Are you ready for testing the first Opera Developer release of Spring 2014?

We have a couple of crashes and bugs fixed for you today. The release also includes Chromium update version 34.0.1847.76.

You can check full list of fixes in the changelog.

Give it a try and give us a poke by commenting or reporting bugs  🙂


  • Chromium Update 34.0.1847.76
  • Dragging speed dial items onto bookmark bar moves one of them to a speed dial folder
  • Sliding toolbars disappear when switching tabs

Known issues

  • [Mac] Bookmarks bar titles truncated


Full changelog

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  • godutch is broken for me when I use adblock or adblock plus, it works normally in the latest chrome dev with adblock, disabling adblock (plus) fixes the site

    • rrzepecki

      Thanks for reporting this, I will have a look.

      • godutch

        Can you see it is broken? Because I reported it yesterday in the topic for .5 but for most people the site was working normally for someone else it worked yesterday but broke today as well.

        • Wojciech Kostoglu

          Yes, we were able to reproduce this problem.

          • barracuda

            Opera after 1216 version is worse and worse!what are you doing guys ?????

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info Radek, and thanks to the whole Developer’s Team for a couple of crashes and bugs fixes 🙂

    • rrzepecki

      Changed 🙂 Thanks.

      • L33t4opera

        For the record, both versions: build for Windows and Mac as well, show version Chrome/34.0.1847.76 😉

  • irclub

    21.0.1432.5 > 21.0.1432.24 !!! 🙂

    • Cryio

      I don’t get it.

      • irclub

        .5 is .50 and 24 is less than 50. this is simple

        • Cryio

          Versions are written in numbers, not numerals …

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Nope, 5 is 5.

    • SAb

      21.0.1432.5 == 21.0.1432.50 == 21.0.1432.500000000000000000……..
      21.0.1432.24 == 21.0.1432.24000000000…………
      21.0.1432.24 < 21.0.1432.50 😛

      • Cryio

        Strings don’t work like this … They are numbers, not numerals, therefore you don’t just add zeros at the end.

  • SolCom

    Everytime I try to install I get an error “An error occurred while attempting to install Opera!”

    This error occurs after the options screen. The opera directory is not at all changed. I tried to install into a new empty directory and got the same error.

    I installed a previous version into a new directory and that worked.

    Win 7 Home 64 bit.

    • Vux777

      same here…downloaded install package two times but still getting this error

      win7 x64 ultimate

    • Mateusz Madej

      Yeah, we know the issue, and working to resolve it ASAP. For now please use net installer.

    • Same. Windows 8.1 Enterprise here. First that error pops up and then it says it failed to obtain admin privileges.

      • Mateusz Madej

        The links are now up, builds should be fine and install no matter what 🙂 Sorry for the hick-up and Thank You for picking up on this problem.

  • Thomas Scholz

    Still zero keyboard accessibility. Please, please hire some UI and Q&A people! Thank you.

    • x a

      You mean, shortcut key don’t work throughout?

      I can confirm that behaviour, then, on a Compaq Mini-311 running WinXP.Home/32bit. No reaction to Ctrl-T, Ctrl-W, … – you name it. That happens for versions now.

      On my desktop machine (WinXP-Pro/32bit) on the other hand, keyboard accessibility works just fine.

  • guest6768

    Wake me up when you are at Opera 140… maybe then I will consider switching. Until then… I wish you patience for reading the same posts from the community since Opera 15.00, again and again and again…

    • L33t4opera
    • No Opera don’t listen to him! Seek enlightenment only in the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

    • Igor Nester

      Правду сказал!!!
      Хоть бы закладки сделали нормальные.
      Сколько можно просить.
      Может быть у кого нибудь наконец то проснется совесть.

  • IllusionMH

    So from this moment Opera will lag for 1 version from chrome?
    Or we will se 21 Dev with chromium 35, where bug with select elements background was fixed?

    • Marcin Mitek

      Y, we will replace the installer soon. Please use netinstaller instead.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Yes, this is the only installer working here this time. W7x64

        • L33t4opera

          Hi Ralf, it seems to be fixed now: 21.0.1432.24.

  • Not feeling it

    So… what exactly do you “develop”, guys?

    • rrzepecki

      A web browser.

      • Not feeling it

        Oh, that… But without a web browser’s functions.
        Must be interesting. But is it practical?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, it does what a browser should do, so i think the answwer is yes.

          • Sax

            And a frame with four wheels, a steering wheel and a motor on top does what a car should do.

      • Michal Bartoszewicz

        Didn’t you fork that?

      • Cryio

        Sir, I don’t like that you don’t have a red O in your avatar image. Wear the logo with pride !

      • Victor

        No, this is what google is doing for you

        • Hum, funny, because I can’t find where to download Opera at

          Google is doing Google Chrome.
          Opera Software is doing Opera.

          • Michal Bartoszewicz

            Opera software is forking chromium*

          • Kind of, developing many things on top of it (not only in the UI but also in the engine). So, no, Google isn’t doing the browser for them.

    • Marcin Mitek


    • Michal Bartoszewicz

      Let him be, he’s a 3month old mac tester, he only does his best there, he’s not responsible for killing it!

    • Martin Nilsson
    • al_ghul

      little off top (well, not so much;’P) about Your nick:DD – and the situation;)

      i remembered some body count dialog in “interview” sample from “violent demise” album:

      “Look Ice, I just don’t feel what you guys are doin’.

      Yeah dude, feel this! boom boom! [shoots twice]


    • kapsi

      They added a few features lately (lazy tab loading and hibernation).

  • Jones

    If I don’t see a properly working sync in opera 22, then you can count on not having me on board anymore.

    The wait is unbearable, and as you provide this little information. It really rages me up!!!

    • Cryio

      In July Opera-Blink will be 1 year old and it’ll be at version 22-23. And I’m not think we’re gonna see much different 🙁

    • Ste

      Same here. Sync is not working properly in any version ;/

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Sync is still experimental and that’s why it is not enabled by default.
        Anyway, it works here.

  • =Skor_Pion=

    «Chromium update version 34.0.1847.60.»

    • rrzepecki

      thanks for spotting this! just updated.

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

      Opera trolls, part 1 😀

  • Why no complete setup file for Windows, need to install in more than one machine.

  • jho

    What about the NEXT stream? Is it canceled and now we have Stable and Dev?

