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  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the update Mateusz, and stabilization fixes 😉

    • Cryio

      The stabilization fixes were surely needed. I didn’t have an Opera version crashing this often since 12.00 alpha/beta something.

  • Thanks.

  • ammodytes

    in previous and this new version i have problem with google, when i click on images when searching something i get old layout. Image in atachement.

    • It just started to happen, google is discriminating Opera again, I just started to see this problem with Opera 20, and just last week it was fine.

      Switch to Bing or use another browser for Image search, it’s on behalf of google.

      • Rinne Tensei

        Yaa.. choose bing as default search.. I don’t know why google do this to opera..

        • Krasen Ivanov

          I wonder why we have switched to Opera Chromium that even google does not like the Chromium part of opera and ignores it. What is the point to use Chromium ?

    • I rediscovered Bing images thanks to Google. Not bad at all.

    • Guest703

      Have you got an addon or userscript that may be doing this? Just look for &sout=1 in the URL bar and remove that part of the URL and it should go to the new Google images. The old Google images is actually superior, the only thing is you can’t directly link to an image using the old one, due to Google idiocy.

    • Giuseppe Attanasio

      I really hate this problem hope will be fixed

      • Funny Death

        Just change user agent string (set “chrome”)

    • Vux777

      I had similar experience
      for dev (with english installation) i cleared google cookies, and after that it was working fine…
      but then latest NEXT (with installation on my native language) started to load old google or not allowing me image search at all… in that case, setting English on top (drag and drop) for preferred language helped… now works fine

    • Cerise

      For now I’m using the user-agent switcher extension to spoof Chrome, and that gets full function back. That extension doesn’t remember between settings, but at least it’s only once per launch.

    • Ionut Haiduc

      go to , it solved the problem for me

    • Sidney Moraes

      I have that too but only happens in private tabs

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      We’re looking into it.

      • Mladen Mladenov

        I’m getting the WHOLE old Google design, not just images. Opera Next 21.0.1432.48

      • Alexandre Cavaco

        The new Google Maps cannot be used fully also, it now defaults to “Lite” mode (no 3D view). It has always worked well before.
        Can you share any update with us in this regard?

    • Suyash Gupta

      I too getting the same problem… !!

    • Dacha204

      I have same problem. But I solved it by spoofing user-agent via Just change to Chrome on Windows and you are good to go.

    • kevinwang2

      Yeah this is ridiculous. Google is shamelessly pushing their old design against us Opera users (see the © 2013 at the bottom? They don’t even bother to change a digit). If they wish I stayed with Chrome, they shouldn’t have ruined their user interface (after using the Chromium based Opera for several months, the design of Chrome omnibox looks like a joke every time I launch it).

      I used to love Google, and I still do. I used to believe Google is diligently pushing the open web forward, and I still do. But this move is not acceptable — they are destructing the web through monarchy. The product manager of Search should be fired immediately.

  • pytajnik

    one question about sync – WHEN? Back in the days Opera was the only browser that actually supoprted such awesome thing, and now, Opera is the only browser that does NOT have a synchronization across all devices, srsly, there’s no point of using this browser.

    • Drop DA Drop

      Í totally agree, pointless browser atm.

    • Alexandre Cavaco

      Sync should first appear in some Developer version. These Next versions are feature closed, so don’t expect it in this stream.
      I’m using Sync through opera flags, but it only syncs between desktop browsers, that’s true.

    • kevinwang2

      Wait, sync is already there… Go to opera://flags, and enable “synchronization” yourself.

  • Prepare to kiss smooth scrolling good bye!!


    why you removed the smooth scrolling?

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

      The Smooth scrolling was first removed from Chrome v34 not by Opera Software.

      • Hunk

        Is it Blink bug or is it by design?

        • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

          I don’t know. Maybe they forgot to improve it, because it didn’t work properly? I don’t know.

          • SQL

            It’s a problem with Aura -.-

            Aura has been just bad for us, and Opera still says it’s an important change.

            Too bad your “important” change took the loved smooth scrolling away, is this how your design works? Give us a useless feature that we can’t even control and then break several good features.

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            Ah, I just forgot that. Sorry about that 🙁

          • DD64

            That’s how Opera works now.

    • klasnic

      This happens when you don’t use your own code.

      • INFINUM

        it haven’t smooth scrolling

        • Have a look at its settings. It’s not exactly “smooth scrolling”, but scroll is adjustable via “custom scrolling functions”.
          I guess that’s better than nothing?

  • iG0Lka

    How to make when Opera to exit, it deleted their cache files? or how to limit cache size, for example up to 20MB? How to completely disable cache?

    I made a small bat file, at system startup this bat file completely erases files cache Opera. Nothing performance loss I had not noticed. so I want to Opera does not use the cache,or significantly limit its size.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Disk cache is disabled only when you browse in private mode, which is Incognito in Chrome.

      I’ve written a VBScript that is launched by a Windows Scheduler every hour during the day. It checks if an opera.exe process is running; if not, it simply deletes all files in cache folders for all channels (Next, Dev, and Stable) and both the standard and custom location.

      The custom location for cache is a RAM disk. I specify the cache size limit using the command-line option --disk-cache-size=N, where N is in bytes. The RAM disk size also serves as the overall size limit for the cache.

      • iG0Lka


        Прописал в строку запуска Оперы E:opera_nextlauncher.exe –disk-cache-size=1
        в результате в каталоге кэша только несколько индексных файлов и всё – т.е. кэширование по факту отключилось.
        никакого падения скорости отрисовки страниц не заметил.

