Hello Opera users from around the world! 🙂 I’m Tomasz and I have been working at Opera for a couple of years. Recently I’ve joined Desktop Team, and this is my first blog post here.

We’ve updated Opera Next today. This update contains a few critical fixes, for example: DNA-15585 – Insecure Youtube pages: After logging in to YouTube, the content would now be shown as secure. The secure https badge should be visible as along as the user is logged in.

Important note for Mac OS 10.6 Users: You have to manually download this build.

Please test it out. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Don’t forget to send us your feedback – we are waiting for it.

Full changelog

Opera Next for Windows
Opera Next for Mac

Or go here for offline installation:
Opera Next offline package for windows

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  • Threepwood

    Still no DPI fix…

  • João Gonçalves

    Hooray, the problem that I’ve reported with the network installer is fixed. I was able to install without issues.
    Thank you!

    • bruce lawson

      you’re welcome; thanks for the report.

  • “Don’t forget to send us your feedback, we are waiting for it.”
    Thank you but ‘You never listen us.’

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Indeed. But they can’t live without truth 🙂

    • Whinning is not feedback.

      • Everything that came from user of product are feedback.

        • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

          But, he doesn’t understand that as Opera.

        • Not everything.

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            For example what?

          • Please tell me asking for a Linux build at every single post is feedback.

            Please tell me complaining all the freaking time about a damn bookmark manager is feedback.

            These things will come in time or won’t come at all, get over it.

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            Because this things are important and basic for all users? Because Opera Devs are try to ignore the users who wrote about that? Because thinking like “We know what users want” causes fall?

          • ricksper

            No they’re not.
            No they’re not
            No it doesn’t.

          • Mateusz Madej

            If they were so important – Why would we ignore these requests what are your ideas?

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            I wrote what I see, simple 🙂 Maybe truth is somewhere in you.

          • SQL

            Because you believe in your old, and not accurate data.

          • Fhury

            Off course it feed back. Stop telling people what to do/think/say/write!!

          • Dmitry Kirin

            I guess Hector means that right feedback is something that can be put into work. People say they want some feature, but fail to tell which use case substantiates it. It’s a typical sequence here and on the forums: ‘I want this’—’No problem, use this extension.’—’No, it must be built-in.’—’Why? What do you lack?’—*silence* or, ‘Because it was there in 12’. Being a developer and PM myself, I can’t think of a productive way to describe and prioritise that.

          • Fhury

            I understand what you say and you are right. But the same goes for Opera. They could do a bit more with the feedback here and in doing so they would automaticly reduce they “non constructive” feedback. It is all about balance 🙂

          • I’m just asking to call things what they are, and stop calling things what they’re not. It ain’t gonna happen because you want it to happen, Opera has its own plans.

          • Fhury

            I know, but better to let of a bit of steam in this blog than stop using Opera.

          • Franciszek Baranowski

            Shit smells bad no matter how many times person who made it ask for feedback. It may be bad or even extreme example but sometimes example like that is needed for someone to understand.

          • After two or three versions and the features I want are not offered I have many options:

            1. Switch to other browser, they’re all free and it would take far less time to me, to have all my sites bookmarked in that browser, in fact it would take less than 5 minutes for the most common ones. Helps me rediscover things I stopped using long ago or things I almost never gave a chance, like Chrome. I was a Firefox boy between 2004 and 2007, BTW. It also helps dumping lots of stuff I bookmarked eons ago and that are of no use anymore to me.

            2. Adapt to what is offered, as I did, the new Opera lacks many things, but the new Speed Dial means the world to me, and I will patiently wait for the rest of things to come. Plus stability and compat SUCKED BIG TIME in the old Opera.

            3. Complain all the time about stuff no more present, as if it makes any change. A fully respectable decision, just kind of irritating to others and not effective at all.

          • bgh251f2

            Only options 1 and 3 are available to Linux users.

          • PaulW

            By that time most of the Opera 12 users will have gone elsewhere..

        • bwat47

          There’s definitely a difference between constructive feedback and ‘zomg new opera suxxxx’ though.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

    • bruce lawson

      We listen to all feedback, particularly the constructive sort. And if all 50 million users requested the same thing, we’d act upon it. But, here’s the thing: not everyone wants the same thing. So what we do is evaluate all feedback, prioritise it and act on those priorities. We can’t do every thing at once; some requests we won’t do at all because we know that the vast majority of people don’t want them (for example, a mail client in the browser, or an IRC client). Other feedback we’re looking at currently is about bookmarks; 90% of people never used bookmarks at all in Presto, but 10% of people used a lot.

      We’re also seeking feedback on tab handling. If you have a view you’d like to share, please spend between 2 and 10 minutes completing one or both of our surveys https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2014/05/help-us-improve-tabs/

      • Nekomajin42

        I still don’t get your point about this bookmark usage. Most of the users don’t use anything else but the address field. No private sessions, no built-in search, no SD, nothing. Why don’t you implement a lot of stuff from the old Opera and tell the users what you offer and how to use it?
        OK, there are certain features like the IRC client which can be trashed, but the RSS reader? Yes, it’s not a priority, but never?

        • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

          And we can tell them again, again, again and again, and they still can’t use brain. That’s why they are lower in browser usage on some sites than Opera 12, because of they thinking. But, again. They really don’t see that way of creating new Opera is wrong. Firefox or Chrome are really try to improve their browsers, but Opera not, lol.

        • bruce lawson

          “I still don’t get your point about this bookmark usage.”

          The point is that not everyone wants the same thing. We need to make sure we can provide what the 10% want without clogging up the UI for the 90% who don’t want it.

          • kq

            Tell us what`s 90% users wants.

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            Have you considered simply replacing the UI with the word “Don’t Panic” written in large, friendly letters across the screen?

            But seriously, I understand the concerns about overloading the user interface, but in the particular case of bookmarks, those _are_ a staple of pretty much every other web browser out there, and has been for decades now, so it seems a little overly cautious to be worried that particular inclusion would confuse or distract users.

          • Michal Bartoszewicz

            I don’t think the forward button is used, still we have it. And if it’s all about the UI, then you’re very inconsistent with serving options as a 10km long list of stuff, instead of a organized tabbed menu of the previous iteration.

          • romath

            I use the Forward button with Opera 12 all the time! However, I did replace the dual-direction default with a single direction Forward from a wiki, and that button also serves for passwords. On my single Address Bar, there’s also print, print preview, InFF, InIE, Reload, Home, Close, Back and New. All get used a lot (!). Opera’s been my primary browser since 2002 and it’s precisely this ability to reshape the toolbar and put up there what I need operatively that has differentiated it from the rest. Notice that except for InFF and InIE, those are all basic operations, something most everyone needs, nothing fancy. And the InFF and InIE are there for sites that don’t like Opera and because Opera has never had a very user friendly print module, unlike FF and IE (and webkit Opera still doesn’t even have a print module, just a simple print function).

            I would love to use the new Opera instead of 12.17, but can’t because in the operational sense it’s *not* a full-function browser in even the basic sense, but remains a skimmed-down version. I keep hoping for better.

          • Michal Bartoszewicz

            Huh, I deleted every icon from there (as opera 12 customization) because everything is bound to mouse gestures or keyboard for me and I don’t even need those pesky buttons. That’s one of the main reasons of my opera 12 usage – little to none interface when I don’t need it, and gazillion options under the hood.
            This, combined with the f4 enabled panel with downloads/bookmarks/notes/active links/email is perfection for me: http://i.imgur.com/CW2Yn0C.png

          • aiphed

            f4 enabled panel with downloads/bookmarks/notes/active links/email is godlike. I use it this way also.

          • maddoctor

            didn’t mean to down-vote you.Hit the wrong button but I agree.Having the ability to reshape the toolbar is absolutely essential! If I wanted a mediocre web browser I would have stayed with IE.I’ve used opera for roughly 5 years now and THE REASON WHY?It WAS customizable.You could make it comfortable and intuitive.Mine didn’t have to be configured the way yours is and it was still extremely functional.I have never understood why these software companies take something great and manage to ruin it,little by little.They take a little here a little there and before you know it,they’re wondering why their losing market shares.Stick to your roots.Get back to what you know.You know which features we use and how we use those features.You know what made your product great in the first place.Can you just stick to that?!!