    I am asking because my last Opera Version is the NEXT version. And it is not updating obv.

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

      It’s not canceled. Just wait 🙂

    • Cryio

      Stable is 20 and Developer is 21, so they can’t have a Next for now. The Dev channel will receive some more fixes and then it will move to Next. In which it will stay another 2-4 weeks.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There will be a new Next build when Opera Developer is considered ready for it.
      Based on the build number, i guess it may be soon.

  • Thomas Woo

    Awhile ago I posted about HiDPI issues with Windows, some of them have been resolved, but now using any Opera version except 18 with a HiDPI screen makes the tabs/address bar huge rather than tiny. I was wondering if you guys might have an ETA for a fix? Still using Opera 18 in the meantime : Thanks!

  • Cryio

    Seeing how Opera will be at version (at most) 25, I am quite curios to see overall what Opera managed to do with the Blink engine in the timespan of a year.

  • Phil

    Any chance we’ll see vertical tabs anytime soon? There’s other features I’m looking for (proper bookmarks, a good replacement for the Panels system, native IRC) but this continues to be the major holdup for me, and has kept me to light testing thus far, and I’ve been increasingly shifting from Opera 12 to Firefox while I wait.

    • blackcoder

      I guess it is really unlikely to get an native IRC-Client.

  • icetom

    While Opera is still only (barely) talking about Linux, Maxthon released its Linux Beta.

    obviously it uses Chrome, so what are you doing so long?

    • Maxthon released final version for Linux.

      • bgh251f2

        Hey I’ve been testing Maxthon and i’m liking it very much, I will update my Linux version when I get home and see how it’s going.

  • Wraith

    Turn on syncronization take you to a lot of crash with this version! (2 or 3 times in a row) until I turned it off.
    So I wonder, When we will have complete sync ?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not happening here, sync is enabled and haven’t caused any crashes so far.

      • Wraith

        It Seems that other people have problems (crashes) with different kind of thing with this dev version, maybe it does not apply to you… luckily. Well I´ll give it a try later.

        • Vux777

          he’s on win8
          most problems occur on win7 (no Aura, or whatever is called that new win8 feature that Opera is hooked on)

  • Tomorrow is my birthday and you have not prepared anything such as Opera for Linux 🙁

    • Wraith

      I’m waiting to a Linux version too, but the “development” seems to set priority in updating Chromium version!

      • You gotta be kidding. The changelog is open for everyone to see how this statement is a lie. And you don’t even know what they’ve been doing for the version 22.

        • Nekomajin42

          Yeah. Lots of developement in the past two weeks.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Bugfixes are development too.

          • Of course you’d solve each item in the changelog in a matter of seconds.


          • Nekomajin42
          • Is that product based on Chromium? Do they use their own UI layer instead of Chromium’s so it looks better? Are engine updates quickly delivered? How well do they contribute upstream? Do they disable NaCl? Does it work fast and stable?

          • Nekomajin42

            I said exactly the same things at first. But almost a year has passed since the first next build, and still no proper sync, the native GUI lacks many features, no Linux build, and they still try to fix the weaknesses of Chromium.

            There is a point when you can say just give them time, because lots to do. Beyond this point, you start to doubt about what the hell are they doing.
            One year.
            More desktop devs than ever.
            An out of the box browser engine.

          • So, no answers…

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Mustafa, in that case, I wish you an outstanding, and fabulous Birthday 😉

  • ParaNoid

    Cannot set opera as default browser.
    Using latest stable release with windows 8.1 64bit.
    Any solutions?

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

      Did you try to set IE or other browser as main and then you set Chropera as main browser?

      • ParaNoid

        Yes when i set other browsers it works fine. When i try to set it as default i get only 3 options: IE, firefox and look for an app in the store. I am trying to figure it out now to see where is the issue.

        • Vux777

          did you maybe installed Opera as portable?
          just asking….

          • ParaNoid

            Nope, not installed as portable.

    • iG0Lka
      • ParaNoid

        Yeah its exactly what i need but i cant figure out where to download the file since its in Russian and i cant find the link.

      • ParaNoid

        Okay found the program on another site and it worked!!!
        On the link you gave me there is no download link but doesn’t matter. Thanks man. 😉

  • ParaNoid

    Looks like its dead here. 🙂
    Seems that you lost many fans, keep up the good work. 😛

  • Nekomajin42

    Guys @ Opera, do you see the hate you are going to get when this hits stable, don’t you? Two weeks have passed since the last dev build, and you managed to fix a few couple of bugs. No new features, so I assume, it goes to next, next week or after.
    Still no bookmark manager, search engine hijack prevention, custom shortcuts, custom mouse gestures, vertical GUI elements, browser action button reorder, just to name a few of the most wanted features. Heck, still no proper sync.

    It’s going to be funny to read the comments in the next weeks.

  • cgebhard

    Is there a way to see how much traffic has been saved by Offroad Mode?

    • Nekomajin42

      Oh, it would disturb the average users… Don’t ask for good features!

    • Not a big deal of it, since people started this idiotic attempt to compress already compressed formats like MP3 and JPEG, it’s a near zero gain.

      Save a JPEG as BMP and see the real compression has been already made.

      • Vux777

        mmm you are wrong
        try test this site and first 4 images on it (starts with Africa made of food)…if you have any extension for image properties or with devtools
        with off-road, sum of them (webP) is around 207 KB, and without off-road 513 KB
        they are JPG images, not BMP or PNG
        so, traffic is cut on those jpg’s 2 and half times…on some png files goes to 10-15 x
        and images and videos are the biggest bandwidth eaters (so far, I didn’t see any gain in video compression with off-road 2)
        I’m surfing with off-road constantly, because of mobile net and off-road is blessing
        otherwise I would burn my 20Gb monthly package in first week ツ

  • Deus Ex Vino

    That it is neither what people need nor what people want.
    I am sure you do know it and are as happy with decision of your superiors as we are. Business is not a democracy, we know it.
    Opera 12 was probably not profitable enough, so now you are down to “less for less”. I assume Opera Browser will be dead by the end of the year and i feel sorry – i really liked Opera.

  • spancherBob

    fuckin shit

  • ws79

    Still unusable and ugly browser with stupid control. Just look what Opera 12.16 offers….

    • ParaNoid

      Yeah, old opera we use to have full control in advanced settings which was cool.

