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  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info Anna 😉

  • taneli

    Weeeeell… you could get the Dev version up to a usable condition 🙂

  • Gabriel Castro

    And we are really happy too that you are listening to all the feedback, specially regarding the TRUE bookmarks support and other old Opera features!

    ohhhh…… wait…..

    • Krzysztof Pogłódek

      Why i have same feeling?

      • Krzysztof Pogłódek

        Oh I know! Because there is no vative bookmark support!

    • Pesala

      True bookmarks are not a top priority. Save your energies for something more useful than complaining.

      • Franciszek Baranowski

        We, users, based on our experience, knows that we can only complaining, especially when is so many worshipers here. I remember the same worshipers that says in Opera 11 and 12 that every regress in rendering was in fact improvement (no matter if in Opera fix that bug later). Our complains are for reason – we want do SOMETHING – not like people who thinks that updating chromium engine is great Opera pogrammers achievement. No, sorry, is not – if Opera is only Chrome with different shortcut icon, then I suggest to made just shortcut to new Chrome version and let us comment that browser instead of Opera. Users wants bookmarks and other stuff that made Opera unique!

        • Learn english, will you?

          Many of us can do without, it is given free at the end and… nevermind, complain all you want.

        • justSQL

          Opera = Opera
          Chrome = Chrome

          Any more questions?

        • Pesala

          Ranting is useless.

          We all want more features and fewer bugs. We are not “worshippers” just because we tell the complainers to stop whining, but we understand how development works.

          Be patient. It may be six months at least before you see proper bookmarks.

          How many times do you need to be told before you realise that Opera will never be the same again? They are not producing a clone of Opera 12.xx — Opera for Blink is a new product.

          • Nekomajin42

            We are talking about bookmarks no fancy stuff. A bookmark manager is a basic feature. Do you remember that time when a huge part of the internet was laughing at Chrome because it had no bookmark manager? Well, history repeats itself.
            They have imported a lot of internal pages from Chromium with small modifications. Why couldn’t they just import the bookmark manager too? Everyone would be happy and patient, because that stuff is not pretty, but it works. They spent month to reimplement and fix the bookmark bar, but they have no time to copy the code from Chromium? This is nuts.

  • Jones

    You guys want real feedback?


    Opera link for mobile haven’t worked for years, though when the new opera was announced I had so many expectations that now is so DEAD!

    Yes this comment belongs to this blog, because all the other browser do have working syncs with desktop and mobile.

  • Jorton

    it will go to stable stream this week..

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think so.

    • I wouldn’t expect in less than a month.

  • aaa

    Guys, where’s tab stacking?! I’ve got open 20 pages…

    • RobertNM

      Tab stacking should become a priority. The closest thing to it right now is Firefox’s “Tab groups” and it is what I’m using until they bring back tab stacking.

      • aaa

        No. ;/ Please, fast make it. 😉

  • MadEddy

    Glad to see progress on features. Keep up the good work.

  • romath

    Like the majority of your users, I’m still waiting for it to become a full-function browser, so stuck with 12.16 (which is badly in need of update). Two areas come immediately to mind: toolbar control (includes a few things) and print facility. Until then, your good work is hard to pay attention to seriously.

    • MadEddy

      The thing is we aren’t “the majority of users” anymore. At least I don’t think we’re the audience they want for webkit opera.

      • Franciszek Baranowski

        We always will be majority. New users choose Chrome, not clone. And if they choose clone, there are many better clones – like Sleipnir or Comodo Dragon.

        • Michał Gołębiowski

          Stats show Opera Blink has about 40% of all Opera market share and it’s rising. Your statement is not true then, Opera Blink is not a margin of Opera users and soon they’ll be a majority.

          • They’re already a majority…
            – I’ll add source here.

          • guest6768


          • guest6768

            Except that “Desktop users at 51 million, down 8% versus 4Q12. ” New users prefer something else and old time users are abandoning Opera.

          • Douglas Ryan

            Yup. Opera’s desktop marketshare continues its slide.

          • 60 million in 1st quarter of 2012, 52 in 2nd quarter of 2013 – that was with Opera PRESTO, before 15 even existed. @douglasryan:disqus

      • romath

        I do think the majority of Opera pc users are still with 12 (or earlier). At least, it makes sense they would be, plus the former CEO claims so too. Having no stake in the programming debate, I’ve got nothing against the webkit per se. If it were a fully functional browser, I’d definitely give it a go and probably be on board completely. But the situation now is betas being presented as public releases, largely for marketing purposes it would seem.

  • Евгений

    When release?

    • Franciszek Baranowski

      LOL, do you really see difference between betas and final release? I don’t see so much differences even between Opera 16 and Opera 20.

  • Robotboy655

    It would be nice to have those memory leaks fixed, I think they might be coming from social network, when listening to music.

  • iG0Lka

    We are waiting for the bookmarks

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      They are already?

    • justSQL

      With some research you can find out that they’re not focusing on developing bookmarks any further.

      • iG0Lka

        Not yet make bookmarks or anything else, really valuable, updated to a new version of the meaning of a little less than fully.

        • RingMyDingDong

          Only less than 4% of the users use bookmark feature

          • RX-3200

            throw out your statistics – it is inadequate
            adblock & many ect – killed adequate of any your statistics
            many users prefer not to participate in the statistics

            and yes, we are waiting for the real bookmarks

          • iG0Lka
    • Leonardo Gomes
  • LoverOfLife

    Just when i thought i have no problem with Next, i found that is not working. (At list for me) The same in Opera Stable. In other browsers soundcloud is working properly. Can anyone confirm that ? Or it’s only me..

    Later edit: is working now 🙂

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Works fine here. W7x64.

