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  • Guest

    The downloading rate is very slow.

    • The server is just resting a bit.

      • L33t4opera

        Thanks for the update, Daniel.
        Let’s check what’s new, and testing 🙂

      • Paulo Sergio Grossi

        This sarcarsm is not worthy of an employee that deserves to be taken seriously. Sad.

        • TomEver

          Oh noes. Someone wasn’t being dead serious!

          Get a life.

          • Paulo Sergio Grossi

            Do I know you? Do you know me?…

        • bwat47

          What’s sad is that we are being subjected to reading your idiotic mostly unintelligible rage-posts.

          • pasegros

            One more time, you are not obliged to read my posts.

  • nanana1

    Thanks for this Opera Next update !

  • Vux777

    You guys know that fox vid is cosing brain dmg…?

    even more then gangnam style… (if that’s even possible)


  • Jorton

    The shortcut Ctrl+Space is set for switching input method in my laptop, but it is for returning back to the Speed dial on Opera browser. I tried to change them on the Settings menu, however, there is no action using Ctrl+Space….

    • Sidney Guioy

      Ussually it’s alt + shift to switch input, but maybe you are on mac. But as Ctrl + Space has been used in opera for years, it’s strange you got the trouble only now

      • Jorton

        Thanks, I have been using the shortcut for switching input methods for years. It used to be no problem on Opera 12, and it is still no problem on other browsers such as IE and Chrome. My operating system is Windows 8.1 rather than mac.

        • Marcin Mitek

          What is your Win 8.1 language?

          • Jorton

            The system is English and I added Chinese Pinyin as input method.

    • Is this on Windows 8.1? I believe Microsoft may have changed it from Shift+Alt to Ctrl+Space in this version. I have not investigated properly.

      • Jorton

        Yes. It is on Windows 8.1. There is no problem on Windows 7.

  • Paulo Sergio Grossi

    Thank you very much for this Opera Next update and looking forward to the stable version!!

    • Paulo Sergio Grossi

      I withdraw my thanks above after reading about the end of MyOpera. My condolences. RIP.

  • Илья Найдов

    Still crashes as soon as I start Photoshop… (DNA-13030)

    • Is there a plug-in or two from Adobe involved? Try disabling them. Or maybe fonts?

      • Илья Найдов

        No, AdobeAAMDetect and AdobeExManDetect plugins are disabled… They are useless anyway…
        Interestingly enough, no other Adobe program (Illustrator, inDesign, Flash Pro, Acrobat) does this… Only Photoshop, both CS6 (at work) and CS5.1 (at home)…

        • rchl

          Likely fixed in the next Developer snapshost (and a bit later in Next).

      • x a

        Smells like the shell-update-broadcast bug I described there:

  • afurman

    Still hangs my notebook (black screen with a mouse pointer in it’s center) after resume from hibernation if screen resolution differs.

    • Please explain how the display resolution would be different after restoring from hibernation. Are you changing the primary monitor from an external to the internal display?

      Do new windows (Ctrl+N) paint correctly?

      • afurman

        Yes, you are right about external monitor and internal display. Another scenario – I work on notebook via Remote Desktop (from XP to W764).

        >> Do new windows (Ctrl+N) paint correctly?
        What do you mean? Right now I am working using RDS as described above, Ctrl+N works OK.

  • Thank you and testing.

  • nimuchan

    Thank you very much!!
    I just try!!

  • Joel Spadin

    On Windows 8.1, Opera still crashes every time I change screen resolutions, or do any of a myriad number of things such as connecting my external monitor or splitting the screen between a tablet-style application and the desktop.

    • Marcin Mitek

      Probably we have it already fixed locally (yesterday). Stay tuned, fix will make it to Next branch soon, once it’s tested.

    • Ice007

      Poor Opera-Devs – First they decide: “Come on, lt´s make a great new browser” … and then Microsoft releases Win 8.1.
      Life is unfair… 😀

      • Marcin Mitek

        Win 8.1 doesn’t have anything to do with it, we managed to get the same crash on Win 7 which is so “superior” 😉

        PS. I like Win 8.1, but shhhhh. 😛

  • Kai

    Adblock Plus and Ghostery are constantly crashing. Windows 8.1!

    • Marcin Mitek

      Please provide more information/steps. I have them both installed at work machine on win 8.1 and so far it is fine.

      • iosaddict

        It’s fine now, something to do with Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit.

  • Dark Magician

    Still crashes all the time, like the last build.

  • pisarz1958

    Both Photoshop and Modern UI apps (snapping feature breaks stuff apparently) still crash my Opera. I hope you get this stuff fixed one day.

  • RingMyDingDong

    Does anyone knows Is it possible to post a screenshot on Disqus? like how we did on the old Opera blog?

    Thank you.

    • ahoj1234

      – do a screenshot (there is a lot of ways… probably the “print screen” key is the easiest way.
      – save it as an img (you can use “Pain” programme under windows and ctrl+v)
      – upload it on a img server
      – post it as an URL.

      screenshots as an img without link are not possible to be viewed directly (yet) related to one earlier answer from Odev team.

