I’m Grzegorz and this is the first time I’m writing a post for the Desktop
team blog. I’ve been working in Opera since 2010 and currently leading the
testing of Addons. If you find any extension issues, leave a comment, and
we’ll deal with it.

Today, we’re rolling out some fixes for Opera Next stream.


  • Fixed disappearing bookmark bar bookmarks when dragging address text onto them
  • Updated to Chrome 32.0.1700.76


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  • nimuchan

    Thank you very much!!
    Just testing now!! and I am interest to “Bookmark bar bookmarks disappear”

    • Marcin Mitek

      It is fixed, probably it wasn’t very popular issue among users, but now it’s gone 🙂 (fixed description in the highlighted issues)

  • x a

    I’ve written this as a note to the review of one of my extension already:

    I don’t think it’s practical to organize publishing of extensions channel-wise (current=stable/next/dev).

    While it may make sense to publish extensions, that e.g. depend on a certain next-feature for channels next and dev(!) only, once next becomes stable, all extensions published for next/dev should automatically be promoted to be published for stable/next/dev. (This calls for a scheme substituting publishing-per-channel to publishing-for-minimum-majorVersion, anyway. – Feature detection/classification should be the optimum way to go.)

    But that is not, what I experienced. An i18n-only update to one of my extensions, that was already available for all three channels got published for stable (aka current) only, for whatever reason.

    – – – –

    Another issue: Is there a clear policy regarding ad-sponsored extensions? I stumbled upon extensions forcefully opening an ad-tab (e.g. infamous ad.fly) once upon installation. Is that OK? Other extensions display ads on their options page. In the chrome app store you find extensions embedding ad into page content. Is that too much?

    Anyways I’d suggest, that the level of advertisement used by an extension should be clearly visible in its description in the Addons.opera.com store – a self-assessment could be made mandatory upon giving extensions into the review process.

    • Hans Tømmerholt

      I believe I already responded to you on the wall of your extension.

      Publishing an extension to Stable (what we on addons.opera.com call Current) makes the extension available to all three channels: Next sees Next + Current content. Developer sees Developer + Current content. Current sees only Current content. Presto Opera sees only Presto content.
      The mistake here was publishing explicitly to all three channels at once. This is unnecessary, and I’m sure it was just an oversight by the moderators.

      We do not auto-promote extensions to channels once Next becomes Stable or Developer becomes Next. The reason for this is that we can’t always guarantee that APIs have been carried to the next channel. As stated, few extensions are published to Next/Developer, so we’re content with handling them manually for now.

      We do want to implement a feature-detection solution of some kind, but this does not have high priority. Very few extensions are published to the Next/Developer, so there is not a very compelling case right now.

      Our Acceptance Criteria do not prohibit extensions from having ads. We expect the user community to rate extensions based on how they feel about them. If ads in one is a problem, it is in most cases fully possible to write a competing extension.

      • x a

        Publishing an extension to Stable […] makes the extension available to all three channels: Next sees Next + Current content.

        Then it must be a bug that my Opera/dev 20 does not get offered XenoLeo v2, which has been published for Current and which I see using Opera/stable.

        • Hans Tømmerholt

          Yep. I see the moderation decisions which results in this. I’ve notified the mods.

          • Hans Tømmerholt

            Should be fixed now. The problem was that the previous version still had Published decisions for Next/Dev. We’ll prefer those over newer versions which are published only to Current.

      • x a

        Our Acceptance Criteria do not prohibit extensions from having ads. We expect the user community to rate extensions based on how they feel about them. If ads in one is a problem, it is in most cases fully possible to write a competing extension.

        It’s not about me here. It’s about Opera.

        I may be wrong, but I had the idea, such a labeling would be a promotion opportunity for the company, something to make it outstanding and different from Chrome for the benefit of the single user.

        • Hans Tømmerholt

          On the other hand, not handling this in a specific way reduces the workload on our two moderators, and we give users the freedom to try out and decide for themselves what they’re willing to accept. What you find annoying, others may not.
          Anyway, the suggestion has been seen, and I’ll bring it to our product owner.

