Opera 21 moves from the Developer stream to the Next stream.

Most of the changes are under the hood. Opera 21 supports Aura, a hardware-accelerated rendering of the browser. This enables less-taxing user-interface animations and a sleeker, more responsive feel to the whole UI. It also gives us a solid foundation on which to make future UI changes.

Aura is a big change, but we’ve also included a small change that will please many of you. There’s now a setting to make Opera always show the absolute address, the full URL, in the address field.

While many of you appreciate our emphasis on the domain name and our decision to display only the essential information, our power users and web developers often need to see the full URL. Now, they can. Simply enable the advanced settings and select show full URL in combined search and address bar under Opera’s user interface options. It’s “Hello, absolute address!” from then on.

As usual, we’re hugely grateful for your bug reports and comments. Thank you.


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  • nanana1

    Thanks for making Opera 21 the Next version. Testing now…..

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info Bruce, congrats, that Opera 21 reached the Next channel 😉

  • Nick Rosenberg

    Does it works on linux? 😉

  • Kartofel

    Yea it only took you 6 versions to add the full addressbar option…

    • Marcin Mitek

      It took us 6 versions of surviving comments about it. Implementation was blazing fast.

      • Operalino

        I’m wondering whats the message of this post (Marcins Post) could be?!

        Are you going to tell us, that even things you could do “blazing fast” are not going to be done even many of the listeners shouting for it, just because of… … whatever?

        • Marcin Mitek

          Because we don’t want to? Or because we are focusing on other stuff? Or because we think that badge plus shorter URL was enough? This is not “whatever”, trust me, there’s reasoning and idea behind even such small things like this address field case. Some are radical, some should just work, some still require more polishing. Some are just not ready yet.

          You may be calling us names, telling how little we have done for this version, but we’ve been developing/testing two browsers at the same time, that’s how different Aura/non-Aura versions are.

          This is my opinion, but getting Aura to work is almost as important as the first Chromium/Blink Opera builds. Save this comment for later, you will see 🙂

          • Nekomajin42

            All the reasons, but if the implementation was blazing fast, what amount of resources did it require that put other stuff back?
            Anyway, it’s very strange to hear “we don’t want to” and “we think it’s enough” from the company that once developed the most customisable browser.

            Full URL is a perfect example. You had an idea, it may have some logic, but why didn’t you give us the ability to choose?

          • Vux777

            Bruce was talking (accidentally or not) about full URL feature like it was already implemented, in last November/December. Back then they probably have in-house version with full URL, and first public build with it was …at the beginning of this month I think ?!
            so, more then 3 months it was rolled through many test builds, and it still not in stable…
            month for implementation, couple of months for in-house testing and fixing bugs, and couple of more for public testing…it’s not blazing fast, but…they probably have some developing path and they not gonna break it, even if new feature is safe and stable in test builds

          • Nekomajin42

            As I remember, it was this year, in february, before v20 went to Next.

            But Marcin said it was blazing fast. So?

          • Vux777

            just saying…from idea/decision to implement new feature and public build with it, takes months

          • Nekomajin42

            Please don’t be ridiculus! It’s not a major feature that requires lots of planning and testing.

          • Vux777

            and ofc, you know how many things needs to be changed, so that browser presents address with or without protocol based on user choice?
            so that stash and SD can recognize it uniquely and colorize it’s icons, and all other functionality that is connected to omnibar
            piece of cake, right

          • Nekomajin42

            The browser has to store the full URL somewhere, and has to work with that. It does not matter how they display it on how many places, the full URL was always there in the background.
            Or do you think when you save a page to the SD or anywhere else, it is saved with the trimmed URL?

          • Vux777

            “….presents!!! address with or without protocol based on user choice…”
            stash and SD icons in Omnibar to colorize it’s icons
            read again

          • bruce lawson

            Any feature takes planning and testing.

          • Nekomajin42

            How many days did it take to develop the full URL feature from planning?

          • Guest703

            The ignorance of this post is unbelievable. Is Opera making a browser for themselves, or for the people? If it’s for themselves, they need to seriously re-think their priorities.

            If loads of people were crying for a feature for a year, and finally adding that feature was done “blazingly fast”, maybe it should have been done “blazingly fast” back when hundreds of users started crying out for it to be added. It’s things like this why such a huge percentage of your userbase are ditching Opera. Listen to your users.

            (aimed at Marcin Mitek/Opera devs) this threaded conversation is threading posts in the wrong order)

          • alayli

            Here’s reminder what’s going on in Opera. They don’t care small things: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7129955 Also they are not creating big things now.

          • The “”facts”” in that link have been already denied to the death.

          • alayli

            Every company do the same. “Money” is the top priotrity for any company.

          • icetom

            “Is Opera making a browser for themselves, or for the people?”

            I am seriously not so sure about the answer anymore. Or where the target audience is since they actually dont care about some things we ask for because “our data has shown that…90% dont use that…”

          • cgebhard

            Have you deactivated to send usage statistics to opera? (In case you even use this 15+ version.)
            I suppose many here on this blog did. Because they bother to go through all the options on the settings page and sending this info might feel like someone checking on all your movements.
            How should they know how many custom searches you use, or how many people chose to deactivate the big google bar on speed dial page, or whatever.

            So then: How should they listen to their users?
            I don’t think those making the business decisions read through those “hundreds” of complaints on this blog but they will read the statistics they gathered over the time.(please correct me if I’m wrong)

          • Guest703

            Have I deactivated usage statistics in Opera? I’m not going to install Opera Blink. What does it offer me over any other browser? I’ll consider it when the tab-loading control finally reaches stable. Currently I have Opera 12 portable, and using Firefox and Sleipnir as my primary browsers, so that question doesn’t really apply to me.

            As for how they should listen to their users? Maybe by reading the comments on their own blog? Tell me, if you were designing a web browser, what would you trust more? Hundreds of thousands of usage-statistics by “casuals” who don’t really care about a browser beyond its ability to play Youtube or Facebook? Or would you prefer to read the comments from dedicated Opera fans, and critics, many who are bringing a lot of in-depth questions and suggestions to the table.

            Then again, how many of the developers can read English fluently?

            Currently it looks like they’ve got:
            Managers – who sit down and tell the team “this is where we’re going”
            Developers – who are told to sit down, shut up, and work
            Public soothers – who come here to calm down the angry crowd of people holding pitchforks

            What they need:
            Managers – to start reading the comments here and adjust their mid and long-term goals based on the comments, and listen to the developers and coders
            Developers – who need to hurry up and leak Opera Presto’s source code (heh)
            Public soothers – who need to swing things around and harass the managers more for blocking their ears to public outcry

          • cgebhard

            Tell me, if you were designing a web browser, what would you trust more? Hundreds of thousands of usage-statistics by “casuals” who don’t really care about a browser beyond its ability to play Youtube or Facebook?

            If a significant part of my monetization strategy was featuring partners’ content on speed dial and Discover, I’d say I’d follow the statistics and keep it as simple as possible. Thus no “casuals” get confused and maybe recommend the software to their “casual” friends/family –> more users, not only tech-affine users*

            And seeing this I think developers do care and are already making a huge effort to serve both user groups as good as possible.

            *just to make things clear: I have no idea how they monetize their browser. All this is just an educated guess based on what I read on this blog and the presumption that they need to keep the product economically reasonable.

            edit: text format

          • Leif Roar Moldskred

            “Casual” users might be where almost all of your profits come from, but counter-intuitively that doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily your most _important_ users. For many products, you’ll never get the masses of “normal” users to choose your product unless you first also satisfy the trend-setters.

            Consider Microsoft Office. The 80-90% of normal, everyday users might use perhaps 5-10% of the functionality of the software package and actually _need_ only part of that again. But it’s the 10-20% of power users, the ones who need and use the remaining 90% of advanced functionality, that ensures that Microsoft Office is used throughout the whole company, quickly updated when new versions are launched, despite the cost, and never, ever replaced.

            Now, I’m not going to hazard a guess as to who the important trend-setters are for Opera in particular or desktop browsers in general. I’m in no position to do so, and don’t assume that they’re “the geeks like you and I.” What I _do_ know is that Opera will not grow their market position by appealing _only_ to the “normal, casual, unthreatening” users with uncomplicated needs and simple use-cases. Casual users don’t drive uptake.

          • bruce lawson

            “Then again, how many of the developers can read English fluently?”

            All of them. It’s a requirement of the job – feel free to apply at jobs.opera.com.

            “As for how they should listen to their users? Maybe by reading the comments on their own blog? Tell me, if you were designing a web browser, what would you trust more? Hundreds of thousands of usage-statistics by “casuals” who don’t really care about a browser beyond its ability to play Youtube or Facebook?”

            Simply, both.

            We read all the comments; we don’t reply to all because we have development work to do. We reply to comments with use-cases (“I’d like to be able to list bookmarks vertically because…” rather than “When will you bring back Opera 12 features? I’ve moved to [other browser]”), because use-cases are more helpful and if you’ve moved to [other browser] you’re no longer our customer.

            When we can, we reply to ones that are seriously mis-informed to prevent others believing them, too.

            But we read all of them, as we get lots of useful bug reports and feedback. But you have to remember that tens of millions of people use the product, and this blog comprises a few hundred users. I reject the suggestion that those “who don’t really care about a browser beyond its ability to play Youtube or Facebook” are somehow unimportant.

            The web is 25 years old now, and it’s a world-wide web. It’s for everyone. Opera has long worked hard to bring the world wide web to the whole wide world, via Opera Mini and Opera Turbo. We want everyone to have access to the Web – that’s why “serious” configuration options are hidden from those who might be bewildered by them, and accessible through the konami code. (There will be more configuration options, and more features coming along. Remember, Opera Presto was developed over more than 15 years.)

          • Nekomajin42

            How hard is it to throw 1-2 minor features in every version among other things? I’m talking about features that require minimal coding and bugfixing.
            As much as I’d like to have a proper bookmark manager, I understand, that it requires a lot of work. But there were several small feature requests, and we barely see the result. Every stable release would look nicer with one or two of them, especially when you work on the backend with no visual features/tools.

            Concrete use cases:
            I asked for a confirm exit option. You have the code since it works on Mac with the shortcut. Why don’t you implement the same on Windows, both to the shortcut and the window close button? Sometimes I work with a dozen of windows/applications at the same time. There were several cases when I would have closed the browser if this wouldn’t be turned on in O12.