    • Emebedded images in comments have been disabled. You can still link to an image hosted elsewhere. On your own server or on for no charge, for example.

      • Christian Wallrich

        imgur? Thx for this Tip!

    • Vux777

      For SS I suggest Lightshot

      Small app that will run in background and activate on PrtScr key, auto-upload on net and offer you short url for sharing

  • ahoj1234

    I’m not sure how it works…

    but if you don’t get notifications about new comments just check this one:
    (from changelog18 as you may see in the URL)

    anyway, thanks for the numbers of comments on the main desktopteam page! 🙂

  • minj

    We are still waiting for a ‘minor’ version number update for linux.

    • Hm, Ubuntu 13.10 was also released around the same time. I completely forgot even thought it is my primary desktop.

      • minj

        And that is relevant, how?

  • Lurking_Grue

    Yay! Opera for Linux!

    …oh wait.

  • Dark Magician

    When is Stash gonna get customization?
    It’s useless for more items, when you can’t organize order.
    And ”heart” symbol is stupid, make it something else.
    Also trash bin for recently closed tabs. I didn’t like the arrow thing you did later.
    But now, we don’t have even that.
    Also still there is no dialog to open files you are downloading, instead of saving.
    Which pisses me off, because I used that feature a lot.
    Do I really need to go to IE for that?

    • bwat47

      Rapid release has absolutely nothing to do with “inflating” the version number, no one gives a crap about the version number, except the people that love posting this “inflating version number” conspiracy nonsense.

      Its about getting features and improvements to the user faster. I’m a big fan of this release cycle and am glad opera and firefox have adopted it.

      • Dark Magician

        No. Has nothing to do with getting features fast to the users.
        You don’t see other software getting major version number for every patch. You are a fan of empty thing. You get a big number, so it means something. They also did add features before the crap made with Chrome, to appeal to people who don’t know better, that their browser is better, because it grows in version very fast.
        Serious users, witch are mostly the people who (used to) use Opera, know better, and don’t want treatment like idiots.
        Major version number change, demands big improvement/change.

        • bwat47

          This “serious users know better” nonsense is just a logical fallacy. I don’t care about the version number at all. You aren’t even properly arguing the merits of rapid release vs non-rapid release, you are simply ranting about how “the version numberz are bigger!!1!”, which means nothing.

          In a time based rapid release cycle, there are less changes between each version, but these changes reach the user quicker. Due to the quick and consistent release cycle, the version number is rather useless, since there is no “Major vs. Minor” releases anymore, so treating the version numbers as such makes no sense. This is why in a rapid release the version number typically just iterates by 1 each release.

          With the older style release cycle, you had major releases with many big new features and changes that spent a long time in development, and in between smaller minor bug-fix and security releases. In this development model it makes sense to differentiate between major and minor with the version number. In a rapid release its typically just time based, a new release every 6-9 weeks, so in this release model it doesn’t make much sense to differentiate major vs minor in the version number, because again, there is no more major vs minor releases.

          How hard is this to understand?

          There are of course pros and cons for both release cycles, but can we please stop with this completely nonsense “version number inflation conspiracy” argument? Its such a weak and pointless argument, yet I see it being spouted all the time.

          • Dark Magician

            There is no conspiracy. Chrome got to a lot of average users, took market share, and rest followed like sheep.
            And Google did that, so that their browser appeared more advanced and older (more mature). Version 1, doesn’t have the same ring as 15. And you have to get there fast!!
            And I find this trend dumb, you are free to like it, I don’t.

          • bwat47

            Chome practically goes out of its way to not even show version numbers at all. Its not listed anywhere on the chrome website or download page. The only way to find it is when you deliberately go to “About google chrome”.

            The “average” user doesn’t even know what version of chrome they are using, nor do they care. No one is trying to compete vs chrome’s “high version numbers”, because your average user doesn’t even know/care about the version number.

            Its the same thing with the current opera website. Nowhere does it say “Opera 17”, its only referred to as “opera” or “opera next”. They aren’t trying to advertise their version number at all, so again, saying the rapid release is so they can “inflate version numbers to look more mature” makes absolutely no sense. Its a completely ridiculous argument.

          • Dark Magician

            You are wrong.

          • bwat47

            So far your only arguments have been “zomg they are trying to inflate the version number” (even though I have already posted several good reasons why this is not true, and doesn’t even make any sense), and “you are wrong”, again with absolutely nothing to back it up.

            Your argument is completely baseless and its about time you accept that.

          • Dark Magician

            I’m sorry. So there is no way that this could be Opera 14.1X?
            I understand what you mean, and I don’t agree.
            Accept that.

          • Have to agree.
            The numbers should show relative growth.
            I’ve seen the same thing where I am. Something that was 2 for years growing by number every several months is awkward.

