It’s my turn to say hello. My name is Saito and I am Japanese QA in Desktop, working in Wroclaw, Poland.

I’d like to announce another Opera web browser update, just before Christmas. Since this is an update to our stable branch, you don’t need to do anything special. Just sit and wait for the auto-update, but remember to restart your favorite browser. That’s all!

If you are eager to catch up right away, “OMenu (Opera Menu) > About Opera” will check it if the update is ready.


  • Chromium Updated to 1650.63
  • Several important crash fixes

Enjoy your browsing!

Download Opera 18

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  • nopic

    why not in oslo

  • sirsimon

    When old good Dragonfly?

    • tolerant_today

      To be honest, I am very satisfied with Chrome developer tools.

      DragonFly is very unstable and does not have some features Chome Dev. Tools have.

      • While that may be true you have to remember that some folks will (and still) miss the old Opera 🙂

        • tolerant_today

          If its only about Nostalgia, but not functionality, there is no reason to add Dragonfly

  • myopera

    Bookmarks / Opera link yet? No, than stop posting and get to work…

    Tired of people asking for it? The next step will be even worse.. people just not caring at all anymore. Good thing though for all of us, we are getting close to that point.

    • rafaeljvieira

      Opera 18 is on stable channel, which means it is feature-complete and won’t get any other new features. New features will only be released on the Dev channel, which is Opera 20 at the moment.

      But, since you’re asking, bookmarks are already available: just go to opera:flags, turn quick access bar on, restart browser, go to settings, activate quick access bar. However, this is still experimental. If you don’t want to activate an experimental feature, wait for Opera 19, which has bookmarks:

      As for Sync, it’s available on Opera 19 as well: It’s still experimental, you’d need to go to opera:flags to activate it, and you may lose all you data, but it’s there.

      • Fhury

        This is obviously not what people refer to as bookmarks. QAB is far too rudimentary to pass though as “bookmarks”, that’s why it is called QAB in the first place. I think the core question of the OP is valid, maybe for Xmas?

  • Anderson Araujo

    Opera Link/Sync or whatever works in this build already?

    • rafaeljvieira

      Opera 18 is on stable channel, which means it is feature-complete and won’t get any other new features. New features will only be released on the Dev channel, which is Opera 20 at the moment.

      As for Sync, it’s available on Opera 19: It’s still experimental, you’d need to go to opera:flags to activate it, and you may lose all you data, but it’s there.

      • Anderson Araujo

        i’ve tried this flag thing in last 19. When i click in sync option in the menu i’m redirected to opera link website. Then i did login and that do not synced nothing. Does not work.

        • Dark Magician

          Works for me.

  • Dark Magician

    No link for full changelog?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I guess the full changelog is on the post.

      • Dark Magician

        Actually they did make it, just forgot to add it.

        Update chromium to 1650.63.
        DNA-13464 Crash when pasting stuff in address bar
        DNA-14258 Crashloop after changing the settings to open one page on startup

    • Marcin Mitek

      Fixed, well, there wasn’t too much to share, but still 🙂

      • gdv

        There may only be a similar small amount of changes, but build 18.0.1284.63 is also missing from the changelog ( Given the Dec. 6, 2013 file timestamps included in the Opera_18.0.1284.63_Setup.exe installer I assume this is the “Opera 18 stable update” posted Dec. 6, 2013 (

        AFAICT, build 18.0.1284.49 was the “official” Opera 18 stable release ( If so, I don’t see any blog posts corresponding to the 18.0.1284.57 build listed in the changelog. So I’m wondering if perhaps the 18.0.1284.57 build info in the changelog is mislabeled and should be labeled 18.0.1284.63 ???

        (The 18.0.1284.57 build info was the most recent listed in the changelog when I downloaded v18.0.1284.63, but I missed the v18.0.1284.57 download if there was one… …Maybe someone who has been tracking it more closely or who downloaded 18.0.1284.49, 18.0.1284.57, and 18.0.1284.63 can clarify ???)

