Opera 49 has arrived with a collection of improvements and upgrades to several of our browser features.

The snapshot feature now comes with editing tools and selfie mode to help personalize your sharing of the web. VK Messenger signs on to the list of integrated sidebar messengers and we’ve added five new currencies for the currency converter.

Today’s release also offers new customization options, including extensions rearrangement and an Easy Setup mode for quick browser adjustments. Private mode, the O-Menu and your History panel all received improvements.

To top it off, Opera 49 welcomes a direct VR Player and the browser has been sharpened to look its best on HiDPI screens.

Create, edit and send the perfect screenshot

We love to find new things on the Internet, but for the past 20 years, when wanting to share content with our friends, we could only send links and print screen dumps. Earlier in the year, we embarked to change this when we released our concept browser.

Continuing our mission of reimagining what a web browser should be capable of, Opera 49 offers a snapshot tool with editing features, including a selfie camera, to help you add raw emotion to your screenshot. Capture any part of the web and add your own flare to let your friends know exactly how you feel about that new film, or how excited you are for your holiday in Rome.

How to use Opera’s snapshot tool

You can launch snapshot either directly from the sidebar via the camera icon or by hitting Ctrl + Shift + 5 (⌘ + ⇧ + 5 on macOS). An adjustable frame will appear on your screen where you can frame exactly what you want before hitting “Capture” to snap your screenshot. If you wish to quickly snap a full web view screenshot, simply click “Capture Full Screen”.

Once snapped, editing tools – including pencil, arrow, blur, zoom, emojis and a selfie camera – will appear at the top. When finished, click “Copy and Close” to send your screenshot to your clipboard (you can also hit Ctrl + C from your keyboard). You may also save the screenshot to your system as a .png file.

VR player

Opera became the first browser to provide support for 360-degree videos to be played directly into virtual reality headsets. Owners of HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and other OpenVR-compatible devices can now easily view the quickly-growing library of awesome 360-degree content.

In order to contribute to the 360-degree content in the web, we partnered with 360 Labs, a world-class production company specializing in immersive, panoramic photography and video. Check out how great their video looks in our VR 360 Player!

Opera’s VR 360 Player will automatically detect an installed VR headset. When a user browses to a video, the “Watch in VR” button will appear on the top (next to the video pop out button). One simple click will engulf the viewer into the 360-degree world offered by the video. Plus, you will not need a mouse or keyboard to look around in the video. Simply turn your head in the direction you want to look.

Opera’s VR playback system will not only support 360-degree videos but standard videos as well. You can launch any of your favorite 2D movies or standard 180-degree videos through your headset, creating an awesome, personal movie theater experience.

VK Messenger joins built-in sidebar communicators

When you’ve finished creating the perfect screenshot, send it to a friend in one of four integrated sidebar messengers. VK Messenger joins the party started by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Since being unveiled in Opera 45, Opera’s integrated sidebar messengers have made chatting and browsing simultaneously a breeze. No longer will you have to keep your messengers in a separate tab, having to return to that particular tab when wanting to keep a conversation flowing.

For each messenger, simply log in to begin chatting. You will be notified by a new message with a notification badge over the messenger icon. Using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + M (⌘ + ⇧ + M on macOS) will cycle through all opened messengers while surfing the web.

You can pin the sidebar to your browser so that it is accessible in every tab as you browse. From the Speed Dial, click the slider found at the bottom of the sidebar to pin it to your browser. Your new Easy Setup panel, explained below, offers the choice to pin or unpin the sidebar. You can also go to Settings (Preferences on macOS) > Browser > Sidebar to turn off notification badges for your messengers.

Easy Setup

Easy Setup takes over for the previously labeled “Customize Start Page” panel found in the top-right corner of the Speed Dial. Along with its redesigned layout, Easy Setup is an all-in-one panel to help first-time users set up their Opera browser while providing seasoned veterans a shortcut to commonly-configured features.

Inside Easy Setup are switches to help customize how your Opera browser will look with themes, wallpapers, bookmark and sidebar options and more. You’ll be able to tailor our top features including ad blocker, configure download locations, manage browsing data and import bookmarks. If you are switching from another browser, Easy Setup makes it simple to import bookmarks and data from your old browser while making Opera your new default browser.

A link to the full settings page is at the bottom of the panel.

