We’re rolling out a new Opera developer update. This includes bug fixes. Bookmarks which are dragged from Bookmarks Bar to Tab Bar are now opening in the proper place on Mac – not as the last tab. The behavior of download notification button is also fixed – it was still visible after cleaning the download history and now it’s hidden like it’s supposed to.

You can check full list of fixes in the changelog.

Let us know if you’re having problems with our current Developer stream. And if you’re curious, I’m Wojtek. I’ve recently joined the team as a Mac Product Tester. Looking forward to getting your feedback about this update! 🙂


  • The Off Road section of the help page is displayed after turning on Off Road Mode for the first time
  • Bookmarks dragged from Bookmarks Bar to Tab Bar are opening in the proper place

Known issues:

  • Some Speed Dial thumbnails are not generated when a new page is saved to Speed Dial
  • Downloads pop-out can refuse to Open on Mac


Full changelog

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  • Leonardo Gomes

    Thanks. Updating.

  • blackcoder

    Updating. 🙂

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info, Wojciech, already updated and testing 😉

  • The changelog was temporarily unavailable for a few minutes. It should be working again now.

  • IllusionMH

    Windows native scrollbar instead of Aura(?) scrollbars in previous build.

    DevTools (Web Inspector) is broken as usual.
    First of all when you enable emulation, standard system scroll bar is shown instead of emulated mobile scrollbars.
    Second: embeded youtube videos are in wrong position when DevTools are detached and emulation is enabled http://take.ms/XcFSg

    Third: embeded youtube videos are just black when DevTools are attached http://take.ms/jLLtn

  • helsten2

    PDFs do not load (same issue in previous developer build)

    • odinuv

      Go to Developer -> Plugins and check that Adobe reader plugin is enabled (it seems not to be enabled by default)

      • helsten2

        It is enabled …. Doesn’t work.

        • odinuv

          Looks like you’re right, it doesn’t work (i had the feeling it worked yesterday – but apparently that was another computer).

          Really it does not load or the page crashes. Adobe reader is at the latest version

  • MrDotW

    where is the smooth scroll

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      If it’s not here I guess it’s not implemented yet or not a thing we’re planning to add. However I would like that very much myself.

  • Ohh,very long chagelog again, thanks.

  • taneli

    Not sure what’s going on but, Disqus seems to have automatically logged me in with some weird username. (aaand wouldn’t let me post while logged in with that name anyways, had to log out, and log back in).

    Anyways, extensions aren’t still quite working when opening pages to a background tab (for example Adblock and Disconnect won’t work in the opened background tab, extremely annoying when browsing those bloated news sites and just opening articles to background tabs while reading the headlines.)

  • Magnus

    Fix AdBlock please

    • beBoss

      Yes, fix the stupid problem with the adblock!!!

      • Helge Andre Gjølme

        We’re looking into it, and working on a fix.

        • EvilSparrow

          On speed dial also I see the screenshots with ads, which means there’s a major hole somewhere. No proper adblock no Opera it is for me, at least. Thank you!

        • beBoss

          Finally an answer for this problem.

        • guest6768

          Please either whitelist adblock for accessing the Speed Dial webpage previews or provide the Block Content feature of O12 for that.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      I really don’t understand what kind of problems you all have with adblock. Here it runs pferfect. Can you give me a page as an example to try it out myself please?

      • Magnus

        Open any page in background (or popups, there are not much, but some spammy sites still can get through and open them) and adblock doesn’t block anything.

  • Niyawa

    Thanks for the the new build.

    Opera team could make a post about next linux builds just like the previous bookmark bar post. Most Linux users are probably feeling insecure about the future of Opera in Linux and the development team could at least give them some light on the current state of development at some detail. All we’ve heard is that “it’s coming” but that doesn’t sound any more reassuring.

    I don’t use Linux but not every company goes around replying to their users directly, especially when it’s about a web browser that has millions of them. Opera should use this to their advantage and improve the communication with the userbase as much as possible, which is a critical issue that should be addressed now that such a large restructure has been made, both in the company and their products.

    • bgh251f2

      You don’t need to waste you breath, although the developers may worry about the Linux users, the company doesn’t. If They would make a post like the one you say it would have been done a long time ago not after more than a year of absence of a Linux version.

    • Onaj Tamo

      Thx man!

  • Diman

    PDFs do not load (same issue in previous developer build).
    Yes,this bug is not fixed in 21.0.1432.0 !!! How long time to wait for fix it!!

  • helsten2

    Go to Speed Dial, click the Discover button, click on any article (to read it), click the browser Back button, click the Stash button …. and you get a blank screen.
    Reported issue many times already, but I guess it hasn’t top priority …
    Or am I the only one doing this “strange” navigation?

    Win7 x64

    • Not confirmed here in Windows XP.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Confirmed. Win7 x86.

    • Toshiyuki Saito

      We will investigate it, thanks.

  • Ghirahim

    Where is YouTube fix?? 🙁

    • For what problem?

      • Ghirahim

        Here you go.

        • Marcin Mitek

          You mean that one pixel white line?

          • Ghirahim

            No, I couldn’t see all videos. But it’s ok now, read my comment above.

          • Marcin Mitek

            Right, ok.

      • Ghirahim

        Oh man, I just disabled YouTube Center extension and everything is ok now. It’s not Opera’s fault after all. Extension needs an update! 😀

        • Try Magic Actions for You Tube, that’s a good one.

        • Please do contact the extension developer so he can provide a fix. You can contact the developer through the extension’s page in the Extension catalog.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Hmm, I don’t have the problem. By the way, sometimes YouTube has problems with some videos and Opera has nothing to do with that..

  • DNA-17266 is my personal highlight.
    It was really senseless that Opera started downloading its update from scratch again after restarting it without updating

  • Mithaldu

    Seriously now, is there any chance we might ever see right-click + scroll to tab- switch return? It seems to me that implementing that should be really easy. :/

    • “Really easy” is relative. 😉 We have seen some interest in it. It sure will be considered.

      • DD64

        I don’t know if it’s easy to implement or not, but since Opera had this feature for years, why just throw it away?
        All this small things are missing.

        • Olli

          They’re not throwing it away. But since even basic features from Opera 12 are still missing, such “extras” might be considered later, I guess.

        • Presto-related things, Chromium is in the stone age in comparisson in terms of innovation, but more compatible and stable.

        • since Opera had this feature for years, why just throw it away?

          Because it wasn’t thrown away. It was part of the Presto code, it needs to be adapted and rewritten to run on Chromium.

