Hello there! It’s been a while, but for the most part of the last week most of Opera Desktop Team members were in Sweden, attending an engineering seminar and mingling with Opera colleagues from around the business and around the world.

Opera Browser 19 developer build is ready to advance, so here is the list of the features you can expect to appear later in final 19. We want to stabilize it now and make it rock solid for you.

Bookmarks bar

The Bookmarks Bar is ready, you can enjoy better animations now, improved editing/deleting items on Mac and bookmarklets support. So yes, bookmarks support is on the road to hit final.


You are now able to make your own themes  in your desktop browser. Simply choose your picture and you are good to go. Make it yours. Make it beautiful.

Advanced/power user options

 As promised, there are some features for power-users. This is just the beginning. We plan to add more of them to let you customize Opera web browser for your needs. Go and dig in Settings in Browser section. to let you customize Opera web browser To name some of them, it’s possible to:

  • disable 1 px spacing on top of the tab bar (my personal favorite small thing)
  • adjust number of columns on Start Page
  • hide the search box on Start Page (you remember Konami code, don’t you?)


– Chromium updated to version 32.0.1700.19
– Bug fixes
Full changelog


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  • Ralf Brinkmann

    I’m already here and – wow! – the bug with reloading this blog page when typing a “space” (blank) seems to be gone! Good news fo this upcoming christmas time. Thanks!!

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Spoke too soon. The bug with reloading the page when typing a space in my comments is back now. Maybe it has something to do with the amount of comments on this blog page?

      • Dmitry Kirin

        I thought we fought that by removing the rel extension. Is there anything else capturing keypress badly, or did you only remove rel in Dev?

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          I don’t know if there is anything else, but I did never remove “rel Link Pager”. I only switched it off, write my comment and then switch it on again. I need it. There is no other or better add-on or other possibility for this page-by-page-scrolling with one key. I think the devs of Opera are not able to rebuild it as in 12.x. I think, this is a problem of this damned disqus, because on no other page and in the old blog version I had these problems. But I would be happy if they would find a solution.

  • Thanks for Next channel.

  • Petriaev

    I want to see Sync in this version. Why only dev has it?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Didn’t you switch it on?

    • BK

      Sync should work, but we are not going to final with it in O19. It still has bugs. If you want to play with it, turn in on in opera:flags.
      Recently we’ve fixed the issue with not preserving the login state, please let us know if it’s really fixed for you.

      • ammodytes

        Curently what is synced? I logged in, but i didnt got any info about synced stuff. From where i can see my synced content? url?

        • BK

          SD’s, Stash and search engines are currently synchronized. There are no notification about sync results, it should just work. To test is, just set up two clients and connect them.

          • ammodytes

            Thank you BK. Any ETA for passwords?

      • senna_4ever

        BK-san, and about the speed dial extensions? I mean, who has many SD entries will have difficulties to manage/see them

      • Hans Kiefer

        I enabled sync, but all I get is “Something went wrong. You cannot sign in using this service.”

        The service in question is my Opera account… However, G+ won’t work either.

      • Petriaev

        I turned Sync and login ok. But when I go https://link.opera.com/speeddial/ I don’t see anythink. Where can I see my speeddial in link.opera.com?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          You can’t because Sync doesn’t use Link page afaik. And there is no web interface for Sync yet.

        • BK

          There is no web service yet to view your content via www. You can set up another browser and verify if synchronization is working correctly for you.

  • ammodytes

    hide the search box on Start Page (you remember Konami code, don’t you?)
    i cant find this option…

    • Emanuele

      search for Konami code on google 😉

      • ammodytes

        thank you very much 😀

      • Sax

        Hmm does not work for me.

  • icetom

    Thanks, looking forward to 19 stable. Can anyone confirm whether the youtube-HD now works without problems?

    • escruting

      Still happening.

  • Emanuele

    The Bookmarks Bar is ready, you can enjoy better animations now, improved editing/deleting items on Mac and bookmarklets support. So yes, bookmarks support is on the road to hit final.

    can you give us a public and sincere reply about a full and real Bookmarks manager and bookmarks menu button/panel?

    Is it now on the to-do list or are you still on the idea that we don’t need it/use an extension?

    I ask because I can’t remember anymore, after al the discussions here in the blog, what is your position about it

    thanks 🙂

    • BK

      We are working on bigger redesign of SD, Stash, History and Bookmarks. This is going to take time though, so for now you can use extension as a fallback solution.

      • Vux777

        about SD
        can you pls add option to remove “add page” button [+] ?

      • Interesting to hear you’re redesigning them, I must bring your attention to something, the suspense and uncertainty you give concerning the arrival of features prevent temporary solutions from being made since we have no idea if bookmark management(or whatever is in your mind that’s needed) is “coming in the next build” or coming next quarter or next year.
        So your lack of knowing or saying what’s going on seems to prevent these temporary throwaway extensions from being worked on. Because that is what they are, temporary and throwaway and will be useless as soon as you get the backend act together.
        Therefore there is no reasonable “fallback extension solution” as you say unless you have a direct recommendation to give or update your Bookmark Manager extension based on the issue I made you on github a few months ago: https://github.com/operasoftware/bookmarks-manager-extension/issues/5

      • Emanuele

        This is a good decision, thanks

        I think I’m able to imagine how you’re developing it, and for the most I like it… but I want to highlight only some point… they are based on my suppositions but in case take care of them:

        – history view HAS to be constantly updated while you browse, so if you open it and leave the page in background, when you come back it has to show you the page you visited in the while

        – bookmarks manager: handle it in a sort of “Speed dial page” isn’t a problem, but please don’t forget that we need also a way to ACCESS them while browsing without having to open a full manager… the simple, classic, OLD menu and the side panel are what we need for this purpose… please don’t innovate here, this is one of the main feature that shouldn’t be revolutionized 😉 …. and don’t forget support for tags/description/nick, and access from address bar

        Thanks in advance

        • Bancor

          I do agree, thank you.
          That’s why I never dismissed my old Opera 12.16.

          And when I think that IE 11.00 (or FF 25) still keep on with their brave bookmarks sidebar, sometimes I ask myself how long I’ll resist…

        • knuthf

          Why not store bookmarks as links – symlink to a http?

          Then you can use “Finder” as “Bookmark manager” – or Nautilus on Ubuntu/Mint and Explorer on Windows.

      • Vux777

        and while on SD subject…
        -hide thumbs names
        -hide close button
        -set space between thumbs ( 20px vs 32px)

        would be very nice to have 🙂

        • Emanuele

          I agree, but if a full skinning system is on the roadmap (I don’t know it… they spoked about something similar last week) this is not so much important I suppose

      • Harakiri Tabasco

        Regarding the bookmarks bar, I see that you have inherited the Chromium behavior of opening the panel sideways when there are too many items inside ( screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/90PQ8tK.png ). Is there any chance that you could revert to the old behavior. I understand that the new behavior is probably more touch friendly, but it’s a bit irritating on desktop.

      • Jarrad Whitaker

        oh really? maybe you could put them in some sort of subwindow.. maybe even refer to such a subwindow as a panel?
        then for extra points, have an API available for extension developers to also use the panel. Whee-ew!

        • Emanuele

          side panels and extensions API for them I think is absolutely a MUST … hope they will give back us this awesome feature (I don’t think that when I’ll dismiss Opera 12, I’ll switch to Opera-chromium without these basic features, but to FF instead that has sidepanels, full bookmarks, GUI customization, and so on … at least as main browser)

      • Mon

        It would be perfect if thumbnails in SD could be auto updated as before.

      • Mr. Who

        An option to turn the speed dial into a “most accessed sites” page would be great too, because having both bookmarks and speed dial would be redundant.

        • John Baker

          Not really. I have far more links stored in my bookmarks folder than I’d ever want to have on a quick access page – which is basically what SD is. SD is for frequently visited sites only, IMHO.

  • Thanks and of course test.
    One question . Do you plan a surprise christmas build for us of course including something interesting we can to play 🙂

    • It would not be a surprise if we told you, would it?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Christmas build? Are you kidding us? There is 1. Advent, 2. Advent, 3. Advent, 4. Advent, night before Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, Christmas. So we are awaiting a lot of work! Ah, no, it’s called fun.