Five new currencies for currency converter

The search pop-up tool has been a staple of Opera’s features since the 39th edition of the browser. The utility tool allows you to highlight text from any web page to begin a new search with your default search engine or to copy the text to your clipboard.

We have enhanced this tool with a number of convenient features. The search pop-up tool can convert currencies, units of measurement and time zones to a form that is familiar to you when you highlight them.

The search pop-up tool can currently convert 32 units of measurements, 14 time zones and now 37 currencies. The five new currencies added to the original 32 are:

  1. Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH, ₴)
  2. Kazakhstani tenge (KZT, ₸)
  3. Georgian lari (GEL, ლ, ₾)
  4. Egyptian pound (EGP, E£)
  5. Belarusian ruble (BYN)

The currencies are converted to the currency of your choosing. Go to Settings (Preferences in macOS) > Browser > User interface and select from one of 37 available currencies in the dropdown menu next to the “On text selection convert currency to” dialogue.

Any value that is converted can be copied to your clipboard by hovering your mouse over the converted value and clicking the revealed “Copy” button.

Rearrange your extensions

Your extension icons, placed to the right of the combined search and address bar, can be rearranged. Done similarly as rearranging your tabs, you can click and drag your extensions in any order you please.

By default, your extensions are ordered from left to right based on their installation date. You can shop for extensions in our add-ons market. To manage your extension settings, click the box icon found in the sidebar.

Refined private mode

We have altered the appearance of the private mode browsing window for the Windows and Linux platforms. The private window now closer resembles the regular light theme mode of Opera with an appropriately matched dark address bar. We feel this alteration should cause less eyestrain, as was reported by our users.

O-Menu and History panel improvements

In Opera 48, we reorganized the O-Menu to make it cleaner and more contextual and added the list of recently closed tabs and windows to the History menu item.

For Windows and Linux users, your browsing history across multiple windows is recorded into a single place. With this “global” history, you can close a tab in one window and reopen it in another. No matter from which window you will access the history menu, it will contain the same list of closed tabs.

Additionally, closing an entire window, along with its tabs, is easier to locate. When closing a window, all of its tabs will be listed as a single item in the recently closed tabs page. For example, if you terminate 99 tabs from a window, you can later reopen them all under “99 Tabs – Window.”

Looking good on high-resolution monitors

We spent a significant amount of time to ensure that Opera runs smooth on the latest HiDPI monitors and the latest Apple macOS system. Icons, tabs, buttons and pop-ups have all been sharpened and buffered to look their best on the best-available monitors.

New Speed Dial wallpapers

One way to get a glimpse of the sharpened visuals is to try out one of our new wallpapers for your Speed Dial. The new wallpapers come from the works of Tom Anders Watkins and Miguel Noa and have been modified to fit your Speed Dial. You can find these new wallpapers and others in our add-ons page.

Opera 49 is powered by the fine-tuned version of Chromium 62. To learn more about the changes in engine itself, visit dev.opera.com.

The full changelog is here.

Installation links:

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  • jojoPL1987

    Little bug about filtr blur on snapshot:
    1. Take a photo so that there is text from the left side.
    2. Try blurring from the end (right side), frame to select fragments to get to the gray background(!).
    Effect: The beginning of the text (first letter) is not blur.

  • jojoPL1987

    I’m still waiting to add notes along with synchronization with Opera account.

  • Amit Lele

    why no reader mode? with firefox quantum around the corner opera needs to up its game. Atleast match other leading browser basic features before adding new ones. Reader more please.

    • icetom

      yep and Edge has it since ages. they rather implemented vr mode for the small group of vr users.

  • jojoPL1987

    A little proposal for wallpapers. Maybe will add the option to set the wallpaper in Opera as it is in the system? Change the wallpaper on system – automatically change the wallpaper in Opera when open again the speed dial.

  • jedy123

    Opera fails to sign me in to independent.co.uk. Other browsers work as expected.

    Opera 49.0.2725.34 – Win 7 64

    • xirit64

      No problem here, same OS. :/

      • jedy123

        That is annoying. I guess it isn’t Opera then? I do run the Disconnect extension but disabling it doesn’t solve the problem.