  • Abe Dude

    Opera 12.16 needs to have its source code leaked so other ppl can develop this browser and keep it like it should be. And chromium’s latest version is 35, geez, if you are going to insist with this “browser” (what is a mistake) at least update the browser to the latest versions of chromium, html5, etc, etc.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It won’t happen, at least in a near future.

      Opera 22 will have Chromium 35.

  • Berend, seems to have stopt wurking

    • ParaNoid works fine. 😛

      • Berend

        Found it, seems a adblocker problem

        • ParaNoid

          Use Ghostery extension then and see if the issue persists.
          It will block the adds as well and some tracking on websites.

  • ParaNoid

    Can i download 12.6?

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Guys, it seems you’ve undone HiDPI completely: the main and context menus are now shown in small font. I don’t like it… Is it going to stay that way, or is it done in due course to the proper HiDPI support?

    • Hi, we are indeed working on proper HiDPI support (available for testing via opera://flags -> Enable HiDPI support, experimental quality).
      The previously large menu font was in fact a bug.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Thanks for the reply Mateusz!
        Looking forward to it. The large font was a great bug though, worth letting it into Next and Stable until the proper HiDPI support is ready. 🙂

        • Marcin Mitek

          What’s your screen and DPI setup BTW? On some machines it’s working as it’s supposed to, on some note, we are trying to figure out why.

          As Mateusz mentioned, this is the beginning and preparation for proper HiDPI support, there were still some minor issues when flag was off but OS DPI was higher, so we wanted to get it earlier than whole HiDPI support. Expect bigger changes in near future.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Hi Marcin! I’ve got 17″ 1280*1024 screen with 125% Windows fonts. In Opera, I also set default zoom 125%. Given all that, everything looked well before this build: pages and menus were consistent in size with other software. For example, menus were being shown in the same font as in Word, XnView, Visual Studio, etc. Note that there’s no HiDPI-like settings in those programs—they just use a font size in accordance with Windows font scaling. That’s why I thought that HiDPI worked well at least in Opera menus.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Forgot to report in the previous build, but this one is also affected:

    The download overlay popup blocks Ctrl+W in full-screen mode.

    Open a page in full-screen mode, save any image to disk. Download popup appears. Press Ctrl+W to close the active tab. It won’t close.

  • Vux777

    something that affects all builds when off-road is on…

    404 Not Found pages are rendered blank without any notification (every 404, not just the one from example)

    try it with and without Off-road >>> example

  • João Gonçalves

    Hooray for “DNA-18247 Empty Speed Dial”.
    It’s finally fixed.
    Thank you.

  • manus

    Could you provide a roadmap?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think they can do it.

      • Nekomajin42

        I don’t think they want to do it.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          In fact, users don’t allow them to do it. When users are able to understand some things, may they start releasing roadmaps.

          • Nekomajin42

            I can see why they can’t / don’t want to release a roadmap, but I still think they should give us some kind of continous update. And not the “on the roadmap” or “not so far future” kind of updates, but something like “we want to release this and this and this in v22, then this and this in v23” and so on. Of course, it can be changed according to the difficulties.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            And we would return to the beginning: unfortunately, there are lots of users that can’t understand that roadmaps aren’t something strict and are subject to changes, and this is one of the main reasons for them to almost have never talked about future plans in almost 20 years.

          • Nekomajin42

            Do you know what they are working on now?

          • zhnujm

            Honestly, i dont think there would be something interesting on this roadmap….

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Only on what was turned public. Better tabs handling, hidpi support, linux? and so on.

          • Nekomajin42

            So you don’t know.

            You don’t know the state of the linux version. It could be ready in weeks or an other year.
            You don’t know what tabs handling feature they are working now. Do you remember that mystical feature to substitute the multi-row tab bar? You know, the one wich “rules them all”.
            HiDPI was their most epic fail, so yeah, let them work on it.
            Have you get any update on sync since its initial start?

            We know nothing about features that MAY pop up in v22.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            And what is the point? This is how the world works.
            Or do you really thing that most companies open their roadmaps for the public and,, consequently, to the competition? They do it when somethings is ready to be released and/or for marketing purposes.

          • Nekomajin42

            The point is I’m sad, because they had such a strong (small but strong) user base in the past, and they/we are now mostly ignored. I’ve written many times, that I really understood the strategy to open to the average users. But the competitors are strong, so Opera has to offer something unique. They were unique in the past, but now they are just an other Chromium fork. The only great feature is the off-road mode, but I’d really like to see a statistics about how much of the desktop users use this feature.

            They have a strong base with Chromium, but unless the powerfull features, they won’t gain enough market share, because the others have big advantages. MS has monopoly on desktops, Mozilla has the open-source world, and Google has the greatest online marketing area. What can Opera do? Some data compression won’t be enough, even if it is really a great feature.

            It’s a common belief that there are power users and average users. But it’s not a binary world. There are lots of categories between these two. Lots of people don’t want a hundred feature in the browser, just one or two. But everyone want something alse than the others. That’s why Opera has to offer many different features, to cover the most of the needs.

            And we are back that it takes time. But how much time? That is what I’d like to see. What do they plan for the next version, the next month, the next year. It can change anytime, but at least we would have some information.

  • taneli

    Opening a link from another program (IRC client, Code editor, etc.) does open the link on Opera, but doesn’t bring Opera infront anymore, is this intended or?

    • taneli

      If it is, i’d like an option to make it like it was, to bring the browser infront when opening links from other applications (if i click a link i apparently want to see it).
      If not intended, Win8.1 x64.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It seems more of a bug to me although i’ve really liked it.

      • taneli

        Yeah, i can see that it would be good for some people / some occasions (opening a number of links from a list), but generally i’d prefer the old (and normal) behaviour back, activate the browser window when you open a link.

  • shane

    Nice, although touch is still quite broken. Bring up a context menu with a long touch press and the whole browser becomes unresponsive to mouse clicks until restarted.

    • Mateusz Madej

      This is actually fixed now, just not yet in this build.

      • shane

        Awesome! As I’m on the development stream I look forward to getting that fix in the next few days 🙂

  • TwistedAndy

    Where is “Ctrl + Z” for “Ctrl + D”? Is it really so hard to implement bookmarks?

