Yesterday we had three extra guys helping out with testing in Desktop. Here is a little summary of their day at Opera:

Stian, Nicolas, and Jonathan

Nicolas, Jonathan, and Stian

“We are three students from Berg Upper Secondary School (located near Opera Software’s Oslo HQ). Through a Scandinavian school program called Operation Day’s Work, we have chosen to donate a normal day of our education to work for a charity. Our salaries for our day’s work will be donated to improve schools in Guatemala. This year’s program goal is to prevent child-criminality by improving school offerings. The day is voluntary, but we chose to work because we believe we can make a difference.

We chose to work at Opera because Opera seems to be a fun place; and we were right. The community here is outstanding and we were warmly welcomed. Being an international workplace, the whole office was decorated for Halloween. The first thing we noticed was that everyone was wearing casual clothes and the atmosphere were more relaxed than we expected.

The first thing that we got to enjoy was a tour around the building from the Desktop guys. We were then shown the test-lab which would be our office for the day. We were assigned the task of testing Opera 19 Developer. It was tricky and complicated work.

After a couple of hours it was time for lunch, and we got to see the canteen where Opera employees enjoys great lunches every day, this day we got roasted ham, sauerkraut, potatoes and gravy. It was delicious.

It’s important to take breaks once in a while, and Opera has a wide varieties of activities, for example a room filled with a treadmill, exercise bike, and a fussball table. We had two intense and close matches amongst ourselves before returning to work. All in all the day was perfect.”

— Nicolas, Jonathan, and photographer Haavard.

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  • Dark Magician

    How about new build? I wan’t to test myself.

  • Emanuele

    Maybe this isn’t clear enough, but this kind of articles were interesting or funny when Opera was a community of people, when users could feel themselves at home and developers listened to them because they were PART of them.

    Now that Opera is only a cynic money-driven company that don’t give at all to its users what they want but, instead, remove all they were used to love, why users should be interested in this stuff?

    I had a blog about Opera, I was a staff member of an entire site about Opera localized in my language in which we write articles, gave support, etc… and in that times I really enjoyed these articles… but now why should I do?

    Post changelogs of your new browser, because no one are interested anymore in these stuff

    • Kurt Zon

      Stop being a Luddite

    • netmain

      Exactly my thoughts when I saw this “joke” !! aren’t you supposed to kill everything to just “focus” on your “core” concern : “the browser” ?

      If you want users to understand where you are heading, you should at least understand yourselves. This post shows that you don’t know what you’re doing ! ” we don’t need community anymore, we are browser makers, but hey look at this beautiful photos ? ” no one cares anymore !

      this is my first comment here, and methinks it will be the last.

      good luck anyway

      • If you think we’ve said that we don’t want a community anymore you have definitely misunderstood something.

        • netmain

          well, killing MyOpera is killing the community and it’s really bad if you don’t see that.

          let me explain, people used to share good things related to opera (new extension, ideas, themes, skins and lot of tricks) on myopera blogs, also, it was easy to click on anyone’s name to visit his blog and see what he has to offer. (the perfect example was tamil’s, christoph’s, and QuHno blogs … not to mention everyone)

          the other thing was messaging, it was easy to just email or formally PM any user on myopera, add him as a friend and keep contact ! that’s not possible anymore !!

          If I want for example to contact any user, should I ask for his mail address on “Disqus” ?

          you killed the only thing that kept opera users connected, which leads to ” killing the community” even you didn’t clearly said it !

          • There’s nothing preventing people from creating blogs using any blogging platform and sharing with others they way they’ve always done.
            We still have blogs, and we will have new forums as well.
            In other words, there are several ways for Opera users to stay connected.

        • guest6768

          Surely you want a community… just not your old one. In fact you did everything you could to exterminate it. Mobile casual users & average Joe? Yep, that’s your new community.

          • We created a new blog for the desktop browser, so it’s a bit far-fetched to think it’s about mobile.

          • guest6768

            Is that really so? Far-fetched? Your “new” design surely shouts for otherwise and you have no real arguments about that. Big *** fonts, huge spacing between lines, huge banner. 10 lines take up all the screen of my 24″ monitor, you call that desktop orientated? I call it tablet orientated. Here, I have a comparison reminder for you of what used to be the real desktop blog vs. the new one side by side –>… Click for enlarge to get the real size of it. All settings are default.

      • Onaj Tamo

        I wonder how much of this negativity would dissapear if there was at least a Linux build.

        But yeah,a bit too much negativity here.

    • Opera has always been money-driven. A company can’t survive without making money, and Opera has always been a company rather than a non-profit organization.

      Remember the banner ads in the browser back in the day? Yes, those were there to make money.