    • Yep, O19 Stable.

  • Vux777

    seems much smoother then 19 dev
    (or better handling smooth scroll extension 😀 )

    and more responsive…

    • This is supposed to be more stable than developer, so, yeah.

      • Jarrad Whitaker

        does this reflect code optimizations you make to Next, or different build settings compared with Developer?

    • NoName

      Yea, the current dev has a bug there. It also affected mouse movement that triggered hovering effects for instance.

      What amazes me the most is, that Opera now handles this at the same speed as your monitor refreshes. So my 120hz monitor is now very smooth when hovering stuff.
      Chrome(Final and Canary) still seems to be capped at 60Hz on input (rendering and scrolling is 120hz though, so not that bad)

      If it also goes down on 24Hz monitors(for movies and stuff), this could also save CPU power/battery life.

      Good job on the details!

  • Thomas Woo

    I’m using Opera on a HiDpi (3200×1800) laptop w/ Windows 8.1 – Opera Next 18 handled this fine with the HiDpi support enabled – unfortunately now the tabs and address bar/buttons are all tiny compared to everything else. If you could please fix this, I can keep using Opera as my main browser, thanks!

    • BK

      HiDPI is not finished yet, and recently it gained few more bugs. Please turn it off in opera:flags to have better experience.

      • Thomas Woo

        Thanks for the reply, I ended up switching back to Opera 18 w/ hidpi on, but looking forward to an updated 19 🙂

        • Marcin Mitek

          There will be ongoing work with HiDPI in 19 so follow changelogs on this blog, it’s not quite ready yet so we decided to hide it behind the flag. You can enable it if you want in 19.

          • Thomas Woo

            Thanks for letting me know – just for clarification, with HiDpi enabled on 19, the tabs/address bar/buttons were all too small – with HiDpi on 18, everything looks ok.

  • A quick reminder about the commenting policy that can be found at https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/comment-policy/

    Non-English comments are deleted straight away.

    • Vux777

      Zero-tolerance for harassment of individuals including Opera employees…

      ‘cmon…where is the fun in that? ๏̯͡๏

      you took my notes away 😛

    • Janghou

      In all respect this one sounds to harsh:
      `Any links must be relevant, not violate this policy, and lead to English content`

      So we may not link to a Dutch of French site while referring to a page that is not working or rendered correctly in an Opera build?

      Why is that?

  • SkyWarriorBR

    The road so far: no problem with login everytime to sync, but:
    – I can drag itens of QAB from one window to another, but not folders;
    – the sites I dragged in QAB from other windows loses its icon, which appears after I go to the page;
    – still miss a option to type the site I want to QAB, like click on the “plus” button and type http://www.something.com (yes, not a big a deal, I agree…)
    – there are a few mistranslations that were reported before, in O18.

    Some bugs weren’t fixed yet, like light text in dark skins of Gmail…

  • Cryio

    adjust number of columns on Start Page
    hide the search box on Start Page
    Finally ! Thank you !

    Although, Opera you are still sneaky in this one: “disable 1 px spacing on top of the tab bar”. That’s been available since Opera 16 or 17.

    • Nekomajin42

      This is not a new feature. The new feature is the advanced and power user options and the spacing setting is now belongs to them.

      • Dark Magician

        Wrong. It is in advanced, which was already.

        • Nekomajin42

          There were no advanced settings when this feature first showed up.

          • Dark Magician

            I might be wrong then.

    • Nope, it was removed before Opera 17 reached final, O18 stable doesn’t have it either.

      • Dark Magician

        Next does and did.
        And we are talking about Next here.

        • Good, but I’m using the Stable channel, it ain’t there.

          • Dark Magician

            And this is a blog post about new stuff in new Next, not Stable.

          • Cryio

            Yes it is. I’m using here in 18 and certainly was using it in 17.

    • Marcin Mitek

      I think we didn’t state that it’s a new feature. We meant that it’s a part of advanced settings, that’s all.

  • Guest

    The package shows unknown publisher and and non 7z archive.

    • BK

      Strange. Win or Mac ? Win works fine here.

    • Download again, that happens when the download didn’t complete or it is corrupted.

    • I triple-verified everything on our end. Either your system clock is incorrect or the download is corrupted.

  • Dark Magician

    Developer 20 tomorrow?

  • Sooooo, from here to final… say early January?

  • 1. Readability bookmarklet works nicely.

    2. Access keys are still missing from the menu — really needed for keyboard users, e.g. to find the Recently Closed menu.

  • ayespy

    The bug in O19 Dev that causes furious blinking/flashing/juddering of the UI window borders when using the Sidewise Tree Style Tabs extension (from Chrome store) has been brought forward from that version to this. If this is promoted to Stable with this condition, I will lose my preferred fallback solution for vertical tabs (since you guys don’t have them yet.)

    Please figure out what is doing it, and make it stop. (On Win 8.1 with no special hardware acceleration settings)

    The only other real vertical tab solution for Blink is the Tabs Outliner extension, which I REALLY don’t like. Obviously, the optimum solution is to have vertical tabs available natively in the browser. Until you can get that ready, you should not be breaking extensions that furnish a fake, but somewhat usable, version of the solution.

    Thanks for your attention to this.

    • Santiago Systems

      O19.1326.0 USB did the same to me on a Win 7_64 system. I deleted all extensions (22), then reinstalled them with Sidewise last. The flashing went away. Today, the upgrade to 1326.9 went smooth and still no flashing even after doing the speed dial patch. Ayespy, if you install Superbird USB & Sidewise and there is no problem, then Opera is the cause of the flashing, not Win 8.1.

      Joel (the author) said that there is some conflicts with Chropera. ie. Sidewise should not have an address bar. I suggested to Joel that Opera users would like him to add Bookmarks (with management) and backed it up with a donation.


      • ayespy

        I’ll try the steps you mentioned, and see what comes of it.

        Bookmarks on Sidewise would be of use in my particular instance, ONLY if it could display a persistent vertical bookmarks bar beside the tabs. That is what I need.

        Another thing I have noticed about sidewise with Opera is that the default width of the Sidewise window is not actually adjustable, and if you minimize and then restore (not maximize) Opera, the sidewise window increases in width and has to be re-sized to fit entirely on-screen.

        Thanks for your reply on this, and I will try your suggestion. I’ll let you know what happens.

      • ayespy

        OK – so I uninstalled and reinstalled my four extensions, Sidewise last, and the problem persists.

        So, as to this branch of Opera on Win 8.1 at least, the extension cannot be made to behave itself. It is still fine in O18, but O19 has broken it.

        Tabs Outliner doesn’t have the problem but – as I say, I really, really don’t like it. Besides, it doesn’t have a “recently closed” button or a notes panel.

        • Santiago Systems

          I think I found the problem. I have all of my Sidewise Options toggled OFF. The culprit seems to be “Keep sidebar visible next to dock window”. If I toggle it on, the flashing returns. Same thing happens with Superbird. Iron is also flakey with it on and maximizing/minimizing the window. I will notify Joel of the problem.

          • ayespy

            That worked here, too. I turned off that option and the flashing stopped. Thank you for messing with this with me, and for sending feedback to Joel.

  • Igor Tarasov

    Linux 🙁

    • Realkman666

      It crashes and stops responding a lot, if that’s any comfort.

    • Ben Bristow

      Opera is based upon Chromium, which has native Linux builds. Google Chrome is available for Linux. Even Maxthon are releasing a Linux build.

      There’s just no excuse, Opera.

    • BellowTheLine

      Opera since 15 version becames ugly shitty browser, no need to port that shame to unix-like. All recent versions should be released directly to trash bin. So dissapointing.

  • yrwenkuw

    Are the toolbar buttons not supposed to give any visual feedback?
    There is no feedback, neither on hover nor on click (OS X 10.7.5).

  • Wraith

    adjust number of columns on Start Page

    This option doesn´t works well or works partially, when set from 2-4 is OK but when you set 5 or more nothing changes on start page, I have to do it manually changing the zoom with crtl (+/-)

    hide the search box on Start Page (you remember Konami code, don’t you?)
    So this options is still hidden and I have to do the konami code to reach it ? because I don´t see it on the options.

