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  • L33t4opera

    Hello Mathias, thanks for the update, and for the info.
    Already downloaded, and testing 🙂

    • nanana1

      Nice update to prepare for final release soon !

    • Actually, `chrome.proxy` won’t make it into Opera 19. It’s currently scheduled for Opera 20.

      • L33t4opera

        Ok, I see. Thanks for the response, and clarification, Mathias 🙂

  • Sidney Guioy

    Smaller and smaller changes logs ! This mean we are getting closer to stable version ! 🙂

    Btw, i thougt about something the other day :
    To get opera://flags/#lazy-session-loading better, Pinned Tab should be loaded even if lazy loading is enabled ( or allow an option for it )

    • Cryio


      • Sidney Guioy

        Because Pinned Tab are tab you ( usually) use everyday, I got my Gmail and Soundcloud pined and (obviously if pinned) open while working ( and some tab from previous session ) gtalk (gmail chat) would not load if tab isn’t activated, if i forgot to activate the tab, and for soundcloud clicking play on the addon button open a new page because the pinned on isn’t loaded.
        But as i got all previous session with lot’s of tab, i don’t wan’t all of them being loaded (with add ad stuff) lazyloading being great for that 🙂

  • Piotr Karol Żółtowski


    • L33t4opera

      Hi Piotr, as far as I know, unfortunatelly notes integrated in the browser will not come back, but you can use one of the extensions: Opera Notes.

      • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

        “unfortunatelly notes integrated in the browser will not come back”

        Oh, god. WHY? ;(

        • L33t4opera

          Don’t know the reason, but here Blazej Kazmierczak answered this question, as below:
          “Nope, please use extension for that or external app.”

          • Przemysław Marek

            Extensions are too much unstable, very often, after extension upgrade, or Opera upgrade settings for extensions are missing. I will not risk.
            Only extension for Notes in some sort of cloud will be protected. But i want access when I’m offline.
            For now I use
            Again soon will be closed, so where will be place for people who makes Opera browser fantastic?
            Tamil blog ( not posting any more, but was amazing.
            I understand switch to Chrome engine, but why ruin the best part of Opera?
            Notes, Rss, Link, easy switching images/cache image/no img,
            Good thing Opera still has: Turbo (Off-road mode), plugins activate after click and bookmarks included (QAB)

          • Vux777

            does Hallvord notes extension works for you?
            In my case, it’s broken
            (but weird things/bugs happening on my side all the time, so…)

          • Przemysław Marek

            Yes, works.
            I like it, because easy access from context menu.

          • Vux777

            in my case, it messes up folder structure. Notes are “spilled” and copied multiple times (not all!!) in original sub dir, and one lvl up…and in root…if I delete them (lvl up and root)…original notes are also gone…and I can’t empty the trash, and there are couple other bugs…

          • Przemysław Marek

            From trash I delete one by one.
            I didn’t try importing old notes, so maybe that’s the problem.
            Like I said, for me the most important thing is adding notes from context menu. I tried WebNotes, UI is much better, but there is not any entry in context menu, so right now I prefer this made by Hallvord.
            I wonder how hard is to combine WebNotes with Hallvord Opera Notes. Something like WebNotes with entry in context menu would be perfect.
            But like I said before, extensions sometimes loses settings after upgrade, so better if Opera natively add Notes.

          • Vux777

            yes, one by one deleting from trash works fine…
            and I did import old opera notes, so probably that was the problem…starting fresh from now ツ

          • L33t4opera

            Yes, Hallvord did really good job, it’s cool extension for notes, imho – one of the best.

            Regarding the closure, the Opera gave already some official tips for their users here, and btw as you can read there:
            “Our forums will be moved to later.”, so the forums will be not closed.

            I personally think about moving to the, which seems to be promising social portal, but it’s still under development, and therefore I still testing it 🙂

  • cool_myll

    So chrome.proxy would be in in version 19? We will be able to use extensions like MediaHint and Hola?

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      Probably yes.

    • `chrome.proxy` won’t make it into Opera 19. It’s currently scheduled for Opera 20.

      • Alexandre Cavaco

        But this version’s changelog says:
        – DNA-15556 Move chrome.proxy to stable channel
        Isn’t this saying that chrome.proxy is now in 19 ?

