As you prepare for the holidays, we are happy to unveil some improvements to our VPN service. Please read on to see what’s new!

Renewed VPN

Faster and better browser VPN

Back in September 2016, we introduced the free, built-in, browser VPN service, which doesn’t require the users to log in, nor does it store any log data from their surfing history. This made Opera the only major browser with such a unique service. Guess what, we’re still the only one! Now, we are introducing our first major upgrade to the browser VPN service, which will be rolled out gradually across the globe as an update to Opera 49.

Moving to Opera data centers

In the past, the VPN service was hosted and operated by SurfEasy LLC, a company recently acquired by Symantec. We have looked into the best options for hosting the service and came to the conclusion that the browser VPN service should be moved to our own data centers. This is becoming reality now and we’re excited about this change. Here’s why: as you probably know, Opera has vast experience with hosting big server infrastructures. This means the co-location of the browser VPN service to our data centers is expected to result in increased performance, scalability and balancing capabilities, while allowing us to keep it a free and no-log service. Furthermore, we are confident that the improved VPN service will be of higher quality and performance. This update to VPN was first introduced to our developer version on November 30 and we are now rolling it out in the stable version of Opera 49.

From countries to regions

As we move the service to the Opera data centers, we are also changing from listing locations based on countries to regions. For the updated browser VPN, we will provide these options: optimal location (default), the Americas, Europe and Asia. Locations will be rolled out gradually, starting with Europe today and the Americas and Asia coming soon.

The changelog.

Chromium version 62.0.3202.94

Installation links:

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  • nanana1

    Opera 49 Stable catches up with Beta and Developer builds on the revamped VPN !

  • Hans Hansen

    Why do you call “America” “AmericaS” in the VPN location list? I think the former is more common…

    • South America + North America

      • Hans Hansen

        You don’t say!?

      • tafugate

        + latin. (8

        • Hetai-Na

          Latin America is a different concept and its borders are debatable.

          • tafugate

            try switching to boxers.

        • Ricardo J. Barberis

          No, +Central!

      • Hetai-Na

        I think it would be better if South America and North America were separated regions. All Americas together are a too large area. It’s like if we had Eurasia region instead of Europe and Asia.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Maybe because there are three Americas?

      • Ricardo J. Barberis

        There is only one America: the continent. We subdivide it in North, Central and South like we do with Europe (Eastern, Western).

        But I’m guessing they said Americas just to avoid confusing people from the USA, who use to call themselves Americans and their country America.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          The continent is called Americas and since they now use regions instead of countries, I guess it makes sense to use Americas.

          • Ricardo J. Barberis

            I stand corrected, I guess I’m confused because I’m used to the spanish meaning, from

            “The Americas (also collectively called America) comprise the totality of the continents of North and South America.”

            And fromérica:
            “América es el segundo continente más grande de la Tierra, después de Asia”

            They even clarify further below that in english it’s called “The Americas” 🙂

        • GoneFishing

          There is only one COUNTRY called America. Brazillians call themselves Brazilians because the name of their country is Brazil.

          Conversely, citizens of the United States of America are called Americans because that’s the name of the country. You’re confusing continent names with country names and they DO call themselves Americans (not “used to”).

          • Ricardo J. Barberis

            I said “use to”, not “used to” 🙂

            And the country is United States of America, not America…

          • GoneFishing

            It is also referred to as the United States, USA, U.S.A., US, U.S. and…wait for it, America around the globe. Any of them are correct in the context they’re used when referring to the country/nation.

          • Ricardo J. Barberis

            The name is United States of America, what you call it is not the question here.

          • GoneFishing

            If I’m responding to your stated opinion, it is the question here. I can’t help it if you’re unable to differentiate between America the country and the continents comprising ‘the Americas’. ¡adiós!

  • I got stable version 49.0.2725.47 installed (the one without a blog update), and checking my version tells me I already have the newest one? The VPN service looks like it always did.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Autoupdate may take a couple of days to reach everyone.

