Hello World 🙂

Welcome to the Opera Desktop blog’s new blogging platform.

Here, discussion capabilities are better for everyone. Comments are threaded, and you can rate them. Hopefully this will let you see our Monday replies to your Friday questions, and make the most important points easier to access.

With the blog change, we plan to be more active in discussing with you. We also plan to give more behind-the-scenes information about what we’re working on and how we’re doing it, as well as news about specific builds.

Stay tuned for more!

ps. if you like to get more information about my.opera, this can be found at the old blog.


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  • murwazy


  • ahoj1234

    well, lets test it 🙂 It seems nice, though, I had to create an account on disqus (and because of that I will have probably a new avatar)

  • Leonardo Gomes

    So we will have a new build to celebrate the new home? 🙂

    • Cjcr

      Will see!

    • BK

      Nice to see you here 🙂
      Early next week dev and next stream should be provided

      • Paczus


      • Will you implement new discover contents into next dev. build?

        • BK

          I’m not sure if I understand the question. Can you reiterate please?

          • I mean that now discovery contents are limited with some countries. We wait to see Turkey into Discovery page. It should be near to final steps. Do you know that if it will be any update in soon?

          • BK

            Yes, I see more discovery updates on our development roadmap:) Not sure about the timing though.

          • senna_4ever

            this is including the possibility of adding custom sites, like a rss reader?

  • Hello everyone 🙂
    Favicon is missing here..

    • BK

      Fixed now 🙂

      • Guest

        about time! 🙂

  • Cjcr

    At least it seems working better than before. I miss the emoticons menu …

  • Wolfwar

    why not keeping old commenting system?
    it was very good

    • ahoj1234

      read the short blogpost above and you will probably get it 🙂 this is better (as you already figure out you can reply etc…). Nothing to do with closing my.opera (since commenting is still working on dev.opera.com in some “old” way)

      • Wolfwar

        I know, I just hate changes
        and lately changes are associated with bad things 🙂

        • ahoj1234

          yeah, changes… you will get used to, trust me. (I still can remember how I commented the first O build with a tab stacking… – it was a little bit rude – now I just want that/similar functionality back 🙁 )

        • senna_4ever

          you are sure, the last changes were always associetaed with bad news. Only the time to prove they were right.

  • NoName

    I can’t login using Opera on Disqus (using Disqus user), if I block 3rd party cookies.

    • Wolfwar

      make an exception

      • NoName

        Sure that’s possible, but some people might not realize it.

  • Flavoi

    Hey there! Good luck with the new blog 🙂

  • Wolfwar

    how to subscribe to whole desktop team blog, not just this particular article?

  • ahoj1234

    any comment about moderation here? I just post a reply, afterwards I edit it and it needs to be moderated now…

    • BK

      really ? I can’t see nothing to moderate.

      • ahoj1234

        yeah. trust me. I commented this theard:

        and afterwards I just find a shorter way to do it so I edited it (I changed URL and deleted a few lines) and it just wanted to be moderated. I’ll try to reproduce it.

        • BK

          Ok, as for now, still nothing to moderate 🙂 But maybe we need to change some settings, so please let us know.

          • Normally you can moderate on disqus dashboard. sometime you need to be added user to whitelist.maybe it can help you.

        • Wolfwar

          I can’t see your comment anymore in that thread
          probably others too….

          • ahoj1234

            ok, so longer explanation:
            I post 1st comment in the thread. Afterwards I edited it and it showed some text about moderation (do you have my text I posted it or edited in mailbox or in “my disqus” with exact time?)

            second time I tried to reproduce it with some similar text and the text did not appear again (reproduction failed 🙂 ). So I deleted my post afterwards.

          • Wolfwar

            I see this on my dashboard (dunno if edited or original)


          • ahoj1234

            well, I can see as well (but I was not able to). So guys from Opera (or you) probably figure it out 🙂

  • So opera dev’s, can you PLEASE do something about a bookmark management UI in the dev stream? Honestly… my new home is FF nightly from the dev tools and JavaScript Implementation. I’m quite happy to crash it and send in bug reports… you’re not alone in the world so why act like it?