  • Alberto

    I moved from Opera stable to Chromium as Chromium based web browser, still i’m using my favorite Mozilla Firefox, Opera isn’t planning to make the web browser free software and open source right? I think it would be a great change (i moved from Windows 10 to GNU/Linux and i’m no planning to get back at closed operating systems neither closed web browsers, i miss some Opera’s features at Chromium (Speed Dial, wallpaper customization, general configurability, etc), but i still prefer free and open web browser.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Opera has been a free software since a long time.
      Regarding it being open source, its Chromium related parts are open source as far as I know.

      • Alberto

        Free software, no freeware, a lot of people misunderstand this concept. Yeah, Chromium is FOSS, but as far i know Opera uses and modifies Chromium, but i don’t know if its own Chromium version its public and has that kind of FOSS features.

        • Hetai-Na

          Opera is a contributor to Chromium project.

          • Alberto

            I already know it thanks, Chromium is a Free and Open Source project developed by a lot of enterprises, leading the project as far i know, Google, Opera and the community, and that’s great of course, but i’m talking about the greats Opera’s features that make it in my opinion the very best Chromium based alternative (i only dislike the closed source and non-free software and the interface with O-menu, i prefer very much the Chromium/Chrome interface design).

  • Hans Hansen

    As always, the German translation is not the best… but not only German, also in general you should improve your browser when it comes to translations (see below):
    1. Snapshot tool: “Arrow” is translated as “Arrow Key” (tool tip), should be “Pfeil” instead of “Pfeiltaste”
    2. The selfie tool says “Click space or press camera”. It must be vice versa (clickpress). This bug occurs in English as well (probably all languages then).
    3. File type wasn’t translated: PNG Image(!)
    4. I already suggested it before, but again, please translate shortcuts like “Ctrl+T”. There’s nothing like “Ctrl” on a German keyboard. In every other browser it is translated.

  • Grzegorz Olbryś

    Chromecast support still missing….. 🙁

  • Matej Szendi

    There are still a lot of HDPI problems so many months after Reborn release. Other browsers don`t have problems with UI like Opera. And so many months without fix? How it is possible?

  • Alexander Chernig0v

    Does not work adobe flash player

    • Kornelia

      You can try adding exception here: opera://settings/contentExceptions#plugins and check if this work.

      • Daniel

        Will it get fixed or has it been taken away?

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    Is VK messanger works with VPN or Proxy extensions?

  • Ménahem

    Alway with the bug on MacOS in fullscreen for private navigation http://disq.us/p/1nbjqh0

    • Fabio Milocco

      I haven’t noticed it, but when Opera is in full screen happens to me the same thing!

  • Hans Hansen

    I would like to have autofill settings that are a little bit more customizable, i.e. that I can save my IBAN or any other item in the autofill settings. Right now it is not possible to save other items than the given ones. Consequently I’m not able to fill in a form with my IBAN for example. It’s a pity. Opera should suggest the IBAN when I type the first letter of the IBAN.

  • Константин

    I can not take a snapshot of the alert window, is it intended?)

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What alert window?

      • Константин

        Oh. Miss right name. Alert popup

        • Leonardo Gomes

          But where do you see it?

          • Константин

            Make it by myself

          • Leonardo Gomes

            So how someone can try to reproduce the problem? What are the steps?

          • Hector MA

            So how can it be intended right?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            What do you mean?

          • Paranam Kid

            Leonardo, sorry to butt in, but since I changed from version 48 to 49 VPN does not work anymore. It does not connect (stays orange), and does not show the list of locations anymore but only the “Optimal location”.
            Please advise.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Did you try cleaning third part data? What about checking anti-virus, firewalls and other softwares that may be blocking the access to the VPN server?

          • Paranam Kid

            I cleaned the cache & history. Nothing is blocking access, VPN is v.48 was working well.

          • Paranam Kid

            Leonardo, I take it you don’t have a solution, right?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Nope, sorry. Did you try a clean profile folder just in case?

          • Paranam Kid

            Nope, What does the profile have to do with VPN?

          • Leonardo Gomes

            A broken profile can cause issues.

          • Paranam Kid

            Sorry to keep on about this. Am I right in saying the profile folder is this one: C:UsersUsernameAppDataRoamingOpera SoftwareOpera Stable?
            How do I get a clean profile folder?
            Does a clean profile folder mean I lose all my settings?

          • Hans Hansen

            Yes, this is the profile folder and yes you’ll lose all settings.

