We’re rolling out a new Opera developer update. This includes bug fixes. Bookmarks which are dragged from Bookmarks Bar to Tab Bar are now opening in the proper place on Mac – not as the last tab. The behavior of download notification button is also fixed – it was still visible after cleaning the download history and now it’s hidden like it’s supposed to.

You can check full list of fixes in the changelog.

Let us know if you’re having problems with our current Developer stream. And if you’re curious, I’m Wojtek. I’ve recently joined the team as a Mac Product Tester. Looking forward to getting your feedback about this update! 🙂


  • The Off Road section of the help page is displayed after turning on Off Road Mode for the first time
  • Bookmarks dragged from Bookmarks Bar to Tab Bar are opening in the proper place

Known issues:

  • Some Speed Dial thumbnails are not generated when a new page is saved to Speed Dial
  • Downloads pop-out can refuse to Open on Mac


Full changelog

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