  • anab

    The link for deb packages only leads to the previous version .39 instead of newest version .56, please update the download link – Thx.

    • Ewa

      Hi anab, as mentioned in blogpost, new version will be available gradually across the globe.

  • oic

    is there a quick easy way to add websites to opera’s adblock whitelist

    • kesha2000

      Click the shield, flip the switch.

      • oic

        the shield is a block all ads toggle, not add website to whitelist

        • Hans Hansen

          Yes, and when you deactivate the toggle, the domain will be added to the white list. Just try it!

          • oic

            it doesn’t remain on the whitelist once you turn on the toggle. I want a whitelist stay on even when you turn on ad block

          • Hans Hansen

            I doesn’t make sense at all what you say. You have to decide: Either you want a domain on a white list or you want it to get blocked. What’s the sense of blocking and whitelisting it simultaneously?
            The toggle is only for this specific website.

  • Clifford

    There is only one America: the continent. We subdivide it in North, Central and South like we do with Europe (Eastern, Western).But I’m guessing they said Americas just to avoid confusing people from the USA, who use to call themselves Americans and their country America.

  • tanner david

    Autoupdate may take a couple of days to reach everyone.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Seems I have multiple personalities.

      • Hans Hansen

        Seems you’re a bot victim. 🙂

  • when to release the 50 stable version?

  • anab

    No progress till yesterday – The link for deb packages only leads to the previous version .39 instead of newest version .56, please correct the Installation link above- Many Thanks for that!

    • Ewa

      Hi, as mentioned in blogpost, new version will be available gradually across the globe.

      • anab

        Hi Ewa, I only have the possibility to download the newest version and to install manually – no auto update. So, it would be a pleasure if the link above for the Linux machines leads to the newest deb version, also. Thx

        • Ewa

          Yes I know 🙂 but link to the newest version will be available in some time.

  • Tisa Sopha

    Pls.add support to Japanese Korean input for linux ,now still couldn’t input Japanese on opera Linux …

  • Hans Hansen

    Is anybody else encountering graphical issues on YT with an Intel HD 630 (HWA on) on Win10 v1709 from time to time? Latest driver installed.

    • gonzalo

      Yes! I have that kind of graphical issues and not only with videos but with some webs too. I’ve a RX 480. Same issues with Vivaldi.

      • Hans Hansen

        Interesting. So it might be a Chromium issue? Are u sure you are using the dedicated GPU for your browser? (I have a 1050Ti, but I don’t use it for browsing).
        The log file (opera:gpu) says:
        “[1213/] : Error in on line 1480
        [1213/] : Error in on line 590
        [1213/] : HW video decode not available for profile vp8”

        But I don’t know whether the graphical issue has something to do with this error..

  • Łukasz Janik

    no automatic update

    • Kornelia

      You need to go to opera://about to force it.

      • Łukasz Janik


        • Kornelia

          Type opera://about in address field.

          • deus-ex

            Simply press and release the left [ALT] key, then press the [A] key to quickly access the about dialog.

            However this solution to enforce the auto-update process did NOT work for me for this update, as opposed to previous releases. The about dialog would not detect any update. I ended up downloading and running the full installer.

          • Łukasz Janik

            or wait for opera 50?

          • Szwagron Szwagron


          • ‘Beat Doctor’

            Nothing happens except Opera saying it’s up to date.
            4th day in, really?
            What¨s broken here?

  • Hans Hansen

    The “speed dial tile changing its color”-bug is back. Anyone else?

  • FluffyBoyo

    Need a UK option, not just Europe.

  • redfox

    Will Opera 48 also be updated (VPN)?
    I just found out that the VPN location Netherlands means UK and Germany United States… really a mess 🙂

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I don’t think old versions will be update but who knows.

  • Hetai-Na

    Can you see this please?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Facebook issue, if you mask Opera’s user agent as Chrome’s one then you will get the dialog asking to enable notifications.