        BTW, I really like these single-page cumulative changelogs listing each build, but it would be nice if the release date were posted next to each build.

        • Marcin Mitek

          Thank’s for pointing it out. I’ll try to fix it before holiday break.

          • gdv

            That was quick! 🙂

          • Marcin Mitek

            I answered up there, there was a mistake when we were preparing changelog for one of the 18 minor updates (.63) and we left the primary number (.57). So 57 is actually 63 which was released, quite a mess, sorry for that. Should now be fixed. We will consider adding date from now on.

          • gdv

            Thanks, Marcin! Build changelog label (18.0.1284.63 instead of 18.0.1284.57) and build links (#b1284.63 instead of #b1284.57) seem to be all “cleaned up” now. 🙂

            Spent about an hour 5 days ago trying to figure out when/how I had missed the fabled 18.0.1284.57. 😛

            It didn’t help that the only specific mentioned in the blog post (“…crashes when enabling notifications in Gmail.”) didn’t seem to match any of the items in the changelog. I see now in another post in this thread) you have linked the Gmail crashes to the changelog item: “DNA-12725 link crashes renderer in Opera master” (which certainly would not be apparent to most of us users).

            I appreciate your efforts to clear up the confusion! 🙂

          • Marcin Mitek

            No problem 🙂 Sometimes it’s hard to keep a clean changelog when a lot of stuff is going on around. Next time we will try to make it better and more obvious for you.

          • gdv

            Thanks. A little slow getting back to you, but you mentioned earlier that “We will consider adding date from now on”, and I just want to give a (:thumbsup:) reminder how helpful I think that would be. 🙂

            As I was trying to sort out the confusion, I also noticed it was very helpful to have the build number included in the blog post title (e.g., “Another Opera stable update, 18.0.1284.68” rather than “Opera 18 stable update” or “Opera 18 has landed!”).

            That makes it easier to keep track of which blog posts have already been read, or to find a specific blog post again by searching for the build number. It would also tie a blog post announcing a new build to the build info in the changelog just as well as a date would.

            …(Although I’d still like to see the date in the changelog as well, for ease of tracking progress chronologically without having to refer back to the blog post date.)

          • Marcin Mitek

            It’s actually small thing that may be very useful for tracking. I’ll try not to forget (and I’m sticking post-it note to my screen right now) 🙂

          • gdv

            Thanks! 🙂

  • blackcoder

    Thank you. Updated. 🙂

  • L33t4opera

    Thanks for the info about the update Saito 😉
    Nevertheless, and with all due respect to you, Opera’s gals and guys, but my patience to such announcements of new versions, which contain such ridiculously insignificant amount of info about the changes, is over.
    “Chromium Update” – to which version of Chromium?
    “Several important crash fixes”
    1. How many changes, and crash fixes?
    2. What are the changes in detail?
    3. What are the impacts of these changes?
    5. What they improve?
    6. What are known bugs in this version, comparing to the previous version?

    Presumably, that I will do automatic update, or download new version, and install it, because I trust you, but what in case, if I just want to know, what exactly has been changed, since the last version to the latest version, before the upgrade?
    You do not provide any specific info about what exactly has been changed in new version, and you expect, that we will update without questioning?
    Again with all due respect, but this is not acceptable for me any longer, seriously Opera’s developers, but lack of basic info about the changes can cause, that even the archangel may be upset 😉

    • Marcin Mitek

      Whoa, slow down 🙂 This one was the small one, maybe “several important” was a bit of exaggeration.

      • L33t4opera

        It’s ok Marcin 😉 I’m just a little tired, because, many times it was so, that the change log has not been published at all, or was published, but the link to it, hasn’t been attached in the contents of the post.