        Prescribed in the startup line of the Opera E: opera_next launcher.exe – disk-cache-size = 1
        resulting in only a few cache directory index files and all – ie Caching in fact disabled.
        no drop in speed page rendering is not noticed.

  • Ghest

    Can’t upgrade to newer Next builds due to the Aura introduction which does not work on Ahtlon XP CPUs. It’s a SSE based restriction. The only way around it is me upgrading my CPU.

    • Yes, you’re right. There’s no other way. Chromium ditched support for SSE-based processors so unfortunately you won’t get any further updates by any Chromium-based browser.

      • Max Nrws

        Seems to be true, new Opera 21, 22 need CPU with SSE2.
        After so many years forced to drop Opera… sadness around me…

        • Well, Windows 8.1 also requires SSE2, doesn’t it?
          Maybe it’s time to update your processor or get a new device… I guess you’ll start encountering more and more of those issues now.

          • Max Nrws

            For browsing html SSE2 instructions??
            And Opera should inform about this requirements.

            Now I’m finishing migration to Firefox (they recommend SSE2, but still working – at least version 29).
            And with addons: flashblock, imglikeopera, clippings I have good old Opera 12 (with bookmarks and sync so on mobile also switch to Firefox…)

          • Opera wasn’t able to inform you about this since it is a change that Google’s devs made for Chromium.
            They didn’t know either.

        • DD64
    • klasnic

      Wow… that is really pathetic.

  • Guest

    compatibility issues, discrimination at Google, pages with embedded videos like this only stays charged and shows no video

  • Gabriel Cardenas

    compatibility issues, discrimination at Google, pages with embedded videos like this only stays charged and shows no video.

    • It’s been a really weird day today for Opera users, hasn’t it?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Why do you say that?

        • Well, I just have to say I’m seeing an old layout of Google when I search something since yesterday. And then I came here to read the comments to see if it was happening to someone else. So I realized it is happening to a lot of people among with other troubles, like the ones Gabriel Cardenas says.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      But video works fine in Chrome?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Yep. Maybe it uses an unsupported codec.

  • Deus Ex Vino

    Please publish your roadmap, if possible. We would really appreciate seeing what your current and near future goals are – it would probably (maybe) earn you some positive feedback if we knew good stuff is coming, if its not here yet.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      As i said before, something like this has a very little chance of happening imho.

      • Magnus

        And from where do you take that statement?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It was already discussed here before.

          • SQL

            so you just confirmed that opera doesn’t want to improve their community management in a way people want them to. cool.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I just said that this “Opera should reveal their roadmap” thing was discussed before.

            The main point is that, unfortunately, there are many usrs that can’t deal with roadmaps, so releasing one could cause more trouble than benefits.

    • mikemanger

      The next/developer builds are the “near future” roadmap. I guess they don’t provide a far future one for the same reason Google and other vendors don’t – features can slip and they don’t want to disappoint people (which would lead to confusion – see Linux support).

      Something like this (unofficial) Mozilla feature roadmap on would be nice.. it says if things are likely/unlikely to make it into certain releases.

    • icetom

      they probably dont want to shy people away right now. When we asked for real bookmarks, an Opera member now and then stated that internal surveys said that the most Opera users didnt use bookmarks. Why exactly does he always bring that up, but he is not beeing clear about whether they will do it or not?
      That leads me to the conclusion that they are intentionally delaying to state that they will never implement them like in 12.xx. What they should have posted is a clear confession that they hear us and that they are willing to implement them. That avoiding to make clear statments is just unrespectful towards us.
      I dont want to wait 2 years to finally read that they do not plan to implement certain features 12.xx had.

      • Deus Ex Vino

        I will stay on Opera 12 as long as possible from security point of view, and switch to FF or IE afterwards.
        And i still dont get it – Bookmarks might not be used by most Opera users, but why are so many people asking for it? Opera is not like other browsers – version <=12 was perfect to be installed for your grandmother – so she doesnt have to bother with security and mailcheck.
        but power users are the driving force behind it.

  • There are still problems with Flash Player, some things work (ex. Candy Crush on facebook works but other games not) sometimes it says to install Flash Player. But i already have installed the latest version

  • I think there’s a bug in the way Opera interprets secure site.

    If you go here:

    there should be the green badge with the info from the ev

    it works with Opera 20, Opera 12, IE 11, Chrome 34, Firefox 28, but not with Opera next 21: it states that “The page contains some insecure content”

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve got the green badge with Opera 22 and 21.

      • You are right. I tried today after several weeks without the green badge, I cleaned cache, history and the rest and now the green badge is shown.

  • inDigazzZ

    We should be able to uncheck ‘Reuse current tab’

  • starbeamrainbowlabs

    What do you mean by “Final Version”?

    • ayespy

      They mean it’s approaching a state where they can promote it to “Opera Stable.”

      • starbeamrainbowlabs

        Thank you – It seemed unclear to me 🙂

      • starbeamrainbowlabs

        Thanks 🙂

  • Steffie

    Can someone pls explain how to check the md5 checksums on the various Opera Setup EXEs after i download them? I must be doing something wrong… Eg: :
    “next/21.0.1432.48/win/Opera_Next_21.0.1432.48_Setup.exeac1d9b3e5fd472f15e1a990019787cff” –> from which i assumed the md5 must be “ac1d9b3e5fd472f15e1a990019787cff”. However when i run 2 independent md5 checkers on the files i downloaded, i instead get “9404E65274834FC7F1F045F1F92DB9F9”, ie, a mismatch. When downloading, its indicated size is 26.8 MB (28,070,480 bytes), compared to my Win7 x64 Explorer saying it was only actually 26.7 MB (28,070,480 bytes)… same bytes but 0.1 MB less, which seems arithmetically impossible. I was so confused at this that i gave up on the setup.exe & used the netinstaller instead.