  • Popiel

    So you already know that new Opera is going to be hated? lol

  • kitsura

    Still no proper bookmark and sync? I am disappoint. Back to chrome.

  • Data Keeper

    Opening every new tab takes about 3 minutes on overloaded computer (WinXP 64bit). When I manually set (opera.exe” –type=renderer….) process priority from “below normal:5” to “normal:8” it load page immediately. Where I can set option so Opera load child processes in same priority as root process (Task manager does not show process priority but it looks important).

    Yes, I know that the CPU is busy with other things at the moment and I do not expect any miracle, but I expect to be able to load a browser page. It works OK with already loaded tabs, but open new tab is absolutely shocking. The chrome do the same things, because it also plays with child processes priorities.

    Could anybody confirm?

    Btw The name of Task manager is wrong, because you could manage nothing except call “End process”. Task killer maybe is correct name.

    • Beth Comeu Herda

      I can confirm because I already had a PC with Win XP and was a pain navigate with browsers webkit-based which is a voracious eater of resources. “Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho‼” LOL

  • Łukasz Darzki

    New Opera Blog, nice. It’s time tu update my bookmarks in Opera.

    …oh wait.

    • Beth Comeu Herda

      Sure, bookmarks, why not? Wait…we need bookmarks? Are you sure? But Opera still…QAB, Speed Dial….”Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho‼”

      • Beth Comeu Herda

        The developers of Opera are on pace of their download servers, as said Daniel Aleksandersen , “just resting a bit”. “Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho‼” LOL

  • Herbert A. Eberth

    I think, to keep Your level of information up to date about what the Opers-Users think about the follower-versions of Opera 12.x, You should better read the comments in the user-forums. If You’d done this before, You wouldn’t have developed such a terribly bad product, which has nothing more to do with the former successful an popular browser.

  • Dipish

    Linux please!!!

  • WaytoomanyUIDs

    I couldn’t find the answer to this question over at the other blog, so I’m asking it here. Are you also killing off as well as the my opera webmail? The webmail interface has redirected to for a long while and I appear to have a fastmail alias for my operamail address. And for that matter, is there any guarantee you won’t kill Fastmail?

    • zhnujm

      you can be somewhat sure they wont kill fastmail as it does not belong to opera anymore.

      • Beth Comeu Herda

        If I understand right you mean that Opera is killing everything?

        • zhnujm

          no, I mean fastmail is now (again) an independent company which does not belong to opera.
          and so it would make no sense for them to shut down the operamail accounts.
          mail is there business.

          • pasegros

            Sorry by misunderstanding. I will delet my post.

  • L33t4opera
  • Beth Comeu Herda

    I need now allow the f*ck “3rd Party Cookies” in the settings and disable Ghostery to login “disqus”. Why??? Because they collect my personal data? So I had to create a f*ck new fake email, fake data, fake name and fake face. “Disqus” in portuguese means more or less “disgust” in english, then I have to live with one more “disgust” in my virtual life. Oh no….”Hatee-hatee-hatee-ho‼” LOL

    • You’re an idiot.

      • bwat47

        Yep. I feel dumber for having read this guy’s posts.

        • pasegros

          You are not obliged to read my posts.

      • pasegros

        Mods please, what about this insult?

        • Reading that post about DISQUS robbing your precious personal data is insulting to my intelligence.

          When DISQUS actually holds data that otherwise wouldn’t be available publicly by yourself (the comment you publish and the name you choose to give them) we can start to think about having a discussion on the matter.

          • pasegros

            What intelligence? Who are you? Do you exist? Your intelligence ends when your relationship with Opera is not rational but passionate and I do not argue with that kind of person, because to me you do not even exist.. Bye fanboy…

      • Guest

        The Opera’s mascot is being protected here…LOL

  • =Skor_Pion=
  • Tanel

    Next seems to have forgotten all my saved passwords after updating on OSX. Oh joy.

  • Imgur let you share the direct image link. No ads or HTML included. Just your raw JPEGs and PNGs.

  • Izer0

    Still lot of problems and growing 🙁 Right now – 90% of newly opened tab by open in new tab have Page failed, need click to button to reload. Especially if it is redirect. Redirects is still big problem – if I open link with redirect to download an file in new tab, then opera crash. And nobody from Opera teama cares about crashing, when I power off and then power on my monitor (change screen resolution problem) 🙁 Latest usable version was 17 devel 🙁

  • Davey126

    I am experienced a problem (both Stable and Next) viewing Gmail messages with multiple labels. Each label is displayed on a separate line and the labels themselves fall below the subject line. In IE and Chrome 31 labels follow the subject on the same line. Opera’s behavior changed about a week ago – believe it was with the 18.0.1284.18 update but may have been the one prior. I erroneously assumed it was a transient thing that would quickly be corrected but now I am seeing it on multiple channels and multiple computers. I retested with a fresh Stable download on a clean machine with no extensions – same result Thoughts? BTW – Win 8.1×64