        • Marcin Mitek

          What’s so mysterious about it? Maybe I can help you 🙂

          • L33t4opera

            I can’t find the file on the ftp server, which would include “18.0.1284.57” in its name, if you are able to find it, and give me the link to it, I will be very grateful and the mistery is no longer a mistery 😉

          • Marcin Mitek

            Mystery solved, .57 was later released as .63 Changelog requires some cleanup 🙂

          • L33t4opera

            Thanks for the explanation Marcin, so in that case, where is the DNA regarding the fix, mentioned here: “…crashes when enabling notifications in Gmail…here is an update to fix this issue”?

          • Marcin Mitek

            The one about was the original issue, we didn’t change the summary.

            DNA-12725 link crashes renderer in Opera master

          • L33t4opera

            Ok, thanks again, much appreciated, and by the way: could you please, change/fix also the id number here: “18.0.1284.63”, thanks in advance 😉

  • icetom

    html5 videos still not working here and in 20dev, Apple HD trailers still not working (I reported 4 months ago). Why do you use Chromium when there is no h.264 support? It seems Google is fooling you as they said they will drop h.264 support in their browser but still, their Chrome can play the videos. Why dont you get a license from Microsoft or Apple? Also Cisco seems to have released a free binary for h.264

    wikipedia says “The element was proposed by Opera Software in February 2007” – now it is sad that Opera browser cannot really use it to its full potential. It seems you are waiting for Google to take action.

    check for more information on it.

    • Vux777

      just today, I read that FF is implementing VP9
      seems like they all turning to big G and it’s solutions
      (royalty free)

  • I know this might sound kinda dumb to ask but it would be really nice if Opera desktop 15+ could use Chrome sync like in the normal Chromium?

    • Dark Magician

      No. They are making their own sync, which should be ready soon.

      • More exactly there own sync should be ready for the version 19+ no ? and for now we do not have any sync in 18…

        • Dark Magician

          More likely 20+.

  • Thanks for new update but pls someone take care with mobile blog…

  • Is there any chance to add a “Restart” button on About page?

    • Guest

      Good idea. Firefox already has that after update.

    • — for applying pending updates, you mean?

      • I mean for applying new build after setup. Becouse page says “you need to restart opera…” It will be usefull.

  • Well the first rule of a real Stable version should be a browser with no Crashes by default and in the first place… and After all Crashes are fixed then we should name Opera the real Stable version…. no ? or better let release the stable version just to be only a real instable.. ? well it is better late than never… but the first rule should be no Crashes at all for a Stable version and without any questions for sure.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Not sure what is your point. There are two crashes listed in the changelog, is that too many?. There is nothing like “testing is done” or “this is bug free” in software development, especially when it comes to quite complex piece of code the browser is. So yeah, crashes happen, even in stable versions.

      • Well for now we have only 2 fixed crashes that we know them but the ones that we do not know them ? Probably there are more for sure no ? But we could not find a more better way to avoid them ? Or to at least to isolate or to separate them from making all the browser to crash ? An example will be how Flash Player crash it only need to restart Flash Player element only to work again and not to restart the entire browser….
        If we find a better way to avoid the Crashes then we will have a real stable version. I for now I have always see Crashes on the Chrome engine in all there versions… But if we could find and fix the crashes then we will be one step in front of all browsers that are crashing…

        • Marcin Mitek

          Trust me, we do what we can to avoid as many crashes as possible. One of the crashes listed here never made it to public build. We have our own tools and good practices to avoid as many of them as possible, for example – we keep Next branch for 6 weeks (more or less). This is enough time to mitigate the risk of some nasty (and by nasty, I mean something bigger than those two listed in this changelog) crasher slipping through to the Final version. As for isolating – in Opera 15+ each tab is a different process, and it is probably a better solution than what we have in O12.

            Yes Opera is a real stable version just open a new tab and then Opera 18 will just crash if you will just close the last opened tab. A more easy crash like this I have never seen in all the Browser out there… so keep up the good work for nothing…. The Chrome engine the best engine fro the best crashes that you will never have seen before….