      • I am also interested in that. Such an easy operation, which I sadly discovered just weeks before the Presto/Blink switch…

  • Paczus

    Is it already a known issue that in version 20 HiDPI setting in opera:flags is completely destroying whole interface and making the browser unusable (at least on Win7 with 110% DPI setting)? In 21 you can at least click on things but there are tons of visual glitches and blurry fonts. I know it’s experimental option, but it didn’t break anything in versions <= 19.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Yes, we are aware of it. It was put on hold because of more important things (read: Aura). It’s being worked on, with more developers looking at it.

  • DD64

    Don’t know if it’s a know bug, but small PNG-images don’t look nice.
    This version: http://puu.sh/7kZ9F.png
    Opera 12.16: http://puu.sh/7kZam.png
    OS: Windows 8.1 x64

  • Кostadin

    PDFs open black, strange blink/repositioning on adding page to Stash. Win 7 x64, this and previous dev builds

    • Marcin Mitek

      Stash issue is known, it’s tracked as DNA-16932.

  • Ste

    What about Opera Link? It is in Opera:flags, but should be enabled by default.

  • Vux777

    impl-painting still crashes Opera when dropdown menu is opened (on internal pages, including flags)
    gpu rasterization depend on it 🙁

    • Marcin Mitek

      Already fixed internally. Not in this build though. Patience, padawan 🙂

      • Vux777

        well, that was lol…
        I’m old enough to be your dad, boy!! 😛

        • Marcin Mitek

          That’s why I didn’t use “young” 😉 (I’m 26 y.o btw)

  • newto

    Oh, look what i got from this update.
    ( Oh, just my imagination, must be a bug )

    • Sidney Guioy

      How did you get that ? 😮

      • He drew it with an image editing program. This is getting very silly.

        • Ice007

          Anyway… it´s a good idea! :p

        • DD64

          Or he used developer tools since opera’s speeddial is HTML-based now

          • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

            I’m sure he used an image editing program 🙂

  • João Gonçalves

    DNA-16264 is still not fixed. I still get a totally blank page instead of the Speed Dials.

    • odinuv

      That is probably another issue, but yes, I also get blank page instead of speed dials a lot.

    • João Gonçalves

      This never happened to me before previous build that introduced Aura engine. So i guess this is a Aura related problem.

  • This is becoming a constant.

    Not responding, 4 times in less than 30 minutes.

    • Same problem but on 20 stable…

      • Really? I’ve never had this problem in no build ’till now, not in Dev, not in Next, not in Stable.

        I’m not using next anymore, just Stable mostly and Dev for testing, as in the pic.

        • I did not either until 20 stable was released.

  • _artem_

    >> The behavior of download notification button is also fixed – it was still visible after cleaning the download history and now it’s hidden like it’s supposed to.

    OMG just let the button always visible – I NEED THIS, I DON’T GET WHY THIS SHOULD BE HIDDEN????
    I download series like the walking dead and so on… I just click that button to see which episode I was downloading last. That’s very useful. Don’t hide it please.
    But I still can see it when I don’t clear the list right? Even if I open the downloads tab I still see the button – if it’s only hidden when I empty the list – then it’s ok, BUT I don’t want that button to be hidden when I still have some items in the list! – that’s what it does right now, on this build, I NEVER delete items from this list – items that I need to compare to while downloading new episode.

    • _artem_

      see? it’s really useful, you don’t have such problems but to see something in russian language you have to download it, there are different translations by independent studios/people who translate episodes, that’s why I have to check by which group I always watch translations and which episode I already seen, because not always episodes translated by different groups are available by the same day. there is a new episode translated by a group which I don’t like (their voices, their translations), that’s why I have to wait until my favorite group translates it – that’s why I need that stupid button with the list of downloaded files. when I watched the episode, I just delete the file, BUT don’t remove it from the list, so I still know which episode I was watching last, when there is a new one, I start downloading the new one and just remove the previous one from the list

      as you see on the screenshot the last episode of the originals I watched is episode # 13 translated by Baibako, there are already #14 and #15 available but not by my favorite group – Baibako – so I wait until they translate and release episodes 14 and 15 then I gonna delete episode 13 from the list.

      just let me see this button when the list isn’t empty!

    • Dmitry Kirin

      As I understand, the button gets hidden only when the download list is cleared. You’re not doing that, therefore, the button will always be visible.

      There’s also another solution, by the way: watch them all in English, with subtitles. 🙂

    • Chas4

      My work around for that bug was to open the downloads window and click clear

  • dg2014

    I keep downloading the latest build and within a few minutes I abandon it.
    I am still using 12.16 and nothing yet produced (Dev21) has reached the former usability.
    Still the bookmarks importer is greyed out.
    Clicking on the current tab does not take me back to the last used on.
    Ctrl tab does not cycle in the last used order
    Speedial I do not like
    No tab preview.
    This has a long way to go before it becomes usable for me and judging by the developers response it is unlikely to.
    There are now other browsers that are better than Opera.
    For now I am sticking with 12.16

    • Clicking on the current tab does not take me back to the last used on.
      Ctrl tab does not cycle in the last used order.

      Access opera:flags and search for tab cycling.

    • David_Gould

      “Ctrl tab does not cycle in the last used order”

      This bit at least can be fixed with a setting.

      Minimise tab is sorely missed. As is tab stacking.

    • Ovidiu Richard Huza

      I agree, here in Ro we say: if two people say you’re drunk, go to bed. So why they don’t care about a lot of cryings about old good features ? like Bookmark menu ?

  • 13.beta2

    acid2 is failed. lol

    • blackcoder

      I can not confirm this.

      • 13.beta2

        private mode with no extensions allowed

        • blackcoder

          Still not confirmed.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s ok here.
      Win 8.1

  • Rinne Tensei

    I think this solves the adblock issues, Adguard working fine on mine..


  • Inquisitor

    Still no proper bookmarks menu.

    I guess it’ll never come.

    Lasciate ogni speranza, etc… 🙁

  • moto0000

    When I add page to Stash, website behaves strangely 🙁

    • This is a known problem. We hope to have it fixed soon.

    • moto0000

      And when I clean downloads list in popup, downloads folder jumps

  • justSQL

    So did the bug with disappearing / glitching address field get fixed with this build? The one i posted a video about.

    • blackcoder

      If you can not find it in the changelog the easiest would be if you try to reproduce that issue again.

