Since I work on the Engine part in Desktop, this blog post will be slightly more “engine-ish”:).

At first, I would like to present to you our latest Opera Developer build – 21.0.1432.5, which contains a few important fixes – Adblock is fully working again, tabs on Mac won’t do the Harlem Shake on hover anymore, and a couple of crashes are fixed. You can check full list of fixes in the changelog.
Today, we’re also giving you a sneak peek of our latest features connected with improving start-up time – especially helpful when restoring session with many tabs. There are few different approaches – they are all available as separate feature-flags at opera://flags:

  • #delay-onload – This one is my favorite 🙂 – after restoring session, onload JS events in background tabs aren’t fired until a tab is activated. It might not sound that important, but during tests this feature was giving the best results – both in loading times, and CPU/memory usage.
  • #extended-lazy-session-loading (requires #lazy-session-loading being on) – causes that an active tab + the configured number of tabs (still working on the number, for now it’s 2) is being loaded normally when restoring the session. When any of tabs finishes loading, it triggers the next one to start loading, until all tabs are done. It takes more time to fully restore session, but the start-up itself is much quicker it and takes less CPU.
  • #restore-contenteditables-state – the content of elements with contenteditable=”true” is restored on session restoration/history navigation.
  • #tab-hibernation – If a background tab is inactive (does not load anything including XHRs, plays any media, plug-in is not streaming any data, or a script is not changing page’s title/favicon) for 40 seconds its process gets suspended and swapped out (causing process memory usage drops significantly). Swapping out happens instantly on Windows and is driven by OS on mac. If the process is shared between couple of tabs, all of them have to be inactive for this to kick in.
  • #session-tabs-serialization – all pages from opened tabs are serialized on HDD when closing the browser and are loaded from there instead of the network when restoring the session. This feature should be especially useful for the users with low bandwidth network.

They are all still under heavy development, but, of course, you are very welcome to test on your own each one of them right now. We’re very curious about your impressions and feedback – also, if you found any issue with specific page, please report URLs and feature name.

PS. remember you have to restart browser to make flag active – so, for example #session-tabs-serialization, which makes a lot of work during browser shut down, will be applied after second restart.


  • AdBlock is working again when opening pages in new tabs

Known issues:

  • No thumbnail is created for new speed dials


Full changelog

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  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the update, and info Piotr 😉

  • Vux777


    my fav ツ

  • Kurt Zon


  • Vux777

    If devtools are opened in two tabs, clicking on one, switch tab focus to another tab with devtools,
    And if in one tab closed, in another devtools are completely black, or disappear …depends on tab opening order and devtools activation in them

    • Marcin Mitek

      This is fixed internally but didn’t make it to this build.

    • IllusionMH

      This issue was mentioned in previous comments in this blog, but somebody with access to bug tracket can tell for sure: there is ticket for tis issue, or it should be submitted?

      • Vux777

        I didn’t submitted
        but Mod M.Mitek commented in this thread that it’s fixed internally, so I need for it

        • IllusionMH

          Good news, thanks.

          • Marcin Mitek

            I saw the different bug fixed and commented too quickly. Turns out it actually is fixed internally (today), but didn’t make it to this build. Expect it in upcomimng build.

  • x a

    Still – as happens for at least all builds 21 – upon the first launch after an update the sequence of open tabs in the startup session (almost every time) ends up sequence reversed. It should depend on ClassicTabs extension being used. (”Race condition“ of windows./tabs.onCreated events? Events dispatched in an other way than on non-freshly-upgraded launches?)

    Also, while the password manager fills in the right number of placeholder bullets ”•“ in login forms, just pressing enter or clicking to login presents an empty password input via JS-API as well as via HTTP (GET/PUT). You can work around thge bug by arbitrarily modifying the pre-filled password field data, eg by a NOP operation like simply appending a space, for instance, and removing it again using backspace. After that, submitting the form provides the correct password field data.

    • Joel Spadin

      Some options in Classic Tabs do depend on the (from what I have seen while developing the extension, consistent) order in which Opera sends out tab events. Most of the weird workarounds are in the tab closing code (to prevent Opera’s automatic focusing of another tab from affecting the last-used tab order), but it’s certainly possible that events getting fired in different order could cause strange behaviors. I might be able to fix this by adding a small delay between the browser starting up and Classic Tabs starting to manage things.

  • Maselli Luca

    hi! When opera will have built-in bookmarks manager and notes in side panel and all great features of opera 12.16? Vote this message for show at all. Sorry for my English.

    • Maselli Luca

      bookmarks bar, tab bookmarks o extensions isn’t good like old opera 12.16.

      • nonqu

        If opera will get a proper, switchable by clicking the margin of the browser window and something like the Update Scanner add-on I would consider switching from Firefox. As of now it’s unusable for semi-advanced users.

    • I don’t really understand – why don’t use Chromium’s/Blink’s bookmark manager. Opera based on the new engine is being developed so many months and still lacks from ANY bookmark manager. What is currently available, cannot be called “manager”.

      It’s the ONLY thing makes me sticking to the Chrome right now. I think, there’s more users waiting for one of primary function of the web browser. :<

      • Nekomajin42

        That’s exactly what I think. Just copy that code, let us use, and work on their own solution when they have time.

      • Tams80

        But… but… you can use an extension for that…

        • Pls, show me that extension. I’ve been looking and looking for anything what would at least mimic a bookmark manager. Everything in extensions repository is “dumb”, not a bookmark manager.

          • al_ghul

            maybe vBookmarks or tidy bookmarks…yes, I know these aren’t bookmarks managers, but I think the best extension to edit/handle bookmarks…

          • Simple Bookmarks. It lets you open a fake sidebar (really a narrow window) beside your main Opera window, and open, move or delete your bookmarks from there. It works very well.

          • al_ghul

            really interesting and good extension:) thanks a lot, bro!:) lot of useful options!

    • @maselliluca:disqus,
      Yep, we hear a lot about bookmarks. We know it is important for many users.

      Could you please help me and provide some data: how many bookmarks you have, what is folder structure (depth and height), how long is tail of bookmarks (uncategorized and you don’t want to clean them up). And please be as detailed as possible.

      Thank you in advance.

      • Prevedovich

        Hello! I have 5 levels maximum (usually 3-4), first level has 18 folders + 10 uncategorized sites. Every level has 5-10 subfolders + 10-15 sites. I was happy the way Opera 12 worked with bookmarks (fonts, size, browsing and the way I added sites).

        Thank you!

        • If you expect us to copy a feature from O12, then we should be honest and say that we won’t do it.

          You have a chance to influence completely new browser. And I always hear – give us the same as O12 look and feel.

          Come on! Give me more ideas!

          • Maselli Luca

            I have a question for you: why I have to choose a new opera that is an ugly copy of chrome?
            Thanks Opera for horrible gift you have done for all long users support!

          • Filus

            Not only L’n’F, but ergonomics in daily work. I’ve choose old Opera as my main web browser years ago because her flexibility and great ergonomics. I’ve tried a new Opera, also for working purposes, and, for me, sorry, but configurable side panels with bookmarks, notes, transfers are the best idea as far. Why I have to forgot the best only because it is “old idea”?

            Current, modern Opera can be good for home/private/simple web browsing, but for working purposes it is exactly the same middling shit as Chrome, Ie or Firefox. It has no extra value.

            Probably I’m too old to still use internet (as far as I see the direction of general web browser development)

          • Emanuele

            I can’t agree more

          • Vux777

            here’s one…
            you should copy features from O12 😛

          • Prevedovich

            While adding bookmarks in O12 I could see the whole stucture and content. On the other hand, when I add bookmarks in IE or Firefox I see only subfolders and I have to make a lot of mouse clicks.

            In Opera 12 there is only ONE click, then I browse to a subfolder by SIMPLY moving the mouse.

            Of course, you could make bookmarks work even better than O12 by eliminating the last window when you confirm the bookmark. I pressed OK automatically, I need it only for a new subfolder.

            You try to make REVOLUTION and you could loose all the best that was made by EVOLUTION. Please, evolve, not revolutionize.

          • Maselli Luca

            I agree with you!

          • al_ghul

            well this is a matter of new trends, there must be new feature, even if old ones are better. because of most people seeking new amazing graphical features which make browser only original (but not always USEFUL). that’s why it’s really sad…maybe their experience is that of opera 12 features made that other browsers aped their features, and opera was still not popular…but I think it’s wrong direction. i think they aim in quick success, not solid product which make standards and will give profits but in longer perspective…

          • Michal Bartoszewicz

            Why you try so hard to reinvent the wheel after the previous, perfect, optimal, community backed bookmark manager was damn near perfect?
            I mean come on, start to give us a product that is not subpar to your previous iteration and has so selling points over chrome, give us a reason to use your work, after you ditched previous work which was heavy based on our feedback, like say.. the bookmark manager or UI customization.
            We believe, we scream, w poest about wanting to use your product but you guys are all Simcity 5 on us – less then we had and all talk no work. You know that just porting the legacy perfected opera stuff would give users a reason to switch from chrome, right? Now we have:
            a) no reasons
            b) no bookmark manager
            c) developers ignoring 15+ years of user feddback without a reason

          • We have already said very clearly. We don’t port O12 to Chromium. We create completely new browser.

            Good or bad, it is our decision.