          • Paranam Kid

            Thanks Hans. That is not a price paying to just find out that that might or might not be the reason for VPN not working anymore. I posit here that Opera’s VPN is not stable & therefore needs to be improved.

          • Hans Hansen

            You could try the portable version (would use a different profile) or just try beta or dev version of Opera (also different profile). If you have no VPN problems in those versions, you know that you have to reinstall your stable version (and will lose your settings).

          • Paranam Kid

            Around v.47, when VPN had just been introduced, I tried the beta & dev versions, and eventually VPN also stopped working. So I do believe it is something with VPN. I dont know if anyone else has complained about it, but I am sure I did not do anything unusual with Opera.

            I like the browser and will not stop using it because of this, it is a pity that I cannot use its VPN anymore.

          • Hans Hansen

            In which country do you live?

          • Paranam Kid

            Why do you ask? What is the relevance?

          • Hans Hansen

            Maybe it’s blocked in your country? 🙂
            Do you use any third party firewall?

          • Paranam Kid

            No, it is not blocked in my country because there is no internet censorship.
            I only use the Win firewall.
            Nothing changed in my set-up that could explain VPN’s dysfunctioning, that is what is strange.

            Have others complained about this?

          • Hans Hansen

            Can’t remember anybody complaining here and I’m watching this blog daily.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Yep, that may be the one.

            To create a clean profile folder you should rename the current one so when Opera starts a new one will be created.
            And yes, your data will not be in the new profile but since you still have it in the old one, you can get it back later.

          • Hans Hansen

            Just try to block a user in this blog, you will get an alert message. You won’t be able to hit the capture button –> nothing happens

          • Leonardo Gomes

            The snapshot edit window seems to appear on the next tab, what is indeed strange.

          • Константин

            call up the alert window (alert(‘something’) in console)
            try to make a snapshot

  • Dark Magician

    You still didn’t fix this


  • Gator5000e

    Please add an option to have any links you click on open in a new active, up front tab.I can’t believe Opera doesn’t have this option. I would rather not have to add any extensions to be able to do this and really cant find any that work anyway. Making this an option in the settlings must be fairly easy as both Edge and FF both have it. I would prefer to stick with Opera but this feature is becoming an needed feature for me. Thanks.

    • Frederik

      Not sure if this helps. I’m using mouse gesture for this : right click on a link and move the mouse down, it opens the link in a new active tab. http://help.opera.com/opera/Windows/2393/en/fasterBrowsing.html

      • xirit64

        This is the best way, or he could hold Ctrl+Shift and left click as well.

        • Gator5000e

          Thanks to you and Frederik. They both work. It would still be nice to just click normally and have the new link be active. But appreciate the hints.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s a Chromium behavior as far as I know.

      • Nekomajin43

        Why do you write dumb replies? If you can open a link in a foreground tab, which you can, then it only takes a global setting to ignore any <a> attribute, and open every link in a foreground tab, or a background tab, or anywhere the user decides.

  • Bali505

    + REP 🙂

  • TianlanSha

    Still has the issue where I leave a full screen video and above the tabs there are a few extra pixels and I have to switch to another tab to make it go away.


  • Spideymang

    This is an excellent update / version and I just wanna give a congrat to all opera team
    Guys you rock!!

  • 2112

    Fix unreadable buttons on linux please

    Arch Linux, Gnome 3.26.2

    • Radek Rzepecki

      Thanks, reported this.

  • Guilherme Vier

    The “GPU Process” is consuming a lot more RAM in this version

  • firuz_u7

    does not work Adobe Flash Player on Windows 10 x64 1709
    and it can not pick up the HTML5 Player on this page:
    Chrome and Vivaldi work fine with HTML5 Player on this page

    • Hans Hansen

      The solution is to add this domain to the Flash exceptions:

      • firuz_u7

        but why can not I view this page via HTML5 Player
        Chrome and Vivaldi has long been working fine with HTML5 Player on this page

  • Hector MA
    • Hans Hansen

      Is this a headset or an earring? 😛

  • AndreaOperator

    Great update! I didn’t expect VK sidebar messenger being featured so soon on stable version. Now I hope you’ll add ‘Save as PDF’ next 🙂
    Btw, can you make selected bookmark more darker or easier to see?

    Can’t wait for the next update!