  • iG0Lka


    problem with youtube is not FIXED!11!

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      Looks like this is problem with dpi in Opera.

      • iG0Lka

        When HiDPI disabled – problem remains.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You may need to set your system dpi to 100% to solve this problem.

          • iG0Lka

            Are you insane?

            I offer you a lifetime walking the walk!

            I already told you – I have a large monitor. If I assign a 100%, all windows will be very small!
            Other size settings interface, operating system, windows are missing.

            I will not, for one browser, breaking tuned system!

            In the 18th version of it works without problems

            In Chrome, also no problem. And only at the Opera 19 problem!

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, i just offered you a workaround for the problem.

            You can set dpi to 100% and use the option to “change only text size” (or something similar, my Windows is not in english). Maybe not the best solution but worked here when i needed.

          • iG0Lka

            in win 8.1 customizable interface, in particular the size of the elements strongly reduced.

            Besides setting the mouse is tied to a certain scale:


            Tormented with the configuration interface windows, just because Opera is not able to work properly with youtube I’m not going.

            I quickly move on to the chrome.

        • The HiDPI flag is an experimental feature. Expect improvements soon!

    • It’s fixed in Opera 20.

      • iG0Lka

        Opera 20 in another problem – when appointing HiDPI enable all interface elements Opera giant. When HiDPI disable Opera interface is very small.

        This is what bullying – break something that worked fine.

      • ammodytes

        so what? they need to fix this in 19, they cant introduce this bug in 19 stable and fix it only in 20….

  • Сергей Гусев


    • hector mora

      linux build 🙁

    • Xpander

      waiting for Linux version also
      Make it happend already pls!

  • Stable soon!!!

  • When will be roll out Opera 19 in to the stable channel?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There isn’t an official date but i would bet netx week or so.

      • Hmm bookmarks & Opera link? Or they are in 20.xx series

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Afaik you can enable Sync on opera:flags. Atm only Speed Dials, Stashes and Custom Searches are synced.

          For bookmarks there is the bookmarks bar, which also needs to be enabled on opera:flags and also on settings.

          • I dont like experimental features.

          • cgebhard

            Speaking of Sync. I remember a discussion in another release’s thread about a problem, that people have to re-login to the sync when restarting the browser. Was this resolved already? Because it’s still happening quite often.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It still happens here sometimes.

        • Cryio

          Actually it’s more Opera 2x series.

      • That long?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It seems that the release will not take that long. 🙂

  • Igor Sverkos

    Still not possible to display the full URL in the address bar. WHY?!

    Please add an option/flag for showing the complete URL (protocol with parameters)!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It will be added but there is no ETA.

  • guest6768

    Awaiting the new and trendy PR division of Opera browser telling us how great it has been releasing 3 new versions of Chropera 19 in less than 1 month…

  • Kurt Zon

    Thanks Mathias & welcome 🙂

  • AsdMan

    Any ETA on vertical tabs?

    • Leonardo Gomes


      • AsdMan

        Any way to impact this? #1 feature (and the reason I choose Opera back in the days) of Opera imo

        • Leonardo Gomes

          They are working on better tabs handling but i don’t know if vertical tabs are included.

          • AsdMan

            Ok, thx for the update! +1 for vertical tabs from me

    • Vux777

      there is potentially very cool extension for vertical tabs called veritabs but it is broken in opera -_- …dunno why

      • ayespy

        It’s no good anyway. It’s not persistent. You have to click to get a drop-down, which is bogus.

        • Vux777

          I think you can pin it, to each side of the screen

          • ayespy

            If you can get it to work (which I could for a few seconds at a time on Chrome in Win 8.1), you can pin it – but it still covers web content. But on my setup it works for a few seconds right after you start Chrome and then it disappears.

          • Vux777

            weird…I’m not having problems showing it, just switching tabs
            win7 x64

      • pseudo555

        because it’s chrome based, not opera based.
        Remeber that opera doesn’t share its GUI with chrome, only blink.