    • Mateusz Madej

      Other people are asking us to make one milion options in Settings. Meanwhile this comment shows exactly why we don’t want that. Go to Settings->Browser->Enable bookmarks bar

      • Hunk

        But it’s a half solution, we need a full-functional bookmarks manager (yea, like in Opera < 15). Plus, why bookmarks bar doesn't hide itself automatically? It is just wasting space for modern monitors.

      • odinuv

        When will you get the idea that we have widescreen displays and a bookmark takes up precious vertical space, when the horizontal space (remember WIDE?) is completely wasted ?

        • Maselli Luca

          yes! you said right!

        • Michal Bartoszewicz

          Or that settings are now 1km long and unusable? :E

        • That has been repeated to death over here and it simply isn’t true. It’s not like screens have become wider and stayed at the same height, ie, you don’t have a 1920×480 display. Sure it would be nice to have a bookmark panel (I want one myself) but vertical space is *not* precious. There is AMPLE space for a bookmark bar in any modern PC screen. Stop whining in this silly way, please.

          • odinuv

            The point is that there is LESS vertical space then horizontal space. Can you see that it is true or should i lend you a ruler ? If there is LESS vertical space then horizontal space, then what is the point making interface which occupies vertical space?

          • If you think that the fact that there is less vertical than horizontal space means that there couldn’t possibly be any reason to make interface that uses it, then it will be very hard to argue with you, so I won’t.

          • odinuv

            Perhaps you’d care to reread what I wrote. I wrote “what is the point…?” You read “There is no point in…”. Therefore I agree with your point, that there is no point in arguing, because you can’t see my point of view.

          • I don’t need to reread anything. Asking “what is the point…?” implies that you don’t think there is a point. It’s basic discourse, which you seem to have some difficulty managing.

          • odinuv

            Exactly, asking “what is the point…?” implies that I don’t think there is a point; and the question mark implies that it waits for an explanation of that point. It is quite different to stating “There is no point…”.

          • So, you want an explanation for something in whose existence you don’t believe. Case closed.

          • al_ghul

            you both have lost main point of discussion, debating on logic and using eristic. the point was: because of common wide screens in PCs AND the presence of TEXT content of web pages – it’s quite justified to put some menu bars in vertical manner to make the text content more readable and make reading page more comfortable. that’s all.

          • al_ghul

            od course, the additional space was added to 4:3 screens, but web pages and simply reading a part of text imply high and quite narrow space (we are still the same people;P) – like this disqus comments:), SOOOOO – yes, indeed – vertical space CAN be used SOOOO naturally for bars:)

          • It would be foolish to deny that, don’t you think? I’m not saying that it wouldn’t be better to have a bookmark panel (I repeat that I *want* a bookmark panel). But it’s ludicrous to claim that vertical space is “precious”. We have a lot of vertical space nowadays. Even the Windows taskbar is taller than ever.

          • al_ghul

            well, I think it’s precious because the standard move of developers is to make horizontal bar or elements of page/gui, even in web pages, which are sometimes still present when you scroll page. so vertical space is always often used and exploited nowadays, than horizontal. all text in web pages are scrolled down – so it should be natural to use left and right side to move gui elements in them. horizontal bars are much natural of course – because they have structure the same as text, but it make readable text smaller and smaller, and not so much readable which makes really hard to read and to jump thgrough paragraphs, parts of text. i see this quite clearly. and because it’s natural/intuitive to build bars like text (which make readable text unreadable), there is a need to use left and right sides to put there gui elements and thus not harm information in text. i see the tendentions in some web pages which start to be really unreadable because of these horizontal elements. so “preciuos” word, imo, it is the case, which has to be take into account.

          • Well, let’s see how “precious” vertical space is. Can you give an example of a webpage that is readable when you have disabled the bookmark bar, but becomes “really unreadable” when you enable it?

          • al_ghul

            yeah, examples…it’s always harder to make that one when we talk about tendencies which made reading worse and worse. it can be e.g. this disqus. I change the question – how often I use bookmark bar? only when seeking something in it. and this is really not so often, only when there is a need – maybe 10-20x for session(maybe more or less). and only then. think about two bars – win taskbar and bookmark one. thats two – one bar – ~2 rows of text. that’s make 4 rows with taskbar, which is the most often present horizontally.that’s why it made me to put it vertical. i even use more often the address bar, where there are extensions. reality is build from small things. one bar seems to not be bad, but when it’s present and not used – u see screen with some space, which you DO NOT use through session – which can be a part of page content. and that annoys me, like all others bars in other apps, which are not so often used. and one point: EACH part of text (information in page) is more important, when you are reading, than element of gui which isn’t used really often. and that’s why I used F4 in old opera (true? i do not remember for sure), i used it only for quick look/edit on bookmarks, and then again F4, and voila…and even if bookmark side panel was on, it only consumed side space, and text was still readable and not reduced. in old opera there was even status bar with info about link addresses, zoom, page loading progress. it was good (for next 2 rows), and I had also shortcut for it. it’s better now with these bubbles in chrome/clones, which dissapears.

      • TwistedAndy

        I don’t need one more bar just to use the normal bookmarks system. You promised to return this feature in July 2013. 9 months has passed and where is this feature?

      • Nekomajin42

        Should we write again and again what we (the users) call bookmarks, or you (the devs) stop playing with words?

      • al_ghul

        “click-click-click”:D that should be a new chropera name;PP are u kidding us, Mati??

      • al_ghul

        it’s not quite true. the best, high upvotes asks are quite several – you know it:) they are repeating because of not possitive feedback from your side. and yes:P it’s still click-click-click way of life XD

  • Dmitry Kirin

    A nasty bug: Open and Save dialogs get lost when you switch to another program. Alt+Tab does not see them, the browser window won’t respond, as they are modal. The dialogs get focus when you…right-click Opera’s app button and choose Close, as if you were going to close the program completely.
    Don’t know if it was in previous builds, I’ve just stumbled into it a couple of times with this build.

    • knoelli

      Confirmed. (W8.1/64)
      First time I encountered this problem was with previous developer build.

  • Another product I beta test started development at the beginning of Feb. They have just two developers, but they added more new features in less than two months than Opera have done since Opera 15 was released only in July 2013.

    The excuses are wearing thin. There’s nothing here worth installing, let alone testing, or actually using. Let us know when you have a product that is worth testing. with at least a few new features like vertical tabs, tab-stacking, customise shortcuts and gestures, or whatever you think is the top priority.