          • x a

            Reading articles published today like this on ars technica or that (in German) on Heise you might get an idea, why I thought a stricter regime on ad-“supported” extensions (or labeling policy – self-assessment by extension authors and a complaint system – as I suggested) could bring Opera good marketing/promotion oportunities…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess it was already answered in https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=321305: “This CL was picked up in branch 1751. I think it can wait for M34.”

      And since this post is about Opera 18 which uses Chromium 32, i don’t think that makes sense to ask about it here.

      • That’s why I posted it for O20, but didn’t get an answer there either. Benjhaiden is NOT part of Opera. I think they do have interest in a working API right from the beginning. Chrome doesn’t cause it already ships with this bug in earlier versions.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          And did you reported the problem on Opera’s bts?

  • Vux777

    this thingie is probably from the beginning of O15, but still…
    there is a orange frame around buttons that are clicked (and its not positioned very well… is that a feature (intended) or bug?

    • Jarek

      It’s Chrome’s way of telling you that something is focused. It’s a CSS outline.

      • Vux777

        should’t that be positioned better?

        in CoolNovo there is no orange border (tested switching focus with TAB)


  • Von

    Hello… Linux anytime?

  • Stable soon!!!

  • rpsgc

    You sneaky bastages! You fixed the GIF problem but didn’t mention it in the changelog 😀

    • Marcin Mitek

      Right! Same applies to broken image rendering in some cases 🙂

      • How is possible to import Chrome bookmarks to Opera now that I have the quick access bar?

  • Vitaliy Belyavtsev

    Is anybody have a same issue with YouTube? Video is scaled in videoframe. How to fix it? In Opera Stable all is OK. Issue is only in Next build.

    • iG0Lka

      The same problem.


    • … and in Dev stream

    • The workaround is to set your DPI display setting (in Windows Control Panel) to 100%.

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the update, already downloaded, and testing 🙂

  • Awa Agua

    What about Linux?

    • Ya definitely coming in 19 Next stabilization phase.

      • Johnny_Appleseed

        Please be polite. Awa did not say anything about it being supported by Opera 19. There are a lot of us Linux users with the same question. We just want to know when we can use these new versions of Opera on our preferred operating system. Old versions of Opera used to run on Linux, as do Chrome and Chromium. So it should be very easy for Linux to be supported. We are getting very disappointed now that we have been waiting so many months without any Linux binaries.

        • Martin Brada

          This is a discussion under the new Next stream update. Therefore, Rafael’s comment is completely understandable.
          Furthermore, it has been already written that we can’t expect Linux version before March or something like that.

          • Johnny_Appleseed

            The lack of Linux support is a very serious bug affecting Opera 19. Thus Awa’s question about when this bug will be resolved is very relevant to this discussion. Rafael’s response was impolite and unnecessary.

          • Martin Brada

            No, it is not. This is a discussion about Opera 19 Next update.

  • Victor

    That is cruising speed development !

  • AekoldHelbrass

    So, any ideas when we’ll be able to try Linux preview build?

    • blackcoder

      Not before march as far as i know.

  • Victor

    I don’t understand people that want to try current opera versions in linux. It is already pretty flat to try it in windows. You are not missing a lot of functionality here.

    • Johnny_Appleseed

      Not all of us have Windows or Mac OS X computers available to us, but we do have Linux systems. Opera used to support Linux, so it can be done. Chrome and Chromium support Linux, too. So there’s no reason why the new versions of Opera can’t support Linux, too.

  • Thomas Woo


    I’m wondering when Opera Next will fix the HiDpi issues with Windows, so that it is in line with the current stable release (Opera 18)? I tried out this latest Next version and had the same issues with the UI being tiny and scrunched with HiDpi enabled (and too small with HiDpi not enabled).

    You can see an example of what it looks like here (pic with speed dial is 18)

    • Marcin Mitek

      I think I already responded to someone under one of the Developer channel posts, it was taken back to drawing board and currently it’s a work in progress, so might be broken. When it will be good enough for enabling in Developer channel we will announce it.

