Hi all,

There’s snow in Oslo and rain in Poland, but at least in Warsaw there are people walking around on the building roofs in really eye-catching vests and it makes the life brighter. No photos attached, so you have to imagine it yourself.


  • follow up corrections of Opera 18 strings
  • consistent spelling
  • extension pop-out work correctly on Mavericks now
  • certificates issues resolved
  • update chromium to 1650.48.

Known issues

  • Crash when logging in to Disqus comments – OS X only


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  • Francis

    Frist! Keep em coming!

  • Vux777

    same title as previous update

    • ahoj1234

      I can see differences… 😛 for example “update” vs. “Update”. But sure, it’s almost the same. (And to be honest I suppose that title is not that important)

    • Fixed.

  • Kurt Zon

    thanks – here in Spain the sun is shining 😉

    • Dmitry Kirin

      I say! the tradition of sharing weather reports has come to comments. 🙂 Dense clouds and rain here in Moscow, no chance of seeing the comet C/2011 W3 (Lovejoy). 🙂

  • afurman

    Gmail: the line with labels in opened email formatted incorrectly.

  • Well I’ll be damned. The crashing when changing resolution, waking up, sending windows message, etc. seems to be gone 🙂

    • Marcin Mitek

      Good to hear that. I was thinking that one of the fixes would be cure for all crashers concerning system-wide changes. (DNA-11549 for the reference)

      • Vux777

        I went back to latest dev. version for everyday usage, because next started to crash pages (not the whole app) when many tabs are opened in short period (10+)

  • Nekomajin42

    I would like ask you to put the actual build numbers to the titles of the posts, because it will be horrible to find an archive post this way.

    • Beth Comeu Herda


    • Get 50+ votes, and we will consider it.

    • blackcoder

      Hover the full changelog link with your mouse to see the version number incl. build-number.

    • Well done. 🙂

      • Cjcr

        If I got 500 likes you bring back the M2 to Opera? 😀

      • Nekomajin42

        Thanks! 🙂

    • BK


      • Frederic_Moll

        are you serious?

      • 158 guest votes. *hint*

  • Beth Comeu Herda

    Every time I try to login here in this f* disqus appear this message: “Disqus seems to be taking longer than usual. Reload?” Then I have to clic in “Reload” to get into this forum. Someone confirm?

    • Dmitry Kirin

      It happens from time to time here, but usually correlates with heavy traffic on my PC. In my case, it’s surely not a Disqus problem.

    • Frenzie

      It’s normal for Disqus to take forever to load (three to five seconds), but I’ve never seen that.

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Thanks for the build and updates in Russian localization! I’ve checked and updated the list of translation issues in the pending ticket DNA-13123 (it’s not in the changelog yet).

  • guest

    Since you seem to have blocked comments on the original blog, I’ll ask here: Why isn’t the date of the latest post visible on the top here?: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/

    Another question. I’m logged into my.opera.com but when I come here, my account doesn’t carry over. Do I need to make a new account? I don’t want to use Disqus as it’s horrible.

    • You’ll need a Disqus account on this blog.

  • guest6768

    My eyes hurt with your new blog look. Can you make the fonts even bigger? Oh and the spaces… I like it with 6 lines take the whole screen of my monitor. Now it is 10 lines. That way you ‘ll look so cool… so modern… so noob-friendly… so lame!

    • Frenzie

      Disqus specifies a font size of 15px in the body. They should just abide by the user’s font size preferences, which incidentally the rest of this blog does. It truly is awful.

    • Tanel

      The tested and proven usability standard for font size for the best readability on a screen — considering, among others, the optimal viewing distance from the screen (for the least eye strain), correct sitting position etc — is 16 pixels. This is also why 16px is the default text size in browsers.

      Of course, human physiology is different and what works for most doesn’t necessarily work for you — but that’s why browser settings such as the default zoom level exist.

  • MozPri

    Now for the second time Opera Next crashes when auto update is downloaded. When restarted Opera is updated and works fine.

    • Please provide more information. What operating systems? many open tabs? What do you do before you update?

      • MozPri

        I’m using Opera Stable for reading this blog. When there is a new update I start corresponding Opera stream and open About Opera to download a new update. There are no other tabs open beside speed dial and About Opera. I’m using win7 sp1 32bit.

      • Same here with this and the last build.

        W7-64, only one or two tabs open – About and possibly this blog.

    • Davey126

      Same here. Win 8.1-64. Half dozen tabs open. PC idle prior to upgrade prompt. Crashed shortly after accepting. Upon relaunch found update successfully applied. 18.0.1284.18 -> 1284.26.

