Opera Developer 23: Now with Unprefixed CSS Transforms

Today we move the developer stream to 23.0.1499.0 and with it another big bump to our underlying rendering engine, allowing us to keep up to date with the latest web standards.

As our long-term users will know, standards are very important to us here at Opera. The latest example of this is that Opera 23 now supports Unprefixed CSS Transforms. Something I know that many of you have been waiting for. To ensure that we can have further such improvements, a number of our developers are currently participating in the BlinkOn 2 conference (a conference for Blink contributors). Being part of such a conference allows for the kind of collaboration that should help open the web even more.

Future improvements

I thought I would spend a moment to talk more generally about Opera for desktop computers and our development efforts. In addition to the work on 23, we have many ongoing projects to further improve your browser. For example, we currently have internal projects looking at improvements to bookmarking and even more installer work. We can’t promise you will see the results right away but don’t think for a moment we have slowed down in our efforts!

Collaboration with other browser vendors

It is not just internal work however. As mentioned above, Opera is actively working to engage in further cross collaboration. This isn’t limited just to our work on Chromium, Blink, V8. Recently some of our developers have also been working with a Mozilla technology, PDF.js. Our work on PDF.js has a little way to go and is not the only avenue we have explored. From these results however, we concluded that PDF.js is a very valid candidate to be used as the default PDF viewer in the Opera Browser.


As the first developer build for 23 and with a big bump to our rendering Engine there is always the chance that something could be broken, despite our very best efforts! Therefore, please give this release a thorough test and let us know if you find any issues.

Known issues

  • The page loading icon is in the wrong location on Windows


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