            I asked for a few more icons in the context menus to help guide the eye. One of you said that it’s a good point, and you will talk about it. It was weeks ago, and it does not even come out in v21, but there were no further feedback from you.

            Yet another:
            Several people asked in the forum for a feature to disable animated gifs. In these days, the whole internet is full of anim gifs and they are disturbing for some, especially if their size are several megabytes. How hard is it to implement an option to disable them like the flash objects? Or to insert a conditional statement to the gif renderer function that stops the process after the first frame?

            These what I call minor features, and I’m sure these don’t require lots of people and days to solve.

          • bruce lawson

            “How hard is it to throw 1-2 minor features in every version among other things?” that depends. I don’t work in the desktop UI codebase, so take the following as examples, not fact.

            A confirm to exit dialogue would be less work than making animated GIFs static, for example, because the latter involves looking at the GIF display code in Blink, forking it, changing it, testing it against millions of sample GIFs to be sure it didn’t break anything.

            “I asked for a few more icons in the context menus to help guide the eye. One of you said that it’s a good point, and you will talk about it. It was weeks ago, and it does not even come out in v21”

            Yes, it was me who said it sounds like a good idea. But there is a release every 6 weeks – so saying “it was weeks ago” doesn’t really allow enough time to discuss, prioritise, design icons,implement and test even if my colleagues think it’s a good idea too.

            We don’t want to throw any old icons together; these things need careful designing – we want Opera to be the most beautiful desktop browser, and get good feedback that we’re succeeding.

          • Nekomajin42

            First, thanks fort he answer. I really appreciate answers like this, either in content and temper.

            Second, you should really reconsider your release strategy. Just a little but important modification, to push at least one of these minor features into every major release. I think, if you read through the comments, you will find a dozen of them, and new ones will pop up in time. I’ve written 3, but there is the browser action button reorder problem, the address bar dropdown arrow/button problem and others.

          • bruce lawson

            “I really appreciate answers like this, either in content and temper.” You’re very welcome; I appreciate civility and thoughtful comments, too.

            I’ve filed bugs for the things you requested. But I can’t promise “at least one of these minor features into every major release”. Features – however minor – need to be carefully worked out, designed properly and in the context of everything else. Otherwise, we’d soon end up with lots of features, some of which are indispensable to some people, but most of which are completely superfluous to most other people. And superfluity makes clutter.

            It’s not something I would like to balance, but fortunately we have Tammy, our fab User Experience lead, to make sure that everything is well-thought out, hangs together and looks great.

            But she can’t be held to two features every 6 weeks, plus planning bigger features that you’re all asking for. (And, no, she’s not standing behind me with a baseball bat making me say that; it’s just how it is.)

          • Guest703

            See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. You’ve gone full defensive mode in this post.

            “But you have to remember that tens of millions of people use the product, and this blog comprises a few hundred users. I reject the suggestion that those “who don’t really care about a browser beyond itsability to play Youtube or Facebook” are somehow unimportant.”

            We have plenty of browsers aimed for the “casuals”, the masses. Those kinds of people you’re targeting are already using Google Chrome or Firefox. You’re going to be hard pressed to win them over. You’re using the same engine as Chrome, you’re not even providing anything different as far as the engine is concerned.

            Opera stood out as a browser, a full web-suite, really. It was always known as the browser first to experiment with new features (though somehow you’re the last to implement delayed tab loading) Opera Presto was a lightweight, fast browser that was highly customizable. I was able to edit the ini files, making the menu’s do exactly what I wanted them to do, I could add custom shortcuts, custom menu options on the right click menu, and add my own code to them. I was able to merge Javascript (userscript) into Opera Presto’s built-in shortcut keys.

            What does Opera stand out as now? Discover is all that comes to mind.

            The few hundreds of users posting here may be less than the millions of users that actually use the web browser, but we represent those who don’t post. You can bet that if a lot of people who aren’t posting did post, they’d say the same things as we do.

          • Tams80

            They can’t have statistics on features they don’t have.

          • The_Physeter

            If they’re developing it for themselves, they should admit this on the front page, instead of misleading potential new users by claiming this is a full and complete web browser designed for anyone.

          • Cqoicebordel

            Why Chropera wasn’t built with Aura in mind from the start ?

          • Aura (excluding the one used in Chrome OS) wasn’t even close to beta quality at the time of release of Opera 15.

          • Cqoicebordel

            So it was from the start.
            Can we expect an accelerated UI on others plateforms ?

          • The crystal ball wasn’t working right (under repair as we speak), and nobody knew a year ago Aura was coming.

          • Piotr

            You said, that You were develiping two versions – with Aura and without Aura. So if this build goes stable, are you ditching build without Aura, so more resources can be moved to developing other functionalities? It would be _very_ nice to see sidebar with bookmarks in next Opera Developer builds.

            I hope this build goes stable very soon. Aura gives new Opera strong kick in case of UI on my laptop with Intel card

          • Helge Andre Gjølme

            From now on Opera will have Aura on Windows.
            The other versions that are being mentioned are 20 which doesn’t have Aura.

            20 is still our stable build, until 21 goes stable, and requires some maintenance. .

          • SQL

            So are you going to fix smooth scrolling with Aura? That was a great feature, which Aura apparently broke.

          • Vux777

            aura is win8+
            smooth scrolling is hooked on hardware acceleration, and HWA is hooked on Aura
            so, probably no smooth scrolling (native) for win7/xp

          • SQL

            RIP smooth scrolling

          • Even when we have it in Opera 20 under Windows 7.

            Win7 shares a lot more of its base with Win8 than with XP, if it even shares anything at all with XP.

            So what’s now their excuse? I mean Google excuse, Aura is their product.

          • bwat47

            Aura works on windows 7, it even works on old machines with dx9 class cards. The computer I use at work is an old machine with win7 and a nvidia 7900gs, chrome:gpu reports fully working hardware accel on it.

            Smooth scrolling in chromium depends on this bug: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=575

            You will notice that in recent versions of chrome/chromium/opera they do have smooth scrolling working when you click down on the mouse wheel and use the auto-scroll, it just doesn’t work when scrolling with the wheel yet for some reason.

          • Vux777

            upsss, my bad
            since they introduced aura couple of builds ago, I’ve lost some of the features on win7 platform… and someone was mentioning that they work on win8
            that’s why I thought it is win8 exclusively…

          • bwat47

            broken smooth scrolling is a chromium issue in general, its had issues pre-aura as well. Recent versions of chromium finally have nice smooth scrolling when you use the middle click ‘auto scroll’, but still not smooth when using the mouse wheel.

            It was possible in the past to get smooth scrolling with the mouse wheel working by enabling the smooth scrolling flag, and disabling the “threaded compositing” flag, but recent chromium versions require threaded compositing which left the smooth scrolling flag in a mostly broken state, and now they’ve removed the flag completely.

            If they have smooth scrolling working fine for the auto scroll I can’t fathom why it still doesn’t work at all when using the mouse wheel scroll :/

            anyway here’s the relevant chromium bug report: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=575

            Chromium based opera won’t have fully working smooth scrolling until its fully implemented/fixed in chromium.

            Firefox and IE have had fully working smooth scrolling for ages (as does opera 12.x), yet its 2014 and chromium still doesn’t have it working fully :/


          • AwS

            i just have to ask… isnt chromium implementing aura? if so.. it would be in the blink engine right? you guys just slot in blink? therefore.. wtf work are you doing on aura? im more convinced now than ever before that there is very limited people actually working on the desktop version. most of the bugs that get “fixed” are because of “updated to chromium version xyz” (ive done the odd check between the various bug trackers)

          • Surprise! They don’t only “slot” in Blink.
            They build their own UI on it and they want to use Aura (for obvious benefits) so they have to adapt it to work with their UI implementation, etc, as well as other parts of the engine.

            BTW they don’t only slot in Blink. Opera upstream contributions to Chromium:

          • Joana Silva

            I wonder too if there is very limited people on desktop team cause Maxthon announced the build for Linux a few time ago and has already launched both 32 and 64 bit versions…Very fast, isn’t? :/

          • Marcin Mitek

            I think that there is a great misunderstanding among people about how working on top of Chromium/Blink works. There’s so much code on our side, that we cannot just “slot in” Chromium/Blink. Basically our UI was broken and unusable after taking it (Aura) for the first time, not to mention performance degradation (Flash, scrolling).

          • AwS

            broken UI is a problem.. but scrolling and flash.. those are engine based are they not? which are chromium based.. you guys are pushing a ton of changes to the chromium branch.. so you’re making google chrome better and more useable (it has bookmarks / sync that works etc).. why must we as the consumers choose opera over chrome?

            i appreciate you taking the time to respond tho 😀 much <3

            im a long time opera fan.. hated chrome.. and firefox always felt like it wasn't refined at all (looks wise) i still dont want to give up on opera but meh.. had to jump ship.. chrome + speed dial 2 = what i wish opera was for day to day browsing – if only it was actually opera (customization version)

          • Marcin Mitek

            At least I can answer you about the Flash – Chrome uses Pepper plugin, we don’t. This makes a huge difference.

            As for scrolling, probably it was a “child age” issue for us, but it was extremely choppy at first.

          • What do you have in mind for Flash in Linux, once it is released, if ever? Considering Adobe abandoned its developement in that plattform.

          • Daniel Carvalho

            We understand that it takes time and effort to deliver something good, and even more if you want to deliver something near perfect.

            What we don’t get is, if so many users are saying we loved Opera .12 (its customization options, overall design, etc.), why do you strive so much to deliver something so different?! If you want consumers to utilize your product, you have to balance what you want to deliver and what consumers want. Right now we can only see you delivering something you want to, while you neglect what we want.

            That attitude falls on the “whatever” category. We’re giving you feedback, while you tell us you can’t do something that worked before and we want back because you’re busy with something we’re clearly stating isn’t appealing for us.

            I love Opera. It’s fast, full of resources, and attends to most of my needs. Unfortunately, it stopped being like this after Opera .12. Soon I’ll be using a browser that can’t navigate on most sites, and I’ll have to switch to some other, which won’t be Opera anymore, seeing how I’m not happy with the latest versions. I really don’t want this to happen, and I’m sure I’m not the only one here who feels the same way. I really hope you can take our feedback seriously and actually improve Opera into something we all can agree to be the best browser out there.