  • moto0000

    Still no function to hide [+] on Speed Dial 🙁

  • rabe85

    Has something of this a chance to get in?

    1. “Open all” opens all pages from that folder and all subfolders, not only from that folder where i clicked it. So it’s not possible to open all pages only from a folder if i have subfolders in it.
    2. Add an “Add folder” option to the right-click inside folders.
    3. Add an “Open all” menu option inside folders (right-click -> “open all” is inconvenient).
    4. Right-click on a speed dial page or folder should have the option “Add to bookmarks bar”.
    5. Add an icon to the address bar to add a page to the bookmarks bar (like add to speed dial, add to stash).
    6. Add an option to disable the + button.
    7. Add an “Add page” to the right-click menu (needed if + button is disabled).
    8. Add an option to enable a menu button like the menu in opera12.
    9. Let the users move the bar (top – like now, left, right, bottom).
    10. Drag and drop between bookmarks bar and speed dial doesn’t work.

    • moto0000

      11. Add grouping tabs 😀

  • BK

    We’ve forgotten to provide weather report, and apparently “worst storm in a decade” will be visiting Europe soon.

    • SkyWarriorBR

      At least you’re not melting, like me. My weather extension is showing “temperature: 31ºC. Feels like: hellºC”

      • David Santos

        I share your pain, brother.

        At least if the “BR” in your nickname stands for the country you’re in.

    • Right, an official warning for my home town Hamburg says “a very heavy storm surge is expected” for the next half hour, and I have to cross the river Elbe about 8:00 am today, either through the tunnel or the bridges.

  • So… still no linux version and no real bookmarks… and you’re considering to end Opera 12 life…

  • ammodytes

    one problem with sync on my laptop, i wanted to use other username

    Previously, you signed in as ******. You’re about to sign in as ************.
    Do you want to merge these two accounts?

    i dont want to merge accounts, but i cant find option to logout from first account…

    • BK

      Hi. If you login to Sync with particular Opera profile and particular account, your data from that profile will be synchronized with the server for that account. Now, if on the same profile you repeat login with the different credentials, stuff will be synchronized as requested, but then the data from two sync accounts are merged on your single profile.

      • ammodytes

        But why is no cancel option? i dont want to merge anything. I simply cant find solution to log in with new account. I logged off from everything on Opera but i have same warning at the beginning of Sync. :/

        • BK

          let’s try with some small explanation:
          1. Once you log in to sync, you send your data to the server, for the account to which you are logged in.
          2. If you login with different account, that means you are logged out for the other account.
          3. The message about “merging” is intended for ppl who share the PC. Assumption behind sync is that user uses single account to sync his data.

          Is that more clear now?

      • ammodytes

        and when i log in in web opera link with this new acc (actually very old acc) when i click on speed dials or bookmarks i just getting “get started with opera link” i used that username on desktop to sync

        • Emanuele

          yes, actually managing Sync is really a pain in the ass… no options to choose what to synchronize, no clear dialogs about the state of sync, no clear way to manage different accounts, ecc… I suggest you to use it only on some testing accounts… I certainly will don’t use it in my real account…

  • Deme Tamás

    Still waiting for these to switch from 12.16:

    -customizable mouse gestures // !important;
    -decent download manager (no miniature button or progress bar, I want a better tablelike view, also still no option to open only)
    -ability to remove unnecessary buttons from toolbar
    -ability to add ‘find in page’ box at the end of the tab bar
    -I want the trashcan button back

    Although I’m happy to see progress 🙂

    • Vux777

      -customizable mouse gestures // !important;
      agree, definitely option for zooming with mouse

      -decent download manager…
      on that subject, I still didn’t saw size of the file that I’ve been downloading. I know that is not always possible to read file size, but in all cases??

    • Dmitry Kirin

      -ability to add ‘find in page’ box at the end of the tab bar
      +1, I haven’t noticed how much I need that!

      -decent download manager (no miniature button or progress bar, I want a better tablelike view
      Yes, I also want that and short url on the download list. Currently, downloads from scripts (e.g. from Youtube) occupy half page height.

      I also like how you’ve used the css modifier !important in English writing. 🙂

  • LoverOfLife

    Again, speed dial extensions doesn’t work!

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Thanks for the build!

    1. DNA-5963/DNA-12479 (Paste and go feature not available after starting Opera with empty clipboard) persists.

    2. The DNA numbers have gone far beyond 121xx, where my translation requests remain, as I see, lost and forgotten, or else merged with other translation tickets without an effect. 🙁 And I will have more of those issues, be sure… 🙂

    3. Sync, at a first glance, seems to be working, now it’s slowly replicating the Stash to my Next installation.

    4. Still very much want a bigger height of address bar and tabs. I know, not everyone agrees with that, so please make it an option.

    Waiting for Dev 20 and the mysterious Christmas Special. 🙂

    • Marcin Mitek

      Hi there 🙂

      1. Yup, didn’t make it yet, but it’s a bad regression, will be fixed.
      2. Don’t worry, localization team was notified. Your feedback was great. We test localization fixes right before final release, and this is the first Next build. 🙂

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Hi, Marcin! Thanks, nice to hear that. 🙂

    • Emanuele

      4. Are you serious???!!! O_o …. Bigger? … I want a much more compact and sleek “skin” like the old Featherweight GUI, not bigger -_-‘

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Yup, maybe not as big as the Disqus comment area, but bigger and with a larger font. I remember how it was for a while in Dev, I was happy, but others complained. 🙂

        • Emanuele

          as I said, I really prefer a very compact (but sleek and clean) skin, not the kind of GUI you can find everywhere nowadays, so here we will never agree I suppose 😛

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Has the overall rendering got much snappier, or is it that some feature like smooth scrolling just stopped working?

  • ammodytes

    on some youtube videos i cant see controls (progress, quality options….) and some parts of video


    • Vux777


      works fine here

      I’m using magic action for YT, if that make any difference, and forcing flash

      • ammodytes

        just tried on my desktop pc and there everything works fine, i have this problem only on my laptop.

        uninstalled flash player, installes new one but i still have problem :/

        • Vux777

          maybe some extension/script is doing that

    • littledoremi

      Getting the same problem here as well. It might be due to default zoom. Let me try with 100% zoom now.

      • ammodytes

        hope they will solve this in next build

  • Dmitry Kirin

    AAA! Nearly jumped away from the computer: Suddenly, some music and speech emerged from speakers. The only download activity was Stash synchronising items from the cloud. Apart from that, there were only Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, and Outlook, all idle and minimized. I don’t think they’ve developed an urge to play sound just yet. 🙂
    Try synchronising Stashed items that play sound upon page load, for example, Youtube.

    • BK

      Awsome comment 😉 Thanks for reporting.

  • uuuu

    Oh, sry Blazej, what is the weather in Poland? What a stupid habit, it is good you stopped talking about weather, it is really silly.

  • Wraith

    – adjust number of columns on Start Page
    This doen´t work for me… beyond 5 there no change on start page.

    • ammodytes

      do you have wide screen?

      • Wraith

        Yes I have wide screen.

      • Wraith

        Yes I have widescreen !

        • ammodytes

          well i dont know it works for me if i set to 6 but not with 7

    • Try to reduce page zoom.Such as %67

      • Wraith

        Then there no reason for this option if you do it with the zoom.

  • s/ash

    opera://flags/#enable-smooth-scrolling still does not work on most pages.

    My previous post applies to this build too:

    Now Opera has Chromium’s checkerboard bug too:

    I’m shure there’s little to no reason in reporting this to Opera as on Chromium’s bug tracker this problem has been marked as ‘won’t fix’ a while ago.

  • ilenkov

    be very well if you could do Bookmarks bar like a Opera 12.

    • It’s already available. What features of the old Bookmarks Bar do you miss?

      • KONIK

        move to left , right ?
        import bookmarks ?

  • oic

    feature request, add speedial folder to bookmark bar via right click

    • Dmitry Kirin

      When it calculates how many speed dials can be placed horizontally, it reserves some space on both sides. It’d better be reduced, indeed. And that’s not the only thing desirable with SD customisation. They’ve already announced there will be some new SD features in the future Dev versions.