        • Vux777

          I know, but it shouldn’t.
          Opera uses same APIs and methods like Chrome. GUI have nothing to do with it.
          Veritabs work fine in all but one action.
          Working fine: create new tab, rearrange tabs, close tab
          Not working: clicking on tab to take focus (became active)

          ps. I’ve just tested it in CoolNovo, does not working either :/
          developer screwed up something

  • Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    get our stuff back

    reload every “time”
    opera link
    home page icon
    icons customization
    save web site in one file “Web archive (single file)

    i am trying hard to accept the new changes

    thats too bad

    • Leonardo Gomes

      For bookmarks you can use the Bookmarks Bar for now. Enable it on opera://flags/#quick-access-bar and then on the settings

      Notes probably will not come back.

      Sync is replacing Link. It can be enabled at opera://flags/#sync

      For now, only Speed Dials, Stash and Custom Searches are synced.

      Enable opera://flags/#save-page-as-mhtml to be able to save pages as a single file.

      • misotropici

        hi..why do notes will not back? The notes been the usefulest option of opera! I have over 7000 notes! Nice present remove notes and sidepanel with bookmarks for old user that have supported opera in the last years. I am programmer and i think that a float panel on the side isn’t difficult to implememt. Old notes are storaged in a file, importing it isn’t difficult. Why does it will not back?
        Bye and sorry for my english!

        • Close All Tabs

          Ctrl + Z == For Reopen last closed tab

          cannot move any icons in any where !!! even the extension icons !!!!!

          what about this also ?

          Why Opera team let this stuff go ?

          What is the problems that this Staff made ?

      • mr. bp

        That’s a pity re: Notes not coming back. I have far too many to abandon, which means I’m stuck at Opera 12.17… and Chrome as my main browser. This is my first and last action with Opera 19. C’ya.

  • Chas4 Causes a big RAM usage for just that tab (about 170MB (click to play plug in is on))

    OS X 10.9.1

  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 19.0.1326.40 reached stable channel 😉

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Probably some showstopper was found and they had to remove the installer from the ftp.

      “Can I expect official statement, and clarification on that matter from the Opera, please?”

      I don’t think so, since there was no official release. And until a build/version/whatever is officialy released, everything can happens.

    • Marcin Mitek

      We are applying some last time fixes, so yes, it was removed. Uploading it to the different places takes some time, so it’s not appearing simultaneously everywhere. It may happen that here and there build will appear faster, Leonardo Gomes was close. It’s not yet released as a stable also. Small mistake from our side.

      • L33t4opera

        Thanks for the reply, Marcin 😉 I appreciate this, I just wanted to know what happend, because as I wrote in e-mail message, I already updated the Opera on one of my desktops, and I started a little worry about 🙂 But now it’s clear to me, that there will be new version with some additional patches, thanks again for the clarification 😉

  • LoverOfLife

    Is it possible to add to Discovery, more countries & languages ? Ex. Romania ?

    • Marcin Mitek

      1. Different languages are being added, it takes some time to arrange everything from the business/IP side/picking up interesting content.

      • LoverOfLife

        Thanks for reply! Waiting for 🙂 About the other questions do you know something ?

  • iG0Lka

    Please do – opening a new tab by pressing F2.

    Much time has passed I switched to Opera 15, but I still occasionally mistakenly press F2 when you need a new tab.

  • Long time did not appear here through Windows and the way things appear still the same, still no support for Linux and basic functionalities missing. I continue with Firefox(main) and SRWare Iron(alternative rubbish browser webkit-based) in Ubuntu-Linux The new Opera btw is still not a usable browser for power users like me, I think this way by reading the comments here. Good luck users of Opera and pray to God for the Opera’s new features and bugs are implemented and corrected, you will need plenty of patience and faith in God. BTW, the loyal Opera’s users are the most patiente people of the land, I admire this persistence and stubbornness. Again, good luck to everyone here…;-)

  • Operalino

    For me starting an on site search with “.” or “,” doesn’t work any more. It does with the current Opera 20 Dev.

  • Operalino

    Starting an on site search using “.” or “,” doesn’t work any more. It still does in current Opera 20 Dev build.

  • Dziple

    After starting opera for first time and changing the speed dials they reset on the next startup. However after 2 time they work fine. Win 8 x64. And Please bring back Shift + Enter for .net :))

  • Today I got Opera 19 for Android, please do the same for PC.