      • Hunk

        But there are still no bookmarks manager in new Opera even so people are asking you to add it in every topic. It’s time to stop surviving and use your blazing speed to implement the real bookmarks. And you can add a special bookmarks toggle in advanced options so normal users will not be confused how to use this geek feature.

        • Wraith

          “Implementation was blazing fast” then why not doing it before!?..this confuse me
          So what about bookmark manager? maybe it can be do it fast but we need to wait 4 o 5 release to have it.!? Do not know anymore.

      • ZINNNG!!!

    • Besides many other things.

    • Less than a year to satisfy a minority among a minority, and yet you can’t even say thanks, other things a lot more important for regular users like the status bar, dropdown arrow, persistent search or bookmarks (not me about this one), are simply ignored.

  • Today is my birthday. I’m sending this post with Maxthon for Linux.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Happy birthday!

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      Happy birthday! 😀 Hope you’re having a great time!

    • Aneta Reluga

      Happy birthday! I’m sending this with Opera Next 21.0.1432.31.

      • alayli

        I hope you’re sending this Opera Next 21.0.1432.31 on a “Linux” distro..

    • rrzepecki

      Happy birthday!!! Have a good one!!!

    • Its my birthday too. Cross-platform high-five!

    • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

      Happy birthday, Mustafa! 🙂

    • DD64

      Happy birthday, too! I’m sending this with the lastest opera-version (Opera 12.16). That’s no joke: when I check for updates, it keeps saying there is no update. And I even think that’s true 🙂

  • iG0Lka

    Aha-ha. Again no significant change :)))
    A feeling that only one programmer slowly sawing Opera.

    I continue to use the 19th version

    • Aneta Reluga

      In fact, Aura was a *very* significant change, albeit not that visible from the user point of view.

      • schubling

        I still continue to use version 12…
        No sync
        No real bookmark manager
        And lot of good old missing features… (keyboard speed dial shortcuts, etc…)
        Well…I also hope to see more “visible” modifications “from the user point of view”…

        • Aneta Reluga

          What can I say? Good things take time. Opera 12 had features accumulated over *years* while Opera 15+ has features existing for months (barely a year – no, it’s not even a year; it’s nine months; it’s virtually a newborn!).

          • I agree. But why is sync not a top priority? I mean I would expect a feature like this to be done by now.

          • Marcin Mitek

            Sync is a little bit more complicated case because it’s for all our products.

          • Aneta Reluga

            Heck, you were quicker again!

          • Aneta Reluga

            It *is* prioritized. But it requires full cooperation with all components involved, in addition to multiplied work effort needed (including security).

          • abaddon

            I think it would be very interesting to read in your security blog about some technical details regarding keeping our private data (especially passwords) safe and sound.

          • schubling

            Well, on “old Opera”, on every number version change a lot of features were added… perhaps you need to change your version number policy… Opera 21 = Opera 15.9 ? it will probably be less frustrating for early adopters…

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Maybe, but after an year or so.

          • Early adopters are not familiar with old version numbering. Besides all browsers are on this system now, so it can’t be frustrating for them.

          • In nine months we have Pin tabs, themes, flags. In another nine months where will we be?

          • Yuri Vidal

            So happy to hear this, is the first answer related with Opera 12 coming from dev team

      • aluzci

        Isn’t Aura part of the Chromium project anyway?

        • It’s, but since Opera uses their own UI layer they can’t simply copy the code.

          • aluzci

            Strange, there is barely any UI in Opera 15+ in the first place and most of it looks blatantly copied from Chrome and reskinned.

      • iG0Lka

        >>> Aura, a hardware-accelerated rendering of the browser.

        I do not use hardware-accelerated, since my i7 and GTX770 in 2D rendering operate quickly and smoothly.
        When I enable hardware-accelerated I see no difference.
        And since there is no difference then why should I waste more power electricity?

        • Joel Spadin

          Your CPU has to work a lot harder than your GPU to reach that same level of performance.

          Assuming you have Optimus and given that your i7’s integrated graphics are significantly better optimized for rendering than the CPU part of the chip, you should be getting better efficiency with hardware-accelerated rendering than without it.

          If you don’t have Optimus, your GTX770 is always running anyways and, again, is better at rendering things than your CPU, so you should be using less energy there too.

    • Cryio

      Being seriously now, Aura was as important to Blink/Chromium as was full hardware acceleration (even better than IE11 on W8.1) on Opera 12.x.

      The point being Opera went off rails because of how much work it was needed for their vision of full hardware acceleration platform agnostic to work. Guess which thing led to their Presto demise.

      Opera needed 1.5 years to have a half-decent HWA render on Presto (v12.1), even that is bad. They even masacrated their Opera 12 code because it was taking too long, releasing (a still great update, but with no HWA in sight) 11.6 to fill time until O12 was properly working with HWA. Which never happened, because HWA was way more difficult to implement than they thought.

      They made decent improvements for HWA with version 12.1, but by then the amount of work needed to improve HWA and fix normal Presto bugs, DirectX HWA bugs and OpenGL HWA bugs proved too much for an ultimately small team of developers, compared to Chrome’s open source style of development (and the company’s budget).

      While Aura is NOT Opera’s implementation, it will be an implementation working in an Opera product and one which will be improved upon in time by Opera’s developers submitting bugs fixes and better workarounds.

      We’re not living in a best-case scenario here, but we’re living in a scenario that works.

      • @Cryio:disqus,
        thank you for the voice of common sense, which is not so common.

        What do you do on daily basis? How can we help you in your daily work?

      • Tams80

        Well HWA is working perfectly fine in Opera 12.16 for me.

        • Cryio

          Sometimes it accelerated the browser, sometimes it slowed it to a crawl. Not to mention the browser starts to eat RAM and VRAM like it’s no tomorrow.

  • Waited for such a long time,but still have tourble in inputing chinese on address bar, for it’s valueless for chinese user to fix this bothersome problem.

    • Jonathan Aanesen

      Maybe it would be a good idea to submit a bug report for it? If it’s not working as it should it’s obviously a problem

      • I’ve had a feedback about this when you released Opera 20. But nobody gave me a reply.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Please report with as much information as you could provide us, so we can try to reproduce it. https://bugs.opera.com/wizarddesktop/

      • OK.I will have a chance.

        • Marcin Mitek

          Thanks a lot. Please include information about the IME you are using.

          • Okey. I’ve already posted a report (DNA-18521) and hope for your solution ASAP. Have a nice day 🙂

  • abaddon

    Thank you for opera next update. I was beginning to doubt its release in the current month…

    • Marcin Mitek

      We are delayed a little, sorry 🙂 But here we are.

  • newto

    If they are implementing things from the past, maybe someday we will get Opera 12 features.

    • Keilin Bickar

      If only they’d add in the tab features like thumbnails and stacking I might be able to upgrade from Opera 12

    • Darrien Lambert

      Oh man that interface… brings back memories.

    • @disqus_AxqZVT82qS:disqus,
      I have already stayed very clear that we don’t plan to port the feature set of O12. There are plenty of forums for prestovers, why do you waste your precious time crying here?

  • RingMyDingDong

    Thank you for bringing back full address features.

    Good job to the team

  • Tom Lindberg

    Using a high dpi screen since a few weeks back, I haven’t been able to use Opera. When can I expect to be able to switch back?

    • Marcin Mitek

      Wait for the new Developer build (22). There should be more to test for you there.

      • Tom Lindberg

        Sounds like good news, thanks.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Next week? 🙂

  • Fhury

    Don’t forget about the bookmarks. Top priority!

    • Second to top. First – Linux.

      • Cryio

        Yeah, I’m not even Linux (maybe a bit Ubuntu at school), but even I think a Linux build should appear by now.

        “Better later than never … but don’t take me so seriously”

  • IllusionMH

    URLs like
    Are not highlighted. Reported as DNA-18520 URLs without dot in host name are not highlighted

    • Normal users wouldn’t see URLs like that. 😉

      • IllusionMH

        Normal user doesn’t visit this blog, and likely will not find this feature at all.
        But this feature has bug.

  • abaddon

    dell.com is broken. In both 20 and 21, have tried with no extensions, works perfectly fine in opera 12.16.


    • Aneta Reluga

      @abaddona:disqus Could you please provide more details? I have briefly tried the Dell site right now with this very Next and I can navigate around, search, open chat…


      • abaddon

        It looks like all formating is gone, links work though. Layout is all messed up

        • Vux777

          this is how it looks on my pc
          tons of extensions, off-road, win7 x64 ultimate, latest next

          • abaddon

            and this is on my

          • Vux777

            well, that’s because u’r bad person ツ

          • Sidney Guioy

            try to clear cache or refresh, if dosen’t work you probably are on a shitty provider dns server ( as all providers ) i suggest you to use open dns server : or google dns :

      • Rinne Tensei

        firefox 28 too.. it is because some mixed content


        check the url for whether it is http or https.. if it is https it’ll break. try http

        • abaddon

          Thanks. Somehow forcing https breaks is. it is fine if i switch to http

  • Wraith

    Hello up there! Can someone tell me: How near are we from having full Sync? I miss sync bookmarks and extensions, everytime I install a new version took me a lot of time to set everything again.

  • Does this build include all of the “Opera 21.0.1432.5 – fun with tab!” features?

  • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

    Are Smooth scrolling and some other experimental flags still not available?

    • Vux777

      yup, on win != 8 && win !=8.1

    • It’s not compatible with Aura, hopefully will be added later. Remember Aura is a google idea, not Opera’s.

  • nom4d3

    Will Aura bring back important stuff like Panels and MDI?

    • Vux777


      The goal is to produce a new desktop window manager and shell environment with modern capabilities. The UI must offer rich visuals, large-scale animated transitions and effects that can be produced only with the assistance of hardware acceleration.

      Probably just for eye-candy transitions, effects and those sort of thing, not exactly feature builder

      • Cryio

        Not necessarily eye candy. Let the GPU process the UI will put less strain on the CPU. So things will look smoother and maybe prettier.