          • Michal Bartoszewicz

            You know, when community hints you what was good, when your market share plummets, when the most popular desktop browser version is the one you don’t want to port (based on ) one could think that making a red chrome without a bookmark manager and linux version is one of those good ideas, right?
            Or when, you know, 1/3 of your users tells you what to do to get them back and they use your product blog to discuss alternatives because you abandoned them.

            I for one support the theory that making new/old features back would make it near impossible for you to feed your fork with chromum commits, that’s why even the flags menu is borderline unusable 10kilometers long scrollorado, instead of you know, TABS (I think it’s safe to assure that most of our monitors are wide)

            And as a person who uses opera this long, a person who spend time telling coworkers/family to at least try (and we still use to old opera for work related stuff), we now have this:

          • al_ghul

            and they promised that they’ll try to give back most of opera 12 best features. now they are supposing to deny this…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Hmm, when they promised such things? And if so, when they set a date for them to return?

          • al_ghul

            in earilier posts and comments of new chromium opera…that they want to bring back most or maybe more of best old opera12 features…and that is a matter of time…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Iirc, since the beginning of Opera Blink they said that they wouldn’t make a clone of Opera Presto and that some features may come back but many others don’t.

            Anyway, “wants to” is far from “will do”.

          • al_ghul

            yes, not clone, but many of good and best features were been promised to be brought back if there will be positive feedback and possibilities…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I would have to check but i really don’t think they have made such promises, it would had been a total change if behaviour.

          • al_ghul

            well maybe those weren’t official statements, but some of opera developers wrote in comments that they want to recreate not all old opera features, but many of them, especially those very popular, useful, and of course whenever it’s possible

      • Maselli Luca

        Hello! Sorry for my English!
        I have more of 1000 bookmarks and they are in 25 folders(no others subfolders).
        35 bookmarks are uncategorized.
        The great feature of bookmarks in side panel is that I continue surfing without more clicks in tabs or other for searching a bookmarks.
        You should remember the notes, that is a big feature of opera! Actually extension of notes isn’t good as Opera built-in.
        I’m against an extension because it in future could become a payment or become incompatible with new version of opera.
        You see an android app, more isn’t compatible with new Android and the software house of app don’t fix it.

        • Don’t be sorry, it is not linguists blog, but technology enthusiasts.

          Your input is valuable. Yesterday we had a discussion about how people group their links.

          • al_ghul

            tag bookmarks folders will be very useful!

          • Ishant

            How sweet is that :). Kudos to Opera dev team for being such wonderful folks.. I mean you told Maselli to not to be sorry about her English. That’s really something to appreciate!

        • Ishant

          Hi Maselli,

          You never need to be sorry about not knowing English well, as this world has several thousands of languages and that makes it all the more wonderful.


      • Filus

        I have 20+ main folders, some of them with 1 or 2 levels of subfolders. In total there is at least 200 bookmarks, with no uncategorized ones.
        Ah, and it’s still growing.

      • You knew it about year ago, come on, listen to the users a bit.

        Chrome’s bookmark manager is working very well, answering to the question – 1200 bookmarks, 4 levels, 100 in the root. I prefer having separate folder for bookmarks bar. AND DISABLING text labels on its items.

      • Michal Bartoszewicz

        Guys, you have all the telemetry from previous opera versions so you should know how many bookmarks do we have right?
        And with opera sunc database and you could even get how usage of them lowered via telemetry data, riiight?
        I mean, all that data you were collecting for few years didn’t just vaporize?

      • ForsakenFx

        Opera 12: 2000+ bookmarks, 12 main folders and 12 sub-folders (this would likely be changed to 15 + 20 at this point) and nested no more than 3-5 deep. I currently have ~100 uncategorized bookmarks which are either temporary, or are waiting until I do bookmark maintenance in which case many will either be deleted or moved to a folder (new or existing).

        Opera Developer: I currently have ~450 stashed items, and 17 bookmark items (3 folders).

      • CrashNBurn71

        I have 2700 bookmarks; At least 40 top-level folders.
        All of the bookmarks (except the odd un-sorted straggler) are within a top-level folder. Almost all top-level folders have at least one sub-folder, but most top-level folders contain a depth of 2-3 sub-folders. At most a folder might be 5-6 folders deep.
        |-:: Session
        ….|- Joomla
        ….|- ProcessWire
        ……..|- Modules

        Most top-level sub-folders contain at least 6 level-1 sub-folders, and many likely have 10-20+ level-1 sub-folders.

        Opera’s existing solutions Bookmark Bar and the “new” Speed Dial are pretty inadequate for actually _organizing_ anything.

      • marwerno

        My Bookmark are easily over 1000 (where can I get exact figure?)

        I have 18 Main Folders which branch off into subfolders, up to about 6 deep.

        I also use the descriptions box to put there some keywords so I can find them easily via the Bookmark search if necessary.

        I sync the bookmarks (better… used to sync…) to a total of 7 devices and it worked well (me and my wife use the same login, so when I discover something, she can see it in her bookmarks too!)

        We also use the Notes function. This is a GREAT function. We used to to organize our wedding (who has done what and has to do what 🙂 and I would love to see this on the mobile device as well.

        I am not a fan of having only a online bookmark system: On these numbers, it would take too long to load them all. Plus, organizing them is much easier offline, especially if you are on a slow network. Plus: You still can access all the bookmarks and read the comments I put in the descriptions while offline!

        I also do not need the “Stash” function, as I simply have a “temp” folder in my bookmarks where I put the temporary bookmarks, or if I do not have the time to sort them. (Or sometimes leave them simply on the top level and sort them later from there. I do not have any important bookmarks on the top level, there are folders only.)

        I also need Tab stacking badly. I am renovating a House, and so I have a stack for the different works to do (Roof, Isolation, Windows, Earthworks, etc. You get the drift). So it is common to have a LOT of websites open!

        And now I just realize, that I also can’t resize this textbox I am entering my comments in to get a better overview of what I have typed…. This used to be possible on Good old opera 12…

        I am on a Opera website Forum and can’t use my Opera login?
        I don’t want to share everything with/ on Google, facebook and co (and now I need “another” login….)

        • Simon Magat

          Are you able to run a Python script (Python 2.7)?

          Here’s a script to read the number of bookmarks, the number of folders, and the deepest nesting of folders:

          """Parse the Opera 12.16 bookmarks.adr file to determine how many bookmarks
          there are, how many folders there are, and the deepest nesting of folders.

          import io

          # Change the path to the bookmarks file as required.
          # In normal usage the Opera 12.16 bookmarks file is found in the following
          # folder:
          # C:Users{USER NAME}AppDataRoamingOperaOpera
          bookmarksFilePath = r"C:Tempbookmarksbookmarks.adr"

          # Need to specify the encoding otherwise parsing will fail on an accented
          # character.
          with, encoding="utf_8") as textFile:
          fileContents =

          numberOfBookmarks = fileContents.count("#URL")
          numberOfFolders = fileContents.count("#FOLDER")

          print("Number of bookmarks: {0}".format(numberOfBookmarks))
          print("Number of folders: {0}".format(numberOfFolders))

          fileContentsLines = fileContents.split("n")

          longestBranch = []
          currentBranch = []
          folderName = ""
          for i in range(len(fileContentsLines)):

          if fileContentsLines[i] == "#FOLDER":
          # ASSUMPTION: The "NAME=" line is always two lines after the "#FOLDER"
          # line in the bookmarks file.
          folderName = fileContentsLines[i + 2]
          # Strip off the "tNAME=" at the start of the name line.
          folderName = folderName[6:]
          if len(currentBranch) > len(longestBranch):
          # Deep copy of currentBranch otherwise longestBranch will end
          # up the same as the last currentBranch.
          longestBranch = currentBranch[:]

          # "-" closes a folder.
          if fileContentsLines[i] == "-":

          print("The longest branch: {0}".format(longestBranch))
          print("The number of levels in the longest branch: {0}".format(len(longestBranch)))

          • marwerno

            Unfortunately, I would have no clue how to do that. I am just a stupid user 😉

      • Simon Magat

        Hi Zhenis

        I’m probably one of the more extreme users of Opera 12.16. I have 9714 bookmarks in 1658 folders.

        All bookmarks and folders are under a single root folder. The only thing not under that root is the Trash folder. So there are no uncategorized bookmarks.

        The root folder contains 21 sub-folders which I call “top-level” folders. There are no bookmarks in the root folder itself, they’re all under the top-level folders. Most top-level folders also contain other sub-folders.

        I wasn’t sure what you meant by depth and height of the folder structure. The deepest nesting of sub-folders is 11. In other words, if the root folder is counted as folder #1, and it has a sub-folder that is #2, and that sub-folder has it’s own sub-folder, #3, then there are 11 levels in the hierarchy.

        By the way, Opera 12.16 handles this number of folders and bookmarks amazingly well. I just timed Opera 12.16 opening and it took only 6.5 seconds, and that was with the bookmarks panel open.

    • Paul Gareis

      Good comment. So many nice V12.16 features are missing. Plus in Windows 7 why doesn’t the theme cover the area behind and alongside the tabs? Plus why must the browser be maximized in order for the Opera menu to line up with the tabs?? Save a bit of usable screen space.

  • L33t4opera

    It is very important to me, to know the answer, whether, and when you can fix this: Issue 117106 could not install package ‘could_not_get_temp_directory’.
    It really bothers me, because of this, I can’t get more fun with testing, and experiments with the Opera 20/21 under my Linux box :/

    • Dmitry Kirin

      There’s a solution in the comments: move the profile to a basic disk (not dynamic) and use --user-data-dir=path. Have you tried it out?