      • Hetai-Na

        It’s not a fix for a web compatibility issue. Changing the user agent is not something that the user should do in order to have everything working fine.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          What Opera can do is ask Facebook to change its behavior.

          • Hetai-Na

            So they should do it.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            What may have no impact at all. Users asking Facebook to enable desktop notifications for Opera would have more chances to work.

  • K. K. VinayKumar
    • Hans Hansen

      And what’s the exact problem? Screenshot?

      • K. K. VinayKumar

        There is no need to post its screenshot just visit that page you’ll come to know what I’m talking about.

        • Hans Hansen

          No, idk what you are talking about. That’s why I ask!

  • Poetivity

    still i can’t turn off adblocker in Opera Stable from address bar

    • Przemek Kudła

      AdBlocker can be turn off in settings: “Block ads”. The address bar toggle is dedicated to the current page, it works like a white-list, you can block/unblock ads on specific pages.

      • Poetivity

        maybe my explained was too complicated. I know that but i can’t do it for current page actually.

        • Przemek Kudła

          Could you share the page you have the problem with?

          • Poetivity

            unfortunately, this is happening everywhere for example like this video:

          • Przemek Kudła

            I can not reproduce your problem. When I disable ads on YouTube, it stays disabled whenever I open a new tab with YT, or just type the address…
            Please share your configuration (system, Opera’s version).

          • Poetivity
  • Storiy

    I used Opera VPN for work, as I needed a straight connection to USA. Now with “Americas” instead this is pointless, unless I can randomly connect to desired country. That IS unfortunate.

  • rodknee

    South America + North America

  • Євген Козирєв

    Very slow connection VPN, I can not view the video in the VK( Return the Netherlands, there was an excellent speed!

  • yassine

    Yes, and when you deactivate the toggle, the domain will be added to the white list. Just try it!

  • insomnia

    The last two versions take too long to start, more than 10 seconds pls fix it. i rolled back to 47. windows 7 home premium. Any help?is it cause of a thrird party programe?

  • Gabriel Monarch

    Tearing when viewing video on Youtube using PC with AMD GPU, R7-250X to be exact, latest driver (Adrenalin driver), and Windows 7 SP1 64-bit

  • Gabriel Monarch

    When using Avast as antivirus sometimes VPN failed to be activated, the workaround is to disable the Web shield and activating VPN, and then you can turn it back on

  • DerGerd

    Latin America is a different concept and its borders are debatable.

  • alandidu1943

    Since updating to V49.0.2725.56 the VPN operation has changed from specific countries to regions (Americas and Europe).Could probably live with this in most cases in certain instances it will not work. However my main problem is that the data speed is abysmal. I have an 80Mb/s fibre connection and with either VPN location selected downloads come at 40Kb/s to 1.4 Mb/s. Switching the VPN off restores connection speed of 78Mb/s. The VPN is unusable and has been ever since I updated to this version. Is this likely to persist or will sensible speeds be restored. There are many cases of this on the Opera Forum so it is not just me.

  • Rudric

    I’m unable to set desired thumb for Opera Addons bookmark.

    • Hans Hansen


    • Tina

      Thank you, @Rudrick:disqus . Reported as DNA-66282

  • Steven D.

    I’m unable to update from .47 to .56. Under about, it lists as up to date. I tried downloading the full file on this page, and it still opens as .47. This happened on both my win7 64bit machine and my win10 64bit machine.

    • We are still in process of rolling out .56 version. Due to new server infrastructure we have to do it slower than usually.

      • Steven D.

        Thank you – it rolled out to my laptops. I posted on a VPN speed issue, but it seems many have the same issue.

  • Some videos at doesn’t play or show up at all.

    For example

    ps. Using latest stable build 49.0.2725.47 and Win 7 64 bit.

  • Opera has failed to connect with the VPN server. No matter what site I try to go to the VPN badge remains orange, and when clicked it reads “Connecting”, but it never connects.