      • godutch

        [quote]The reliance on platform widget systems has posed a problem though in that it prevents hardware acceleration of elements of the UI and arbitrary transformation of UI controls. The platform native frameworks are also peculiar in a number of ways, sharing constraints that are not relevant to desktop Chrome or Chrome OS. Before long a desire to eradicate our usage of them grew strong enough to begin work on doing so. An effort was spun up spanning several teams to start by removing Gtk usage in the Views frontend code. This has become one of the major sub-projects required for the Aura work described here.[/quote]

        Hopefully this means a user modified UI will be possible again, like in opera <=12

  • zakius

    And nooow, you broke some chrome compat and there is no working mouse gestures, so your broswser is pretty useless. First fix your gestures and THEN think about breaking extensions

  • Deus Ex Vino

    Could you please let us know more about your roadmap? You now don’t have to bother with own engine development, and yet you obviously need some time to learn the chromium engine. So i assume developemnt will accelerate somewhat as you get experienced. but could you let us know if development capacity was reduced or so?
    maybe a ratio of development speed Opera12/Opera21 – are you getting faster or fighting manpower loss?
    Can we expect double feature-remake speed in next month? I Hope it will not take another 15 years to get to full feature set of Opera 12.

    • ayespy

      “You now don’t have to bother with own engine development,”

      Not exactly true. Opera Devs are working overtime refining and submitting improvements to Chromium and Blink. It’s true they are no longer trying to get the world to adapt to their own desktop Presto engine, but given the number commits from Opera team to Chromium and Blink, they are putting ENORMOUS time into engine development.

      • Deus Ex Vino

        that does NOT improve my user-experience with Opera in any way compared to chrome.

        • ayespy

          That’s an entirely different issue, isn’t it? You said they don’t have to bother with engine development. They do. At any given moment, neither Chromium nor Blink behave in a manner which Opera desires in order to provide the customer experience they are going after.

          SOME of the things people are crying out for to have the “same” user experience they had on 12.16 are not even POSSIBLE on top of Blink unless and until Blink is rewritten in some respects. If Opera wants to give its users the most useful browser, it must take part in building the most useful engine. If other browser-builders choose not to copy Opera’s UI direction, Opera must still be building on an engine that makes its chosen direction possible. The result will be that the Opera and Chrome forks will grow further and further apart, which is a good thing.

          All that said, what you WANT is not what determines the division of labor at Opera SA. They have to allocate resources in a manner which militates toward the optimum overall success for the whole company. This will not please everyone.

          • Deus Ex Vino

            Decision to sell white bread instead of whole sandwich is a decision that will not please everyone. Quite possible – no one.
            I do realize people responsible for the decision are either very self confident, had no choice or will never hear our complains – but nevertheless – i didnt hear a single person content with current direction of development. I am quite happy with Opera 12.16 – and security fix now and then wouldnt hurt either until new fork hits usable stage.

      • Michal Bartoszewicz

        Looking at the number and changes of those commits they aren’t doing that either..

        • Not every submit translates into a new entry in the changelog.

          I con provide like ten ideas and they can turn into 2 at the end.

    • This has been discussed before. New features are announced on the blog when they near readiness. Enthusiasts can follow changes in opera://flags even earlier than that through our Developer releases.

      • Deus Ex Vino

        My question is more general – do you intend to add features next 12 month or 3 concentrate on improving engine or security or adding new features we did not have in Opera12 – whats the goal in general – what can we expect at the end of the first development cycle? Opera 12 on new engine? Chrome with different plugins? What are you aiming for?
        What *kind* of user experience can we expect?

        • Orhin

          Not much, exactly as not much from Mozilla with Firefox Australis. In both browsers customization is abandoned for the concept of an similar UI on all platforms, and because it makes no sense to develop on mobile devices browsers with much customization features and to create 1 entirely different browser only for desktop usage with tons of customization would need a large amount of extra money – you can expect nothing.

          That is different to browser developers like Maxthon who have more money available, they can make dozens of browsers for various usage reasons – Linux, mobile, Windows – and every browser has different feature sets.

          Or if you take a look at developers like the ones from seamonkey, Pale Moon, Cyberfox or projects like Midori or Qupzilla or Otter browser.. Even if devs have no big money resources customizations can be created, but the devs have to like that kind of concept.

          Means.. Mozilla with Australis Firefox and Opera either have not that much money available to make an entirely customizable browser for desktop usage these days or they simply think advanced customization is not necessary because only a minority of users is using it.

          Choose your favored point of view now.

    • Easy on that, google has much more resources and it took them 5 years to deliver the same UI, with barely some minor changes, under the hood has been a completely different story, so be patient.

      Opera has much more experience in this business, but not as much resources.

      • Deus Ex Vino

        i WANT Opera to succeed – Opera12 is great browser – especially because of Integrated MailClient, VisualTabs and SpeedDial – those are three killer features for me. There is no browser on the market capable of it “out of the box”. But what Opera became now – has no features beyond “render webpages” – and this is not a “killer feature” – thats reinventing wheel. Even if you do it right – you are one among many with this.

  • Martin Suchan

    With the project Aura announcement, I just hope you won’t mess with the look of scrollbars in the app just like Chrome did in the recent version – it is an abomination both in terms of UI and usability as well.

    • Vux777

      overlay or arrows?
      it’s already in Opera flags, and can be turned ON…

      • Martin Suchan

        The new scrollbars in Chrome on Windows are thinner with no top and bottom arrows. They are really harder to use for any touchpad user or if you want scroll quickly by holding the scroll caret.

        • Marcin Mitek

          They should be OK. That’s one of the things we had to fix after taking Aura.

    • You mean overlay SB, they’re OFF by default.

  • Abe Dude

    wow, now opera allows me to see the full address, something that already exists on Opera 12.16 (which i hope it will have its source code leaked by some good soul hacker/employee) and previous versions, our lives wont be the same again….

    unless Opera brings the irc and the COMPLETE bookmark system of Opera 12.16 this will be a no-go.

  • Estou gostando do Opera cada vez mais, melhorando a cada atualização, mas ainda falta pegar as funções antigas do navegador, a única coisa da qual sinto mais falta

    • ayespy

      English Only.

      • Guest

        Desculpa, mas acho q você não é um dos donos da página então, para de preguiça e abre o Google tradutor cara

        • ayespy

          If you are too lazy to follow the rules of the blog, it is not my job (nor that of the developers or moderators) to do your translating work for you.

          If you don’t post in English, do not expect any of your issues to be addressed.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          The page owners have decided that english is its official language. So everyone should write in english here.

          If each one would start writing in their own languages, this place would turn into a mess.


    “Hello, absolute address!”
    it’s a real great thing))))
    why do you make me suffer?! are you racists? why do you hate russian?

    • ayespy

      English is the international tongue. People from every land understand English. If French were the international tongue, the blog would be in French.

      Only Russians, for the most part, understand Russian.

      It’s bad manners to speak to a crowd in a language they don’t understand.

      • GoustiFruit

        “English is the international tongue” Says who ? I don’t remember voting on the question.

        • ayespy

          No one voted.

          It just happened.


          People do not *vote* as to which language to speak. Language is transmitted through commerce and culture, and the languages which are most USEFUL because of cultural and economic pressures become dominant.

          If you wish some other language to dominate the international scene, all you have to do is make the country(ies) where that language is most prevalent culturally and economically dominant globally.

  • Michael Flagler

    Is there any way to go back to the old version or open it in safe mode? After the update, it partially starts up to my speed dial page, but no speed dials are shown, and it runs high CPU usage. I’m unable to do anything with it besides kill the task.

    • Sergey Danchenko

      Try clearing your browser history via menu (or delete History file at C:Users%Username%AppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Next ).

      • Michael Flagler

        That worked! Thank you!

  • ABDX

    Can you please remove that white hue at the upper part of the speed dial, its just ugly and ruins the background

    • Cryio

      1) Enter Settings
      2) In the Search panel type the Konami code
      3) If you’ve written it correctly, a message will appear. Click ok.
      4) After that, write in the Search Panel “hide”. An option to hide the Google Searchbar in the Speed Dial will appear.

      • Vux777

        he meant white gradient (hue) on top of the SD,stash,discover page

        • Cryio

          Oh, right right. However, that’s still the only current way to do it ^_^

          • Vux777

            yea, I also thought on first reading that is about google search

      • ABDX

        who said anything about Google search bar ..?
        I’m asking about the white shade that covers the background at upper part of the speed dial

        • Roberto Morales Vega

          Did you find a way to hide it ? its horrible now since they released the “use your own background thing”

          • ABDX

            nope sorry !!

  • It’s fun seeing the mods and devs arguing finnaly with all the “you’re doing everything wrong” people 🙂

    Just two things:
    1. Feature request. Option for disabling the white thing (fog, background, texture?) in the speed dail (you know what I mean). It looks just horrible with dark themes 🙂

    2. Just to let you know, WHATEVER version you release that supports Linux, even if you couldn’t render webpages with it, or the UI wasn’t visible, or if it crashes 5 times a minute, I AM willing to test it. Even if it couldn’t be installed. I. Will. Test. It.

    • Michal Bartoszewicz

      Point 2 sounds like opera with flash on linux using amd drivers. Still, I use the hell out of it.

  • Yeah and Opera with Wine uses too much memory to be usable on my Lubuntu and 756MB RAM 🙁

    • Opera for Linux is in development but I wouldn’t expect it to be much different.

  • Snake22

    hello Opera.

    when I try to save image from page which opened as “Opera turbo” then opera try to download and save this image directly, passing operaturbo server, as result i can’t save this image, because in my country some sites locked and i can serf on them only using opera turbo or Tor.

  • Hunk

    Wow, the whole 21 branch brings full URL address feature… such progress.

  • mixal11

    For Me rendering is perfect from Opera 15. Reason I switched are missing features. Customizable mouse gestures, …

  • newto

    I’m curious if any developer at Opera Software liked .12 as much as the users here.
    Maybe their fate was this:

    • Can you please stop spamming? Thanks.

      • If people from staff like @Aeyoun:disqus wouldn’t encourage them or play their game. They’ve be long gone.

        • Yes, maybe they need to just ban and delete comments like they did in the past.

        • Well, you have to appreciate the amount of effort that went into it. Comments are only deleted if the violate the Comment Policy. This does not. I do not find it particularly productive use of anyone’s time, but the community will vote it down if they do not want to see it. Currently, the post has zero down-votes.

          • If you haven’t noticed, all trolling comments are upvoted, either you’re a very bad moderator or they got a point in their claims.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I always wondered how many of those guest votes are real. This is one of the reasons why i think that guest should be allowed to do nothing but read the comments.

          • Daniel Carvalho

            I actually agree with that one. That said, it doesn’t mean the Opera staff should not acknowledge those kind of comments, specially because we’re giving feedback directly regarding our experiences with their products. I stopped upgrading my Opera after .12 because Opera became a pretty much generic browser that doesn’t attend to my needs. I have no problems with .12 v, except that it’s pretty much outdated, and I soon will be no longer able to use it to navigate anymore, but I find no need or any comfort in upgrading to a higher version because it actually decreases the selling points of an Opera browser.