    • Is that product based on Chromium? Do they use their own UI layer instead of Chromium’s so it looks better? Are engine updates quickly delivered? How well do they contribute upstream? Do they disable NaCl? How well does it work (stability, performance)?

      • odinuv

        Are you suggesting that Chropera performance and stability is good? Why does opening a singe window and with a single tab with no extensions take up 1,5GB of memory? Why does opening a PDF crash the tab (3 months already)?

        • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

          What are you talking about? On my old computer Chropera works fine with 3GB memory. Are you sure you don’t have installed extensions?

          • odinuv

            Well yes, it does work fine with 3GB, unless i have something else opened. I mean chrome is not much better in this (a littlbe bit perhaps). But I would certainly not advertise chropera performance because I don’t see any above-average performance.

        • That doesn’t happen here.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Why does opening a singe window and with a single tab with no extensions take up 1,5GB of memory?

          And it happens always, no matter which page is opened? It also happens with a clean install of Opera?

          Here i only have seen it with a specific page.

          • odinuv

            It’s just the speed dial. I’ll try clean install when i have time.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Any SD extension?

        • al_ghul

          I had similar thing when have this disqus and ONE youtube movie = two tabs and ~1 up to 1.5GB memory taken in this (1GB after restart) and previous version (1.5 GB before restart and after closing several other sites, etc.)…and seeing that sometimes opera slowes down, freezes and even sometimes I cannot scroll down google search results!:// it’s happened in last days…strange

        • bwat47

          I’ve got plenty of issues with the new opera, but stability and speed haven’t been one of them, its been very solid.

          I had a lot more stability issues with opera 12, especially the last few releases…

      • Michal Bartoszewicz

        No, but it’s usable and attracts users. And guess what – this is what it’s all about.
        We don’t care about engine updates, UI layer is a step backwards, opera webkit contribution is so small i had to dig to get those bugfixes, and most users dont even know what NaCL is.
        And it works like a generic webkit browser :]

        • I disagree about everything.

          • Michal Bartoszewicz

            Care to prove your point?
            1. UI improvements
            2. Say, 3 commits which implement something
            3. Engine meaning something for the end user
            4. Difference between engines between chrome canary/safari/sample qt webkkit browser
            5. Anyone excited about NaCL who’s not working in Google?

            I wasn’t able to find an answear to any of those. And we also fork chromium at work, but without a metal name. And we did so many changes that we aren’t compatible with chrome extensions like chroppera is, we have semi-customizable UI and we’re still able to merge it!

          • I won’t answer you because the answers are easy to figure out or to find (native, different UI, the upstream patches by Opera list, speed, performance over qt webkit, etc).

            And I like that NaCl is disabled (as it isn’t a open web standards) and not enabled.

    • Wraith

      I agree, the last developers version are a pity, there a lack of new
      features, no full sync yet, and the list continues plus the fact that
      this version crash again and again.

  • ParaNoid

    Nearly all software suck hard lately because they are soo focused on implementing their spying tools. 😛

  • ayespy

    Because Opera has no vertical tabs, I use Sidewise tree-style tabs extension to get a lame and half-baked version of vertical tabs, because it’s better than nothing.

    Opera is not fully compatible with the extension, forcing an address bar it’s not supposed to have and frequently causing it to expand past its set parameters to the right when Opera is not maximized. But in all versions until 21, the extension has worked tolerably well.

    As of 21, the browser frequently crashes the extension, forcing me to reload it with some regularity.

    Is there any way to figure out why 21 crashes the extension when earlier versions don’t? Until you guys can see your way clear over the next year or two, to develop vertical tabs, it sure would be nice if the only reasonably good extension as a bandaid for the function, actually worked with the browser.

  • Is this website half broken for anyone else?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I only saw an issue on the gallery: if you click on a picture, the page becomes dimmed and there is no larger picture.

      • This is what I see. Tried on two different computers too. Seems to be fine in other browsers. Large images in gallery work fine for me though.

        • taneli

          Seemed to be an AdBlock problem, was phucked up (like in your picture) when enabled, but worked fine when disabled.

          • rrzepecki

            Looks like that on every browser with adblock enabled.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Looks like this here:

          Try disabling extensions if you are using any. The same for flags.

          • Ya it looks like this was an adblock issue. Adblock for Opera still terrible for some reason. Same adblock version doesn’t break this website on Chrome. Also, I still get get some ads on twitch. Ad’s themselves don’t show up but message that ad is supposed to be here pops up. 🙁

  • beBoss

    Does this “Chromium update version 34.0.1847.60.” means that “Compiling in the background for a smoother user experience (” is here?

  • What a fucking piece of shit. I updated, Opera crashed all the time, I downgraded, and for some reason last time Opera synced was several months ago, so all my important bookmarks/speed dials are gone. Thanks a lot Opera. I have a uni task due tomorrow, and now I have to spend hours adding my stuff back instead of doing my task. I know this is developer, but a least you could KEEP ME SIGNED IN ALL THE TIME, so I didn’t have to loose my speed dials/stash/settings when you decided to crash…

    • nanana1

      “Oh honey, I’ve forgot to back up !”

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      Crash loop here also – and that caused that I lost my precious session file with 2 windows and about 50 tabs. Shit. It could be related to flags which were stable using previous developer: lazy sessions etc. I reverted to default options and now trying again using this same build. (Windows 8.1 64-bit with Nvidia NVS3100M display adapter.

      • Marko Koivuniemi

        I think it was caused by some flags (but Opera should check those before?). I found my precious session with name session.dbcrash-1 and renamed that to session.db and now this build seems to work. At least now Opera started normally and successfully loaded all tabs.

  • taneli

    The problem still persists, when a new tab is activated by not clicking the tab (close one tab so another one gets activated, or open a new tab), mouse/keyboard controls won’t work until you click on the page/browser, cannot mouse scroll or anything, rather annoying.

    Win 8.1 X64.

    Also, give me a goddamn option to get rid of those “X”‘s in tabs, i’m accidentally closing so many tabs here and there when just trying to quickly activate them that it’s nerve wrecking.