    Using latest stable build 49.0.2725.56 ,Kaspersky Free and Win 10 64 bit

    • Could you try changing location to which you are connecting?

      • I changed it to europe and it worked thanks

      • But when the antivirus reactivated VPN orange

    • Andrey

      Turn off Kaspersky Free antivirus and try connect to vpn.

      • I already tried but it did not work.

  • Andrey
    • Yes, that version is live now and will keep rolling out to all users. There are just minor changes so we aren’t creating new blog post for that version.

      • John Di

        I see you are moderator of this site, can you unblock one of my “second step” comments? It is marked as spam which is wrong as you can see yourself.

  • I just installed .64 version and tried to watch the latest SNL videos on YouTube which are only watchable with VPN service. Example link:

    Good news is that they at least work with “optimum location” (“optimaler Standort” in German), bad news is the videos buffer like crazy at higher video quality settings which they did not with the old VPN service set to the U.S. The video quality is now set automatically to 240p. Is this going to be improved in the future?

    Testing with VPN set to North- and South America now, no difference.

    • John Di

      This is fresh service, they run it now on own servers (the company owned by them, which they used to run the service on their servers before, was sold off to another company). They need more time to develop, and completely implement it on the servers, to make it more flexible and usable.

    • John Di

      Here is the guide: on how to do it. Sorry for that I split it to several comment, because Disqus is pain in ass 🙂

    • John Di

      If you need more flexible and faster VPN connection, use free, openVPN client:

    • John Di

      Next step: add an account, for example on TcpVpn servers: (free of charge, available in several countries), download configuration file, and drop it in the client window, as described in the guide. The only downside I have noticed, is that the account needs to be “refreshed” every 5-7 days, depending on the selected server.

    • thatism3

      @hansjrgenbardenhagen:disqus @johndi5:disqus
      There’s another project VPN Gate (academic experiment from University of Tsukuba in Japan). You can use it with OpenVPN, and few other protocols: SoftEther, L2TP/IPsec and MS-SSTP. Some servers are slow though, and other don’t want to establish the connection sometimes, but there are also servers which connect quite fast, and work stable.

  • Rezo

    New VPN is just awful, I have now downgraded to the older opera but how long will the surfeasy vpn work?

    • anab

      Confirmed, absolutely awful. Went back to older version,too. When new VPN connections will be improved?

    • quisling1

      where do i get the older version to download??????

      • anab

        Older versions you will find here:
        Regards + enjoy

        • LFforbes

          Hi there anab, thank you so much – have been so happy for a few days to use an old version from list you posted above, but now old version Opera only gives me a message from Opera that VPN won’t work with old versions, forces me to download V.50, which has same problems as V.49. Any way round this? I’m on Mac. Thank you again.

          • anab

            Hi LFforbes,
            same behavior on my side. I changed to the newest version. See my comment at V.50 versions blog. As far as I know there’s no way to move back to old VPN connectiions. Be patiend – I think Opera team is working on it.

          • LFforbes

            Thank you for letting me know, anab. I will endeavour to be patient!

  • David Swann

    new vpn is useless. might as well go to chrome.

  • knight

    just downloaded a update now the vpn is useless. it wants me to select a virtual location but the drop down list is empty. after turning it on the the vpn icon is orange. guess its time to go buy a vpn this thing will never be as good as it use to be.

  • batnam

    When I change vpn location it gives me ip from the same range, so it’s just 3 ip addresses from the same country.
    Now there is a speed limit about 350 kb/s (not even kB): all sites are opened slowly, auto resolution is set to 284×160 on twitch, frequent download errors, server errors on downloads (when you can’t resume download at all; it’s opera side error – I’ve made a few tests), 50MB file with all the errors will be in download for 30 minutes.
    Aslo it’s not even vpn: it does work only in browser and doesn’t hide dns requests, so everyone (wifi owners, isp, men in the middle of your internet chain) can see what sites are you going, however they don’t see specific pages.
    How can you promote such a thing and call it an improvement when it’s pure regression?
    I understand that you can’t get anything descent for free, but you monetize users, and these changes too bad even for something free.
    I have no rights to demand anything from you, I just ask if these problems are temporary, or I just should move on?

