Hello everyone,

Opera’s big number 50 release is edging closer to its stable release. Today, we are delivering the release candidate, which includes an innovative anti-Bitcoin mining feature, extended VR360 support for Oculus and Chromecast.

So please check Opera 50 beta RC out and let us know how it works!

NoCoin – Cryptocurrency Mining Protection

Bitcoins are really hot right now, but did you know that they might actually be making your computer hotter? Your CPU suddenly working at 100 percent capacity, the fan is going crazy for seemingly no reason and your battery quickly depleting might all be signs that someone is using your computer to mine for cryptocurrency.

This cryptocurrency mining can sometimes continue after you have first visited the site. But we, as the only major browser with an integrated ad blocker, have a built-in solution to keep miners from trespassing onto your machine.

After we recently updated the rules for our built-in ad blocker mechanism, we eliminated cryptocurrency mining scripts that overuse your device’s computing ability. Simply enable Opera’s ad blocker to prevent cryptocurrency mining sites from doing their dirty work on your computer.

You can find and change NoCoin in Settings (Preferences on macOS) > Basic > Block ads and under the Recommended lists of ad filters.

With NoCoin turned on, pages embedded with cryptocurrency mining scripts will be blocked in a similar way our mechanism blocks ads.

Changelog is here.

Have fun testing and Happy Holidays!!

Chromium was updated to version 63.0.3239.84 .

Installation links:

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  • xirit64


  • Abdolahi

    can’t wait for release !
    i love opera

  • nanana1

    Wow !….has been looking for a cryptocurrency mining block solution and you guys just delivered it :))

    • Mikolaj Boc

      Good to see you happy nanana1 🙂

  • Hetai-Na

    What a great surprise. One of the best features of Opera now. I still miss the possibility to whitelist “acceptable ads”. Sadly my computer HD is broken now, so I can’t test it.

  • There is no such menu item…

    • Ewa

      No issue here, are you sure you have 50.0.2762.42 version installed?

  • Євген Козирєв

    Excellent innovation! I’m waiting! Just correct please VPN, slow speed

  • Many thanks for mining blocker! I hope it can protect against any mining, not only Bitcoin.

  • FluffyBoyo

    Great work team Opera! (Cryptocurrency Mining Protection) is a good feature to start working on.

    Some other things a lot of us users would also like to see.

    1. Kinetic mouse scrolling along the tab bar (with kinetic scrolling settings).
    For users who want 100-300+ open tabs in one or two windows. Tab bar scrolling so you can clearly see all the fav icons along the tab bar as one scrolls seems like a good advanced option to have. Maybe off by default?

    2. Dark mode UI extended onto ALL background settings pages. (and in time the on page right click context menu and drop down menus – Off by default)


    Some bugs I’ve seen which are still present.

    Changing display refresh rate whilst the browser is open and in window or maximised on screen makes the top of the browsers UI and tab bar completely disappear, or go transparent. Changing display refresh rate in windows 7 x64 when trying to watch a video file playing back with zoom player or any other player that changes refresh rates to match video’s refresh rate. This bug has been going on for some time now across various nvidia driver updates (inc latest) and in beta and stable opera. A browser restart is only way to get the tab bar and top of the UI back again. Win7x64 Nvidia GPU (any latest drivers)


    opera://flags/ – #force-color-profile using Force sRGB
    This new option to fix bad colors in opera will also break the chrome extension ‘Care your Eyes’ night time mode. Operating in whitelist mode and then clicking ‘Enable at this site’ to darken a page no longer works if #force-color-profile, using Force sRGB is chosen. Fixes bad colors in Opera yes but breaks this extension.

  • Vlad

    relase in stable in this years?

  • kappa nice plagiate e-e https://github.com/keraf/NoCoin and miss presto engine… chromium engine is super bad

    • Andrey

      Presto support js mining? 8)

    • Please check your facts. We are using https://github.com/hoshsadiq/adblock-nocoin-list and it’s mentioned on opera://about/credits

    • thatism3

      What’s the problem? Does it matter which code Opera uses or even adopts? Where it says they can’t use this or that part of code? Isn’t it simply nice they add something helpful in your browser?

