Hi all users of Opera 12,

Though I have been a long time in Opera, this is my first blog post for the Desktop team. I normally write over at the Security blog, but since this Opera update is purely about deep security layers, I figure it is time to try something new 🙂

weatherBut before I can tell you about the security fixes, there is the mandatory weather update. Since a picture says more than a thousand words, here is one with today’s view from the Desktop wing (note the guy sunbathing in the middle).

As discussed in our blog post about Heartbleed, the standalone autoupdater for Opera 12 on Windows was vulnerable to a Heartbleed attack from someone who would be in possession of a valid Opera certificate. While fixing this, we also found another issue with our autoupdate on Windows which might be exploited by someone in possession of such a certificate. Successful exploitation, which would require using a third, unrelated bug on Windows, could allow a mischievous man in the middle to run arbitrary code on the computer. Opera 12.17 is therefore a recommended security upgrade on Windows. While it is unlikely that someone has gained access to a certificate of ours, we cannot rule out that some foreign intelligence agency has done so, and we want to be on the safe side.

Opera 12 for Windows will update itself automatically. Mac and Linux are not affected, and will not receive a 12.17 update.

The discussion area below is to be used exclusively for positive comments, praising our good work 😀 Transgressors may be ignored, at their own peril.

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  • Leif Roar Moldskred

    I have to say it’s really good to see an attitude of “cross all t’s, dot all i’s” when it comes to matters of security. Good work!

  • L33t4opera

    Hi Sigbjørn, thanks for the official announcement, and the explanations 😉

  • nom4d3

    Best update in the last year! (It’s a positive feedback) 😉

  • Кostadin

    Congrats, Desktop team! Should we expect one last browser.js update?

  • Diether

    Another update for the best browser ever created 🙂

  • Dave-H

    Thank you! I was beginning to wonder whether Opera 12 would ever get another update!
    I appreciate that no further features development will now take place, but I really hope that security issues are still addressed for the foreseeable future. Those of us who want to carry on using this browser for its many fantastic facilities would be eternally grateful for this!
    Can I ask about things like browser.js?
    Is that now be “fixed” for ever or are updates still being done for that?
    Thanks, Dave.

  • Primorsky .

    Why you didn’t fixed rendering bugs that were introduced in 12.15?

    • Magnus

      Because old Opera is deprecated, it is just critical security fix and most likely will be the last one for 12.x series.

      • DD64

        Then, they should release Opera 13 and abandon 15+

        • Ice007

          Excellent proposal!

          Where can i sign?

        • Pete

          I would even pay for it.

          • Tams80

            I think you might have just blown some minds.

          • luator


          • DD64

            Right, I would pay, too. Because there is just no alternative.

          • Aleksandr Dubinsky

            I’ll pay too! I’ll even pay $20. Or $50.

            No. One meelion dollars.


    Good work!

    At least you didn’t forget us, this is good for your loyal users.

  • Jordan Impines

    Merci, je préfère largement Presto pour son originalité, continuez comme ça, je suis ravis de ces améliorations sur l’ancienne version d’opera.

  • Joe

    Thanks. Please don’t forget your hardcore fans.

  • Non

    That moment when I saw the little auto updater running at the corner of the screen was really awesome 😉

  • this update is just about heartbreed and auto update, right?

    there is no chagelog

  • Cjcr

    OMG, our beloved Opera Presto is back on the track after a long break!

  • nanana1
    • DD64

      Yeah, great. Too bad even 12.17’s changelog is more impressive

    • Tams80

      I couldn’t care less. You’re not going to find a very welcoming crowd here.

      • nanana1

        It’s alright! You just enjoy this Opera 12.17 and leave the new Opera 2x testing to others. 🙂

  • MadEddy

    Thanks a lot. Any plans for opera 13?

  • Jimbo

    Hi Sigbjorn, your first post was about something good, you are lucky, too bad this update doesnt allow us to use the newer extensions of Opera.

    Magnus – if old Opera was deprecated this update wouldnt exist, dont say stupid things plz, and ppl have the right to like/think/say what they want about anything and this version is the best of all.

  • Good news! What about OperaMail? Will you update it too?

    • Krasen Ivanov

      Yes please, As I’m using it for my feeds, I know its based on the opera 12.x so if you guys say its safe then great.

    • diogenes

      + Keep Opera-Mail – + I use it for email. Want it. I Use Opera 12 for Linux and windows (when I have to). Tried 15-20 … Yetch! Ain’t “Opera” in my book. Loved Opera since I can’t remember when. Version 3, I think. I was a paid user when Opera was still shareware. I remember the MS dirty tricks – played hell with my html page development. Let’s show MS that that Opera can still be the best browser. Long live 12; bring on 13, with a seamless upgrade.

  • darkflame

    Great. I hope Opera continues to support these updates till the newer version has a few more features I need back (Sidetabs!) or would want back (Animated PNG…seriously…its crazy how long the web is taking to replace Gifs)

  • izobr

    Opera.com missing ability to navigate to Opera 12.17 x64 installer, so here are direct links:

    x86: https://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1217/int/Opera_1217_int_Setup.exe
    x64: https://get.geo.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1217/int/Opera_1217_int_Setup_x64.exe

  • Deus Ex Vino

    Thank you! We all hope you don’t abandon us for at least few month longer 😉

  • starkcitizen

    When I saw on my software site speed dial the good old red “O” I was so, so happy!!! 🙂 . The new version (15 and later) is rubbish! O12 RULEZ! 🙂 (just need some javascript engine tweaks 😉

  • Karlo Kuna

    Opera 12 is awesome, i’m glad to see update, and i promise that i will NEVER use any opera with chormium project engines

    • klasnic

      Same here.

      • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

        Heh, I’m different.
        I don’t care what engine browser use. I want a browser which looks nice (I mean original style, like Firefox with old original UI or Opera or ChrOpera [I mean tab bar or menu bar]), but is very configurable, has cool sync (similar to Chrome or Firefox), is secure, fast, stable, has MANY extensions which can be easily installed and, of course, configurate, has high support for pages or technologies (e.g. HTML5 video player in YouTube) and… hmm, more things which I can’t currently remember 😛

        Am I too demanding for the team which have many people? I REALLY like when everything is easier to use or see when someone use brain and have nice ideas.

        That’s all from my “grumbling”.

        • Efreeti

          If Opera 20 had all the functions of Opera 12 I would go whole hog. I use 20 at work, but at home I’m just too used to and too dependant on 12’s way of browsing, its shortcuts, the fully customizable UI, the built-in RSS reader and more.

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            Yeah, I also think, that ChrOpera is good at work, but not in home where we have “free time” 😛

          • Sílvio

            Same thing here, just want all costumizations and I go for it!

          • Phanes Erichthoneus

            Yes, I love having a “complete package” for e-mail, usenet and web browsing. Opera 12.xx really is the browser I love the most, even though it does have a few compatibility issues.

            I admit to using Opera 20 while fantasizing about Opera 12, but now, for some reason, Opera 20 doesn’t seem to like Google search (it won’t bring up the newer style of search results for images, and when I type “define:[some word]”, it won’t bring up the isolated definition, but a bunch of regular search results; I don’t know how to fix that, and there seems to be no option within Google to change the search results style) so now I’m having to use Chrome again. 🙁

            I’m about ready for some kind of unified bookmark system so all my bookmarks are synchronized across all the different browsers I use.

        • MadAsHellToo

          Firefox is useless. I used it for a while to try to do things Opera did not do, but it eventually got so bad that I had to abandon it in favor of Opera 12.17, which seems to have overcome most issues with earlier Opera versions.

          What’s wrong with Firefox? I won’t even try to enumerate the problems. I think it comes down to a matter of attitude and mindset on the such a deep level that it will never change. Much like Microsoft in this respect.

    • Peter Andersson

      I don’t care what rendering engine they use put all the featuers of opera 12 into Chrome opera and ill start using that!

      Please let me customize my cursor shortcuts!!!!!

      • I care about the engine, once the Chrome engine became Opera 15 heavy for my netbook.

    • Same here. Opera 12 rulez.

  • Jack Serocco

    OMG, this is the real reason to drink a shot

  • Any chance of pushing out a fix for live mail? Live.com no likey. I tried masking as firefox and IE, but it just shows a blank page.

    • zhnujm

      Are you using the x64 version ?
      The file “public_domains.dat” is missing since 12.16 in this version, if you copy it from an older installation or from the x68 version it works fine.

      • That worked. Thanks!

        • barracuda

          Thank you for this long wait update!I will never use any other Opera like version 12!This one is the best!

  • risfutile

    A changelog entry https://www.opera.com/docs/changelogs/windows/1217/ would be nice.

    • L33t4opera

      “Fixes and stability enhancements since Opera 12.16
      Security fixes
      Opera now checks signature before installing the executable file
      Updates to OpenSSL versions” 😉

    • risfutile

      Thanks for fixing the changelog and thanks a lot for the update for Opera 12. Highly appreciated!
      Opera FTW!

  • voltball

    I find some amusement in the irony when the upgrade to 12.17 is complete and it sends me to the upgrade page at https://www.opera.com/portal/upgrade/

    “Instant achievement!

    Congratulations — you’ve just upgraded to the latest version of Opera. ”

    Yes. 12.17 is the latest, and possibly the last ever, version of Opera. That other thing is Chrome.

    • Heimen Stoffels

      Not even. That other thing is Chrome minus a lot of features (no bookmarks manager, to name one thing). Even Maxthon has more features even though it’s also a Chrome rebrand these days.

    • I really HATE thos “Chrome based” browsers. I don’t know why people gets to use and accept them, these are really lame! I just love Opera with its customizable bars, side panel, groups of tabs, etc.

    • Dave Ferrara

      Totally agree and love your reference to the newer versions as “that other thing”! If Opera is so worried about profits, they could have asked for donations or started charging a small yearly fee (10-20 bucks?). I’d HAPPILY pay that, rather than lose all the tweaks I’ve made to Opera over the years. I even put up with their slower speeds and horrible site compatibility record, just to use the features and enjoy the eye candy.

  • MZ

    Thanks! 12.** … best browser ever. Thanks!

  • sdfffffvf

    Now I want a very small improvement: The Flash patent is no longer valid, so I want to use the Flash controls and see videos without the “Click to activate this control” behavior.

  • MartinezZ

    1) Still broken TinyMCE
    2) Still unusable behind proxy at work
    3) 15+ still unusable because you know why

    1+2+3 is reason why I must still stay on 12.15 🙁

    • what the hell, you are you celebrating for nothing

      1º: 12:17 is still full of problems. you still have to use an earlier version,
      2º: they did not correct nothing of that,
      so you got only a security update, which incidentally I do not care,
      3º: then I will not go for this version 12.17, is useless and full of bugs not fixed yet.
      by the way i am using firefox and very happy, the best bookmarks i have seen ever.