    • taneli

      Tabs are 87px wide and the active area of the X button takes 23px, that’s bloody 20% of the tab’s space it takes, so there’s a very good chance to accidentally click the X when you have many tabs open.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      The problem still persists, when a new tab is activated by not clicking the tab (close one tab so another one gets activated, or open a new tab), mouse/keyboard controls won’t work until you click on the page/browser, cannot mouse scroll or anything, rather annoying.

      Hmm, i’m not facing this problem here. I’ve teste a few command controls and they worked fine.

  • Dave-H

    Adobe Reader plugin still not working for PDF files.
    Just gives a black screen after apparently loading.
    Yes, I know there are alternatives, but this is the plugin that people are prompted by most websites to install for PDF documents, so it really should be working!

  • oic

    Dragging speed dial items onto bookmark bar moves one of them to a
    speed dial folder

    Not sure what this means

    • Wojciech Kostoglu

      It was a bug which was found earlier – and now it is fixed.

  • Maselli Luca

    Is it a joke,isn’t? where are all opera 12.16 features?Where is side panel?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      In Opera 12?
      It’s already known that not all Presto features will be back and those that may return won’t do it between an .5 and a .24 build.

      People should not forget that Opera Presto didn’t get all of its features in a day or even in a year, it took almost a couple of decades.

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        That doesn’t change the fact that the current version of Opera is underwhelming and that Opera has done, and is doing, a very bad job of managing expectations.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I don’ think it’s underwhelming. Maybe for some but not for most.

          And whose expectations should they listen/please? Not everyone wants the same things.

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            Managing expectations doesn’t mean to give the users what they want — it means communicating with your userbase so that your users have realistic and accurate expectations. It means telling them what they’re getting in the short term, what they’re _not_ getting, _why_ they’re not getting that, and what their (the users’s) benefit will be in the long term, what risks or uncertainties exist, and what the overall timescale is.

            Anytime you do a major overhaul or rewrite of a user-facing computer system, UI or application you need sell in the change to the users. Expectation management is a large part of that.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            In a utopic/ideal world maybe but, in the real one, things don’t work and never worked like this.

            Things changes constantly, so it’s noy easy to affirm that Opera (or any other software) will have this features and won’t have that ones. The lists are always subject to change.

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            Sure, and expectation management rarely goes into that amount of detail. It’s not about listing each and every feature and piece of functionality or providing exact schedules or deadlines — it’s about telling the users what they can expect in _broad_ strokes. Which areas of the system will you focus on first, which are you postponing to later (and why), which have you written off completely; how long — in rough units, months or quarters — will each phase take? When can they expect the new product to be up to par with the current, when can they expect the promised new benefits to start kicking in?

            A lot of it is simply to inform the users about upcoming frustrations before they experience them “in the flesh”. (Because there will _always_ be frustrations for the users involved in a system reworking.)

    • Kurt Zon

      there are many products on the market – ask for a refund and invest elsewhere!!!

      • Maselli Luca

        I have been investing a lot of my time for converting all my friends in the greatest internet browser, Opera! It was a greatest until 12.16 release. I accept the new web engine, but I don’t accept the features removed which a bookmarks manager in side panel, notes, private tabs and more.
        I don’t accept that I must install an extensions, it’ll not work in future with new opera release or worse it’ll become a payment.
        Sorry for my English.

        • newto

          yeah, i’ve been doing the same too Maselli.
          i did convert about 3,4 friends of mine to the awesome experience of browing with 12.16.
          Now with the new version, it’s just chrome. hahaha

    • Khairul Skmt

      The latest beta Firefox has sidebar bookmarks built in… just comparison with this version…

      • al_ghul

        well, it’s shows up. that ff devs are going forward in this matter,,,quite logical…and sad, when seeing lack of this in opera…

  • DataZByteS

    Hey Opera guys,

    Any information about more mouse gestures, rightclick + scrollwheel tab changing and visual tabs or tab stacking?

    Last we heard on some of those, with respect to tabs, that work is being carried out, but its been a good while since any updates.

    • Khairul Skmt

      Just wait and see the Fun with Tabs Part 2…in the future… by you know who!

  • _artem_

    add to Known issues:
    [PERMANENCY] no linux build

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

      The ARE WORKING on that version.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Eternal peace will be declared when we release it. I cannot wait. Seriously.

      • Nekomajin42

        In our lifetime? 🙂

      • Leif Roar Moldskred

        Would you rather nobody cared about a Linux build?

        • Marcin Mitek

          In some cases it is caring. In most it is just trolling. And as you may imagine – I hate the trolling/moaning part.

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            I think you’re wrong it’s mostly trolling. People are genuinely unhappy.

          • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

            Because you don’t understand simple answer: You need to wait.

          • odinuv

            Yeah, but if one wants someone to wait, the one has to persuade him that it’s worth it.

          • People were given explanations, people make demands, people not listening.

          • DataZByteS

            No, people are unhappy, about lack of linux build, lack of features etc etc Because this opinions are not favorable of the new opera, it doesn’t mean they are trolling.

            I wish people stopped misusing the term.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            As said, some aren’t but many are. They are just acting like a big selfish spoiled child,

            And it won’t help Opera getting better.

          • MadEddy

            It’s been a year you say “soon” when asked for linux builds. People asking for linux builds shouldn’t be called “trolls”, it is not respectful to your userbase. You should rather respect their loyalty for still asking after a year of nothing, in term of both linux builds availability and general advancement of the new opera.
            Really, calling them trolls is very low, because they’re probably your most eager users. I don’t think your new audience (those who don’t need bookmarks) would be as loyal after a year of nothing.
            I’m very dissapointed at this attitude.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Opera Blink was released on July, 2013.

      • L33t4opera
  • Snaken

    Radku – czy jest jakakolwiek szansa na wprowadzenie zakładek jak w dawnej operze ? Wiem, że to pytanie pada wiele razy ale nigdzie nie ma jednoznacznych odpowiedzi.

  • newto

    Oh, how i miss the good days.

    • oic

      in the past dev/alpha releases were worth downloading as they’re almost as good as stable. I used to always use them as my default browser. Lately the dev releases aren’t even worth downloading, as they’re very unstable

    • nicks

      yea all the time bug fixes and chromium update… no new features, so standing in one positon rather than go upwards ehh

    • That you have taken the time to fire up a graphic design program and dedicate long minutes or hours to complain about a free browser is very telling. Something else to contribute? Think of the possibilities. You might end up wasting DAYS!!!

