We are continuing to work on Opera Next and Opera Developer in our never ending quest to provide the best web browser.

This of course doesn’t mean we neglect the Opera stable version. Recently you guys reported crashes when enabling notifications in Gmail. Thanks for the feedback and in return here is an update to fix this issue!

What do you have to do to get the update? If you already have Opera installed it may well have already updated itself (or be in the process of updating). You can check this via the ‘About Opera’ entry in the main Opera Menu. Alternatively, if you want you can also manually download Opera here.

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  • Niyawa

    Waiting for developer update. Smooth scrolling has been a pain since last week.

    • well you will not need to wait any more just use 12.16 version of Opera is the best and the most stable to than this piss of junk of unstable Chrome Engine….

      • Vux777


        • How to hate Opera Presto if it is the fastest the best and the most stable to than any other browsers on the planet ???? Plus the most unique features to compared to other and to this to.
          I think that you do not know what you are saying ?

        • Just use the default browser test and the father of all and you will see how all will load and how bad they are to this is the link: http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Performance/LiteBrite/

        • Emanuele

          I can’t agree more.

          Really…. I’m absolutely a Opera-Presto fan and I insist a lot here in suggesting how to improve things and having a sort of Opera-Presto clone as much as it’s possible… but this guy is really annoying now… if I read another one of his comment I think I’ll look for a way to block him.

          Holy God! We all know what we’ve lost!… now please stop this vexing trolling and live your life! Opera 12 is still here and it works very well, so use it as I do (and I’ll do for a lot of time more) or switch to other browsers.

  • Cryio

    I think for a lot of us, Opera hit version 1 again when they released 15.

    I think Opera will finally be Opera again when they hit 30. Or the real version 15. I can hardly wait for that moment ^_^

    • Some people have a serious adaption issue, it is shocking that most youngsters are the ones that find so hard to accept changes.

      How long will the squeal last? it has been seven months already since first O15 snapshot.

      • Cheesey

        And since then so little has changed. We are using a well developed (not perfect) browser with so many features and with O15 almost all is set back to zero.

        There are so many little things missing, like several shortcuts, gestures (right click + mouse wheel), features etc. not included with O15.

        The options menu has been stripped to a minimum compared to the one in O12. It’s like you bought an Alienware laptop and your next computer is a TI-32 calculator – of course we won’t shut up until we get our Alienware machine back!

        Just because it’s been several months it doesn’t mean we have to shut up and swallow what’s coming…

        • Whether you shut up or not, you still have to accept what they are able to provide.

          Try to provide constructive feedback, or just go away. Whining like youngsters won’t make the foggiest bit of difference to their priorities.

          They already know about the needs people have for shortcuts, gestures, etc., but they already said that they are not building a clone of Opera 12. A lot of stuff will never come back.

          • And a lot other stuff will in time, but they also explained many features were so closely tied to Presto, they can’t just like that port them over to Chromium.

          • senna_4ever

            what features, for example?

          • Eric83

            One of them, I believe, was fit to width, a feature I have found extremely useful.

          • They weren’t very specific at all, I can think of M2, Tab Stack maybe, I don’t know.

          • They weren’t very specific at all, I can think of M2, Tab Stack maybe, I don’t know.

        • You bought nothing here, you got it for free.

          You got what you got, and you will wait.

      • Youngsters? I’m a long time user, I am using Opera 18, ONLY because some of the websites I am using are not compatible with 12 anymore and I hate Chrome. It’s disrespectful to users what Opera Developers are doing… Just blatantly ignoring the userbase to create a chrome copycat is terrible. But some people have hope, and some people are willing to wait 30 versions. Because some people like this browser and this company.

  • Kurt Zon

    Thanks team…….

  • viqw

    Here it doesn’t ask me if I want to save passwords.

  • icetom

    html5 videos on youtube and apple HD trailers still dont work properly.

    • Cryio

      Yeah, but it’s not Opera’s fault.

      • ass

        it is Opera’s fault. I can watch the html5 videos fine in other browsers

      • kapsi

        It’s Opera’s problem all right. Find the odd browser:

    • well it is really simple just use 12.16 version of Opera not this piss of junk of Chrome unstable engine…..

  • MozPri

    Fix youtube missing quality options. That kind of problems should be fixed “outside” release cycle.

    • It would just make more work.

    • Serpher

      YouTube has their quality options in their flash player using Opera. You mean HTML5 player?

      • kapsi

        You can’t choose to use the Flash player anymore.

        • Serpher

          Weird. I’m using flash player all the time. HTML5 one isn’t dependable.

        • Vux777

          with the extension you can force flash or html5
          I’m using magic actions for yt, but there’s probably more of them

          • kapsi

            I’m using an extension too. But for the average user it won’t work. And they might remove the flash player as well.

    • well you will be better with there old version 12.16 this is a unstable chrome engine version….

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the update Ruarí, already downloaded, and testing 🙂

  • Serpher

    I’d love it if Opera would fix the browser loading times. It takes forever to load New Tab at the launch

    • That depends on your hardware, my Laptop (APU A6-3420M) loads it faster that my work PC (Intel i5), both with 4 GB RAM DDR3.

      Opera cannot fix that, I think.

      • Serpher

        I have i5 CPU, 16 GB RAM and Opera is on SSD, so that’s not a hardware problem. With Opera 12.xx I had no problems with starting up.