  • Thomas Scholz

    Thank you!

    The next update should include browser.js.
    And I praise whoever left room for Opera 13 and 14. 🙂

  • wonderful to continue to update opera 12. i don’t like very much “opera next”. The REAL useful thing for Opera 12 should be than “MS Onedrive” sites, and MEGA (host) site are supported. because i’m always forced to use another to go in these sites. thank you !!

  • Tams80

    Thanks! This is very much appreciated!

  • Паша

    Search by default has been broken.
    Before update when i typed “Hello world” in address bar – i was taken to google search immediately. Now i am getting error message:
    Invalid URL
    The URL http://hello world contains characters that are not valid in the location they are found.

  • Thanks a lot.
    My beloved Opera 12 is back.
    Opera Next is not my thing.
    Many many many thanks to you.

    • asr

      Fully agreed! For me Opera Next is not Opera. It’s Chrome. If I wanted Chrome, I would get it from Google. Opera 12 is the only surviving Opera. That jump was actually a runaway from previous excellency achievements… Sad to see. So this update is refreshing news. Please sustain Opera 12 development. (Oh, call Opera Next something else!)

      • Mishotaki

        Totally agree on that, I started using Opera when they offered the free version, never looked back to my fully customizable browser that was fast and great… I tried Chrome and hated losing all the options i had with Opera…

        When Chrome users say: “I can get an extension to do that”, I simply replied:”Why get an extension when it’s all included in Opera?”

        With Opera Next, I lost all those neat options and customizations I had and was stuck with a Chrome clone… that’s not what I am looking for…

        thanks for releasing 12.17

        I hope you guys continue to update our beloved browser ^_^

  • amma

    Just release this damn source code and let others be creative on their own!

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski


    • wencekun


    • Efreeti

      A fan-maintained open source Presto Opera project would be baller.

      • Philip

        Have a look at otter-browser.org

        • Heimen Stoffels

          Agreed, though it didn’t really answer Efreeti’s complaint because Otter uses Qt5 WebKit rather than Presto. But Otter is a cool browser, so far, and the Git version gets commits very day 🙂

    • L33t4opera

      “Opera mini uses Presto, and so do many TV installs. While products are still using Presto, we don’t plan to open-source it.”

  • PaulW

    Big thanx for the update. When I saw the auto update I was worried you were going to be forced to for Opera next but thankfully not. Now I don’t get nags from the like of Androidcentral say my browser is out of date. Even though I download the latest Opera next developer (22) versions they are still toys compared to Opera 12..

  • honssnoh

    I couldn’t believe my opera actually showed some new update. Initially I thought it will force me to install new “opera” but no! What a great thing! I have even fully uninstalled opera 12.16 and load new 12.17 to remind myself the sweet times when every update of opera meant a big step forward and worth waiting! Please don’t tell us this was the last one…. Please think about releasing Presto source code again or sell it to highest bidder.

  • Dovelove

    Thanks for security update for the only usable browser Opera makes.

  • Carfig

    Good Job, I almost quit using Opera wirh Comodo´s Dragon but now I found this update; I hope for good news or maybe a new Opera 13 🙂
    thank you

  • Veger

    Too bad Linux and Mac did not receive this update. Could you just increase the version number for these platforms, so we also get some of the upgrade fun? 😛

  • Michał Kostrzewski

    I am waiting for more Opera 12.X updates since I am not going to switch to Opera 15+ till they add built in notes and simple features like “last closed tabs” etc.

  • Ra-Mon

    Thank you for this cool update. Presto still alive ;-P

  • 4esn0k

    Thank you!

  • Virbius_OP

    I’m so glad that TPTB at Opera HQ still realise that making the best version of Opera to date (i.e. any version pre the c**p that started with v15) as secure as possible was well worth doing. Now all they need to do is make it work with the new (also disastrous) Twitter interface would be wonderful as well. Please, Sigbjørn Vik, convince TPTB at Opera HQ to keep updating Opera v12 in parallel with that newer mess that they are developing. Thanks

    • Virbius_OP

      PS. Can’t see anyone sunbathing in the middle of the “weather” picture. It’s a diving board!

  • Presto Classic Opera forever!
    Thank you, our friends, a lot!

    Waiting (12.18+) fixing of annoying memory leaks in Opera 12 !
    Yours true fans.

  • Positron

    Thank you very much for this latest update. Like so many others, I truly hope that version 12 will continue to be developed, until at the very least the Chromium-based line of browsers will be outfitted with the same features and functionality that make version 12 so irreplaceable. The switch to another browser core may have been unavoidable, but please bring back all the good stuff that we had in the Presto-based line, right up till version 12.16, and now 12.17. You have no idea how many loyal Opera users would be eternally grateful to you if this were to happen.

    Thanks and thanks in advance!

  • Heikos

    One day too late…
    I have been using Opera for about 13 years now. Nearly always happy with it. Over the years it became better and better. It saves time with all the built-in stuff. No need to load all the gadgets like in firefox. I even thought about leaving my old Mailprog and migrating all the mailaccounts to Opera.

    Some weeks ago I did a security check and learned I didn’t have the newest version of Opera using 12.16. Being on the side of security (at least trying) I installed v. 20. What a drag! It did not even import my bookmarks properly – and any other browser could do that!

    Yesterday I switched to maxthon. It can import my bookmarks because I can choose a file (now how simple is that)! Had a good look around all the options. Quite nice. May be my next browser, if Opera company does not go on supporting v. 12. And I suppose they will not… What I miss in maxthon so far is the stacking of tabs, the elimination of ads by choice, the F4-key functionality (open panel) and an improved “closed tabs”- option. It can only open closed tabs in the order they were closed. Altogether very little! It has mousegestures and a lot of other stuff.