    • Things are introduced first in the developer build, then when they reach beta it’s almost sure that they’ll be part of stable release. You can always take a look what’s coming to stable in upcoming builds. Just keep an eye on this blog or even better install developer/beta build. Regarding changes in the internal pages, they’re up for redesign. We’ll try make contrasts better. Happy browsing.

      • AndreaOperator

        I’ve been using Opera for years on PC and phone and I started using Developer builds as well since September.
        Thanks for considering my bookmark issue 🙂

  • ISV

    Still no rounded window corners on MacOS dark theme?

  • Hans Hansen

    You should increase the blur in the snapshot tool, I always have to blur text twice to make it irrecognizable: https://abload.de/img/blurt3swy.png
    And please add a text function and rectangles/circles to the snapshot tool.
    Thank you.

    • xirit64

      Plus markers that highlight stuff, not overwriting them.

      • Hans Hansen

        You mean this way?: https://abload.de/img/markersoswm.png
        In this case they just need to give us an option to change the opacity of the pencil.

        • xirit64

          Yes 🙂

          Or with a distinctive highlight marker (icon) next to the pencil for the more casual people who don’t know stuff about opacity 🙂

  • ktxgio

    thanks for new release

  • Simn Go

    Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH, ₴) Thank You, Opera! ;D

    • You’re welcome 🙂

  • Hetai-Na

    I think you should improve opera.com homepage. It’ has little information. It doesn’t catch the user attention. Doesn’t details about why use Opera. You could inspire yourself in the competitors to make an improvement, firefox.com or vivaldi.com for example.

    • Hans Hansen

      They actually do what you suggest, at least when you visit the German main page.
      Don’t know why they don’t do the same on the English main page.

      • Hetai-Na

        I tested other languages. All of them are limited. The German version seems to be the exception.

        • Hans Hansen

          Strange that there are differences between languages. They should be uniform.

  • Hetai-Na

    The older VPN icon was prettier.

    • Rudric

      New is better 😀

      • Paranam Kid

        In what way?

        • Rudric

          It stands out a bit more.

  • Hans Hansen

    Could you please tell me the name of the company offering you those poor quality translations in German?
    When you visit the main page of Opera in German (www.opera.com/de), the first thing new users can see is a title (“Browse faster without ads”) that is just ridiculous (as far as the German translation is concerned), the words “browse” and “ads” weren’t translated into German. It sounds just awful. It should be “Schneller surfen ohne Werbung”. https://abload.de/img/adsdcszm.png
    If you need good German translators who actually use your products, don’t hesitate to contact me.

    • Hetai-Na

      Sometimes I think the “company” behind those translation is Google Translate. I suggest Opera to use some collaborative tool as Crowdin. https://crowdin.com/

      • Hans Hansen

        Yes, Crowdin is a very good tool. And the good thing is Opera users would translate for free.

        • Hetai-Na

          Translate and upvote/downvote translations.

          • Hans Hansen

            Yes, and I can’t see a problem to do it this way. WhatsApp for instance is also translated by its users.

    • xirit64

      But surfen is not a german word either 😛

      • Hans Hansen

        That’s not the problem. A translation has to sound natural. No one in Germany would say “browsen”, but Germans say “im Internet surfen”.
        And no German would say “Ads”, but “Werbung” in this case.
        This discussion is not about using an anglicism.

    • Ariane Lu

      Same, bad quality of Chinese translation 🙁

    • Nekomajin43

      The Hungarian translation also has bugs.

  • Hetai-Na

    After I configured opera Sync in Opera 49 my speed deal do not show suggestions, even if the option is enabled.

    • Hans Hansen

      confirmed on Win10

  • disqus_eaBm3OPd9I

    screenshot – zamazywanie przez rozmywanie jest mało efektywne i łatwe do odczytania:
    np. https://niebezpiecznik.pl/post/zamazywanie-tekstu-przez-rozmywanie-to-nie-najlepszy-pomysl-o-tym-jak-redaktor-niebezpiecznika-ujawnil-swoje-dane-z-dowodu/

    Czy planowane jest ulepszenie blokowania reklam o filtry z ublocka? – obecnie nieobslugiwane.

  • Harry

    The Snapshot option looks good. Is it possible to add actual text (a text box) somehow?

    • Hetai-Na

      Google suggestion. I wish it was possible.

  • Hetai-Na
    • Hans Hansen

      Confirmed on Win10, I have an NSL issue on this site.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      I can confirm the problem on 49 on Windows 10. It seems to work on Opera 50 Developer.