  • eDameXxX

    Zamierzacie dodać normalną obsługę zakładek (+jakiś prosty menedżer), czy ten bookmarks bar to max na co można liczyć?

    Pozdrawiam 😉

  • cgebhard

    When starting opera next with no other tab opened than speeddial, the task manager shows me 8 new opera.exe. As I understood every tab is a separate process, but as I said I only have speed dial open. The memory usage of those processes range from 7mb to 120mb.
    Each website I open from then on adds another instance of opera.exe, and it disappears again after closing the tab. But I always have this minimum of 8 running instances.
    I can’t recall seeing this in the beginning of opera 15 but at the moment this behaviour is seen with the latest next and stable build as well. My question is whether this is normal or not?

    (Win8 x64)

    • escruting

      Each extension and plugin has its own process too.

    • blackcoder

      Yes, I guess that is normal and I can confirm the eight processes. And if you don’t notice any slowdown of your system then you shouldn’t worry. 🙂

      • cgebhard

        That’s true, I don’t notice any slowdown of my pc. I was just wondering. Thanks

  • Dark Magician

    I hope this version fixes memory leak i have.
    Also, when exactly is 20 moving to Next?

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      Probably when Opera 19 Next will move to Stable channel.

      • Dark Magician

        That is an ingenious answer.

    • ayespy

      When they consider it “feature complete” and generally stable, as a version. A version generally has been spending 4-6 weeks at the “developer” stage before being promoted.

      • Dark Magician

        I’m not asking for a general rule of moving down the stream,
        since I know it already.
        I was asking for precise time.
        You should know I’m regular here, and that I follow since the beginning of new release cycle.

        • ayespy

          The “general rule” is the reason no one, ever, will be able to give you a “when exactly” hard date. They don’t DO it by date. The long-time rule has always been “WIR.” You know this, or should by now if you have been around opera from about ver. 8 forward. The only times I have ever seen a date is the day before a release.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Being a “regular” you should already know that they never give dates for (almost) anything, unless they are 100% sure about that.

          Usually a new Next version comes around every one and a half, two months but it’s not something regular and may change.

          But if i would guess i’d say until the end of this month, maybe beginning of the next.

        • We will not give exact dates to leave ourselves some space in case an issue comes up very close to release.

          However, you can follow the general outline and find the date pretty accurately by looking at https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/streams/ and the channel dates published by the Chromium project.

    • Any specific details about the memory leaks you are seeing would be greatly appriciated. Do you see the same problems in Chrome?

      • Dark Magician

        I don’t use Chrome.
        I’m using Next build(s), have 8GB of RAM, Win 8.1 (64-bit),
        pagefile off.
        Usually after couple of minutes it goes down, or if I restart Opera.
        It’s not that I don’t have enough memory or that Opera (really) needs that much.

    • MPEG-4/H2.64 video codec is not supported in Opera at this time. You will need a WebM or Theora encoded video for native playback. You can also use a plug-in.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        There are any plans to support h264 in the future?

        • Without going into details, I can say that everyone in the industry is discussing this to no end.

          • Dark Magician

            Yep. I’m wondering, will it be the same later with HEVC/H.265…

          • RX-3200

            please stop discussing and start to use system codecs, like it can do all ect software video players

  • iG0Lka

    The Lords developers Opera.

    You consistently released two broken update.

    1. version Developper – doesn’t show content in the extensions.

    2. NEXT version-has a serious error when working with youtube

    As a result, users can only use 18-th version!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      A Developer build will never be broken, bugs are part of them.

      What is the problem wih Youtube? There were more than one discussed recently.

      • iG0Lka

        Zoom Player window is very large and there are no bodies to control playback.


        tested-from extensions is not affected.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It seems fixed on the lastest developer build.

          For now you will need to set your OS dpi to 100% to fix that problem.

          • iG0Lka

            on the lastest developer build, the problem with scaling for large screens (30 “2560 x 1600)-if the HiDPI is disabled it is very shallow, if the HiDPI using, all huge.


            Leonardo Gomes >>>For now you will need to set your OS dpi to 100% to fix that problem.