  • In the updated Opera – whichever region I choose I’ll only get IP numbers located in Lyon, France. (I checked it.) The not yet updated Opera version still routes me through the correct locations. But how long? Instead of killing the old VPN routing I beg Opera’s responsibles to return to the proved VPN routing.

  • Łukasz Janik

    this new vpn, releases the link speed

  • Opera Stable 49.0.2725.64 – VPN does not work

  • Charilaos Ioannou

    same with me since the changes of VPN routing I can not even visit the website i used to see before because that website is blocked for my country and VPN now can not bypass it …Any comments Mr Andrzej Czarnecki since you are very optimistic that the new changes is will make VPN faster and better quality!!! Why all the complaints on the Forum then?

  • Bao Ton

    My opinion on the new VPN update : It’s awful.
    Here is my reasons : I started using Opera about 4 month ago after i moved to brunei and the internet connection here is terrible. So one of my friend told me that opera had the VPN function and if you use it to connected to Singapore VPN the connection will be better, And it did. Just after 1 week using Opera, i completely stop using chrome and move to opera . But sadly after last night, A.K.A the new opera 49 update, the vpn is now unusable for me cause even when i choose asia, it still as slow as without VPN (Example: The opera 48 version i was using with singapore VPN i can easily download 720HD video on youtube but now with thew new Asia VPN i cant even download video at 240p) and even if i try using the old 48 opera version, the VPN doesn’t work any more. I just hope there will be some change cause if it continue this way i might just go back and use chrome like before.

  • nenadst

    I concur with previous comments about VPN. Opera just updated itself and I saw that VPN system has changed and simply it does not work for me. Pages do not load, tried youtube, getting 144p. 🙂 I hope you will fix it. Previous setup worked flawlessly for me.

  • filip

    Geo-locked content no longer accessible with the region-based VPN 🙁

  • Steven D.

    VPN is a setback in this back – it’s incredibly slow. I constantly used the VPN in the previous build. It knocked the speed down a slight bit, averaging 350mb vs my normal 400, but now my speeds are barely above 20 – 30mb. Opera’s built-in VPN is great, but not under this drastic of a speed sacrifice.

  • THE WORST update EVER. VPN has regressed to 0.4Mbps. Today is the last day I will EVER use this sorry excuse of a VPN. Even my backup free VPNs give over 50Mbps with only slight inconveniences.

  • Theo Bloemen

    Why??? The VPN function was perfect as is was, now it’s useless.

  • quisling1

    It was fantastic when I could connect to the Netherlands, now it’s total garbage, now I get optimal location and downspeed is 1.20 Mbps with VPN turned on, when I turn it off I get 129.10 Mbps/sec, what the hell is going on, Mr Czarnecki should be sacked for incompetence, loved Opera before but going back to Chrome

    • kuriso1337

      same, I’m stuck with 1.4mbps over here

      • PhaZe Ūnknøwn

        Yes here also the same, such low connection speeds

  • David Swann

    just switched 4 machines to chrome thanks to new useless vpn. opera going down!!!!!!!!!

  • kubanski

    Spieprzyliście Czarnecki ten VPN. Wybieram Americas ale Google wyświetla mi wyniki po rosyjsku. Łączę się z Facebookiem to pokazuje Ukrainę. Jak wybiorę Europę to jest tylko Szwecja. Nie wiem co tam robisz awesome, ale na pewno nie to. Było dobrze i nie trzeba było ruszać.

  • Vam-J

    It does not load the audio in pages like:
    Mixlr and Ivoox

  • alandidu1943

    Total disaster but more annoying is the fact that no info is forthcoming from Opera as to whether this is being investigated or not. I have moved to NordVPN so goodbye Opera

    • knight

      problem with NordVPN is not free. i don’t use VPN enough to pay $11.95 a month.