  • firuz_u7

    HTML5 Player does not work on this page
    Chrome and Vivaldi has long been working fine with HTML5 Player on this page
    if you change the user agent on Google Chrome HTML5 Player works

    • Hans Hansen

      Maybe some sort of browser sniffing is going on there. It’s up to the website owner to change it then.

      • firuz_u7

        I hope they fix it

        • Daniel

          I have the same problem as you. Hopefully fixed in the next update

  • Vlad

    After updating to Opera 49 the font in Disqus comment section and Facebook Messenger shrinked. I tried changing the font size from Settings but it has no effect on Disqus and Messenger. Can someone help me?
    This is how it looks in Disqus: https://i.imgur.com/6oiA02j.png and anywhere else: https://i.imgur.com/2wYJr7k.png

  • “Rearrange your extensions” – thanks! 🙂

  • Incorrect color presentation is back, purple tint on blue etc.
    Old solution #enable-color-correct-rendering Disabled option is gone.

    New solution in opera://flags/ and #force-color-profile
    Force sRGB solves issue.

    WIN10-64. 49.0.2725.34 (PGO) Norwegian. HWA on.

  • Nekomajin43

    Any chance, that we can move extension buttons manually into the expansion area, even if there is enough space on the toolbar? This way we could access rarely used extensions with only two click, and they won’t make clutter on the toolbar. So much more comfortable, than enabling them each time in the extension manager.

  • Dark Magician

    In adressbar TLS icon changes to history etc.
    Introduced in 48 and still isn’t fixed, I reported it multiple times.

  • Hey guys any chance of put Twitter in the side-bar too?

    • Rudric

      Perhaps they should only add a web panel – which is already there – but only for certain (messenger) sites.
      In the mean time there’s an extension: (most updated version): https://github.com/ekner/Web-Panel

  • Nekomajin43

    Why can I see a huge banner in the extension catalog promoting Opera, if I use the latest stable build?

  • 2112

    On linux Opera ignores font settings made in its preferences.
    Is this a known problem?
    I use Arch Linux, Gnome 3.26.2

  • Can Tezcan

    my vpn never works and freeze at connecting,any help please?

    • Ilmian Sujatmiko

      i have the same issues, using mac os sierra. I notice the vpn connection is worse, unable to connect

      • Can Tezcan

        yeah I agree that,I feel like vpn was more quality and working much better at previous versions 🙁

  • Rudric

    “Rearrange your extensions” +1

  • Mike Litoris

    Will you ever add pop out video back to Netflix? it’s one of the main reasons why i use your browser…

  • PavelOS

    Look at the website Defender informed me about Trojans.
    I do not know if it’s the browser itself, or what it is.

    • Hans Hansen

      Permission required to access this file.

      • PavelOS

        Ok, I did not notice that. Already fixed.

        • Hans Hansen

          This malware is a JavaScript cryptocurrency miner that is being served on web pages. When a computer visits one of these web pages, this JavaScript malware launches locally and uses the computer’s resources to mine cryptocurrency. Such mining activities can be resource intensive and can cause visiting computers to slow down.

          Known samples of this malware have been observed mining Monero coin, a type of cryptocurrency. These samples were found in websites providing:

          Streaming videos
          Adult content
          Some sites hosting this malware appear legitiate and might have been compromised for this purpose.

          • PavelOS

            I understand clearly. So it’s not harmful?

          • Hans Hansen

            If it is intended by you to help other people mining bitcoins, it is not harmful. If it is not the case, it is harmful. This script uses your CPU to mine Bitcoin, it causes high CPU loads.

          • PavelOS

            Ok in bitcoin and these things, do not play, so it can be harmful to me. What to do in this case? Any system scan?

          • Hans Hansen

            Yes, if it is not intended by you, it is harmful to you. You probably visited a “special” website and were infected there. Yes, do a system scan and try to delete it. This shouldn’t be a problem, as Windows Defender already discovered this malware.

          • PavelOS

            I did a full scan of the Defender. It took a while. Defender says he found nothing.

          • Hans Hansen

            Because the malware was already put under quarantine by the Defender. Go to “Scan History” you should see it there.

          • PavelOS

            Yes, it is in a quarantine pest. Recommended action is to remove, but how to remove, since there is no such possibility.