          • kbcz

            Of course forward button is used!!

          • SQL

            I just want to bring this up – out of all your Presto time users – how many percent of the users actually chose to send you their browser usage data? I must say – most of the people who know about such things as torrents, rss and stuff won’t be sending their data just for the sake of privacy. Like I’m not sending you any of my data, but i do very – what you call geeky – stuff.

            You’re saying 90% of your data providers never used bookmarks, what if you data providers were less than 10% of the total userbase? The other 90% could have een your “geeks” who use all of the even more complicated features of yours.

            Please be open minded.

          • aiphed

            I agree with that. I don’t want anyone to spy on me but me and many friends of mine who I introduced to Opera long time ago are using Notes, Mail, Link, Tab Stacks, vertical tabs, per site preferences, and others since they were out. Even not so tech savy friends of mine are using those (especially mail) and were perfectly happy with them. None of them did participate in any survey though and are not interested in that either. Your results are innacurate.

          • Vux777

            but the same thing applies to features that you have implemented so far
            why not letting them on mercy of the extensions?
            -Heart menu ( can be done with ext, in address bar)
            -speed dial (many on G web store)
            -rocker gestures ?!? while sliming down common gestures??
            -top tabbar spacing… (little harder with ext. but ..important enough to enter native features?
            ..there are many tab handling features in flags (lazy this, delay that…) just to cover main problem, bad memory management and huge overload when more than couple of tabs are opened

            I’m not saying those implemented features are pointless, or v8 is bad …but first there are many other important stuff to implement and second…things you implemented/changed so far seems to make Opera more unstable than Chrome..
            Latest stable build is crashing couple of times a day when opening new tab while 2 or 3 are loading…
            and new dev freezes randomly
            Chrome doesn’t
            Fist Opera 15+ builds were fast and solid…and featureless…
            the more you working on it, the more unstable they became
            …and there is no sync yet…

          • aiphed

            Listen to this man… we need useful features (yes like those Opera 12 and previous have had), not only Blink bug fixes or aesthetical changes…. Heart icon? Seriously???

          • Nekomajin42

            But the bookmark manager is a separate tab (I assume, you won’t implement the sidebar, at least for now), so how can it clog up the UI? Do the history or the download page cause any trouble for the average users?
            On the other hand, how many users have ever used private sessions? Or the forward button? Or mouse gestures? Or in-site search? More than 10%?

          • aiphed

            When did you ask that 90%? Not using something because it is not there does not mean people wouldn’t want it.

            Also I agree with SQL below. I don’t want anyone to spy on me but I and many friends of mine who I introduced to Opera long time ago are using Notes, Mail, Link, Tab Stacks, vertical tabs, per site preferences, custom searches and other since they were out. Even not so tech savy friends of mine are using those (especially mail) and were perfectly happy with them. None of them did participate in any usage data survey though and are not interested in that either. Sorry to burst your bubble, but your results are far from accurate.

          • Tams80

            Why not just release a browser as is that only really gets security and performance/standards updates then? And then release one that gets new features?

            You’ve probably already covered what the majority of users will ever want; everything from now is for niche groups.

          • Yet Another Opera Lover

            I think my main issue is that I don’t *have* to use Opera.

            What I mean is, if Opera is going to stay as what seems to amount to Chrome with mouse gestures, I can just stick to using Chrome.

            Opera 12 has very much the feeling that it’s *my* browser. There’s a million different things that someone’s sitecode can do to make my experience crummy, and it was really nice that my browser let me sidestep most of that.

            Fit to Width did that. Disabling plugins did that. Not letting sites touch my right-click menu did that. I could go on.

            Clean interface design doesn’t mean you need to drop features, just that their visual addition has to be really well thought out.

            I can understand why so much of this stuff wasn’t there at launch. But a year later?

            In addition, 90% is a really bad number. You can keep 90% of your userbase happy without actually doing anything. 90% satisfaction in customer service is actually *really* bad, and it’s kinda the same thing that results in experiences like:
            – Windows 8 Metro
            – Nearly all Linux desktops

            When you go for 98%, you get the people who are significantly likelier to *recommend* your software.

            Chrome has bookmarks. Firefox has bookmarks. I’m not even sure why this is a point of contention. You should have drafted a solution to this problem MONTHS ago, when there’s a *boatload* of functionality still missing.

        • jho

          there is a good rss reader extension out. I miss Bookmarks too. How do you “work” with a browser, when you cannot save visited pages? SOmetimes you visit a page only one day per month.
          Hm, maybe someone will create a really good bookmark ext. Or maybe I should try Chromium instead.

          @BruceLawson: As a programmer: are you using bookmarks? And how do you save your pages? Would be interesing because it sounds to me that noone at Opera is using bookmarks.

      • aiphed

        >>>The vast majority of people don’t want them (for example, a mail client in the browser)

        what else are we going to listen….

      • Where did you get this incredible results about bookmarks?

        • bruce lawson

          “Where did you get this incredible results about bookmarks from? ”

          Since 2007 we’ve been asking randomly-selected people if we could anonymously collect information from their Opera install (via opera:config#UserPrefs|EnableUsageStatistics) so we could see the features they use.

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            Out of curiosity, could you tell us the acceptance rate on that?

          • bruce lawson

            I’ve no idea, I’m afraid.

          • x a

            I always opted in to statistical exploitation 😉 in order to infiltrate Opera’s decision making in favor of my needs. – Have not been overly successful, I must conclude. ;(

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            You might consider looking into that (for your own needs, not to satiate my curiosity): if there’s a low acceptance rate, then any bias in who accepts and who doesn’t might skew the results pretty badly. (Of course, if the poll was analyzed by people with training and expertise in polling, ignore this comment.)

            That’s a general comment on polling by the way; I don’t have any problems with the idea that most Opera users don’t use bookmarks.

          • In my humble, freak-like-economics-thinking =:-):

            This was not the best idea.

            First: If the usage stats are not obligatory for all the users, but comes only from those who let you to collect them, that means you have absolutely no control of the quality of the “test group”. Maybe it is just usage stats of those basic users, who install without thinking and go with “OK” for all the setup questions?

            Second: To make numbers work you should also know how is the usage of features related to the user’s brand loyalty, i.e. how many years does one use Opera.

            Otherwise I would personally do not give (forgive me my french) a f**k about gathered data.

            Anyway, I hope you return back on the track with my favourite piece of software.

            Good luck Opera!

      • Wraith

        I wonder from where stats are coming from, but I just see a big complain about a proper bookmark manager that it seems you are not take it as priority.

        Other thing that I don´t know if is a priority is about Full Sync, you can´t expect that we use Opera without full sync.

        I personally only want 3 things, Full sync, a Good bookmark manager and low ram consumption. You (team) stated that this last thing (ram) was improved but still Opera use to much ram.

      • Hunk

        If you are listen than do something. Every new release has 2-3 new little mini-features at the best. It’s hard to see something new in your browser. Like desktop team are doing nothing. Seriously. Sync should be in browser from day one. Where is it? In flags!? Partly working with a potential data lose. And what about bookmarks and tabs improvements? It looks like the only thing you do is porting your skin to blink. And judging by changelogs and bugs you are doing it wrong.

        Yea, Opera on Presto wasn’t the stable browser, but at least it had many features and options so bugs was expected. But new Opera has about 5-10% of old features. So why so many bugs and regressions with every developer?

        The last, why do you want any feedback from readers of this blog? Vast of them are users who can use bookmarks, know what customization is, use sync, read RSS and etc.

      • Fhury

        Thanks Bruce for your feedback. You must surely understand that people are getting the impression they are talking to a stone wall in this blog.

        People are collectors by nature. If 90% almost never use there bookmarks DOES NOT MEAN they do not want to have there their collection easily accessible.

        WHY implement bookmarks and not have them:
        1 in a button?
        2 in a menu?
        3 accessible via address bar and alias?
        4 in sidebar?
        5 controllable by an easy management?
        6 have a working import/export function?
        7 a working sync?

