First snapshot of ’13

Happy new year! (A bit late but still….) :hat:

We are all busy working on the next version of Opera. But we have found the time to prepare another set of updates that we will give our users as Opera 12.13. Here is to the first snapshot of the new year! :up:

A new year mean faster performance. Well, I think it should. We have done some optimization of preference and web storage file saves. Which greatly improves performance for websites with lots of storage data like Twitter and many of our extensions. Problems with storage corruption for sites and extensions on exit should also be resolved.

We have also upgraded two internal components: auto-update and settings protection. When you get this snapshot you will help us test the new new auto-update mechanism for our next snapshot. I t should be more reliable in every environment and make sure there aren’t any problems blocking users from upgrading. The new settings protection may reset your search provider to the default setting. This is done in an effort to prevent third party applications from changing some user-settings without consent from the user.

WARNING: This is a development snapshot: It contains the latest changes, but may also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, it may not work at all.


Opera Next available from the sidebar and later through auto-update. …

Change log

  • Stability improvements
  • DSK-378667 New auto-update checker
  • DSK-379653 Images setting changed to off after quitting while pages are still loading
  • DSK-378182 No pages load if there was no Internet connection at startup
  • CORE-49385 Extension data storage gets corrupted when quitting
  • CORE-41477 Handling of form buttons title/tooltips
  • CORE-49356 Stops responding on some Google sites (Mail, Plus)
  • DSK-378871 Protection against search settings hijacking
  • CORE-49355 Encoding issues when copying some protocol links
  • CORE-49361 designMode can disable contenteditable and crash
  • CORE-49378 datalist dropdown shown if readonly input focused using script

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