      • DataZByteS

        “free browser”

        All browsers are free, this isn’t a benefit to opera. Being “free” is not a feature. This is a product thats being delivered, and as with all products people are free to voice their concerns or opinions.

        Plus I think the infographic is quite funny.

        • You’re entitled to voice and opinion, not demands.

        • I never said people weren’t free to voice their opinions. I just say that wasting that much time and effort in something as silly as this is a sign of having too much time in your hands, and maybe the human species would benefit if you took all that time and effort and put it to use in something more worthwile.

          • al_ghul

            maybe he is a graphic designer and make such things quite fast from a scratch, using really not so much time…;)

          • JustMe

            So, you think the whole human species would benifit on whether or not newto made funny pictures? I never realized he had so much power.

    • odinuv

      That is probably the nicest yet true thing that has been said here for a long time

    • Nekomajin42

      EPIC, thanks! 😀

    • Gremz

      Oh, me too…
      … bookmarks, menu customization 🙁

    • Wraith

      I Thought I was the only one with that perception!, the last releases are only chromium update.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Not much surprise for the ones that could understand how things work in Opera development since they started releasing public snapshots.

    • Sho

      Pretty much sums it up.

    • esp3tek

      I’m nearly to send to fuck Opera, stuck on Opera 12 since more than two years.
      I’m sick of opera, is ignoring his own users.
      No bookmarks tab, no full working sync, i have to move to chrome…soon

    • Rade Martinović

      OK, although I like new Opera I had to like your image 🙂

  • I can’t wait for Tabs Hibernation.

    • odinuv

      Use opera://flags/ #tab-hibernation to turn it on. And see previous blog post for description.

  • Michael Maier

    I’ve lost the overview …
    Can someone list the added features since Opera 15?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Speed Dial folders



      Bookmarks Bar

      Startup options


      Power User mode

      Mouse gestures

      Keyboard shortcuts

      Media access

      Off-road mode

      Pin tabs

      Theme creation

      Custom search



      Lazy session load

      Offline cache

      Offline start

      Drag and drop tabs between windows

      Task manager

      Overlay scrollbar

      Download Resumption


      Some are still experimental.

      • Michael Maier


      • escruting

        OK, now lets cross the ones Opera took from Chromium and just count the ones Opera developed themselves…

      • Nekomajin42

        Speed Dial folders – good
        Stash – incomplete
        Discover – useless
        Bookmarks Bar – good
        Startup options – good
        Sync – highly incomplete
        Power User mode – it’s just a name, nothing to do in itself
        Mouse gestures – no customisation
        Keyboard shortcuts – no customisation
        Media access – part of Chromium
        Off-road mode – awesome
        Pin tabs – incomplete
        Theme creation – good
        Custom search – incomplete
        Geolocation – part of Chromium
        Autofill – incomplete (login data)
        Lazy session load – good
        Offline cache – good
        Offline start – good
        Drag and drop tabs between windows – good
        Task manager – part of Chromium
        Overlay scrollbar – what does it do?
        Download Resumption – download manager incomplete
        HiDPI – work in progress
        Tabs hibernation – experimental
        Viewport meta tag support. – part of Chromium
        Some APIs – part of Chromium, only 2 are their own

        They made some good features, but at least half of the listed features are still incomplete or simply part of the engine.

        • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

          In my opinion:
          Speed Dial – need some improvements
          Stash – need some improvements
          Discover – not useless for me (I don’t want to sub the all popular polish/worldwide sites to get cool news)
          Bookmarks Bar – need some improvements
          Startup options – need some improvements
          Sync – need some/many improvements
          Power User mode – need many improvements
          Mouse gestures – no customisation
          Keyboard shortcuts – no customisation
          Media access – part of Chromium
          Off-road mode – nothing new
          Pin tabs – need some improvements
          Theme creation – need some improvements
          Custom search – need many improvements
          Geolocation – part of Chromium
          Autofill – incomplete (login data), but I use LastPass
          Lazy session load – good
          Offline cache – need some improvements
          Offline start – good
          Drag and drop tabs between windows – need some improvements
          Task manager – part of Chromium, but awesome
          Download Resumption – download manager needs many improvements
          HiDPI – work in progress, but I don’t use it
          Tabs hibernation – experimental, but good
          Viewport meta tag support. – part of Chromium
          Some APIs – part of Chromium, only 2 are their own

          Of course, it’s still my opinion 🙂

    • ayespy

      What Leonardo said, plus in 21 forward the rendering technology is different.

  • Marcio

    Maxthon makes a very good job using chromium. Take a look on Kingsoft Liebao (cheetah) browser and you see what is possible to do with chromium.
    Hey, wake up Opera devs!

    • al_ghul

      maxthon uses chromium? from when? if this is true – it’s interesting…

      • Creech

        Since version 3, released in fall 2010.

        • al_ghul

          oooh, I didn’t know that, thx:) that’s make me more appreciate it…so, it turns out, chromium is a quite flexible stuff…in case of the new opera “://”

  • al_ghul

    ok, some preposition to developers and You – users. if good – vote up:)

    I’d like to have possibility to turn off close button on tabs (like in good old opera). sometimes I close them accidentally, when wanting to activate one of them, running through tabs – especially when there is a lot of tabs. although there is some feature that doesn’t show up close button of other tabs, when there is a lot of them, but it seems sometimes not efficient for me. so there will be good to have some option in settings to turn it off completely. moreover – still one can use middle (scroll) mouse button to close tab (as usual), so the turn-off of the close button option won’t make a big problem during a work with tabs.

    • al_ghul

      maybe there is some extension which can do that? or someone do such one…it will be also good…

      • Vux777

        I doubt that is possible trough extensions… only manipulation with JS (extensions) over tabs is with tabs api (move, close, open, pin…) but nothing that would change appearance of it, or functionality (stack, shrink, colorize…)
        extensions in WK/Blink are highly restricted

  • Could we get a status update on how the new HiDPI implementation is coming along? (not asking for an eta, just curious how much progress has been made)

    • Marcin Mitek

      Expect some improvements in new Developer builds. Still it’s unpolished, but now we can focus on it and get it done finally.

  • Inquisitor doesn’t work.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It doesn’t load here.