    • Vux777

      also depends on your firewall
      Try disable it, and test start up time

      • Serpher

        I tried that. Nothing. Still it take about 4 seconds to load.

        • Keiv M. Salmon

          sometimes it takes even 10 seconds for me

          • Vux777

            I was having 13-14 sec startup time (from RamDisk)
            until I disabled firewall OSfw and windows catalog

            …just my experience

          • Admin

            disable firewall to surf with a browser in the web?
            – Best idea 2013

          • Vux777

            Some of Firewalls freeze Opera (ZoneAlarm, ESET…)

            If one disable them, Win FW starts automatically

            …and why you taken “Admin” nick???
            new profile with only 2 posts…
            seems like classic attention-seeking troll

          • Admin

            -> Win FW doesn’t starts automatically – it depends on your settings.
            –> fix the source not the symptom.

            My name is completely inconsequential when I’m reading such posts. I could also be named “NSA is watching you”.. Never trust names in the internet. Read the content and filter them not the headline or you will be manipulated.

          • Vux777

            Admin, moderator, mod…
            are usually nicks for …well, for ADMINS
            which you’r not
            so, for start…
            your very nick is sort of manipulation

          • Admin

            So you see?
            My job here was successful and I’m done.
            Good day, Sir

    • Rafał

      Confirm. I have now new PC with SSD and Opera needs 4-5 second, before loading of homepage.

  • nom4d3

    I would love, at least, a fix for all the crashes we are having on 12.x using Facebook. And I’m not kidding. I’m stuck on 12.x while the “New Opera” is not really ready.

    • There is zero chance of any site fixes. Opera 12.16 will only see security fixes now.

      Use Opera 18 or another browser on Facebook.

      • nom4d3

        Yeah… I don’t think you understand the situation. I have to use another browser only to use the SECOND most visited website in the whole world. I’m using Chrome only for this task.

        It’s terrible when someone send Facebook links for me and I forget that my default browser crashes when I click in those links…
        This is VERY annoying!

        • rafaeljvieira

          That’s probably because you’re not using the latest stable build.

        • Frenzie

          Facebook doesn’t crash for me in 12.16. Could it be some third-party app?

    • What can I say? even O18 has issues with FB.

  • Ramdziana F Y

    Now, I’m on Linux.

    When the Opera for Linux released?

  • EnvyAndroid

    I really miss bookmarks.
    Thats the only thing holding me back on Opera 12.

    • siennagold

      I just checked this blog to see if they returned the good ole if-aint-broke-why-fix-or-remove-it bookmarks feature. I was thinking they would have done so with opera 18. Apparently not. So I guess I’m stuck with version 12 for now.

      • Andrew Nagle

        I’ve been using the Neater Bookmarks Chrome extension. You just need the Download Chrome Extensions add-on to use it.

        If you want to enable the the old bookmarks bar, type opera:flags into the address bar and enable the Quick Address Bar feature and then restart Opera. Then open up the standard settings to enable it.

      • Bill

        I agree but I’ve slowly weaned myself from Opera 12 (I’ve used Opera since way back when–when it had to be paid for. Was that 2004? 2005? Earlier? No matter). Painful, but I managed to find several extensions to Firefox that give me bookmark panels on the left (2 pane bookmarks), tabs which respond like Opera’s (tab mix), mouse gestures (all in one gestures), extended status bar, and speed dial. So, even when Opera finally gets around to bookmarks, I just might not go back…..

  • kosio

    No Bookmarks ???
    No Notes ?!
    No RSS

    Are you serious ????
    I’m still using Opera 12

    • No patience ?? They said it will come later.
      No reading comprehension ?? Use an extension
      No chance !! RSS is in the email client.

      This is just an update for Opera 18, so one would not expect any change to features.

      • oic

        rss from extensions

        • Serpher

          I’m using Frengly now. Before that Google Reader for few years.

    • Get the separate client for RSS, that function will not be bound again to the browser, already and officially stated.

      • Emanuele

        IMHO even if they don’t want add a full RSS reader in the browser again, they should provide at least the native support for feed discovery (the icon in addressbar) and preview … I don’t know why people got crazy these last years, but I can ensure “you” that RSS aren’t dead at all, as Google and other BIGs want convince you removing all the stuff feed related

        Hope that at least Opera developers aren’t so “blind” to being convinced by that stupid new “vision”

        IMB4: yes, there are extensions, but these kind of features are basic stuff of a browser, not “goodies” for few people… RSS are a lot more used then the back button, if someone is wondering it 😉

        • Never said RSS is dead, did I? Said get the client it works perfectly well.

          Only now there’s no icon in address bar, makes no sense as client is no more built-in, but if a page has RSS it surely provides the function somewhere.

          • Emanuele

            The fact that the reader isn’t built-in anymore has no importance at all in supplying native support for feed discovery + feed preview… then I can subscribe it with the reader I prefer (online, extension, standalone program) but discovering and previewing it is a work for the browser 😉

            Please don’t muddle up the two things 😉

    • anony anony

      Why not use Seamonkey. Has everything you are looking for. BTW, I stopped using Opera from 15 onwards until couple of releases from that point. Have used Opera from version 10.
      Several comments in this forum but no official reply from Opera. Tend to leave their reply in the comment section very difficult to find.
      Simple. Opera or any fan boys out there please comment.
      1. If Opera is based on chromium why leave the core features in Chromium (bookmarks etc)? Comodo dragon, Google chrome, new Epic browser all have this feature. No addons or no backdoor methods simple Bookmarks.
      2. side bar
      3. preview tabs
      4. Remove ugly google bar (also give options to change the search engines) – available in all chromium based browsers. Even Google Chrome allows users to change the search engine.
      5. Linux?
      6. workable speed dial (rowsxcolumn and size).
      There are many more things. I stop at this point with this. Opera used to be a great browser suddenly why remove all the features by the name of google and now reinventing them all again.
      Thanks for the nice browser though.