  • Dark Magician

    What about taskbar thumbnails?
    And you sohuld make sync capable of perserving all the settings, and even auto-installing of extensions you have in your setup.
    This comes to mind, because you already said, you won’t implement some features, because there are extensions for it. And when you reinstall, you should have full feature package, and not waste time.

    • arfz

      agreed with dark magician.
      If opera want to force user to use extensions. Opera should at first provide ability to sync all settings including full extensions and scripts to auto installs PLUS implement something like “check compability” like in firefox. So if some extensions not work or not supported anymore users don`t get confused…

      yeah,about memory i have problems to.
      with O12, with my system i still able to browse 15tabs+, using office and watch video. But with this new opera only browsing with 8tabs+ and using office opera already screaming for moar.. memory..
      sometimes force closed… sometimes force disable aero in win7…
      even mozilla now seems more stable on memory management…

  • mike b

    Using a fake Disqus account because I don’t want to give Disqus access to my Twitter, Gmail or FB accounts.

    At work many of our internal sites do not work because the prompt for our security certificates. IE and Chrome when navigating to the web page prompt with the security certificate dialog. Opera does not. This makes Opera unusable for me. Is there a way to get this to work? Some soft of setting that we can turn on?


    • Sigbjørn Vik

      Opera should show an ‘Invalid certificate’ dialog when encountering such, and does so for me when I test here. What does Opera do for you instead, and what is the exact dialog you get in IE/Chrome?

      There are no settings for controlling this, this should just work. You could add the root certificate as trusted in Windows though, then you wouldn’t get certificate warnings in any browser which uses the Windows root store.

      • mike b

        Thank you for your reply, In IE it doesn’t prompt, it just logs me in, but that is due to my IE settings.

        With Chrome when logging on I get a dialog prompt titled “Select a certificate” with the text “Select a certificate to which you want to authenticate accounts.sap.com:443”. It has 3 buttons, “Certificate Information” “OK” and “Cancel”. Clicking OK gets me logged on.

        With Opera 19 and now 20 when logging on the screen goes “dim” and the tabs icon switches to the rotating circle animation showing page is loading and it never does anything else. It is like Opera is supposed to be showing the same dialog that Chrome is showing but it is not displaying. I would be happy to do any sort of testing or logging to get this fixed, I do agree this is strange.

        • Sigbjørn Vik

          Sounds like you have another tab open in the background, trying to load the same page. If the dialog is already visible on that page, it will not be shown on the new page. A restart might otherwise fix it.

          • mike b

            A reboot of the computer and opening just Opera with just one tab exhibits the same behaviour. Again thank you so much for helping with this.

            Anything to be able to get this to work I would love because I would much rather be able to use Opera over Chrome or IE!

          • Sigbjørn Vik

            Strange. Could be you have some extensions or background connections which block the dialog. Try a fresh install (e.g. of a different channel, dev or stable), and see if you get the same behaviour. Otherwise, importing the root should also work (e.g. in Chrome, click the padlock, connection, certificate information, certification path, top certificate (root), view certificate, details, copy to file, next (a few times), double click the file, install certificate, next, manually choose trusted root certification authorities, next and finish), followed by a restart of Opera. Although that will only fix the issue for you, not help us understand what happens.

          • mike b

            Thank you so much for your help Sigbjørn, unfortunately this did not work for me. I completely uninstalled Opera deleting user files and I followed the export import of the certificate.

            This is probably something to do with the proxy servers and such here, I was just hoping we may get this to work like Chrome.

            I am really enjoying the new Opera other than this, I like being able to search BING via the address bar, but also have Google in the speed dial and the ability to now choose the save directory for downloads.


          • Sigbjørn Vik

            This should work out of the box. Proxies could be related, it could even be that the proxy refuses to route Opera requests for some reason. What is your proxy setup, and did the certificate import stop Chrome from showing the invalid certificate warnings? If you prefer to do this privately, file a bug report, and post the bug ID here.

          • mike b

            I am unsure of how to file a bug report. The thing is Chrome doesn’t show an invalid certificate warning at all. It just prompts for my certificate and works.

            Unfortunately I don’t know my proxy setup, our IT just has our proxy set to http://proxy:8083/ and that is all I know and for “IT” reasons all I will find out 🙂

            I am unsure of how bug IDs are created, but working in software support for over 15 years I am not convinced this is a bug or system configuration issue. It is just puzzling how the 3 other major browsers just work out of the box.


            And again I can’t say thanks too many times for your efforts here!

          • Sigbjørn Vik

            Ah, I guess we are talking about client certificates, not server certificates? The problem isn’t that the server certificate isn’t trusted by your system, it is that the server asks you to identify yourself, and you have to send your personal certificate to the server.

            Unfortunately we do not have the user interface for supplying this in Opera yet. DNA-7353 for reference, I hope we will be able to supply this soon.

          • mike b

            I hope so too! Thank you! I will keep my eye open!

  • romath

    install overrode my start page setting

  • ammodytes

    another problem, pdf is not in center


    pdf xchange viewer

  • Dovelove

    Vista 64, Win7, 8 Gig Mem, >Opera 12.16, 18, 19 Developer

    Well I must say I am getting a little more satisfied with Google Opera and MAY ( we’ll wait on that) have to apologize for being impatient. I knew it would take awhile to get going but was NOT convinced that the team was concerned with the same things as I was. Looking at extensions, speed, features, etc. has improved.

    We have a LONG way to go until we get to 12.16 Features but I’m thinking it CAN be done and improved IF Opera so desires.

    I’ve played with them all but couldn’t log on to this without my password etc. so it was back to trusty 12.16 which let me in. My fault I’ll have to update the file I keep with them.

    I’m understanding that the Idea of having Tabs along the top (which I don’t like) instead of panels URL’s along the side makes it easier since for the programmer. The screen is always the same size along the top but turning off and on, resizing panels changes the width.

    Hint IF it has not been suggested on 18’s AND 19’s history page a person can’t highlight with “CTL” or “SHIFT” MANY selections to delete in a row by using that feature. The ONLY way I found to be able to do it was to erase on the right X EACH and EVERY one, that is a slow process.

    I’m don’t have that warm and fuzzy feeling yet, that is for later. I AM warming up!!!

    PS There MAY be hope for an old fogie yet!

  • hspdion

    The 19.x line of releases on Windows all have issue with youtube and other flash video sites. What happens is that videos are some reason always rendered bigger than the embedded youtube player frame with the seekbar and other controls. Its been happening in the Opera Developer releases, and now in this new Opera Next release.

    Is there a way to diable the auto-check / prompting / and auto-install of new versions of Next & Developer?

    I’d like to remain on the last 18.x release of next until this problem is resolved.

    • ammodytes

      Yes, same problem here

    • Inquisitor

      And same problem here, too (Win7).

    • L33t4opera

      To disable the auto-update feature, add the command line switch at the end of a shortcut to the “launcher.exe”, as below:
      "...launcher.exe" --disable-update

    • kjljhuhonhj

      I bypassed this problem by using the chrome extension “HTML5 video for youtube”. It replaces the default player with an HTML5 one, where you can see the controls. It’s limited to 360p, though, but it’s better than nothing.
      Saves you having to manually copy the URL to another browser, since chropera doesn’t have the “open in…” context menu.

  • Dark Magician

    I have 11 tabs in Firefox which use about 330MB, while Opera uses almost ten times much, for the same thing.
    Also you should check memory leaking, because after turning Opera off, RAM didn’t free up.

  • Tanel

    On OS X Mavericks, I got the “help Opera by sending feature usage data” dialog bar when opening a new tab (with SD), but the bar was unresponsive until I opened another website in that tab. It only displayed mouseover effects, but didn’t register any clicks.

  • ricksper

    Windows 8.1: Auto Hide Task Bar when Opera is maximized Stopped working correctly after O19 Next installed.

  • W Jordan

    Ok, its -5 below zero F here in Colorado, so, not much to do except try to figure why I can still not choose another search engine as my default, nor, remove the dreaded Google Bar on the start page, will this ever happen, or is it wishful thinking?