  • icetom

    When do you think you can fix DNA-12374 which I reported about a month ago?

    HD trailers at trailers.apple.com just dont work with Chrome-Opera

    http://i44.tinypic.com/as801.jpg see screenshot


  • operafan

    you’ve killed her
    I will never forgive you 🙁

  • bwat47

    Is there any ETA on opera sync? This is a hugely important feature to still be missing. I’d probably switch if the new opera supported sync…

  • bwat47

    https://www.trillian.im/chat/ is still crashing the tab as soon as you login with this build.

    • blackcoder

      Not confirmed with Opera 17.0.1241.53 and 19.0.1310.0.

      Confirmed with Opera 18.0.1284.26.

      So looks like it is fixed in Opera Developer.

  • iPristy

    I would put favicon on thumbnail speed dial title, option to disable logos as thumbnails and add setup for size of thumbnails, then we do not need to use bookmarks in QAB at all, but that is just me.

    • Nekomajin42

      Not just you.

  • Илья Найдов

    OK, Opera doesn’t crash when I start Photoshop anymore (DNA-13030 seems fixed)… Thanks!..

    Another bug I reported a couple of revisions ago is still here (DNA-13044)… It’s annoying to listen Google Music (and any other sound-related services) in Opera, because any high-CPU activity on other tabs cause sound skipping… It feels like buffer underrun, if there is any buffering at all… Scrolling heavy websites, reloading, minimizing/maximizing Opera – all cause short sound skipping from time to time…
    NB! It doesn’t happen in Chrome…

  • Vux777

    Opera still takes around 13-14 sec to start with 22 extensions (from ramdisk!!)
    Other chromiums start instantly (coolnovo, yandex…)

  • …and as always: no bookmarks sync. Still @12.16 :/

    • hobe

      Out of curiosity: What happened to synchronisation? I’d always thought Opera Link would be nicely documented, so anyone can implement it. And now we’re already waiting for sync for what feels like years.

      • BK

        Basic synchronization support will be coming very soon, probably next developer stream build.

  • Thanks.

  • Why is not working Disqus link like below?

    But it is works like this.

    When I checked RSS link the page gaves first link. Is it a bug?
    Pls someone confirm it.

    It is really hard t ofollow comments like this.

    • Vux777

      yes, links from RSS readers have wrong comments ID
      from email subscription works fine

  • J Mercado

    Speed dial functionality will be enhanced with “sort by name” option within each speed dial subset and an intuitive and quick backup / export “tab”.

    • rpsgc


  • ahoj1234

    could I report a bug here without a DSK? (pop-up blocker is not working properly – it’s set on default – block all). Just lets confirm it (anyone) and I’ll hopefully report it properly.

    step to reproduce:
    *open this page: http://www.simpsonovi-tv.cz/index.php?id=916
    *click on the 2nd video (play)
    *an pop-up appears -> without asking – the yellow text (it’s reproducible but you will have to wait for an ad 😀 …)

    but blocking in-video ad(s) works properly.

    • Dmitry Kirin

      Confirmed. A chain of web redirects went to tracelive.ru, *.yupiromo.ru, …, final ad page loaded completely, ABP didn’t block it.

      • ahoj1234

        thanks, reported as:

    • Chas4

      There is also one from webkit (still in webkit code & some of the forks) where popup will get opened in a window behind the current Windows (opera 12.17 blocked it right) Safari (I think I reported it to Apple in 2007 or 2008) & Opera 17 fail to block it

  • Magnus Gualterio

    Hey! When can we expect opera dragonfly?

  • Adrian Dascalu

    I have problems playing files on Soundcloud, exemple this, not working: https://soundcloud.com/aordisco/radio-ga-ga-virgin-magnetic

    Can you help me how to play ? Is there a trick somewhere ? (flags, plugins?)

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      No problem here with Opera 18.0.1284.26 and W7x64, the song starts. What about your Adblocker, Ghostery, extensions and so on. Have you tried to switch all extensions off? Here I use 14 extensions, Ghostery, Adblock (without +) and Hostman.

      • Adrian Dascalu

        Sorry, not in Opera Next. In Opera Stable version it’s not working. I have the same extension in both versions (disabled all, including Adblock). In Next is playing.. so i’ll stay on Next 🙂 Thanks Ralf!

    • Dmitry Kirin

      No problem here with the last Dev 19.0.1310.0, with Adobe Flash Plugin, AdBlock Plus, and a bunch of other extensions and plugins.

