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  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the update, and info Anna 馃槈

    • Marcin Mitek


      • L33t4opera

        Thanks Marcin 馃槈 I really appreciate the Developers effort and grateful for the fixes, and improvements in this build.

  • Hunk

    Any new features?

    • Piotr “Piter432” 呕贸艂towski

      They change Opera Off-Road name to Opera Turbo 馃榾

      • Cjcr

        That is the most notable change in this release 馃榾

      • odinuv

        Also known as “circular development” 馃榾

      • Hunk

        Yeah, this will be one of the main changes on release. This and silent update =D

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Then go to opera:flags and search for “turbo”.

          • Hunk

            opera:flags? Wow, that sounds too complex for me! Please Opera team, make this feature simpler =S

          • Leonardo Gomes

            You mean Menu > Opera Turbo?

    • Saskatchewan

      Can’t you see the highlights? I’ll quote all of them for you:



      • Marcin Mitek

        Nothing to highlight, we are back from the Easter break. We do not announce anything couple of weeks into the cycle. Though from time to time we will highlight some stuff and provide more details (like we did with engine flags regarding startup etc.)

        • Saskatchewan

          What purpose serves the “Highlights” header then. It only makes me thinking that something is missing and you probably forgot to fill it out.

          • Marcin Mitek

            Maybe it was placed there by mistake. There, I deleted it.

        • Nekomajin42

          20 days long break? Good for you.

          • Marcin Mitek

            Thanks, I don’t complain. 20 seems to be a little bit exaggerated though. Check how Easter holidays look like in Norway and Poland and you will notice that for almost a week there weren’t many people here and there in the offices.

        • klasnic

          Sorry to say that but you got nothing to highlight since O15 eitherway.

      • Hunk

        Oh, thank you, now i can see! Cool =X

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    I’m happy, that all bugs (that I found in the last edition) seem to be gone. There is only one thing I already found in the last version: the “-back-back-back-bug” in Youtube. Go on the Youtube page and search for something. Start watching the results. Always after returning from a video to the results page, Opera adds a “-back” to the url. So after some returns you see your search string followed by some “-back-back-back”s and Youtube will not find the search results anymore or wrong results.

  • Wraith

    Hey the new installer doesn麓t have “Spanish” language. 馃檨

    • It has: “Ingl茅s (Estados Unidos)” bu it will respect spanish if you’re updating.

      • Wraith

        Ok Thanks.

        • Marcin Mitek

          This should be fixed soon.

  • IllusionMH

    Looks like bug with Downloads popup:
    When you open popup all icons and dodnload times are in place but filenames appear after some delay.

    Also there is black gradient where long filenames should appear, and it dissappears(changes to proper white) after filenames are shown.

    Automatically updated from previous release.
    Windows 7 x64

  • oic

    DNA-18008 Adding speed dial folder to bookmark bar creates a bookmark with opera://startpage/#none address
    What is this? I like to add speed dial folder to bookmark bar, but theres no such feature

    • Dragging and dropping a SD folder there does nothing? If it doesn’t I think this is an indication it’ll work in the future.

  • Darklink88

    I see a lot of bugfixes for the mac version! Great! <3

  • So where is this “Heart menu” in Opera Flags?
    “Menu to add or remove active page to or from Speed Dial, Stash or bookmark bar.”

    Sounds pretty useful to me; does it not work yet or am I just missing something?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I also did not find a special “heart menu”, except the heart in the address bar. Maybe this is linux only. 馃檪

      • Piotr “Piter432” 呕贸艂towski

        “Mac only” 馃槈 There’s no currently any linux build of ChrOpera.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          I see, you understand me.

      • Veger

        Hehe… yes, I heard the Linux version also has Bookmarks and mail client included 馃槢

  • pidgin

    not sure if bug or not:
    when I only have a popup window open (when listen something from for example) I am unable to open a new window

    This is on stable version fwiw

  • MozPri

    20 days without a new build and all we get is bug fixes. This is going nowhere.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Opera turbo is back.

      • Piotr “Piter432” 呕贸艂towski

        Only one change :v But there’s a progress, hehe 馃榾

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          I’m really happy about those bugfixes.

      • inDigazzZ

        it was back in previous snapshot

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Not here. It still was caled Off-Road.

          • Marcin Mitek

            It was renamed for some countries earlier.

          • Piotr “Piter432” 呕贸艂towski

            Thanks for change name of this feature to original name. 馃檪 Some users, when you release ChrOpera thought, that there’s no Opera Turbo, but they didn’t check that Off-Road is the same as Opera Turbo.