      • Emanuele

        1. They said bookmarks will come back, but it may take some time.

        2. I (and lot of other users) agree. SIDEBARS please!!!!

        3. It probably will come back, but as you can see there are lots of other most important things in the to-do list 😉

        4. Possible in the 19 branch

        5. sigh… You’ve to wait.

        6. They are rewriting the whole SD/Stash feature to enhance it. So we can only wait to see it.

    • blackcoder

      RSS is actually no longer a problem if you are willing to use an extension for it or install Opera Mail (there is the old RSS implementation).

      BS-Harou wrote some really nice extensions.

      Just install these two:

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Notes and RSS probably will never come back, so it’s better to find some extensions to replace them.

      Bookmarks are being reintroduced. There is already a bookmark bar which is part of the process of getting them back.

      • Way the extra work for what plus Extensions sucks really bad and unstable to ? Better use 12.16 version of opera Original version of Opera 🙂

    • yes 12.16 version is the best Opera Engine and the most fast one and secure to.

  • ass

    you need to the issue where some videos on youtube are only in 360p.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      They are working on it.

      • way to work on it for what ? they have 12.16 version of the Original Opera engine with presto in it…. they doing to much work for what ?

  • ouser

    I miss very much the right mouse button open link in a new tab guesture 🙁 Please bring it back.

    • Operalino

      One thing I’m missing very bad, too.

      • Vux777

        there is middle mouse click
        or you need more customization (background, foreground…)?

        • Operalino

          The gesture on Opera 12 was GREAT (right click & down-up). I have no middle mouse button, neither on my Laptop nor on my PC. The middle button at my PC mice is configured for another action.

          I used the gesture many times a day. Eg. browsing a news site frontpage and open all interesting child pages in an background tab for later reading.

          Perhaps I’ll manage to use [Ctrl]+[Left mouse button], but it was great to be able to only make use of the mouse without needing my keyboard.

          (Anyway: thanks for the hint, Vux777!!)

          • Vux777

            The gesture on Opera 12 was GREAT

            I agree
            I miss mostly zooming with mouse
            all extensions sucks or broken in Opera

          • well you better use 12.16 or Google Chrome this like you see is the unstable version of Chrome.

  • Shion

    Make option for setting maximum number of connections per host and overall, please (proxies bites).
    Status bar? The one that is noticable.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess the changelog is in the post, so there is no need to make a separate one.

  • bram

    Been using Opera for over a decade. Loved it until version 15 was pooped out. Terrible. So I’m stuck on 12. Anytime i see a major update coems out, I coem here to see the comments and read teh changelog. Pretty sad that even the most basic featires of previous version are still not back yet.

    • Yes they never ever will make a more better engine like 12.16 version with presto engine…. The original Opera and the most stable to plus with uniques features to. 🙂

  • Bogdan Sokolov

    Still crashes when zooming in and out.

    • Yes you see it is really not a stable version. try better use 12.16 version of Opera that is the Original version and there best work to.

  • Tüütlüm Ohaya

    So, i’m decided it’s enough with this annoying youtube problems, i will use an another browser until you repair it !!!

    • Yes not need to Test this piss of junk that they are lying to you that this is a stable version and it is not at all stable plus no unique features to. You could use the Original Engine of Opera 12.16 version with Pesto inside. If you like so much Opera like me 😛

    • Since Chropera appeared I only skipped O15 and started using O16 Stable and on, no YT problems so far.

      So exactly what kind of problems are you experiencing, devs can’t help you with no info provided.

  • Kamil Kwiecień

    And when we can expect next Linux version? 12.16 was released ages ago.

    • “Do not expect it for another three months at the earliest.”
      Like Pesala is pointing you out.
      Well you will be better of using the Original Google Chrome way you want to wait for what ?
      Plus Opera is only with Chrome engine…. so they are similar and I don’t think that you will need to use Opera for what ? for 1% more speed compared to the Original Google ?
      Plus this show that they will never be more better than Original Google because they are using there engine no ?

  • Łukasz Darzki

    On my Surface tablet tabs in tab bar takes only about half of available space. Please fix it.


  • nimuchan

    Thank you very much!!

  • Well I want a Original Opera Engine update like best stable and the world most fastest engine in all the world like the version 12.16 with the Original Opera Presto engine that is the best of all and really unique and secure to. Not this piece of junk with Chrome unstable engine that always crash and sucks at multiple opened web-pages plus a bad security to if you compare it to Presto but then you will not compare it to because is the best engine in all the world….

    • Sry I will edit them….

      • BK

        Thanks. And I think you know, the list of words which resembles more prostitution business than browser world.

        Also it would be better discussion quality here if you stop repeating your opinions many times. Even if you repeat Presto 1000 more times around here, there will be no features development on Presto any more.