  • XypherCode

    Nice choice using Disqus

  • Finally, the last site of mine not using Disqus!! I suggested once I remember.

  • Funny how everybody started yelling at me when I was asking about switching to Disqus or sth. similar some weeks ago… 😀
    Really appreciated to finally see reactions to your post directly at it and not 5 pages away from it :up:

    • name111

      that was awful, really. thank god for this. but I still HATE the fact that I have to use FB, google or twitter account for this. because I don’t have any of them. well, I made this “fake” google account just for the comments. disgusting. I want an opera account!

      • pekikuubik

        Except you don’t? You can just create a Disqus account. Twitter, FB and Google accounts aren’t needed.

    • reesmichael1

      The downside (at least to me) is that Opera Mini and Disqus don’t play well together, so I can’t read them on my phone. But you’re right–hopefully this will result in fewer comments rehashing points made in the comments of every post for the past two months.

      • Hopefully, Opera Mini will soon be replaced by Coast and thus the issue is gone.
        And think about all of those hundreds of +1-posts you don’t have to read anymore… 😉

        • ahoj1234

          +1 👿 😀

        • Frenzie

          What does Coast have to do with Opera Mini?

          • Well, Opera Mini wasn’t updated more than a year on iPhone and they released Coast some time ago for iPad… Just putting one and one together 😉

    • pft

      Yeah, well, true.
      But is there really no alternative to disqus that offers this functionality?

      • Frenzie

        Yup. A cursory glance on the Internet learns that unlike Disqus, IntenseDebate:

        loads pretty fast
        works well with search engines
        works without Javascript (on WordPress blogs)
        works without iframes
        has pages instead of endless “read more” clicking
        works better on mobile
        is more accessible

        • Frenzie

          And hopefully, supports lists. >_>

        • Frenzie

          Because someone downvoted that comment, I’ll give some more body to what I wrote:

          – Disqus takes about three to five seconds to load on my 50Mbit connection. This occurs in Presto, Gecko, Webkit, and Blink, in case someone wanted to blame my browser or something. IntenseDebate loads in half a second, which frankly is still on the slow side but not bothersome. Waiting for Disqus to load on a 64kbit connection? It’s a nightmare, although Turbo helps.
          – Try searching for the text of one of the comments on this very page in a search engine. Then do it for these comments. Enough said.
          – You’ll notice I didn’t say anything about IntenseDebate and search engines, but working properly without Javascript should take care of that automatically.
          – Iframes. Well, shouldn’t Opera/Blink have gotten rid of that bug where switching them off only hid, but didn’t actually disable iframes? I suppose most people may not find this terribly relevant. I’m not sure I do, but it still needs to be said.
          – Works better on mobile. Well, that’s simple. I checked a demo of sorts and this page on my cellphone. As expected, the differences outlined above are emphasized on account of the amount of scripting and everything used. But actually it’s even worse than that. Disqus took over five seconds to load and only showed me two comments. Reading any more was torture. The IntenseDebate link above loaded in a second, completely.
          – IntenseDebate is more accessible. Well, I didn’t check that personally, so you can blame me if it’s just some nonsense I believed without good reason. Actually looking at the generated comment lists it seems to suffer from divitus, so I figure at best it gives more lip service to it. Scratch this one.

          NB I’m not advocating in favor of IntenseDebate, seeing how I’m not convinced that it offers much over WordPress with a few plugins (Akismet, comment ratings, maybe some others). But it definitely looks like IntenseDebate beats Disqus at its own game, which is the question pft asked.

          PS Tangentially, Disqus styles the comment box in such a way that Opera’s drag handle doesn’t appear, nor does it offer preview. I’m not sure how much of this is down to the styling and settings on this page and how much is Disqus’ fault, but you’ll understand it hardly makes me like it any better.