      • justSQL

        The changelog has too many entries regarding address field, no idea which one would it be. They didn’t respond anything to the video so i don’t know if they saw it. And i don’t have Opera Developer anymore :/

  • mathman

    No progress on DNA-16271?

    • Please provide some context and not just bug IDs.

      • mathman

        Thanks for providing the status even without the context – but could you enlighten me on what kind of ‘context’ you would have wanted? I’d hate to make the same mistake twice…

        • Explain, for the purpose of others, what the bug is about. 🙂

          • mathman

            Ah – got it. 🙂 It’s a bug, probably in Blink and affects Chrome as well as new Opera, that incorrectly computes percentage based margins, when there are floats. Disrupts the layout as it shifts the non-floated item to the left, or it does in the cases I’ve seen.

    • A patch for this have been provided upstream. You can follow its status there.

  • Nekomajin42

    It still tarts VERY slowly. 10+ seconds to open the window, than 10+ seconds again to display the speed dial. It’s a little faster than the prev build, but still really slow. Win7 32 bit.

    And something bothers me. How can I drag a tab to the speed dial? If I drag one from the tab bar, no matter where I drop it to, it opens in a new window.
    Also, there is no placehorder on the bookmark bar for me like this: http://d2jc9zwbrclgz3.cloudfront.net/multi/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2014/03/2.jpg System native d’n’d is enabled.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I must have already advised to do the following, but I don’t remember if it was in reply to you or someone else: (1) delete History* files from the profile; (2) disable the option “Monitor changes in network applications” in your antivirus/firewall.

      • Nekomajin42

        I’ve deleted the history files, nothing changed.
        I am not willing to modify any av/firewall settings. The browser must work out of the box. I can live with it, since it’s a dev build, and anyway I still use O12 for daily browsing. But the start up time is a serious problem (for me at least) since one of the first Chromium based builds. Sometimes it’s a little bit faster, sometimes slower. But the GUI response time is OK, I think, so this slow start is really annoying. With this build, even Firefox starts quicker, with a dozen of addons.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Does it affect only Dev? In my firewall-related case, it affected all channels. I agree that any legitimate software must work well with any industry-standard AV/firewall. I failed to understand what exactly might be wrong with how opera.exe is used during startup, what makes the firewall suspect something and scan the executable again and again. ESET tech support and help forums didn’t help to understand it either.

          • Nekomajin42

            I have a 19 Next installed. It starts slowly, but quicker than this build. This extreme slow start up started with the prev dev build. It may related to Aura.

          • Helge Andre Gjølme

            Try and disable hardware acceleration in opera settings and see if this improves the startup time.

          • Nekomajin42

            Thanks, but nothing changed.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            I’d go back to the low level investigation then, use ProcMon to trace what happens upon startup, looking for suspicious amounts of data read, operations with the longest duration, etc.

    • Get an SSD!

  • moto0000

    Plis add “hide [+] on SpeedDial” option !!!

    • As a work around you can ad more Speed Dial until the Add button disappears out of view. (I do not like that button myself either.)

      • NimeshT

        But that creates unnecessary scroll 🙁

      • Vux777

        while on SD subject…
        it’s all fun and games while there is couple of thumbnails (fast and smooth)
        but, when it comes to something like this, SD becomes sluggish

        SD should stay speed dial, fast access to frequently visited pages, imho…. stashing pages and bookmarks into it is not a good solution
        …and stash has it’s own disadvantages… can’t be organized
        after couple of days surfing, I find myself digging trough Stash and SD folders “where did I put that /whatever”
        notes were perfect for that… small, simple, fast, organized….
        yea…I can’t get over it 😛

        • guest6768

          They got it all wrong. As you’ve said, SD should be Speed Dial and Stash should be Bookmarks. But not as in that current tragic form.

          • monkeyfish

            I think Stash could work as a way to throw pages from one device to the another, sync just that and not bookmarks/SD and it would work well. Of course, bookmarks would still need a proper drop-down/side menu…

  • Rinne Tensei
  • Chas4

    http://www.lightbluetouchpaper.org/2014/03/05/ghosts-of-banking-past/ First image in the article does not load, the rest do, right click open image in new tab and the image loads fine

    OS X 10.9.2 Opera Dev 21.0.1432.0

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Works fine here on Win7x86.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Seems ok here with Win8.1.

  • Rinne Tensei

    for those who wants to remove google search bar from speed dial


    • boerbiet

      Tagging along with the search part… I made the switch with Opera 20 since now I can send torrents to my web UI (though I had to write the extension myself :-P) but the most aggravating issue I have with Opera at this time is the inability to set f.e. DuckDuckGo as my default search engine. And no, using a shortcut character or clicking the official extension is not a viable alternative.

      Any plans for adding this soon? It is very much needed indeed.

      • gekitsu

        +1, but i’m not holding my breath. the issue is said to be make the defaults safe from being modified by malware. i won’t be surprised if they’ll never implement it. who wants to trust their users anyway? opera smart browser. opera knows better than user. ugh.

    • gekitsu

      the sad thing is that this isn’t nearly enough.

      the pre-packaged search engines can be deleted manually from the default_partner_content.json file. all except google. which is super worrying. i am aware my stance towards google may be more extreme than average, but i equate unremovable google with shipping a browser bundled with non-removable malware.

      having to rely on that google engine is bad enough, but not being able to rid my browsing of google entirely? nope. deal broken.

  • I’m still getting slightly blurred speed dial extensions when they’re set to anything other than default sizes.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    On the Help page, the search does not work in Russian. It does not find text that is surely present within the knowledge base. It must be some encoding issue, as the ‘did you mean’ message suggests the search string should have been something else, in a visibly wrong encoding: “Did you mean: ÐÏÐÑÞÕ”.

  • Sidney Guioy

    Current web page is quickly resized when stashed (unstashing work fine) and then restored, win8.1 ( reported as DNA-17627 )

  • ABDX

    opera crash when i try to change the currencies, it gives me a white list then
    crashes.this is the link:

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Is “Impl-side painting” enabled on opera:flags? If so, try disabling it.

  • Guest

    opera crash when i try to change the currencies, it gives me a white list then
    crashes.this is the link:

    • ABDX

      please admin delete this, disqus was giving me an error

  • Acid 3 test goes 100/100 but…

    • ayespy

      Check your extensions, etc.

      Acid3 is also 100/100 here, but the graphic is perfect. Win 8.1

  • Rando Koks

    in some earlier chromium based versions there was a feature I liked very much – with some/many tabs opening at the start of Opera the videos didn’t play automatically but only when switched to that tab. Is there possibility to get that back?