            Ha Ha Ha…

            I have the screen 2560 x 1600
            I have not gone mad, to mangle a configured system because of the shoals of the developers of Opera.

  • MakesOwnWeather

    Opera 18 and 19 are missing the insert-personal paste. This is an ESSENTIAL feature which differentiates Opera from others. I have told people about this great freature and they have switched (as it is in previous versions) and now to have it gone in the future is not fair, imo.
    (Sorry if this should not be posted here, but I have searched for 30 minutes trying to find a place to post this. Where should this be posted?)

    DESCRIPTION: I can no longer paste personal info from the past personal clipboard like I could in other versions of opera.

    In previous versions of Opera:
    1. Open a fill in form on any web page
    2. Right click to bring down the INSERT PERSONAL clip board choices
    3. No clipboard is available.

    In 18, I expected that I can insert personal info like previous version. This is a BIG plus for me that no one else has as good.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Opera remembers what you write on forms so you only have to do it once, at least for that site.

      And for similar fields, what was used in one can be use on another. Just press the down arrow key while the focus is on the form field.

  • MakesOwnWeather

    Another very important thing missing:in Opera 18 and 19.

    DESCRIPTION: I can no longer drag and drop the URL into a folder of the desktop..
    Previously, I could:
    1. Go to a web page.
    2. Try to drag and drop the URL onto the desktop or into a folder.
    3. You get the BLOCKED ICON (black circle with line) that says this can not be done.

    In 18 and 19, I expected that I can drag and drop this URL like previous version. This is a BIG plus for me.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Interesting that you can do it with a link on a page but not with the page’s address.

    • Everyone has opinions about what is essential.


      The future looks like non-essential features (for everyone) will be done with Extensions. Notes for one are not essential, though very useful. An extension could do even better than Opera 12 for stuff like this.

      • Emanuele

        The future looks like non-essential features (for everyone) will be done with Extensions.

        You miss to say “sadly” 😉

        An extension could do even better than Opera 12 for stuff like this

        yes… sure… this is why I see lot of extensions that do better of O12 in stuff like bookmarks, notes, sidepanels, MDI, GUI customization, and so on… or it isn’t right? 😛

        • “Better” is in the eye of the beholder. I have used one extension in Opera 11.64 and 12.16 — the image Autosizer extension. I also use one widget for an Analog Clock.

          It offers some options not found in the default behaviour for opening images in Opera.

          Wherever an adequate feature already exists, there’s not much incentive for developing powerful extensions.

          In Opera Blink there is plenty of incentive to develop extension for Notes, etc., because clearly some users need these features.

          • Emanuele

            yes, but I want to highlight the fact that not all could be relied on extensions because for some features native and integrated support will be always better

      • The Captain

        I totally agree with the first sentence of your comment but I just can’t imagine such a basic functionality as url dragging becoming a separate extension.

      • What future is that? Opera’s future? Comodo Dragon, SRWare Iron [the one I’m using which is a better Chromium based browser than Opera as of right now], Chrome and so Chromium projects like CoolNovo have feature Opera took from their new version. So no, the future doesn’t look like non-essential, but very useful, features will be gone. Bookmarks for one.

  • MakesOwnWeather

    Note about important feature of previous Opera versions that is not in 18 and in 19 in a crippled way:

    Opera 18 Speed Dial can no longer be configured to have smaller or larger icons or have more or less than 5 icons across the Speed Dial page. Begin able to spread the Speed Dial across several monitors is a very important feature which gives the Speed Dial strength over other browsers.

    In Opera 19, I understand that some configuring is possible, but the way it works is very limited. I need to enable Power User Mode (this is not a problem). But, having done so, I can only set up to 7 columns, and specify the size of thumbnails in Speed Dial. But, this is lame compared to what I could to in Opera 10 and 12. 7 columns is way too few.

    We have a fast machines with 65 GB of RAM (all 12 machine at our shop have this configuration) and we need to be able to have the Speed Dial widened across 4 monitors (12 total 4×3). In this way we can really keep a good number of site at our finger tips and see the large matrix of sites we visit and discuss them with the group looking over our shoulders. Important to us.