            I am sure a few Guests votes are fakes, created by people who voted two or three times, but I’m also sure great part of that massive upvote movement comes from people who are honestly dissatisfied with Opera’s current services, and want the staff to realize that in order to receive something better. Isn’t it the reason we have a comment section in a page like this? To tell the staff members what we liked on their product and what we disliked? What is best for us and how they should try to deliver it for their users? Giving them feedback to make Opera a better browser? If they neglect comments that criticize their services, they’ll never be able to deliver what the community wants, and that is exactly what leads products to being forgotten over time.

            Remember kids, just because someone says they don’t like what you’re doing on the internet doesn’t mean they’re trolls. It is true that most people want features that existed on Opera .12 back, and they should be working to bring those features back instead of neglecting our feedback!

          • NIBB

            Maybe because that is how users feel about the releases. I assume as new versions come that bring features back you would see less up voting to negative comments. If you think this is something only affecting Opera website go take a look at other websites which report Opera browsers news and the effect is the same. Its how old Opera users feel about the new Opera version. People don´t complain about the switch to Chromium or the engine, that is positive, its the lack or GUI features and customization.

          • I down voted it. The down votes don’t show up on any comments for me though.

          • Daniel, a recent policy change by Disqus makes it so that the downvotes are no longer shown. There is no way to know if a post has been downvoted than guessing from its position in the list when ordered by “best”. Now, since this comment is first, it follows that it *hasn’t* been massively downvoted.

    • Fair guestimation of what the Oslo HQ looks like. There is a big red O where the gray car is parked. Our meeting room tables are long triangles, though

    • Khairul Skmt

      So true bro, so true… Huhuhuhuhu…!

    • patrick

      you… are a god. More please.

    • Dovelove

      I really don’t think that anyone currently have used 12.16 or know ANYTHING about how great it was if you say ANYTHING that displeases them they don’t change it but complain. I doubt most were even alive 10 years ago.That is NOT how the customer relationship is suppose to work.

      Simple things like print preview (there is none) or auto size in printing don’t even work in ANY new version of opera.

  • Pascal.

    finally!!! full url!!!

  • Gloriam

    Decided to take on Opera 21, while I miss a lot of features, it’s still better than having to go to another browser each time something doesn’t work.

    While I’m here, I hope you can bring back being able to open a tab with the scroll-click (middle mouse click, whatever you’d like to call it), like you were able to before, many browsers miss this sadly.

    And perhaps bring back the information ball when using mouse gestures, It was useful at times for some of the more advanced gestures.

    Keep at it, build us a fancy browser like you were able to do before. 😛

    • @disqus_Y5j4C2AhXH:disqus,
      Thank you for your try.

      What do you need the indicator of mouse gestures for, if you already know how to use it?

      • Gloriam

        Mostly my own stupidity at forgetting some of them, but it also allows for some of the more complex ones to be used, stuff that you usually wouldn’t use quite often like.. Search on page, which also possible with the ‘.’ button with advanced key buttons turned on, but I’d like to control Opera with just my mouse in an easy way.

        This could also be avoided by bringing back the Menu bar as a option, I don’t like the Opera button all that much.

        I forced myself this time around to use the new Opera, and while there are plenty of things that I want back, for the most part the original bookmark/history/downloads bar that I summoned by clicking on the right side of the screen, and tree-tabs (side tabs) with miniature pictures of the website I’m on. On which I’d be able to use the middle-mouse click on the empty space to get another tab, It’s definitely quicker than having to move your mouse to the tiny + button.

        I do like the bookmark menu as it is to some degree, it works, I don’t mind it taking up space.

  • escruting

    DNA-18530: Stash page blinks when mouse hovers the speed dial button

    Steps to reproduce
    1. Open stash
    2. Move the cursor to the speed dial button of any stashed item
    3. The whole page blinks

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Confirmed. Reminds me of how Disqus comment section blinks when the mouse pointer moves over the name of user logged into Disqus. Works fine in IE.

      • Guest

        Confirmed here too. It blinks every time.

    • Vux777

      also confirmed, but it’s hard to trigger it…in my case it’s something with switching from tab with stash to another (any) and then back to stash tab… and blinks only first time

    • Wraith

      Confirmed here too. It blink every time.

    • Thank you very much for the submitting bug.

      I cannot reproduce it, but our QAs are way better than me. So they will follow up.

      • Vux777

        it’s triggered by moving mouse from left to right (win7 x64)

        • escruting

          I don’t think its triggered by moving from left to right. This is just a coincidence. It’s not triggered from right to left because from the right theres the cross to remove the stashed item, and its the hover animation from the cross that makes the speed dial one to not blink.

          You can try with the first stashed item, going diagonally from right to left without touching the “X”.

          • Vux777

            the only way I can trigger it is from left to right, moving mouse on the same stash item (not crossing them). From any other direction, including right>>left avoiding X, nothing happens.
            and it happens in 100% cases (L>>R)
            maybe because in that way there is no other effects. From any other direction there is a shadow effect invoked moment before SD icon hover
            That’s how it is on my PC

          • escruting

            Maybe Aura has different behaviours depending on the graphics card/net framework/directx/whatever installed on every pc.

          • Vux777

            maybe…i have integrated amd hd4250 with win7 x 64…
            edit: but aura is not on win7…
            edit2: probably leftovers from Operas native hwa ツ

          • Vux777

            strange thing that I’ve just noticed…

            when I hover mouse over Disqus “sort by…” menu, the whole Disqus frame blinks

            dunno if it’s the same thing

          • escruting

            Yeah, same here. Don’t know if its related to the stash/aura thing.

        • Yeah! Now I can reproduce it as well! Thank you a lot!

  • Darrien Lambert

    After updating to this build I can no more use middle click to open the links in the background… Instead the page jumps at another position and sometimes the 2d scroll controll appears, which has a weird behaviour by the way. If it appears at the top of the page, the page scrolls very fast towards the bottom, but very slow towards the top and vice versa. But really I want my middle-click back!

    • It does not happen here. In what page/link is this happening? What’s your mouse model? Do you use any extensions?

  • Chas4

    Can an option to disable UI animations be added? It would help with performance and responsiveness of the app/program

    • Cryio

      The point of Aura (and overall Opera 21) is to put less strain on the CPU and use the GPU for an extremely lightly load, thus making the UI feel more fluid and responsive.

      • Chas4

        Opera 12 had the option to, UI animation if they hang then it stops the program

  • Robert Ingraham

    Go back 5 or 7 or more years. Opera firsts: Tabbed web pages, mouse gestures, customization, Opera sync, integrated e-mail, cross-platform versions. There were many, many things which made Opera SUPERIOR to other browsers. Ask yourself, honestly, today is Opera 21 superior to Chrome.? What exactly is the advantage of using Opera instead of Chrome? I can’t find one. I challenge anyone else to find one single advantage (and don’t tell me about the absurd Stash or Discover). Opera has been destroyed.

      • Robert Ingraham

        I read your entire post and all of the other comments. I was not impressed at all. These so-called Opera “advantages” are almost entirely chimerical or insignificant. Don’t get me wrong; I hate Chrome, and if I could, I would disconnect myself entirely from the Google/Android universe. Their arrogance is 10 times worse than Microsoft ever was. Opera always had problems: in the old days java didn’t work; then they waited too long to make it free and they lost market share to Firefox as a result; they hung on to widgets too long and were late in bringing in extensions. Still it was an incredibly configurable superior browser. The same can not be said for Opera 20 or 21.

        • Blah blah blah, I can’t accept the truth when somebody answers to my question about Chrome vs Opera.

          I got it.

          • rpsgc

            Your opinion != the truth

            It seems to me, you’re the one who can’t handle diverging opinions. It gets old seeing the same people throw the same childish tantrums when people dare criticise the blessed Opera.

            I mean, editing someone’s post in a quote to make them look bad? What is this? Junior High? Grow up.

          • His comment deserved that.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Go back 7, 8 more years. Opera was a cool alternative browser that used to fit on a floppy disk and fail on rendering/loading more complex pages.

      Opera Presto “wasn’t born” with all the features it has today, it took a long time.

      The advantage of using Opera is that you know Opera history and you know what Opera’s developers are capable of. Therefore you know that Opera has potential to have a great future ahead.

      • DD64

        That does not do it for me. I need all the features today, not in maybe 5 years

    • senna_4ever

      yes, that’s better than chrome and unfortunately this is starting from zero. Now it’s the time to Opera backs to its true place.

    • Alex Kevarsky

      It’s not just that. Opera is almost maliciously alienating the power user clientele while aiming for the “casual user”. Apart from the fact that that is a pretty low bar to aim at, what makes them think they will be able to steal casual users from IE (installed on every Windows PC) and Chrome (installed with every other web download)? Is it the red “O” or the lack of features, or negative recommendations from power users that are supposed to bring the casual users over? What’s the advantage over Chrome and IE and a dozen other browsers?

    • The Speed Dial, which I use constantly. The mouse gestures, which are broken in all extensions. The “Add page” option in every bookmark folder. I have to use Chrome at work and it annoys me to no end nt having these features.

      See? I gave you three advantages Opera has over Chrome right now, as it is, in real life, everyday use.

  • meh


    +1 for bookmarks, also

    • NiceSuperName

      I don’t understand this, really. I choose “upload directory path”, I check “don’t ask about upload directory path”. Why I should see this window when I save images?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Where did you choose it? I never saw this option on Opera Blink.

        • NiceSuperName

          Just menu/settings/browser/downloads/”download location:” and “ask where to save each file before downloading” checkbox.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            As said, “save image as” will always ask for the folder in which it should be saved.

            The settings is for when you click on a link to download something.

      • Vux777

        because, for images is “Save image AS…”, just “Save” would save it without prompt…

        • NiceSuperName

          I have no “just save” for images at all. Have you? There is “save image as” only.

          • Vux777

            no ツ
            I was just explaining difference between “save as — save”…
            if set in settings, all other files are downloaded without prompt

  • Tom J

    Is it just me, or does the browser freeze upon launch, even with hardware acceleration disabled? I had to post this comment from Chrome because I can barely get Opera to run.

    • ayespy

      It’s just you.

      • Tom J

        Odd… well, I can’t use Opera right now.