          • I actually think that Off-Road mode is the better term, but I guess they reverted it for a reason…

          • Yes and the reason was that they thought there weren’t enough confused users so now the users who met the feature by the name Off-road (e.g. using Opera since 15 or by reading reviews in the web) will also be confused since now it’s called Turbo and they won’t find it, and more people will go back to thinking it should be used in broadband connections where it’ll probably make things actually slower and showing images a little more pixelated. Essentially the purpose is to make the lives of the people who like to help in the forums sh*ttier. 馃檪

    • MarkG54321

      Perhaps you missed the uclib bug fix right at the top of the list. Have a think about the implications of that…

  • I don’t see the HiDPI flag anymore… but I see the changelog has some HiDPI fixes. Should I be looking somewhere other than //flags to enable it now?

    • L33t4opera

      “If You’re using 200% DPI setting in Windows it will scale itself. The full HiDPI is not yet ready”…

      • For me, 125% DPI setting in Windows 8.1 gives me the most consistent UI look/feel for the rest of my windows apps. At 200%, I do find the Opera UI to look better — but at the expense of 90% of the other apps I use daily. The scaling method Opera used a few months back worked well for me; but, I’ll hold out for the refreshed HiDPI implementation to be ready. :-/

        Thanks for sharing the link to the previous post.

  • I’m sorry the flag “password-autofill-public-suffix-domain-matching@2” has disappeared. I can’t use the password autofill without it, now all forms offer absolutely offtopic logins (and http auth dialog offers nothing). At times like these I’d really like to revert to previous version and have autoupdate disabled.

    • come on, even chrome still has it: chrome://flags/#password-autofill-public-suffix-domain-matching

  • Thanks a lot for fixing that browser-opening bug, now I don’t swear when I click a link in apps.

    Also, is it just me or did the DirectWrite got fixed as well?

  • Where do I report broken websites? For example this page just basically freezes for me or is so slow it’s unusable:

    Ok, never mind, after disabling extensions its actually working now.

  • Max Nrws

    What is minimum CPU required for Opera 21 and 22?
    With SSE2 ??
    because on my WinXP SP3 PIII and AMD Sempron 2800+ (with only SSE) – error
    Can Opera Team change setting (default is CPU with SSE2) in VS2013 for CPU with only SSE instructions?

  • Mister

    In a Galaxy Far Far Away…
    Opera has a bookmarks.

    • In a galaxy far far away… people spell things correctly.

      • Mister

        Sorry, English not my native language)

      • Tom谩拧 Pavl铆k

        That wasn’t quite polite, Hector.

      • Ry

        Not his native language. How’s that feel Hector? You fuck.

  • NoName

    Opera still react weird when using shortcuts…

    One of several ways to reproduce the bug:
    1. Enable “Enable advanced keyboard shortcuts”
    2. Have at least two tabs open
    3. Goto a Google searchpage with Google-instant enabled. (I guess any keypress “hijacking” page works)
    4. Activate the body of the page (input should not be the active element)
    5. Press “2” – “2” should be added to the searchquery on the page, not change tab.
    6. Change to another tab with the mouse
    7. Press Ctrl+F (Other shortcuts works too)

    This trigger the “2” keypress event from step 5. in step 7!

    I have a lot of weirdly tab and zoom behavior because of this, on a daily basis.

    • al_ghul

      the same here, sometimes I wonder if my keyboard works correct;) but it’s only with opera – ctrl+tab sometimes doesn’t work, sometimes ctrl+f and searching make page zooming…strange…

      • NoName

        Exactly… It’s because it has previously catched those keys, but not reacted on them until you use a shortcut.

        • al_ghul

          oh, that cause is interesting…yeah, it may be correct.

  • beBoss

    When you start opera and you have 5, 6 or more tabs, opera loads very, very, very, very slow……

    • Cryio

      That’s why I always have enabled Lazy tabs in Flags.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Opera or the tabs contents?

      • beBoss

        Opera is what we have in tabs? Tabs content, but tabs are getting the opera run slow. If I’m waiting for all tabs to load, opera is running slow and if open the tab with settings it opens the buttons, options, background etc slowly, so don’t know how to answer you, but “both” is the answer for now!

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I’ve made a test here and didn’t notice any noticiable slowness.

  • Easter break? is that an european tradition too, or just an excuse not to work? After so many delays this year you don’t deserve that.

    • Leif Roar Moldskred

      Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays in Norway. Originally a holdover from a more Lutherean time, these days it’s a holiday informally dedicated to mountain cabins, skiing, oranges and Kvikk Lunsj.

  • Sidney Moraes

    Please, put Stash customizations (choose the order of items)

    • klasnic

      Stash should be the bookmark place with nice customizations, items grouping, etc. Yet its stays like this since O15…

  • Leonardo Gomes

    New flags (that i’ve noticed):

    Extension identity API

    Gesture tap highlighting

    Simple Cache for HTTP

  • Sync Originals

    major BUG: Bandcamp not playing ( mbp – mavericks )

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Settings > Websites > Plugins. Adding to the list of exceptions seems to solve the problem.