        DO NOT concentrate on the 90% that almost never uses bookmarks.

        CONCENTRATE ON the 90% that misses the function bookmarks.

        Sorry for the capitals, but I feel this point has to be hammered home here at Opera.

        • x a

          Exactly. You cannot measure the importance of a feature by the sheer number of clicks or items. You forget to include the relieve once you find a desperately searched link there, the joy you feel re-discovering some long forgotten once beloved site, the contentedness knowing another hunted down link sored securely in your database, … 😉

        • I actually purged lots of bookmarks thans to the switch to Bink. No more collecting.

          • Fhury

            Yep that is a possibility, just like a movie/book/music collection. Some people only keep what they use daily, others collect :).

            It would be nice to have a choice.

            Some functionality can easily be handled by an extension, perhaps even written by Opera themselves. Others like bookmarks, to be fully functional, have to be part of the browser itself.

      • This is rather sad as old Opera showed me lots of things I could do, I never before imagined could be done in a browser. And now you depend on what people will request, sooner than later you will learn how undemanding people actually is.

      • Scribe_uk

        The users with all the bookmarks, are very likely to be the ones that use Opera the most, and should therefore be the most valuable – or at least, one would think so!

      • Bjarne Bertelsen

        Did 90% NEVER use bookmarks, or did people not use bookmarks 90% of the times they entered a URL? That´s a big difference.
        I use SD or Stash 90% of the times, but not having the bookmarks I have collected over years is really bad. And I need them synced, and the passwords also.
        I don’t believe that 90% of people don’t use or want bookmarks, I believe that’s a misinterpretation of the data.

      • Guest703

        “And if all 50 million users requested the same thing”

        You do realize how stupid this sounds, right?

      • Franciszek Baranowski

        Ok, don’t made mail client in the browser but AT LEAST do not forgot that you made mail client! Made some improvements, upgrades, whatever. I don’t care that email client have presto or other rendering engine, because is not web browser and even basic html renderer is good, but I expect more features. Unfortunatelly, nobody cares about Opera Mail and this email client can be one of the best free email clients. Can be – if will be improved. More configuration options (for example – I cannot choose where my files are stored), more new features (like “mail on server” indicator – special icon that shows which emails are still on server and possibility to delete them on server on demand – usefil if you use “delete after x days” option and don’t want to keep some heavy emails on server) and complex filters – that made email client better.

        Second thing is that is not important that million users wants something. Most of features was made in programs not because users wants them, but because programmers want to made better product. THEN users use them. And because of that we have Win7/8 and complex programs instead of DOS and Norton Commander. Most of users don’t want improvements until they saw how they works. So please – back most of features that are in Opera 12. Otherwise – people like me will switch to Firefox (this browser can works like Opera 12 if you download some extensions and with proper config).

      • nihujum

        Opera doesn’t stand a chance against other major browsers, though.

        Presto Opera were supported by users with unique needs.

        Opera is a minor browser and listening to those minor users to get majority does not make sense. Opera users were comprised by people with unique needs and that’s the real majority. So, you never going to get the acutual majority.

        As long as Opera is without IRC, email, rss reader, and a lot of other iconic features which ONLY Presto Opera had, people might as well use Firefox, Chrome or even IE because those major browsers actually listens to actual majorities from incomparably vast number of users.

      • kbcz

        Tab handling you say? I was just at collegue’s desktop and saw your Ctrl+Tab Tab handling and that’s why I came here, to ask you are you planing to fix this?

        Your new Ctrl+Tab tab handling is absolutely hideous. I’am wandering who is using Ctrl+Tab that way. Doubt if any.

        OK, so only way for you to listen to us is if we all never stop nagging. But we must organize and nag about same things in the same time, since that way your algoritms may tell you to make something other than FB makeup.

        So I would like to ask other posters to support each other. We all want old Opera with EVERYTHING it had.

      • Andreas

        It’s a tragedy Opera removed the internal mail client. I’ve been using Opera for a long time, because having the browser and the mail client integrated in one program made things so much easier. If a lot of people do not want to use it, you do not have to integrate it by default. But for those people out there like me, please, at least make it an option to re-integrate Opera Mail into the Opera Browser!

      • Tams80

        Just because I don’t use a feature (at all, or very often) doesn’t mean I don’t want it. I’m getting a bit fed up with this condescending attitude companies are adopting (you aren’t the only ones).

      • Smith_90125

        No, you don’t. You’re a gutless shitbag fanboi who can’t handle criticism of chromera. It’s why you deleted my comment.

        You can censor criticism on your own site, fuckwit, but not elsewhere. chromera is as dead as your ability to think.

    • Leif Roar Moldskred

      I don’t think that’s a fair assessment. Opera does seem to have taken the complaints about bookmarks and tab handling to heart in as much as they’ve become conscious of the issues and are reconsidering them.

      No, they haven’t dropped everything else to rebuild bookmarks and tabs exactly as they were in Opera 12, but then “listening to feedback” isn’t actually supposed to be an IT version of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

    • icetom

      @bruce lawson since Opera deleted my comment and I did not break any rules, I will post again.

      So your post saying you want our feedback, but at the same time your saying our posts here are not representing the majority.

      That may be true but you can only get answers from people who answer. For the rest, you can only speculate why they dont use certain features. You will never know what the “silent” users want.

      Somehow we are still waiting for the results from our feedback here – but most of the Opera posts here do not really award our feedback. Its more like you see it, but you look at a complete different direction right after you read our posts.

      • Tüütlüm Ohaya

        They deleted my question too, i think they not the same anymore. My question was about Opera feature to detect a website’s logo and using it for Speed Dials. The image of Opera and their behavior gapes very far apart. Very sad for the company.

        • Guest

          They deleted my post too. Twice. 🙁

          • Rafael Luik

            Learn the difference between “deleted” (manual removal) and “marked as spam” (auto-removed by DISQUS anti-spam algorithms).

        • fake

          they deleted mine too.
          just sad,opera isn’t like before

          • maddoctor

            They started making a little money and forgot about us.Just like myspace,facebook and youtube.That’s what happens when you move from the garage to the corporate world.They throw money at you to support your projects but the price of that is you usually end up selling out.If I have too,I’ll find another browser.I was looking for one when I found opera…

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Tomasz, thanks for the info, and bug fixes 😉

  • romath

    With Next the text at MyYahoo page is very small, while it is nicely sized with 12.17. Compare the screenshots at http://tinypic.com/a/36bkp/1. I’m using a 24″ 1920×1200 monitor set at 115% dpi in Win 8 and 100% zoom in Opera.

  • bruce lawson

    not sure – why?

    • kq

      You know how many people use bookmarks, mail client etc. You have implemented extensions, mouse gestures but those features are not use by common users. I do not understand your logic.

      • If you are hoping that everything a browser maker does with the program responds to a simple, individual rationale, then of course you’ll never understand their logic, and you will never make a browser either. 😉

        • Partially agree, some things have proved that for one person asking a thousand more are expecting the same.

          The logic of waiting to every Opera user to come and explicitly request a feature is just as stupid.

  • bruce lawson

    here – you can put RSS in Opera with this extension https://addons.opera.com/en-gb/extensions/details/smart-rss/?display=en

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      We DON’T WANT to use EXTENSIONS. The extensions are mostly NOT awesome as BUILD-IN FEATURES. You understand?

      • Alexandre Cavaco

        Why are extensions so bad?

        • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

          Because they can eat RAM? Because they can cause more problems? There are multiple reasons and they should know that.

        • Check “lovely” Chrome and threads it generates. Opera 12.XX works fine even on older machines. But Chrome can kill the performance “just like that”.

        • ayespy

          The use extra resources.

          They sometimes cause unintended behavior changes in the browser (there’s a tab extension, for instance, that remembers private window activity. Oops.)

          They often are broken by browser updates.

        • Leif Roar Moldskred

          There’s nothing wrong with extensions as such, but there are a number of downsides to a regime where the user is expected to rely heavily on extensions.

          For one thing, extensions need to be discovered, evaluated and installed by the user. While I’m sure there are people who’d enjoy tinkering with putting together a DIY browser, I’m not among them: I, and I suspect quite a few others, want something that just works.