    Now it looks like iI could spend some more months with my beloved Opera browser. Till the next security or compatibility issue.

    The nagging started when Opera stopped adding the suffix to an URL, even though I had chosen this option. I had to type the “.de” etc. again. If I didn’t, Opera took me to google. I guess that’s how they made their money.

    I don’t care about presto or google- engines.

    All I want is the old functionality!!
    When they put that in the new browser, I’ll be back.

    • Ian B

      Unfortunately, they are now being “simple” rather than “functional”.

  • Robin

    thank you very much. I still love opera 12.X, so I’m very happy that it still gets some love from you as well!

  • Tiago Silva

    My heartfelt thank you to Opera for keeping supporting v12. I am still faithful to Opera, have the Developer version as an emergency standby when v12 breaks a site, and this helps me keep the faith.

  • Lautaro

    I cried a little when I see this update. Another opera 12 survivor here.

  • Ed in Socal

    Where do I find it?

  • Al Nairn

    I want to have a backup copy of 12.17 but the download link on opera.com is broken.
    Can’t see myself changing to the new one without the integrated mail & panels customization…
    I use Opera Chrome at work but only because we use Outlook/Exchange for mail…
    I have found a few sites lately that wouldn’t load with 12.16 so I guess unfortunately I’ll eventually be forced out of 12.xx… ;(

  • anonymous

    I’m using SeaMonkey right now, mostly when Opera 12 won’t work on some sites. Tried all the browsers when Opera Next was announced and SeaMonkey was the next choice (it came most close to Opera as apearance and extensions rich).

    Thx for this Opera 12.17 update… a really nice one for all Opera veterans.

  • Viktor Makeev

    Please, fix Opera 12 crash, when I try to use text field under Win 7/8.

  • presto boy

    kickstarter for opera presto!!

  • anonymous

    I love you. Please marry me and have my children.
    It’d be nice if we’d get some slight fixes to issues Opera12 has, but I guess I’ll have to take what I can get. Thanks.

  • Pyotr Kirillov

    Opera presto must live. Thank you so much!:)

  • raphah

    nice. i’m still using opera 12. I didnt like opera 20+ because they doesnt have lots of things that opera 12 has

  • gekitsu

    actually, with this update, opera periodically locks itself with endless harddisk activity. nice, now the only remaining good opera is broken.

    • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

      That doesn’t happen to me.

  • anikul

    Can anybody help me get this working?? I am trying to create Restart button for Opera 12.17 x64 with no success as it only closes Opera and doesn’t restart the app.
    I am using 12.17 x64 portable on W8.1.1 x64 if that’s imp.
    Any help is appreciated.

  • Le Nghia

    Opera v12 is best

  • Yes I have found or happy users all are here and welcomes or best Opera v12 engine super power that rooks to the infinite and beyond 🙂
    You have done a outstanding work keep it up I was know that update will come. 🙂
    Keep the best Best Opera and original engine Updated 🙂

  • urbanman2004

    Thanks for the update… I like the Presto version which I’ve been a devoted user since 2004, but now it’s becoming obsolete since the developers only focus on the Blink versions (Opera 20/Next). I try so hard to adapt to the the Blink versions, and try to be understanding that they are made completely from scratch, and based on another engine, but it sucks. The only usable feature available from the Presto version is the bookmark toolbar, but yet there still isn’t a bookmark saving feature. I don’t want to lose confidence in Opera, and ditch it for another mainstream browser so please fix this issue please! I guess I should be happy with what little features are available but I would be lying to myself. On another note: why does Opera’s Blink version use up so much memory. Fix that as well. Thanks

  • It’s alive! 😀

  • Fallon Borden

    Thanks at heart! I love Opera 12, seriosly Thanks!

  • Julius Seidenweich

    Thank you for updating the best browser ever. Hopefully we never have to switch to version “google”…

  • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

    Google Docs and Spreadsheet both work with Opera 12.17. ~ Why is Google Discriminating against a browser (updated in 2014) that works so long as you have it “identify” or “mask” as a different browser?

    Ajax and many other scripts were never a problem. What is Google changing AND why not provide the option to experience Google as it used to work? In fact even my Gmail which WORKED VERY WELL is being forced to use the HTML version??? ~ If Docs.Google.Com added a “Save” button it would work in HTML mode too !!!

    When is Google going to offer the Ajax that used to worked very well with Opera 12? ~ Currently docs.google.com says some features might not work? I can accept this! Just let me use it to do some word processing.

    Opera 12.17 is only 12.6MB, Yet has an Email client, IRC & Chat client, BitTorrent client, Save as MHT & Video, Total Opera sync, Built in Notes, Reads to you, Extensions (Lastpass, Translator, Auto Paging, Tinyeye), Print Preview, User Settings, Menu Control, and .INI

  • Ian B

    I twice tried 12.16 (it still reminds me regularly, can I switch this off?) and it wouldn’t work properly. Flash video was a problem IIRC, can’t remember what else. So, I stick with 12.15 so long as it works and I’m loathe to go to 12.17.

    Products come and go, but I remain very sad at Opera abandoning my favourite browser.

    • Dave-H

      It’s easy to switch off the update nags.
      Just go to Tools>Preference Settings>Advanced>Security and set Auto-update to “Do not check for updates”.