      • Sync Originals

        txs Leonardo, but it did not help. any other tips, essential to us

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Flash is installed? It works on other sites?

          • Sync Originals

            all as it should be. everything.

  • Rinne Tensei

    Overlay scroll bars are not functional in opera like chrome

  • Mat M

    Feedly does not load in extended lazy mode, at least when remembering a feed url (like )
    Other tabs are ok.

    PS: glad to have / back to search, but still misses F2 to duplicate Ctrl-T 馃檪

  • _artem_

    Opera Max, Opera coast – you guys do ANYTHING JUST TO NOT TO RELEASE A LINUX VERSION.
    that’s pretty like valve does absolutely everything (OS, controllers) except of hl3.
    stop feeding us with hopes. either tell us exact date it’s be released for linux or just tell us that it won’t.
    that just sucks coming over a year to this blog with only one reason – to look if there’s a linux version finaly released, but without luck
    I still have to use chrome (ON ALL MY PLATFORMS) just because I can’t use opera in linux.
    previous build is still stupid and still shows no update on about page. I guess when I restart it now, it will already be uptodate. Why not just telling me RESTART TO UPDATE – why that shit keeps telling me:
    “Version:22.0.1460.0 – Opera is up to dateUpdate stream:DeveloperSystem:Windows 8.1 64-bit (WoW64)
    “how can that be up to date when there is a 1471 available????
    since previous build (1460) there is no way to open links in opera from any application WHEN opera is started – gives no permission crap. however if opera isn’t started – links just open in opera (1 link) cuz when clicking on another one – opera is already started and it gives again permission error. closing opera. clicking on 1 link = opera launches and that link opens, clicking on another link (as long as opera is still launched) – permission error
    hope you fixed it in this one…

  • hspdion

    As of sometime this afternoon, Google seems to be serving a different style homepage interface (one with the old school black bar on top) to Opera (including this new developer build ).

    Anyone else getting it as well? I had to install the User Agent Switcher extension and set the browser to ” Chrome on Mac” in order to get it back the ‘contemporary’ version that I see in Firefox and Chrome.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not happening here.

    • popkinsw

      Happening here. Weird…

    • DataZByteS

      Yes can confirm as well, switching to different browser agent does fetch a newer page.

    • pergamino

      It only happens if the user agent contains the substring “OPR”.

      • Jan Banan

        haha, here we go again 馃檪

  • Pesala

    Are there any Easter Eggs in this version?

    • Saskatchewan

      There is one and someone has already found it:

      DNA-18705 Rename Off-Road back to Turbo for all languages

  • 袣ostadin

    hmm, a lot of flags cleaning… where has bleeding edge rendering gone?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Maybe already incorporated? Or maybe it needs more polishing?

  • PaulW

    Still nothing here that makes me want to move from Opera 12 which i see got an upgrade to 12.17 yesterday. No info about it so i assume it was a security update..

  • A. R.

    Make Opera 23 the browser where majority of O12 users can upgrade to. You at Opera know what to do, so focus on those features.

    As time passes tons of websites doesn’t work with O12 anymore and if Opera team is reluctant on this issue then million of O12 users will upgrade to other browsers.

    Please, make and promote Opera 23 as the equivalent of O12! I know only a handful of O12 is going to be in the new, but make it sooner than later.

    Bookmarks, tab stacking and power user options (options to change pretty much anything). Also notes would be nice.

    • DD64

      If you consider how many features they managed to implement in the last 10 months or so, Opera 12’s successor would be released in 10 years.

    • Valleria

      Totally in agreement with A. R. I am one of the many people still using Opera 12 and refuse to downgrade to 23. I need my tab stacking, and I’m none too eager to lose the other features I’ll be giving up, either. If the websites I keep organized in 12 stop supporting that browser, I’ll find one that can do what I need it to do and use that. I’ve been waiting to see these basic features get added to 23, but if Opera is so out of sync with its user-base that it’s not going to add them, then I guess it’s time for me to crush this silly hope of mine and look for a browser that responds to the needs of its users.

    • rz

      Tab stacking and advanced bookmarks on the side bar are the only things that keep me with Opera 12 as my main browser. Unfortunately New Opera is worse than most of modern browsers 馃檨

  • A. R.

    One of the most important power user option is the ability to run all tabs in 1 process!!

    • Sidney Moraes

      That is impossible, Chromium does not have that, therefore Opera Blink will not have it. By the way tabs in separated process gives more performance.