    This discrepancy also occurred yesterday when i downloaded the latest Developer setup.exe [did it 3 times, with one being via 12.17’s better download manager]. All 3 times the indicated size pre & during download was 26.4 MB (27,647,600 bytes), but all 3 times after download my Win7 x64 Explorer said it was only 26.3 MB (27,647,600 bytes)… same bytes but 0.1 MB less, which AGAIN seems arithmetically impossible. From : “pub/opera-developer/22.0.1471.5/win/Opera_Developer_22.0.1471.5_Setup.exe6ceda08a8236d1341e7c721268eb3714” –> from which i assumed the md5 must be “6ceda08a8236d1341e7c721268eb3714”. I was not surprised when my two md5 checksum utilities again told me that the hashes did not match … all 3 times “0FBE3DBA71923A5AE71339F433A359B8”. Being very annoyed by this time, & noting that my AV & MalwareBytes pgms were happy with the setup.exes, i decided to risk installing anyway.

    As far as i can tell since then, Developer & Next seem to be running well … so what use were the checksums? I’d really like to learn what my mistake is.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Steffie, it seems to be all fine, please take a look at the first line of the “md5sum.txt” file, the schema is as follows: the md5 checksum, then the installer exe file for the checksum, and not in the reverse order 😉

      • Steffie

        Hi L33t4opera … you are a genius, & i feel like a bit of a goose. I’m both amused & frustrated with myself that it never even crossed my mind that the correct checksum listed in the Opera text pages is in each case the code BEFORE, not the code After as i had erroneously used. Thank you so much for showing me this; now [of course] my md5 checksum checkers are happy with the files i’d downloaded. 🙂

  • Rinne Tensei

    I want you to enable overlay scroll bars in opera UI.. it is pretty cool. but it doesn’t work in O21 and O22 very well. in some cases in renders the old scrollbars.

    Please implement a good bookmark manager or just improve stash so that we can use that in place of bookmark manager

    • That’s why it is still a flag and hasn’t been promoted to a visual setting.

      • Rinne Tensei

        yeah I know, and it will remain a flag until chrome accepts it as setting or default scroll. but in chrome 34 it actually works without any flaw. in all the websites I visited.

  • MiKu

    “/” doesn’t work for finding in page (advanced shortcut), others (dot, comma) work

    • L33t4opera

      Hi MiKu, it works here without problem, please make sure, that you have enabled the “Enable advanced keyboard shortcuts” option within Settings(Alt+P)>Browser>Shortcuts.

      • MiKu

        I have enabled advanced keyboard shortcuts. As I mentioned other advanced shortcuts (comma, dot) for finding work. Only slash character doesn’t work. Slash worked some versions back, but I don’t know how many. Maybe before adding others, as I remember in first versions, only slash “/” was available, others (comma, dot) were added later.

        • Vux777

          same here
          dot and comma works, slash doesn’t

          • L33t4opera

            Hi Vux777, do you mean the “OemSlash” (FemSlash), or rather the “Div” key on the numeric keypad?

          • Vux777

            on numeric keyboard
            “/” above number 7 zooms out maximum…that’s how it is in my case.
            adv. key. shortcuts checked

          • L33t4opera

            In that case, if you want, then you can remap it as follows:
            1. Close the Opera, and go to the Opera’s profile dir
            (find the path in: O-Menu>About Opera>Paths>Profile),
            2. Open the “Preferences” file in your text editor, and edit it as follows:{
            "Keybindings": {
            "Advanced": {
            "Find": [ "OemSlash", "Shift+OemSlash", "Div" ]
            "Settings": {
            "AdvancedEnabled": true
            3. Save the changes, relaunch the Opera.

            The “Div” means the divide-key on the numeric keyboard.

          • Vux777


  • nancy

    I hate the lack of a bookmark panel. I was hoping it would be in this one but it’s not — I have hundreds of bookmarks I use in my work every day and can’t possibly stash them all on a toolbar. If there is no bookmark panel I might as well use firefox. I keep trying to update but I go back to 12. I’ve been a faithful user for a decade but this is maddening. Also, the bookmark ‘dropdown’ gives the option to delete or move items, but the delete function doesn’t work.

    • Kurt Zon

      for what it’s worth – i have one folder on my quick access bar (or whatever it is called these days). in that one folder i have 26 sub folders named a,b,c,…..,z.
      my bookmarks are located in these sub folders. works fine for me…..

      • ayespy

        Ditto – except mine only requires 20 sub-folders, and they are named by subject and arranged alphabetically.

        I have always had a “licensing” folder, a “courts” folder, an “email providers” folder and an “other states” folder (with 50 subfolders in it) on my bookmarks bar and as soon as bookmarks bar and sub-folders were working right in Opera again, I once again started using Opera as my default browser. The only difference now is instead of a bookmarks panel I have a bookmarks folder at the far left of the bar that contains all that the panel used to contain, as many as 40 bookmarks per sub-folder.

        On the bookmarks bar are the same 26 bookmarks and folders I am used to, in their accustomed positions, marked by favicon only, no labels (except within the subfolders of course).

        So, bookmarks-wise, I am totally back to where I was, EXCEPT, I still can’t place the bar vertically on the right, and that still bugs me. But when vertical elements return to Opera, I expect to be a happy dude.