          • Vux777

            I don’t have exp with IntenseDebate, but Disqus system is mess on large number of comments. I would prefer old MyOpera commenting system over Disqus anytime, and simple starting page “latest activities” that old blog system have

    • Frenzie

      If you’re talking about me, that was about Disqus specifically. IntenseDebate seems to be free from most of Disqus’ flaws.

      Also, I don’t appreciate having to click “load more comments” a million times instead of just going to a page.

      • I wasn’t talking about anybody specific. I don’t even remember… 😉

        • Frenzie

          If I recall correctly I said something like “Please, not Disqus.” 😛

  • Andrew Frazier

    Is there an RSS feed?

  • Wndsong

    well great test . playing with it now 😛

  • Wndsong

    it is looking good so far but needs a bit of tuning 😉

    • BK

      Yeah, incoming soon

  • Sebastián Lalaurette

    I really like the header graphic.

    You need to make the number of comments in a post visible in the homepage, not just in the page for the post itself.

    • Emil Huber

      I have looked for a “Login-Button” for hours… I think that it should be more visible.

  • s/ash

    Hello. 🙂

    • JiveAssNiggerShitHead

      Good day to you too, sweetie

  • Ghirahim


    • BK

      Welcome 😉

      • Ghirahim

        I hope we get Opera Link next week! :3

  • ahoj1234

    any chance to get rid of shorting URLs in disqus? I prefer to see them.

    • Carson Coyote

      It goes well with the address bar in Opera 15+. 😉

      • ahoj1234

        address bar… yeah, I also heard something about that 🙂 but I’m complaining about disqus and shorting URLs (see the IMG- two different pages but the same short…- or see the URL). Maybe Opera devs don’t have access to change it but at least I tried.

        • Sebastián Lalaurette

          Since Opera hides the query string now, the shortened link is more clearly unique than the unshortened version. That’s what Carson is pointing out. 🙂

          • ahoj1234

            well, I get it and I can see it there… I just did not thought about it that way.

            My bad… anyway I think that this is ever worst than the address bar shorting 🙂 🙁

  • nahtanoj999

    Can we get a better comment system than discus? It’s just about the worst one in use anywhere on the internet.

    • They just decided to take it. You really think they’re going to exchange it now?

      • Frenzie

        Probably not, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • Darklink88

    Very nice home for the new Desktop Team Blog! Sorry to see MyOpera dying but I think that’s a good choice as long as we’ll get new forums! 🙂

  • ouzowtf

    I think I still dont get how this new comment system works. Its threaded, yeah. Therefore discussions on a specific topc or bug are easier to follow and can be voted up. So far no problem for me and a good step in the right direction.

    – But do I have somewhere an overview about not yet read comments (be it replies to my comment, a different discussion or a totally new discussion)? Something like https://my.opera.com/MYOPERA_USERNAME/news/ ?

    – Can I subscribe a whole blog to get notifications about new blog posts in this mentioned “overview”?

    Maybe an introduction (as a new blog post) about the new comment system and its possibilities could be helpful?!

    • Once you fully get into Disqus you will be lazy to have to sign up to anything not using it, believe me.

      You have a personal profile, a history of just about everything you ever posted on any website too, mail alerts with direct access to the site and position of your comment, a dashboard in disqus.com where to directly answer comments, you can follow people, and also check if your Facebook friends are on disqus and follow them here too.

      This is the one last site I was witing for to use it.

      • Vux777

        but you can’t be notified about new comments on specific articles except replies to your own comment. For that you have to use RSS reader
        Am I right?
        I also didn’t used Disqus very much, only occasionally

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I receive an e-mail notification (almost) everytime a new comment is posted on a blog entry in which i’ve commented on.
          No matter if it is a reply to a comment i’ve made or a new one.

          • Vux777

            but only for threads where you are participating.This article have 88 comments right now. You didn’t receive 88 mail notifications, right?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            I don’t think so. 🙂
            But i think i receive notifications even fot threads i’m not in but i’ll have to check for sure.