    • al_ghul

      and better – as an option in settings:)

    • eXzentrik

      Try the entry “Enable lazy session loading” under opera:flags.

      • Rando Koks

        Thanks. It’s very close to what I wanted.

  • Vux777
  • My birthday is coming please do not sadden me

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      Happy birthday! (whenever it is). If we make you sad, it’s probably your own fault for putting up expectations for things we haven’t confirmed we’re adding.

  • Mujo

    There are some login issues in version developer 21 for some forums, like http://www.planetsuzy.org . It gives the “wrong password” error on login in Opera 21, but everything works fine in Opera 20, 19…

  • Darklink88

    There are many great experimental features available in Opera 21 such as tabs hibernation, Off Road 2 with video compression, the hung plugin monitor, ecc… but no one knows about them because they are turned off and no one speaks about them in the Desktop Team blog.
    So here’s the challenging question: why there’s a developer stream if all the new and interesting features are hidden?

    • They are usually not mentioned until the flags move to be enabled by default. Enthusiasts can follow the changelog to keep up with the features that are not ready yet.

      • Real men don’t need changelogs, go straight enable things and see what happens!!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Well, the ones that wants to test new features and, because of that, use developer stream builds usually know how and where to enable those features.

      I may agree about Opera talking more about (new) flags but i don’t think that they should be enabled by default as not everyone of them are ready for that and also not everyone may please everybody.

  • Kiên Trần

    This version is still unusable compared to the Dev 20. Even with simple sites like Outlook I can’t click on other mail folders. Or Disqus always fail to load comments in the blog post (I’m writing this on Aurora). The start page sometimes randomly goes blank (not even the background picture is displayed). There’s no smooth scrolling (I’m using a touchpad). Maybe it’s time for a full history sync also.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No problem with folder changing on outlook.com and/or with Disqus comments display (excluding the ones related to Disqus itself) here.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      About the blank start page, i haven’t see it on this build yet.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Since the last two or three developer builds i’m facing high memory usage (and, sometimes, also high cpu usage) on Google Plus (https://plus.google.com/).

    Sometimes just leave the page opened for some (long?) time triggers the issue, sometimes it happens after you have opened (and even closed them afterwards) a few pages.

  • senna_4ever

    i can’t test this build too

    the same thing in
    (DNA-17421) Opera Developer 21 crashes on starting

    I returned to Odev 20.0.1387.16_0 till the 21 ones become useful for me

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I recall someone saying that deleting history*.* may help on this case.

      • senna_4ever

        i’ll try. thanks

  • Pesala

    Showing the help topic for off-road mode when first enabling it is a helpful innovation. However, the topic doesn’t tell users very much.

    Does it also enable “Lazy Loading” for example? If not, why not?

    I could find nothing in help about lazy loading.

    • bruce lawson

      thanks – good feedback!

  • Ralf Brinkmann

    I hope you can follow my problem.

    I’m on http://www.handy-faq.de/forum/samsung_galaxy_s3_forum/ and click one of the little arrows on the left for opening the next unread posting. It doesn’t matter if I open it in the same tab or a new one. The screen shows the next unread posting with the blue border on top. One second later the screen content jumps up for about four lines, so that the text on the screen starts somewhere in the middle of the posting. I have to manually scroll up these lines to be able to read the beginning.

    This behaviour started with v.21.x, not with 20.x and before.

    Can anybody understand what I mean and confirm?

    In “opera:flags” is nearly everything on “Standard”. I did not change anything in the changing of the versions. No flags, no extensions, nothing.

    • Kurt Zon

      Ralf – unable to reproduce here

      win8.1 X64

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        Thank you to both of you. I think, the problem is, that you can only see these arrows for new postings when you are logged in. That means, you need an account. I’ve just tried it out with Chrome without logging in and did not see these arrows. So I could not reproduce it with chrome.

    • blackcoder

      I can not confirm.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Ok, I have tried to play a litle, for example switch all extensions off.

      Next try:

      Go to http://www.handy-faq.de/forum/android_forum/ and scroll the screen down, until the blue border with “Thema / Autor” is direct under your address field. So the next topic under the blue line will be ”

      Android – Ich suche eine App, die das kann…”. Now reload (F5). You’ll see, that the content of the screen moves some lines downwards and goes back again.

      If you click on this first topic to open it and watch the border of the first posting, you can see, that this also moves first down and then up again.

      Go back to the start page again using for example the mouse, the shortcut “z” or ALT-<= you'll see, that the blue border "Thema / Autor" is not on the same place as before. It's some lines below. Reload (F5) and it will be on the right place again.

      With Chrome and Firefox there is no moving. The border is always on the same place and a new posting starts with it's heading in the blue border, not in the middle of the posting.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        I think I found the cause: It’s Adblock. Or any Adblocker. It filters out any advertising after reloading a page and then closes the gap in the page. But in former versions of Opera it has noted the position of the page, now it doesn’t and so changes this position every time.
        If you try out the experiment in my upper posting with any adblocker switched on you’ll see what I mean.

  • Vux777

    adding pages to Speed Dial is broken
    all new thumbnails (added in this build) are blank, not having page SS
    or is it just me?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Check the known issues.

      • Vux777

        I always miss that
        or they add it additionally…

  • Error

    Long ago Opera Team wrote that they won’t make the same mistake of withholding one platform like they did near 10 version (I don’t remember exactly because even old opera desktop team posts prior 12.10 vanished). They broke this promise surprisingly fast showing us 15. If you don’t write everything with cross-platform in mind from the start it will strike you back in the future really hard. Sure it takes more resources to write for 3 different platforms but it also gives more quality and compatible code. Blink engine is multi-platform, chromium is multi-platform so it really is weird why Linux was ignored from the start in transition.

    We have march now, another developer version and I don’t believe in Opera for Linux anymore. Not even one build, zero official information. Currently, after so many years I am migrating to other browser for my home and work (50 stations) because there is absolutely no sense sticking to Opera in this situation. We were told that 12 would be updated, did anyone see any security/stability/compatibility updates? 12.16 is outdated (compatible issues are starting to pile up as nobody checks with 12.16 anymore) and newer versions aren’t cross-platform so what’s the point?

    • bgh251f2

      The point is, if you want to have a good browser never trust Opera, they will disappoint you like they did me.

      • Jonathan Aanesen

        What are you talking about… You can still use Opera 12 if that makes you happy. But it isn’t being developed any further because of many many reasons.