        • Well I do change my mind and find better ways to. Well no problem if the team will not work on Presto they should give there Presto engine to Google and they will know better what to do with it if for Opera is so hard to work on 2 engine ? So all will win from this Great engine.
          PS: It is not possible to delete my old posts ?

          • They should give it to Google team at least it will be much more better than just trashing out the best Presto engine of Opera of 17 years of work inside this engine…

  • Shion

    Saving a picture in Offroad mode: I suppose, when you do that browser tries to get original image directly from server, and until it does – seve dialogue does not appear. And it never appears if some error has happened. So you keep pushing CTRL+S like an idiot with no response from browser again and again.

    You guys do like making idiots out of your users, right?

    • Yes you have found out that this piss of junk is not a stable version. Better use 12.16 of Opera version. Plus they are working free for what on chrome engine that sucks…?

  • Remember what I say I always be right plus your team are doing free work for a unstable version of a chrome engine for what ? Why the team are working free and without a future to for a Chrome engine ??? Way ??
    Wen you have the best 12.16 Opera engine that will need to be update to for all loyal Opera fans to.

  • Franciszek Baranowski

    Dear Opera programmers.

    I’m testing Firefox with some plugins and with some settings changed.

    Now what I have is:

    1. mouse gestures – like your new Opera (1:1)

    2. my own toolbar – like classic Opera, but not new Opera (2:1)

    3. my own shortcuts to few most important websites on that toolbar – (3:1)

    4. my own shortcut keys (like ctrl+n for new tab) – (4:1)

    5. status bar at the bottom like old Opera (but not new one – (5:1)

    6. settings per page (like enable/disable plugins on specific websites) – (6:1)

    7. tab behaviour – like your new Opera (7:2)

    8. working classic bookmarks (8:2)

    9. complex settings and great customization possibilities (9:2)

    So, what browser is more like classic Opera? 9:2 for Firefox. So if I’ll be forced to change browser, then it will be Firefox, not pseud-Opera. Unless you start to implement some basic things. Let’s start with redefine keys and F2 small addressbarr window. 🙂

    • Well they will probably need around 10 years to make all there old features from 12.16 by this new unstable Chrome Engine…. they have taken them around 2 years to add there old Sync in this chrome engine….
      Well for other think they will go beyond 10 years for what ? It is really useless to use the chrome engine compared to there best Presto engine…. Which they have forgotten to work on new updates ?
      Well instead of working on presto to add better feature they will work for nothing(gratis) only to support Google Chrome engine….. which really sucks….
      Well all the world do mistakes so way the team of opera will not do any big mistake ?
      Plus they will see that Google Chrome engine is a piss of sh.t. at least not for Google but for others it is plus they will capture all in there trap. 🙂
      So way Opera will not fall in there Google trap ?? Well there are sank up to their necks 🙂
      Well I want to see if they could find a way to be again to the top but with a Chrome engine I think they will never be. And they will never bypass there old Presto engine 12.16 at least….

    • nanana2

      I think this 2 vote down above are from mods…rs

      • Franciszek Baranowski


        I want to read what are the MAJOR CHANGES between Opera 15, Opera 16, Opera 17, Opera 18 and now Opera 19. I see no revolution, no evolution or even nothing like improvement. For me it’s like Opera 15.09, not Opera 19.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Read the changelogs, you’ll be able to find the changes there.

          It would be 15.09 on the old numbering system only if the updates were bugfixes which is not the case.

          • Franciszek Baranowski

            I’m not talking about ANY changes. I’m talking about MAJOR and BIG changes. Who cares that Opera team updates chrome engine, if this is nothing related to Opera? Or some small changes? And what t.f. means “old numering system”? There is not “old” and “new” numbering system. There is proper numbering system and cheating.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            It seems that you never read the changelogs. When you read them you’ll be able to see that the differences between 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.

          • Franciszek Baranowski

            You probably never try to understand what people wortes, isn’t? I don’t want to READ about bugfixes and engine updates, and other minor changes. I want to FEEL that somehing is changed when new BIG number is changed. I see no new options (ok, few – but not like I expect after 5 VERSIONS!), no new gfx improvements or new ideas. All I see is the same browser with bigger number. Come on! Even on youtube people made jokes about that!

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Changelogs list more than just bugfixes and Chromium updates.

            Thay may not be what you expected but you can’t blame the others for have created high expectations.

            As explained many times before, things work in a different way now. You should not expect too many changes between two versions of Opera, changes will be gradual and sometimes not easily seen by the users.

          • Franciszek Baranowski

            Forgive me, but I know and test many browsers. And what I see is not enough to call new Opera good alternative to anything what already exists on the market. Users have Chrome – oryginal. But they have few alternatives – for example Comodo Dragon, which is good Chrome clone. I even found browser that is called “Sleipnir”, which has really nice ideas as Chrome clone (for example – more complex configuration, what IS important). I perfectly understand what Opera programmers do – this browser has always about 1-2% of market and that was not enough. The main problem was always “presto” engine and people which I spoke with always says that Opera has problems with some websites etc. Improving presto forever was probably impossible so Opera programmers decided to change rendering engine – what is cool, imo. BUT – there is always some “but” – in my opinion Opera management made another big mistake – they want to made clone of existing browser. People never choose clones in first place. They choose oryginal browser, so the only method to increase number of users is to made something different and better than oryginal. And Opera was great in that – was everything including complex configuration, great personalization and even email and irc client! Opera programmers should focus on restore everything under new rendering engine – this can save Opera. Restore all nice options for old users gives you, dear Opera, great user’s recommendations (thousand of them!) and new rendering engine will made this browser as good in displaying websites as competition. But no – instead of that you persist (as always) that you’re right and changes you’re made are what people need. So – you loose again and it’s sad, because Opera always was my choice. There is really sad that Opera going down, but – even bigger companies made mistakes. Is always very difficult to admit that decissions was bad, but this is probably last moment that you can do that and focus on make your old users (and new ones) happy. Powerfull browser with great rendering engine is what people reward, not another Chrome clone.