      • Frenzie

        They usually looked more like reasonably funny cartoons. But perhaps that means they were good ads. 🙂

      • Emanuele

        yes, but it wasn’t cynic at least…

        It was a company formed by people that loved the product they produced, took part of the community, had blogs in which they shared tips&tricks about the product, listened to users wishes and needs, and so on… well, you should know it, because you were one of those people we loved to have.

        Now all I can see is an aseptic and heartless company in which old users are only a problem. Opera has seen a very huge amount of people that nothing have in common with the old ones, and chose to catch the new ones and leave us behind.

        so don’t tell me that community is important for Opera now, because I’ve too much respect of you to think you really believe it.

        • BK

          How do you know all that? I believe you haven’t seen devs being worried because of the feedback, and managers altering decisions based on the external request, did you?

          • Emanuele

            I’ll wait with impatience the day in which I’ll be denied. (that is: Opera will give us what we want and not what developers think very very stupid people are able to handle without having problems)

            till that day my opinion will not change, sorry.

        • I’ve been seeing people claim we don’t listen to users since I started working here more than 10 years ago, so I’m not that impressed with such claims today.
          As for leaving old users behind, we’re still maintaining Opera 12.

          • Emanuele

            As I said, I’ll wait the day when I will be denied by facts and not words.

            That day I’ll be the happiest man on the heart…. but I don’t think that day will come…

  • Mithaldu

    Wow, so the only place to get updates on new releases will now also serve me irrelevant spam?

    Right now i’m only watching Chromera in the hope that it might one day become a real browser. However if this is the future of this communication channel, then i won’t be able to afford to keep watching, as it will take too much time and provide too little signal.

    Or do you have an RSS feed where i can get ONLY release posts?

    • BK

      We don’t want to share here only the release stuff. We want to say more about our plans, roadmap, other type of discussion closely related to the browser.
      Don’t worry, you should not see this type of information as above too often.

      Can I know how do you define the browser, if Opera is not a real browser for you now?

      • odinuv

        Great, next time say something about your plans, roadmap or something related to the browser. This is really a very bad joke.

        • This is very much related to the browser, as it shows some of the people behind it. Temporary they may have been, but they still worked on the actual desktop browser you are able to download and test for yourself.

      • Mithaldu

        There is a venue for that, it’s called Choose Opera. Why don’t you use that?

        > Can I know how do you define the browser, if Opera is not a real browser for you now?

        A browser is a tool that helps me navigate the web quickly and efficiently. Opera 12 does that. Chromera can’t even help me switch tabs quickly. It’s a webview, nothing more.

        • The desktop blog is the right place for things related to the desktop team. These guys worked on the desktop team for a day.

          • Mithaldu

            You’re right. I’m frustrated about the way the browser is going and let myself be a jerk here. These guys don’t deserve that and I’m sorry.

  • ayespy

    I should have gone to high school in Oslo. Of course back then, ARPANET was less than two years old, so I guess Opera hadn’t really gotten off the ground yet …

  • arfz

    As for starter/introduction.
    How about create some simple polling?
    maybe about what are important features that will opera push for next builds (only old/common features not unique/new features),
    or maybe what are important features that user really want to implement in next builds ASAP, vice versa.
    Poll will update after 3-4 builds or in 5-6 months.
    Just suggestion 🙂

    But, actually what will make opera different from chrome? and other browser-based chromium?
    Opera use chromium and able to use chrome extension.
    why would i use opera not chrome??
    Trying opera 19dev, looks stable. But still so much missing… And proxy not working…

    Right now i`m using FF as main, together with 12.16. sorry 🙁
    For chromium based browser, i try coolnovo and as browser i quite like it, although not to stable (+ miss sidebar, m2, …)
    what will opera offer to compete them?

    Because opera is my “first” real browser, maybe i will try to follow the updates for the next few builds…
    Please do not disappoint me/us ( again) 🙁

    Sorry for to much asking 🙂

  • Dark Magician

    Why there isn’t a link for comments in the bottom of a post, like in my Opera?
    I’m used to it, and now when I scroll to the bottom, I have to go all the way back, and click on the title.

    • BK

      Correct. This is going to be added 🙂

    • apa

      You can also click the Date Posted link at the bottom for now, until they do add it.

  • berlanda

    i also had problems with Spam in my forum in my site and understand why to end the last forum, mine i have to Del too.

    • Ice007

      And you think you can compare your private “backyard forum” with a community that includes about x Million users all over the world?
      Ok – lack of self-awareness you can not be accused.

      • yes i cannot compare, if my forum had 4 topics with 200.000 spams, just imagine my.opera, you cannot imagine how to clean all this, of lack of inegoism you cannot be accused

  • Ra-Mon

    Wow ! The young red boys seems delighted to discover Opera 19 😀
    The third one, in background, is trying to see where Opera Software is going now !
    Hope it is clear for him…

  • Денис

    Nice guys

  • However if this is the future of this communication channel, then i won’t be able to afford to keep watching, as it will take too much time and provide too little signal