    • Chas4

      check to see if you have a click to load plug in thing for flash player (I think they have it somewhere near the media controls) to get it to load

      I have seen this a few times, have to look where it might be a plug in content, that has not loaded

  • Matheus Bitencourt

    Come on, guys. I know you’re the best. hurry up, we need a Linux build!

  • ayespy

    I hate to even mention it for fear that Opera developers will mistake this utterly inferior solution as something we can “live with,” but Sidewise Tree Style Tabs Extension from the Chrome Store will now install and work in O18. (for some reason in O19 I cannot see any content in Chrome Store Extension pages so I have not tried it in that version)

    In earliest O15++ versions, Sidewise extension would not install. In later versions, it would “install” but not actually do anything. In O18 it installs and works. I suspect this is due to incremental implementation of Chrome extension APIs in Opera.

    Sidewise adds a persistent mini-window to the side of the browser and sticks it there, like a cheap knock-off of the old Presto panel idea. In this way you can pretend that you have vertical tabs on Opera Bing. Of course the top tab bar does not go away, worse luck, but Sidewise does have some tab behavior and manipulation options that some might like.

    Of course it is a resource hog, adding yet another drain on the system, but with a modern resource-rich PC, that’s a minor issue.

    A FAR BETTER implementation will be when Opera developers finally give us panels within the Opera interface – and then we can jettison this sorry excuse for vertical tabs.

    • “Opera Bing” ? Shouldn’t that be Opera Blink? or maybe you meant “Opera Bling?”

      Panels aren’t really necessary, though vertical tabs should return soon if I understood correctly.

      It’s a pity that wide screen monitors are dictating software design. Square aspect or portrait monitors are really much better suited to working on pages that scroll vertically or documents intended for printing on A4 portrait paper. (I use a 1280 x 1024 monitorr. Upgraded my PC, but don’t want a new monitor if it’s wide screen.

      • ayespy

        You’re right. Blink. I’ll correct it.

        Wide screen is a real godsend to my work flow. It enables me to have email, web, bookmarks bar, and tabs visible all at once and to move seamlessly between them.

        I can understand that this is not the best configuration for everyone, but it is far and away the best configuration for me. I NEVER gave a royal flyin’ flip about side tabs until I was on wide screen. But once I implemented them on wide screen, mail on left, tabs on right, it made a world of difference to my work flow.

      • ayespy

        “…vertical tabs should return soon if I understood correctly.”

        I’m pretty sure that if they integrate vertical tabs into the interface, this will req

      • ayespy

        “…vertical tabs should return soon if I understood correctly.”

        I’m pretty sure that the implementation of vertical tabs within the UI and the implementation of panels will require the same sort of code.

  • The PeaceKeeper benchmark started working again on the latest Opera Next build. Still lagging behind Opera 17 by a few points, but the results are rarely consistent, so I would not put much significance on such a small difference.

    Opera 17.0.1241.45 scored 4111 and 6/7
    Opera 18.0.1284.26 scored 4021 and 6/6

  • ayespy

    Oh, and BTW – Sidewise has a Notes panel and a “recently closed tabs” button.

  • Dark Magician

    YouTube doesn’t work well if other tabs are opened or reloaded.
    It freezes or skips, that problem was present couple of builds ago, and now is back again.

    • Cjcr

      Yes, I feel the same. So, confirmed (Opera 19 Dev)

  • LoverOfLife

    Is there any way to move extensions icons in custom order ? (Chrome can do that)

  • ayespy

    Commenting is not working properly here.

    I deleted a comment posted in error, and five minutes later it was back, only now I can’t edit or delete it, because it is now attributed to “guest.”

    Removing accidental comments HAS to work right.

    • I think this is just a delay in DISQUS. Reload the page later and the comment will be gone.

      • ayespy

        It’s still there a day later.

  • Ralph Bromley

    AKA: crappy chrome clone #4576

  • ricksper

    Losing all my pinned and unpinned tabs at every start up even though “Continue where I left off” is checked.Just started happening with this build 1284.26

    Windows 8.1

  • romath

    It’s really too bad you’ve switched to disqus, because my disqus username is not my Opera one, and hence continuity and familiarity, as well as possibly some security, is lost.

  • romath

    Unfortunately, website and app developers are starting to discount Opera 12 and so it’s continued use is starting to get difficult practically, even though it’s Opera’s only full-functional browser and remains officially supported. For example, Yahoo’s new sport pages don’t work properly with Opera 12 – confirmed by others – and Ad Block has quit supporting it as well (ads show up on first load now, requiring frequent refresh). I’ve understood and been patient with the gradual introduction of features with the webkit versions, but it’s getting harder and harder to hold on, without some work put into Opera 12. I find myself needing to view pages in Firefox more and more now. Discouraging situation for someone who has used Opera as their primary browser since 2002.