  • Lior Lahav

    it would nice to see a roadmap for the desktop opera browser. Even dateless milestones would be sufficient to calm the raging masses.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Something like that has a very little chance of happening.

      • Lior Lahav

        At least for the opera 12.xx lost features.

        • zhnujm

          There’s no roadmap for those features because they won’t come back.

  • mathman

    Bug DNA-16271 which is chromium issue 348927 “Incorrect containing block width base for percentage margins for BFC blocks” looks to have been fixed. Thanks to the Opera developer who helped fix the chromium code! One step closer to being able to consider switching to the new Opera – just need MDI and I think I could live without the rest of the things I’d miss from Opera 12.x…

  • Vux777

    can anyone confirm this pls…
    save couple of Facebook user profiles (4-5) on bookmarks toolbar. Those profiles must have cover photo.
    and then open them with middle click in background tabs. Wait until all pages are loaded, and you’ll get this when clicking on those tabs ..facebook bluebar is stretched for the amount of scroll … (FB always auto scroll on users profiles, so that profile photo is in line with top)… if you scroll up, bluebar gets in right size/position

    am I the only one with this bug?

    this only happening in last 2 or 3 dev builds (in my case)

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Confirmed. Never saw it before. Does not happen with my own page, only with others’.

      • Vux777

        yea, only with other common user !! profiles (not companies, groups etc) and only on those with cover photo

  • Dmitry Kirin

    It’s the first time since O15 that Opera did not autoupdate itself for me. I tried to force it by opening opera:about, but checking for updates ended with an error, several times, about 8 hours after this blog post. Launching the autoupdate task manually didn’t help either: it would just work and terminate successfully, but wouldn’t even download anything. Eventually, I just used the netinstaller.

    • Khairul Skmt

      It just update fine on my computer…. may be something else!

  • popkinsw

    A few bugs:

    Mouse scrolling is very slow and sometimes not working

    A new tab brings about:blank on the url bar for the first 2 seconds. Annoying

  • Sina Elli

    (Ctrl + click) to select multiple tabs does not work !

    It is a native feature in chromium. why doesn’t it work in Opera ?
    I check every build just to see if this has been addressed.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Opera doesn’t use Chromium UI but its own one.

      • Khairul Skmt

        Opera UI named Aurora right?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I don’t know the name of this new Opera UI.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Probably you meant Aura, but it’s not a codename for Opera UI but a hardware-accelerated graphics rendering stack which is used in Opera 21+.

          • Khairul Skmt

            Sorry my bad… Aurora is codename for UI Firefox right! Correct me is if i’m wrong!

      • Sina Elli

        Thank you Leonardo,

        managing tabs in “Groups”, either by auto-selection by domain or one-by-one is what I miss the most. I have read the shortcuts help section and checked all the flags to see if that is hidden somewhere.
        The new stash and speed dial are addictive and highly increase the productivity and multiple tab selection will make them even more useful.

        do you think we can expect to see this in future releases ?

  • Khairul Skmt

    Anyone can find the egg easter? don’t hesitate to post here…. 馃檪

  • Khairul Skmt

    Where the button “Relaunch” after update it? the chromium have it…? Is it bugs or it by design?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      By design.

  • Khairul Skmt

    Before and After Opera Update!

    • Piotr Karol Marek 呕贸艂towski

      So much progress, wow.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    My impression after a few hours with the new build:

    That’s a cool bugfixing you’ve carried out since the last build. Thanks! You’ve fixed opening urls from external applications, the most annoying thing in the last build. Tab crash in Facebook messaging search is gone. Stash list does not blink anymore when hovered by mouse pointer. You’ve also applied changes to Russian localisation in Settings 鈥 thought no one would notice, eh? 鈥 big thanks for that! 馃檪 Please keep up polishing the UI readability and style.

    What I’ve come across by now (or want changed):

    + When the download popup menu is opened, a black fadeout for long file names is appearing briefly. Though it’s better than it was in the last build, where it was shown always after the first opening.

    + The blue-ish highlight for right-clicked hyperlinks is still highlighting parts of them – see, for example, Google search results. I don’t know if it’s a bug or a Chromium feature, though.

    + DNA-17935 Opera 20.0.1387.77 (Polish): 鈥淥pera -> Page -> Save As -> Complete html page鈥 saves all files into a subdir, but does not create a final HTML file 鈥 I’ve had that with the last build (22.0.1460.0). I thought I was doing something that disrupted the save operation, but couldn’t determine what.

    + With lazy session loading enabled (both normal and extended), this blog pages won’t lazy-load Disqus section. On the good side, the page is shown with a correct zoom, which was not so in the last build.