      • Steffie

        Hi Kurt & ayespy. If it’s of any interest or use, here’s an extract from a comment i made a couple of months ago on on this topic:

        “Like many i’ve been trying to work out the best way to use my legacy bookmarks in Opera 15 – 21. I’ve explored many Opera & Chrome bookmark extensions, but been mostly frustrated & disappointed. However i recently tried this, & am very pleased with it: 1. Install the Opera extension “Tidy Bookmarks”…, 2. Setup its powerful Options to your own taste, 3. Hide the Opera Bookmark Bar. This scheme is working really well for me; i like it a lot. Not having the BB taking up screen space is good, & the simple star icon in the extension bar gives me immediate access to all my bookmarks, as well as allowing ease of adding new ones. Seeing the number of people frequently posting about this important topic, i thought i’d share the idea with you. [PS – yes, i AM acutely aware this is not a Bookmark Manager, & yes i also would like the Opera12 Panels again … but this is a pretty good workaround, for me so far].”

        Now, back at the present time i’m happy to note that this continues to work really well for me, so much so that i implemented this not only on my private pc’s Next & Dev, but also on my various Work pc Operas. I have several hundreds of bookmarks & a complex structure of folders & subfolders, from my old Opera12, & with this solution per above, i feel that i have comparable excellent capability [re bookmarks, at least] in our latest Operas. Yay.

        PS – As others noted a few weeks ago, Tidy Bookmarks vanished from the Opera Add-Ons page & is now on the equivalent Chrome site instead.

        • ayespy

          Yah. I actually like the bar. I want the ten or twelve bookmarks I use over and over all day right there, zero clicks away at all times. The ones I use only once or twice every day can be a click away. The ones I use only once in a while can be in a sub folder. I know some people hate the bar, but I rely on it.

    • oic

      I’ve tried all the chrome/opera bookmarks. The only good ones are vbookmark and tidy bookmark

      – Recursive Bookmark Sorter, this extension autosort bookmark in alphabetically order. Must get as well

      – Bookmark Sentry (scanner), this extension find duplicates, errors, broken links etc.

      • L33t4opera

        Hi Oic, maybe some of these will meet your expectations.

  • Bodo Dieckvoß

    I’m still missing the open-link-in-a-new-tab-mouse-gesture. Am I the only one?

    • Joana Silva

      Nope, you are not alone, I miss this feature also, I miss too much. But I solved this issue with the extension “Gestures for Google Chrome”. Disable the native mouse gestures in Opera then install this extension, and be happy. 😉

    • Fukurokudzu

      i switched to middle-button and shift+middle button, and it’s ok at the end of a day.

  • SQL

    Downloads pop out or whatever it’s called, the manager for downloads is shown even though i haven’t downloaded anything, trying to empty the downloads doesn’t do anything, the manager button is visible without anything inside

    • Vux777

      it’s not shown here when empty
      win7 x64 latest next

  • Steffie

    I’m having ongoing difficulties with logging into these pages to post comments … as usual i simply cannot log in via either Next or Developer, regardless if i open the page in a std or private window, or even if in a std tab i white-list the page in Ghostery; nothing works. Not that i do post many comments, but invariably whenever i do, i MUST use one of my Mozilla or Trident browsers; currently my fall-back whenever Opera lets me down is Pale Moon x64 [which immediately & hassle-free today again let me log in & post, same as Waterfox also does].

    Interestingly i just found now that my Comodo Dragon misbehaves exactly as Opera, ie, the Disqus login popup box simply appears briefly then vanishes again [despite my making “” an Exception in my Settings that otherwise ban popups; same as in Opera Next & Dev’s Settings]. Sleipnir4 when using its Blink engine equally fails with same misbehaviour, but when i change to its Trident engine, i can login no hassles. Sleipnir5 devolved only to Blink, & it also fails ditto. I refuse to install Chrome to try it, but so far for me at least the pattern is that i cannot login to Disqus using ANY Blink-engined browser, sadly including Opera.

    How are others surmounting this problem?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Have you tried adding as an exception?

      • Steffie

        Hi Leonardo, thanks — that’s a great idea which i’d overlooked. Sadly however even though i’ve now added that popup exception in both Next & Dev, i still cannot login with either browser [hence, sadly, this reply is again being posted via Pale Moon]. Frustratingly & ironically, if i quickly read the address field during the very brief time the popup is visible, i can see each time that it changes to add “success” at the end … but it’s obviously misleading coz i still cannot get in via my Operas 🙁

        • Steffie

          UPDATE — posted from my Dev 22.0.1471.5 — amazingly just after posting my preceding reply via Pale Moon, i glanced back at Dev [both browsers open side by side], & i saw that now in Dev i *AM* logged in. It’s like there was some large time delay [of several minutes, maybe 10′ or more], compared to instantaneous login when i use Pale Moon. Tis quite weird…

          • Steffie

            Oh rats, i give up!! Many minutes after the preceding Update, i reloaded the page [in Dev], only to find that i was now logged out again & all attempts to get back in [in Dev] failed. Hence, it’s back to Pale Moon to post this comment … so bitterly ironic when the blog is for Opera not P/M. Sigh.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Do you have cookies enabled?

          • Steffie

            My settings are:

            –> Allow local data to be set
            –> Block third-party cookies

            As you put this idea into my head i have just now also added to the Cookies Exception list [“Allow”], but then reloading the page in Dev & trying again to login, still failed. It’s so strange!

          • disqus must be added to the exceptions list.

            I never had any problems commenting in this blog here using any version of Opera.