    • BK

      Regarding “dreaded” part, please read the post again, you will not need to ask further.

    • nanana1

      Not wishful thinking, what you dread can be removed in this build, mine already happen. 😉

    • reesmichael1

      Yay Colorado! Until August, I lived and grew up there, and I’ll be back for winter break in two weeks 🙂

      You can’t choose a search engine (yet!) because malicious software has targeted Opera to change it–I believe it’s like the dreaded Google toolbar, but even worse. I understand that they’re working on some form of a solution. And, as the others have hinted, you can remove the Google bar on the start page with some minor trickery on the preferences page.

    • L33t4opera

      Regarding to the “dreaded Google Bar” – certainly, I will not even try to compete with Saint Nicholas, however considering the fact, that I like Colorado, and Colorado Springs in particular, therefore here you go, a gift from me 😉

  • hkeye

    Ported chrome.proxy API was added to 19-dev, but seems missing in 19-next

    • If it is not enabled on Next, then the quality was not good enough for it to go into a stable. It will live on Developer until it is nearing completion.

    • x a

      You can find it in the Opera-modified Chromium-file chromium/src/chrome/common/extensions/api/_permission_features.json as packaged in the opera*.pak resource files, that some extension API permissions are hardwired there to a ”minimum stability rating channel“.

      Besides proxy there are among others eg the new stash and declarativeWebRequest listed ”dev-rated“.

      • hkeye

        Thanks. It is OK for me to use 19-dev with proxy api

  • Kanbaru Suruga

    oh, guys, where’s the proxy api support?……….

  • Ranamadre

    Sometimes I’ve randomly problem with images and videos in Opera 19. In all version, included the last Next, are not correctly visualized:


    Windows 7 x64 – Opera without extensions.

  • manus

    When will you (re)implement master password feature (encrypted password), with synchronization?

  • Илья Найдов

    Using The Konami Code to filter out non-power-users is awesome… Every true power-user should be old enough and experienced enough to know that…
    …or smart enough to Google it =D

    • Elitism is for snobs.

      Software settings that are likely to cause problems should not be so deeply buried that even experienced users have to frequent blogs and forums to find out how to use them.

      The “Advanced Settings” checkbox being disabled by default is adequate protection to prevent inexperienced users from doing something that they might regret.

      A warning of some kind when changing advanced settings as Firefox does with aboutconfig is probably advisable, as is a simple method to reset factory defaults.

      • Emanuele

        I totally agree

      • MozPri

        Yes, option to remove ugly, space eating Google search field should be buried very very deeply, because it can cause destruction of the universe. 😀

        • Oops! I already disabled it. How much longer do we have before this setting takes effect?

  • Dima Pursanov

    Can’t use opera, while you dont allow me to at least set my search engine as default! I want duckduckgo, but can’t set it!

    • This will be renabled in a future update. Currently disabled due to third-party applications overriding the user’s preference in favour of malicious sites.

      • But what about deleting the default ones or even just clearing their keywords? I don’t want to keep deleting default_partner_content.json manually just so I can use ‘y’ with YouTube instead of Yahoo. (Who use Yahoo anyway 😐

        • gekitsu


          there are so many annoyances with the way it is now, and this is one of those bound to get in the way the most. if their wikipedia implementation is broken (it is), nevermind, i might just write my own and give it the proper keyword. but no. the proper keyword is being hogged by the broken implementation. nice.

      • yrwenkuw

        But could we please at least have the option to change the keywords for the default search engines? The localized version of Wikipedia is quite useless and I’d like to have the English version bound to ‘w’.

  • Miguk .

    This Oracle forms application – http://uniturf.direktorium.de/forms/frmservlet?config=uniturf – uses Java 6. Today it starts no more with the message “Obsolete Java plugin”. Installation of JRE 6.0 update 45 brought nothing.
    Any help is welcome.

  • FrankyBoy1234

    Having a bar that is in my face all the time is not how bookmarks should be …

  • escruting

    It still logs off of sync everytime i close the browser. Wasn’t this fixed?

    Using Opera account.

    • escruting


  • Wraith

    Not sure if this is a known issue but this happen to me very often, I will try to explain it in steps:

    -You are on speed dial.
    -Search something using the google bar or the url bar and hit enter.
    -Now you are on google with your query
    -Click a link and then you are forwarded to a website.
    -Click return.
    -Instead to return to google the browser return to the start page.

    Sometimes the browser return to google, sometimes returns to the speed dial, Is like a roulette.

  • Володимир Васильович

    No loading more foto (Fetching more photos…) http://www.flickr.com/photos/connors934/sets/72157618157802853/

    • Dark Magician

      Same happens on IE11 and FF 25.0.1. And there in the corner says it has 4 photos (which are already loaded).
      I think it’s Flickr bug.

  • pajousek

    Any ETA on new Developer version? 🙂

  • Dark Magician

    When selecting in Disqus on this very page ”show new comment”, Opera jumps to the top of the page.

    • Vux777

      same here

  • yrwenkuw

    Opening links in new tabs by holding the command key and tapping on the trackpad is buggy. Sometimes a new tab is opened, sometimes nothing happens and you have to tap again a couple of times, and then sometimes multiple tabs open.

    Clicking (instead of tapping) works fine. Mac OS X 10.7.5.

  • – Open Tab next to active
    – Smooth scrolling
    – Disable GIF animations
    – Unbreak Google’s keyboard hijacking

  • Marco

    Isn’t it possible to make marking a text within a link as easy as in Opera 12?
    It would be so great, when you could do that.

  • PaulW

    I’ve all but given up on this bit of crap. How about a Home button and also a Login button as was on Opera 12??

  • Thomas Sawyer

    Broken layout on http://www.appszoom.com (gigantic images), also on Developer version. Could anyone confirm?

    • Wraith

      Confirmed! half page images WOW that´s huge

    • Dmitry Kirin

      It’s because it redirects to a mobile version of the site. I guess it’s an improper browser detection on their side.

      • Dark Magician

        It’s more likely Opera, on mobile browser, you can request desktop version, and bypass that.

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Oh indeed, there’s a link Classic site at the bottom of the page, which redirects to a desktop version and remembers that in cookies.

          • Thomas Sawyer

            Yeah, that was it. I didn’t notice.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    When I open a page from SD, it starts loading, but its URL is immediately shown in the address bar. If an error occurs and nothing of the page is retrieved, the URL stays in the address bar, but F5 reverts to the SD page, and my URL is gone. It is rather annoying, has been there since O15, I guess. It’d be better if F5 was reloading exactly what’s in the address bar.

  • Stussy Strummer

    wish i could get the own search field back. I hate try to google a website and even with whitespace it try to load the website instead of googling it. And if I wanna open fritz.box its getting googled (i have to write http://fritz.box)
    After all the old adress-bar from Opera 12 was way better!

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Open the settings (CTRL-F12) and go to the third page “Privacy and Security”. Unselect the first setting “Use forecast service for the completion of searches and URLs when typing in the address bar”.

  • _artem_

    and again… opera next is newer than opera dev… guys.. dev versions just have to be newer than all the other branches.. look at chrome. wtf are you doing?! again two (2 TWO) opera 19… the one which has to be older (next) is newer than dev… again next got new chromium version (which isn’t affected by flash player input field in focus = no way to type in address bar or in another tabs input fields… I predicted that bug couple of mounth ago.. in the old dev blog, that opera soon will get that stupid chrome bug) – THAT’S DUE TO YOU GUYS USE THE OUTDATED CHROMIUM, WHY THE HELL??? WHY DON’T YOU USE THE SAME CHROMIUM VERSION IN DEV AS CHROME DOES???
    dev chrome: Version 33.0.1726.0 dev-m
    dev opera: Chrome/32.0.1700.6
    that’s just stupid… if you use chromium then please use the latest code for the latest opera (dev).

    it’s already couple of months chrome fixed that flash bug but latest opera dev (couple of months later) HAS that bug – WHY??? why don’t you use latest chromium for the latest opera???

    You promised linux version since opera 15 – you told us the very next version gonna get linux love – it’s already 5 versions from 15… where is the linux build??? just give us completely unstable linux version even if it won’t start at all but it should have the latest build number in the name and a opera dev icon – so we know you do something

    I moved from chrome couple of month ago back to opera but I still have to use chrome under linux.