    + In the bookmark bar’s context menu, the “Open” action is superfluous. It’s important to remove it, because this will make the context menu consistent with that for hyperlinks: “Open in a new tab” will be the first item in both cases.

    + Still want menus optimised, as I’ve already suggested. Currently, the main menu is longer than it could be, and will look even longer when you roll out HiDPI.

    • Vux777

      Stash list does not blink anymore when hovered by mouse pointer.

      I’m still experiencing that (mouse hover SD icon on stash node)

      In the bookmark bar’s context menu, the “Open” action is superfluous.


  • iG0Lka

    Interface elements (menus, icon labels, tab names) become very small:( .

    Flag hiDpi it does not affect.

    Returned back to the 19th version

  • Yurii

    Could you please add to the Opera-button menu an option with list of bookmarks. As it is in Opera 12.
    1. I don’t like bookmarks bar, because it takes to much vertical place on my notebook.
    2. Also I don’t want that any of my guests could easily see my bookmarks while we’re browsing something together.

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Yurri, you may find useful, one of the extensions to manage bookmarks:
      1. the “Tidy Bookmarks” extension, 2. the “Neater Bookmarks, 3. the “vBookmarks,4. the “Chrookmarks, 5. the “Bookmarks” (from Andrey Makushkin), 6. the “Neat Bookmarks“, 7. the “The Popup my Bookmarks”.

      • Guest


    • klasnic

      Or you can switch to another browser with true extensions instead of hacking to get some basic functionality…

      • Vux777

        why are you constantly trolling about switching to other browsers?
        if you want it, go for it… no one would miss you 銉

        • klasnic

          why do you like to be off-topic and provoke me? please stfu noone needs your trash posting 銉

          • Vux777

            oh you’re the victim…
            I see now

          • klasnic

            better late than never…

      • Dmitry Kirin

        I wonder which browser you’d recommend that solves #2.

        • klasnic

          O12 of course

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Can you hide the equally ‘blatant’ Bookmarks menu from O12? In O22, you can hide bookmark bar and you can hide bookmarking extension button. So what you’re saying does not make O12 any better than 22. And anyway, hiding anything that can be returned back in 10 seconds under the same logon is the same level of pseudosecurity.

          • klasnic

            He just doesn’t want the Bookmark Bar to show his bookmarks. In O12 bookmarks just start with a star icon.

          • al_ghul

            I have one shortcut to disable bookmark bar in O12, so in that version it’s simple:) of course u have to create that shortcut or use some tweaks hidden in old opera. in new there is no such possibility at all, as I know:/

          • Shahid Zubair

            Actually, O12 had one of the most awesome features to show/hide bookmarks ever seen in a browser: Go to Appearance -> Panels -> Check the option ‘Show panel toggle at edge of window’. This would enable a thin toggle at the left edge of the window which, when clicked, would display/hide not just bookmarks but also Search, History, Notes, Downloads, Links, Mail, Contacts and Chats! Less than a second to show/hide all of them!! I sorely miss this feature in new Opera versions T.T

          • Govedo

            This! I will never move on from O12 till i find a browser with a panel bar.

          • al_ghul

            does ff have any option/shortcut to hide bookmarks bar? I’m interested:)

          • Stanislav Stratil

            Yes, just rightclick on window frame (place where tabs usually are) and check/uncheck “bookmarks bar”.
            There is also ctrl+b to show sidebar with bookmarks and ctrl+shit+b to show bookmarks manager.

          • al_ghul

            no, no, I know these options You mentioned, I meant rather shortcut to show/hide bookmarks bar. so I suppose there isn’t such option and one should search for extension…

          • Shahid Zubair

            I have found the perfect replacement for O12’s toggle panel in Firefox. It’s an extension called All-In-One-Sidebar which is a clone of the O12 feature. This alone persuaded me to switch to Firefox. I’ve been using it for 6 months now!

    • Dmitry Kirin

      As for #2, I guess it’s sort of against the way user data security is provided. If you’re logged on as yourself, you’ve got your bookmarks available regardless to whether anyone else is sitting next to you. If you want to deny that access, use another user account or another browser. A lame solution would be to hide the bookmark bar or disable the bookmarking extension when you’re going to work with someone.

      • Bjarne Bertelsen

        Yes,the old sidebar in Opera 12 was much better. I’ve tried different extensions, but I don’t like them very much, and the easiest way to get synced bookmarks at present is to use google bookmarks as a speed dial together with the opera extension called My google bookmarks.