  • Ayrton

    Opera crash after remove all speeddial of one folder. (Win7)

    • Do you remove them one by one?
      You can just remove the folder.

      • Ayrton

        One by one… for realocation.

        • Do you mean dragging and dropping each SD entry out of the folder?
          I can’t reproduce here.

  • Galijot

    The same problem with you tube video again. Now i’m back on opera 18 no problem there.

  • thunder13

    Przeglądarka byłaby całkiem, całkiem, gdyby nie te problemy z wtyczką Adblock – pomija blokowanie reklam na Operze 20 i 21, na Chromie najnowszym stabilnym nie ma problemu, na Operze 19 też działa. Druga sprawa to dodanie zakładek w postaci strony opera://bookmarks , tak jak to jest zrobione w Chrome. Mamy podobno takich zdolnych programistów w Polsce, a nie umieją zrobić porządnie zakładek i bezproblemowego działania wtyczek. Podobno Współpracujecie z Google w celu ciągłego ulepszania swoich produktów, a jakoś tego nie widać – w Chrome problematyczne elementy działają, u Was nie bardzo. A i jeszcze jedno, czekam na możliwość zmiany strony startowej, zamiast SpeedDial (ewentualnie możliwość prostego usunięcia paska Google z tejże strony).

    • Pesala

      English only please.

      The speed dial search field can be removed in Power User mode.

      • thunder13

        EN: Thanks for a way to get rid of Google search bar.

        I’m sorry that I wrote in Polish, but I can as he wrote in his native language is Opera developers will understand me better;). So please have about the possibility to of entry to bookmarks via opera://bookmarks, and from the main menu (the button). And the correct blocking ads.

        PL:Dzięki za sposób na pozbycie się paska Google.

        Przepraszam że napisałem po polsku, ale może jak pisał będę w ojczystym języku to developerzy Opery mnie bardziej zrozumieją ;). Proszę jeszcze o możliwość wejścia do zakładek poprzez opera://bookmarks oraz z głównego menu (przycisk). No i poprawienie blokowania reklam.

        • Pesala

          Comment Policy for Blogs

          Not all devs can read Polish, and its important that everyone can follow the blog comments.

          • thunder13

            OK. That was sarcasm in the previous comment (“but I can as he wrote in his native language is Opera developers will understand me better;)”). For the future, I will write in both languages​​, as developers don’t want to use translator in the form of even if plugin ( ).

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            I don’t have problems if you write in two languages, English and another one. But what about Norwegian and Russian?

          • thunder13

            English as the primary and native languages (PL) of course 😉

  • Tomáš Pavlík

    Bazillion of updates, but no major changes. I’m really getting tired of this. Vastly due to “nothing really changed” feel sice Opera 15. 🙁

  • Pesala

    You talk about “Discoverability” so make important settings more discoverable. Add button to the Speed Dial for Settings, Extensions, and Downloads, if not also for History, and opera:flags.

  • guest6768

    Ditch “Next” and keep only “Stable” and “Dev”. The changes you make and those you’ve made so far are so marginal that we don’t need it. Especially when new features and requests are? only added to the Dev version. What’s the point of keeping O20 when it is already “locked” to new features? O 20 is dead to me, 21 the same, until I see some REAL features. To the user, even 15 to 21 are the same. No new features, only bugs and issues ironing. Or stop calling it 20 and use the real version which is 15.20

    • If they kill Next there will be no exclusive stabilization branch and therefore more time between each major Dev version (and closer to the Stable release date Dev would get into a stage where only bug fixes happen anyway).

      Pff, doesn’t matter, you’ll nitpick anyway.

      • RX-3200

        we dont need Next until we get a full-featured browser
        some Dev versions can named Stable like it was in old Opera
        yes, we can wait RC1 RC2 RC3 RC4 & Final, but not 27 bilds of 60

      • _artem_

        dev version should a priori be updated more frequent than all the other versions… but what we see? tons of next updates, some stable updates and no dev updates – that’s just stupid

        update DEV channel -> ONLY THEN update NEXT channel -> ONLY THEN update STABLE channel

        opera guys still don’t get it… they just don’t learn from chrome – I told that already 10 times and will repeat again – IT’S A PRIORI IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE 2 CHROME VERSION FROM 2 DIFFERENT CHANNELS WITH THE SAME VERSION NUMBER. It’s just insane to have opera dev at version 20 and opera next at the same version 20 (I’m not talking of the current versions – but couple of weeks ago (even months) we had 2 equal major versions in 2 different release channels. that’s blank bullshit and insane crap. sorry opera, I just had to tell that again.

        • See, the senseless bitc*ing started…
          It doesn’t take a week for
          Next or Dev to receive the new major Chromium after the other stream is
          updated (with 21 as an exception).

  • wuqi

    I think the problem is not bookmark tab,linux version etc.We thought you just change the kernel to Blink,but you just make a skin for Chromium ,that’s the point.”You can use xxx plugin for bookmark”,come on,if I want use plugin ,why I need Opera,why not chrome?

    • _artem_

      yep, chrome has at least bookmarks manager and linux version 🙂

  • _artem_

    We are waiting for the linux builds

  • Ralf Brinkmann
    • justSQL

      I just came to check for new updates, quite a timing 😀

    • L33t4opera

      The “zombie invasion” fixed 🙂
      The change log, and the official announcement.

  • guest666

    The extension “TransOver”(from Chrome WebStore) stop working or is malfunctioning in my Opera 19 after the last stable update. This is the problem of relying on independent developers and hobbyists. 🙁

    • guest6768

      Yep, that’s to be expected… I know it’s pretty lame.

  • Jademarisa

    Happy with the feedback? REALLY? Are you actually reading it?