          • Leonardo Gomes
          • About getting DISQUS comments notifications and stars. cc/ @Vux777:disqus @hectormaciasayala:disqus @ahoj1234:disqus @ouzowtf:disqus

          • Vux777

            but still…

            there is no system like on my opera portal to see EVERY new comment on particular article with Disqus

            Star will do this:

            “If you’ve starred a conversation, we’ll update you with the best comments from that discussion in your Disqus Digest.”

            Subscribing will do this:

            “Additionally, anyone can subscribe to individual threads via RSS or email in any Disqus embed by clicking one of the subscription links at the bottom of the embed.”

            We have only email subscription, and it doesn’t notify you about all comments but only about comments in thread that you participating and some other that is calculated by Disqus algorithm (probably popular one)
            Opera team didn’t enabled Disqus RSS feed, so we have to do it manually

          • Scroll to the bottom of this page and check the Subscribe button (below the DISQUS discussion, above Follow us buttons), it will notify about every new comment.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            But you have to do it for every single post, don’t you?

            Via Windows Phone

            —–Mensagem Original—–
            De: “Disqus”
            Enviada em: ‎01/‎11/‎2013 17:03
            Para: “leocgomes@redegomes.com”
            Assunto: Re: New comment posted on Welcome to the new home of Desktop blog

            A new comment was posted on Desktop Team Blog

            Rafael Luik
            Scroll to the bottom of this page and check the Subscribe button (below the DISQUS discussion, above Follow us buttons), it will notify about every new comment. 3:03 p.m., Friday Nov. 1

            Reply to Rafael Luik

            Rafael Luik’s comment is in reply to Vux777:

            but still…
            there is no system like on my opera portal to see EVERY new comment on particular article with Disqus Star will do this …
            Read more

            [A mensagem original inteira não está incluída.]

          • Just like you’d have to subscribe for every post comments in My Opera! Or you can mark “Subscribe to threads that i comment on” in your account settings just like in My Opera.

        • Sincerely, most comments are worthless, you can still follow certain persons you consider to give the best answers and the old system sent notifications about every answer, wether it did or did not have anything to do with your interests.

        • There’s a Subscribe button at the very bottom of the whole DISQUS discussion and here you’ll find “subscribe to threads I comment on” in notification settings. cc/ @hectormaciasayala:disqus @disqus_WZtx4u7zWJ:disqus @Vux777:disqus

    • ahoj1234

      I have never used disqus before but:
      – “replies to my comment” = “My Disqus” – you will get red notification here (and on your email – by default)
      – “Can I subscribe a whole blog”ůů -> sure ( https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2013/10/welcome-to-the-new-home-of-desktop-blog/#comment-1103797472 )

      and about new and old discus comment… just sort it by “Newest”. it will help (better than nothing)

      • ouzowtf

        About that subcription issue: Thats a rss feed, right? So I have to use a separate feed reader to get notifications about new blog posts on opera.com and have to log in on disqus to comment/see only new comments?
        If thats the case, then this whole thing is unbelievably complicated.

        Before I just had to login on MyOpera on my news page and could see new comments and blog posts of my subscribed MyOpera blogs and could comment at the same time.

        Changing to “Newest” every time is very… bad 🙁

        P.S. Its really hard to know that I have to use an exception for disqus.com in my cookie settings to see this ‘Post as ouzowtf’-button to post these two comments.

        • ahoj1234

          about subscription: yes, it’s a RSS feed. Though, it offers also subscribe to “Opera portal” (don’t ask me what’s that). In 5 months my.opera will be shut down anyway, so…

          “Changing to “Newest” every time is very… bad 🙁 ” – I don’t have to. it just remember the choice. Maybe stay logged in could help (I’m not sure if it affect disqus acc or not)

          about the PS: also Blažej answered that: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2013/10/welcome-to-the-new-home-of-desktop-blog/#comment-1103928446
          (you have to set exception for 3rd part cookies on this site or just allow them in general AFAIK)

  • Arakki

    Disqus doesn’t want to work with O12, when are you going to totally block all the users who wish to use your last good and functional browser?