    • If you’re resorting to an external browser to view the page you can just as well resort to Opera 17+.

      If you use Opera since 2002 you should know sites break on it no matter whether it’s the latest version.

      • Lurking_Grue

        I found it was easier to just move to Firefox as I can actually make that browser act more like Opera than Opera 17+

    • Can’t say I’ve noticed any more problems with Opera 12 than before. Some pages would always be broken, unfortunately.


        I have found that using adblock ( with lists to block social stuff), resolves lots of problems with opera 12.. Sorry for my english

  • Feriy

    I’ve no idea where to submit a suggestion, so I just type in here. hopes this won’t bother you guys 🙂
    I’ve been using Opera since 9, glad to see it switching to blink engine. Just one consideration on the organization of the program files. So far Opera uses a “launcher.exe” to launch the most updated version of executables within version folders, this is good for version-controlling, however, this causes a bit inconvenience for me to pin the program to the Windows dock. As you may see after trying, you can pin either “launcher.exe” or the real “opera.exe” in one of the version folder on the dock, but neither one works perfectly.
    1. if using “launcher.exe”, it’s proved working to launch a currently up-to-date version of opera, but it is creating another icon on the dock since the really running program is not launcher.exe but the real “opera.exe”
    2. if using any “opera.exe” in one of the version folder, you can fix the issue above, but loosing control of the versions. you must do this again manually when you found out your opera is updating. Plus, when you start opera without launcher.exe, it’s unclear that your opera is started correctly with all features loaded, for example, I am not sure the automatic updating is working since the version-switch happens when you close the older version of Opera and run again using “launcher.exe”.

    It would be more fascinated if you could bring up a fix to this issue. I would just suggest building another way to do the automatic updating and leave the “opera.exe” as the only entry to start Opera. Thanks.

    • ayespy

      I do not have any of the problems you do with multiple icons on taskbar, or with ensuring the current version is the one launched.

      I HAVE had problems with multiple icons in the past, but I have solved it for every application (in Win 8.1) by starting with NO icon on the taskbar, opening the program, and then pinning the resulting icon to the bar.

      For whatever reason, this puts an icon there which is never doubled by having the program open, and which is always the current version. When I update, the icon never disappears or gets re-created, and it always opens the current version.

      • Feriy

        I am not sure if win8.1 is the same, this is actually the 2nd way I described above. anyway I will try it again. Thx!

        • ayespy

          It worked the same on Win8 before I updated.

  • littledoremi

    Facebook seems to have spurious NSL (Never Stop Loading) bug since a few weeks ago (~3 weeks) till now. Anyone experiencing it?

    • Vux777


    • afurman

      Yes, regularly. Since first releases of Opera Next (15+)

    • Chas4

      Might be a strange cache bug, some part of the browser cache goes bad and then the site does not work right, try deleting the browser cache

  • Frederic_Moll

    Please back to Presto. This is a shitty browser. It’s only a chrome skin.

  • Dark Magician

    Opera flickers when blocking pop-up on thepiratebay.sx.

  • Christian Wallrich

    Wait for a new Version.

  • Dark Magician

    Also YouTube is working poorly, and often shows only 360p.
    Don’t know is it on you side or Google?

    • I haven’t noticed this. Does it happen to specific videos?

      • Dark Magician

        All. I heard other people complaining, while it worked well with me, now I have the same problem since yesterday.
        Don’t know what has changed since then.

        • Chas4

          Tho not all videos will be a hires on YouTube, (still depends on the resolution used for the upload) not everyone uploads all videos in 720 or 1080, a lot of old & basic cell phones record at a low resolution

          Using higher resolutions will require more CPU or GPU power than lower res, (does not help much that flash player does not have much work done in OpenGL work)

          I think Google is also using Youtube to test out the WebM codec to try to get it to work better, that might be a reason some video lack high resolution or Google found a bug (or was reported) in the video player and disabled higher resolutions until they fixed it or have a workaround in place

          • Dark Magician

            All video that didn’t work in high res on Opera, worked in IE11 i FF, I checked.

          • Chas4

            Those might be a different codec being used, I would guess flash player instead of WebM, not all videos will have hi res = in the HTML 5 player as they may not have been converted yet

  • Dark Magician

    Link to comments shows only numbers.
    Label it: Comments (XX).