        • bgh251f2

          Good to know I will just look at my bank account on Opera like I used to…

          Oh! It doesn’t work on Opera 12 and There is no other Opera on Linux, what should I do? Use another browser, and now, after so much time doing that, why will I ever go back? and if they decide to not support Linux on another time?

          I need a reliable browser to use on my bank site not something that if they decide to make a big chance they will not support my main OS for one,two maybe three years, I cannot stop accessing my bank for so much time.

          • Jonathan Aanesen

            You are always free to choose whatever browser you want to, and even I don’t recommend you to use Opera if you hate the chromium based Opera so extremely much.

            I can also see how it can be inconvenient for you as a Linux user. But if I were you I’d stick to another browser until you get it confirmed that Opera is coming for Linux or not.

          • bgh251f2

            I never said I hate the chromium based Opera, I hate that I can’t even try it because Opera decided to drop support when they update from Opera 12 to Opera 15 and I can’t even hope to get a new version because the most communication I have is: “it is being worked on.”

            It’s like Skype when was bought by M$ they said:”there will be updates for Linux.”

            I’m not waiting anymore, and why will I trust a company that has made promises but not made any proof that they intend to fulfill them, how many years I should wait for them to fulfill their promises?

            If and when they make a version for Linux I will think if it is worth, but I would not bet on it because when they decide to do another big update I will probably be left with nothing again.

          • bruce lawson

            It is being worked on. I know you don’t like our saying that, but there’s nothing else I can say at the moment. I would love to tell you “it will be available next wednesday at 4pm” but we all know software development doesn’t work like that, and we’d rather tell you the truth than over-promise.

          • bgh251f2

            I know that you can’t say anything more, but no one can blame someone that after 1+ years of wait with almost none info decide to say: “Why do I care? They don’t have anything new and these others browsers that never abandoned my system are still here. Why will I wait for them to get it on and after they finally(if they ever) make it there will come a time when some big change happens and they will almost surely repeat this and I will stays years waiting for this browser again.”

            Changes always happen and someday the chromium base may be abandoned or changed and I would have to wait for years(again) until Opera support Linux. But it will only happen if I trust Opera this time which is impossible because I don’t have any reason to.

          • Jonathan Aanesen

            I don’t recall you being promised anything at all, but you’ll just have to wait and see like everyone else 😉 The future is going to be fantastic.

          • bgh251f2

            I missed something, where did I say someone promised me something?

            I said I’m not waiting, and I said that I don’t trust Opera company anymore, I never said anyone promised me anything.

          • Jonathan Aanesen

            I quote: “how many years I should wait for them to fulfill their promises?”

          • bgh251f2

            Again, I never said that anyone promised me anything, I asked how many years people should wait before thinking they abandoned Linux and I said that I am disappointed.

            I already gave up on having Opera, I use Firefox, Chrome, Midori, Maxthon, Qupzilla and konqueror in and out but Opera I do not see why I will use as they only delay any official word on Linux except the great: “There will be a version for Linux.”.

          • L33t4opera

            “The future is going to be fantastic.” Mr. Beanbastic 😉

          • Jonathan Aanesen

            You’ll just have to wait and see 😉 But for now maybe you should use another browser to access your bank.

    • Pesala

      Opera should have waited another year before releasing Opera for Blink, testing it thoroughly as Opera Next for as long as it took before releasing it on the unsuspecting average user.

      I don’t know what’s taking them so long to add the required features, but they should take as long as it needs to get it right. Meanwhile, they should maintain Opera 12.16 properly, at least fixing a few bugs,, if not improving existing features like Search Engine management.

      • If Opera waited another year there would be even less desktop users now and people would be nitpicking anyway.

        • wuqi

          I think Opera 12 user is more than Opera next now…Most Opera Next user keeps the Opera 12 as a backup ….

          • Check the quarterly financial reports.

          • Inquisitor

            Compared to 2012, revenues for 2013 from mobile devices may be well up, but for desktops it’s steeply gone down, clearly showing that people are unwilling to embrace Opera 15+ for desktops.

          • I’m talking about the number of users.

            “Major part of user base is now on the new product” (Opera Software Q4 2013 financial report PDF).

          • Pesala

            Those figures are meaningless. I downloaded the new product twenty times to see if it got any better yet, but I haven’t downloaded the version that I actually use for years.

            Where do you think they get this data? They are just presenting statistics that they think will please the shareholders, who are the main readers of those financial reports.

            You can tell from the forums which version people actually use, It is clear how few users have made the switch.

          • Pesala have you gone nuts?

            Everyone knows they can count active users, these are not stats.

            The forums are a very small sample of users, mostly disgruntled users because people only reach for the forums when they want help with something broken.

          • No, I have not gone nuts.

            You fanboys cannot think straight. Since you are unable to substantiate your ridiculous claim that Opera knows how to count active users you resort to insulting personal comments.

          • LOOOOOOOOOOL

            “unable to substantiate” yeah right:

            Give me a break…

          • So they’re counting updates? LOL indeed.

            I updated Opera 15, 16, 17, 17, 19, 20 each several times, but never use any of them as my default browser. I am just testing them to see if anything got any better yet.

            It didn’t, so I am still using Opera 11.64 as my default browser. I may soon switch to 12.16, but it will be another year before Opera for Blink is a finished product.

          • So they’re counting updates? LOL indeed.

            No Pesala, they probably have a sort of UID set so they don’t count the *same user twice* nor *only the updates*. Plus something else. (Without the purpose of sending personal data to them of course.)

            They could phone home in some another way even if you manage to disable all kinds of auto-update. So don’t make the ridiculous claim that they don’t know how to count active users.

            I updated Opera 15, 16, 17, 17, 19, 20 each several times, but never use any of them as my default browser.

            I never said it counts only the users who use it as their default browser.

            It only phones home when you open it so if you open it you’re an active user.

            I am just testing them to see if anything got any better yet.

            Your point is kind of fair but the fact is you don’t need to, just check the blog / changelogs. The fact is you’re willingly contributing to the count of users of the new product, supporting it.

          • “You fanboys cannot think straight. Since you are unable to substantiate your ridiculous claim that Opera knows how to count active users you resort to insulting personal comments.”

            Pesala, please. After YEARS of being an insulting and condescending fanboy towards those who criticized Opera Presto, you have lost the right to complain when people do the same to you, now that you are no longer fond of the product. Talk about poetic justice, eh?

