VR Player Enhancements

We are delighted to present to you a bunch of changes that allow you to enjoy VR content on the web even more.

Oculus SDK is on board!

We started working on VR Player for Opera to make sure that the immersive, 360-degree virtual world would be available to our users with just one click. We started with OpenVR support, but now, after collaboration with our friends at Oculus, we can announce that Oculus SDK support will be shipped with Opera 50. Oculus Rift has been an incredible milestone in the virtual reality world and it’s our pleasure to announce that Oculus users can now enjoy Opera VR Player directly.

Software decoding

In our initial VR Player release, we listed some tips and tricks a user might need to deal with some VR-related scenarios, such as using VR Player when their GPU does not support YouTube’s VP8 or VP9 formats.

We have implemented software decoding path support in our code so that you don’t need to install any extensions to do it for you. It’s a very significant change that will allow more users to enjoy VR online.

Automatic format detection

VR is very young and still very undefined territory. A consequence of this is that there is no support in video containers to carry VR video metadata, such as format or stereoscopy mode. There are currently quite a few combinations of metadata available.

That’s why we are adding JavaScript-based detection for a selection of popular web sites – such as YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo – to help out with automatic format detection for the proper playback mode.

It will not always be right as pages also tend to change, but it will make watching VR videos easier to start with. Of course, you can later adjust this manually via our player controls.

Exit button

We share a passion for VR and know it’s sometimes hard to stop 😉 Still, we realized a dedicated Exit VR button was needed since users are removed from the browser interface and it might be unclear how to properly stop VR playback.

By clicking the “Turn off” button in the Opera VR Player, your device will return to its native home screen.

Full changelog is here.
Chromium was updated to version 63.0.3239.70.

Installation links:

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  • nanana1

    Thanks for enhancing VR in this Beta update although I am not into VR play 😉

  • Eugene B.

    It’s not an RC yet?

  • nanana1

    Love this fix : DNA-65400 Machine ID should be only one for single machine and now my profile data folder doesn’t get cluttered with many ssdfpxxxxxxxxxxx entries that are created each time Opera is fired up 🙂

  • oxymor0n

    Sweet! (although I won’t be using VR features in near future)

  • Andy

    The new VPN constantly puts me in France and won’t let youtube stream higher then 360p.

  • Michal

    Quick question. How can I get Opera to open Word? I get the following error message when trying to edit a shared document on sharepoint.com: “Opera was unable to open the link since no application associated with “ms-word:” protocol was found on your system.

  • sgrandin

    Just noticed, the Never Ending Loading bug has been fixed. Thanks. Now, look forward to the fix of the Back button problem described in the last beta.

  • Tisa Sopha

    Pls add support to Japanese input to opera beta linux version,now still could nt input Japanese on this opera beta linux

  • Tisa Sopha

    This version still buggy for nvidia VGA cards under Linux, GPU bugs,suddenly one tab can present contents correctly, all other tabs just showing distorted contents

  • Tisa Sopha

    Pls add network proxy setting s,now couldn’t configure opera beta working with tor yet

  • Pamela Gonzales

    Why is the browser consuming too much RAM now?

    I only have open opera and it closes me of so much ram that is consuming

  • I don’t have a VR headset yet, so I can watch only 360 degree panoramic video on YouTube. However, I noticed that HTML5test on https://html5test.com/ shows two parameters missed, even though they apparently should be implemented in this release:
    3D and VR -> VR Headset -> WebVR: No
    Peer To Peer -> Input -> Screen Capture: No

    • Hans Hansen

      You have to enable the WebVR flag:

      • Thanks, it works! I guessed that the option “Enable VR 360 player” should be enough, but it isn’t. I hope this flag will be enabled by default later in the stable release, or at least moved to common Settings.

      • Ralf Brinkmann

        I can not enable it. Is there any special hardware required?

        • Hans Hansen

          It is a bug that flags cannot be enabled (at least in the dev version; I don’t use the beta one). Try to activate it in the stable version. It should work there.

          • xirit64

            No problems enabling that flag in beta.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Yes in the beta it works too. Another trick for H.265 support?

          • Hans Hansen

            What for? YT uses VP9 for example (competes with H.265).
            It’s a question of licensing. Edge, IE and Safari are the only browsers that support H.265.
            H.265 licensing has historically been extremely expensive. In some cases orders of magnitude more expensive than H.264. MPEG-LA and HEVC Advance patent pools expected companies like Apple and Microsoft to pay for it. But they got too greedy (specifically HEVC Advance) by eliminating price caps, so Microsoft would have had to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for H.265, where H.264 caps out in the low millions. HEVC Advance has changed the licensing policy, but it may be too late, as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Cisco, Mozilla and others are developing a royalty free alternative (under the name “Alliance for Open Media”) so online video can never be held hostage again.

            –> H.265 support in Opera = not going to happen in the near future.

          • Now we need to wait until the new media AV1, which is still under development, will be implemented in Opera. BTW, Mozilla already added the pre-release version of AV1 decoder to Firefox Nightly: https://hacks.mozilla.org/2017/11/dash-playback-of-av1-video/
            I hope that Chromium developers will be the next.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            It’s just to get the full score :). Vivaldi has more points on my computer. I want Opera to be the best one.

          • Hans Hansen

            Vivaldi and Opera have both 520 Points on my setup (standard config).

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            Here: Opera 511 points, Vivaldi 528 points. No standard configuration, but the same adblocker and lists on both systems.

          • Opera: 528 without webvr flag, 531 with it. Checked on Windows 7 and 8.1. No extensions.

          • Ralf Brinkmann

            When I disable all extensions, I also get 531 points.

    • Ralf Brinkmann

      Only two? I have many more. What about H.265 support?

  • icetom

    so did you implement VR because of feedback? VR selling unints other than the PlaystationVR are basically non-existant.

  • ive

    I have a problem with allowing a website (https://cstimer.net/) to use my microphone. At first it worked fine, but I had to test something and it seems as if I clicked the “reset settings and reload” button too often. Now I don’t get the pop-up where I can allow the microphone and when I go to the settings where I can see all the websites that are allowed or blocked to use the microphone the website is in the list but where there should be allowed or blocked there’s just nothing.

    It’s still working with other websites like web.whatsapp (working meaning that I still get the popup where I can decide to allow it or not) and it also works just fine when I try it in Chrome. It would probably also work again if I reinstall Opera, but I’d rather not.

    I’m pretty sure that the constant “reset settings and reload” is what caused this and now my opera just blocks every attempt from this website or the website has given up?

    Any idea how I can fix this?

    Win7 x64
    Opera beta 50.0.2762.35 x86

  • sgrandin

    Something that’s existed for a bit is when opening the Citi/Costco Visa website to sign in, there’s a character dot in the password field. With the same link, it’s not there in IE11 or FF, so it’s either the site programming or something about Opera. It’s been going on for at least a couple of months. Screenshot: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AqsCKHVTj0ydlRsP-jiG9MhlDW_c

    • Tina

      Hi! Can’t reproduce it. Could you try it with clean profile? Looks like you have remembered this character as a password.

  • Andrey
  • DC

    Love the VR support, it really helps for showing content in one click. Every browser needs this.

    One request: some form of mouse or keyboard shortcuts for controls or even a basic single shortcut for “hover on” selection of the UI items. Often controllers run out of battery or are unavailable, and you’d think that since the blue hover over dot highlights items as it passes over that there would be a default “enter”, such as the spacebar. Unless there is one I haven’t found…?