  • alvin

    Thing I want to be back is still not present: bookmark, panel, and lot lot of thing I can customize in 12.16

  • Jasius

    When you drag a tab to a second monitor it doesn’t work it just makes that tab into a new window in the parent monitor, please fix this, when I drag a tab to a second monitor I want it to just appear on that monitor like it does with all the other browsers!

  • Józek

    What about cloud synch? Is there any way to recover speed dial/bookmarks from Opera 15+? Opera Link tells that my bookmarks are safe and I though that until i lost my whole disc C:/ partition.and Opera software as well…

    • ayespy

      Opera 15+ is not synced yet, and has never been synced. The servers for it are only just now being gotten ready to roll out.

      The “Your Bookmarks are Safe” message applies to the bookmarks and speed dial info that you saved from Opera 12 and earlier versions, if in fact you did so. And by “safe” at this point, it only means you can still access them on line. When sync rolls out for O18 or O19, it MAY be (I can’t be sure) that you can bring in your old ver. 12 and earlier data into 18+

      • Józek

        Thank you. So long Opera 🙂

        • ayespy

          Well THAT was a completely ignorant response.

          • Józek

            Well, I lost all my bookmarks, cos there wasn’t any information about absence of sync; I’m don’t even sure that there’s a way to export and secure them. If cloud will appear in O18, I’ll be glad to start using it again. Only then, you can call Opera as secure and safe brower. I think it’s one of the most important thing and it should be your top priority.

          • BK

            Bookmarks might be improrted from O12.x to O15+ via bookmarks importer (Omenu->more tools->). Check also opera://flags/#import-presto-profile if you have issues.

            We are working to further enchance the importing to the browser, as well as enchancing sync support.

          • ayespy

            I find this a curious assertion. In my view, you lost your bookmarks because you failed to take any steps to preserve them or back them up. So when your C: drive was wiped out, so was your data.

            You know what? When you don’t back up your data on separate device over which you have control, this can happen. And sooner or later it will happen.

            Have we come to a point technically in this world where we now expect our software to babysit us and insulate us from the consequences of our own negligence?

            All that said, the XMarks extension from the Chrome Store, which install and works fine on Opera, can save and sync your bookmarks across browsers and platforms. It, and its cloud storage of you bookmarks, are free – not that I would ever RELY ON a free cloud service to be responsible for my data. For that reason, I have multiple physical copies of everything on multiple devices.

          • Józek

            Yeah, I failed (in half, cos I’ve recovered my favorites.db fille; lost only stash.db :). But that’s not the point. The point is, that every modern browser babysits us and provides cloud sync. I was trying to realize you how important these days it is. I’m glad that upcoming O19 will be enriched this way 🙂

  • Krzysztof Pogłódek

    Can anyone tell me how to report a problem with Opera 17?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Krzysztof,
      I think, that the best way of proceeding in this case, would be to follow the below steps:
      1. Check, whether the bug is being discussed in the Opera community forums, or here in the blogs, and if not, then:
      2. Create a new thread in the forum, describing the issue as detailed as possible, describing the steps, allowing to reproduce the error, you can also ask others users, to check, if the bug occurs also in their case,
      3. Finally, after receiving at least one confirmation, you can report the error, using the Report Bug wizzard.

  • Licentia

    Add the content blocker from 12.16.

  • UMaster 7

    will there be new builds soon? final build of v18? new dev builds?

    • BK

      New dev should be today, O18 probably this week 🙂

      • UMaster 7

        great, I have to use my dev build for so many sites, when citing scientific papers. These don’t work in Opera final 🙁 And dev crashes very often, but it saves my login data 🙂

      • Cjcr

        We are still waiting … 😛

        • BK

          Well, me to, in fact :p I’m curious about the comments.. 🙂

        • L33t4opera

          New build for Opera Developer 19: 19.0.1324.0

          • Cjcr

            Still no tab handling options. 🙁

  • Chas4

    In Opera 17 (current) http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/columns/tamsin-blanchard/TMG9918892/Bruno-Pieterss-Honest-By-The-only-way-is-ethics.html Gives a cpu spike after a tab crash (after I reload the page) Does anyone see this in the Opera next build? (yes I let Opera auto send the crash report, tho it was only the tab that crashed not the entire browser)

    OS X10.9

  • Sierra
  • Jalil Dragneel

    my opera 18 crashes when I have lots of tabs and it loses half of the tabs when reopening It would be of lots of help if thet didnt happen older versions did not crash nor lost tabs as I recall since 12.16 to 17