      • L33t4opera

        Hi Dimitry, thanks for your reply, and yes I’ve tested it, in first place, but unfortunately it doesn’t work under Wine 😉

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Cool. Seems Chromium indeed does something dirty behind the scene. Can’t write to disk properly for 2 years… on the good side, as someone pointed out in the comments, there’s a bug unsolved in 3.5 years, so this one is just young a problem. 😉

  • Reitffunk

    I like it, that you pay attention to users which use many many tabs. 😉

    • May I ask you to do a small research for me? Count them every full hour and note. I want to understand ‘many’ on average.

      • Prevedovich

        I have 70-110 sites in average. I know that it is a lot, but at this moment it very difficult to browse. I need groups because I do several researches at the same time. And I badly need last 5 saved sessions because if my session will be lost, It will be the end of the world… But not as bad as Russians invading Ukrainian mainland, of course )))

        • That’s a LOT!!! A screenshot of that?
          I would say – globally – you are unique.

          What computer do you have? CPU, RAM and Disk type?
          Do you read through them all, or just open links then close after you read them?

          • Filus

            Maybe 100 can be a “LOT”, but during my daily work, having 50+ open (divided into 5+ separate windows) it is nothing special. And my coworkers have the same situation. I need this tabs for online documentations, solutions, online tools and so on. Lifetime of each tab differs – it can be five minutes, it can be hours or days, sometimes weeks, it depends. But less than 10-20 tabs? Only if I have some “freetime”.

          • Do you divide them in windows, because it is only one efficient way? or because each window is used for specific research area?

          • Filus

            I depends what “only efficient way” means. 🙂 But I think, the both reasons. I divide it into specific research area (like documentation of x here, documentation of y here, web search results in another) but also because, for me, it easier to navigate/found tab if I have more windows with less tab in each, than one/two window with bigger amount of tabs. Around 10-15 tab in window is my personal max to not get lost.
            With bigger amount of tabs, it is fastest to switching between windows and take a fast look into open tab names than for example finding tab in big tab list.

          • Thank you for explanation. It is valuable input for me.

          • Prevedovich

            100% true. Amen.

          • Multiple windows approach opens my eyes 🙂 Nice trick!

          • Prevedovich

            No, I am not unique. It is Opera 12 unique.

            It is everyday routine. I close the group after the project is finished. Chosen sites are added to the bookmarks.

            You should understand that the browser is not used only for facebook and youtube. Some people work in the internet. The one should group, divide tasks, compare, pause the project for 2-3 days (sometimes for weeks, it would be awesome to add a group of tabs to the bookmars under the same subfolder).

            There is a difference between Opera 12 and 20 the same as between MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop.

            Compare RAM usage. Notice how it is easy to find the tab. Lightning fast and comfortable.

            So, guys evolve, please. Take the best and make it better.

            I like the ideas you shared in the article. However, it is not about UI, but internals.

          • Emanuele

            Prevedovich for president!!! (or CEO is a better choise? 😛 )

          • Prevedovich

            ))) Oh, man! You made my day ))) Thank you.

          • Michal Bartoszewicz

            You understand me, you understand us. But I think we’re not the targeted userbase now :/

          • Prevedovich

            All Opera fans have the same wish list. Old Opera is not just a browser, it is a way how a devoted group of people perceive the world. The marketing share problem with old Opera was not about UI, but compatibility issues, bags in the very old code, and small amount of add-ons. It is very bad that people in Opera do not understand that.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            All Opera fans have the same wish list.

            I don’t think so.

          • al_ghul

            that;s why it is so sad!://

          • Etunimi

            I currently have 155 tabs open in Opera 12, I use stacks so they take approx. one screen-height in the vertical direction. At work I occasionally have up to 350 tabs open, but there I use Firefox Tree Style Tabs which copes better with that amount of tabs (which is probably what I move into at home as well if new-Opera doesn’t get the features I need).

            I know several other people at work who commonly have a large amount of tabs open, a few of them using Opera 12.

            A few dozen of my tabs are “always-open” and I just refresh to see any new content, or they are static reference pages that I need to look at often. The rest are of the “I should look at this later in more detail” or “this will be helpful when I do X later” or “let me keep this open so that I don’t forget to do X” variety.

            On this system I have 32GB RAM and opera takes 4GB of it with its 155 tabs.

          • Etunimi

            I currently have 155 tabs open in Opera 12, I use stacks so they take approx. one screen-height in the vertical direction. At work I occasionally have up to 350 tabs open, but there I use Firefox Tree Style Tabs which copes better with that amount of tabs (which is probably what I move into at home as well if new-Opera doesn’t get the features I need).

            I know several other people at work who commonly have a large amount of tabs open, a few of them using Opera 12.

            A few dozen of my tabs are “always-open” and I just refresh to see any new content, or they are static reference pages that I need to look at often. The rest are of the “I should look at this later in more detail” or “this will be helpful when I do X later” or “let me keep this open so that I don’t forget to do X” variety.

            On this system I have 32GB RAM and opera takes 4GB of it with its 155 tabs..

        • al_ghul

          up up! especially sessions:)

      • Reitffunk

        Max. I ever counted was a little bit over 100 tabs. I am also seperating them in different windows. Think at average so between 50 – 80 Tabs. Most sites are open, when I am coding. :P. Some times the tabs are as little, I am only navigation per icon. But thats ok, I am used to it. But back in the days Opera supported multiple rows of tabs, that was a very nice feature.
        I am just searching at google, then with middleclick I fire all sites up, that could be interesting for my problem. Its not often, that I click it, go back, click the other result.. I just always open new tabs.

        Tabs are more than bookmarks for me, I think. For bookmarks I only use the bookmarks-bar (gladly, you brought at back, because it is always one click less compared to stash or new tab page), there are the sites I am going to most often, and also some folders, but not very many entries in them. The bookmark-archive (like in Chrome or so) I dont use. Sometimes I save links to there (so at Chrome I have over 1000 Links saved as bookmarks) but I will never look back to them. 🙂 Because I just don’t need them, I am more likely to surf with many tabs and have the sessions open, I am currently working or interested at.

        Also my browser is always on. I never close it. I have a MacBook Air, late 2013, 1,3ghz(turboboost to 2.7 or something), 8GB ram, pci-express ssd. But before I had a normal HDD and a windows laptop, the only slow thing is to start the browser with so many tabs. But its ok.. 🙂 And RAM, you need some RAM, specially with the blink engine and the one-process-per-tab-architecture.

        • Actually I do pretty similar thing. Except separation for various windows.

          Multiline tabs bar consumes precious vertical space. Separation for many windows seems to already work for you.

          Specially on Mac OS X you have Expose so you can navigate through windows easily.

  • João Gonçalves

    I’m still suffering from the “start up tab is blank” bug.
    When I click the “New tab” button, this is what I get. The second time I click the “New tab” button, I get the blank start up tab.
    This behavior started right in the build when Aura was introduced.

    • Ghirahim

      Same here.

      • João Gonçalves

        good, good. I tought I was the only soul here who was suffering from this problem.

  • Mujo

    It’s still impossible to log on some forums, like . It gives the “wrong password” error :(. Everything is OK in IE or in Opera 20…

  • nicks

    why you didn’t update AdBlock for Opera 20 stable? ads are very annoying really :/

    • NoName

      Fixes can also introduce new bugs. Testing it first, is always a good idea.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        99 little bugs in the code
        99 little bugs in the code
        Take one down, patch it around
        117 little bugs in the code

    • Magnus

      This is really needed, please make hotfix for stable channel also!!!

    • What’s the problem to install an extension? Or are we both regarding the same thing together?

  • please add “open link in new tab” gesture… please

    • ricksper

      Please add “Open Link in New Tab”…please
      It just creates a new tab but doesn’t open it

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Hi Piotr, thaks for the update and the engine-related stuff.

    Tab hibernation indeed works. It’s very unusual to see tab memory usage numbers of the order of 650 kB among others, like 142 MB for GPU. 🙂 The feature does not affect Facebook, probably because it runs queries more often than the 40-second suspend delay.

    If #lazy-session-loading == on and #extended-lazy-session-loading == off, upon the start, the background tabs—’lazy’—are restored in a wrong zoom on some sites. However, proper zoom values are shown in the zoom control, and a reload or 1-step zoom-in + 1-step zoom-out make the zoom correct. Facebook and are not affected by this, they show up zoomed properly. Anyone confirms?

    Additionally, that combination of flags (lazy on, ext.lazy off) prevents this page lazy-load Disqus comments. When both flags are on or both are off, everything’s fine.

  • Mister

    Please, make settings of gestures of a mouse, opportunity to create the custom buttons & to sort buttons on panels, and bookmarks like in the Opera 12. It everything that is necessary to return former experience with the Opera 🙂

    • What gestures do you use?

      • Michal Bartoszewicz

        Don’t you have the old telemetry data?
        Browsing is still the same so it’s still useful o_O

      • Mncdk

        Right mouse button + wheel to cycle tabs.

  • Stve

    Looking forward to trying all the :flags options they sound very promising.

  • NoName

    #session-tabs-serialization did not seems to improve loading time at all, for me. But closing Opera took quite some time (compared to normal).

    #delay-onload is great. But right now, the loading icon on the tab keeps spinning until the tab i selected. But you most likely already noticed this 🙂

    Also thanks for #restore-contenteditables-state !