    • BK

      There will be time when given stream is ahead of the other. We try to keep you updated asap with whatever we have, don’t you think this is nice? Thanks to often releases whatever we do end up in the final stream faster than ever so far. And thanks to opera:flags you can turn on things in final stream according to your taste.

      When it comes to flash, remember that Chrome use pepper flash version, which is different to Opera.

      • Nekomajin42

        Will you drop the NPAPI system when Chromium does?

        • Vux777

          I think they already did.
          Pig toolbox extension have some (many) limitations in Opera and reports that NPAPI plugin is missing

      • Emanuele

        Can you explain what plugin API Opera uses? … isn’t the same pepper plugin of the Chrome one? … have you switched to NPAPI ? why? … this would be a big fail in my opinion…

        • BK

          NPAPI is what we base on currently. This is not a choice Opera would like to pick. Guess yourself who puts limits 🙂

          • Vux777

            this is what superguestures (pig toolbox) report when installing in Opera (any version)

          • Nekomajin42


            But the pepper plugin is not attached to the core? I mean, is it not the part of the Chromium engine?

          • Emanuele

            sad to hear this…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Imho the best thing to do is to choose the stream that better fits you and keep with it.

      I really don’t understand why some people bother themselves so much about developer being older than next for a couple of days.

      Opera will turn to Chromium 33 when Opera 20 is released.

  • Izer0

    Still problem with Save As dialog … 10 – 20 times per day … on Save image as, or on download, on Save page as … Save As dialog does not shown and Opera freezes. I must kill it 🙂 Seems like lost focus somewhere… Please, fix it…

    • Izer0

      Addition: crash on github download, can’t show download (Save as) dialog 3 – 5 times after killing. There must be big a problem if Save As can’t work after kill and restart 3 – 5 times between one click 🙁

    • Izer0

      Sorry, addition 2: I must start killed session on another page, not on page where Save as freezes (github), then select an image to use Save as, dialog appear, then I can go to github and I am able to download. Something wrong here. This is the only way, how to unfreeze Save As dialog, absolutely ignoring restarts.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        That’s strange… What is your default download location? Does it by a chance point to a network share or a removable device that is no longer available?

        • Izer0

          Local folder, no network share, no removable device, nothing like this. That’s strange…

  • iG0Lka

    youtube bag

    no control panel at the bottom of the player window.

    Player latest version.

    extensions are disabled.

    I returned back to the 18th version.

  • afurman

    Bad labels formatting in Gmail since some buid of O18 Next: when I open a message all associated labels are stacked instead of being arranged in a line.


    • Maniac

      Yep, I’m having this issue too – I’ve been having it for a while now.

      • afurman


        • Maniac


  • Michmach


    My PC is connected to my TV. Therefore I have to set the resolution to 175% to be able to read what’s on the screen (I do that from the desktop through the graphic card resolution parameter).

    Since Opera 19 (next or dev) the seetings I apply, do not affect anymore the resolution of Opera, meaning the font size is way too small. Zooming with Opera is not a solution because it only affects the web page not the other parts such as Bookmarks, tabs, extensions, etc.

    For the time being I use Opera 18. But when it will evolve to 19, I won’t be able to use Opera anymore… Please do something 🙂


    Ps: I have to say that renaming the “quick access bar”, “bookmarks bar”, does not change the fact that I still need a real bookmars manager on a lateral panel:)

    • hkeye

      I am using the following bookmark extension. You can add, delete, search, add folders etc. http://windviki.github.io/vBookmarks/

      • Michmach

        Thank you. I will try this extension.

        Anyone else with the same problem that I have described above?

      • pasegros

        Nice extension.

        • hkeye

          I installed it with developer mode disabled. By the way, are you using the download from the middle of the webpage? I installed using the file vBookmarks_2.5.crx

          • pasegros

            You are right, there is a possibility to install it with developer mode disabled. But really the better extension for Opera’s bookmarks I’ve found. I’m using it on Chrome/Linux too. Thanks very much! Where did you find out this extension, for curiosity?

          • hkeye

            I recalled : when the QAB was released, Opera blog suggested to try bookmarks menu extension. So, I installed and found that bookmarks could not be added. Then, I googled in China version of Google search. Then , after testing several extensions, at that time, it was the only one that could add bookmarks or folders.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Two bugs (or it’s just one):
    1. When a download fails, Opera button in the task bar becomes reddish. It glows red even if I delete the download that failed.

    2. If I don’t delete the failed download, it’s getting even more strange: Suppose, I re-start Opera. The failed download is still in the download list, inactive and failed. I download any other file, this time, successfully, but the task bar button becomes red, just because there’s a failed download on the list!

    Does anyone confirm?

    • afurman


    • Pedro Costa

      Oh! So this is the reason. I have seen the red taskbar button for many versions and everyday and couldn’t point out what it was. Good catch.

      It should really be just one bug. After a Download finishes Opera is watching them all to see if one failed. It should disable/remove the failed ones on exit or change the state of the button for the last finished (success or failed) download


      • Dmitry Kirin

        Pedro, afurman, thanks! Reported as DNA-14243.

  • Pedro Costa

    Is the chrome.proxy API in this one?

    I’m not sure if this is the reason, but I was able to use Hola to access Pandora from Portugal with Opera 19 Dev. This is still one of the reasons I still have chrome installed, the other being Google Hangouts, which should be even more difficult to install on Opera.

    Other things that need improvement are the search engines. Being able to change the default ones for instance. I know it is on the pipe for things to do.

    Still using the Dev edition has my main Browser, but if you can confirm me that proxy Api is in this one I may jump to more stable releases.

    Seeing how things were like a year ago and now, it is amazing what was accomplished in less than a year. Keep up the good work.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      If i understood correctly, nope, it didn’t make into Next.

  • Dark Magician

    http://www.thepiratebay.sx opens other tabs, which should be blocked.

    • Michmach

      I confirm. It’s really annonying. I do not know if it’s different with other browser though.

  • MozPri

    Dev 20 today?? 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Nope. Only next week, they said.

    • Vux777

      I doubt
      Daniel said next week (in one of yesterday comments)

  • MadEddy


    There is a bug when selecting text, it also selects empty spaces.

    Opera 19:

    Firefox, IE11, opera 12.16:

    Posted it a bit sooner but it seems disqus bugged or something. Reup the pics on another hosting service, in case it was the problem.

    Best regards.

    • NoName

      That’s because you start selecting from different places. I can reproduce both cases in IE11, depending on where I start to select. (How many pixels to the left of the headline).

      That being said, Webkit/Blink’s way of text selection is very relevant to the topic of the wiki page.

      • MadEddy

        It was selected from the same place. Here is a cap from IE11 (I couldn’t reproduce that problem whatever pixel I start from):

  • Opera Presto engine 12.16 the original one is way more better and faster than this new piss of sh.t of Chrome engine it will never ever reach the speed of the Presto engine…. the example is the Test drive of IE11 and you will see how fast is really the Presto engine…. and no bugs like this new sh.t…. plus without the Notes to…. really sucks…..

    • Kurt Zon

      go play some place else…..

      • Way I hope they will make something good because the Opera engine was unique by features and by engine.
        But now I do not understand way they have let go of there fastest engine… They have worked so many years on there best engine and now what they have agreed that Chrome engine is a better than Opera engine ??? No is not I tell you.
        This is really the stupidest move they make and plus they left there Work in wain….. Way way way for what ?
        We have 100 Chrome engines browsers which all are similar…
        Opera should be unique because I don’t want the weakens of the Chrome engine in the Opera engine 🙁
        And the Original Opera Engine was beating all and without a weakens because it it was really unique engine.

        • now is a piss of sh.t like all other 100 similar s Chrome browser engine… Plus they work on 3 Chrome engines updates and not 1 for the Presto at least….
          They should use it instead of the Opera Next or the Opera Developers to update 12.16 presto engine stable so we will have 2 new stables browsers and 1 instable for test and not 1 stable and 2 instable for testing the browsers

          • BK

            “They should do what I say, and nothing else, right now”
            or should they..?