        • al_ghul

          try also xmarks extensions – it handles quite good bookmarks allover the browsers, e.g. ff, new opera, chrome…

      • al_ghul

        maybe smart shortcut to on/off bookmarks bar could make this?;) it will be also great to have similar button to heart (stash) in address bar to add address to bookmarks and to see if it was already bookmarked – like heart coloured or not…

  • Dmitry Kirin

    There was a user request for help recently on Opera forums regarding adding search engines for some specific sites. While experimenting, I found that automatic adding did not work well with some of them. For example, for Bing maps, it added some ASP.NET form post, shown on the picture below. This atrocity would be okay if it were working, but it’s not. 馃檪 You can see the result of a search on the picture.

    So, Opera devs: If you are in touch with Microsoft, could you ask them to look into it? Possibly, they could announce proper search urls somehow, for example, using something like the OpenSearch specification.

  • Thanks for new build.

    When I opened set up, it offers English setup and no Turkish option. Did you change something?

  • One Turkish string is not correct in settengs page. Here is detail. Pls correct.


    EN: Use big Speed Dial thumbnails
    TR : B眉y眉k H谋zl谋 Eri艧im k眉莽眉k resimlerini kullan
    should be ;
    TR: B眉y眉k H谋zl谋 Eri艧im resimlerini kullan

  • Ghirahim

    “It鈥檚 no coincidence that Opera 15 was released on the same day as our rapid release cycle began.” Rapid release cycle? Where is it?

    • klasnic

      wait a minute… aren’t you satisfied with the “pin tab”, “horizontal bookmark bar” and “full url” features since O15? That’s fast…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Just check the releases of stable versions and compare with the releases of major versions of Opera Presto.

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        Well, wouldn’t it make more sense to compare it against _feature_ versions of Opera Presto? If you do, I’m not so sure that the Opera Blink release schedule comes off _that_ much better. True, there’s a lot of release_ noise_, what with releases into next and development, but since the release of Opera 15, almost ten months ago, there’s only been four new releases into stable — one every two and a half month, or one every two months assuming that Opera 21 will be released to stable shortly.

        Ignoring the lull between 12.10 and 15 (which I think it makes sens to do), Opera’s release schedule wasn’t _that_ slow in the Presto days: two feature releases in 2012 (12.00 and 12.10), three feature releases in 2011 (11.10, 11.50 and 11.60) and three in 2010 (10.50, 10.60 and 11.00), or once every four and a half month.

        Considering the _size_ of the feature releases then and now and that Opera no longer develops its own engine but now uses a third-party one, I can’t help but feel that the actual velocity of change has taken, if not a nose-dive, then at least a serious stumble.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, s/he was asking about rapid release cycle and i think that a new major stable version every two months can be considered a rapid release cycle.

      • The Solutor

        Unfortunately that supposed release cycle, has nothing to do with a real rapid development.

        After a whole year of public releases opium still looks ameteurish, no so different by chrome, and still lacks almost everything made Opera the best browser around for a whole decade.

        It’s just incredible.

  • ColinB1

    This version still has google groups and google keywords changed somewhat pointlessly. If google is to remain one of the default search engine options then surely the keyword should remain simply “g” rather than being changed to “go”? It was ‘g’ up to and including 21. Why change?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No changes here, Google keyword is still “g”.

      • ColinB1

        Not clear about this – if I use “g” now it goes to google groups and in the default browser section of managing search engines google is clearly showing “go” as keyword. I’ve made no changes and this was the same in the first Opera Developer 22.

  • Vux777

    google image search is broken
    google not serving that image upload/enter url button (comodo vs. opera)
    and extensions that use google img search service are broken (it just open common google search start page)

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I had that yesterday, but it was cured somehow. I don’t understand how. I’ve cleared Google cookies, but I’m not sure it’s what has helped.

      • Vux777

        yea…clearing cookies helped
        tnx… again 馃檪
        but extension still broken

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Hm… In my case, both Search by Image (by Google) and Similar Image Search started working. Possibly, I had reinstalled them in the process.

          • Vux777

            lol…strange… 15 min after my previous comment, extension started to work correctly, just now when I read you comment 銉
            I have my own simple one…just a couple of code lines

    • Leonardo Gomes
      • Vux777

        same thing

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Try cleaning Google related cookies.

  • modemjunkie

    So great to be able to use Developer as my default browser again. I had to abandon it because links in Thunderbird wouldn’t work… but now they do… A couple of other things to check, but thanks again.

  • nanana1

    Opera Next build 48 is now available for our testing !
    3 updates in 2 days, cheers. 馃檪

  • Adoxographist

    Can’t you put “stash” into the toolbar and access to stashed sites as a list in a drop down menu?

    • Vux777

      but that’s the same as bookmarks folder

      • Adoxographist


      • Saskatchewan

        I would even make both, the Speed Dial and Stash, just a special type of bookmarks folders.