    • Piotr Musiol

      As mentioned, tabs-serialization is different approach – It’s mostly usable when using very poor internet connection, if yours is fine, then it won’t be really useful.

      Tabs keep spinning is known issue, but AFAIK it’s only visual – can you see any functional defects?

      • NoName

        #delay-onload is only visual, yea. The feature works fine so far!

        #session-tabs-serialization seems only partly done. It loads the HTML, CSS and initial images from cache. But as soon as javascript kicks in, it starts loading data. So it can depend a lot on the sites you use.

        It would be more useful, if it could save and restore its old state, instead of just the caching some static content. Opera 12 kinda did that, though far from perfect.
        Saving states would be useful both for those who want to save bandwidth, but also those, who just want to save states.

        If done well, it could also be used for tab hibernation.

    • omg

      What I really do not understand is that Opera does not seem to listen to its users. Bookmarks (or the handling of the same) is an issue which Opera does not seem to be able or willing to properly implement. It is not about copying this feature from Opera v12. But it is about implementing proper bookmark handling in a user-friendly way. I have for example (in Opera 12) about 40 bookmark folders each containing upto 30 bookmarks + something like 100 uncategorized bookmarks. There is still no way to import these into Opera 20 nor to handle all these bookmarks in an easy and user-friendly way. Hence Opera is not listening to its users which I would call a certain arrogance. Unfortunately.

  • Nekomajin42

    Good features. My fav is the #restore-contenteditables-state. I missed this one from O12.

    Anyway, I don’t know what happened, but the program starts very fast. Nothing changed, just the update. It was 15-20 seconds with the prev build, and a blink of an eye now.

  • But all of that will be configurable when the features mature right?

    I see no harm caused by #restore-contenteditables-state, and maybe #extended-lazy-session-loading is interesting since it wouldn’t hog my internet connection so much but I don’t like the others as I like to have my previous session pages updated after I restart the browser.

    #tab-hibernation will make Yahoo! Mail stop displaying notifications of new e-mails in the page title after it’s suspended, so I really don’t want this to become the default and unconfigurable behavior unless you have a very good fix that won’t cause compatibility problems.

  • Philip

    Fantastic, nice to see work on engine features done in new-opera! Also, the mental image of harlem shaking tabs is hilarious.

  • Creech

    Wow, some nice new features. It’s good to see, that you are working on some mayor changes. We are waiting for something like this.

    Oh, and I hope the Opera Next Team is enjoying its vaccation 😀

  • Inquisitor

    Second try – Disqus is being difficult again. 🙁

    ‘Bing Map’ on MapnAll doesn’t seem to work properly with O21. (It works fine with O12).

  • Emanuele

    Are the “engine related stuff” (indeed extremely interesting ;D ) something that will be merged in the chromium platform? …. I really hope so 🙂

    • Emanuele

      Is it possible having a reply about this? Even a simple NO is a reply… if you have a blog is because you want a dialogue I suppose, else you can simply close it and use a simple site without comments

  • NoName

    With #session-tabs-serialization enabled, this site is blank after each restart of Opera:

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Confirmed here, just a blank page after restart.

    • Piotr Musiol

      Interesting, thanks for report – we’re looking into this

  • Magnus

    Do we have to wait until 21 becomes stable when we get the AdBlock fix on stable channel?

    • rpsgc

      Count on it.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There’s a good chance.

  • Guest703


    Well congrats guys. I was planning on never installing this new Opera but now I think you have persuaded me otherwise. Will probably give it a spin as soon as these features hit stable.

  • Rinne Tensei

    opera have changed the behavior of the open() event to open_in_newtab () and focus:background to solve the adblock issue. But this is not a real solution. this thing unnecessarily opens a new tab while clicking on an image in facebook chatbox.. this problem is with opera GUI, tab opened by Open() event can’t inherit/reload the memory or memory references of the parent tab used by adons (not all though)!

  • Olli

    Wow, that’s a damn fast build!

  • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

    #delay-onload applies to tabs opened in background?

    And i was hoping fix for crashing when enabled impl-side-painting will be there too!

  • Darklink88

    Thank you for sharing with us some the new experimental settings! <3

  • eshbgdbvfdtb

    This build doesn’t let me use the scroll wheel in Google Maps and the like. Scrolling up and down on normal pages works fine.
    W7 64.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      It does here. Do you have any extensions that might be overriding the nouse wheel event? I remember some people have even been writing extensions to disable it. Scroll zoom can also be disabled intentionally by website authors, using the Maps API, in order not to break the page scroll user experience on pages.

    • ayespy

      It’s fine here on Win 8.1.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Here the scroll whell does zoom in/out on Google Maps.

  • Darklink88

    Regarding session loading… In the settings I can choose some specific webpages/tabs that I want to be opened by Opera every time I start it. Is it possible to add an option for having this tabs pinned? Let’s say I want Opera to start with: opera://history, opera://flags and speedial. If pin the first two and then I set Opera to open this group of tabs, they always open as “regular” tabs. Is this an intended behaviour? Can you change it?

    • Nekomajin42

      It woudl be nice. I asked this when pinned tabs first showed up, but there was no comment from the devs.

    • Why do you close browser at all? Restart after update? I keep important tabs always opened and never turn off my laptop.

  • 16 days left and still there is no linux build 🙁

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What do you mean by “16 days left”?

      Well, i wouldn’t expect a Linux build in a near future.

      • bgh251f2

        There was a comment saying to not wait until March but it was deleted so…

        • Leonardo Gomes

          There was already newest news before that.

          • bgh251f2

            If you are talking about the blog post, it only add to says that someone (a employee) says they are working on it, no proof, no info on progress, nothing relevant. He just asserted they are still working on it, that is the same Microsoft said about Skype for Linux, so?

            Unless you have something newer or more certain. If you do please post some links.

          • thetruth
          • bgh251f2
          • Frenzie

            There were something like 3 years between the Skype 2 beta and MIcrosoft’s takeover, and a year after that we got Skype 4. Also, I last updated Skype a number of months ago and thus have, while the current release is So on the whole, I don’t think Microsoft’s record is bad on this one.

          • bgh251f2

            You can’t even log with your skype account and get facebook and msn integration like you can do in Windows and Mac.

            I have to log with my msn account every time I’m gonna talk with anyone that is not on my skype contacts, and It can’t even remember my msn login!

          • Frenzie

            Facebook integration? May there be no updates. 😛

            What you say is all true, and I’d say it’s far worse that a certain type of conference call only works in version 5 and up, but my point is that Skype for Linux was quite literally abandoned for three years until Microsoft took over. It’s possible that they dropped it again, but I don’t think that story is corroborated by the minor updates. I imagine they’re working on a bigger update behind the screens.

            With regard to Opera, they’ve quite clearly said they dropped *BSD. Why wouldn’t they say the same thing about Linux if they had?

          • bgh251f2

            First: lot of devs(not Opera devs but devs in general) work with Linux, as well as the people who likes to tinker with their software, are Linux users. Most of Linux users dual-boot(mainly because of games) so they can test Opera browser even if it is not available for Linux, but They would be more reluctant to do that if Linux was completely off the chart.

            Second: Linux fans(me included) tend to be passionate, if they announced since the beginning that there would be no Linux version They would complain like there is no tomorrow, it would be a storm, by delaying the announcement they can hope to get everything quiet until the time They announce that there won’t be a Linux version everybody would already be used to it so the backlash could be minor(a lot of old Opera users that used it on Linux already left the Opera boat so they wouldn’t even be aware when it happened).

            Third: They wouldn’t want to gather the rage of the Linux fans(it is a extension of the second) when launching the new product, so they can simply delay it most until the product is fully ready so it will be good enough(if they succeed) to counter the backlash from the Linux community.

            These are some reasons I can think about(BSD doesn’t have a relevant enough public to gather this and I thought there was some way to easily adapt Linux software to work on BSD).

        • Hey…

          I hope people remember the original comment and know how to interpret it:
          Daniel Aleksander said: “Do not expect [the Linux version] for another three months at the earliest.”

          • bgh251f2

            Yeah I made a misquote so wrong that got to the point of rewriting it as a complete different thing, sorry.

          • I didn’t mean you did that, but I felt somebody needed to repost the original comment here to clear any misunderstandings. 🙂

      • My birthday 🙂

  • Ra-Mon

    No way to easily import data (bookmarks, cookies, history…) from Internet Explorer or Firefox ?

    • ayespy

      Easy to import bookmarks via Xmarks extension.

      The value of importing cookies and history kind of escapes me – but I suppose if Chrome will import these, you could do that and then just move those files from the Chrome profile to the Opera one.

      • Ra-Mon

        I can’t find Xmarks Opera addon… but If new potential user need to install addon in IE/Firefox+Opera and create Xmarks account it’s not easy AT ALL to import bookmarks !
        A native feature will be more basic to import all available data and make new user directly comfortable with this new Opera, without install esoteric addon or Chrome 😀

        • L33t4opera

          to import bookmarks

          Hi Ra-Mon, if you would like, then you can try to use the “Transmute” for Windows.

          • Ra-Mon

            If i was an IE/Firefox user, i wouldn’t expect to have to use a tool or addon to make my switch fast and efficient !

        • Here is the thing: first thing you should do when installing Opera is to install also the “Download Chrome extension” extension. Then you can head over to the HUGE Chrome Web Store and pick any extension you like. It will work. Xmarks is a Chrome extension.