          • Well I’m a old user of Opera and I do not remember how log it was but what I want to tell you is that way I like Opera so much was because they was having a unique engine inside Opera. So they was having now weakness from others browsers which was cool and secure to. Then I found about there unique features to like Notes which I liked at maximum. But now I found out that they have forgotten there past and there best work to plus they say now no more unique features like Note in this Chrome engine…
            So how ppl should believe in Opera if they trow away there best work ? For what ?
            Well I like to help others to have a better products for all the ppl and I have good Ideas to so they will be more successful than they ever better be. Because I like to see them happy to and make there work be the best and the easiest work in all the world to. And they will know even more better and easy to what to do in the future to.

  • The Add Bookmark Dialogue should be the same as the Edit Bookmark Dialogue, letting users edit the name while adding the URL. One rarely needs to edit the URL, so there’s not really much point showing the Add Bookmark dialogue at all — just add the Bookmark directly.



    • Dmitry Kirin

      Did you mean, allow edit URL while adding a bookmark? Because it does allow me to edit the name…
      I also see that the texboxes on your screenshots are bigger than mine.
      My guess is that the dialog has a fixed width. With textbox captions being longer in Russian, they take more space, leaving less for the textboxes. It’d be great to have both textboxes longer.

      • I see. Then the way it is now is fine. There’s no need to edit the URL when adding a bookmark, but might be later if a page moves.

  • phiznlil

    Linux Please!

    • pasegros

      I’m tired of these stupid idiots complaints from users about the Linux
      version of Opera. It has been said thousands of times that
      Opera for Linux is not ready yet. There are no dates or forecast,
      just chitchat and bla-bla-bla, I don’t believe a bit on this post https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2013/11/opera-18-landed/#comment-1132645881. Opera is not worried at the moment about Linux users, only with Windows and Mac. Mac also brings “glamor” to Opera. But Linux, why bother with Linux? Opera for Mac is being developed in parallel with Windows, why not Linux? There is no logic in your arguments. So Opera Team, better not say anything more about Linux, is more elegant.

      • Igor Tarasov

        It wouldn’t be such an issue if

        1. Opera didn’t support linux formerly, or did it badly. But that’s not true.
        2. Chromium project does not support linux. And this is also not true.
        3. Opera developers explained the delay. I mean “explained”, not saying “well, it’s not ready…”.

        Linux WAS promised. But Opera has already hit version 20, and yet, nothing.

  • rpsgc

    In Opera 12, if I typed part of a bookmark’s name, or of its address, it would show up in the address/URL bar.

    Will that ever come back? Or am I missing something?

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      It’s already there – in the speed dials.

      • rpsgc

        The search box in Speed Dial?

        Nothing to do with what I’m asking.

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Of course it has. If you have speed dials they have an URL and a description, like the old bookmarks. If you type parts of it into the normal address field / search field the result will show up at once. Try it out.

          • rpsgc

            Notice how I mentioned “bookmarks” in my post, and not Speed Dial entries?

            That’s because I’m talking about the Bookmark Bar. I have no wish to clutter my Speed Dial with all of my bookmarks, in folders or otherwise.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            I’m happy that you found this out. I wanted to show you a solution that really works. I know more and more people who leave the so called “bookmars bar” (QAB), because it’s useless and senseless, especially when you have some thousand bookmarks, as some users show off here. You can’t see them all in an acceptable time and you always have to watch and to hit the entries very carefully. Beside that it makes your screen smaller. If you synchronise your old 12.x-bookmarks with Opera >15.x, then you have them all in speed dials and can work very effectively with them. You only have to free your mind from old habits.Believe me. I was also used the old system and wanted to rant and whine very loudly, but then I tried it out and found it better and better. Try it out with only some of your bookmarks or speed dials. Give them index tags to find them easier. You will be faster.

  • Dark Magician

    Discover left click does’t anything.
    You can only do right click than select action.

  • ncc50446

    I seem to have lost everything in the upgrade..Is my Speed Dial and bookmarks somewhere..? I didn’t sync yet..(Yes, I know, I should have backed things up, but forgot..)

    • BK

      Hm.. thanks for report. We don’t have any backup mechnism yet, but sync will do the job soon.

    • rpsgc

      Go to:

      C:UsersXXXXAppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Stable

      and copy everything to:

      C:UsersXXXXAppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Next

      It’s crude but it works.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Did you upgrade the lastest Next or the lastest Opera 19?

      If the last, you need to copy you Opera Developer’s profile into the Opera Next’s one.

      You can also use sync for Speed Dial and Stash.

    • pasegros

      That’s why I do not install dev. versions, is a lot of headache with bugs, lost of data, imcompatibity. instability. I only instal stable versions, it’s more secure and less painful…

      • I do install dev. versions, but I also do periodic system backups twice a week (incremental), in case an SSD fails to show up all of a sudden.. So that is another way.

  • Dark Magician

    What is happening with YT HTML5 playback?
    Most videos only offer lowest resolution.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Already discussed here, they are working on it.

  • Matheus Bitencourt

    “Hey, bitch! yo Linux!” – Pinkman about Opera Desktop Blog

  • espx

    Great news! But still missing some features and I dont even mention about bookmarks and etc – only deadman still didn’t asked about them. So:

    – adequate download manager. While DL in progress – you cant open the source folder and have to wait until it ends. Right click stands useless for anything.
    – propel handling of diff. filetypes like Opera 12. Main example – make .torrent files to open without asking and downloading.
    – after certain number of opened tabs – favicons of sites disappear like in Chrome. All you see – just massive of identical impersonal tabs with only first letter in header.
    – fast site preferences in context menu+hotkey: manage cookies, proxy etc by 2 clicks.
    – normal highlighting inside the links
    – just killer feature of old Presto – ctrl+click on image = save image as… Easy as hell! Was… Once…
    – history management as is now – some kind of stub.

    So, all like usual – moans about old times and strong Opera.

  • 真木 修

    Sometimes I cannot scroll down by mouse wheel after I backward pages with gesture.
    It might be at Google’s result page only.

    Dragging scrollbar works fine.

    Win8.1 64 bit.

    • Vux777

      I also experience that bug(?!) sometimes
      but it’s not only related to google results page

  • Dark Magician

    Discover doesn’t react to left click.
    Which is regression, since latest Developer works fine.

    • Latest dev builds are broken, too.

      • Dark Magician

        Mine dev works.

        • Lucky you. But it’s not broken 100% of the time. So maybe you just didn’t notice

          • Dark Magician

            Maybe. Now Next works??! I guess it’s periodical bug.

          • Yeah, pretty random over here, too.

  • Alexey Monastyrenko

    The same [censored] [censored] as Opera 15. Looks like you’ll never make usable browser again:
    – “advanced setting” – just a fake. It shows _three_ additional minor options. Are you kidding?
    – Where can I at least set “show full URL in address bar”? (manually edit text config file is Ok)
    – how to switch tabs in MRU mode?
    It’s only problems I can see in first three minutes after running browser…
    So Opera 19 is just inferior clone of Chrome. Looks like I must use Chrome or Safari (for Mac), or repair Opera 12 installation (I tried Opera 19 because my Opera 12 is broken again).

  • Sync does not work!

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Did you enabled it on opera:flags?

      • Yes of course!

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Whst happens when you try to use sync?

  • Izer0

    More informations about “Save As” bug … Save As dialog is hidden, I used WinLister to show it up, dialog does not contain shell controls. It is impossible to close it (by button or by window message from WinLister) until I open another Save As dialog on any other application (I use Opera 12). When properly showed Save As dialog is closed, hidden Save As dialogs in Opera 19 closes without any intervention (checked by WinLister). So, probably an shell integration problem here 🙁 An special note: Opera 19 freeze and is untouchable while I do not send close command from WinLister. When I send Close command, opera 19 “unfreezes” and is usable, but Save As is still in list of hidden windows. By this way I can open next “Save As”, still hidden, unfreeze by Close command and there is another hidden Save As dialog, counting every time until I show some proper Save As dialog and close it… I am very confused 🙁 It cannot be switched to normal operation by kill and restart. Still hidden dialog appears on Save As, restart is not solution, only properly showed dialog on any other application (or sometimes on another tab) working… S.t.u.p.i.d. 🙁

  • bwat47

    At least this version of chromium finally makes some progress with smooth-scrolling. The middle-click universal scroll now scrolls butter smooth in opera 19 and chrome 32 beta, and it seems to work on all webpages.