    • ahoj1234

      can’t confirm it.
      latest O12 build, w7x64 (try to do a clean install, then try to figure out what could be the problem – disabling extensions etc… maybe a clean profile would be better and faster)

      • Arakki

        Maybe something to do with JS and java being disabled as I don’t want to get my browser triple-penetrated on every possible malicious site 🙁

        • BK

          Yep, you have to enable JS and third party cookies for comments to work here.

          • Frenzie

            You also have to enable iframes.

  • Guest

    OK – will this work now?

  • ayespy

    Unless there is some secret I am unable to unlock, it is not possible to sign in here with Opera Next 18 (which is currently my default browser). I did manage to figure out how to get in with both Dev 19 and Stable 17

    • BK

      General comment, as this questions repeats:
      In order to be able to comment here you need to:
      – have java script enabled
      – have third parties cookies enabled
      – [start commenting something on the blog (first comment, than try to log in, when UI appears)]
      – [when buttons appear, pick a way to login to Disqus (via social login or Disqus account)]

      Note: my.opera user accounts have not been ported to new Disqus commenting system. You need to use new one.

      • ayespy

        Just caught that on the desktopteam blog. 3P cookies was the missing ingredient for O18. Thanks for mentioning it.

      • Guest

        Looks like I can add “too complicated” to my list of bad Disqus properties.

      • senna_4ever

        “yet” or is this not possible?

    • Vux777

      I’m using latest O18 next and no problems with it…

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Hello all! 🙂
    So, Błażej, you’ll be monitoring both blogs now…good luck. 🙂
    I already found a bug. 🙂 In settings, the time zone UTC+4 is only for Dubai, and not for Moscow & St. Petersburg. 🙂

    • BK

      Thanks.. 😉 let luck be with me, I will need it for sure.
      Russia is your country/language? Have you maybe noticed poor Russian translations in Desktop O15+?

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Usually, lists of time zones contain multiple items for each time zone, grouping cities by country. Okay, not a bug, just what triggered a tester’s eye. 🙂 It’s Disqus settings, not this blog’s.

        As for Opera localisation, yes, there still are some mistranslations. I’ve even reported something. Btw, is it a proper way to deal with them, to report them to your JIRA system?

        • BK

          Thanks! Reporting them to JIRA and pinging us about them here is the most optimal way of getting our attentions. We are also improving the QA process, so that more JIRA reports should be processed (evaluated and prioritized) right away 🙂

        • Dmitry Kirin

          Oops… Just noticed: time zone list is a total mess. Some are marked with the word DST, some aren’t, as if one should change time zone when DST is toggled. “UTC +3 DST (Europe/Moscow)” is misguiding: though Russia never switched back from “summer time” in 2011, we don’t say we have DST, and the appropriate representation is UTC +4. Microsoft time zone list in Windows is way clearer.

  • I thought I already left a message, but I don’t see it.
    Let’s see if this message appears.

    • pft

      No, I can’t see it either.

      • Thanks for the reply. I assume that it never got posted.

        I was going to say that I hope this new blog will be kept free from all of the off-topic posts not related to the Opera build under discussion.

        I see that Disqus has vote down and vote up buttons, so presumably if enough readers vote a post down it will get hidden from view.

        I find it so time-consuming to plough through all of the noise on the old blogs that I tended to avoid them.

        • Maybe at least some of the trolls / haters there keep their promise to finally quit it, that would make the blog even more readable. 😉

          • Dmitry Kirin

            They’ll now use the full might of comment threading. The hate won’t have to be diluted by quotes from original posts. 🙂

        • Dmitry Kirin

          There’s an interesting solution on the Russian IT forum Habrahabr: posts with negative total votes are shown in grey colour, so they are naturally faded from view. For easier reading, they are temporarily solidified to black upon mouse over.

        • By the way, how many negative votes are necessary on Disqus to hide it from the “Best” view?

          • Hmm, judging by the troll posts on the latest blog, guests can upvote these kind of posts which renders the whole purpose meaningless. Can the Opera developers maybe disable guest votes here?