          • Steffie

            Oh wow, thanks heaps Rafael; now after adding also to the Cookies Exceptions list, i am logged in again, in Dev. Fingers crossed this will not be merely only temporary, again. Appreciate the help all respondents gave me 🙂

          • Nice. 🙂

      • It is a 3rd party cookie issue

        Add & to the exceptions for 3rd party cookies

  • Thx for the updated Opera 12.17 Rooks keep it updated 🙂 All users are going crezy by the new version 12.17 🙂 Now they are all happy to see Opera full features of version 12 again you find them all here:

  • Sierra

    How to Export Bookmarks from Opera to another browser?

    • Max Nrws

      install google Chrome, copy file: Bookmarks from Opera profile to Chrome profile, then export in Chrome to html, and uninstall Chrome.
      Or one by one move bookmark to other browser.

      • Sierra

        Thank you.

    • ayespy

      You can install XMarks to sync Opera bookmarks into any other browser.

  • Toan Nguyen

    Opera still flashes the Discover page as you scroll down. This didn’t happen in several updates back. Is anyone having this issue too?

    • Yes, having same issue and is really annoying

  • Fajar Vashra

    I wonder why the dev still put opera chrome in motion when the user say just change the functionality to old version, and another third party say “I hate you , you dup my work ” .

  • Dark Magician

    Seriously people, it’s been too long.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What is been too long?

      • Dark Magician

        Development, that is going nowhere.

  • Ionut Haiduc

    go to , it solved the problem for me

    • rpsgc works fine, but local sites (, .de, etc) still have the old look.

      And seeing as Opera thinks it knows what’s best for us, I, and many others, are stuck with the localized sites for search and for that there is no fix (yet).

      So, good job Opera! Make all my search engines default to my country against my will.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        I’m not sure it has anything to do with Opera. There has definitely been some quirk with Google recently, with its localisation and image search. Deleting Google cookies has helped.

        As for Opera, it only uses regional settings for selecting default locale and the hardwired search engines. You can change that locale in the file Local State, and Opera will remember that. On the other hand, Google may use IP geolocation to detect your country, probably, against your intent.

        • rpsgc

          I’ll check that, thanks.

          But that’s not a valid excuse. It should look at the interface’s language and nothing more. People living abroad, expats, etc, they don’t want everything in the local language.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Normally, expats would use their native regional settings in Windows and Opera would inherit it. But yeah, an option to choose language would be convenient, especially now that overriding the locale is the only way to trick Opera into choosing another search engine as default…

  • SQL

    I really don’t understand why does Opera want us to install our loved missing features as plugins..? The reason i want to use a browser is its features – built in features, not some random plugins witten by 12-year old hackerkids…

    • klasnic

      Awaiting stupid excuses and attacks from Chropera 15 (sellout) fanboys in 5…4…3…2…1….

    • Dmitry Kirin

      The reason why you use any software is that it allows you to solve specific tasks and fulfils your requirements for quality, productivity, security, convenience, etc. If you’ve formulated such a list and there’s a software that meets all those prerequisites, it’s what you’ve wanted, by definition.

      Core+plugins is just one of the philosophies in application programming. It allows separating the core from modules that extend its behaviour. It allows third parties to write those modules and in the end, delivers you functionality faster. Of a poorer quality?—Maybe. Choose another plugin or another provider, then. To use or not to use: that is the question, eh? It’s the same question as with any other software and even OS. Plugin model doesn’t change it, it just outlines the choice boundaries sharper.

      • klasnic

        Dude, Opera is not open source… That’s why people buy Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and other applications, because those companies build exceptional programms as true professionals. Go use their open source equivalents which are built by amateurs and whatever, and see the difference for yourslelf if you not understand…

        • Dmitry Kirin

          It’s not about open source vs proprietary. It’s about philosophy of creating the extensibility. Out of that extensibility, many things might grow: state-of-the-art and rubbish, free and paid for. It does not in itself prevent Opera from writing perfect extensions themselves. Whether they are willing to do it at all or just right now, that’s another question. They can do it or leave it up to others. There’s more freedom in that than in saying, ‘okay everybody, you’re not going to see us the following 2 years as we’ll be forging a perfect app.’ First off, because we won’t agree on what perfection is.

          • klasnic

          • ayespy

            Sounds like you need to just go out and buy yourself the perfect browser (i’m sure it must be out there for the right price, because some browser company approaches the problem in the perfect fashion – ie, they THINK JUST LIKE YOU) and leave Opera alone. They will NEVER make you happy, so quit wasting your time here.

            It’s like you want to marry a completely incompatible spouse because if you just abuse them long enough and hard enough, they will become the spouse you always wanted. Not. Gonna. Happen.

          • klasnic

            Sounds like you need to just go out and buy yourself the perfect browser (i’m sure it must be out there for the right price, because some browser company approaches the problem in the perfect fashion – ie, they THINK JUST LIKE YOU) and leave Opera alone. They will NEVER make you happy, so quit wasting your time here.

            It’s like you want to marry a completely incompatible spouse because if you just abuse them long enough and hard enough, they will become the spouse you always wanted. Not. Gonna. Happen.

            I will repeat it for you and add the obvious since I don’t want to waste my time with you, “here” is ok.

            Again, if this browser would cost, I’m pretty sure no one (including you) would pay for it, contrary to O12. People pay for awesome.

          • ayespy

            And yet, no one pays anything here, so the introduction of the idea of what pay-for software is like, and why, is a) completely irrelevant and b) not applicable to the development model of this browser.

            I would like not to waste my time with you, either. But as it is my habit to stay completely current on the exchange between users and developers, and between users and users, I am repeatedly assaulted by your toxic and unhelpful comments, gratuitously denigrating developers and users alike (ie “sellout Chropera 15 fanboys” etc.). You are so miserable with the product, it is impossible to understand why you torture yourself (and us) with how terrible your web experience is with this browser.