        • senna_4ever

          we are together on it, buddy, i am having this problem with all dev 21 builds

          • Helge Andre Gjølme

            Have you tried deleting the History file in the profile?

            For developer that should be:

            C:Users%Username%AppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Developer

            This is a known issue we have recently managed to fix. The fix should be present in the next Opera Next.

          • senna_4ever

            i’ll test it on the last Dev and Next build

          • senna_4ever

            the problem was resolved on both Operas, thanks Mr Helge. On Next I had the same problem so I deleted the history file.

            About a little curiousiity, I was testing, for example, drag bookmarks from Opera Next to Opera Dev and vice versa, it worked, but when I tried it with folders, both Operas had a crash.

    • Sergey Danchenko

      Was the same for me. Fixed it by clearing browser history via menu (or delete History file at C:Users%Username%AppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Next ).

      • Tom J

        It worked, thank you.

      • Mark Lavrijsen

        Tnx! Had the same problem.

  • Wohoo!! we’ll soon be testing O22 Dev!!

  • Premo Mks

    I can’t install after 21.0.1419, WIndows XP SP3.
    Can anyone confirm working on WinXPSP3?
    Error raport nothing say to me, but only strange info about msvcrt.dll
    FileVer: 7.1:2600.5512
    ProdVer: 6.1:8638.5512

  • Dark Magician


  • siamak

    I Just Update my Latest Opera developer to this version and all my data just vanished!!! so what can i do ????

    • Vux777

      dev wont upgrade to NEXT, they are separated channels and installations…you still probably have developer build where it was

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      Opera Developer and Opera Next uses different profile folders cause they are different streams. These streams do not mix.

      Profile folder for Opera Developer:
      C:Users%Username%AppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Developer

      Profile folder for Opera Next:
      C:Users%Username%AppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Next

      • siamak

        Tnx mate.

      • senna_4ever

        Helge, is there a way of changing the profile folder local when u install the opera? How I had problems with some builds, I would like to install the next builds in other folders and profile folders

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You can do a standalone install.

    • You couldn’t have done that. Dev updates to Dev and Next to Next.

  • Franciszek Baranowski

    I’m shocked! It should be at least Opera 24! Full address – great improvement! 😛

    • Full Address.
      GPU Raster. (New Flag)
      Tabs Hibernation. (New Flag)
      Overlay Scrollbars. (New Flag)

  • Franciszek Baranowski

    Make option for REDEFINE KEYS! PLEASE! I still like old, nice CTRL+N for new tab, not new browser window! Even in Firefox I can change that. Sleipnir, based on Chrome engine, have possibility to redefine keys, so why Opera don’t?

    • L33t4opera

      I still like old, nice CTRL+N for new tab

      It’s currently possible, you can just follow the below steps:
      1. Close the Opera, go to the Opera’s profile directory
      (you can find the path in O-Menu->About Opera->Paths->Profile),
      2. Open the “Preferences” file in your text editor, and change this:"Keybindings": {
      "Settings": {
      "AdvancedEnabled": true
      to this:
      "Keybindings": {
      "Basic": {
      "AddBlankTab": [ "Ctrl+N" ],
      "OpenWindow": [ "Ctrl+T" ]
      "Settings": {
      "AdvancedEnabled": true
      3. Save the changes, and close the file, then reopen the Opera.

      • erictheking87

        Hi mate,

        Are there any chances to open new private TAB in the SAME window just like in 12.16? Or maybe it’s another broken chromium ‘feature’ to open private mode only in new window?

        • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

          You can’t open a new private tab in normal browser window 🙁

          • erictheking87

            Thanks for reply 🙂

        • L33t4opera

          Hi, you can add the command line switch “–private” to the shortcut, which you’re using to start the Opera, as below:"...launcher.exe" --privateAfter that change, everytime when you run the Opera using this shortcut, the Opera should open in a private window, and you can press “Ctrl+T” (or “Ctrl+N”, if you have assigned the keybindings as mentioned above), to open a new private tab in the same window.
          On the other hand, if you want at first to open the Opera in the ordinary window, and only later open a private window, and private tabs in the same window, then you can just launch the Opera (without the switch), and then press “Ctrl+Shift+N”, to open a new private window, and then press “Ctrl+T” (or “Ctrl+N”) to open a new private tab in the same window.

          • erictheking87

            Thank you for your effort 🙂
            But actually I just wanted to know is it possible to mix ordinary tabs with private ones. In the same window.

            So in ordinary window I’d like to have standard tabs AND private ones at the same time (like in 12.16) – I guess that’s impossible? 🙂

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Yep, Opera Blink doesn’t have private tabs.

  • godutch

    Is Opera dev getting an update to .31 too, because it’s behind Opera Next atm and I dislike having multiple installs?

    • Helge Andre Gjølme

      Opera 21 has been promoted to Opera Next now, Opera Developer is now version 22.

      • godutch

        Will 22 be out today too?

        • MozPri

          No. 1-2 weeks.

        • Helge Andre Gjølme

          When it’s ready, we’ll release it.

  • Kiên Trần

    When will full history sync be available?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Hmm, when it’s ready?

      • Wraith

        dud no kidding!
        I have the same question, is really annoying to set every extension, save password and other configuration every time you update your browser or try the next or dev releases, or even set those thing on different machines.
        Maybe they can tell us: is 80% done or is close to be finished or something.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You shouldn’t need to setup everything everytime you update the browser. If it’s happening to you, maybe there is something wrong with your install.

          • Wraith

            oh right! Maybe you are the only one who doesn´t need sync!

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, i know i don’t need sync everytime i update my Opera install.
            About the other itens listed, i didn’t say anything.

  • W Jordan

    Although I’ve mentioned this in the past, I’ll mention it again, since there seems to be no progress. Is there any chance to allow one to use DuckDuckGo and or Start Page, along with other custom browsers by default? Every browser out there, Chrome, FF, IE even Maxthon, which, even allows one to change from the dreaded Google search bar on search bar on the dial page. While this may seem trivial, I assure you it’s not. I know several people that left Opera although impressed, they unable to customize the browser when it comes to search fields. Overall I really like Opera, and you have always tried to allow one to customize the browser to fit ones own preferences, yet never in this area, Why?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It was explained lots of times before that they will allow the use of a custom search as the default one when they have a proper way to avoid it being hijacked by a third part.
      In resume, you can’t do this yet due to security reasons.

      • W Jordan

        So basically Opera is the only browser out there that, has an issue with anything but the lack luster default search engines, and, after many, many, many, releases there still is a security bug with a simple search option…wow!

        • Nekomajin42

          Well, it’s not exactly a bug. If you remember, for a long time, Opera was the only browser that was secured against third-party toolbars (like ask.com, conduit, etc). Which was really good.
          They want the same, but first they have to find a way to prevent these craps to modify the search settings.

          But in one thing, you are right. Half a year passed since the introduction of custom search engines, and there is still no solution. I bet this is “not a priority”. I don’t know what are the priorities now, but the most wanted stuff are certainly not.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            The solution is to type the search engine keyword every time you search. Though inconvenient, it makes the problem non-blocking and low-priority.

            I guess DuckDuckGo has become so popular that Opera should include it into the protected defaults…

          • Nekomajin42

            I think the real problem is not the default engine but the reserved keywords. Of course, there would be no big problem to use another keyword (like yt for YouTube, instead of the reserved y), but it’s hard to change habits.

          • You can use yy for YouTube and not need to move your finger…

          • Nekomajin42

            I use yt since the beginning, but different people, different habits.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, Opera is the browser that cares the most about security. And it’s good.

        • kapsi

          Changing the search engine is also a security threat to Opera’s click money…

    • Muhammad Ubaid Raza

      I remember comment by some DEV that they are working on feature to set Search Engine as default, But user will not be able to replace search engine on Start Page, since is is paid content.

  • NiceSuperName

    Where are bookmarks?

  • Victoria

    Since I updated yesterday my context menus are all smaller. I’m running windows 8 on a high resolution screen. Is this happening for everyone or are there settings I need to change?

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I’ve already asked about that. They say, the large fonts as before were, in fact, a bug. https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2014/03/opera-developer-21-0-1432-24/#comment-1306037789

      • Victoria

        Ah, thank you. The bug actually was helpful for my screen in viewing things. Not that it was the most visually pleasing, however it was better than the small menus I have now.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Yeah, exactly the same thoughts. Let’s hope they’ll make HiDPI usable in Dev 22…

          • Victoria

            I wish, it’s far too much of an eyesore right now.

  • cgebhard

    When logging into sync via Opera-Account there is a small problem using Tab-Key to go to the form fields to enter login data:
    Instead of primarily focusing only the editable form fields (as it is on most other websites) you have to tab through all of the menu entries on the webpage before getting to the username field.

    Changing the behaviour of the tab key in the settings doesn’t change that.

  • Erwin Hun

    Please fix the HiDPI-mode. I’m tired of Chrome! If Chrome can look normal on a high-resolution screen, it shouldn’t be that hard to implement it on Opera, even if we are not a high priority group.

  • Denis Wong

    Like the move to Aura, though animations in new tab page are choppier.

  • Oakes

    I’m sorry, but I really miss Tab Stacking. This is the sole reason I haven’t completely switched over and I continue to use Opera 12.16. I hope this is something that you will eventually bring back.

  • danielo

    Opera > Chrome > Chromepera.

    You tried, you failed. Give us back the real opera! 12.16 is still good, you can continue working on it and abandon this nonsense. Imagine how good opera would become if you would invest in improving the real opera 12.x instead of this crappy chromepera

  • Turo Orvel

    When is the tab stacking coming back?

  • escruting

    Since updating to this build, when i start my computer and open Opera for the first time, it always hangs and need to be restarted.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    • Wolf-2

      Yes, me. I have this problem with opera 20 developer and it still exist. I have to shut it down with the taskmanager. If I start Opera again, there are no problems.

    • escruting

      Still happening every time i start my computer.

  • Daniel Kozák

    So with aura it should be much easier add support for Linux

  • Dark Magician

    Doesn’t load thumbnails on YT.
    Also no thumbnail preview for tabs, which is regression from 12, and all other browsers have it.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No problems with YT thumbnails here.

  • cgebhard

    When the number of Speed Dial entries reaches a certain number (more than 50-60 spread over different folders) EMET 4.1 kills opera.exe for a suspected DEP violation.