          • Ra-Mon

            Tested with Opera Dev 21.0.1432.5 + “Download Chrome extension” : this Chrome “Xmarks Bookmark Sync” addon don’t install (infinite red “Checking…” button)…

          • Sorry, I should have added that because of security concerns, you have to explicitly tell Opera that it should indeed install it. When you try to install from the Chrome Web Store, Opera puts a band at the top of the page asking you if you really want to do it. You need to click “Go” and then install the extension from Opera’s extension manager (it will be pre-selected for you).

          • al_ghul

            yeah sometimes chrome extension is needed, it’s better to install this one…

        • ayespy

          If you have not added the “install extensions from the Chrome Store” Opera extension, you will need it. Then get Xmarks from the Chrome Store.

          Agreed, it will be better when Opera has its own full-featured bookmark manager, including import-export.

  • ayespy

    Monster fast.

    Good job.

    Still need to be able to put vertical UI elements at side (tabs, bookmark bar).

  • deded

    I finally hear here some features that reflect the Old Opera DNA!
    But aren’t bookmarks more important an urgent?
    I am still using Opera 12.16, but if I see Chropera with the features I want I will consider to give it a chance!

  • taneli

    Well, had my first complete browser crash after O15…
    Just hung up, didn’t respond for 10 minutes, so i killed the process.

    Windows ofc only gives: 0x80000000000000 Application hang, UNKNOWN.

    Was just scrolling down on Facebook feed, nothing special that i saw in there anyway (like flash videos, games, nada, just text and a couple of pictures).

    Win8.1 x64.

    Other than that, great to see those fixes, they were really huge annoyances, and i’m yet to see the blank speed dial bug on this one, so, that’s nice (hopefully it won’t come later ;p).

  • escruting

    Is there a way to change the application icon on the task bar? I miss my red O…

    • taneli

      Right click the icon on your toolbar/whateverbar (the shortcut anyways) -> properties -> on the first page there is a button “change icon” -> and a button “browse”. (you should have the old opera icon stored somewhere for this.)

      • escruting

        Yes, but when i launch it it goes back to the white (opera next) icon :/

        • taneli

          I hope you are not talking about minimized or pinned window now, ’cause, the icon won’t change otherwise. If you do use pinned programs, well, that you can’t change. That icon comes from the program itself.

    • Ice007

      You can change the symbol in the icon settings.
      Right klick on icon > Preferences – and then search for e.G. Opera Stablelauncer.exe or the Opera.exe from Presto.

      • escruting

        The icon of the application is white after i double click on the red opera shortcut

  • Kasia Maślanka

    Nie ma się czym chwalić że pracuje się dwa lata w opera software, dwa lata pracować i nic nie robić. oprócz nazwy wasza przeglądarka niczym się nie rożni od chroma, co wydanie tylko piszecie o rewolucyjnych skórkach, które tak czy tak skórkami nie są tylko tłem strony, chyba skórki nie widzieliście, proponuje zainstalować winampa. ale mniejsza o skórki. jest opera i jest silnik chrome, i teraz mam pytanie nad czym siedzi tyle osób w tym Wrocku? nad systemem kafelków zamiast zakładek, na starej operze mam około 200-300 zakładek z których korzystam cały czas, jak umieścić 200 zakładek w waszym systemie kafelków, nie mam całego życia na szukanie. Kiedy wyjdzie wreszcie coś a nie wersja 16 dadaliśmy skórki, już za tydzień wersja 17 z nowymi skórkami. a za miesiąc poprawimy yyyyy, no coś poprawimy. ale będzie to wersja 23 🙂 proponuje zmienić zainteresowania, na na przykład kowalstwo artystyczne

  • CaryF

    Is anyone else seeing a painting issue with the top of the window? It briefly flashes a solid black bar before the window is fully drawn. Windows x64, on both Nvidia GT 430, and Laptop w/ Intel I5 graphics.

  • Acid3 shores only 99
    PeaceKeeper has some odd results on the flying sprites
    HTML5 result is 496

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Good to read that 🙂

    • taneli

      Acid3 goes to 100 with smooth animation here (some extensions blocked things from it previously, like adblock, https-everywhere, disconnect, such), but atm. trying with all those active, it is fine.
      Maybe you got some experimental flags in use that screw it? Or some extensions.

      And i just tried that PeaceKeeper, didn’t work at all while Adblock was enabled, worked perfectly when it was disabled.

      • I have no extensions installed.

        • taneli

          Then i guess it’s your flags that you’ve enabled, or if not that, some bug with the platform.

    • taneli

      After disabling Adblock, my result on this build for PeaceKeeper was:
      HTML5 Capabilities 5/7

    • Leonardo Gomes

      100/100 on Acid3 here.
      501 on HTML5Test
      Peacekeeper: 4827 6/7

      • How?
        Can you show screenshot?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I may try when i get home. Any specific or all of them.?

          • I think you tuned opera://flags. It is very interesting, what did you exactly do.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Hmm, i1ve enabled lots of flags:

            The ones i’ve left as default are:

            Allow insecure content

            Extended lazy session loading

            Extension install bubble

            Speed Dial extensions compositing

            Import profile from Opera 12 or other Presto-based Opera

            Enable lazy session loading

            Bookmarks bar

            Use big Speed Dial thumbnails by default

            WebUI debug mode

            Enable touch-initiated drag and drop

            Impl-side painting

            Maximum number of tiles for interest area

            Default tile width

            Default tile height

            HiDPI Support

            Number of raster threads

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I also have enabled:


            Enable experimental canvas features

            GPU Accelerated SVG Filters

            Enable Direct3D 11

            Save Page as MHTML

            SPDY/4 alpha 2

            HTTP/2 draft 04

            Enable Encrypted Media Extensions

            Enable Experimental JavaScript

            Enable GPU rasterization.

            Enable experimental Web Platform features

            Enable Developer Tools experiments

            Enable Download Resumption

            Password manager reauthentication

            Public suffix domain matching for auto-filling of passwords

            Enable experimental WebSocket implementation

            Enable Offline Cache Mode

            Enable WebGL Draft Extensions

            Enable HTML Imports

            Enable Web MIDI API

            Support for ServiceWorker

            Autofill HTML forms even if the ‘autocomplete’ attribute is set to ‘off’

        • Leonardo Gomes
        • Leonardo Gomes
  • Osamu Maki

    I cannot tap tabs or control buttons of rigt-top when I use Opera on my Asus H100TA. So I cannot change active tab. If I want to close Opera, I have to long-tap on taskbar to show context menu, and tap “close”. I have no problems to do actions on view area (swipe to scroll, tap to fire link etc.). Mouse click works fine.
    It was same on previous snapshot.

  • Unstable in a way no previous build has been for me, since first O15 snapshot back in May 2013, well even since I first met Opera in 2008.

    Not responding all the time, even with a fresh new profile, it will hang over and over. And this one hangs just upon starting it, without being able to even open the menu.

    Two builds ago everything worked just perfect, now it’s untesteable and it’s really getting on my nerves.

    Win 7 x64, Intel i5.

    • Tomasz Jamroszczak

      Maybe that’s because of your graphic card?

      • Nope, as I didn’t change my graphics card, I can’t since it is my work computer and the first O21 build was just fine, as I said all of them have worked fine until the last two O21 builds, which screwed it.

        And the first O21 build was already using Aura, so that shouldn’t be a problem either.

        I tried a fresh profile, I even uninstalled and reinstalled from scratch, problem still there.

  • There’s an update too to O20, why on earth didn’t you say it?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Because it’s not officially released yet?

  • eduardoscorpio .

    and real imporvements count is still 0 loool

    • Leonardo Gomes

      This is subjective.

      • eduardoscorpio .

        Really? oklest list a few things:
        UI still a mess too basic and lacking any proper way to customize it
        Download manager still missing in action the current one is even more basic than chrome ( what happened to run downloads like we could on opera 12 and IE?)
        Proper bookmark implementation still missing and ignored ( bookmark bar is no use to me there is a reason why its the first thing i disable in chrome)
        Disk usage is still insanely high for a browser ( i ahd to move opera out of the ssd)
        Not to mention RSS feeds and notes
        Pop up Blocking is weaker than opera 12 ( even if it passed it opened in a new tab not in a new window)
        And the list goes on

        how the hell you call this subjective? in 6 months real improvements is still =0 yet they send new version after new version like there is no tomorrow

      • eduardoscorpio .

        love how my post magically got deleted

      • eduardoscorpio .

        Lol at the mods censoring my post but i will keep posting it ;because its not insulting anyone

        Lets see what you call subjective:

        Bookmarks bar is still missing in action ( bookmarks bar sucks so much and its the first thing i disable in chrome)
        Rss Feeds and Notes
        Popup Blocking very week compared to opera 12 ( even if it passed it would open in a new tab not in a new window)
        Download manager basic and non existent ( what happened to run downloads like old opera and IE? ) hell even chrome one has more “features”
        Disk usage insanely high for a browser
        UI is basic and offers 0 customization

        • Leonardo Gomes

          As i said, it’s 100% subjective. Those things may be important for you but aren’t for others, including me.

          Not that i don’t miss some features but i don’t think Opera is unusable because the lack of them.

          • eduardoscorpio .

            that shows you are content with basic stuff , well there are loads of people who are not content with the current form of the browser

          • Leonardo Gomes

            That’s why, among other things, it’s subjective.