            NO ONE is completely happy with the state of development, yet, and still most users manage to be civil and constructive with their criticisms and requests. You and a couple of others stand out as stark exceptions to that general rule.

          • icetom

            “And yet, no one pays anything here, so the introduction of the idea of what pay-for software is like, and why, is a) completely irrelevant and b) not applicable to the development model of this browser.”

            I fully agree to “be civil and constructive with their criticisms and requests”, but what I quoted on top
            that is a common logic error amongst commenters. First of all, “noone pays anything” is completely ignoring what is happening behind the curtain.

            Facebook or other services are also “free”, but we pay with our data. Thinking that Opera lives only from sunny weather (pun intended) and love is naive, they got contracts with Google and maybe the companys behind the standard site bookmarks be it the standard search engine and maybe things which are not publically disclosed – we pay with our data.

            Also, many including myself would be willing to pay for Opera again. Opera chose the way, to make the browser “free”, and so they will have to cope with the reactions that come with it. Today, noone cares if something is “free” or not, people move on if it does not meet their standards.

            So Opera can just do what they want, because their browser is “free” and compete with other “free” browsers. Or they can actually implement what people who state their voice want – because it is hard to serve people who do not raise their voice. Those who do not take part in the discussion will move away in the blink of an eye anyway when they see a “better” alternative, there is no loyalty from most users nowadays. That is what Opera will (have to) learn.

          • Alexandre Cavaco

            Why don’t you continue to use Opera 12.17 then?

          • SQL

            It’s not functioning well anymore. Aka unusable on modern sites. I know Opera can provide quality and i’m waiting for it, but nothing’s happening. Yes – now pull out the fat that opera 12.xx was built within 10 years, but ever since that the technology has changed – programming has changed – everything’s now easier and they’re even using a ready engine. So tell me, where are the features? For 1 year what features have we got? In comparison to Opera 12.xx’s 10 years we should now have at least 1/10th of the features. But no. We have a skin for Chromium. Not even normal bookmarks. Not even Linux support. Mail client and torrents aren’t ever returning. trust me.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            You’re making a conclusion too general. What you’ve just said is that an entire philosophy equals failure, period. What else would we ditch? Maybe, client-server model, in its entirety? Why, it has led to so many awful database access implementations… 😉

            We still have to look at the tasks we want solved. Is open-source bad because of lack of enterprise standards? Maybe. GIMP worse than Photoshop? In general and for professionals, yes. For my tasks, no. I wouldn’t condemn it even over its features, and to condemn the entire open-source approach is just silly.

          • klasnic

            “What you’ve just said is that an entire philosophy equals failure, period.”

            Exactly. And not I, the results speak for themselves in that matter.

          • Eleftherios Simotas

            I tend to agree with SQL. Opera lost many of its most devoted desktop users by failing to port over some of the best Usability features it had (like panels). I was using Opera exclusively up to 12.10 but have since switched.

    • ayespy

      If it were POSSIBLE To install vertical UI elements, visual tabs, and a mail client as extensions or plugins, I’m pretty sure I would do it.

      Unfortunately, those features have to be baked in. There are no extensions to alter the UI parameters or add foreign functions.

  • When will Opera implement Notes?

    Is there any extension which will provide this?

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Notes will not come back and there’s no extension which will provide this.

      • Do you know why they made this decison?

        I mean, Maxthoh which is also Chrome based have noted, and I really after Opera 5.12 don’t want to switch to another browser. 🙁

        • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski
          • Thanks for reply…

            Some things I just cannot understand. 🙁

          • klasnic

            Their new age design logic is that the new browser must be the same across all platforms (Apple products, PCs, tablets) so it is developed as strict and as closed as possible. Also the chromium engine does not support side panels. So imho, forget it…

          • Maxthon which is based on Chromium, have side panel… I can live without side panel, but I really want notes back, especially right click on form, insert notes option.

            New Opera is huge step back comparing to Opera 12.x and if nothing changes in near future, I will be forced to switch to another browser, since Opera 5.12. 🙁

    • Steffie

      You might wish to try “Note Board”, . Though it might not be to everyone’s taste, i began using it several months ago, in lieu of Opera native Notes functionality.

  • Tero Vatanen

    Why ctrl+space opens new tab. This has been changed in some earlier release. Earlier ctrl+space didn’t open new tab. It opened “speed dial” in current tab. Can behaviour be changed somewhere?

  • João Gonçalves

    I still can’t upgrade to this newer builds of Opera Next. I always get this error:
    It says something like “Fail to obtain execution privileges at administration level”.
    The problem is that I am the administration account and I allowed the installation.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi João,
      It seems to be known bug in the Opera’s installer. As a temporary workaround, you can try one of the ways, mentioned below:

      1. Not recommended way (security reasons):
      Change the permissions on the folder (within C:Program Files directory), that contains the Opera’s installation, allowing full control to your user account. However, it’s not recommend (especially if it’s administrative account), because it may weaken the security of Windows – in Windows Vista/7, applications should not store user-writable files in the “Program Files” folder, that’s what the ProgramData folder is for,

      2. Install the Opera in a different folder:
      You can create e.g. a folder named C:Opera Next, and install the Opera within it – this directory should not have the security protections, that C:Program Files has,

      3. The most secure, and recommended way:
      Install the Opera in the user-accessible folder (somewhere within the Windows user’s profile) – it should be restricted (ordinary) user account, and not administrator account.

      • João Gonçalves

        Thank you for your help.
        I will try what you’ve said.