    This problem is reproducible each time I copy huge Bookmark-folders from QAB to speeddial and stops as soon as I reduce the amount of speed dial entries. Also on other computers that start syncing the new entries opera.exe is killed.

    (Win8.1 x64 and x86)

  • dflyra

    how can i arrange the extension icons shown on the bar at will?
    has somebody come up with an extension?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      You can’t atm.

  • May I ask WHY were both of my comments deleted? I said nothing wrong.

  • Chas4

    I see missing text at random on a page, a page reload or 2 fixes it

    OS X 10.9.2

  • iroha

    I can’t install.

    I use Opera Next 20.0.1387.59 Windows 7 32-bit.
    Download automatically started and finished,
    then a popup window shows
    “Failed loading launcher_lib.dll. Please, reinstall Opera.”
    and nothing more happens.

    So I downloaded installer file Opera_Next_21.0.1432.31_Setup.exe,
    and started its installation.
    A popup window shows
    “??% extracting”
    and the window disappeared. That’s all.
    Installation failed.

    And I tried to clean-install recent Opera devs.
    but the processes are the same.


    Windows7 Professional Service Pack 1
    AMD Athron (?)XP 3200+ 2.19GHz
    Aero disabled (for Graphic Card memory shortage)

    Sorry for my poor English.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Hmm, try with the netinstaller.

      • iroha

        Netinstaller also failed.
        When started, it looked like nothing happened on pc display
        and just quitted.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Have you deleted Opera’s installation folder before? If not, try it.

          • iroha

            I hesitate to delete Opera Next’s installation folder.
            Opera Dvelopper’s installation folder was deleted,
            then installed cleanly.
            The results were the same. Installations failed.

          • Ghest

            The error is certainly the CPU. I too have an older CPU and I have the same error when I try to open. The new Aura interface requires the CPU supporting the latest SSE instruction set. It’s your Athlon CPU(and mine) that causes this error.

          • iroha

            Thank you for your kind reply.
            And very sorry for my too late answer.

            CPU Probrem… it’s time to buy new PC?

            In that article below, many people got the same problem.

            Opera Next update – 21.0.1432.39 – Opera Desktop – Opera Software

          • Ghest

            Well…the CPU is old. It’s good to upgrade but also I question this pesky SSE restriction. I mean couldn’t they build the version without this ?

  • Vítor Manuel

    Why Opera don’t have bookmarks like Opera 12…??

    • Nekomajin42

      “not a priority”

      • Vítor Manuel

        It’s a shame… 🙁

        Opera was a good browser…

  • George Machitidze

    Looking at the threads, Chromium Opera, progress, advantages of new browser (what? where?) and more and more I see: you, idiots should make Presto opensource.

  • erictheking87

    Seriously, I just noticed that Opera20 sucked almost 1gb of my diskspace… ‘simpler and faster’? How on earth this simpler and faster new version uses by far more diskspace on my hdd? And have a hell lot of opera12 options cut out?

    And my two main questions: where are bookmarks????????????????????
    “not a prioryty”? Someone gotta be kiddin’?! Never heard such a dumb statement in the whole human history!
    It’s like saying ‘hi guys! here you have a new car, which is faster and has better looks, but we’re not giving you a steering wheel because it’s not a priority”.

    The 2nd thing is – where is OPERA SYNC/LINK???
    I’ve got 2 O/S with 2 Opera12s, and they are perfectly synced – great thing, saves a lot of time and nerves.
    But I’ve also been using 2 Opera20s, and now I’ve got complete mess. Both of them don’t not sync/link with Opera12s and moreover they don’t sync/link with each other!

    Not even mentioning lack of notes and lot of other useful stuff.

    Seriously guys – you’re making 2 steps back, to make 1 step forward.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Just out of curiosity: what exactly is in that 1 GB? profile files, cache?
      My installation is 95 MB in Program Files + 343 MB profile, of which 245 MB is stash.db.

    • Chas4

      Are you talking about the ram usage by the program? Running a lot of sites with plug in content?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      where is OPERA SYNC/LINK???

      Enable it on opera:flags. It’s still experimental and only speed dial, stash and custom searches are available atm.

      • erictheking87

        I know it, but thx anyway.
        There are no bookmarks sync, no notes syncs, no addresses sync… sad to say it, but it’s useless atm.

  • WB

    You must improve printing options. It seems that this was never a priority for the developers even on Presto times. I tried to print a simple webpage today and parts of the text weren’t printed. Chrome did the job well.
    Its really annoying having to change to another browser to print something simple.
    Build Opera printing options similar to the ones Firefox and Internet Explorer have. These 2 work fine doing this job.
    At least add a Print Preview.

  • ayespy

    This version is a little faster, but uses substantially more memory and CPU cycles on the same kinds of pages, than Opera 20 and prior versions do. It spins up my cooling fan a TON more than prior versions. Win 8.1, 6-core AMD processor, 10 Gb RAM

  • Mox

    Can someone tell me how to update extensions? When I go to any extension page at addons.opera.com and there is a newer version then installed the button says “Installed” and there is no button “update”. At opera:extensions page there are no updates available.

    Maybe the reason is that I have blocked opera_autoupdate.exe on my personal firewall, nevertheless I’d like to have possibility to update extensions manually.

    How to do it? Maybe the problem is something else?

    • To update extensions manually open extensions manager:
      – OMenu -> Extensions-
      – Ctrl+Shift+E
      – load opera:extensions
      In extensions manager enable developer mode and press ‘Update extensions now’.

      • Mox

        I tried it already. Nothing happens 🙁 I suppose it works when there are updates pending already displayed on Extensions/updates page.

  • Does anyone face crash problem continously with this build?

    I made a new USB set up with clean profile. But it is crashing in every 1 minutes. No any extension installed. I also tried as deactived plugins. It is so strange….

    • Vux777

      last two Dev builds were crashing on my comp constantly, but not this NEXT. So far maybe 3-4 times in 3 days
      Also USB install…
      win7 x64

      • Actually, I wanted to fill a bug report but no becouse I couldn’t define the problem. So I installed again as USB and deactivated plugins, but still the same.
        For example go to addons cataloque and try to install Last Pass extension. After click the buttons, It is crashing in few seconds.

        This is just one example…

        • Vux777

          I did… no crashing for the last 5 min or so…
          You wrote that you did clean install. Did you transfer some files (db) from previous one?…Maybe history?…that could cause crashes

    • Michael Fallenbüchel

      Also here at my desk – crashes evertime when finished loading. Then restarts again (automatically)…same thing. Can’t work at the moment with Opera

  • tunrip

    I had severe problems with this new version of Opera. It was virtually unusable – one opera.exe thread was using 25% solid CPU and was hampering performance so much as to make using the web unbearable.

    I had a few tabs left open, so the first thing I did was to try closing them (it was only about five-six tabs, but this took around ten minutes to achieve)

    Rerunning Opera, and it was so slow that even the Speed Dial page didn’t finish loading (none of my speed dial entries appeared, and the page background didn’t load)

    I went to AppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Next and began deleting parts of my profile.

    Eventually, the final thing that I deleted that made Opera usable were the three “History” files (“History”, “History Provider Cache”, and “History-journal”)

    Everything seems to be back to normal now.

  • Michael Fallenbüchel

    Can’t start Opera anymore…when opening with my recent tabs, oprea crashes and starts new…every time 🙁

    • Marko Koivuniemi

      Have you played with opera:flags? I had same kind of behaviour because I tested lazy session loading and other experimental features and after upgrade crashing started, but when loaded default settings crashing went away.

      • Michael Fallenbüchel

        Just tried – back to default settings. but problem still exits

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Try deleting history* files

          • Michael Fallenbüchel

            Still the same problem

  • DenisConqueror

    I hate bookmark bar, couse i can’t hide it. Ok. I don’t wont to search through all of them to finde what i need. I wan’t to add aliases for most commonly used bookmarks (like Opera12), even in bookmark bar. It’s can save a LOT of my time. Can you implement this? (in flags in opera dev, don’t care, it’s REALY NICE FEATURE, sory for caps)

  • Philip

    This might be good news for the linux folks (like me). Aura is supposed to be cross-platform, so could make an opera linux version easier.

  • Ice007

    Is this “Aura” turned off too, if i deactivate the “standard” HWA?
    Or is Aura the new standard HWA only with new technique?

    (I´m only a user and not specialist for “under the hood” stuff)

  • nanana1

    Opera Developer 22 build 1457 is available for testing now !

    • Sidney Guioy

      Looks like it support style scooped attribute, but that all i’ve seen, testing and waiting for changelog :p

  • Tüütlüm Ohaya

    Please don’t act like Aura is a builded by you – it’s a google product, like everything on your browser ): You not even change the little details like the link behaviour and layout.

    • Sidney Guioy

      Please, don’t act like an asshole, the say now Opera “supports Aura”, they didn’t say they build it ( even if they probably worked on it with google engineers ) they also put a link to chromium Aura project..

  • Operalino

    I get complete system freezes using Opera. It took me over a month to figure out, that it is caused by Opera. Now I’m wondering if anyone else has the same problem.

    For me it’s like this: Everything runs fine and then my fan gets louder (faster) and my mouse pointer starts to stutter. At this point it is to late: I’m able to continue using already opened programs for a minute or two but unable to use the explorer (taskbar) or [STRG][ALT][ENTF]. The process manager want start as doesn’t any other program.

    Then the mouse pointer freezes and nothing on the screen get’s updated. Time for some coffee: it takes between 5 and 15 minutes before the laptop starts working again. It starts to do everything very slowly, but after a short time (few minutes) everything works like nothing happend. Nothing crashed, even opera runs fine.

    I always used the latest version of Opera Dev.

    Now I don’t know what I should do to figure out what the “real” reason is. It cannot be the fault of Opera alone. If it was, everyone else would have the same. What can I do to find out whats going on? The Windows Taskmanager doesn’t log anything during the freeze time, as well as Comodo KillSwitch and Sysinternals Process Explorer doesn’t. The windows event log doesn’t show something interesting for the time in question.

    • Ice007

      Allready tried a new user profile? (see opera:about)

      Or maybe “wrong” changes in opera:flags? Perhaps you should try a reset to default.

      And last but not least: Any new extensions or last time updated extension? Then – for a try – disable them.

      • Operalino

        Thanks for the input. I did nothing of the above (and nothing else) and I’ll give it a try. I’ll see if it changes and report back if it remains.