      • alandidu1943

        It is $2.75 a month if you pay for 3 years ie $99. That is cheaper for 3 years than if you just buy 1 year.

        • knight

          most of the time i wouldn’t even use it would be a waste for me. why i like the free ones. i was using the one on opera for a Canada tv site but i wont be doing that anymore now that they made it useless. i tried Hotspot Shield on chrome again it worked good for that site. from now on i’ll use that give up on opera.

  • Claudio Enrico Campani

    The new VPN system is junk. Connection is slow and buggy and 99% of cases there are timeouts on pages like
    A complete disaster.

    • knight

      be lucky yours even works,mine wont even work at all before the update it worked great.

  • Hey, Opera – are you alive? There is still no VPN in “Faster and better browser VPN” 🙁

  • Denise Levesque

    VPN is shit now !! can’t watch my tv shows from Canada anymore, so I guess it is time to uninstall this USELESS crap of Opera !!

  • Little Johnny

    Bye-bye Opera! Bye-bye free VPN! It lasted for a long time, it was a great success, but even great successes come to a natural end 🙂 I think it’s time to start looking for a good VPN add-on for Firefox 🙂

  • R3TR0 / / /

    1. “Faster and better browser VPN” – Big Lie! vpn becomes extremely slow and region concept is worst at all.
    2. “Moving to… Symantec?!” – This guys ruined everything to which it touches, making useless crap last 10+ years and still not a bankrupt – unbelievable!
    3. “From countries to regions” – Big Big Mistake! due to differences in the “legislation” of countries within the same region, there is no time to explain …
    From Russia with love =)

  • jaywyeee

    Why from select countries to regions? I don’t understand.

  • John Smith

    The VPN is useless now. slow, buggy. Videos struggle to even load at 240 P….With a 100MPBS internet connection. Come on, Opera. Fix this crap.

  • Cant we go back to selecting countries? selecting regions is useless for me.

  • Cagin Guzer

    Opera Developer 51.0.2809.0.Vpn is only 1mbit.I tried every region.Please fix vpn.I need to use that in my shitty country..

  • Ömer Arabacı

    I hope you fix the vpn.

  • Rubén Taluja

    Horrible I wish I never updated to this update. I DOESN”T WORK NONE OF THE REGIONS. I was watching a movie when I got the update notification. After updating everything went down. Please bring countries back immediately

  • Edward Hanley

    This is just horrible.

  • Fareast A. Reus

    The speed is slower than before now.
    I prefer the older VPN from opera which we can choose the country, which is faster than now.

  • Bring back the old one please, the new VPN doesn’t work for what I used to use it for.
    When I choose ‘Americas’ it puts my whole browser into a different language. ??? I legit just wanted a USA VPN which should keep my browser in English.

  • Dennis W Flores

    New VPN is abysmal. YouTube’s default quality is at 240p, I feel like it’s 2005, and not in a good way. Fix this right away!

  • Tobias Meyer

    New VPN is useless!!!

  • Kiel Von Doston

    The reason why I use opera is only VPN…
    and now VPN too SHITTY…
    Reduce speed for reading manga.. etc…

    better use old browser with VPN extension… go eat your own Opera VPN….

  • Koreh1s7ven

    improvements? its slow as hell now, i cant even watch youtube when vpn is on….you guys needs to do something fast….. other browsers are waiting to be downloaded….

  • well, the VPN might have been “renewed”, but it doesn’t mean it was for the best.
    with this update the VPN is useless for me (and for quite some more people as far as I read the comments). bring back the options where we could choose the country!!!

  • David Swann

    why doesn’t someone from opera respond to posts? reminds me of politicians!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Ebersole

    Opera’s main selling points are the built-in adblocker and VPN. Sadly, with the newest VPN update, Opera has destroyed the very reason many use their browser. With so many browsers competing for your business, one must wonder what management was thinking! Hopefully, Opera will regain their sanity and reconstruct the currently useless VPN back to what it once was.Until then, I’m going back to Chrome on all my home and office computers.