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Is it just me or O19 glitches when typing comments? For example, if I start typing, “Is ” fast, after Space is pressed, the entire comment section changes size and text area is gone.

  • WB

    Very nice!

  • Confucius Monkey-kin

    There’s too much white-space between segments, compared to the old blog.

    • FreeBSD

      I guess ppl have a short attention span these days.

  • Vux777

    Dev tem, pls fix comments RSS feed from Disqus

    It has wrong comment ID, so when clicking on it in RSS reader it won’t point out where is particular comment

    little more explanation here


  • pft

    Argh, Disqus. I have really disliked Disqus for a long time. They blocked an older version of Opera, and even in 12.16 this does not look right. So it is really ironic that I need to unblock Disqus in Ghostery in order to read the comments on an Opera blog.
    Also, I don’t trust them at all with my data. They will probably collect as much info as they can with their ubiquitious javascripts. At least they allow quick registration with a faked email.

  • kapsi

    Testing 1 2 3

  • disinvis

    With new home!

  • Ice007

    To write a comment at Opera “notlongeracomunity” requires using Disqus…

    What a shame.

  • Nice place. 🙂 But annoys me a “little” bug. Applies to animations when ClearType is turned off (Windows)? It also appears here in Disqus. This is Blink problem. Is it known anything about the work on the patch?

  • tolerant_today

    Wow cool guys

  • Dmitry Kirin

    Last-time findings about this place:

    Still no idea what to do with sudden glitch with layout after typing “s{Space}” in Reply area in O19. O17 works fine. Once, when such layout death occurred, I closed O19, opened O17, and my lost text was back into the Reply area. This leads to a conclusion that Disqus has sent it to server side, which means there’s some huge work behind the scenes on keypress.

    We definitely need a button “Upload image” here in Reply section, to post screenshots. I think I saw it here for a moment, but now it’s gone. Please, bring it back. 😉 Despite there’s a variety of public image hosting services, an inline solution is much more convenient.

    Original post texts are rendered differently in O17 Stable and O19. In O19, the letter spacing is smaller, and the text is harder to read.

    The Reply editor allows using of formatting keyboard shortcuts, like Ctrl+B (bold). The formatting is shown in the editor, but lost after the reply is posted.

    • Vux777

      just to test is this working


      …I think admins need to enable that in commenting system, because on other sites with disqus, img upload is working fine

      eg. (try to reply on any comment)


      • Vux777

        nope…img preview is not working

        • Dmitry Kirin

          The IMG tag is not on the list of tags supported by Disqus. Image preview is rubbish anyway. The real thing is to avoid having to open another site to publish an image and copy&paste urls.

          • Vux777

            I thought it will work because:

            How do I add image/video attachments to comments?

            If the site has enabled media attachments, all you need to do is paste the link to the image or video (e.g. a YouTube link). A media attachment formatting is created after posting the comment, which includes a thumbnail and title.



            btw: “cite” tag doesn’t work :/

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Oh, that explains it: I must have seen the image upload button not here, but on another site with Disqus-powered comments.

      • The problem with an image link, is that after following it, and using the back button (or gesture), the thread reloads at the top, not at the comment where the link was posted.

        One has to remember to open the link in a new tab, and then close the tab.

        • Frenzie

          That’s not a problem with image links; that’s a problem with Disqus.

    • I really do recomment simply posting links to images. Inline solutions often take up a lot of space.

      • Dmitry Kirin

        Well, it’s for you to decide, depending on your space quota with Disqus, or how these matters are set. If you open the image upload feature, we’ll most probably use it for small screenshots. I don’t think anybody will post 15MB raw photos here. 🙂

        • It’s a fact that while many users have a sense of what size or kind of image is appropriate to post in a thread, many more do not have a clue. It is not uncommon to see screenshots of the entire monitor to illustrate an issue that needs only 100 x 200 pixels.