    • Wraith

      I have a similar problem, Sometimes my system Freeze when I start Opera for about 1 or 2 minutes, it must be something RAM related, I have 2 PC and this happen only in the lower hardware (2gb RAM, 2.6 Dual Core Procesor) ….So I installed Chrome and Firefox and this happen on Chrome too but No with Firefox.

      • Operalino

        I don’t think that this is the same.

        It doesn’t happen for me after starting Opera but after running it some time. I have 8GB RAM, so it shouldn’t be RAM related, but who knows 😉

        I never ran into problems with Chrome.

        I was thinking if it may be connected to Comodo CIS where I used a beta version too. But even after deactivating Comodo, it happened. And then I was able to figure out that some Opera Porcesses use much resources right before and after the freeze so I’m at least sure it’s connected to Opera.

        First step I took after Ice007 hints: deactivated the flag “Save session for offline restart”. It is to early to be sure, but since then it runs smooth.

        • Chas4

          Does it happen after visiting some site or having some plug ins loaded?

          • Operalino

            No, I cannot identify any trigger. It sometimes happens even without using Opera. This is the main reason why it took over a month to figure out that Opera is causing the trouble. I first couldn’t imagine that (a) a browser can make the PC freeze COMPLETELY even the mouse cursor (b) it could happen even when it is only running in the background.

            I have this plugins activated:
            – Download Chrome Extensions
            – Download Control by Christoph D.
            – FVD Video Downloader
            – Gestures for google Chrome
            – Ghost incognito (not very usefull btw)
            – Ghostery
            – SaveFrom.net Helper
            – Site-specific Preferences (since one week)
            – Tidy Bookmarks
            – YouTube Unblocker (needed in Germay…)

          • Chas4

            Have you tried disable extensions, and then enabling them one by one to see if they causing the issue, also check that plug ins are updated

          • Operalino

            I just disabled everything except ghostery. I’ll see what happens.

            Using a new user profile would cause a loose of all my bookmarks and passwords, I guess?

          • Chas4

            http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/plugincheck/ Can help with checking if the plug ins are updated

            The other thing is that plug ins might be damaged

            Another thing to check is if the OS is updated

          • Operalino

            All Plugins are up to date as well as my OS (Win8.1 64bit).

            It looks like deactivating all Extensions did the trick. But I have to wait a bit longer because freezing sometimes happens five times a day, sometimes everything is fine for a day or two…

          • Chas4

            Opera dev is an Alpha, Opera Next is a beta, they may have strange bugs, might just have an extension that is not compatible with some change or is buggy

            You might try the Action center then under maintenance, look at the problem reports, something might be listed there

          • Operalino

            I now suspect either the extension “Tidy Bookmarks” or the flag “Save session for offline restart”. Have to do some more investigation to be absultly sure. I tried to lookup the “Tidy Bookmarks”-Extension homepage at Opera Extensions. But it’s gone. Does this imply it my be the cause of my troubles? I’m wondering if I shouldn’t find anything about it via google because of the popularity of this extension. But I cannot find a hint. Does anybody know anything about this?! Thanks 🙂

          • Vux777

            maybe your AV /firewall is part of it?
            opera saves session and av/fw gets stuck with it, trying to figure out what is it

  • Toan Nguyen

    Thanks for another major update. After updating to v21 though, I see flashing as I scroll through the Discover page. I don’t remember ever seeing this before. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  • Łukasz Darzki

    Ok, so today Next showed me the middle finger when I tried to start it. It froze and was taking up to 700 MB of RAM ‘Loading…’. I nearly killed my pencil in the process. Creating new profile was fixing the problem so after trying about 500.000 times I figured out that it was because of either ‘History’, ‘History Provider Cache’ or ‘History-journal’ file. ‘History’ file have nearly 20 MB of data, ‘History Provider Cache’ 2 MB. But the thing is I really need my history. How to recover?

  • Maniac

    Yay, I can finally see where I am on the web. It’s been so flipping annoying having to click on the address bar to see the URL, and even then I still couldn’t see the protocol.

    Posting from Opera 12, because I can’t log in to Disqus on Opera’s own blog using Opera 21.

    • That’s weird. I can perfectly log in to Disqus here and I’m using Opera Next 21. Are you sure you are typing in your password correctly?

      • Maniac

        The popup window signs in, but then the blog never reflects the fact that I’m signed in.

  • Jason Coplen

    For some reason Opera respects my font minimum in the first tab, but in following tabs it doesn’t and fonts get a bit small on these poor eyes.

  • Jason Coplen

    My mention of tabs not respecting font minimum sizes has been tracked down to 3 facebook games I play – Mob Wars, Viking Clan, and Pirate Clan. The error is something to do with those games. Chrome and Firefox have the same issues. Guess I’m going to quit them games because the font size gets too small on my old eyes.

    • You could have edited your original comment…

      These games are made with Flash player, that’s why the option can’t affect them.

      • Jason Coplen

        Sorry about not editing my initial comment.

        The games aren’t flash based. They’re too basic for that.

  • cgebhard

    Can anyone reproduce?

    1) open a youtube video and a second tab with any website
    2) close browser while video-tab is behind the other one
    3) restart opera and the video starts playing in front of the tab in the foreground. Both video and website are clickable/usable

  • Operalino

    Zooming inside Options makes checkmarks look really ugly.

    • Operalino

      Just saw: checkmarks looking the same on every webpage.

  • There’s something strange happening when I scroll down in the Discover tab. As it loads the new content, it blinks shortly. Is it just me or is it happening to somebody else?

    I’m using Opera Next 21.0.1432.31 (x64) on Windows Pro 8.1 (64bits).

  • The_Physeter

    How do I get Opera 20 to show the full URL address in the address bar instead of pretending only half of it exists? How in the world did a major browser decide that nobody would want to see what the real address of a page is?

    • Alexandre Cavaco

      That setting only exists in Opera 21 and newer, so you can’t do that in Opera 20.

      • The_Physeter

        That’s interesting. That feature DOES exist in Opera 12 and earlier. I’ve been able to find plenty of instructions on how to turn it on in Opera 12. So you’re saying the people who make opera decided to remove the ability to see the real URL and it’s taken them nine versions to realize this was probably a bad idea?

        • Piotr “Piter432” Żółtowski

          They don’t remove that feature. They don’t re-code it in Chropera 20.

          • The_Physeter

            It was a feature in opera as of 12. It is no longer a feature now. Regardless of whether they literally removed it, or merely replaced opera with something else called opera which no longer had the features, the fact is a very useful feature has disappeared.

          • Alexandre Cavaco

            That’s true, but the fact is, if you need it, you must use Opera 12 or Opera 21(and higher). There’s no workaround for the in-between versions.

          • Never tought it was important to anybody, but it is less than a month away.

    • Vux777

      full URL is enabled from version 21 (NEXT and DEV)

      edit: now I see Alexandre Cavaco already answered, and ofc Disqus does not showing all comments in thread… sry for dumb repeating

  • The_Physeter

    So far as a new opera user I’ve been very disappointed. I found out today that Opera doesn’t have bookmarks, or favorites. This has been a standard feature of web browsers ever since Internet Explorer 6. Do you really think new users are going to be happy with this omission?

    As a computer user (not on a tablet), I don’t want to open up a whole new page full of giant tiles when I want to access a page I have marked. I want to click a button on the side, or on the corner, or have a little menu that drops down, that lists my bookmarked pages. I want to be able to organize these pages and put them in folders so they are easy to find. This is not a new feature request, this is something that has been going on forever.

    I have never used opera before. I came here because I didn’t like the way Mozilla was not listening to its users. Now I discover users on this site are complaining that features were taken away after Opera 12. A quick web search confirms this; whenever I google something I want to do in Opera, it tells me how to do it in Opera 12; it can’t be done anymore.

    Then I discovered an article that says the complainers were right; opera dropped a large number of features when it switched to the Chrome engine. It says Opera debuted the new version in a basic form, and said it may add the features back in later; and Opera is de-emphasizing the browser, so it may never add features back in. I don’t want to use an experimental, half-finished browser; I want the full-featured one. When I visited the Opera website to get a browser, I wasn’t given the option to download the full-version Opera 12 or the experimental featureless new version; I was told the new version was my only option. I was told it was a complete browser; the website even said it was “made for your computer”. Now I feel lied to.

    The only reason anyone would ever switch to a lesser-known browser like Opera would be to get some features we were missing in other browsers. If I wanted a browser that looked and functioned like Chrome, I would use Chrome. I don’t think anybody can be a better Chrome than Chrome. I came to Opera because I thought it was different. I read now about things like UI customization, tab stacking and tab management, that were removed, and I wonder what is possibly going on. I don’t like Chrome, but it seems like Opera and Mozilla are deliberately working to force users into Chrome. I just wish there was a browser out there somewhere that put its users first instead of its bottom line.

    • patrick

      Very well said, hats off to you.

  • patrick

    “Opera 21 Next includes an option to show the full address”

    ROFL & LMAO !!! OMG – thank you – thank you – thank you – for this wonderful and so exciting feature!!!! I’m really excited!!!!

  • NIBB

    Absolute address back !!! Thanks good someone is bringing this back. For people that work with urls since everyone switched to hide the protocol its amazingly annoying and impossible to copy just the part you want when you want it like copying only the domain or full url with protocol included. Its only one of the other option right now.

    Thanks for bringing the option back!

  • 2008:

    Opera sports a feature rich UI, noone gives a damn.
    Chrome debuts with a poor miserable and degraded web experience (same as today), everybody praises it, some still do.


    Opera switches to Chrome. Everyone complains, “If I want chrome I use chrome”.

  • L33t4opera

    New build for the Opera Next: 21.0.1432.39, and the change log.

  • Daniel Carvalho

    Let’s see what this new version of Opera can do for me. I’m currently using Opera 12 because the latest versions don’t feel right for me as the version I’m using does. I really hope we’re talking about an advanced Opera 12 here, and not more of the same Opera Next 20.

  • NL

    Can anyone confirm that the CTRL+Left & Right arrow keystrokes were re-mapped in this version? It seems to be overriding the ability to skip to previous and next word in text entry fields. Thanks.

  • Ibetthisusernamedoesntexist

    I wish Opera wouldn’t have closed their e-mail. My aol e-mail was hacked, so I was forced to use the g-mail account I have. I am so anti Google and now feel like such a hypocrite.

  • lzyg

    How to Remove Opera O Menu Icon?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Not possible afaik.