          Secondly, the quality of extensions is variable, to say the least — both when it comes to functional quality (does it work correctly, is it buggy?) and even more so when it comes to non-functional quality (is it efficient, is it parsimonious with resources, is the user interaction well designed, it it well integrated with the browser as a whole?)

          Thirdly, the support for extensions vary. They’re often one-man projects, and often made in a fire-and-forget mindset or supported on a “until I grow bored” basis. In short, the bookmark manager extension I’m relying on today might not work with the Opera of tomorrow.

          Fourthly, extensions are developed in isolation. That means there’s no overall QA or holistic design: extensions might have direct functional conflicts where trying to use two of them together makes one or both them not work, or, more insidiously, they might conflict in the use of domain terms, user interaction patterns or UI design philosophies. You quickly end up with a hodge-podge of bits and pieces that “mostly” work together, rather than a well-designed and well-integrated whole.

          Fifth, extensive reliance on extensions can easily result in a babelian mess where two different Opera installations behave confusingly different. Try supporting someone using Opera with extensions A,G, T, R W and Z, when you’re using Opera with extensions B, C, T’, an older version of R and W2 — or try to find out if you should report a bug with how bookmarks behave to Opera, to the developer of your bookmark manager extension or to the developer of your smart bookmark hot-keys extension.

          • Maselli Luca

            I totally agree with you!

        • Mediocre and repetitive developments, sometimes abandoned by their casual creators. Almost never achieving the complete functionality Opera offered before, extensions have an appeal for users coming from other browsers, used to poorer usage standars, I know it sounds too arrogant but download a copy of Opera 12.17 and explore it, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Vertical tabs, visual tabs, tab stacking, Turbo, Link, status bar, email client/RSS reader built in, notes, Dragonfly, to mention a few things.

          Besides some built in features never get a replacement as extensions, there are a few good exceptions but in general extensions won’t offer what we had before, and believe me, the list is huge.

          Oh and BTW, open the built in task manager and see the amount of resources those precious overrated extensions take.

          • Alexandre Cavaco

            Thank you all for the comments.

            I’ve been an Opera for many years (since version 5 or 6, can’t quite remember), so I know what the built in features are like.

            I do prefer some features to be builtin, but I still think there is some space for extensions, although I do not agree in using an “entensions only” model.

            For example, I use an extension called HTTPS Everywhere, I do prefer this as an extensions instead of being built in browser, as it is being developed as something supposed to be available in every browser. AdBlock is another example I do prefer as an extension.

            But not all. A bookmark manager should be builtin, and all UI customization should also be builtin.

            I think that Opera should deliver more builtin features, but extensions shouldn’t be excluded, as there are some cases where they are not as bad.

          • I have 9 extensions:

            Only 2 of them actually offer something the browser don’t and didn’t before: PDF Viewer and Magic Actions for You Tube.

            3 of them are meant for security and privacy purposes: Ghostery, Disconnect and ZenMate.

            3 to partially make up for features old Opera had, RSS Reader and RSS Detector, and Classic Images.

            1 offers ad-blocking, AdBlock, in the past only enhanced a function already available in the browser.

            In the old Opera I would’ve installed only the first 5 I mentioned, and if it wasn’t for the NSA and Co. Only the first 2, as they’re the only ones offering something old Opera didn’t feature.

          • PaulW

            I still use O12.17 as my main browser. I would try the latest more if the auto login feature was like O12. Just click on an icon or CTRL+Enter and popup a list of login accounts. i.e . I can view the account of about 7 cell fone accounts . With O12 I just click login icon and all of them pop up and i select the one I want and log in. With O22 I have to delete the last one I use and start to type in a number before it will show all the cell fone numbers and then may miss some if I don’t go past 3 digits.. Google login is another that I have issues with in O22..

        • Onaj Tamo

          It is not cool if it is not out of the box.

          However from a technical standpoint,having a lot of extensions will make your browser take up a lot of memory,break the browser if the extensions are badly programmed or in worst case scenario introduce security holes.

          And if I wanted extensions I would be on a chromium or firefox blog because they have much more and better extensions.

        • Pesala

          Developers who previously worked on Skins, Unite Apps, or Widgets, only to see them dropped might think twice before investing much time in developing extensions.

          Though some might be expert, I wouldn’t want to risk using something developed by someone who is not paid by Opera, has no investment in maintaining and fixing the extension, and nothing to lose if it breaks Opera.

          Extensions are bad for many reasons. At least with button code, or customised *.ini files, the code is easily understood and fixed by users.

          Extensions are just an excuse for not doing what needs to be done by Opera .

        • Maselli Luca

          Because extension could not work in future with new opera release.
          You can get for example an android app. Some are incompatible when go out a new version of android.
          The developers could not support own extension in future.

          Sorry for my english.

        • kbcz

          because they could break on every update, because you must always search for all of them when you install opera to a friend, because If I want extensions, why would I use opera over ff/chrome.

          Or say like this, I can take small city car and put formula motor in it, or I can take the formula?

      • I would rather say: “We would like to use A FEW extensions that do some wonderful things Opera developers never imagined. But what WE LOVE MORE are these fast and simple solutions like bookmarks sync, passwords sync/storage, RSS and built-in e-mail client wich made us love this browser at first sight.”. OMG. My heart is broken…

    • It’s a great extension and has an excellent complement called RSS Detector, same developer, but it is what I critiziced of Firefox, it’s the users who innovate, I always refused to use any other browser because no extension would replace things Opera had built in. Now I have to use extensions, like the rest.

      And there’s a message in it, other browsers can now offer things only available to Opera users in the past. Haven’t bothered to even investigate if they offer a mail client or RSS reader, hopefully will never have to do so.

      • Wraith

        I agree, Opera used to be fully powered out of the box, no extension needed, now we are forced to use a lot of extension and that cost you RAM.

    • kbcz

      I do not want to use extensions that could/will break on every update!

      I do not want to use extensions at all!

  • Stanislav Stratil

    Ok, Im not angry or anything, but why was my innocent question deleted? There are many meaningless posts, and you dont delete them… I just wanted to know something, thats all…
    If I say thanks for this update, like L33t4opera, will this post be ok?
    So, I will try to ask again… Will be there smooth scrolling someday? Its basic feature, so there shouldnt be need of extension for that…

    • ayespy

      That’s probably a difficult question to answer just now. There has to be smooth scrolling support in the browser engine, and Google REMOVED that support from Blink a few versions ago. Whether it will return is not something Opera is able to dictate. They are working hard on Blink, and responsible for a lot of commits – but they do not have the final word as to whether various features and fixes are implemented or not.

      At least, that’s how I understand it.

    • Tüütlüm Ohaya

      My question was also innocent and they deleted. It was a question about detecting a websites logo. Good to know, how Opera really thinks anout the community.

  • OldHickory30

    Logged into YouTube once, the security certificate appeared, closed Opera, came back to YouTube and the security icon will not appear!

  • Vux777

    same as latest dev, couple of sec after start, NEXT blinks (black screen) two or three times

  • Vit K

    As for me, windows version didn’t update also. Had to install manually.

  • Vit K

    Why do you put the link to NI (network installer) in the post? I could imagine this is useful for “normal users” so they could download “installer” once, but this is quite strange for Next users. Users are supposed to download NI, which would download actual opera installer… This is useless waste of traffic. Next users know what they want, when they click to download from here.

    • Mateusz Madej

      As You can see we put two links in our blog posts, NI and offline package. We use NI for all the streams it’s much less fragile to disconnects and other network outages. Also it’s much more user friendly as they can see the progress all the time and if one of our servers is out (let’s hope not!) it can be transferred to other servers other than throwing an issue in the browers.

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      We also get new users visiting for the first time, we can’t assume everyone already have an installation of Opera Next.

    • Both links are ok, some of us have more than one PC to keep updated and NI doesn’t make much sense for us. But not all users the same.

    • Rafael Luik

      NI installer might have bugs too, it has to be tested by us the “non-normal users”.