  • honssnoh

    What is this?
    The same thing happed before releasing Opera 12.17. You clicked the link above but with wrong content. Now it is real Opera 12.17. Same with link above for Opera 12.18 or just some nonsense? 😉

    • Dave-H

      That link is for Opera Mobile, not Desktop.

      • honssnoh

        ee The same thing was there for Opera 12.17 before it was released in computers section not mobile. Same content error.

  • obarthelemy

    Nice, thank you. I’ve been keeping v20.x open, but the UI still lags so far behind 12.x that I haven’t made the switch, even though 12.x is starting to have issues with some sites (quartz.com…). Hopefully 20.x will become usable before 12.x becomes unusable…

  • Hetero+AmorphousMediaDigitalis

    Hey Opera! Place a subscriber donation box on Opera.com for users with logins to sign up and fund the continued development of Opera 12 & Presto. I will give $1 a month or $9.78 a year. (The numbers are like a smiley face!)

    I never use shareware but have no problem with loading a “become a sponsor” being in the “Help” menu of the browser. ~ If you add email hosting outside the USA and keep Opera Synchronize, then I will pay ~ $20 USD a year.

    Get the “NoScript” mozilla guy from italy to write his extension for Opera.
    The NSA was forcing a SuperFish cookie into my browsing before the website ever existed. NoScript told me of various cookies before. But it was SuperFish that made me realize the government was tampers with my router, disabling my mobile phone, and doing all sorts of things strangers are not likely to believe.

    People who tell the Truth, need Opera & Older Firefox. Here is why ->>

    How many people died when it was the CIA & Israel setting up Iraq?
    And 7 Arabic Nations are still being bombed.
    All because Aramaic in Iraq created the First Torah & 1st Talmud.
    Aramaic Shorthand that skipped letters did not become a different dialect known as Hebrew until 500 years after Jesus. But Encyclopedia Britannica was sold from Scotland to a Jew in Chicago who is paying people to write Bias articles. Aramaic is the source of Jewish, Christian, Quran faith. Hebrew is to Aramaic, as Hieratic is to Hieroglyphs.

  • Heimen Stoffels

    Funny how half of the Opera users are celebrating this release, thinking that they still care about Opera w/ Presto. Did anyone actually READ the blog post? It says it only fixes ONE thing and it only does so on Windows. What is there to rejoice about? The fact that they fixed a security thing? Sure, sure.


    Please develop on line 12.17! The new Opera browser I did not like, and I’ll never download!

  • Thank for keeping this version of Opera browser. I really HATE Chrome interface and its lack of customization.

  • JeyFrost

    Hahahahahahahahaha! I was totally surprised when i saw that “Downloading” thing at the corner of my all-time favorite browser (Presto-based Opera 12, of course!)…. i searched in yahoo search, and it lead me here, so it is official update….

  • Dev222

    Are Linux users forgotten or is the Linux version abandonned ?

  • Phanes Erichthoneus

    Remember that “feature” in Opera 12.xx that would cause us to get confirmation dialogs to warn us when a secure server was trying to send data to an unsecure server, and the confirmation dialog could not be disabled, by design? I wonder if Opera 20 has the same security feature. I don’t get those security warnings in Opera 20.

  • Bodoki Gábor

    For positive comments only? I really can’t understand you. Opera team were a faithful, open minded, feature-wise team, not a pipe-seeing, mindless follower of a bigger concurrent. I don’t know, how positive i can be: To tell that how good to see an upgrading process bar and praising it will not try to force the chromium engine. That is positive that it didnt do that. But for a countless time again, i ask: Do you really believe that the chromium engined one can surpass, or at least, provide the same functionality that of Presto can? I would really piss off the name of the engine, it could be anything if that would able to offer the same loved functions in Opera why we all became addict to it! But no. You just cut Presto and roll out an unfinished, unpleasant version (and it’s still that after several version-i’m using both of them) of a browser that can surely hit users who never used Opera before, but like the Chrome already, and just sitting around and let the lesser geek community to hate this new version-who cares, they are just a bunch of enthusiasts, not a base that can be counted for a decent market share. And you’re all would like to get salary and achieve stable base. The story is so simple, isn’t it? 🙁
    Plus 1 for release Presto for community care. It gets even invaluable for you but means very lot for those who think different. Respect your users who never let Opera fall in the times before Chromium!

  • Kelly White

    Fantastic! I figured Opera 12 was a dead browser walking and I was counting down the days when a security hole forced me to abandon it. I’m soooo glad to see this 12.17 update published. Thank you for the update. You’re work and continued support of the “true” Opera browser is much appreciated.

  • Adrienne Boswell

    This reminds me so much of the “new” Coke issue way back when. Almost no one liked the “new” Coke, and friends of mine were hoarding old coke. Thank goodness, Coke came to its senses. Perhaps the same will happen here and ChomOpera will just be a bad dream.

  • Staiger

    Hey, Opera, I don’t care what engine you use. If you prefer to use Chrome under the hood, that’s fine by me.

    I just want the new Opera to have all the same lovely UI features as V12.17. It’s a classic and nobody has ever done it better.

    Please, please!!

  • Timothy Pocorni

    I just knew someday this update would available!!! Thanx opera for not letting us down!!!!

  • Bruno V.

    Turn back, please!

  • Brian Hu

    The Presto Opera Browsers are better than the chrome-based imitations.

  • what the hell, you are celebrating for nothing!