          • I never was a fanboy, when there were valid criticisms made I supported them, and made a few criticisms of my own.

            Like other mature users I can see both the pros and cons of either version. When people whined repeatedly about some issue, I rightly criticise them for trolling, and for those who needed help I offered workarounds. I did the same for those who are using Opera for Blink.

            The fanboys attack everyone regardless of whether they have valid point or not.

            You and Rafeal are both trolls, making personal attacks, contrary to the Blog Policy.

          • What an unbelievable hypocrisy. You’re lucky that my.Opera has just been shut down, otherwise I’d be copying and pasting here numerous examples of your ample catalog of trolling and insulting people who had valid questions and complaints.

          • You would not, because there were no such posts.

            People with valid complaints who were not just whining, venting, or trolling always got helpful answers from me. Even those who were just venting often got helpful answers like a link to a duplicate thread, or at the very least a link to the search function.

          • You’re lying or delusional. You were rude to many people who expressed views contrary to yours, and you took all criticisms towards the browser as personal attacks, ie, as if you were the browser yourself, which is obviously crazy. Now you pretend to be a good, educated boy. Are you not red on the face?

            Don’t bother to answer, this ends here for me. I will no longer argue with such a dishonest fellow.

          • People who visit forums just to vent and whine often think others are being rude when told to observe the forum rules, and ask for support, or make their criticisms without shouting, rudeness, or attacks on the developers.

            Such Internet thugs then resort to personal attacks when sane people object to their rudeness. They are just trolls.

            I don’t need to pretend — I am a well educated very experienced software user and beta tester, with many years’ experience of helping on forums.

            Unfortunately, it does not end here for you. Your kamma will follow you.

          • guest6768

            “Desktop users at 51 million, down 7.8% versus 4Q12”

            Yeah, right.

          • I’ll say it again and I hope you’ll get this for once!

            60 million in 1st quarter of 2012, 52 in 2nd quarter of 2013 – that was with Opera PRESTO, before 15 even existed.

          • PaulW

            I use Opera 12 as my day to day browser. This one is the browser of last resort..

      • I’m glad they didn’t wait any longer, another year would have meant 100% human resources into Next and no updates to Presto anyway.

        Wait, that is what really happened, just a year in advance, so in 2015 I would be reading this comment of yours and would be writing this answer.

        Nevermind it, very probably in 2015 I will be reading a similiar comment from somebody, just then I won’t bother to even answer.

    • A question for all Linux fans out there (I use Linux, but I’m not a fan, just a casual user):

      *Does* Opera 15+ work in Linux via Wine?

      I’m not interested in opinions about whether this should or shouldn’t be necessary, I just want to know the facts. Does it work, or not? If it works, does it work always and in all respects, or are there broken things such as extensions, gestures, font rendering, window handling, and the like?

    • bruce lawson

      “Blink engine is multi-platform, chromium is multi-platform so it really is weird why Linux was ignored from the start in transition.”

      There’s a difference – Opera tries very hard to fit in with the native O/S UI. (That’s why we didn’t use Chromium’s UI layer but wrote our own for Windows and Mac. Linux wasn’t ignored but was lower priority.)

      For better or for worse (I’m a Linux user), the majority of our users are on Windows (and always were, even in the Presto days when there was a Linux version.)

      “We have march now, another developer version and I don’t believe in Opera for Linux anymore.”

      I’m sorry to hear that. But nevertheless, we are working on it, whether you believe it or not!

      • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

        The problem with these people is that, they are impatient.

        • bgh251f2

          So you say we should wait for how many years before thinking they abandoned us forever?

      • Cqoicebordel

        It’s totally understandable that Opera on Linux was lower priority. Thanks for the information.
        But it’s the first time it is said on the dev blog. I only wish it had been said sooner.

        Is the low priority the only reason for the delay ? Or are there some others roadblocks ?
        When the Linux version will be released, will it be on par with windows and mac version or starting at version 15 ?

      • Error

        “There’s a difference – Opera tries very hard to fit in with the native O/S UI. (That’s why we didn’t use Chromium’s UI layer but wrote our own for Windows and Mac. Linux wasn’t ignored but was lower priority.)”

        This is even more weird why didn’t you work on everything simultaneously from the start because now you will experience much more and harder to fix bugs and probably produce more in process of trying to catch up with other platforms. Like I said it will hit you hard if you really want to make/finish? Linux version now.

        You wrote lower priority but in first post of 15 you wrote that Linux development is on-hold (sight… even that post of 15 isn’t on this opera dektop team blog anymore). Linux was mentioned (one sentence “There is no Linux version of Opera available yet”) two times from then on (in opera 17 next and 18 developer stream post) and that’s all. Two non-informative sentences in one year, for me that’s ignoring.

        “For better or for worse (I’m a Linux user), the majority of our users are on Windows (and always were, even in the Presto days when there was a Linux version.)”

        Well it would be weird if you had more Linux users than Windows ones looking at statistics of PC market 🙂 but think what kind of users are you losing this way. Me, for example, I was with opera almost from the start and I have recommended it, installed it on hundreds of PC’s . Now I am after transition of 54 computers to other browser and I probably won’t come back and will advice against installing/using opera because opera software is unreliable and I can’t have that with a basic tool as a browser. You are losing core users (which will take many normal users with them) and good opinion in IT sector and that’s the harsh truth.

        “I’m sorry to hear that. But nevertheless, we are working on it, whether you believe it or not!”

        If you would have made official statement not long after 15 that Linux version will be 1 year after and seriously update 12, ok, I can live with that, I know where I stand and what I can count on, but this situation is just so unprofessional from business point of view that is just sad. Opera software isn’t big enough to afford something like that. 12 is completely ignored by webmasters (to blame is probably lack of updates and this ridiculous version numbers, difference between 21 and 12 is just too great) and checking with 15+ is the same as chrome so opera is ignored now even more.

  • Gloriam

    I’m quite sad about little Opera has progressed these past few months, and confused how you can call mediocre, poorly designed stuff like the bookmark bar acceptable, or even think it comes close to the original bookmark manager. Just like with many other features that were simply thrown away.

    Thank you for letting me get used to all these great features Opera 12 and before had, now I don’t want to let them go and have to get used to the fact that my browsing experience is quite horrible when sites don’t work like they’re suppose to.

    • I wonder how many people didn’t read the original announcements about all these changes, and what prevents them from searching in this blog and read them.

      • Gloriam

        I’ve read them, and waited. Guess what? Nothing came of simply waiting for them to fix the mess they’ve gotten themselves into.

