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Opera Ads Celebrates Five Years of Innovation and Growth, Key Driver of Opera’s LTM Advertising Revenue Exceeding $240 Million

Opera Ads Celebrates Five Years of Innovation and Growth, Key Driver of Opera’s LTM Advertising Revenue Exceeding $240 Million

Oslo, Norway – May 28th, 2024 – Opera Ads, the advertising platform by Opera, a global web innovator, proudly announces its fifth anniversary today, marking a significant milestone in its evolution within the advertising landscape. Over the past years, Opera Ads has taken advantage of its cornerstone owned and operated inventory to spearhead innovation, forge invaluable partnerships, and uphold a steadfast commitment to transparency, efficiency, and privacy. As it celebrates this momentous occasion, including driving 22% advertising revenue growth for Opera and exceeding $240 million over the last four quarters.

During its five year tenure, Opera Ads has undergone a remarkable evolution, originating as a powerful content-based native ad platform and expanding to become a multifaceted ecosystem catering to the diverse needs of advertisers and publishers alike. What began as a means for advertising partners to access premium inventory and reach Opera’s vast user base across mobile, PC, and other platforms, has evolved into a comprehensive suite of solutions. These solutions provide access to premium placements specific to Opera browsers and a vast range of exclusively managed partner inventories.

Pillars of Success

Since launching in 2019, Opera Ads has gained traction across multiple regions with solid revenue growth. Operating across approximately 35 performance demand verticals, Opera Ads has observed increasing growth trends, notably within gaming, ecommerce, retail and travel. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Opera Ads remains agile, with most recently including emerging trends such as Connected TV (CTV), which has already experienced 450% year-over-year growth, further solidifying its position as a dynamic player in the advertising industry. 

Evolution into Opera Audience Solutions

In 2021, Opera introduced its Supply-Side Platform (SSP), now known as Opera Audience Solutions. The platform offers an extensive omni-channel marketplace, encompassing a diverse, exclusively managed inventory portfolio of mobile, web, CTV, video and audio properties, processing more than 380 billion daily ad requests across our globally scaled proprietary infrastructure. In addition, Opera Ads’ marketplace offers a robust global audience DMP. 

As part of the Anniversary Campaign, Opera Ads is unveiling a striking new website. With an intuitive interface and engaging visuals, the revamped site serves as a hub for advertisers, publishers, and industry professionals to discover the latest advancements in digital advertising and to explore collaborative opportunities with Opera Ads. 

‘’Five years in, Opera Ads commemorates a journey of growth and evolution. From its inception and core as a native ad platform to its current expansion as a multifaceted ecosystem, Opera Ads has navigated the digital landscape with agility and innovation. As we mark this milestone, we extend gratitude to our partners and reaffirm our commitment to delivering innovation and value in digital advertising.” – Per Wetterdal, EVP Commercial

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About Opera Ads

Opera Ads, the advertising platform by global web innovator Opera, powers advertising with extensive reach, user-centric engagement and dedicated global support. It fuels monetization and effective user engagement through a comprehensive suite of products including a demand-side platform (DSP), supply-side platform (SSP), and Premium Ad Solutions. The platform allows advertisers to leverage a vast audience across various channels, all within a brand-safe environment. By prioritizing trust, Opera Ads ensures impactful and transparent advertising experiences. Learn more at opera.com/ads.

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