  • aiphed

    >>>some requests we won’t do at all because we know that the vast majority of people don’t want them (for example, a mail client in the browser)…

    So people did not really want and did not use the e-mail client in Opera 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,12 (from 1996 to 2013), so Opera team decided to ditch it with great relief in Opera 15… and not because they couldn’t-didn’t want to- rewrite it because of the new “casual/hipster” user base, or because the Chromium installers are so huge in size that the only “logical” way was to… axe it, so that it is more lightweighted…(official excuse). :rolleyes: :doublerolleyes: What else are we going to read from the devs…. I’m beginning to think either they are trolling us really hard or it must be a really serious case, like with the new management most staff was obliged to undergo serious medical experiments, like being constantly on drugs, lobotomy, etc, leading to those results…

    • Michal Bartoszewicz

      Here, have a stash and a heart icon.

    • Dovelove

      Ditto SAME PROBLEM!! and it doesn’t integrate with ANY new Opera browser at all. In 12.16 if you wanted to send a link you just sent it with html already on compose page NOT SO NOW!!

  • Pesala

    There’s always going to be different opinions about what should be built-in to the browser and what should be done with extensions, but I do not expect to search out, install, and test an extension for RSS feeds.

    Why is there an RSS feed on this blog if it’s not a useful feature? Web sites include feed for the benefit of their visitors. If browsers cannot even see that they have an RSS feed, how are new users ever going to learn about them?

    In Opera 12.17, there’s an icon in the URL field. If a new user who knows nothing about feeds hovers over it, the tooltip tells him or her what it is. This makes it easy to discover the RSS Feeds feature and learn about them.

    In Opera for Blink, how is a user going to learn that an RSS feed even exists, let alone how to subscribe to one?

  • neomoto

    Opera not see this update when I open opera://about/

  • MikeGav

    Where new Opera for Linux?

  • hapi

    I’ve had enough. I will never live to see password synchronization in Opera. Removing Opera 🙁

  • Kurt Zon

    when i try to use sync iget this message: User is banned

  • ynothere_ynotnow

    sync? all big browser have sync, opera not… welcome to the stone age. and bookmark management is a piece of shit currently.

    • Dovelove

      Bookmarks missing and NOT as powerful as 12.16 or being able to Import SU?XS!!

  • Rinne Tensei

    Opera should make their release cycle equal to chrome, so that we can be be happy as soon as chrome updates. 2-3 days of trailing is considerable. now waiting for stable makes me half dead.

    • Saskatchewan

      I think that a new version should be released when it’s stable enough to be released. It can be either 4 or 8 weeks or something in-between – it’s better than releasing the final build with bugs.

  • dflyra

    Opera Next bugs:
    1. Missing letters in tags – see first picture (Opera developer problem creeping into Opera Next)
    2. Stash, sometimes, blank – see second picture

  • Alexandre Cavaco

    Bug: While a page is loading I can’t select or edit it’s URL in the address bar. (Win 7, 64 bits). After loading it is ok.

  • Tüütlüm Ohaya

    Again this question: please do not delete it. Are you plan that Opera can detect a website’s logo and using it for Speed Dial. Screenshots are to confusing for many speed dial fields, so i hope there will be an option in the future.

  • AS

    I ask for adding option: “Show Dropdown Button In Addressfield” this option enables to develop the strip of the address to can choose written down addresses!

    Remove this ugly brown frame which is creating the contour for the field of logging etc., really it must be? Give the possibility to turn off this frame or do the blue frame which is in Opera Dev.

  • AS

    @Tomasz Procków I see that the Poles collaborate Opera so I have a request to you Tomasz, with Polish friends, could you translate all functions in about:flags, program is in polish but the option in config not? It’s ridiculous

    • Saskatchewan

      It is supposed to be for advanced users only.

      BTW: The options in opera:config used to be translated in some older builds, but they decided not to do it any more and I find it a good decision (for example: I read on this blog about an option, but I couldn’t find it, because its name was translated).

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Opera settings (not flags) should be localised. At least they are here, in Russian locale. There can be some new items lacking a local name, but eventually, they all will get translated, in a Next version. Or I will file a bug report. 🙂

      • AS

        Not all users of the Opera are good at English in order to know what there in options is written, so decision which they take to not translate the option in config is unserious. I would ask developers for new thinking over this decision and intent to this options was translate.

        • Saskatchewan

          Not all users are supposed to use opera:config switches 🙂

          An advanced user either knows English, the lingua franca of nowadays, or knows how to use a web translator. Someone who doesn’t know how to use it, shouldn’t be making changes “under the hood”.

          That’s my opinion.

          • AS

            I disagree with it. Web translator isn’t good. These functions should just be translated into given language, then everyone will read what the given function is.

          • Saskatchewan

            These functions are not finished and are unstable. They may contain bugs and cause problems with the browser. Easy access will result in more people changing the flags and more complicated problems to solve.

            I’m not even sure if it’s a good idea to give access to it in the stable branch.

          • AS

            When these functions will be finished and will be stable, this should be translate on every language which is in Opera.

          • Saskatchewan

            When they are stable, there’s no need for a flag 🙂 An option will be then activated automatically or will have a switch on the preferences page and so will have to be translated anyway.

  • The Thinking Commenter

    Opera never will be back I guess. Bye old Opera, hello new “Opera”.

    • aiphed

      I have never imagined that Opera would become another IE….

      • Rafael Luik

        Your imagination seems to be right then, because it isn’t.

        • DD64

          You are right, IE has bookmarks, even a bookmark-sidebar and, talking about IE9+, smooth scrolling

          • Rafael Luik

            Too bad IE hasn’t:
            – A Speed Dial, where you can choose exactly what and how many pages you want, and now with folders. You can personalize it with a background or use the built-in theme creator to make additional tweaks. And it also has advanced configuration options.
            – Off-road for poor networks, saving data/plan/money or for accessing that site your ISP/DNS is not handling well.
            – Built-in mouse and rocker gestures.
            – Advanced keyboard shortcuts.
            – Access to all your search engines in the selected text right-click menu, another annoyance that you’d need to grab an extension to solve in other browsers.
            – Recently closed tabs list without the need to open a new tab.
            – Stash.
            – TAB to only cycle through form elements.
            – Downloads list pop-up.
            – flags/experiments.
            – Extensions.
            – Comparable open web standards support.
            – WebM, WebP.
            – Don’t close last window when closing last tab.
            – Etc…


          • Dovelove

            You call selection NOT including DuckDuckgo as default as SELECTION??

          • SQL

            1.I can create my own html page with a “speeddial” if i really want, but where would i ever need this with bookmarks?

            2.I really only use Opera as my home browser, and i have a reliable internet connection, so off-road is just plain useless for me.

            3.Built in mouse and rocker gestures. come on your “advanced” keyboard shortcuts aren’t even good and you’re offering me a cheap copy of mouse gestures? come on


            5.Too bad Opera has a limited amount of search engines, and there are people who don’t like this. (About this; Opera lacks changing default search engine compared to other browsers, no matter how much you’ll talk about security that’s still the fact)

            6.Ok this is an ok one.

            7.I myself hate this if i happen to miss CTRL when trying to change tabs and all of a sudden your page is in a wrong position.

            8.I can’t even open downloads temporary, which is a big minus. I also can’t even delete them separately, I can’t see the file size upon downloading, you simply can’t find anything good in the current manager. (Psst, this is all in Chrome and Firefox)

            9.Flags and experiments which will never get out of flags and experiments, directwrite has had the same text tearing bug for like – since the launch of Opera, and i’ve reported this multiple times, nothing happening, what other goodies are there that aren’t in chromium by default.. Oh yeah, your cute little javascript timing flags.

            10.Extensions are in every single modern browser, Opera’s own addons/ extensions are just horrible just saying, if i want to use good, still laggy and memory consuming extensions, extensions, i need to download them from CHROME extensions…

            11.Open web standards; you mean those ones in Chromium that forced old Opera to die (everything around webkit) ????

            12.WebM is literally used by nobody, isn’t it mainly used by Valve in their projects?

            13.I don’t even know what is the last thing you named there.

            Please, answer me. I really want to know what can you still say against what i’ve just said.