  • oloklir

    I’m still using 12.16. When you bring back “memo”, “feed”, and “bookmarks”???? I’m still waiting… waiting… waiting… I can not update new version because they are absent.

  • jkhbkmhkb


    Chromium has bookmarks and bookmark importation native to it, right?

    Opera is based on Chromium.

    So, does that mean Opera removes bookmarks and bookmark importation features before they ship their product?

    Why? These are two basic and essential features for all web browsers! People have also been demanding these features since you moved to a Chromium base

    What idiot is in-charge of product control?

    • Kurt Zon


      If you don’t like it – don’t use it

      • al_ghul

        but if u have some habits, liked opera presto and appreciate fastness of opera, good browsing etc. (chrome behaviour, but also some opera attitude) it can be a problem.and still sticking with new opera make ppl to push this browser little forward to resemble some good parts of old opera.

    • Guest

      Opera is based on chromium, but the UI layer is completely rewritten by Opera devs. Besides, bookmark manager is not on the top of feature list, but you can use bookmarks bar.

  • jkhbkmhkb

    Whoever is Opera’s technology officer needs to be fired ASAP before he brings down the company!

    All the features of Opera 12 with a Chromium base/Chrome extensions would be one of the biggest browsers on the market.

    Yet, you stubbornly refuse to even add bookmarks or bookmark importation (two features available in Chromium) counter to most people’s protestations

    You’ve already lost millions of users and they’re not coming back. Might as well just close shop now

    • al_ghul

      I understand that when programmers make some product’s project, they make it with a plan. and then whatch feedback. if their product is really awsome and have huge amount of fans – it’s ok, they don’t need to change things so much, even when quite a lot of ppl want this, because of much more of them which are happy with this what they have. BUT when there is not so much users AND they want to get higher popularity – it’s natural that they listen to those voices which want this or that, because it’s in their own interest – it makes product more popular. SIMPLE! especially, when there is so much voices about some feature, and this feature is NOT changing so much the idea of the program. there is some other point: maybe opera devs don’t need so much popularity, they’re making quite new quality product, experimenting…maybe. there is a lot of chromium base browsers, but don’t You want to be best of them in all aspects?

  • Javier Wilcox

    full sync? need sync bookmarks! use opera at work and home…

  • Nekomajin42

    Anyway, just to fulfill my duties as a tester: The previous build was fast as lightning, but with this update, it’s back where the first v21 build was. It takes 10-15 seconds to open the window, then another 10-15 second the black and white areas to disappear, and then another long seconds to load the start page.
    Win7 32 bit

  • ajarmoniuk

    Looks like the only reason to use the browser nowadays is that it’s actually made in Poland.

    • al_ghul

      what?! what make it the most appropriate for poles? i’m pole, but i can’t understand and agree with this…I only see that opera has small team, and in this I see the cause of it’s less efficiency. maybe polish members are worse than previous norway ones, maybe they had better vision of browser that days…maybe.

  • Oskar

    I don’t mean to whine, but now I’ve had it for a while. Have been trying the chrOpera since it came out (standard, next and dev) and now I’m moving back to Opera 12.

    I have really tried to love the new Opera and have been using it everyday never looking back since it came out. But today I woke up and realized I’m still not satisfied with the regressions from Opera 12.

    REALLY hope you take all the feedback people are giving you. People are really putting down time to say what they think about Opera and trying to help make it better.

    I will keep a close watch on future changelogs to see if you fix the problems.

    These are some of the features I miss and think is crucial:
    -Actually USEFUL SKINS (using “Netbook glass skin” to maximize the area of the browser on my 13″ screen)
    -Overall much more customizable in 12
    -Like the settings page in 12 MUCH better than the chromified one in newer versions. How hard can it be to have them as well structured as you always have had them? Before there where much more settings but still it was much easier to find the thing you wanted then now.
    -Ability to edit all search engines
    -Reliable speed dials
    -Ability to press “ctr+#” for opening respective speed dial

    This should also be prioritized:
    -Use less memory
    -Faster browser experience

    Thank you for a great work with Opera 12. I understand that it takes time to make a great browser and I’m sure chrOpera will be ready for everyday use sooner or later! And since I really love Opera I’m sure I will go back sooner than I think to continue test the new dev versions.

  • I’m getting some weird stuff when messing about making personalized speed dials via. extensions [I do this for custom thumbnails].


    By using the background-position css property and placing an image in divs to use as the speed dial, I can position an image correctly to fit a dial.

    When testing the images in a window of the same ratio as a speed dial, the image is positioned correctly.

    However, the actual speed dial seems to be completely ignoring the background-position instruction, and is just normal-aligning the image.

    Also, it seems that when the dial is placed in a folder, when you open the folder the thumbnail de-loads and then re-loads. It’s just slow enough to be noticeable and annoying.

    Lastly, an issue that has been here for a while, the images are blurry when you make them anything other than the default speed dial size (not just my personal extensions, but any speed dial extension).

    The following may be relevant when diagnosing this issue:

    – Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware OFF
    – Use big Speed Dial thumbnails OFF
    – Speed Dial thumbnail custom size 360 * 255

    [EDIT: Feel free to ask me for more info, I will be able to provide it]

    [EDIT 2: Unrelated to issues listed above, but an option to hide the top bar with SpeedDial|Stash|Discover would be great]

  • skritland

    I see such problem with opera developer:

    In site like

    there is another site as a frame. This site is closing parent frame – to that point is ok. But the back button is not working – when I click back on firefox I can see for short moment the old parent frame. With opera it is not possible.

  • taneli

    Still the problem, that i can’t bring Opera infront if other programs are open on win8.1 x64. :/

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I have this problem here but not all the time.

  • L33t4opera

    The first build for the Opera Developer 22: 22.0.1457.0.

  • Adam Carter

    So when is Opera going to be half as good as it was over a year ago? It went from being the best browser period. To just another Chrome clone. Why not just use Chrome if I pretty much have the exact same featureless, insecure browser support as it?

  • JustMe

    I just started using Opera about a month ago. At first everyting was good then came the crashes….can anyone tell me why?

  • Helenice Chroniger

    Why has Opera not added the notes panel in the latest releases? I am still using version 12 because I need the notes panel for my business. I REALLY wish they would bring those back so that I could upgrade

  • Jonathon Martin

    This new version of Opera wont connect to my internet but if I go back to version 9 (the only other version I had) it works perfectly