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  • Lukas

    hey guys! I really love the opera mail and used it for 10 years (no kidding). Are there any updates coming soon? Is there any page/site/place in the web, where I can follow the mail developer team?

    I have a really big problem with adding images to my signature and want to know, where I can file a bug or get help 🙁

  • wbgenetic

    I just moved to Foxmail … so much better for now.

  • Hey guys, when will we see a new update?

  • Franciszek Baranowski

    How can I configure mail directory?

  • Wiwandra

    any update? I’ve never read any news since the launch.

  • Sagemode

    same. This program is not being maintained? It seriously needs the ability to select/deselect what imap folders appear in the virtual folders.

  • On OS X I would hope it gets the 64bit build and Sandbox support, also use XProtect if it is not already

  • David

    I don’t know how to contact Opera. However, I’ve just downloaded Opera Mail by mistake. I put my username, mail and password. I can see the “Welcome message” by Opera but then “Authorization failed” appears. What should I do? I would like to delete my Opera Mail Account or at least not to use it anymore, but every 5 minutes this “Authorization failed” comes off. Hope someone can help me.

  • Jeff

    Are there going to be any updates for Opera Mail? Can we expect to see a Linux version at any point? Has this been abandoned?

  • Sergey

    OperaMail AddressBook converting to csv.

    I still use Opera Mail on my Windows system but I can’t use it anymore on my prefered Linux system and I’m afraid that there will not be Linux release of this program.

    Therefore I was needed to convert my OperaMail address book to table that easily may be imported to others e-mail client. But OperaMail doesn’t provide export tool to csv-file.

    So I wrote a simple OpenOffice Basic macros that open “contacts.adr” file via pop-up “File Choosing Dialog” and convert all fileds of addressbook to simple table in the current active OpenOffice Calc Sheet. This Calc Sheet can be then saved as csv-file.

    I tried to suply the code by detailed comments. Here is the link to txt-file with the OpenOffice Basic macros text code (no need google account to recive file):

  • update…

  • tarkus

    I still use Opera mail as my mail client. Everything works fine until now but….do you still support it? How can I export my mails (not contacts) in an externally accessible way (html or something)? How can I backup label configuration etc?