          • Marcin Mitek

            I’ve seen easier crashes 😉

            Serious mode on. Try to reproduce, report a bug with steps required for reproduction, your OS, etc. Post the DNA number here for reference. Fill up the email field so someone can contact you in case of troubles with reproducing it from our side. If you are able to reproduce it everytime you will be asked at some point to fill in a crash report. Use valid e-mail address there (you can post it here later) so I can find it in our crashlog tool and match it with other crashes or file the new one.

          • hmm I understand 🙂 but this minimum problem will necessitate to much work for nothing from my side and then to opera side. so I for now do not use so much opera…. plus I think this will be just be a waist of time because crashes will always reappear on the Chrome engine… like an infinite loop…. at least if they will not find a more better and faster way to fix all the crashes in there engine.

  • Thybak

    I added DuckDuckGo between my search engines list. Why I can’t select it as my default search engine? It’s very painful to choose it in every search I do in the omnibar.

    • Dark Magician

      Type the letter for that search engine like ”g” for google, than space and enter your search.

      • Thybak

        Ye thanks, that’s correct. But I’m asking why they don’t let us the possibility of making custom search engines default ones 🙂

        • Dark Magician

          They have said that for security reasons, you still can’t.
          But will be able to in the future.
          I personally think they have some agreement with Google.

          • Thybak

            Haha, I guess you’re right. It’s not that difficult to ask user for confirmation when making a custom search engine default 🙂

          • rafaeljvieira

            And it’s not that difficult for a malicious software to bypass user authorisation and install a (malicious) default search engine. 🙂

          • Thybak

            Fruit of bad encapsulation from the browser architecture ^^

          • Well they could just make 2 search bars one that is default that you could not change it at all in the first place and the second you could change all you want and to be only user changeable only…. and to have the option to chose between 2 of them. But I think it will be to hard for Opera to do something with more intelligence inside no ? We have infinite possibility’s to do any thing if we really want no ? And this problems for me seems to be just to lite compared to other real Browser problems…

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Answered dozens of times : that option will come back when rhey find the best way to avoid third part hijack.

  • AS

    let us turn off history ffs.

  • Ome Twi

    Who cares about new releases if they DO NOT have decent support for bookmarks?!

    • Well for now they have started from 0 with the new Chrome Engine… if you want bookmarks from Opera use there old engine 12.16 version of Opera it is full features to much full features they say…

  • Jack O’Neill

    Is there any hope that the old Opera 12 gestures come back? Especially opening links with the right mouse button.

  • stiankrosd

    After i installed the newest update for opera 18, the memory usage hit the roof. When im going to start up opera from the last time i used it,
    in the last update it took maybe ten min to get all tabs to show all they where suposed to. In this update after half an hour the tabs are still loading.

  • Alireza Aminian

    Just a quick question, i noticed that after i update Opera, the folders for previous versions of Opera still exist in my Program Files folder. Do i just simply delete those folders which for older versions? Isn’t Opera supposed to do that after updating?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      And Opera does it, but the last two (or three, don’t remember now) are kept for backup reasons.

  • Darkdeity9194

    Thank you for finally fixing the youtube bug that made watching videos in high quality useless!

  • ZVSE

    thats all?!

  • nimuchan

    Thank you very much!!

    • Please change the disc!

      • Vux777

        don’t be rude to nimuchan-san
        he’s legend
        never forgets to say “thank you”

        • Not being rude, just asking for him to change the disc or at least go to the next track.

          For me it’s annoying having to read the exact same comment in every blog post.

          • Vux777

            so don’t read it 😛

          • Impossible, it’s like visual pollution.

    • nimuchan

      Shadows & Lights.
      Both sides Now.

  • Guest

    WOW a Japanese QA at Opera? Then I’m gonna say: I’m a Japanese from Hamburg, Germany 🙂

    Btw. does anyone know how I can import a bookmarks HTML file to Opera?