        • Nothing came of whinning either, at the end you’re gonna wait.

          I understand the frustration for many people about this, I’m not completely happy either, but guess what?

          It’s a product you get for free, there is no commitment to even develope this at all. Even the Presto source code isn’t under any GPL thing, so Opera can disappear anytime and there’s nothing we can do about it.

          So please stop it.

          • Gloriam

            You’re right and I’d like to apologize to both of you and the Opera team.

            While there are some things I won’t take back, I did go too far and ended up simply whining as you say.

            So again, I’m sorry about that.

        • Calling it “mediocre, poorly designed” when it’s clearly not true won’t make things come.

    • Jonathan Aanesen
    • PaulW

      Agreed. The one thing that irks me is the lack of a decent “login” icon rather than having to type in the login info first before you get the list of accounts ..

  • taneli

    Still same major problems as the last dev build.
    – Can’t activate the Opera window from background, if you bring another program infront of it (i had pics of this on an earlier post).
    – Speed Dial is a blank page after 5-10min. use (when opening a new tab from anywhere, ctrl+T, “+”-sign, O-menu).
    – High CPU usage out of the blue (having Opera Settings open in a background tab -> after some minutes 25% CPU usage, also idling at cPanel login screen, same thing).

    Also, a new thing i noticed, closing a tab where a plugin has been active (say a youtube video, where you had clicked the video at some point) -> close the tab -> the last active tab you return to, won’t be activated, can’t scroll or refresh etc. untill you click to activate it.

  • Rajas

    Nice work on new release, but it doesn’t make any sense that Control/Command + D doesn’t work if bookmark bar is not visible. And shouldn’t you show user’s bookmarks on startpage? that’s the most natural use case for bookmarks….

    • Pesala

      I disagree. If the bookmark bar is disabled it makes no sense to add bookmarks. The bookmarks bar is shown on the start page if it is enabled.

      • Rajas

        I understand you point, but I don’t want to show bookmarks bar on each page that I visit because I want to save limited screen real estate that I have, it doesn’t mean I want to disable bookmarks entirely, I would appreciate if I could see them each time I open new tab.

        In today’s multi-device heavy scenarios, and extensions like foxy marks, bookmarking is not limited to being browser specific feature.

        This makes perfect sense to me, take Chrome for example they have implemented similar concept very well…

  • oic

    If you guys could add the feature that allow you to move speed dial folders to bookmark bar and vice versa. I think this feature alone is enough to reduce the cry for better bookmark manager. You guys are partly there already. Just allow folders be moved as well

    • blackcoder

      Small addition: It should also be possible to drop a speed dial folder in a bookmarks folder.

    • I agree that this should work.

      I disagree it’d reduce the cry though.

  • Seath

    I like to know if we ever will have the ability to import bookmarks ….

    • There are several ways to do it. They have been shared to death in this same blog, by me among others.

      • Seath

        I have searched for the ability to import bookmarks to Opera but found none. If you would be so kind and point me to the right direction I would appreciated it.

        • The easiest way to do it is:

          1. Export all your bookmarks from Opera 12 to an HTML file.

          2. Import the HTML file in a clean Chrome installation. (Or, if you already have bookmarks in Chrome, put all your Opera bookmarks in a folder named “Opera” or the like before exporting, and then import that, thus getting your bookmarks in a single folder.)

          3. Install the Xmarks Chrome extension both in Chrome and in Opera Blink.

          4. Upload your bookmarks in Chrome. Download them in Opera.

          5. Profit!

          • Seath

            I did see that before. But when I need to import bookmarks from Firefox to Opera 20 then what?

          • Xmarks is available for Firefox. In fact, it was originally a Firefox-only extension, named Foxmarks. So you could upload your existing FF bookmarks and have it imported into Opera 20 automagically.

          • Seath

            Ok, I will give it a try. Thank you for the help.

  • WB

    When sync is ready will I be able to synchronize it with the browser on my phone and have the same Speed Dial and Stash links??

  • When are we getting Opera Link? It’s been a year and I still can’t sync my stuff. =

    • Leonardo Gomes


      It’s experimetal yet and only Speed Dial, Stash and custom Searches are available atm.

  • ojvws

    I uninstalled Opera and pretty much forgot about it until today… I’m just checking back. Did they finally add proper bookmarks and bookmark importing from other browsers? The two basic features of all modern browsers.

  • irdose

    Import-export bookmarks when?

  • guest6768

    What we really need in a desktop browser: (You can keep Stash and Discover in your mobile browser)

    • Although many users (including me) may find Stash and Discover useless, others may like them. The solution is to allow users to hide these buttons to save space, as they can hide the Speed Dial search.

      With both Discover and Stash buttons hidden, of course, we don’t need the Speed Dial button either.

      Another solution would be to add buttons for Downloads Extensions, History, etc.

      • guest6768

        I don’t care either if it called Stash or whatever, as long as it has the functionality of bookmarks, where items can be grouped together, sorted, etc. and not this mess which in its current form is a cheap copy paste from Opera 14 Android, not functioning in a desktop environment. Also Mail in HTML5 is a MUST for completeness and it is possible (Vux777 cudos).

        • Cheap copy paste of Opera 14 for Android? Haha…
          Stash doesn’t even exist in the mobile version, get a clue.

  • LoverOfLife

    is there any way to make/view square tabs in windows 7 ? (not rounded)

    • ayespy

      Opera takes the parameters of the interface from the host system.

      • LoverOfLife

        I suspected that, cause in win 8.1 Opera has square corners. but i don’t like win 8.1, and i don’t know how to do that in win 7. Any help ? if you know something ? thank you

        • ayespy

          Nope. Unless and until they implement some kind of full skinning like the old Presto version, we are stuck with the interface that the OS gives us. This is what is meant by “native UI.”

  • Mister

    Please, make settings of gestures of a mouse, opportunity to create the custom buttons & to sort buttons on panels, and bookmarks like in the Opera 12. It everything that is necessary to return former experience with the Opera 🙂

  • Ahmed Êlğąędŷ

    Let’s wait Opera 45.0.1546.16546.15 😀 😀

  • rm

    Linux please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chenny

    I would like to see the return of some old features to steadily trickle in! Eg. The option of Tab Stacking! 😮

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      They are working on improving tabs features, so don’t worry. It will come back 🙂

      • Jonathan Aanesen

        I don’t think it’s a 100% chance it will come back, we might find another awesome way to improve tab features you know 😉

  • rpsgc

    I’m sorry if this has been discussed before (searching Disquis comments is a pain) but are there any plans to allow the creation of sub-folders within the folders in the bookmarks bar?

