Opera Developer update

Hello everyone!

This is my first time writing on the desktop team blog, though you might have seen me trolling the intarwebs and replying to people on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. Often I’m named simply “Opera” though, so might be hard to spot ­čśë We also seem to always talk about the beautiful weather, even though we’re all inside. So, yes, it’s sunny and warm. Outside.

Today we have a new Developer build! It’s not very long time since the last one, but there’s quite a lot in it already. 17 is however branched off at 1246 and should be feature frozen now. My guess is that this version (1246, that is) will be promoted to Next after a stabilizing run. So this might be the last Developer build of 17. ­čÖé



  • Update to chromium 1599.14
  • Some langugage settings
  • Some font settings!
  • Lots of small Quick Access Bar improvements
  • Lots of bugfixes

Known bugs

  • DNA-10679: Can’t change language in settings in a build that was installed with the installer)
  • DNA-10649: Browser also closes down if last tab is closed twice

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