          • Rafael Luik

            Sorry for the late reply.

            1.I can create my own html page with a “speeddial” if i really want, but where would i ever need this with bookmarks?

            I use the Speed Dial folders to store and manage sessions, pages I want to come back to later, etc, so the thumbnails make it much easier to see what pages they’re.

            2, 3, 4. Personal opinion.

            5. Too bad Opera has a limited amount of search engines, and there are people who don’t like this. (About this; Opera lacks changing default search engine compared to other browsers, no matter how much you’ll talk about security that’s still the fact)

            Limited amount? I’m not aware of a limit of engines you can add. If you mean the default choices, yeah I can see that. It doesn’t affect me as I’ve been using Bing which is selectable (except for Google, others simply don’t have good results anyway). Typing the keyword for a different engine like DDG isn’t exactly a deal breaker, but I agree that they should implement a solution for the search engine hijacking soon.

            7. Blaming software for your mistake… TAB focusing only form elements is extremely more useful than any possible user input error scenarios, and everyone knows you must hold Ctrol before pressing the following key to perform a keyboard shortcut.

            8. Well the comparison was to IE and I meant the design is less obtrusive and more handy. There are some characteristics that could really be improved in Opera’s downloads manager, but others depend on user’s opinion, needs and wishes.

            9. what other goodies are there that aren’t in chromium by default

            That thread is about IE vs. Opera. I could cite the flag for tab cycling in recently used order for example.

            10. IE doesn’t support extensions.

            11.Open web standards; you mean those ones in Chromium that forced old Opera to die (everything around webkit) ????
            12.WebM is literally used by nobody, isn’t it mainly used by Valve in their projects?

            Point 1: You’re blaming Opera Software for something that’s web devs’ responsibility. If devs don’t use open web standards to make their sites, Opera isn’t able to change that alone.
            Point 2: Compatibility isn’t the reason old Opera died. It’s a plus in the new browser, but it isn’t the reason, see https://forums.opera.com/discussion/1834574/whats-the-point

            13.I don’t even know what is the last thing you named there.

            When you close the last tab on the last window on IE (and Chrome for instance) it closes the whole browser, in Opera it’s preserved with a blank tab at the Speed Dial (windows’ X or Exit closes the browser like it should be).

            CC/ @disqus_mO8xcznRue:disqus @disqus_E0KT94zmdu:disqus @aiphed:disqus

          • SQL

            My point about the web standards was that you referred Opera 15+ (chromium) to support open web standards, when that’s totally not the case. If chromium did (well webkit) then that would’ve meant websites not focusing on making their stuff run on webkit, but actual open web standards like Presto time opera. Chromium with webkit was so broken that sites had to adapt to specific webkit code to make stuff function.

  • ma_t14

    The latest update seems to have broken the speed dial extensions, facebook and alarm speed dial in particular

  • http://www.google.com/earth/explore/products/plugin.html If you have the Google Earth plug in install, then should the Plug in version show?

  • AS

    Dear developers

    I would ask for restoring the function of marking the text from Opera 12 it mean about look of the blue background, it bright background and this bright background and the stability in marking the text, because at present in Opera 21 it doesn’t work good for the end in marking text, it’s unstable and not comfortable function at a lot of the marking text. Just bad marking text, it doesn’t work good. Please fix marking the text!

  • Vit K

    There is an issue, about update. If opera is working long enough, that there are two new releases avaiable, Opera will show two dialogs, asking if user wants to update.

  • iboumiza

    Yahoo Answers is not optimized for your browser
    Please note that Yahoo Answers is not optimized for this browser. Some features may not be available or work well.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s just Yahoo doing browser sniffing. Ignore the warning and the page will work.

  • jason

    I’m still using a portable version of Opera 11.64 with no problems. I’m happy and have nothing to complain about. 😀

  • mb

    OT but what happened to Opera Link? I know they got rid of my.opera.com but did that include OL as well? If so…why am I still using Opera? Now with no bookmarks on newOpera and OL not working on 12.17 anymore, theres no reason to keep using it.

    • ayespy

      The functions of Link are being gradually migrated to the new 21+ branch, and to new servers. I don’t still use 12-, but last time I did, Link was still active for it. Opera Link is also still working for Classic Opera Browser on Mobile.

      But in the meantime, speed dial on desktop is synced via the new sychronize function and servers, and bookmark syncing is on the way, plus (I expect) password syncing. There is not yet any syncing between new opera desktop and new opera mobile, but they are obviously working on it. Instead, there’s a link to your old Opera Link bookmarks under “settings” in the new Opera mobile browser.

      While waiting for the full-fledged built-in functions, I am syncing bookmarks on desktop with xmarks (from the chrome store) and accessing the old Link bookmarks if/when needed thru the link to the website.

      Lastpass (and maybe other extensions) will sync your passwords, but I can’t make myself use lastpass (too clunky and just feels insecure to hand over my passwords to someone else’s website via ANOTHER damned subscription).

  • nicks

    hm maybe you add options to change themes like in old opera not only background like we see now in new.

  • kbcz

    I came here after some time to see the progress, and I must say I’am so disappointed. I see you are still using argument of “what people use”. I remember that we discussed this when Opera15 came out and we told you that no power user ever enabled your usage statistics. Your statistics came from normal users who used Opera by accident.

    Since you are still using this argument I realize that you will never really fix things. You are developing browser for your “90%” of users who will never download Opera insted of Chrome.

    I cannot express my disappointment.

    Guys, for those of you who does not know already, there is an Otter Browser. Keep an eye on their development, since you have nothing to wait for here. Its almost a year and still they are talking aboug 90%.

  • escruting

    DirectWrite is a bit buggy in this release. Some letters dissapear in news titles on some websites.

    • escruting

      Not everytime, just sometimes. It happens a lot with the first 3 or 4 tabs i open just before opening the browser.

      • escruting

        W7 x64, no extensions

  • AS


    Hi, previously I wrote, that marking the text in Opera 21 doesn’t work well, it isn’t stable function.

    Marked text in Opera 12


    Marked text in Opera 21


    Clearly see the difference, that the marking text in Opera 12 work well and smoothly, but in Opera 21 this function doesn’t work well. I ask for fix this function, because now this function is faulty.

  • AS

    People! Moderators, Developers, why you delete my comment? I write my suggestion to Opera will be a better program not for the fact that I have such caprice! I’m bad that someone delete my comment, please not do it again!!!

    Marking text in Opera 21 doesn’t work well. This function isn’t stable!

    Marked text in Opera 12


    Marked text in Opera 21


    See the difference? See! I ask for fix this function of marking text in new Opera, because this function doesn’t work stable and isn’t comfortable for marking a lot of the text!

    • icetom

      obviously we have to screenshot everything we post here because of the censorship happening. Many people including myself have reportedly got their posts deleted although they did not break any rules or insult someone.

      • Dovelove

        I’ve had the same problems long ago sometimes they have “politically correct” moderators or touchy at the least. Think it’s because of damn texting etc. you don’t REALLY know the emotion behind text…that’s why I hate it so badly.

  • yiolhi

    I’m using Opera 12 on Linux and you guys really had something truely special! Why destroy it and hope the market adopts? All the features, the page resolution, the speed, it’s the best thing that happened to the internet.

    I understand switching to Chomium (the extensions, updating Presto, etc.) but why not aim to add all the features of Opera 12 in Chromium?

    Why take everything away, including bookmarks (which EVERY other browser has), sync between browsers (again, which every other browser has to make a transition easier), etc.

    All you’ve done is went from being the best browser on the market to creating the worst one! Who is running this company? I swear he (she) has a ventetta or something and is trying to kill the company off.

    Time for new management ASAP before you’re all out of a job! The browser you have now is totally unusable and you’ve effectively angered most of your userbase who won’t give you a second chance!

  • Piter432v2

    Why are you blocked my account here?

    • Kurt Zon

      are you getting “user is banned” message too??

      • Piter432v2

        Yes. I just want to know, why I’m blocked here. If I insulted someone, just write, lol. I’m not hater of Opera. I’m hating fanboy’s, but one of them insult me first, lol.