    1º: 12:17 is still full of problems. you still have to use an earlier version,
    2º: they did not correct nothing of that,
    so you got only a security update, which incidentally I do not care,
    3º: then I will not go for this version 12.17, is useless and full of bugs not fixed yet.
    by the way i am using firefox and very happy, the best bookmarks i have seen ever.

    • youknowmyname

      I have not yet seen a problem in 12.16/.17 that could not be solved. even the infamous auto-complete/custom search engine problem can be circumevented by an older search-configuration. Of course it setting 12.17 up after a fresh install is a bit of hassle (e.g. disabling speed dial over .ini for me…), but unless on goes back to 9.x, that applys to some extend anyway.
      As the lifetime of a browser is more limited by security then capabilities, this update is definetly a positive sign to celebrate

  • Any Nom

    Thank you! Was petrified the “update” would switch from 12.16 to 20.##. This blog allowed me to install it with confidence.

    • zlop

      Misleading, wasting time,
      20 should not been called Opera.
      Call it Chromera.

  • Techrater

    You will have to ignore me. I have updated Opera, but it’s not like I want to waste much time with any of it anymore. Presto is outdated, chrome-like-Opera will only start to compete out there, if you will add features that can compete out there .Until then, goodbye.


    Great to get update of best browser on market & not have to jump between applications. I just wish Mail loop problem can be fixed when setting up new email address. PS – I would be willing to pay for updates since setting up a small business eMail contacts list would be toooo
    time consuming since there is no way to export the many years of contacts that I have.
    Keep up the good work & Thanks

  • Descent

    Guys. I beg you. Restart developement of 12.xx branch instead of getting Chromed… It is pointless to make all browsers the same :/

  • MadAsHellToo

    Earlier versions of Opera had an option to not show a close button on each tab. Use of this option prevented accidentally closing tabs. When this option was implemented, the close button for the current tab appeared in the frame or window of the tab, similarly to many other programs.

    In Opera 12.17, selection of the option to not show a close button on each tab completely removes the close button for all tabs. It is simply gone. The tab must be closed from a context menu under “File”. It can also be closed from a context menu that shows on right-clicking the tab you are on. However, you must be sure you don’t right-click the wrong tab. An option is also available for closing a tab by double-clicking the tab you are on. However, again there is the danger of double-clicking the wrong tab.

    Another aspect of the problem of the danger of double-clicking the wrong tab is that, when you have a large number of tabs open, they become so narrow that is is difficult to know for sure which tab is open.

    Clearly, this change in the Opera GUI — omission of the option for showing the close button for the current tab in the frame or window of the tab — was a mistake on the part of the developers.

    I hope somebody on the Opera team sees this and gets it fixed. Also, DOES ANYONE HAVE A FIX for this problem?


    • MadAsHellToo

      I had to restart Opera because it stopped loading properly. When it came up again, the missing close button was there — in the upper RH corner of the frame of the tab where it belongs!

      Somehow it required a restart for it to appear, once I had set the option to not show a close button on each tab.

      So, my apologies for an apparent false alarm.

      As far as I can tell, Opera 12.17 is just about fine —- no problems!

      Thanks again!

  • Danny Unger

    Thank you for updating 12 for us loyal fans. I can’t use anything else. Just like everyone else on here- I’ve just done too much customization, and I *like* the fact that Presto is Opera’s.. I don’t like to trust Chromium, and the UI is just too basic. I love my OperaLink, mail (though I do like the standalone installation so if I need to restart browser, I can do that without loading mail!).. And I really love (in 12) all my little bookmark buttons, the list goes on and on.. I like that Opera is still respecting 12, and really really hope our comments will result in the continuation of Presto/12.xxx I would happily pay a subscription service or a one-time charge to keep this browser going!

    • zlop

      Common Core Dumbing Down,
      is the Evil World Order agenda.
      Those using Opera, will be put on a subversive watch list.

  • MadAsHellToo

    I have just started using Opera 12.17 and am having a serious difficulty with it It stops loading before pages are fully loaded. The result is that Opera 12.17 is essentially unusable for those pages (for my system). Can anyone help?


    • zlop

      Opera wants to upgrade, but I do not trust them anymore. Upgrade to what?

  • user91

    I would pay for a decent browser these days… ChrOpera is NOT nice

    • zlop

      I am jumping back and forth between Opera and SeaMonkey. I like Opera’s flexibility and the ability to keep track of numerous tabs, but SeaMonkey renders better. Firefox , Safari and Chrome for less frequent use.

  • jsnldn

    Having problems getting flash to work in 12.17.

  • War

    how to make addon for opera 24 work for opera 12,17

  • Geza

    I have a problem with pref>adv>programs>Check if Opera is def. browser>Details section. All the fields, in files and protocols, are marked and I can’t unmark them. This is causing problems with some websites. How can I unmark them using opera:config? Or any other way.

    • Dave-H

      That’s normal behaviour if Opera is the default browser.
      If you need to change them, the easiest way is to make something else the default browser (Internet Explorer probably if you’re on Windows) and you should then find you can edit those options manually. Once you’ve done that, making Opera the default browser again will put them back to as they were before, so leave them as they are and un-check the option to prompt if Opera is not the default browser. You will probably have to do the same thing on Internet Explorer.

      • Geza

        It works! Thank you.

        • Dave-H

          No problem!
          I replied to your post about this on the Opera forum too, so it can help others.