    • klasnic

      In a sane browser, Stash would be the bookmarks place and what you are asking would be perfectly possible…

  • pureocean

    Hello Opera Developers,

    Font rasterizing issue still have on Disqus comment since Chromium 29 (I think this issue related Radeon 3200 and Windows NT 5.x). Example screenshot:

    And I finally found a solution a cmd-line switches in Chrome:

    If Chrome running with this flag, the font rasterizing issue not happened in Disqus’ comments area.

    Unfotunately, this flag doesn’t working in Opera. Yes, I ran Opera as launcher.exe –disable-accelerated-layers

    Despite this flag, Opera 22 still broken font rasterizing in Disqus. But Chrome is not.

    • Same thing here. 馃檨

  • taneli

    Noticed a weird bug, when scrolling on lists with mouse, it won’t render the items after scroll untill you hover over the new list items.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I wasn’t able to notice any problems.

      • taneli

        Oh, well, i’m on Win8.1 x64, the select list won’t update when i scroll it, only when i hover the mouse over the items, only then do they update, slightly annoying.

        • Mathieu

          Confirmed here. Also on W8.1 x64 and same problem.

          • al_ghul

            confirmed here! list is not rendered when scrolling. win7 professional x64. last Opera Dev 22.0.1471.8

  • dflyra

    A strange bug:
    Missing letters in phrases, see picture (same happens to some speed-dial tags) It is not happening in Opera stable or Opera Next.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I’ve noticed it too on some pages.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      do you have DirectWrite enabled on opera:flags? And what about direct3d11?

    • I reported this issue as DNA-19692 馃槈

  • Steffie


    Can someone pls explain how to check the md5 checksums on the various Opera Setup EXEs after i download them? I must be doing something wrong… Eg: :
    “next/21.0.1432.48/win/Opera_Next_21.0.1432.48_Setup.exeac1d9b3e5fd472f15e1a990019787cff” –> from which i assumed the md5 must be “ac1d9b3e5fd472f15e1a990019787cff”. However when i run 2 independent md5 checkers on the files i downloaded, i instead get “9404E65274834FC7F1F045F1F92DB9F9”, ie, a mismatch. When downloading, its indicated size is 26.8 MB (28,070,480 bytes), compared to my Win7 x64 Explorer saying it was only actually 26.7 MB (28,070,480 bytes)… same bytes but 0.1 MB less, which seems arithmetically impossible. I was so confused at this that i gave up on the setup.exe & used the netinstaller instead.

    This discrepancy also occurred yesterday when i downloaded the latest Developer setup.exe [did it 3 times, with one being via 12.17’s better download manager]. All 3 times the indicated size pre & during download was 26.4 MB (27,647,600 bytes), but all 3 times after download my Win7 x64 Explorer said it was only 26.3 MB (27,647,600 bytes)… same bytes but 0.1 MB less, which AGAIN seems arithmetically impossible. From : “pub/opera-developer/22.0.1471.5/win/Opera_Developer_22.0.1471.5_Setup.exe6ceda08a8236d1341e7c721268eb3714” –> from which i assumed the md5 must be “6ceda08a8236d1341e7c721268eb3714”. I was not surprised when my two md5 checksum utilities again told me that the hashes did not match … all 3 times “0FBE3DBA71923A5AE71339F433A359B8”. Being very annoyed by this time, & noting that my AV & MalwareBytes pgms were happy with the setup.exes, i decided to risk installing anyway.

    As far as i can tell since then, Developer & Next seem to be running well … so what use were the checksums? I’d really like to learn what my mistake is.

  • Laga Mahesa

    This is new.

    • Laga Mahesa

      The upper arrow is pointing to the dropdown for Awesome Screenshot.

      Both DirectWrite and Direct3D 11 are enabled. I suspect the first, due to its experimental nature.

      Copying the URL, quiting O.Dev then pasting direct in a new tab results in no problems.

  • Vux777

    “reload tab” on right click tabs context menu would be nice (chrome have it)
    reload feature is covered for active tab only (toolbar icon, page context menu)…but nothing for tabs in background

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Does anybody know what is the purpose of the new flag Simple Cache for HTTP? I’ve tried it out. It seems to be turning on a different scheme of cache. I also noticed that it often leads to Opera hangup, first, the tab and then, sometimes, the entire application. When a tab gets frozen, new tabs can be opened but they remain irresponsive and even don’t show SD. After a couple clicks more, Opera either hangs completely or can be closed leaving some processes running. This happened especially often when I was watching a video stream from yesterday’s Data Platform Day. The cache size was at its limit, 125 MB, contained ~6000 files, on a RAM drive, Win7 SP1 x86.

  • D. Wood

    Yesterday, for the first time, I decided to set Opera Developer 22.0.1471.5 as my default browser. The next time that I launched Opera Developer, I noticed that both my theme and extensions had disappeared. In addition, many of my settings has been reset. Very annoying.