          Again many users don’t know when to use PNG instead of JPG, and a few still post BMP images of 2 Mbytes or more. A single image over 500 Kbytes is enough to slow down the loading of a thread.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Yes, you’re right. However, for that purpose, Facebook converts inline images in comments to small jpegs, independently of what was the original format. I don’t know if Disqus does anything like that. Would be great, and safe.

          • Vux777

            it’s already implemented in Disqus
            not only for images, but videos too

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Cool, didn’t know about videos. So, files won’t be a big problem then, and images will be stored on the same platform as the comments. Plus, we won’t have to open image hosting websites with their numerous banners and popups stealing the traffic.

          • Vux777

            no no no 🙂
            it’s implemented in Disqus as service
            It’s up to admins will they gonna enable it on their blogs using Disqus

          • senna_4ever

            let me see if i understand: in comments there is option I post image/video/small files since that the blog admins enable it for us?

          • Frenzie

            But for screenshots converting PNG to JPEG is usually a bad idea, not to mention it might well end up bigger than the original file.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            For most cases, jpeg is smaller. Even Facebook does the conversion, and they are who should be really careful with uploads, with the system scale like that.

          • Frenzie

            A screenshot of your comment is 16kB in PNG. Subsequently running pngquant gives a 6.2kB result with no discernible loss in quality. A libjpeg optimized JPEG looks alright at 14-18kB, but it has some relatively minor artifacts. You can easily reach about 6kB with JPEG as well, but the artifacts then become really distracting to the point where it looks more like one of those illegible CAPTCHAs.

            These results indicate that the system should check how filesize compares between e.g. carefully crafted PNGs and its own low-quality JPEGs, otherwise it shoots itself in the foot. For that matter, it really shouldn’t add another layer of noise to a properly optimized JPEG either. In the past I’ve uploaded a JPEG to Facebook, which consequently made the file bulkier and uglier.

            Above all, however, this blog is not Facebook. Like I indicated before, screenshots are doubtless the primary use case, not photos. I’d say simply reject all images over 200kB, or possibly even as little as 50kB. Give some pointers about how to optimize files, but don’t let the system muck about with it. I know, tough love, but I see no added value in shrunk low-quality JPEG images.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Agree. A simple size limit would suffice. A service compressing graphics with different algorithms and choosing the best should rather be called something else, not a commenting platform. 🙂

          • Thanks for the tip on pngquant. I previously used pngcrush for the same task, but the Windows utility PNGoo has a GUI to make it more user-friendly than a command line tool. The results are worthwhile.

          • Frenzie

            Just don’t forget that pngcrush is lossless and pngquant is lossy. 🙂

          • “pngquant is lossy”

            Then it’s useless for my purposes.

          • Frenzie

            Fair enough. For me, the massive size advantage at no or almost no discernible loss in quality tends to beat the advantage of lossless for most online purposes.

          • Most cases of what?

            On support forums, a lot of screen shots are of the GUI, dialogues, toolbars, and menu, not photos. For most GUI screenshots, PNG images are smaller and clearer, especially for text elements.

            Web pages are also largely composed of text, with some small images, like this page, so again, a PNG screenshot is both smaller and sharper than a JPG.

          • Dmitry Kirin

            Screenshots often contain colour-rich fragments—window title gradients, web page pictures, etc. It makes PNG bigger. The meaningful life of these screenshots is quite short, they are not part of permanent publications, where perfection is desired. So it’s not really important if they gain some artefacts with automatic conversion to JPG. My point was just the commenting convenience and more or less reasonable size of JPG in comparison to other formats.

      • Vux777

        what about comments ID
        all comments RSS feed is linked to wrong ID from new https://www.opera.com
        on my.opera.com works fine

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Does anyone knows how Disqus chooses the best comments? It”s based on the votes?