    • You’ve been given a two-weeks cool-down period. Unfortunately, Disqus
      does not allow us any way to contact users directly to inform them
      about these decisions.

      I will not go into detail here in public.
      It is okay to attack or insult Opera (the company and the products).
      However, going after individuals is not okay. Use the flag and
      moderators will remove offending and aggressive comments within a few
      working hours.

      do want your enthusiasm—even though its for Opera 12 ;)—and your
      continuous feedback. However, please do not be angry with other users
      over their opinions and desires. Disagree, but be polite.

      I can delete this thread if you do not want to leave it in public, and lift the account ban immediately if you like.

      PS: We do read every comment even though we do not respond to every one of them.

      • Piter432v2

        Ok, I undestand 🙂

      • I was once banned the same in another site, but Disqus they don’t do that, but the site in question.

  • Dovelove

    I don’t come here often so I don’t know if this has been mentioned or not. In the find field (on Page) if you have to reload the page a person must re-enter the term. I was searching different months of radio listings same term.
    I do have some add-ons but they haven’t given me problems in other areas, duck duck, do not track and adblock.

    Also I’ve had problems of remembering changed passwords and don’t see the editor..entered new on Amazon and new didn’t change.

    • cgebhard

      For the repeated search: I’m not sure if this is appropriate for your problem, but have you tried pressing F3?

  • MarshallRaylanGivens

    Do you have plans to add mp4 + DXVA support? YouTube made possible that you can play all videos in mp4 format… Very few play as webm/VP9.

    I have completely deleted the Flash Player. I don’t need the plugin anymore. Firefox can play all videos on YouTube and Liveleaks for instance. Only 720p for now but Mozilla plans to add support the new Media Features ( MSE & H.264 ) required in order to play 1080p and above.

  • MiKu

    advanced keyboard shortcut “/” for in page search still doesn’t work for me (windows 7 32 bit). How can I help you to solve this?

    • Vux777

      is “/” on SHIFT+7 combo on your keyboard?
      if so, try it…

      • MiKu

        No, I’m using classic english keyboard layout, “/” is in the right down corner, before shift – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:KB_United_Kingdom.svg
        I use more and more times “.” instead of “/”. But “/” is more portable, it also work as default in Firefox

  • Joana Silva

    After install an addon from Google Web Store(Extensions Manager) my Opera stable crashed and I lost all settings and thumbnails of SD, corrupted the entire Opera and i had to reinstall and reconfigure all Opera again. After all, why do not you warn OFFICIALLY that Chrome extensions MAYBE not work in Opera? This is ridiculous …

    • I tried installing mentioned extension on both 21.0.1432.67 and 22.0.1471.40 neither of them have crashed Opera. Did you have any other extensions installed? Any specific settings?

      Could you point me to where we state that it’s 100% safe to install Chrome extensions without any risk? All normal paths lead only to https://addons.opera.com and those extensions are installed without problem. We warn that extensions from chrome webstore are from untrusted source and you have to enable it manually. How many more steps and warning you’d like us to add?

      • Joana Silva

        So why Opera does not remove the addon “Download Chrome Extension” of Opera addons or at least put an warn about the risks install this extension on its page?

        My Opera crashed when I pressed the icon to disable all extensions at once in this specific extension.

        • It might be that some of those extensions installed interfere with each other and cause Opera to crash. Could you list all the extensions you have installed? I’ve tried some few random extensions and still couldn’t get crash when I’ve been disabling them all.

          • Joana Silva

            My extensions showed in this print screen, plus:
            -Violent Monkey
            -Youtube Title Adder

          • Thanks for information, we managed to reproduce this crash now so will work on fixing it.

  • Deqn G.

    I try to install Opera Next from Opera_NI_next.exe – cannot connect/download fails, so I try Opera_Next_22.0.1471.40_Setup.exe – installation OK, but browser cannot connect to Internet! At the same time Opera 12.17 working fine.
    Any suggestions?

    (Windows 7 32-bit)

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Check what proxy settings you have in O12. If you are supposed to use any proxy, enter its parameters in Opera settings, the tab Browser, section Network.

      Check if Opera distribution server is available (ping autoupdate.opera.com).

      If you’ve got a firewall, ensure there is a rule enabling O22 to connect to the internet, or switch the firewall to the interactive/education mode and wait for Opera to attempt connection.

      • Deqn G.

        Thanks, all you say was checked (except ping to the server), but non of that was the reason. Problem disappear after system reboot. Should not be so, but…

  • Dovelove

    Password Problems…took first page username would NOT take second page password. Tried everything shut down, all add-ons could not get it to go through…have had problems with Amazon also is NOT showing and or saving password in manage setting page even though I have it turned on. Bank site.

    Went to Firefox latest NO problems.

  • ayyosalli

    Hi ,
    When will you enable opera link / notes & bookmark features. I’m still stuck in opera 12

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It was said that notes will not return. There are a few extensions that can replace it.

      About bookmarks, read the future improvements part: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2014/05/opera-desktop-23-unprefixed-css-transforms/

      • ayyosalli

        hello ,
        thanx for the reply

        I have hundreds of notes , hope at least they can integrate opera links to automatically sync previous notes to add automatically when that extension is avalable on browser

  • Pesala

    Go here and zoom to 110% or 90% — click the link to the PeaceKeeper Benchmark.


    This hotspot absolute positioning bug does not affect Opera 12.17.

    • Dainis Valdmanis

      It seems it is chromium issue. The problem is reproducible in Chrome 35 as well.

  • Are we to see a new build this week?

  • Todor Todorov

    Full Sync on Windows and Android is the most important feature. You have to reach Chrome feature parity, and more, and only then you will regain your former glory.

  • A. R.

    When tab stacking and run all tabs in one process available?

    • Sidney Moraes

      Run all tabs in one process available is impossible because Chromium does not have that. BTW that provides a better performace.

    • Old Opera was all tabs in one process, everybody complained about not having separate processes back then.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Afaik there is a coomand line parameter to enable singe process. I don’t remember it now but i guess that a search should bring it up.

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        You probably mean “–site-per-process” command line. I’m not sure it works ok. I think this command have bugs.

  • In one PC I had to switch back to Linux, having problems with Windows I couldn’t figure out, and not of crucial use.

    So it’s Firefox and Chrome in that PC, they’re not bad alternatives, Mozilla and Google are doing a decent job keeping them updated with latest standars and most services simply work, including video playing with old Flash 11.2 when no option is available, I really don’t want to give up on Opera and will keep using Win 7 with my Laptop, but I feel like an itch to delete it everytime I see how much RAM it uses, so please just make it happen.

    And yeah, it’s Opera holding me back to Windows, no other honest reason as all the other stuff can be quite well replaced, well almost.

  • Electrix

    Thank you for another update!

    I apologize for the beginner’s questions, but I’m a long time Opera Presto user and I’ve finally decided to make new chromium-based Opera my default browser. That is, if I can solve at least most of my questions.

    1) Is there a way to disable Google search bar on speed dial? It takes a lot of space and for me is completely unnecessary. Same question for the “+” button.

    2) Is there a way to use O12’s Dragonfly in this version? I found it much easier to use for the debugging purpose.

    3) I accidentally removed default folder in speed dial. How can I create one? I can’t see such an option in right-click menu.

    4) Is there any Opera Link support? Or how can I sync my saved bookmarks and passwords?

    5) I’m missing right-click menu “Open in -> Firefox, IE, etc.”. Is there a way to add this feature?

    6) Is it possible to edit page’s HTML on the fly?

    7) Is it possible to show page-specific browser settings dialog? I used it a lot in O12 to show/block cookies or disable animated GIF’s.¨

    8) Is it possible to make certain page reload in user-defined intervals?