          • Pedro Costa

            Funny how you compare to Firefox greatness and then slam the version numbers of Opera has not big improvement.

            You do know that Firefox has been for a longtime in rapid development cycle to? Right?

            Most of the time this means some minor features in releases, just like Opera is doing now.

            I for once, comparing what they have done in less than a year (first release of chromium based Opera) to now, it is astonishing what they have accomplished. Maybe it’s just me being a developer and knowing how long it takes to make things.

            In the end it’s good to have choice. If you are now happy with FF. Use it. Why are you rambling about? If you want another chrome clone and think they are better than Opera. Go for it. Like before. Opera was not for everybody and still isn’t, like chrome is not everybody also. Just use what you feel comfortable with and stop complaining. It’s not like they are forcing to use it (it’s not microsoft or apple yet)

          • Franciszek Baranowski

            Omg, are you for real? Show me one good PR guy who says “choose other company” or “choose other product”! This is not the way Opera fan should act, this is why Opera loosing everything – because of rude and haughty developers, programmers and users who don’t understand that they’re wrong. You’re completely wrong! You should try to convince me that I should use Opera and you should never say that is good that I’m trying to use other browser! Who t.f. makes that? I don’t really care how stupid Firefox makes his versions number – it’s not excuse to made the same stupid thing in Opera. And it’s not an argument in this discussion at all! I show that FF has some features that classic Opera was and I compare it to new, “modern” Opera. And I’m still using Opera 12.16 (until it will be impossible).

            I still has hope that something changes, but when I read that stupid arguments like “choose other browser and let us, true Opera worshippers, using Opera, no matter what”, then I’m so disappointed.

            Opera have chance to win but ONLY when programmers, developers and even moderators forget about “worshipers” and “true believers”, and focus on potential NEW users. Why do you want to convince existing users to using software that they already using? It’s pointless!

          • Pedro Costa

            I’m not a PR guy, I’m a web developer but not from Opera (I wish I was though). I’m not a worshiper. I use multiple browsers on daily basis, mostly because of my profession. So I say things from my perspective. I think they made a big change and it was a big gamble. They knew angry people would show up.

            I think they made the right choice. Opera Presto was horrible on some sites. It was sluggish and in some it didn’t even work. There wasn’t a way to just change the engine because of things they already told us. So beginning from scratch with just a plain Chromium base I think they are doing a good job. Remember, Opera Presto had almost a 20 year to advance. This one has less than a year. Give it time. I still think they are doing somethings better than Chrome. Tab cycling works has I like for example (last active). They are adding many of the features back, etc.

            So I don’t care if you think I m a worshiper or not. I don’t care about your rambles, but most of all I don’t understand why you are so angry about something (browser) that has so many alternative choices. Opera 12 will not comeback ever.

          • Franciszek Baranowski

            Why am I so angry? That’s simple. Because I care. Because I want to use big great Opera browser – complex and great (not his easy and weak version). Because only “angry” people can change anything. Even bloodless and peaceful revolutions are not made by people who are happy. People who disagree with something and people who want to change anything are angry sometimes. Is this so strange to you to understand? It’s absolutely natural. You’re angry too, in different way. You’re that kind of person who pisses off everyone by using annyoing arguments and stupid answers. If someone ask few questions about browser improvements, your answer is “change browser”. And then you are surprised that I am angry. I hope some day, if you broke your leg, you’ll hear from doctor “use your second leg and don’t be angry”. Good luck.

          • Pedro Costa

            I see…well good luck to you, because this won’t change anytime soon. Like I said, things take time to develop and the old Opera was crippled beyond repair. So you can be angry a lot but it won’t matter, because there is not a rapid solution like you want it to be.

            So I say to you good luck, “screaming” in here, I’m done with this conversation.

          • Franciszek Baranowski

            Damn, you’re not so smart, isn’t? Do you really think that this forum is for writting comments like “oh, I love Opera!” or “first!”? For people like you is no sense to made anything – everything will be good, no matter what bad program will be.

  • “We are continuing to work on Opera Next and Opera Developer in our never ending quest to provide the best web browser.”
    Yes you will work 10 years free and for nothing just to add some features of you old version of Opera 12.16 Presto engine and instead of adding more features to the Presto engine the 12.16 version of Opera…
    Plus you should say like this:
    “We are continuing to work on Opera Next and Opera Developer in our never ending quest to provide the best poorest and unstable version of a web browser.” With the Google trap inside for all 🙂 Well Google are good but only for them not for other company’s because they will make you broke for sure… they have the biggest monopoly and they will not give you there monopoly for nothing…

  • Leonardo Gomes

    [Request]Please add/create a tool that allow us to easily avoid (block/ignore) the trolls and childish people who loves to keep coming here just to post the same “mimimi” dozen of times on each post without contributing to improve the discussion.