  • IllusionMH

    Please, add link to comments part at the endo of the post.
    Always have to scroll top to get to the comments 🙁

    • ahoj1234

      try to click on a comment’s time when it was posted… or “share” and you will find the link there. It’s already here 🙂

      • IllusionMH

        I was talking about list of articles.
        I have only two links in the end of each article: time and author. And as you pointed – now I can click on time and get to blog entry. But I still need to scroll down to comments 🙁

  • Vux777
    • Dmitry Kirin

      select name from sysobjects where xtype = 'U'

      …Syntax highlighting also works. 🙂

  • Илья Найдов

    Couldn’t find the new RSS link of the Desktop Team Blog to update it in my RSS client… Had to look into page source… Too bad new Opera does not have that handy RSS icon in the address bar…

  • Kurt Zon

    ……….looks promising………………

  • It’s good that now comments have permalinks 😀

  • Well, that was annoyingly difficult to get set up with disqus. I think it’s working now, though.

  • arfz

    hello 🙂

  • Leonardo Gomes

    Is there a way to setup Disqus to show all comments and avoid the “load more comments” bar?

    • Azrael

      No. But at least you can click on that button and it loads them, for me that’s like the Sisyphus job.

  • Hopeson Sel

    Nice new blog

  • berlanda


  • Good news. I think new blog will be more freindly.

  • Ice007

    That´s bad:
    I subscribed to the “Comments Feed”. But if I call up “Full article” in the feed, the post is not called up, only the article itself. After that I must search the comment in the thread myself.
    “Comfortable” is something else…
    The reason is: The feed-link has a wrong URL, so it can´t work at all. For example:
    Manual adress copied here in the replies: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2013/10/welcome-to-the-new-home-of-desktop-blog/#comment-1106136169
    The same adress (comment) from the feed. https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2013/10/welcome-to-the-new-home-of-desktop-blog/#comment-214

  • x a

    Disqus’ dependency on third-party-cookies is a non-starter.

    I don’t even start to talk about the sell-out and marketing of user-interests and profiles by Disqus…

  • Guest

    please add the number of comments on the main page, it is only displayed inside the articles now.

    • BK

      In the work queue, tracked as OPCOM-420.

  • Cjcr

    We will have a new snapshot today?

  • Chas4

    If a Opera 17 users has Cookies set to allow local data to be set & block 3rd party cookies & site data “http://disqus.com” needs to in the exceptions for the log in with Disqus to work right

  • Do you have any idea how can we follow comments easily? Even to apply email notifications, after sometime it is going terrible to see comments.. How do you do?

    • Azrael

      You can’t, Disqus is a complete POS in this regard. All you can do is to load all the comments normally (not with your reply at the top) and go where you put it originally.

    • Click on the “My Disqus” button at the top of the comments to see replies to your posts.

  • senna_4ever


    You said about the RSS. But how will I use the RSS to follow this blog if in new opera doesn’t have RSS reader, a thing so basic as bookmarks in browsers

    • Opera Mail has a feed reader, and there are several other alternatives out there as well.

      • senna_4ever

        Yeah, but I always have used a only software for that. Firefox is one of the alternatives?

        Well, I won’t keep complaining about the RSS, for now. There are much to do in the browser now. Chrome doesn’t have one, and the only reason I see not to have a rss reader built in is because it must be hard using the new engine, even RSS reader is together with M2. If is this, I can understand and maybe wait for an implementation, even that this takes a long time.

        A quick soluction: use the “Discover” for that. I don’t use this tool a long time and using that to add sites to follow, i would back to use more.

  • guest6768

    My eyes hurt with your new blog look. Can you make the fonts even bigger? Size=256 seems right. Or maybe 2048. Oh and the spaces… I like it when 6 lines take the whole screen of my 24″ monitor. Now it is only 10 lines. Fix it please. That way you ‘ll look so cool… so modern… so noob-friendly… so lame!!!

  • Денис

    Where is Opera 12 posts? You bury your heritage.

  • Serpher

    We need RSS for this blog.

  • Денис

    In March all myopera userblogs will be deleted or read only?

    • Azrael


      • Денис

        And if a man has thrown blog, but left a useful content? There are many. You barbarians, traitors. I will not pass on a new opera.

  • Mark Rich

    Still waiting for the Linux version of the new stripped-down-not-quite-as-nice-as-once-was opera. No news yet then.

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