    Later on, I found out that the theme was still there but it was not the active one. That was an easy fix on my part.

    However, I have not been able to recover my extensions.

  • Extensions page working: check.

    No error when opening link from external app: check.

    People still complaining: check.

    Business as usual, eh?

    • Piotr Karol Marek 呕贸艂towski

      Hey, wannna buy some Opera?


  • nihujum

    I genuinely wonder why people use Chrome-Opera intead of real chrome.
    Unless Opera gets features that chrome does not have, it is always less than chrome.
    So far every function of Opera is achievable with Chrome..

    Sidebar, email or even IRC client… If any one of these were added, Opera would be worth installing..

    • klasnic

      Exactly, plus the need to hack in order to get Chrome’s extensions working is even more shameful.

      • Vux777
      • Vux777

        btw. did you wrote at least one comment without later edit?!?
        because first you write some trash, and then edit it…and that’s what you do every time

    • ayespy

      I like the Opera interface better – and chrome offers me NOTHING I want that Opera doesn’t have. Actually, only the Mozilla family of browsers has the traits I really miss from old Opera – but I find their interface clunky and unfamiliar. I just can’t get used to it.

    • dflyra

      It is a legitimate question! My answer: interface, speed-dial & stash – I believe there is real potential in those features that has not yet been fully realized. That’s the objective answer. But I have a subjective one too: I’m hooked to Opera, as much as I criticize it since Chromium version. I’ve lived all my browsing life with Opera, 15 years now, and although I still prefer presto I’m not leaving it except in case of force majeure. I’ve found a community that is way above the pompous ‘big brother’ society that google represents – in fact I’m trying to ‘un-google’ myself as much as I can. On the other hand, chromium is an open source project and I believe that every extension developed under it, is not google chrome’s exclusive. I have a question for you: you refer to sidebar, email etc. which plus the unparalleled customization, where the corner stones of the late Opera presto – have you ever used Opera with these features or is your question a rhetorical one?

    • Wraith

      I agree with those other comments too, Is all about interface, in my case the feature I like the most of Opera is the Speed Dial, well you can actually have a speed dial extension in Chrome and Firefox but none of them are what you get by default in Opera, and I like other things like the size and shape of the tabs, the feel of Opera when you browse a page I think is the scrolling speed, in other browser like FF you need a extension (smooth scrolling) to make it feel like Opera, I like the new stash for me is helpful, so there are a lot of thing that Opera offers me by default.
      My main complain with Opera right now is the lack of a good bookmark manager, full sync, and too much Ram consuption but I think this is a problem of chromium.

  • Bjarne Bertelsen

    Yes! Now it works to play attached mp3files directly in Gmail without having to first download and then play !! That’s super.
    Now we’re just waiting for synced bookmarks.

  • Thx for the updated Opera 12.17 Rooks keep it updated 馃檪 All users are going crezy by the new version 12.17 馃檪 Now they are all happy to see Opera 12 again you find them all here:

  • taneli

    I was browsing a reddit thread, clicked on a link that took me to a website… and after visiting the site ( ) every page/tab started having broken text, needed a browser restart to fix, examples:
    (Win8.1 x64)

  • Javascript alert()s do show up at the top of the window again. Is this intended or a regression?

  • TheXerox

    Actual bookmarks, a drop down arrow in the address bar, the ability to change the appearance (I don’t like tabs, never have, never will), buttons other than the 2 forward/back buttons, ACTUAL BOOKMARKS, and something that is original and not a clone of something else. These “improvements” are starting to make Internet Explorer look awfully tempting for use as my primary browser.

  • Robotboy655

    When you will add support for ID Card logins and perhaps return back the “Quick Download” option where we could enter file URL to download it?

  • Laga Mahesa

    The login selectors don’t function, and work fine in Opera Next.

  • L33t4opera

    New build for the Opera Developer: 22.0.1471.8, the change log, and the official announcement 馃槈

  • Sergey

    Please, add “Show images/ Show cached images/ Hide images” feature and feature of loading separate image on page by right click option – it’s very useful for users with slow rate connection and for users with low mb traffic restriction.

    • yio

      they wont

  • alessandrogallina

    how to increase columns and rows in speed dial? i setted “maximum number of columns” to 9 but i see only 4 columns in speed dial… how can i solve it?

  • L Kaz

    Is Opera Turbo the same as off-road? I upgraded to v 22. There is no off-road, only turbo. I can attest that this mode greatly reduced my Internet usage.


    • Vux777

      yes, Opera turbo is the same as Off-road

      • L Kaz

        Thank you kind person…glad the feature still exists.

        • Vux777

          yw 馃檪