  • Dovelove

    There is only ONE conclusion I can come from these blogs for a year…almost ALL old-timers that loved 12.16 Presto Opera HATE the new Opera and no one listens. I can’t wait for years either. I think it was a BIG mistake (so it HAD to be on purpose to destroy) to switch from Presto because you had no choice but to do so.

    Like net neutrality it will be taken over by LARGE corporations that leave LESS choice.

    I miss bookmarks, panels features I still am learning of 12 instead of the same old vanilla “Look and feel” stepford wives,Orwellian apple ad browser.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      almost ALL old-timers that loved 12.16 Presto Opera HATE the new Opera

      Well, it’s something almost impossible to confirm.

      • Dovelove

        You just pointed out the REAL problem apparently you don’t read your own blogs, I really don’t think it’s Operas fault I blame it on the sheep that are so lazy they can’t do anything themselves so they go to one Goliath in the cloud GOOGLE.

        Opera just THREW out the idea of a PAID browser so I guess the newbies ( I doubt any original Opera programmers are around anymore) THEY are unable to think out of the box even though people are asking for it.

        People BETTER wake up , I don’t think they will) , THERES A HUGE PRICE TO PAY FOR FREE!!!, because in actually isn’t. That price MAY be greater than MONEY!!

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, i don’t work for Opera and i even had a blog, so i really can’t read my own blog.

          I don’t know about original programmers but there are long time ones still working for Opera.

          What’s the relation between the fact that Opera was a paid software more than a decade ago and the current work or the way the developers think? I really couldn’t get the connection.

          They can think out of the box without need to think like you or like a dozen few people. In fact that was exactly because they were always able to think out of the box that Opera could evolve during those almost twenty years. And that’s because of it that Opera will keep evolving.

          Sometimes drastic changes and complex choices are needed for something and/or someone to evolve, even some that may not please everyone.

          And btw, if nowadays there are lots of people complaining here that Opera aren’t adding features, in the past, during the Presto times and even before that, there was a same amount complaining “why Opera is adding so many features?”.

      • Dovelove

        Not really I don’t see ANY old timers on THIS blog that were always on before….seems to indicate that people have given up! Hard to judge losses when you don’t see all the ones that have just given up.They talk of trolls but they can be on the other side also.

        Also this is wasted time haven’t been on in a long time and it will probably be longer…you missed the point COMPLETELY. Another lost soul downloaded the new firefox today.

        I’m sure all will be happy because they all want uniformity not out of the box thinking like it used to be . I just know these versions are not as configurable as 12.16 was so… say what you will can’t hide from the truth. Some just want change for change sake.

        Example some day you’ll grow up too…..give me old cast iron powercraft woodworking tools..not stamped steel MADE in CHINA junk as now people are satisfied with. Proves the dumbing down of America.

        • ayespy

          You don’t see me?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Not really I don’t see ANY old timers on THIS blog that were always on before..

          Well, you’ve just met an long time Opera user. At least i think that 15+ years is a long time.

          seems to indicate that people have given up!

          Some users has left Opera many years ago, maybe because thet just wanted a browser that doesn’t needed so many workarounds to display lots of pages. Others are still using Opera but don’t have enough time to spend on foruns, blogs or whatever.

          And many started leaving because, unfortunately, this place has become worse a kindergarden, with people preferring to act like a child than discussing like adults.

          Hard to judge losses when you don’t see all the ones that have just given up.They talk of trolls but they can be on the other side also.

          Less people here or even old times users not talking here doesn’t mean less Opera users. The active ones here represents 0,0000000001% of the total of Opera users and also, satisfied users usually don’t come to blogs/foruns or whatever to say that. They come when they need help and it’s more and more dificult to achieve some useful help here because of what i’ve said above and also because of the trolls that insist in hijacking other ones comments to say their mimimi.

          • myoperaexile

            Yup, I don’t even bother to visit the blogs to read comments, Disqus is such a horrible UX even compared to the old my opera blog comments.

            I keep up by reading the RSS feed and skimming any posts that are obvious rants. It takes such an effort to actually fire up the web page, wait for comments to appear, sort by date, find the relevant disqus comment, sign in, etc. that it puts me off responding.

            Also, because the RSS feed doesn’t contain any quoting of previous messages, it’s not always possible to understand the context of a discussion and is easier to just ignore if I can’t work out immediately what a person is responding to.

        • myoperaexile

          Many of us old timers would have found that their old myopera username was already taken in Disqus, which might account for why you don’t recognise us.

          For the record, I really miss proper mouse gestures (on links), Ctrl+Tab preview pane, and the ability to easily set and use nicknames in bookmarks.

          As it is, I have workarounds as follows: I hold Ctrl to click on links (annoying but not too bad); I tend to Ctrl+Tab and release multiple times until I find the tab I was actually after (annoying and a time waster but bearable); and I add my nickname URLs to the Search Engines and bring them up using nickname + space (I still don’t have all my nicknames transferred over because it’s such a pain to add them and no way to automate. Also I’m still hoping nicknames feature will be added to existing bookmarks).

          Things I don’t miss: frequent bugs, crashes, rendering issues in Presto engine, Offline Mode (I enable lazy tab loading). After about Opera 10 I was getting more disappointed with the speed of progress to be honest.

          So yes, it’s a bit frustrating… and some things have gone completely (like Notes sync w/MyOpera) but overall I am finding I can still get what I want done, just a fraction slower. I am quite happy using the following extensions to give me some of the cool features I had in Opera 12:

          – Classic Tabs (a must!)

          – Smart RSS and its companion, RSS Detector (again, both a must!)

          – Browse++

          – Download Control by Christoph D. (Actually, this was not possible in Opera 12, so this is an improvement).