    And if there aren’t any plans, do it anyway!

    • You can use the right-click option in the bookmark bar to create a new folder and then drag&drop it into the old folder, as far as I remember (being forced to Firefox myself). 😉

      • Jonathan Aanesen

        The login issue is well known and being worked on. Won’t be long until it works as it’s supposed to 🙂

      • rpsgc

        Yes, I know about that. But the existence of a workaround or a clumsy/clunky alternate method is not a reason to not implement a feature, especially such a simple thing.

  • DMR

    please add tabs on the bottom of screen option, it is the most important thing that keeps me from updating opera 12

  • nicks

    Can u do something with CPU usage? this is terrible! 5 card open and about 400 or sometimes 500+ uses memory… this is joke or what?!

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      Do you have this problem on Opera Stable or Next or Developer? t’s important information.

      • nicks

        Opera Stable 20, today even i have crash on opera, on 19 there was no such problems. On firefox everything is fine and works ok.

        • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

          Hmm… you should report that issue. I don’t have problem with high CPU usage.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Depending in thé case/situation, it can be just normal.

      • Vux777

        I’m also experiencing strange memory usage (latest dev and stable on win7 x64)
        Simple page like this one, easily takes 700-800 MB of memory if stays opened about an hour and refreshed every couple of min. (I’m using it for testing extension)
        I don’t know if this is normal for Blink/webkit powered browsers, but it seems odd….

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I’m facing very high memory usage with Google Plus as i posted earlier.

          As i said, it being normal or not will depend on each case.

  • Jorton

    youtube is still not working on Opera 20 and 21. Error shows up after few seconds, while other browsers work fine.
    OS: windows 7 enterprise.

    • Piotr Karol Marek Żółtowski

      On 20 YouTube works fine. Do you have installed any extensions or userscripts in Violetmonkey/Tampermonkey?

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      Only thing I can recommend you to do is submit a bug report about this. Considering this is a bug for you (maybe others) we can link it to other bug reports if there are any. Just remember to feed it with as much information, exact links you’ve used and screenshots is always helpfull.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Youtube also works fine here. So it would really be good to have a link.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Which error(s)?

      I have no Opera related problems with YT, but i use an extension.

  • Alex Parker

    “The Off Road section of the help page is displayed after turning on Off Road Mode for the first time”

    Yes, let the annoyance be a highlight. Whoever needs help will click on it, don’t you think?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s a one time thing so i couldn’t call it an annoyance.

  • taneli

    Could we get a possibility to remove the “X” from tabs? Having tons of tabs open, the tabs get so small, that it’s rather too easy to accidentally close a tab when activating it.
    There’s always that middle-mouse click to close the tab.

    (Also click currently active tab to activate the last active tab.) 🙂

    • Vux777

      when tab bar is crowded only active tab have X

      • taneli

        Yeah, but would still prefer to hide it all the time. Takes quite a lot of tabs to hide it, too.

  • Miskkie

    Bookmarks please opera, ty.

  • Wraith

    Dam….. bug, all my speed dial are blank after syncronization!

  • escruting

    Man, this fast release cycle is getting kinda crazy-dupa-fast.

  • plase add “open link in new tab” gesture…

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Opera Developer (Next?) 21.0.1432.5 is now available.

  • Łukasz Darzki

    How can I manually restart flash after it crashed? It’s not under plugins.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Can’t you just reload the page?

      • Łukasz Darzki

        Reloading didn’t work because flash wasn’t recognized as a plugin by browser. Fixed by reinstalling flash.

      • Łukasz Darzki

        It didn’t work. I just reinstalled flash and it’s fine.

    • Vux777

      It is…
      but I wonder what Google update is doing under plugins?!

      • Łukasz Darzki

        It magically disappeared overnight. Maybe it’s a proof that my boss is looking through my stuff.

      • Because you have installed one of Google’s products. It does not come with Opera.

        • Vux777

          yea…but why it is IN Opera?…Opera should not be Google product

          • Opera recognizes all plug-ins installed in your computer that are compatible with it (and in the correct folders).
            It’s not Opera’s fault, “you” installed the plug-in.

          • Vux777

            so what google update got to do with Opera?
            update it?

          • No… As we know Opera has nothing to do with Google, it’s just recognizing a plug-in present in your system.

            Google installed the plug-in in your system, ask them.

            From my experience the plug-in (which is installed in all compatible browsers like, Firefox too, etc) serves to load new Google software into the GoogleUpdate mechanism without the need of a manual download and run of an .exe when you download via their sites (Earth, Chrome, Google Toobar, etc).

  • DenisConqueror

    how to make Bookmark toolbar autohide? It i can do this, tell me how, if not, just make it please)

    • Vux777

      you can’t

      • DenisConqueror

        It’s very annoying, you know 🙂 I don’t what to see my bookmarks all the time, just when i need it. When move mouse over adress bar, for example) Or it’s so hard to implement?

        • Vux777

          I know 🙂
          Maxthon have that feature…

        • guest6768

          The current concept of Opera is that everything is firmly fixed on the UI with no real-time behavior like that, so that average Joe does not make anything horribly stupid like disabling it and not knowing how to enable it again. So no, you won’t see anything like that in the future…

  • nanana1

    New Developer build 5 available for download for testing !

    • L33t4opera

      The change log for Opera Developer 21.0.1432.5.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Not there yet.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Now it has appeared.

      • L33t4opera

        The official announcement: fun with tabs!.

  • By “proper place” do you mean sidebar? is it finally happening? Did Opera became Opera again?
    “Bookmarks dragged from Bookmarks Bar to Tab Bar are opening in the proper place”

  • bwat47

    This would be a much more useful feature if it allowed you to drag an entire speed dial stack onto the bookmarks bar to automatically add the speed dial stack as a boommarks bar folder. Is this something that is in the works at all?

  • Kevin Anderson

    Sorry the latest version 21.01432.31 starts but seriously broken, can’t access web pages, I will have to continue to use the developer version till this is fixed. Upgraded home and work pc ~ same bug.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Try deleting the history* files.

      Btw, you should have posted your comment on the blog post about Opera 21.0.1432.31.

  • Bill Gaydon

    What happened to speed dial on newest build? almost all images are gone, only youtube, twitter bing etc have images. The rest are just grey with a globe….