  • MakesOwnWeather

    This is prolly a silly and stupid questions for everyone but me:

    Actually, I am afraid to get 19 as I now have 10 for a whole bunch os sessions that I can not transfer to 12, 12 for drag-and-drop and email attachments, and 15 for speed personal ID stuff and 18 for speed. How I have 16 processors and 65 GB RAM but even with 8 monitors my desktop is hard to see with all of these open; and, it is hard for me to tell which is which as the logos are only slightly different. I would love to merge all of these into one new version that has all the things I want.

    How come each seems to be a separate product? I had 10 and had to download 12 to get it; then 15 to get it and now 18. Why not just upgrade? (Upgrade never worked.)

    And, no one told me about 15 or 18 – no emails or announcements that I saw. I just heard people talking about them. Is there a list I can get on?

    • “Is there a list I can get on?”
      Subscribe to the RSS feed for this blog

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Couldn’t you (re)create the sessions on Opera 12?

      I don’t remember anything that you can do on 16 that you can’t do on 18, so i don’t see a real good reason for keep both unless maybe for testing.

  • Already TWO months since O18 was released as stable. Puh-leeeeaaase!!

    • Leonardo Gomes


      Opera 19 will be released as Stable when it’s ready for this. As this build already uses the stable version/build of Chromium 32, i guess that will not take long for this to happen.

    • Darklink88

      Don’t forget that there were Christmas Holidays this time! People usually need some rest 🙂

  • Chas4

    http://www.websense.com/content/websense-url-categories.aspx# click on a feature it shows then hides the content #bug

    O Next 19.0.1326.34
    OS X 10.9.1

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Happening on Opera 20 Dev also.
      Win 8.1 x64

  • Vux777

    When font size:large is set in Settings >> Websites >> Display, check box graphics are overlapping

    ….same for radio buttons

  • Roy

    I just reported bug DNA-15652, actually it’s the same in Chrome also:

    when you enter loginX/passwordX in websiteX in private mode, then go back to normal mode and try to login in websiteX, loginX show up in autofill.

    How private is that?

    • blackcoder

      Is this also the case when closing the private window, before trying again in normal mode?

      • Roy


    • Leonardo Gomes

      And you never logged on that site when in normal mode/window?

      • Roy

        I just tried both, and it’s the same.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          What do you mean?

          If you go to site X only on private window, then your login and password should not be remembered imo. So, if you open that same site/page on a normal window, Opera should not autofill the login and password fields.

          Is this what is happening? I mean, Opera is autofilling your login data on a page that your never visited before on a normal window but just on a private one?

          • Roy

            I’m talking ONLY about LoginX, not passwordX (that’s why I used the “X” at the end, to end all possible confusion)

          • Leonardo Gomes

            So you never typed your login on that same site(s) when in a normal window?

          • Roy

            In my example, loginX is unique and has been typed for the first time in Private Mode.

            So it shouldn’t be peristent when you get back to normal mode.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It doesn’t depends on where you typed it for the first time but if ever typed it on a normal window.

            But assuming that you never typed your login for those sites when in a normal window, may it be related to ”

            DNA-13845 Opera is recording AutoComplete information in private browsing”?

    • Roy

      I just did some more reasearch and I can delete fields from Autofill when I’m in Private browsing window.

      Autofill should just be deactivated when in Private Mode.

  • Cryio

    It’s been a month and a half since the 1st v19 Next. I think we can expect the final version next Friday, right?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Usually Stable (final) versions are not released on fridays. 🙂

      But i think that Opera 19 Stable should be released soon.

  • Cryio

    Also, any target version for smooth scrolling?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      There is a option to enable smooth scrolling on opera:flags. Or do you mean something else?

      • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

        But looks like this feature is in very alpha stage :/

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Yes, everything at opera:flags is experimental and should be view as in a (pre)alpha stage.

      • Cryio

        Proper, final implementation of smooth scrolling. Enabling smooth scrolling in Opera 18 doesn’t make anything anymore smoother. I think it’s actually jerkier, but with the “blurring” of moving text associated to smooth scrolling.