    I know i can just ignore but it’s kinda difficult when you see them dozens of times in several discussions.

    • nanana2

      As is being said for Linux users, be patient, be patient, be patient, be patient, be patient, be patient, be patient, be patient, be patient….

      • Leonardo Gomes

        I am patient. Or at least i try to be.

    • L33t4opera

      Leonardo, calm down please, and relax (off topic, but whatever):
      Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe – Rolanda & Richard (Parody) 😉
      The original version: Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        I’m calm, i’m very calm. 🙂

    • Emanuele

      Yes please find a way to add this block feature… Teodor’s comments are irritating me too much now

    • Agreed. These blogs either need a block feature or a strictly enforced policy of moderation. There is, in fact, a strict policy as was pointed out elsewhere, but the mods are presumably not working on Sundays.

  • Well this is the test for all browser how fast they will load web-pages the link is pointing out to the father of all browsers that thy make a standard for the web here is the link: http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Performance/LiteBrite/
    And here is my old tests make you own and see how bad some of the are loading.
    And my is:
    1st Internet Explorer v.11 test time = 2 seconds loading (fastest) last sys update -2sec from 4sec win
    2nd Firefox v.25.01 test time = 6 sec load (no full support) so for now weak beside others
    3rd Opera Stable v.12.16 test time = 8 sec load (well good) sys update 1 -1sec update 2 -1s win
    4th Opera v.17.00 test time =20 sec load (slow) new versions sucks -no old opera link?
    5th Google Chrome v.33 test time =28 sec load (the slowest) so no need for other Chrome copy
    The wins are from the update of the windows.

    • Plus if you will update your windows or the video driver you will see that 12.16 it will improve it performance ever more than it is.
      But in chrome engine I don’t see any improves in performance any at all…
      So by time Opera version 12.16 it will be ever more faster than it is a really good and cool feature to for a long term use to.

    • Why would you take much notice of a test designed by MS to make IE11 look good? Try an independent test like PeaceKeeper by Futuremark:

      Opera 18.0.1284.49 scored 3971 and 6/7
      Internet Explorer 11 scored 2392 and 5/7
      Firefox 25.0 scored 2275 and 7/7

      • Yes I know it from long ago the PeaceKeeper. But there are not so old like IE is from windows 95…
        Plus last time I have tested them it was like IE was last or at lest belove Firefox and now IE is stronger than FF interesting…
        Put the scores for Google Chrome and Opera 12.16 🙂
        IE are from 1995 and Opera from 1996 but IE is the default for windows and for all web-pages… so IE has 1 year more older than Opera or possible to have more.
        So IE is the father of all the INTERNET plus the default to.

        • Plus I believe more in IE tests than in any others test that do not know to make a browser and are not from the start of the INTERNET.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        I don’t know… That Microsoft test puzzles me. What kind of things can there possibly be to just make IE look good if it’s not? Not #ifndef IE delay(10), certainly— that would have been discovered easily and turned into a PR disaster…
        If there are DOM, string, etc. operations that IE performs so much faster than Opera, I’d like to have them implemented in Opera/Chromium, or at least thought of while other important things are being done.

  • paul yang

    ask one question 什么时候才能补全12.16的功能???

    • I have used google translate and it means this: “When will complement the function of 12.16”
      Well if you ask me then I don’t know if they will do it or at all but for now I know that they will not want to add the unique feature of the Notes from the old version of the 12.16 so it is possible that we will never ever see a more better version than 12.16 🙁 at least it they will not see how good and kick ass it is this version and work on new updates for 12.16). And it seems that they like to do free work to and for nothing at least 10 years will be in vain and it will take them to make it work like 12.16 ? pff

    • English only please. All comments not in English will be deleted.

      See the vision for Opera 15 and beyond:


      In brief, some features will gradually be implemented. I say it will be at least another six months before Opera is usable again.

      • Well thx for the link now I know way they will not make any notes in Opera’s with chrome engine. Plus they have said that: “Presto-based Opera had become overloaded with features”
        But this should have not stop the team from updating it at least 1 time by 6 months at least…. there are there best work for 17 years of work inside Presto… Plus I think that they will not easily reach the speed of Presto because they use a slow chrome engine…. So for all to be happy update presto to at least in 6 months
        It should be not hard to update presto no ?

        • nanana2

          Opera 15+ wil be now overloaded with extensions…

          • Yes and I think they will not escape the overloaded problems like they will wish well they will see by time that it will be better for them to have the presto engine and not the Chrome engine. Or at lest they should give the engine to Google it will be the best thing they will do then….

          • I think your posts are very pessimistic, Let’s take time for the team of Opera and wait to see what will happen. 🙂

      • nanana2

        Six months? You are beeing too optimistic. The other major browsers like Firefox, Chrome, etc.. took YEARS to reach the current level of resources. Unless Opera copy of Chrome features that are missing, just as they have done with some features…

        • Well, I did say “at least” six months, and “before it is usable.” That doesn’t necessarily mean it will be as usable as Opera 11.64 even then.

          We can only wait and hope that the main issues are addressed.