          • eduardoscorpio .

            gotta love how this conversation got censored

          • eduardoscorpio .

            for me its not its a matter of perspective

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, perspective is also subjective, as the point of view changes what is seen and how it is seen.

    • oic

      I’m just feeling disappointed. How many programmers work for Opera at moment? All these “improvements” feel like just the work of 1 person. It doesn’t feel like we’re getting much changes at the pace you would expect from a large team

      • eduardoscorpio .

        because despite claims otherwise by then ,the team is small several sources claim that part of the desktop team from presto was fired or simply quit
        if there was indeed a large team (like they claim ) working in 6 moths the browser would be in a more usable shape and with more features ,at the moment it looks more like an alpha than a finished product
        it took months just to code a freaking bookmarks bar witch was already in chromium code they just made slight changes

      • Leonardo Gomes

        opera://about/ may help answering your question.

  • iwod

    Restoring session with many tabs, I think the solution greatly depends on whether Opera decide to continue be Chrome Like, which its design decision basically does not even want you to open too many tabs, the Tabs get so small its stupid.

    If Opera decide to follow the route of old Opera or current Firefox which support Tab Overflow. Then I am all for delay on load. It is the sensible option. And only laod the current active, last active as well as pinned tabs.

    • Old Opera always had tabs that shrink in size for as far as I use it (before Chrome existed).

  • eduardoscorpio .

    Got to love the censorship on the comment section

  • zzzxtreme

    will there be MDI mode ? been using MDI mode for ages and suddenly gone

    • Emanuele

      nope because, from Opera perspective, average users find it too confusing and/or don’t need it

      remember: O15+ is designed exactly for the average (generally “stupid”) user

      • Joana Silva

        Exactly Opera for grandpa and grandma who even do not know what’s bookmarks. 😀

        • gekitsu

          back when we was yer age, we didnt have no bookmarks, son! if we wants to save where we was readin’, we hadda use leftover breadcrust and stick it in the book, go to bed hungry.

          now everyone get off my lawn. this browser reminds me of the good ole days when rubber boots were made of wood and free beer was a dollar!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think so. Not in a near future, i guess.

  • RIP, Opera. It was a good browser.
    Linux will miss you. Maybe…

  • Akbalder

    The title of the blog post “fun with tabs!” gave me a false joy: I thought that we would have more options about tab behavior.

    For now, I think that it’s more important to have features for the users than technical improvements.

    • Strongly disagree. The delays in opening and closing Opera, the frequent tab freezes, and the like were killing my experience with the browser. Having a program that *works fine* is much more important than adding fancy features.

      I was also waiting more radical improvements, like stacking and visual tabs, but first things are first.

      • Tams80

        I’d hardly call those ‘fancy’ features, but yes stability should take priority.

        • Well, visual tabs *is* a fancy feature. I loved it, but it’s hardly a “basic” feature of a browser (which becomes evident by the fact that no current browser has it right out of the box).

      • gekitsu

        i agree as long as the basic functions are fulfilled. they arent, though. as long as we dont get basic control over our browsing – bookmarks, privacy setting etc. – shaving a quarter second off here or there is polishing a turd.

        • Your estimation is *way* off. I’m not talking about second quarters. I’m talking about a good twenty seconds for Opera to load five tabs, the browser becoming unbearable sluggish after a while, the program never closing a dozen of memory-consuming processes and making the whole operating system slow.

          • gekitsu

            given that we are talking beta builds (developer stream) of beta browsers (opera 15+)… id still value making it a browser higher than getting it to perform well.

            fix performance, you have a not-a-browser that does not-a-browser somewhat faster. you still ahve to make it into a browser and get it to perform afterwards again anyway.
            fix making it a browser and you have a slow browser. which is more of a browser than a momentarily fast not-a-browser.

          • So the piece of software that I use everyday to navigate the Web, get into Facebook and Twitter, revisit my 3000+ bookmarks, send emails, play games, interact in forums, etc. is not a browser? You’re just spewing nonsense at this point.

          • gekitsu

            if this piece of software as it is now fulfills your needs, thats really more a statements of your needs (and, to be fair, if it doesnt for me, its a statement of mine), not me or you talking nonsense.

            what i consider basics is, among others, to have control over the data the browser records (none), the kinds of services it provides (so minimal it amounts to practically none) and have a realistic manner of approving/blocking individual cookies while surfing (nonexistent). right now, for my use, its nothing more than a web rendering program. for it to be a browser, it lacks functionality.

  • Gogich

    Hi. Guys Can you fix this typo, there is not space between the phrase and my opera nickname.

  • Marko Koivuniemi

    This build seems much snappier than before – nice job. But enabling lazy-sessions doesn’t seem to work nicely for my tabs. I disabled those because certain tabs was left as blank and/or scrolling of page stopped working. (Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit) I have enabled hung plug-in monitor and at one time it shows “Unknown plugin”.

    • Piotr Musiol

      Hi, you were using both #lazy-loading and #extended-lazy-session-loading? could you provide some of the URLs which you had troubles with?

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        I cannot reproduce this. I enabled settings again and tried restart couple of times and seems to work. Sorry. I will leave settings on and see what happens in a long run.

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        Actually now problems rise again. First Opera gave information that Flash plug is frozen. After restarting flash couple of my tabs are white – for example Gmail tab and local newspaper: – reloading doesn’t refresh page. But if I open this Iltalehti-address on new tab it loads just fine. Interesting thing is that “view source” of these tabs shows site normally – there and content. But tab itself is in state that shows nothing but blank white page.
        I don’t close my Opera until I get response In case that I should send you my session files or profile etc.

        • Marko Koivuniemi

          Same happened for my Gmail-tab. It shows full url of my inbox and when I copied it to another tab Gmail loaded. But this tab is just blank and reloading doesn’t do anything.

        • Piotr Musiol

          Well, right now we cannot really reproduce this issue.
          Could you check which other flags you are using? Maybe some of them are interfering with each other.

          About session files, they’re not useful if a restart solves this problem – how does it look in your case?

          • Marko Koivuniemi

            After restart those tabs show again. I will try to narrow it, but it seems that it starts with (suprise!) unresponsive Flash but when I decline to stop it tabs seems to behave. After couple of Flash plug-in information I got also this: “he following plug-in is unresponsive: Unknown
            Would you like to stop it?” I have latest Flash installed.

          • Piotr Musiol

            Ok, so another thought – we have a known issue about blank pages, which isn’t connected with any experimental feature – is it possible that your issue is also reproducible without lazy-loading?

          • Marko Koivuniemi

            It hasn’t occured without lazy-loading and this behaviour started with lazy-loading enabled but of course it could be related to this same known issue (and caused by same bug or plug-in etc.)

  • Password manager is broken in 21 builds, I believe because of displaying full URL. Until this is fixed, count me out for the testing.

  • taneli

    Well, the blank Speed Dial is still there, completely white page.
    And again the problem, that i cannot bring Opera to front anymore, have to minimize all other programs on top of Opera to be able to use it :/
    Again renders this build completely unusable.

    Win8.1 x64

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Have you tried to completely delete the cache and history? I have none of these problems here (W7x64).

      • taneli

        Yes, also happens after completely clean install.

    • NoName

      I can confirm the same issues on the same OS.

      But there is something triggering them (separately). I need to use Opera for several hours or sometimes days, before it starts happening.

      • taneli

        Indeed, i mentioned this on an earlier post too, it doesn’t start happening straight away (either of them).
        And indeed they are 2 separate problems, white speed dials starting to happen after only 5-10 minutes of use.
        Kinda hard to narrow down on what causes these things.

  • D. Wood

    Missing features that I would like to have as soon as possible in order to have a much more enjoyable experience using the new Opera:

    – a bookmark manager (available under Opera 12.16);
    – the ability to hide [+] Speed Dial button (available under Opera 12.16);
    – a reloading of the Speed Dial thumbmails that works (as it did prior to Opera 20)
    – when in private mode, the ability to access the ‘Clear browsing data’ function from within the current window. I do NOT need a new window to open.

    • – when in private mode, the ability to access the ‘Clear browsing data’ function from within the current window. I do NOT need a new window to open.

      I don’t really understand this one. Could you please explain?

      Once you are in private mode and close the window you also clean history, cache and cookies. What do you want to clear there?

      • Vux777

        I think he meant that all Opera internal pages are opened in non-private window, meaning, if I surf in private window and click on extensions/history/del private data…., new window popus up

        • That means private mode is used as basic window. Private mode does not affect History.The same for private data. Extensions. You go to extensions, and install one being in private mode. What does it mean? Should it be visible in normal mode then?

          Basically, the mentioned internal pages don’t have a sense in context of private mode.

          • Vux777

            settings, themes… all except SD (new tab) are opened in non-private.
            Many ppl surf in private mode constantly. I did at the beginning because of excessive HDD usage.
            Then I’ve installed ramdisk, and non-private became silent ツ…again, like in O12
            but you are right… those pages don’t make sense in PM
            PM should be something exclusive and not usual..
            I’m just saying from my experience when I was using it…

    • gekitsu

      lets add to this:

      – real fucking bookmarks, and developers that stop pretending they are on to something hot by leaving them out. lets spread a little common sense on the brekfast sandwiches: nothing of this tab hibernation stuff or aura business is remotely the priority of bookmarks – a cornerstone of how browsers are used.
      – disabling history completely. i dont want to manually clear out data all the time. a browser has no business keeping a history.
      – proper cookie management, as in o12.
      – disabling the whole address bar dropdown mess. it was an unwanted feature in o12 but i could disable it. now im stuck with it.
      – include google search the same way all the other bundled search engines are handled. google is basically malware, the ability to throw every google service integration out of the browser is paramount.
      – either solve the default search engines dilemma or at least fix the broken implementation we have now: no more auto-redirect to localised site versions.