          • Hans Hansen

            Sorry, can’t test it, because I have no malware under quarantine on my PC right now. There should be a remove-button: https://abload.de/img/xwd_7.png.pagespeed.ga5u1w.png
            But it’s not a problem, because when an item is being placed in quarantine, you are protected and it can’t harm your PC. In addition, quarantine items will be removed automatically after a while.

          • PavelOS

            That’s great. I understand everything. Thanks for the comment and help.

  • Paranam Kid

    VPN has stopped working. It reverted to “optimal location” by itself, but does not connect. How is this possible & how can I fix this?

  • Daniel

    Does anyone have any solution’s to fix the flash issue. no matter how many times i install it, it doesn’t work. I have this version installed

    • Hans Hansen

      Add the domain of the website that doesn’t work to the Flash exceptions:

      • Daniel

        Cheers it worked. do you know when the issue will be fixed?

        • Hans Hansen

          Probably never. Flash is dead. That’s why I don’t think it is an issue. I think it is intended to block Flash automatically. It is not possible anymore to allow Flash in general in the settings.

          • Daniel

            Yeah i notice that in the future browser as well

  • Opera is almost perfect for me. Just waiting for full-page capture feature

  • Shion

    opera://flags/ – speed dial button at the left doesn’t work if sidebar is unpinned. 49 ain’t beta any more, guys.

  • Hetai-Na

    US VPN is sending my connection to Indonesia. I don’t get it. How are we supposed to trust this VPN service with this level of transparency?

  • This is really cool, I’m using some cool extension in Google chrome browser, but these wider options in opera looks great to me.

  • Василевс Ахилесов

    VPN does not work

  • Walkie Talkie

    How can i get access to the O-menu? I have no such icon in Opera 49 on my elementaryOS.
    Update: Pressing “Alt” doesn’t help too.

    • Hans Hansen

      Try to press “Alt”.

      • Walkie Talkie

        It doesn’t work on my Linux

        • Hans Hansen

          Try “Alt+F” then.

  • 2112

    On linux “recently closed” and “open tabs” show different colors on mouseover.
    Is this a known bug?
    I use Arch Linux, Gnome 3.26.2

    • Ewa

      No, thank you for your comment. Issue reported.

  • FluffyBoyo

    Has the ‘Color correct rendering’ been fixed yet. It still makes all the colors look odd when enabled in the stable latest. And Opera Dev does not appear to have it but all colors are still bad in that for me as well.

  • Kujou

    Can’t we just get an updated Opera Neon? It was unfair to give me that browser, have me fall in love with it, and then never continue with it

  • Konstantin Paramonov

    Currency conversion cannot be turned off completely. I unchecked it in the settings, I switched it off in the flags, but Opera keeps updating the exchange rates every single time I launch Opera.

    • Przemek Kudła

      Thanks for the report, we will check it.

  • epigast

    as mentioned 12 + 20 days before – do you hear Opera, or nobody there/interested? – the VPN-Download Bug is still alife (stable, beta, dev):

    tried on DL-section of filehippo.com
    and chp.de. and and and…
    DL without VPN (= VPN off, Opera – if perhaps you do not understand) is ok (= without any problem, Opera)

    neverending crap-nonsense?

    perhaps it would be more hoonest, of you give a clear hint using VPN, that DL with VPN is limited to 10-15 MB(!). Cause VPN is “free”, e.g. denoted as “free”!

  • Kamil

    Why this Opera release has black URL bar in incognito mode? Don’t you think that this “new feature” makes incognito mode visible for anyone around you? I don’t think that getting attention to your browser when you turn on incognito mode is the main reason for creation of this mode. Really botched idea.

  • quinten de clerck

    please add twitter and discord to the sidebar and a feature like this https://gyazo.com/53ab3304ddb5badbfa1831d166aab98b

  • Alberto

    Good news, such a shame for me that Opera’s closed source. Maybe the best web browser in my opinion of all Chromium based.

  • Orton Ronaldo

    hlsjs: Video file not found

  • Vlad

    Hello. In last opera stable and dev and all chromium based browser i see problem with black color
    First screenshoot – it is opera browser – https://imgur.com/a/2QXIO
    second screenshot – it is mozila firefox – https://imgur.com/a/Dfayn
    in opera black color more contrast
    i see this only used Xorg-intel driver. where i use driver Nvdia 384 all ok
    Ubuntu 16.04 unity. Intel HD Graphic 4600. Xorg 1.19. Linux kernel 4.12

  • PlonPlon

    Hello Opera 🙂

    The following website >> https://www.cnet.com/ << does not display properly on Mac (Sierra version 10.12.6) but renders properly on Chrome.

