Opera 18 Next has landed!

Greetings from Wojtek from the Wroclaw’s Desktop QA department!

The sun is/was shinning, the weather is/was sweet. 🙂 But I still want you to go and download the brand new Opera 18 which has just landed in the Opera Next stream.

We have decided that Opera 18 has reached a level of maturity needed for it to become the next Next. For those of you keeping an eye on the Developer stream, there are no big surprises here. As we informed you in the previous post, the Quick Access Bar will remain hidden behind a flag for 18. It is fully usable, but not as “sexy”* as we would like it to be. We will keep improving it in the Developer stream.

Other features that are worthy of your attention is the new ability to move tabs between windows or spawn a new window from a tab by dragging it outside the browser window – Something I use on a daily basis and I am really happy to see it stabilizing.

For those of you who like to tinker with search engines, there is now a new search engine manager. Hint: you can access it straight from the address field’s context menu.

We are also shipping W3C getUserMedia for all of you waiting for a chance to broadcast yourself into the Web using your microphone and web cameras, or if you just want to control a game with your head.

Last but not least, the new installable Themes for anyone wanting to pimp up the look of their browsers. Choose from wide variety of themes available on our Add-ons portal or from the new “Get Themes” menu option. Read more about creating your own theme on

We are impatiently waiting for your feedback. Check out our latest features and share your opinions in the comment section. Thank you for all your feedback! You are the best!


  • Installable themes
  • Moving tabs between windows
  • Enhancements for Search Engines Manager
  • Media Capture Support
  • Update Chromium to 1650.16


* An internal feature quality measurement.

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