  • How can I keep my custom search engines but reset the rest of my profile?

    In Opera 12.x, I just had to copy the search file, but I it looks like that file is not used in the new Opera world.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      IIRC, they are on the Web Data*.* files.

  • LoutrePerfide

    The site is all messed up, can’t see the charts 🙁

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Looks strange here too.

    • blackcoder


      Looks fine in Opera Stable.

  • [828586]

    I hope all this new features can be disabled on settings page ?, for me everything that kills my SSD drive is BAD

    • Dmitry Kirin

      From the description of the new features, I don’t think they are putting heavy load on the disk. Session tabs serialization occurs upon exit only. Opera writes much more saving session data every 10 seconds. For example, for the last 6 hours, it has written 2.7 GB. I installed a RAM disk to hold session.db*, and I’m quite happy with the solution.

      • blackcoder

        I deleted the session.db* files, let Opera create a new one and then set it to read-only. Now these files are existing, but nothing written to it since I have done that.

        This completely disables sessions, though.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          That’s a good solution. In my case, sessions live till the computer is restarted, once a month. I also have Opera cache on the same RAM disk. Going by the way it’s getting full now and then, the command-line options limiting it do not actually work, so it’s good to have a natural limit—the disk size. Otherwise, the cache would grow, I don’t know how big. The profile itself remains where it has originally been, in Application Data. I wish Opera would gain such a configuration someday, in the shiny future, when there are no more deaths because of the lack of real bookmarks and that sort of stuff. 🙂

  • taneli

    Off-topic: Anyone happen to know, if there’s an extension for handling file downloads (eg. open some filetypes with default programs etc. (not sure if this is actually even possible via an extension?)) and a POP3/IMAP mail extension? (or a Chrome extension, if they work well in Opera.

    • Vux777

      about downloads, you should check this blog, maybe you find it useful

      • taneli

        That only seems to control different locations, not so much of sending the file straight to a software (this part i wasn’t sure, if is even possible via extensions), but nice extension that, regex rules and on site-basis, really neat, will surely have use for that.

  • Вадік Дудар

    I really miss for sync saved passwords :((
    and normal download manager.. (resume download, multithreaded download). something like DownThemAll in firefox.

  • Christian Wallrich

    Fine. 🙂 And now: Want to sort my extension- buttons.

  • Вадік Дудар

    how to do that bookmarks bar show only in start page? (like in Chrome or Yandex browser)

    • Vux777

      you can’t
      it’s always on or off

  • Dave-H

    Adobe Reader Plugin for PDF files still seems to not be working in this build.
    The plugin apparently loads the content, but then just shows a black screen.

    • taneli

      I always hated Adobe Reader :/ I’d suggest trying out Foxit reader, more light to use, and has been working flawlessly for me always, not sure if it lacks some features you need from Adobe but… take a look at it. (and yes, works perfectly with Opera)

      • Dave-H

        Thanks taneli, I’m sure Foxit Reader is fine, but that’s not the point!
        Adobe Reader should work with Opera, and always did until 21.0.1432.0.
        Something was changed that broke it, and it’s still broken.

      • x a

        Also happens with SumatraPDF plugin.

  • wuqi

    Can we have the ctrl+z back?Though I know the ctrl+shift+t will do the same thing .

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Wuqi, if you want, you can try to use: “Ctrl+Shift+Z”, or “Alt+Z”.

      • wuqi

        How?”Ctrl+Shift+Z”, or “Alt+Z”. can’t reopen last closed tab.And there’s no mouse gesture to do this.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          It works after adding the ReopenLastClosedTab line to Preferences—read the thread L33t4opera has referred.

          • wuqi

            Thank you,I didn’t notice the link ,now alt+z works.

        • L33t4opera

          Yep, I should write, that to make it work, you need to remap the keybinding (steps given in the link).
          Anyway, I’m glad, that you made it 😉

  • Filus

    New options look promising.
    But… Is there flag/option for disabling autoclose of empty windows?

    • Leonardo Gomes


  • IllusionMH

    Looks like I heva new issue with youtube player:

    1) Start youtube video (i’m tested with
    2) Switch to another tab(without youtube player)
    3) Close and reopen opera
    4) Youtube player is in front of last tab.

    Win7 x64 SP1

    #delay-onload Disabled
    #extended-lazy-session-loading Enabled
    #tab-hibernation Enabled
    #session-tabs-serialization Disabled

    Seems to be problem with #extended-lazy-session-loading. Player apperas when youtube video is changed to load circle, and problem doesn’t appear when #extended-lazy-session-loading Default (Disabled)

  • Vux777

    does opera support chrome.session API?

  • Christian Wallrich

    When i want print a .xls file in Google Drive, it print only in a pdf file.

  • taneli

    Backspace and delete keys don’t seem to be working on google docs’ spreadsheets, would kind of be nice to be able to delete stuff in there 🙂

    • Calypso

      Have exactly the same issue with Opera 18, 19 and 20. It seems that Google did something on their end as it was working till two days ago (Mar 13)

  • Jademarisa

    Until you give it a classic menu again, it won’t be usable. That’s the reason why I don’t use Chrome and I keep using Opera 12.16. And please bring back skins. Real skins, not ugly Chrome backgrounds.

  • Izer0

    Freezing on To-Read sites plugin enabled for about one minute.

  • pureocean

    Thank you very much for new features and Windows’ classic scrollbar (DNA-15479 ).

    CPU using still high while web sites loading. When? Since Chromium 1700 build. Not happened CPU high problem in Chrome 31.0.1650.63.

    Text selecting new color became “#328efd”. This bright blue color is annoying. Could you bring previously dark blue tone? At least, as a option in Settings…

    Font rasterizing issue still have on Disqus comment since Chromium 29.
    Example screenshot:

    My system: Windows NT 5.2 x86, Radeon HD 3200

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Font rasterizing issue still have on Disqus comment since Chromium 29.

      No problems with fonts in Disqus comments here.
      Win8.1 X64/Intel HD Graphics 4600

    • blackcoder

      Not such a problem here with the fonts.

      Win8.1 x64 and AMD Radeon HD 7750

    • I have the same problem on multiple webpages in all versions of the new Opera. It is associated with the off ClearType in Windows.

    • The problem can be temporarily resolved by turn off flag “LCD text anti-aliasing”.

      • pureocean

        @varabi:disqus @blackcoder:disqus @disqus_WZtx4u7zWJ:disqus:

        Thank you all.

        I tried –disable-lcd-text the flag. All texts became blurry (antialiased). Therefore again back to –enable-lcd-text

        And I finally found a solution in Chrome: –disable-accelerated-layers
        If Chrome runing with this flag, font rasterizing issue not happened in Disqus’ comments area.

        Unfotunately, this flag doesn’t working in Opera 22. Yes, I ran Opera as launcher.exe –disable-accelerated-layers
        Despite this flag, Opera 22 still broken font rasterizing in Disqus.

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    There is still one problem not fixed: If I want to edit the name and description of a speed dial entry, I can’t use the “POS1” and “END” key. The focus will get lost. It would be nice if you fix this in the next dev.

  • smartunite

    #extended-lazy-session-loading – sounds like a promising solution to a smooth startup with 20+ tabs session. I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time 🙂

  • GioWDS

    When you close tab with Ctrl+W combination Opera crashes.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Not here. W7x64.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not happening here.

  • dflyra

    the problem with the speed-dial, i.e. delayed display, sometimes blank or disappearing, some blank thumbnails etc. persists. mouse gestures below par & bookmarks manager practically absent. selecting text with cursor is a pain in the ass (chromium problem i think, but nevertheless problem). to tell you the truth using Opera 12.16 is a breeze compared to 15+.

  • Mikhail Aksenov

    Problem with Ctrl-Backspace in input field still exists. 🙁
    When I try to remove last word in sentence Opera go back to the previous page. So frustrating.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      You can re-define the ParentDirectory action, which has Ctrl+Backspace for the shortcut, in the file Preferences, for example, as follows:

      "Keybindings": {
      "Basic": {
      "ParentDirectory": [ "Ctrl+Shift+Backspace" ]

      (Close Opera and backup the file Preferences before editing it!)

      • of

        Same thing with Ctrl+Enter.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          By default, Ctrl+Enter is PastePassword.

          • of

            I suppose it’s a bug of this particular version, because I don’t remember such frustrating consequences after pressing Ctrl+Backspace or Ctrl+Enter?

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Looks like not a bug, just some shortcuts registered in the Opera resources, and even in its “Basic” section. I don’t use much of them.

  • alex primak

    Hi! Sorry for my English!
    I have in the configuration request save folder before downloading the file. When I clicked on my network to view the movie, I get the question of Opera where to save the .asx file. Can you make that video opened without prompting to save .asx file

  • Inquisitor

    Here’s a neat idea to consider: if you good people at Opera are serious about ‘Opera for Desktops’, why not providing the possibility to align the Speed Dial thumbnails to the left of the screen (just like the icons on a Windows desktop) instead of centered, as it is now. So that those who are working with a desktop computer know that they are looking at a desktop screen and not at an oversized iPhone. 😀

  • taneli

    Well, i reported my first ever Opera crashes on the last update of this dev build, but now it’s just happening way more often, not sure why, but it mostly just hangs when i change to some other application for a sec, and then (try to) back to Opera, it just hangs and crashes.

