue, at least if there are two or more opened tabs.

  • Raymond Yuen

    I don’t know why i lost all my speed dials after the upgrade? Anyone know why and how to recover

  • #bug ?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT16bUAGs0A Watch it in 4k (big download size) and the layout is messed up, hover mouse around and some things show again

    OS X 10.9.3
    Adobe Flash Player

    Clicking another tab the video content the picture freezes for a few seconds but the audio keeps going

  • nickey-g

    I can’t install the latest version 21.0.1432.67.
    The configuration of my test machine is:
    CPU: Athlon XP 2800+
    RAM: 2GB
    OS: Win 7 32bit.

    I am getting the same result with the network installer (Opera_21.0.1432.67_Setup.exe) and the executable setup file (Opera_NI_stable.exe)

    Here is the error of the Opera_21.0.1432.67_Campaign_38_Setup.exe

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: installer.exe
    Application Version: 21.0.1432.67
    Application Timestamp: 536cdb84
    Fault Module Name: installer.exe
    Fault Module Version: 21.0.1432.67
    Fault Module Timestamp: 536cdb84
    Exception Code: c000001d
    Exception Offset: 0006196a
    OS Version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1032
    Additional Information 1: 0a9e
    Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Additional Information 3: 0a9e
    Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    • Rafael Luik

      A processor with SSE2 support is required to run the latest versions of Opera (and other Chromium-based browsers).

      • nickey-g

        I thought that this would be the problem because i have the same problem on Chrome… The mystery is that i can run the latest version of Chromium !

  • randomsagev2

    When will there be a version for Linux? Google Chrome works well on Linux, why not newer versions of Opera (2012-2014)? I use Puppy Linux and not THAT tech literate to understand.

  • Calypso

    When tab that was running Google Docs/Sheets hibernates and when I restore it, I cannot use Ctrl-B to bold text. Funny thing is that Ctrl-I, Cltr-C/X/V works fine, only bolding doesn’t work.

  • Vux777

    when page is zoomed and stash icon clicked (add to stash), scrollbar thumb is gone
    mouse wheel brings it back

  • Samantha Bernson

    Without Bookmarks it is useless. After couple of hours I downgraded to Opera 12.

  • Slacker Jones

    No Bookmark Sidebar and No Menu Bar = #TotalFAIL.

  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 22 has been promoted to the stable channel: 22.0.1471.50.

  • lori hamilton

    i cant install it.once i hit run nothing happens except my screen disappear .

  • Although quite stable but not that smooth as it used to be