  • CaryF

    As a former nay sayer, let me say I am pleased with the progress of Opera Blink. It is my current default browser. In my experience, it is substantially quicker than all the rest. I am looking forward to (hopefully) the implementation of genuine bookmarks, a user selectable default search engine, and some means to launch in private mode by default.

  • Przemysław Marek

    When Notes will be available?
    Extended copy to Notes (not only simple text, but also with font style, CSS)?

    • Vux777

      only if someone make extension…cause devs won’t implement it in Opera as feature

      there is couple of them that are similar to old Opera, but… :/ … not the same
      two closest are (as far as I know)
      Linked notes (have some of the functionality)



      I’m using the last one as substitute for old notes
      You can download it and use it as local web page

  • Adrienne Boswell

    Y’all threw out the baby with the bath water when you decided to stop using the Presto engine. Opera 12 (Presto) nicely honors CSS 3 columns, Chrome does not, so now Opera (Web-kit) doesn’t either. As a developer, that’s really disappointing for me, as Opera used to lead the pack as far as implementing new HTML and CSS properties. I remember when email became an input attribute, and smiled, waiting for the other browsers to catch up. Sometimes, Opera was almost a year ahead of the others, now it’s gone backwards in HTML 5/CSS 3 feature support. Isn’t that some kind of violation of the time/space continuum?

  • Mosz

    The only feature stopping me using “next” is the bookmark bar. Is there any way to make it squeeze the bookmarks in order to fit more in the bar? dont really fancy having most of my bookmarks in the dropdown button.

    • Vux777

      The only feature stopping me using “next” is the bookmark bar.

      Compared to what?
      BB in NEXT is the same as in Dev, but much better than in Stable version (and other browsers that I’ve tested)
      If you want to squeeze bookmarks, edit them (right click on bookmark or folder) and choose shorter name or no name at all (only favicons)

      • Mosz

        Compared to 12.x

        Didint actually realize i can shorten the name to sqeeze them, thanks.

        • Vux777

          honestly, Bookmarks bar in next and dev channel is one of the rare things that it’s better in new Opera.
          – you can middle-mouse click bookmark to open it in new background tab
          – middle click on folder opens all bookmarks (ask if too many of them)
          – if folder is clicked, moving mouse over other folders opens them continually (no additional clicks)
          – folder menu is not canceled with middle click on bookmark in it (very important!! 🙂 )

  • How can I import Chrome bookmarks to Opera now that I have the quick access bar?

    • Piotr Karol Żółtowski

      You need to install XMarks extension for Google Chrome.

      • So, there isn’t a simplistic import feature to even do so…

        And how installing Xmarks in Chrome rest the deal of importing bookmarks from Chrome to Opera so I can access them via the Opera’s current quickbar for bookmarks?

        • Actually you can simply copy the Bookmarks file from your Chrome profile to the Opera profile.

          Obs: only the bookmarks/folders inside the bookmarks bar folder will be displayed in Opera. The root and other folders are only accessible via a bookmarks manager extension.

      • And how exactly does that resolve anything? I want to access the bookmark from the quick access bar, not from an extension.

    • Vux777

      just copy bookmarks file from Chrome profile to Opera profile folder

  • Mosz

    Site http://www.assettocorsa.net does not open up with this versio, works on every other browser. Can someone confirm this?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t have Opera 19 but the site opens without problems with 20 Dev and with 12.16.

    • Vux777

      Opera next 19.0.1326.34 works fine here


  • Łukasz Darzki

    Opera is (site)crashing (constantly) when loading a bunch of images (way more than 200) from a specific site.

  • Mosz

    Is there a way to open torrent files automatically in torrent client, like in 12.x?

    • Leonardo Gomes


  • Vux777
  • Jorton

    It will goes to the stable stream very soon I guess.

  • Vítor Ferreira

    hey guys,

    the other day i had to format my win 8 and since then (opera next user on a daily basis) my previously saved speed dials only appear in that stup** don’t worry they are not gone page….
    Is there any gimmick to have them all back?! ‘Cause waiting for them to magically reappear isnt cutting it…