    Not sure, but might be, related to my other problem, when i couldn’t activate Opera window if it was behind some other windows (although, previously it didn’t crash Opera, i could just minimize all the windows infront, and minimize Opera, and bring it front again on a clean desktop to use it, which is, bloody tiresome if you’re like me and have tons of folders/applications open and none in fullscreen so you can just expose a corner/side of each application to bring it to front, and that bug already made these new Aura based builds unusable (just saying Aura builds since it was introduced in these, where i started having all these problems, not sure if it has anything to do with them.)).

    • taneli

      Well, brilliant, lasted about 3 minutes without a crash after that post… only different thing from my normal open tabs was having a youtube channel’s uploaded videos open ( this one in this case), switched windows to check IRC, tried to activate Opera again -> crash.

      Sorry about the video popping up, apparently i can’t get rid of it in this brilliant Disqus thing.

  • A Good Gray-haired Opera Fan

    As an old fan on Opera, my biggest problem with the new opera versions is not bookmarks or any other features, but a little sweet thingy called “notes”. I used to be addicted to notes and used it so much.
    I’m giving you 24 hours to add it to my beloved Opera, or else I’m sending agent 47 to pay you a visit! 😀

  • Rui Umbelino

    #lazy-session-loading looks like how Firefox works, but Firefox keeps pin tabs intact. Can I also do this in Opera?

    My favorite approach seems to be:

  • Dwight Fidler

    #tab-hibernation sounds awesome! Anything that caps memory leak and cpu usage when numerous tabs are open is exactly what I need.

    I have issues using sites like Sage One that have never worked with Opera, but do work with Chrome. Since we’re using the Chrome engine now, why do those incompatibilities still exist?

  • ingviowarr

    Impl-side painting (If enabled, painting is done on a separate thread instead of the main thread) – makes Opera unstable.

    1) Experimental functions page (opera://flags/) goes offline after any function choice

    2) Causing flickering when scrolling

    3) Web-pages formatting errors

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Known issue afaik.

  • Fajar Vashra

    I dont know what developer had in head….theres so many request on bookmark manager, boring ui thing and feature like 12.16 , instead of listening they just propose new way and not very efficient [dissapoint] ….it make me think , are opera’s developer or anyone who include in opera developer listening to this….but even if they are listening they kept their mind close, so no its the same as not listening. Really I still use old opera till now, now chrome. Since new opera base on chrome, im stick to google which first developed it, and its more stable and little have good UI n theme. Opera didnt walk forward n leading tech in browser anymore like it used to be.

  • D M

    Where is the FreeBSD Support?! Surely you will return it!

  • Kevin Thompson

    The only thing preventing me from leaving Opera 12 is the lack of complete mouse gesture support in newer Opera – gestures on links are the gestures i use the most frequently.

    Any chance mouse gesture feature parity will be coming back any time soon?

  • Quack

    I’m using the developer version on my tablet Asus T100, but touch to change between tabs doesn’t work. Why is that? I can close tabs and open new ones, but selecting another tab does not work.

    Other than that, these new dev builds are now splendid on touch screens. Thanks for that.

  • Dziple

    is this going to stable any time soon?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      First it needs to go Next.
      I think it would take, at least, a couple of weeks for it to go stable after that.

  • senna_4ever

    i finally i can use this build. i had a problem with my sessions with one thousand of tabs, so this made easy use this new version. The problem this version is very slow and “eating” much CPU usage, above 50%. Typing is slow, loading the browser is slow. I have many bookmarks, many SD’s and I hadn’t never had problem to deal with it since I tried to use the opera dev 21 builds, all the 21 versionI had problem. And the Memory Usage is above than 3GB of 8GB. It’s hard to test the Opera Dev 21 builds

  • Khairul Skmt

    we need fun with tabs part 2!!! all about the tabs: private tab, tab group, tabs stacked, tab thumbnail, and other tabs improvement!!!

  • MDavis

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but I found an annoying behavior. If you access a page with an invalid certificate and then open a new tab to the speed dial, none of the speed dial buttons work until you handle the invalid certificate pop up.

  • godutch

    Is working for anyone else?

    • Vux777

      If it means something…
      I’m using previous DEV (21.0.1432.0) and AdBlock plus
      …and site is working fine

      …latest dev (from this article) crashes too often, and passwords are messed up

      • godutch

        are you using the dutch filters too?

        also @Dmitry Kirin

        • Vux777

          no, I’m using Easy list (English)

        • Dmitry Kirin

          EasyList (default); Russian and Ukrainian.
          Now does not work here either. Switching AdBlock off helps, so that’s definitely it.

          • godutch

            Opera just updated to .24 but the problem still persists; also switching to adblock plus does not solve the problem 🙁

          • Dmitry Kirin

            It looks like it matches some blocking definition in AdBlock’s list. You might want to add the website to exceptions. It looks quite natural that it counts as an advertising site, with a name like that, “ad.” 🙂

          • godutch

            The desktop team guys have been able to replicate the issue and are looking into it. Btw the site used to work fine in Opera and still works fine in Chrome

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Also working fine here. Dev 21.0.1432.5 with AdBlock (not Plus).

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      It works fine here with Opera Dev 21.0.1432.5 and Adblock 2.6.25 under W7x64.

  • Vux777
  • Demongornot

    I’m still using 12.16.
    Even if it don’t work with Outlook, Mega and have several issue, like the new Youtube layout.
    You know why i’m not on Opera Next or Opera 20.x ?

    Cause the password manager WAND (and the fact that we can use right click + right gesture to log quickly), the visual interface of mouse control while do a long right click, the easily and quickly accessible of “recently close tab” button rather than the need of opening the menu, and the most important !
    The torrent download ability, even if i use Utorrent, the Torrent management allow in most of the website i used in the past to make Opera able to RESUME the download if any issue occur (like accidental/Crash shutdown of Opera or connexion loss) rather than need to start over, which is quite interesting while downloading big size patch/software/drivers.

    And apparently a LOT of people miss all this features, and that cause of all this feature that a lot of people have choose Opera, i don’t know what you do, but you actually loosing users !

    I don’t know what everyone actually have to do commercials things which deletes all needed/most wanted features, like the last Sim City which have ridiculously small map, or X Rebirth which are a huge failure cause of this and a lot of other game/software that just deletes the most popular/useful features and create something really bad…

    Firefox is limited, Chrome is unstable (and its Google…) IE and Safari no thanks, if their is no change i think i will be forced to back to Chrome…
    So please, don’t make the only good navigator that we still can find become just another one new shitty software that make this world a bad world.
    Choice and Freedom its what ALL user want !
    So please bring back all loose features that have initially make us choose Opera :
    Mouse gesture and Keyboard keys customization + visual interface of gesture while keep pressing right click
    Recently Closed Tabs button back
    Better download management/torrent.

  • Dejan Lekic

    I stopped using Opera after I realised I could not have tabs on the left hand side (side bar). New opera is just not my cup of tea. It used to be the best browser, now it is not. Well, not for me at least…

  • Daniel Horstmann

    Want the old Bookmark Manager back!!! Was the best!

  • LodeHere

    Yes, a bookmarks list, like in the 12.17 version I’m also using.
    I’ve installed 21 next to thd 12.17 and will keep utilizing that classic, specially because of its integrated mail client, By running the browser in Sandboxie the mail client also runs sandboxed.

    I miss the bookmark list in 21.

  • Sunnie Gill

    I want to create folders to manage my bookmarks but can’t figure out how to do it in Opera 21. Is it possible to do this?

    • Vux777

      right click on bookmarks bar, create folder, drag what you want into it and/or drag it where you want it

      • Sunnie Gill

        Aaah. So easy when you know how.. Thanks so much.

  • Adimin Baik

    so, make ti all above feature “activated” as default installation 🙂

  • Nikola Tomic

    Can you please help me. I keep getting following error text each time I start Opera: “Your preferences can not be read. Some features may be unavailable and changes to preferences won’t be saved.” – How to solve this?

    • Dave-H

      If you’re really still using Opera 21, you really must update to the latest version.
      Go to “about Opera” in the menu and see if it updates itself.
      If it doesn’t go to and download and install the latest stable version which is now 23.
      Hopefully this in itself will fix your problem.

      • Nikola Tomic

        Thank you. But in about writes: “Opera Next 24.0, Version: 24.0.1558.25 – Opera is up to date”… 🙁

        • Dave-H

          So does the “stable” Opera 23 work?

          • Nikola Tomic

            Yes! Perfectly working! I uninstalled two older versions of Opera and left only this latest one – works perfect!

          • Dave-H

            Your previous post about the Opera versions you had seems to be missing for some reason.
            I’d have kept Opera 12 myself, as well as 23!
            Glad you’ve now got a working version anyway.

      • Nikola Tomic

        Now I see: I have Opera v12, Opera Next v24 and Opera Stable v23 [just installed]… 3 Operas… [!?] Ok I hope latest installed Opera will work 🙂

  • Oleg Galaburda

    I am so disappointed you got rid of tab stacking… I do not need new chrome — have one already.

  • And then in 2017 Opera though it would be cool to remove the #extended-lazy-session-loading and make it the default 9and only) bahavior… Not cool.