  • Manfred

    VPN is now completely useless. Want country select back. Unbearable video quality.

    • Fedor Portman

      NO dude. Now VPN is not working again.

  • tomolome

    Hope Opera guys read all of this comments and have a correct conclusion. We want the old VPN back. I think I don’t need to rewrite the reasons.
    I’m waiting for your updates. Very soon.

  • Bancor

    Cannot play any video on this page:
    Try any link you like, and You’ll verify.

    I tried on Google Chrome, and all went well, instead.

    Please verify where the problem lies.

  • Michael K

    I am really sorry to hear that Opera has had to change the VPN. I have used it for several months but not being able to specify a country, in my case specifically the USA, makes it useless to me.

  • Sgt_Bilko

    The VPN has been super slow for me since the last update. Frankly unusable.

  • Spiehler

    Reposting comment which was strangely deleted. Since upgrade, VPN has been like browsing in mud.

  • VincentVanZimmerman

    I am in France and turn on the VPN to “Americas” and it connects me through….. Ukraine. When did the Ukraine become part of America? Maybe the people at Opera need to use Google Maps.

  • Andrew Stuart

    Same problem….. unusable now. Has anyone had a reply on this from Opera?

  • Spiehler

    Just ran a speedtest on beta.speedtest,net. I expect SOME slowdown with a vpn, but this is insanity.I use an AT&T fiber connection. These results over WiFi

    Without VPN: 150.96 Mbps up, 128.16 Mbps down

    With VPN: 1.40 (yes one point four) Mbps up, .89 Mbps down (point eight nine)

    Opera, you have a problem.

    • saravanan

      sure, Opera Broken

  • Örümböcek

    New VPN is unusable. SLOW AF.

  • CPT Mike

    Look, I get it that it’s free, but don’t go blowing smoke up our collective asses and say that it’s “faster.” Regardless of which “region” I select, I max out at 1.4 Mbps down like everyone else. And hey, all I use it for is to test my geo-blocking services and auto language display on my application servers so it’s not like I’m streaming… but when I’m getting 575ms latency from “Asia” (according to Opera VPN) to AWS EC2 instances in Asia Pacific Tokyo… something is broken.
    Just cop to it: you botched the rollout, this VPN iteration is worse than it’s predecessor, and now the only reason anyone in their right mind would use Opera (free VPN) is gone.

  • David Swann


  • Ilmian Sujatmiko

    bring back the old VPN please!, the new one is quite slow and incapable 🙁

  • alandidu1943

    What subscription model. There isn’t one that I am aware of.

  • saravanan

    new vpn is dead slow.did team opera planned to fix it

  • Page 48

    The new VPN is garbage.

  • Josej Maierhofer

    The new VPN is completely useless. It is unstable, VPN indicator goes from blue to orange very often.
    It is much slower, videos can barely be watched, even at the lowest quality.
    Most important selecting regions instead of countries does not allow me using my subscriptions during travels.

    • dayvsea .

      Yah it is way slower..Practically non usable, AND it seems to only offer 1 IP irregardless of what where you select. So, when Surf Easy, it worked great…NOW…(i wouldn’t be bragging about it…)

  • Barış Özçelik

    New Opera VPN is sucks.. nothing can be done with this speed. please bring back the old

  • Volopich

    Updated and restarted my Opera half a hour ago. Waiting for VPN to connect ever since.
    Even for a free service, that’s way too lousy. 😛

  • David Swann

    just uninstalled last opera since vpn unusable. don’t want chinese browser anyway. chrome and windscribe.

  • Captain Fwiffo

    It said only EU have been released. So don’t bother change it to Asia and or America. Basically it’s dead. I had to use my phone Opera VPN (go vikings!), that one still rocking at 50-60Mpbs easily.

  • Andrey
  • Rhys e

    Great!, rather than just selecting Canada (for example) i get to choose ‘Americas’ and enter the VPN lottery and hope i get the nation i need not fucking venezuela or some shit.