    9) Is there some usable alternative for the form auto-filling feature from O12?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Stanislav Stratil

      1) yes, but you must first enable advanced settings in options menu and
      put there konami code, go to alt+p and press gradually these keys:
      “up up down down left right left right b a” (not joking) and make sure you are not in search field

      2) i had never used dragon fly, but i think there isnt…

      3) drag dial X on dial Z and it will create folder

      4)you can enable opera link in opera://flags – but it isnt stable and you
      can accidentaly lost your bookmarks and all… use it just for your

      5) dont know, try search some addons… you can even use Chrome addons if you instal addon for it

      6) i dont understand these things… but there is something when you press ctrl+shift+i

      7) no…

      8) no…

      9) no, just default one or maybe… addons…

      • Electrix

        Thank you very much! Especially your comment about konami code helped me a lot. It is such a shame, that this feature isn’t default, so even newbies could see it in settings. I think, that on the first run, browser should ask, if you want to see advanced settings.

        Solved: 1), 3).

        ad 2) I tried to google it, and found this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14942925/will-operas-dragonfly-and-extentions-still-exist-in-webkit-world/16846141#16846141 – so is it true, that Dragonfly will return to opera, once it’s ready? Anybody?

        ad 4) Is there any official statement, in which version Opera Link will become “public”? I guess nobody will use it, till his data will be in danger. One more question regarding this: In Presto, there is a nice “Key” icon (CTRL+ENTER), which automatically filled the login form. This feature is critical for me, but I don’t want to use any 3rd party password extensions, just because I don’t trust them. Is there any chance this feature will once return back?

        ad 5) I tried this, but without any success. It’s unfortunate, but nothing so heavy to ruin entire browser experience.

        ad 6) Originally, I meant classic CTRL+U feature. But editing HTML through developer tools is fine, even though it’s less user-friendly.

        ad 7) Ok, I’ll try to get used to this. I can still look up the cookies from developer tools.

        ad 8) Found this https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/page-reloader/?display=en-US but the extension doesn’t seem to work by now.

        ad 9) Too bad :-(. I’ve found only this: https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/details/roboform-lite/ but it requires registration.

        Seems like I’ll have to stick with Presto for now, at least until they complete Opera Link and some usable autofill extension will show up. Of course, I’ll keep checking new versions.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      7: No, but cookies are domain-specific by themselves, so you can see them in the common list in opera://settings/cookies and set allow/deny rules for them in settings. As for blocking content, you can use the extension AdBlock, which enables making rules targeting elements on soecific pages only.

      8: There are some extensions for that. See, for example, Page Refresh, Auto Refresh Plus. I’ve never used them myself, though.

      (To enable installing extensions from the Chrome store, install Download Chrome Extension.)

    • You should ask questions like these on our forums. https://forums.opera.com

  • escruting

    Great week Opera, great week.

    • escruting


      This is unwatchable in Opera Next and Opera Stable on my W7 x64.

      All extensions disabled.

      Really Opera? You promised great website compatibility and you’re messing this more and more as the time goes by and we’ll end up with the same website problems as on Opera Presto.

      You just made Opera Blink work great with facebook, but thousands of other pages are working very poorly with your nordic exquisite designed browser with native UI and great Aura animations.

      This is working fine on Chrome, NOT Opera. Should we be happy with this? are YOU happy with this?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        The video played here with Opera 23.0.1508.0. Are you using the flash player or the html5 one?

        Note that Opera doesn’t support all codecs so many videos will not play when using html5.

        • escruting

          I was using flash player. Now its working, but yesterday the video was hanging all the time as it was loading and the whole browser (not just this tab) completely froze several times. My network connection wasnt working very well yesterday but it shouldnt generate a problem like this…

      • L33t4opera

        You can try the Adobe Flash 14 beta plug-in for Windows (PPAPI version) – install the plug-in, and launch the Opera as follows:

        …launcher.exe –ppapi-flash-path=”C:WINDOWSsystem32MacromedFlashpepflashplayer32_14_0_0_122.dll” –ppapi-flash-version=”″

        After that, go to the address bar, and type “opera://plugins/”, and press enter (or go to O-Menu>More Tools, and select the “Enable developer tools”, and then go to O-Menu>Developers Tools, and select the “Plug-ins”), then enable the plug-in. I checked the video in both: Opera Next 22.0.1471.40, and Opera Developer 23.0.1508.0, and it works without problems, here on my WinXP SP3.

      • escruting


        All the picture galleries on this news site are also completely unwatchable on Opera, since last year.

  • Fajar Vashra

    “not everyone wants the same thing” dev said….but as I can see all the the user here want the same thing , little modified , rather than new product that alienated all.

    • Rafael Luik

      Oooh of course, I should have know that the few people who comment here were given permission to represent Opera’s 50+ million of desktop users.

      • SQL

        You know that most of the users just use the search function?

  • Vux777

    font bug on this page (and odd bold fonts on many others)
    fine in stable build

    it’s non-eng. letters that are affected

    • Dmitry Kirin

      There’s even a greater bug here:
      When font is Segoe UI, everything is okay. If, however, it’s Segoe UI Light, Opera fails to find it, possibly because here on Russian Win7, names of font variants are localised: it’s Segoe UI тонкий. IE switches to use the Light variant correctly.

      • Vux777

        oddly, Presto had the same problem
        some letters from local language were bold and/or different font

  • Smith_90125

    Opera doesn’t make browsers anymore, it makes google maxthon. Do yourself a favour and download firefox.

    It says a lot about opera zealots that accounts on its forums get deleted for criticizing opera. I USED to be a fan, a user from version 3 to version 12, but not anymore.

    The opera timeline:

    1997 – Opera appeared
    2013 – Opera stopped making a browser
    2016 – Opera corporation ceased existence

    • ayespy

      Which demonstrates that you know exactly nothing about Opera, and what sort of company it is. You’re like the blind man holding onto the tusk of an elephant and declaring that an elephant is like a spear.

    • Rafael Luik

      accounts on its forums get deleted for criticizing opera

      I can assure you with 100% confidence that this is not the case.

      No legit user accounts are being deleted in the forum. Go spread lies elsewhere!

  • Yet Another Opera Lover

    You would what would be awesome? A single feature (just one) once a month, that I cared, at all, about. It’s been over a year and I’m still using 12.

    I have Opera Next open and doing very, very little, much to my chagrin. Welp, at least Twitter works on it.

  • A bit off-topic, but will Opera Mail ever get to Linux? I’m really looking forward to it.

    I don’t mind any state of the program, just press “compile” and send it over to me, I’ll be happy.

  • nanana1

    New Opera Developer build 1514.1 just uploaded to server for our testing !

  • nanana1

    Now Opera Next Build 1471.50 has become Opera final version release.


  • Yaroslav Agapov

    while page is being loaded you cannot focus on address line – the cursor constantly jumps at the beginning of the address.

    and I still need opera link with my passwords since I really don’t remember them!
    and I WANT TO OPEN NEW PAGES IN A NEW TABS! as it was in good old opera. and I don’t want to click middle button or press ctrl or anything else. bljad! and finally i need ctrl+shift+v that opens NEW TABS!

  • maddoctor

    where is the home button among other things?

  • maddoctor

    90%?Ok,look.I don’t need 90% of the features in opera 22.0.I just need it to perform.That simple.It doesn’t have to be pretty.It doesn’t have to look like Chrome.I have better uses for my mouse other than gestures.Everything they add to Opera takes away something.Security.Performance.Stability.Something’s got to suffer.I only installed Opera 22.0 a few days ago,coming from Opera 12.17.Man,I may as well had tried Google Chrome.Why use a clone when you can have the real thing.I think I’m just angry because I love Opera so much and I can see the direction they’re about to turn.More commercial.What I mean is,every software company wants that big break,just like a musician.You sing the old songs and everybody loves you.Once you get signed to a major label,you start sounding like every other musician on the market.Then your base fans start wondering,what the h3ll happened to you.Yeah,you got the money,fame and perks that come with your status but your real fans are looking at you like you lost your mind.A year later,your not hot anymore and no one is buying your records or coming to your shows.Your done!!!

  • Vux777

    new next

  • Your bee

    This is very nice post , it is very informtive ..

    mac memory upgrade

  • Zulfiqar Rizvi

    add this extension is not installing in my Opera 22.0, what i do? it`s very important for me

  • Eternal Optimist

    Too damn slow to load pages, despite being touted as one of the best browsers for older, slower computers. I gave up on Opera within an hour