  • nashvillebassist

    Wow, a lot of fan folks here…. I’ve been an opera fan for more than 10 years, but the x64 version (12.17 Build 1863) is fairly tragic on both of my x64 Win 7 machines. It’s far and away slower than Internet Explorer and Chrome, and many pages it won’t even completely render (Facebook, Youtube splash page). It crashes a couple of times daily as well. One of these installations was on a newly built clean and patched Win 7 64 Ultimate installation, and the behavior was the same.

    I *really* dig opera – always have – but this one is awful so far, at least on my boxes. Any advice appreciated.

  • PaulW

    Maybe it’s getting time to say bye bye to Opera 12. Starting yesterday I’m getting “Problem loading Google+
    There was a problem loading the Google+ CSS. Please double check your network connection and try reloading in a few minutes..” Youtube comments also looks like crap. All my other browsers are fine.. Just wish that would make Opera 20 Plus as user friendly as Opera 12 with great features like the Login icon and the rest of them.. Guess I’ll have to look at migrating to FireFox ..

    • Dave-H

      Don’t give up on Opera 12 quite yet, unless you want to of course!
      See here –
      The problems with YouTube are all fixable, for the moment anyway.

      • PaulW

        Hi Dave,
        I’m going to hang in there as long as I can..

        • Dave-H

          Good to hear!
          Did you manage to fix the YouTube issues?
          The only one not resolved for me is that I can’t now type in the new comment field, but I hardly ever want to do that anyway!

          • R. Ambrose Raven

            Browser / computer interactions can be quite complex. I found 12.15 to function perfectly on Windows 7 (comments boxes appeared, login pages appeared, etc), whereas on XP SP3 cookie functions were a constant nuisance. For instance, a login page for the periodical “Business Spectator” is supposed to be the login box / GUI superimposed over a full-page advert. On 7 / 12.15 it appeared, whereas on XP / 12.15 full-page advert only – so no login. Likewise with the comments section at the bottom of the articles – perfect with 7 / 12.15, required F5 and right-clicking to coax them into view on XP / 12.15.

  • starkcitizen

    Guys when you go on http://www.cnet.com do the arrows on the left and right work for you? Does the video play when you click on >? Because those things don’t work for me. I can’t live without this browser! v12.17 RULEZ!!! Tried at least five times to switch to new Opera, but it’s useless… like zero features of the original 🙁 Why can’t they hire someone to patch some sites for the old version. We don’t need new features as v12.17 got it all!

    • Dave-H

      The left/right arrows certainly worked straight away for me.
      I had to turn off AdBlock and the Opera content blocker to get the videos to play, but once I’d done that it was all fine.
      Opera 12.17 on Windows XP SP3.

      • starkcitizen

        Wow! I didn’t think that I would get response so quickly. Thank you for confirmation that it’s not Opera 12 issue. There was something in my hostfile that blocked those things. Now it’s all ok. Thank you again! 🙂

        • Dave-H

          No problem, glad you sorted it out!

  • starkcitizen

    I have another question guys 🙂 On Disqus comment system there is an icon (a cloud?) which in other browsers dims the window and opens a white sliding page with recent conversations, notification settings, etc. Is it possible to have it working on v12.17 (maybe some modification in overrides?)? I got only dimmed window, that’s all.

    • Dave-H

      Where is this icon? I can’t see it in Opera 12 or Opera 26.

      • starkcitizen
        • Dave-H

          Ah, right!
          It looks like a Google+ icon on my system, and you’re right, it just dims the screen and doesn’t do anything else on Opera 12.17.

  • Jack Box

    this is a positive ? 1217 is messing up and I see people here happy with that? I came here looking for a fix to revert back or at least to see that people are pissed and can’t figure out what to do about this. go to youtube and look at the comments and see what they look like to you with 1217 . seriously. I cannot even type in there, can’t read the comments, everything jumbled up. so how to do I go back to older opera? I have an old xp lap top here next to me that works fine with opera. but my desktop windows 7 quad core is failing in this race.. why?

    oh yeah, facebook wont even load to the log in page, not even to log in here to comment.

    • Dave-H

      There is a fix for the YouTube problem.
      You’ll have to read through all this thread I’m afraid, it gets a bit complicated!
      Basically you have to add entries to the override.ini file to fix the comments.
      Also if you’re getting very slow loading you’ll need to use the custom css fix.
      Takes a while to do, but YouTube is working fine for me now.
      Facebook is slow loading, but otherwise seems to work fine.

  • mnor

    را يع

  • von Hoffmannswaldau

    Opera >12 = §hit

  • Tony TheMan

    My Opera 12.17 has just told me that it is downloading the latest version of Opera and will reinstall it — WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

    Is this correct? And is their any way to stop it?

    Later versions of Opera 15 have been vehemently rejected by many Opera users who have expressed a lot of anger at having key features removed that they had grown used to. One of these was the lack of bookmarks–which at least has been addressed by Opera in later versions.

    However a major problem seems to have been unaddressed: – i.e. For many years Opera had the ability to save mht archive files (i.e. to save a page as one file instead of lots of files). However Version 15 on seems to have ditched this key feature that basically every other non-browser program has. This is the email I wrote to Rikard Gillemyr, Vice President Engineering at Opera Software
    regarding the issue. It would be great if Opera can actually
    address it, and bring back:


    “Opera has been unique in having one particular USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that no other web browser has. And this USP has been something that is so basic that any other product that doesn’t have it would be considered a defective product.

    Imagine you give your PA (Personal Assistant / Secretary) 100 pages from some magazines you’d been reading and ask her to file them in the folder “Magazines” in your filing cabinet.

    Now imagine if you go to the filing cabinet and you find that all your folders are now disorganised because she has made 100 folders – and she has cut out every picture and heading from each page and put these dozen or so clippings from each page into its own folder.