    • Laga Mahesa

      As an old-timer, I also hated on Opera Next. However, upon revisiting it when forced to by too many instances of failed renderings and what not by 12.16, I found that I liked it. The bookmarks bar is fine for long term storage, and the speed dial is perfect for rapid access. Panels I’ve replaced with toolbar extensions, though I never used them much to start with.

      Things I still miss sorely: proper sync, more ‘oomph’. It isn’t bloated by modern standards, but that’s a sign of the times.
      Things I would like to return: Proper theming and customization of the UI.
      Things I don’t miss: Mail.
      Things I really REALLY dislike: Unable to disable or proxy Opera’s fraud check and Chrome’s handling of HTTPS proxies. This is a huge pain for LAN installations at my school where I like to be able to disable/enable internet access via Proxomitron.

      • Dovelove

        Give me mail again that was interagal and GREAT don’t want my mail on cloud, but that isn’t “cool” someone else in control.

        • Laga Mahesa

          I prefer separate, specialized apps. I don’t like having such important functionality play second to something arguably less important, a browser. For mail I much prefer full clients like Forte Agent or Postbox, both of which handle my massive archive going back to 2001.

  • 30011887

    as of today im also getting the old google layout, looks crap, images dont work anymore, its only happening with opera

  • Noemi Ferguson

    so many problems, google reverse image search wasn’t working, on youtube sound GLITCHES badly and if i try to play my philips go gear while using this current version it glitches badly

  • AlexBrtn
  • L33t4opera

    Opera Next 21 has been promoted to the stable channel: 21.0.1432.57.

  • Version 21.0.1432.57_0 no longer works with Win 7 32 Bit. It blinks and disappears.

  • A. R.

    Please at least add Tab Stacking, Tab Grouping… whatever you want to call it.

    I would want to ditch 12.x already but Tab Stacking missing from the new Opera – this is where I draw a line, this is where I’m putting my feet down.

    No upgrade in sight until this signature feature is added.

    I also miss Notes.

    Also, as in Chrome, there should be an option to run all tabs in one process.

    Also customization should be as good as in 12.x. But I’m willing to wait.

    Could you for Opera 23 focus on getting 12.x users to upgrade? You know what the community has requested for long.

  • Jack O’Neill

    Since I have updated to the latest version this is 21 the font size of alls menus, toolbars and tabs are 8pt. It was at normal size before in the version 20 and it reflected the changed DPI value on my notebook which is 120%. Are you going to fix it or do I have to downgrade to the version 20 and turn of the updates?

  • How do I put it back to the older version, because now my speed dial is tiny?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      To go back to the previous build/version just delete the folder with the newest one.
      Don’t forget to close Opera before doing it.

      • That worked, thanks – but now I’m getting really sick and tired of the “Update ready to be installed” message… Back to Chrome I go.

        • Dwayne Pivac

          yes auto update is just rude!!!! bad form Opera

  • Guest

    So you deleted my question, rather than bothering to answer it?

  • When I launch V21 of Opera, the outline flashes on and off 3 times and then closes. I have V12 and that works. I am using Win 7 32 bit

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What are your computer specifications, specially the cpu?

  • I have also tried Opera NI stable. Still flashes 3 times and closes

  • On Opera V12 I cannot log into Pinterest – Opera simply will not retain the password and I get returned to Pinterest login window. Note: Login is correct.

  • Alexandre Cavaco

    Is PATCH-1164 (YouTube force Flash player for HTML5) still needed?

  • Pentium(R) Dual-Core E5800 @ 3.20GHz 3.20GHz and 400GB RAM

    • Vux777

      sarcasm or in love with 0 key?

  • I also use a Matrox Duel Head 2Go Digital Edition with 2 monitors

  • Just found that V21 will run in compatibility of “run this program as an administrator”

  • Larry Schneider

    As of a couple weeks ago, Opera has failed me. I can now no longer scroll using the scroll wheel on my mouse which makes Opera all but worthless to me. In fact, one of the reasons I switched to Opera some time ago was because Google Chrome stopped scrolling this way (it’s been a known problem with Chrome for a long time now). Anyway, if I can’t get Chrome to behave, I’m going to be forced to switch back to Firefox which has never had a scrolling problem.

    Does anyone know what might have happened? Obviously, I can scroll properly using every other program I own (except for Chrome, as I mentioned). I tried completely uninstalling Opera, deleting its folder, and reinstalling, but no luck!

  • Vux777

    new NEXT promoted to 22 22.0.1471.16

  • Shawnee NatureClub

    Just as I suspected Opera 21 is only for computers with SSE2 support. I tried to upgrade from Opera 20 to 21 on my old Pentium III 901 mhz. It obviously failed. This is a computer I use at an alternate residence 2 days a week. It’s got a great sound card and works great for internet radio.

    For computers using really old hardware like this I recommend Maxthon, which works extremely well with that old box.

  • FixTheSettingsMenuPLEASE

    How to move the CACHE file location ? I do NOT want it on C: that is my high speed SSD & I don’t want to waste it’s read/writes life cycles on random cache files… I have a spinning hard drive for temp downloads, caches, and huge media files… I need the cache out of my user profile and off of my C: SSD. The Cache file location is completely missing from the settings menu.

  • Arnaud

    Dear Developers,
    where are my “Wand”, “Insert note” and “Insert personal”, “Ctrl+B” functionalities ???
    Enough messing around.
    These are signature features of Opera. Without it, you will be making a FF/Chrome clone…

    Few weeks away from switching…

  • Asha Rona

    flash wont load my games at all i have to manually click each time annoying