  • Well the real deal was to use the Presto engine in Google Chrome in there Browser and not reverse and then all will have a super win. If Google was so smart but there are only in searching not in browsing the Internet…. well if the Opera team are so good they should at least give the Presto engine to Google and then they will see a real fast and stable Browser to and the best work of Opera to.

    • To make it short.
      The best thing will be to give there Presto 12.16 Opera engine to Google and then they will see then the real power of the a fast and stable Browser in all the world.

      • If for Opera is so hard to work on 2 engines then for Google will be a piece of cake to work on the Presto engine no ? 🙂

        • Emanuele

          Damn you guy! Stop this stupid trolling crusade!

          if you’ve something to say, write it ONE TIME, not zillions of times! … are you a 3 years old child?

          • Well I will delete my old posts but I have no find the delete button. So you should adapt to my trolling crusade in the future 🙂 if you are not a 3 years old child you could adapt with no problem… and you do not want to be damned by me to no ?
            Ps: make up your mind first you say that I’m a guy and then you say I’m a old child ? (and it is possible to be old and a child to things in one ? or is like you say that I’m old and young at the same time ?) lol

          • And I only try to help ppl out of there problems… so it is bad that I try to help all the one I could help easily?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      The real deal would be you to grow up and realise that Presto is past and no matter how many times you act like a spoiled child, it will not come back.

  • I have experienced some random problems with videos in Opera 18 stable. Yesterday I was watching a video on that site http://www.assistirtvonlinegratis.co/, the screen was in full mode and suddenly the screen went back to small screen. This happened about 2 times, besides the fact that I think Opera are using too much memory on my PC when I watch videos. I bought and installed 4 more gigas of RAM to become more calm with this memory eater Chromium-based.
    Now I’ve 8 gigas of RAM, I think it’s enough, but I have serious doubts yet. But I feel sorry for anyone who has a computer / notebook more modest. 🙁

    • yes like I have say many times and don’t want to repet my self but I want to help you out the Chrome engine that Opera use is not a stable one like Opera team thinks. just try 12.16 instead and see if it is better well I to use it and is the most amazing browser of all Presto is the best and like they say is the most fully featured to.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I have 3.2 GB, works fine. Are you sure it’s this video site that causes memory problems? I’ve tried several channels out of its selection. Didn’t watch long enough to catch fullscreen failure, though, but everything seemed OK. With one tab, Opera consumes around 430 MB when idle and 500 during playback. Even cache files are not dumped to disk, as, for example, with one of our local channels, where data chunks are written at up to 17 MB/min.

      • Try to open 40 tabs(job, research, news, entertainment, music, videos, games on-line in flashplayer, in my case weekend mainly, etc) and then tell me what happened…

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Oh, I get it… At first, I thought you blamed the specific site for high memory usage. Certainly, 40 tabs change everything.

  • Dear mods.

    Please remove the Presto Troll. There is no point in following these blogs with these constant interruptions.

    Presto is not coming back. Get used to that fact. Continue using Opera 12.16 or Opera 11.64 (as I am d doing), for as long as you wish. .

    • Well I try to find a way to delete my old posts but I could not find the delete button and only the edit works. This blogs are good but no delete for posts ??

      So you admit to that Presto is the best beside other browsers ? 🙂
      Sorry if I repeat myself I only try to help others like you are doing to… I mean you help them to.

  • Victor

    when is dev comming?

  • marmottin

    Is proper HTML5 support for Youtube coming anytime soon (apart from extensions) or should I definitely switch to another browser?
    I’m patient, I can deal with Opera lacking features from the Presto era, but this is messing with my “user-experience” and I see no good reasons today to stick with it if it can’t even render half of YT vids out-of-the-box.

    • Well I know that presto do support HTML5 or at least experimental i think or full.
      And all Opera Users is now using Presto instead of chrome poor engine.
      But you have a problem for not using Presto now ?

      • marmottin

        I ended switching not because I really wanted to, but to keep using an updated software (security, support…).

        I may simply move to another software, like Pale Moon (built around Firefox), just because the Opera I liked is probably gone for good.

    • blu2

      So sick for waiting !!!

  • Rodrigo Mello

    BF4 plugin is still not working

  • AngryArvid

    Hi Desktop Team. This is my first comment here, so I guess I should start by saying a deep and heartfelt Thank You for providing the world with a badass browser. For that I am grateful. I’ve been onboard since something like 2003, where Opera was largely unchallenged as a high quality browser that avoided the plugin hell required to make Firefox do anything.

    Opera had so much back then and even more came during the years that followed. It was almost a thing of beauty. All it took was one install and the browser was usable, all features active. IE was a joke by comparison and Firefox was a hollow shell out of the box.

    I’ve always been a great fan of what you did with Opera and so it came to me as quite a bit of a shock that after a driver crash, I visit opera.com, pull down my favorite surf gear, and suddenly I’m looking at freaking Chrome. Okay, Chrome with a red O in the top left corner but still, Chrome. What happened to Opera? What happened to the product that I loved on a daily basis for a decade?

    I know that you don’t really give a flying frak about me or what I think. I’m just a user of a free product, after all. But a lot of people have had great moments on a surfboard you provided and you’ve just grinded that board into dust and flushed said dust in the toilet, leaving a lot of people well and truly stranded. Okay, time changes and some times you need to step back in order to move forward. I get that.