    Great thinking, back to chrome i go.

  • alandidu1943

    Opera V50.0.2762.45 just became available. Let’s hope it is an improvement. Not tried it yet.

    • alandidu1943

      Tried it now . No change. As slow as before.

  • robert feltes

    vpn was your joker in the pack….you destroy it …i think opera have suicidal tendencies…

  • LFforbes

    So disappointed – V.50 does not address any of the speed issues discussed in all posts below. Opera was working perfectly for me before V.49 upgrade. Have not been able to find any response anywhere from anyone at Opera regarding these issues.

    Just read through Opera’s Vision and Values:
    “We believe in respect for our users.
    We believe in a standards-driven web that promotes access by all.
    …all Opera-code will abide by the five S’s: speed, size, security, standards compliance and state of the art. In doing so, we seek the help and guidance of the internet community.”
    If only this were true…

    • Oscar Lam

      At least for me, v50 is showing a little bit improvement from v49. I’m now seeing speedtest of 6.5 mbps (using default Optimal location from US) whereas I was getting about 1.5mbps with v49. Hope the trend keeps improving…

  • alandidu1943

    Yes that is probably the most irritating and insulting thing about the whole issue. Of course Opera is free but not keeping even your free customers in the loop as to what is happening is a very dangerous policy. I am personally disgusted that Opera has not even bothered to address this and in fact continues to boast about its VPN speed.

  • zephd

    Really disappointed in Opera. VPN is the reason I got on board and now they broke it. It would be different if they appeared to care. Instead we get propaganda pieces like this, and forum posts that get deleted without comment.

    I just purchased real VPN and am switching to Firefox.

    • zephd

      Icing on the cake: this comment was originally marked as spam by Disqus because Opera VPN makes everything look like sketchy traffic from Ukraine.

    • Oscar Lam

      Agree, it’s a shame that botched update like this without any acknowledgement of issues from “product manager” is going to cause users like me to go back to Firefox and Chrome.

  • Marcobailey

    VPN Opera is very very very slow since last update. Now it’s unusable !

  • SegoLiwet

    The new VPN service listing these IP as Asia, Europe and Americas…
    and if you look it up, all of them are Europe(Norway) IP addresses.
    I’m considering back to Chrome/Mozilla…

  • GYURI-

    I’ve been using Opera for 6 years now and this really the firs time that I am really dissapointed.
    As if we wouldn’t notice that they’ve changed to locations from countries to continents lol
    The speed is ridiculously slow & the connection keeps breaking.

  • Fedor Portman

    VPN no working. I have speed 100mb of my internet, but now if i on VPN my speed cut to 2mb. You are fucking kidding me? You cut, my traffic. This no good, i hate this. OPERA guys.Enough to scoff at people. Please return the normal work of the free VPN service.Otherwise people will leave Opera, and go to another browser, where people appreciate.

  • Michael Lawrence Gold

    I tried the Americas location and it is showing up as either France or Turkey,

  • Wm. Stewart

    The Americas location is not America, and has not been for weeks. @Andrzej , why are you not even responding to these complaints? Even just an update on status would go a long way, but it just looks like you don’t care. @Opera

    • alandidu1943

      I’m with you on this. Already gone to Vivaldi with NordVPN and Firefoc with NOXX VPN. Cant really forgive that Andrzej can’t be bothered to reply to all this furore when his original blog post is so obviously out of step with reality. Confidence in Opera totally gone.

  • cpnoboa

    I feel betrayed. The VPN option by countries was the main reason for choosing Opera. Presenting these changes above as good news is like a bad joke. What’s the good news in not being able to access certain US sites, for instance, just because I’m currently abroad. What a disappointment!

    • Saruma San

      i totally agree . i hate the new change

  • alandidu1943

    It seems as though Andrzej is simply going to continue to ignore all the complains here. How’s that for service. Shakes confidence in the future of Opera.