    Or imagine that you update Microsoft Word and find that whenever you save a file, that it splits it into 10 different files and creates a whole new folder each time. What would you think?

    What I have just described is how most browsers operate.

    And what you no doubt wanted in both cases (i.e. one file, or 100 articles filed in one folder) is what I have always highly valued as a critical USP of Opera.

    · Whereas Google Chrome and Firefox and many other browsers acted like the very strange PA or the weird Microsoft in the examples above (and reverse the hierarchy of your computer by making automatically generated folders and then putting these at the same level in your folder hierarchy as a folder that you consider critically important)

    · Whereas Internet Explorer took ages to save the mht file, and often stopped you doing anything while it was saving

    · Yet Opera worked beautifully, saving websites into one neat file that even stores the original URL so that it is possible to go back to it or to reference it in the future.

    And now you seem to have given up on this critical and yet extremely basic function – that is considered a must-have in virtually every other computer program.

    Please, please, please bring it back.

    Kind regards,
    Tony (TheMan)

    • Dave-H

      Don’t worry Tony, even if the new Opera (now version 27!) has installed itself, it shouldn’t have over-written version 12.17.
      The shortcut to the new Opera points to a file called “launcher.exe” not “opera.exe” although the latter does still exist in the new Opera.
      If you search your machine for the opera.exe file you should find two versions. One will be the new one and the other the 12.17 one.
      Double clicking on the 12.17 one should bring up your old Opera intact, in which case just make a shortcut to it and carry on as before. Just ignore the new version!
      I would switch off the auto update feature in Opera 12.17 to prevent any re-occurrence of the unwanted update.
      BTW the new Opera can save sites as MHT files, but it needs to be enabled in a “flag”. Unfortunately this disables saving in any other format!
      HTH. 🙂

  • Noone

    I’m rather surprised here, I long locked down my 12.16 Opera and never looked back at chromium so that there actually is a 12.17 seems rather crazy. I would, of course, interject and claim that Chromium is far more likely to suffer from a hijack than Presto; unless you’re facing a targeted attack, depreciated software has depreciated exploits (unless it is a generic exploit; but with the differences in the engines.)
    Still, it is rather neat to see another version tick over an old problem ;p

  • R. Ambrose Raven

    I’m delighted to read that something is still happening with Opera 12.xx

    In the hope that it may be useful, I will mention that Opera Notes is a greatly underrated function, to me at least. Unlike most users, bookmarks are of absolutely no value whatever to me. Indeed, bookmarks’ only value is that up to about Opera 9.27, one could copy between Notes and Bookmarks, which is much more precise and reliable than importing.

    my Notes file is actually a large collection of media articles from the internet, each note therefore being between 500 and 3000 bytes in size. So: being grouped by category and subcategory, which naturally alter as more are added, I move them around. In the Notes folder, it is easy to move and regroup them, much, much easier than in a Word file. Large Word files ((up 6,000 pages of text) are unstable, and as inconvenient as Opera’s autosave function. As Word doesn’t have Notes’ two-panel structure, it is much harder to move them to the desired location. So yes, I’ve tried. – as Notes are automatically created with URL &c, the Copy to Note function is – especially en masse – much more convenient than cut-and-paste to a Word document. Iindexers such as Yahoo Desktop can certainly read the file, but has squares for spaces and no formatting, so is awkward to read.

    A very useful function, since lost, which I hope may be restored one day if feasible.

    I’ve tried about a dozen note/bookmark managers. Some of the design and functions are excruciatingly bad. Only one of them even sort of allowed using the first line of whatever was copied as the title line – so simple, yet they couldn’t even get that right! Since images aren’t of much value to me, overall Opera Notes are streets ahead of the lot of them, treenotes included.

    • tigerporc

      Otter Browser now supports Opera notes import

  • R. Ambrose Raven

    If none exists, would it be feasible to design a programme to test the performance of an installed Opera 12.xx, hopefully including a test that all relevant system files are available?

  • Zin

    Waiting for 12.18 with better html 4/5 support and the addition of support for the extensions that exist on Opera 30. While this doesnt happen ppl should have a look at this http://otter-browser.org/

  • shlomi

    Can someone please explain me why Opera 12.17 (Windows 7 based) is not update to the latest version – 29? when i go to “check for updates” it’s says “you are using the latest version of opera” but i’m now!


    • Dave-H

      My copy of 12.17 didn’t prompt me to update for many months, but then suddenly started doing so. The “new” Opera and 12.17 are completely different products, so I think they decided that there wouldn’t be an update prompt initially. In fact installing the new Opera does not remove the old one anyway, it installs it side by side with the old version, so it’s not really an update as such.

  • BX

    I still hope that update of 12.xx opera will roll out 🙂 Still using it as my primary browser because it has “ctrl+enter” password manager, RSS feeds and mail client in one place, and superb gui with a lot of options. The only reason why I use another browser along with opera is that 12xx has no support for html5 and it does not render some sites correctly…
    Opera 12 is the best, thank you, opera’s developers 🙂

    Maybe you have a secret version of v12 with up to date features? 🙂

    • Dave-H

      I wouldn’t hold your breath for any more updates to Opera 12.
      Opera have never officially said that it’s now no longer supported as far as I’m aware, but I’m sure no more development is now being done on it.
      It does support HTML5 BTW, at least it does for me!
      Try disabling the Flash plugin and then try YouTube. If I do that the videos play fine with the HTML5 player.