    What I don’t get is why there’s not a single apology to be found anywhere. All I’m seeing is “yay, we’re Opera, we’re badass, and we’ve got a great browser for you”. But you’re giving away Opera anymore. Opera was a project that started back in the nineties and eventually ended up at Opera 12, at which point it stopped. Currently you’re passing off a half year old Chrome clone as “Opera”, but it isn’t, is it? What we have now is pretty much the browser equivalent of Porsche putting their badge on low end Hyundais and passing them off as the real deal.

    Yes, I understand your reasons and I understand that it’s bad marketing to apologize for “moving forward”, but your regular users have come to expect a superior product and right now you’re not delivering it. You’re working to get key features back? That’s great, but until that happens, you’re essentially offering a stripped down Hyundai for us to drive around in. If that’s what you’re trying to do then sure, pat yourself on the back. But if you were in fact aiming for more then it might not be a bad idea to let the users, who are currently getting a rather unspectacular product, know that you’re sorry about any inconvenience they may experience as a result of you throwing away 19 years of development and starting over.

    My personal inconvenience? I only have three gigs of RAM in this computer and Opera now eats memory like freaking candy. Suddenly I’m forced to do what I did ten years ago, policing my open windows to avoid other applications seizing up. Content blocking? Gone. Interface customization? Gone. Favorites? Gone. Open as background tab? Gone.

    Yes, I know I can use plugins and get a lot of things back, but plugins are third party and I have to waste time looking for the right plugins. And then I get to worry about your updates breaking the plugins and potential updates for them. I have to worry about their impact on performance. Feature customization is nice but why is it a requirement? Why must I spend time trawling through a bunch of options that I don’t know anything about in order to have more than absolute barebones functionality?

    • You are speaking the real truth… now Opera 18 is even more slower about 7 seconds of loading 🙁 they are going the best wrongest way like never they have in the past… I will show you my last test is:

  • http://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/Performance/LiteBrite/
    And here is my new tests now there ever more bad at loading from updating Firefox, Opera and Google to new versions.
    And my tests is:
    1st Internet Explorer v.11 test time=2seconds load (fastest) sys up -2s from 4s win
    2nd Opera Stable v.12.16 test time=8s load (well good) sys up1 -1s up2 -1s win
    3rd Firefox v.26.00 test time=8s load (no full support) +2s older v.25.01=6s
    4th Opera v.18.00 test time=27s load (going more slower) +7s older v.17.00=20s
    5th Google Chrome dev v.33 test time=37s load (the slowest) +9s canary 33s older v.33=28s

    The wins are from the update of the windows. s=Seconds of loading
    up1 and 2=Update more per times to the newer Windows and the newer drivers of the graphic card.

  • Vux777

    Pls give us a stable build with Bookmarks bar like in dev (next)
    That little thing (not canceling folder menu with MMC and continuous opening) makes huge difference.

  • Rinne Tensei

    DNA-14059 is killing it.. it is since O12 and nobody notices.. fix it or else you will never be able to equalize opera with firefox or chrome.. it is a basic bug that sometimes new tabs open via an anchor to a different site doesn’t load the extensions actually (unable access active extension memory from from prev. tab or simply unable to reload them) eg: adblock, abine donot track me, ABP, Poper blocker etc.. the new tab ends up showing ads, javascript popups..

  • Tiago Tavares Rodrigues

    Please can you fix this:

    When i put on URL bar this link: http://www.wook.pt/, is fine but when I click to open another page (e.g to order a book), Opera opens always the mobile version of this book shop.

  • Razvan Dragos

    Why i get on Facebook many Page Crashes? Want to mention that i dont have any extension installed.

  • ayespy

    Hulu embedded videos in this version simply display a black window with no content

  • L33t4opera
  • Dziple

    Flash won’t work always when trying to play youtube videos!

  • Yiola Fensht

    I’m staying on Opera 12, had Opera 18 for an hour this evening, horrendous pile of shyte.

  • Andrew

    I really really loved the old fullscreen option with scrollbars auto-hidden

  • John Baker

    It’s been a few years since I tried Opera. I honestly didn’t care much for the older Presto versions, although that was more a matter of look and feel than performance, but with each new release of Chrome getting slower, buggier and more unstable, not to mention more of a resource hog (exactly why I abandoned Firefox for Chrome in the first place), I decided to give Opera another try. Imagine my surprise to find it’s now a Chrome clone, only better – with some reservations.

    I activated QAB, installed a bookmarks extension and imported my bookmarks from Chrome manually via copy and replace, so all’s well there, but – there has to be a but, doesn’t there? – a minor criticism. I understand that Opera is and always has been a work in progress, but still, we shouldn’t have to get under the hood to turn on a feature that should have been enabled by default, nor should we have to install a plugin or extension to give us a basic function that should have been built into the browser. Also, it would be nice to be able to automatically import bookmarks from any browser, not just older versions of Opera (and a status bar would be nice). Overall, though, a thumbs up. Stability appears to be good, and speed, while not blinding, is much better than recent Chrome versions. I just hope it stays that way.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      QAB/Bookmarks Bar was considered still to experimental to be turned on by default for Opera 18 stable release.

      Not sure about Opera 19, but it should be enabled by default on Opera 20.

  • qyeeny

    today my facebook wont load in opera 18…help? Only txt files, no html !!!

  • Message to Opera

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…………. _.·´

  • Miguel Araújo

    Great for run videos in http://supertela.tv

  • oneberto