    • Vux777

      there are couple of ways
      the simplest way is to copy “bookmarks” file from chrome profile folder to opera profile folder (if you have chrome, import your html bookmark file into it first)

      • Jin

        I’ve tried it and it’s working. Thanks a lot!

  • Rodrigo Mello


    • It wasn’t anything Opera did, it’s broken in Opera 17 too.
      Ask Google why.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s Youtube sending incorrect information to Opera. In this case, incorporating codec.

  • Extensions’ options don’t work – I’ve tried to configure Pocket and Reverse Image Search but the options screen won’t load. Moreover, context menu items from those two extensions don’t appear.

  • dfsramos

    Getting a “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method ‘getInfo’ of undefined” when trying to watch a youtube video both on youtube itself or as embedded.

    Only happens on Opera 18, my Chrome, FF and other browsers are perfect.

  • excaliburzd

    A lot of YouTube videos are not working for me since the update. The videos just keep loading and never actually do load.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      YT is sending videos with the incorrect codec to Opera. As a workaround, install the Youtube Center extension and force the use of flash.

    • L33t4opera

      Please have a look here: YouTube is back!

  • Gogich

    Hello, guys. I have some problem with this version. It worked stable, but at one day browser stoped open some web pages (page is not available or not found). I can to open only . Other browsers (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome) work fine. Problem is not in firewall or antivirus. I don’t change anything in my Windows 8.1 properties, i only create several folders at my opera’s speed deal. What info do you need to fix it? 🙂

  • Operaro

    I’m getting delays when closing tabs (not instantly closed).

  • Sumit Malwadkar

    When bookmark functionality will be added? Please return all the functionality & customization of looks in 12.16. I love opera, I love this new build for performance & stability, but why removed bookmark, session saving, speed dial customization & appearance customization? In 12.16 I can add any button, move my address and tab bar to bottom, why I cant do this in this version?

  • UMaster 7

    proxy usage for extension is only for Opera 19+, right?

  • Razvan Dragos

    Why in Gmail the displaying of some buttons are white? And using another browser with Chromium technolofy this buttons are displayed coretcly? I atach 2 prints to to view exatcly what i wanna say.

    This is using Opera 18:

    This is using Yandex Browser:

    I circled the problem with red.

    • Ice007

      “Later Edit: for some youtube videos in the first 3 seconds the next message is displayed:… This message does not appear for all videos.”

      Confirmed! Also with 19 and 20 (Next/Dev) sometimes.

  • UMaster 7

    (1) large flash games often make Opera 18 crash… 🙁



    (2) is there already an option to let Opera ask if you really want to close the Browser to avoid closing by accident?



  • UMaster 7

    continuing downloads from doesn’t work (mp4 ~1GB)

  • Vux777

    You should really publish stable build with bookmarks bar from latest Dev and Next.
    This one (QAB in stable) is annoying (almost useless) with canceling folder menu on click, no continues opening folders with mouse move, not be able to open folder with MMC (multiple bookmarks)…
    The one from dev and next is pretty good and stable

  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 19.0.1326.40 reached stable channel 😉

  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 19.0.1326.40 reached stable channel, enjoy 😉
    Edit: Someone from the Opera has removed it, so maybe they want to postpone this for later, or it’s mistake?
    Can I expect official statement, and clarification on that matter from the Opera, please?
    By the way: Could you be so kind, and stop remove my post, please? I just asked for clarification…

    • L33t4opera

      Marcin Mitek replied, and has clarified this case here.

    • L33t4opera

      Marcin Mitek replied, and clarified this case here.

    • L33t4opera

      Marcin Mitek replied, and clarified this case here.

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Opera 19.0.1326.47 Stable is on the ftp. But always remember that everything can happen until the official announcement.

  • L33t4opera

    New Opera Stable 19.0.1326.56, and official announcement.