  • Matheus Bombonato

    Just a correction. I don’t think there are any Bitcoin miner for browsers out there. Our PCs doesn’t have power to mine Bitcoin anymore. Most of this miners are Monero miners (another cryptocurrency).
    This is a VERY nice feature. And now I’ll be able to uninstall another extension (Coin-Hive Blocker). Thanks!

  • sgrandin
    • Andrey

      Heavy site, but video playing w/o freeze.

      • Tina

        Confirm, can’t find problems on Beta 50. Please, disable all your extensions and try to load again

  • Hetai-Na

    Merry Christmas for you at Opera Software.

  • martinez
    • nanana1

      Nice write-up !

    • Thanks! 🙂

  • Александр

    Opera best news!

  • Nice feature, thanks a lot. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Opera team

  • firuz_u7

    Thank you for your efforts in creating an excellent browser. I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Opera team and good luck next year

    • Mikolaj Boc

      Thank you really much for these kind words and wishes. All the best for the upcoming year to you too ! 🙂

  • dragon-ble

    Seriously, when will you add OpenSearch? Actually, why did you remove it? because it’s present on Chromium

  • Zero Kiryu

    Are you planning to release Opera 50 Stable before New Year? It haven’t been any updates for a week now..

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Many of them are on Christmas /end of the year break.

  • jedy123

    Since Opera 47, I have noticed some sites aren’t functioning correctly. boots.com gives an error when I try to purchase something and independent.co.uk no longer logs me in. Not sure how many other problematic sites there are. All other major browsers tested work as expected, including those with the chromium engine. None of the developer/beta Opera browsers work correctly either.

    I have disabled all extensions (I only use Disconnect extension) and Opera ad blocker. I’ve also reset my Opera profile. None of these helped solve the issues.

    Windows 7 64-bit

    • Ariane Lu

      independent.co.uk: I can’t reproduce, have you try disable extension or use https?

  • Please give a link for manual installation NoCoin list.

  • catup

    The VPN is too slow…

  • sgrandin

    Back in 49b, I reported that adding to the cart didn’t respond at brooklinen.com, Someone replied that they didn’t have a problem there. Over the weekend, I updated from Win 10 from 1607 to 1709 and that seems to have solved every problem with Opera and some other programs except this one. Add to Cart button still doesn’t respond with this beta.

  • Pistej
  • Hector MA


    Already up but after upgrade from 49 Nocoin option isn’t there, so I added the list manually.

    Download from:

    • Hans Hansen

      Can’t find it either, maybe the list didn’t find its way into the stable version or it isn’t the final version..Let’s wait for the announcement. 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      As far as I know, the list is auto-updated so it should be available when auto-update for version 50 starts.

      • Hector MA

        The Nocoin option doesnt appear in the config page.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          In latest developer build it appeared from one day to another, without any Opera update. That’s why I think it’s included through auto-update.

  • Opera beta 50.0.2762.42 (PGO)
    What the heck do you do to the VPN??
    I used to be able to pick a specific location – now its …..horrible.
    Slow and useless for the most part.
    Was on 48 but had to upgrade – why??

    • Andrey

      Previously, the VPN service was hosted and operated by SurfEasy LLC, a company recently acquired by Symantec. We have investigated the best options for hosting the service and concluded the browser VPN service will be moved to our own data centers.


      • So Opera has become useless overnight?/

        • Ralf Brinkmann

          Opera has become useless, because you can’t use VPN the way you want? For the moment? Which other browser gives you the same features and possibilities? For free?

  • Yuesendel García

    Hi. I’m from south America so excuse my grammar. This script blocking tool is included in the android version of opera? Thanks.

  • Sadare Alam

    Thanks I am Using opera from 2years in android and in windows and its really nice .. GTA 5 Mod Menu

  • L33t4opera

    The Opera 51.0.2830.2 has been promoted to the beta channel 😉