    However smooth-scrolling with the mouse wheel still doesn’t work acceptably. The smooth-scrolling flag is almost completely broken with threaded compositing enabled (which is enabled by default in this version of chromium), it scrolls in steps on most pages, but certain pages, such as this blog scroll smoothly as expected.

    With threaded compositing disabled, it works on *most* web pages, but still scrolls in steps on some. However right now there’s an annoying bug with threaded compositing disabled in chromium 32, where at random pages will load as being all ‘white/blank’, until you resize the browser window. I saw this happen on two totally separate machines (my home machine, win 8.1, i5-2500, amd 280x. my work machine: intel core 2 duo, win7, nvidia 7900gs).

    Hopefully some day chromium will finally fix smooth scrolling so it works reliably… its 2013 and smooth scrolling is a pretty basic feature of a browser. firefox and IE have had smooth scrolling that works on all web pages for years, and the old opera had it too. But it looks like chromium is at least making progress on it finally.

  • knuthf

    Thanks for 19.0.1326.0 – it is lightning fast on Mac again.
    Now, the cool is that you can see every pane, and the resources it use, and if a site suddenly wakes up and spins off new adverts – to be blunt: You can just kill it – leave it there, and should you need it later, press ctrl+r – reload.

    The next is to start these sup-processes as a special user “Internet” or “Java”.
    The next time – never release an beta version without “sessions” – so that you can store sessions. If you kill the main window, all your panes are lost, you have to reload manually from history.

    Beware that extensions make Opera single-threaded – AdBlock is enough. But clean as it comes, it is firework!

  • knuthf

    Can you start the tabs with “su Internet” – and get Mac, BSD, Android and Linux to make a Internet user. You can do the same on all Java, fork in a special user space. It will be a first one – but Opera has lead the way in the past.

    Those that are stuck with Windows, can propose a similar mechanism.

  • Alexandre Cavaco


    I was curious to see if the search box in speed dial was using HTTPS in Google search, so I launched Wireshark to find out.
    Although the search (when Enter ou Search button is pressed) is encrypted, the autocomplete that appears when the user is writing the query term is not. It goes over port 80.

    When I was writing “opera” in the search box, the browser issued various GET requests, here’s one example of what I saw in Wireshark, port 80:
    Request: GET /complete/search?client=opera&q=ope&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 HTTP/1.1rn
    Response: [“ope”,[“opel”,”openoffice”,”opera”,”opensubtitles”,”opel astra”,”operario”,”opel adam”,”opera download”,”opel corsa”,”opel insignia”]]

    Letting the autocomplete query as unencrypted is not very good.
    Shouldn’t this be encrypted also? Is this a limitation with Google’s autocomplete, or is it a bug with Opera browser?

    • Alexandre Cavaco

      Should I report it as a bug?

  • Karl Liebknecht

    I use Opera Next on old computers (6-7 yrs) and the performance is superb. Opera Next is much better in this regard than 12.16. Win8 and Opera are a great match for such systems.

    Hope there will be Opera Next for Linux soon, so I can also use it on my productive computer as well.

  • Astana Capital Asia .

    We checked again the next version of Opera Next 19 XP/32. Again, not support for HTML5 3D panoramas. Other browsers work fine It has long been.
    for example – http://astanacapital.com/index.php?fullarticle=21

    but new Opera’s for Windows 7/8 work ok

  • Ralf Brinkmann
  • Peter Hand

    Hi, the STRONG tag seems to be resulting in blurry fonts sometimes. Windows7, 64bit.
    Seen at http://www.news.com.au/finance/the-top-10-email-habits-that-drive-people-crazy/story-e6frfm1i-1226780614696

  • 真木 修

    When I download image ‘A.jpg’ when same filename already exists in local folder, Opera modify filename as ‘A(1).jpg’ automatically without confirmation.
    Can I change this behavior to same as Opera 12 (confirm overwrite)?

  • jrista

    Why are you calling start screen background images “themes”? Opera used to have one of the best actual THEME engines around for browsers. What you are calling themes is quite simply start screen wallpaper, nothing more. Calling them themes seems incredibly insincere and misleading (like so many other things involving Opera these days…such as, oh, I dunno…a PROPER BOOKMARK MANAGER.)

    It would be really nice if the Opera team could open up their plans more, and have some more concrete plans for getting ESSENTIAL features like bookmarks brought to the browser (preferably, before we get something else useless, like “parallax ‘themes'” or something like that.) There are some significant and very SEVERE deficiencies in the Opera Next generation. Standard and essential features are nowhere to be found, and god only knows what the plan is to make them available. It is extremely disheartening, disappointing, and to be frank, very frustrating. Up through Opera 12, you guys had the best browser on the planet.

    Now? All your decade-old die-hard fans are wondering what was just shoved up their butt, how they might find it to yank it out, and when something that actually resembles Opera as we used to know and used to love it, will actually find it’s way to a download link….

    So very disappointing…

    • jrista

      Oh, one other thing. Personally, I despise Chrome. Overly simplistic. Restrictive. It lets ads through like a sieve. It is one of the least pleasant browsing experiences available, with the possible exception of IE (although IE has improved significantly on Windows 8.) The browser market doesn’t need another Chrome clone…however it seems like so many things about Opera these days…the lack of features, the limited capabilities of features that do exist, restrictions on what you can or cannot do with the user interface, etc. all mirror Chrome.

      Are there plans to bring back the bold old Opera, the one with ultimate customizability and feature integration, where I, the user, could make my OWN choices about how I want things to be laid out, organized, and accessible? Or, is Opera Next really just another Chrome clone, always will be, and that’s that? I really don’t know what to think…the information coming out of Opera about this new browser is so slim, I really don’t know where to turn for my browsing needs. Opera 12 was wonderful…all it really needed was the rendering engine to be replaced, all the rest was perfect….so wonderfully perfect…I don’t understand this starting from scratch.

  • Rinne Tensei

    DNA-14059 is killing it.. it is since O12 and nobody notices.. fix it or else you will never be able to equalize opera with firefox or chrome.. it is a basic bug that sometimes new tabs open via an anchor to a different site doesn’t load the extensions actually (unable access active extension memory from from prev. tab or simply unable to reload them) eg: adblock, abine donot track me, ABP, Poper blocker etc.. the new tab just ends up showing ads, javascript popups..

  • IEuser

    Crazy behavior of the address bar. It search sites which are offered during typing instead of going to the site.

  • Vux777

    Currently I’m using this build as my main (in stable, BB is still way behind, and dev is to blinky… literally, sites blink when switching tabs)

    I was wondering, does
    – Experimental QUIC protocol
    – HTTPS over experimental QUIC protocol
    – SPDY/4 alpha 2
    – HTTP/2 draft 04
    make any difference when surfing with Off-road mode?
    I’m on mobile net, and want to make max out of performance and data savings…

  • ammodytes

    new build???

  • FCSH

    Advanced/power user options:
    – User JS
    – User CSS
    – urlfilter.ini
    – dictionaries
    – User agent
    – Opera Proxy (browser proxy | v. < 13)

  • Gts Mode

    2BAD its MEMORY HOG like chrome..why NO “open new bookmarks with LEFT click option” instead of middle click

  • Calaghan Grainger

    I can see where the reviewers are coming from it may be a good idea to consider a build for linux based distros. Other than that this is a sick browser. Its fast has good support and does everything it claims. The only issue I can find is more of a nit pick than not but p2p is not working. When I try to launch a download with the torrent file it just re-downloads the torrent file instead of downloading what the torrent requests of it. No big deal I have other software to work with that but I figured why not mention it. Good job though well put together software

  • Helenice Chroniger

    The panels with the folders are a MUST. This is what makes you stand out for the rest. Please keep them in your new release. Thanks

  • liamdools

    Yo, it’s 2015 and I still can’t fucking change my search engine to Startpage. Is something wrong with the Opera “developers”?