    Can you fix it? Thank you!

  • John Johnston

    i wish there was a way to post a pic on here firefox has some addons that opera doesnt and vica versa so i made my own browser opera/fox i can use my firefox addons and my opera addons same windows i have firefox always on top and opera maximized and its the best of both worlds

  • fliker

    Recently I noticed that after turning on synchronization Opera stops sending Accept-Language header. Without synchronization it sends Accept-Language:pl-PL,pl;q=0.9,en-US;q=0.8,en;q=0.7. Turning on synchronization adds to preferences file oauth2 field and “intl”:{“accept_languages”:””}. Turnig off synchronization doesn’t help. I must close Opera delete those 2 fields from preferences and reopen Opera. Now Accept-Language will be in request until I turn on synchronization again.

  • Araki

    Adpbe flash player not work on Opera 49 and 50 . Win7 x64

    • Hans Hansen

      Add the domain of the website that doesn’t work to the Flash exceptions:

  • Spideymang

    Hi Opera team,

    I have noticed that on this new release of the browser the developer’s tool has missing the Regex functionality/filter regarding the searchbox on “network” panel.

    On this screen you can see the actual developer’s tool of Opera with the missing regex filter on “Network” when you do a search https://prnt.sc/hafnaw

    On the other hand, this screen shows the filter on Chrome https://prnt.sc/hafno0

    Hope you can fix or include this on the next stable update

  • catup

    One comment: The print page does not show very well on high-resolution monitors.

  • NappiNapa

    How do I remove the white frame around the address bar?

    • Kamil

      Jesus Christ, it’s GUI so you can’t just remove it. You can only stick black self-stick tape on the “white frame around the address bar” on your computer screen

  • Thats cool.

  • Nelson Ngu

    Hi, the currency converter on highlight is fantastic. Just a small request, can you make it detect ¥7600 and also 7,600 yen for Japanese currency? Thanks!

  • Leonardo

    This update messes up with the Stylus on my Tablet-PC (Surface Pro 2) now i can’t use the Stylus to move or resize the video pop-up windows, neither select, resize or move the section i want to capture with the new snapshot tool. Now i can’t, even select text! please fix this as soon as posible, this problems is hurting my user experience as Tablet-PC user.
    For now, i will use the previous version.


  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 49.0.2725.39 😉

  • Maybe a bit offtopic, but has anyone tested the new Firefox against Opera 49, e.g. in terms of speed? https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2017/11/14/introducing-firefox-quantum/

    The new MS Edge is also been promoted as being faster than Chrome, as far as I remember an article when updating to Windows 10 Creators Fall version recently.

  • Lay

    Maybe next you can add hangouts. I already use it for telegram and it’s great.

  • Cryio

    HiDPi improvements are highly appreciated!

    Also, you fixed the Menu misalignment! Thank you!

  • Sergey

    Please, add the possibility to make screenshot (snapshot tool) of entire page but not only visible part in the window.

  • Ilya

    Thank you very much for the update. I see how Opera is getting better and it makes my work really comfortable, thank you very much, guys

  • nic update

  • R123

    ‘ Dear Opera developers: Can you add support for Netflix video at 1080p resolution (or higher)? This could increase Opera share in browser market.
    _Chrome, Opera and Firefox support playback of Netflix movies in 720p resolution in Win7, Win8.1 & Win10. IE11 in Win7 support only 720p (it uses Silverlight 5).
    IE11 plays Netflix movies at resolution 1080p in Win8.1 and Win10. Edge in resolution 1080p or 4K in Win10.
    Adding 1080p or 4K in Opera would especially important for Win7 users (all browsers play Netflix video at 720p in Win7; there is no Netflix app for WIn7)
    Win7 is on 48% PCs and will be major Windows system for 5-10 years.

  • Vajaskifli

    for the snapshot editing tool: it would be awesome to have the option to add a coloured rectangle also – drawing with freehand is not effective and ugly, arrows can only point to 1 element. with rectangle we’d have the option to highlight a wider scale or more elements with one move.