Opera 48 has arrived with new and improved features. Leading the list is the search pop up tool with currency converter, now enriched with unit and time zone converters, making it simple and easy to translate unfamiliar measurements on the spot. Moreover, with the new snapshot tool, Opera lets you capture favorite parts of the web.

Plus, we’ve added the option to remove unwanted autocomplete suggestions in the search and address bar, cleaned up menus, allowed importing bookmarks from Edge and Yandex and sharpened the interface for HiDPI screens

Easier search

Opera’s search pop up tool is a super convenient feature that allows you to search or copy (or share if you’re on a Mac) the text you highlight on a web page. With just one click, your highlighted text opens a new tab and is queried in your default search engine. (To change your default search engine, both in the search pop up and your address bar, go to Settings (Preferences on Mac) > Browser > Search and select your engine).

Convert measurements, time zones and currencies

Planning to make a seasoned craft beer for the winter, but don’t know how much 4 oz of yeast is in grams? Or, unsure if your 20 cm x 30 cm poster from Paris fits a 10″ x 16″ frame from California? How much is that flight in Swiss francs if it’s $899 AUD? Travelling and don’t know how far 258 mi is? Need to check what time locally your hometown football club is playing at a 20:00 GMT kickoff?

A simple highlight of these strange values in Opera will convert them into a familiar and practical form.

We enhanced the search pop up tool when we introduced the currency converter and now, starting today we are adding units of measurement and time zone converters.Today’s Opera 48 release adds 16 units of measurements and 14 time zones along with the 32 already available currencies ready to be converted. Just like the search pop up tool, all you need to do is highlight the value and its converted number will be seen in the pop up. This number can be copied to your clipboard for easy pasting later on.

Below are all the convertible units, time zones and currencies in Opera 48. If you wish to learn more or test out the converters, visit our beta release blog.


  1. lb ⇄ kg
  2. °F ⇄ °C
  3. oz ⇄ g
  4. mph ⇄ km/h
  5. mpg ⇄ l/100km
  6. gal ⇄ l
  7. qt ⇄ l
  8. fl ⇄ ml
  9. mi ⇄ km
  10. yd ⇄ m
  11. ft ⇄ m
  12. in ⇄ cm
  13. kW ⇄ hp
  14. lb ft ⇄ Nm

Times zones are converted to your system’s time settings.

  1. PST / PDT: Pacific Standard / Daylight Time
  2. MST / MDT: Mountain Standard / Daylight Time
  3. CST / CDT: Central Standard / Daylight Time
  4. EST / EDT: Eastern Standard / Daylight Time
  5. AST / ADT: Atlantic Standard Time / Daylight Time
  6. NST / NDT: Newfoundland Standard Time / Daylight Time
  7. GMT: Greenwich Mean Time
  8. BST: British Summer Time
  9. MET: Middle Europe Time
  10. CET / CEST: Central Europe Time / Daylight (Summer) Time
  11. EET / EEST: Eastern Europe Time / Daylight (Summer) Time
  12. WET / WEST: Western Europe Time / Daylight (Summer) Time
  13. JST: Japan Standard Time
  14. KST: Korean Standard Time
  15. IST: Indian Standard Time
  16. MSK: Moscow Standard Time

Currencies: To select your preferred currency – which all foreign currencies will be converted into – go to Settings (Preferences on Mac) > Browser > User Interface and select one of the below currencies under the “On text selection convert currency to” drop down menu.

  1. AUD – Australian Dollar
  2. BGN – Bulgarian Lev
  3. BRL – Brazilian Reals
  4. CAD – Canadian Dollar
  5. CHF – Switzerland Francs
  6. CNY – Chinese Yuan
  7. CZK – Czech Koruna
  8. DKK – Danish Krone
  9. EUR – Euros
  10. GBP – British Pounds
  11. HKD – Hong Kong Dollar
  12. HRK – Croatian Kuna
  13. HUF – Hungarian Forint
  14. IDR – Indonesian Rupiah
  15. ILS – Israeli New Shekel
  16. INR – Indian Rupee
  17. JPY – Japanese Yen
  18. KRW – South Korean Won
  19. MXN – Mexican Peso
  20. MYR – Malaysian Ringgit
  21. NOK – Norwegian Krone
  22. NZD – New Zealand Dollar
  23. PHP – Philippine Peso
  24. PLN – Polish Zloty
  25. RON – Romanian Leu
  26. RUB – Russian Ruble
  27. SEK – Swedish Krona
  28. SGD – Singapore Dollar
  29. THB – Thai Baht
  30. TRY – Turkish Lira
  31. USD – United States Dollar
  32. ZAR – South African Rand

Snapshot – capture your favorite parts of the web

The snapshot tool makes its way into Opera 48 after being incubated in our Opera Neon concept browser, released earlier this year. The tool can be fired up from menu, the sidebar by clicking on the camera icon or by hitting the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + 5 (macOS: ⌘ + ⇧ + 5).

After initiating snapshot, an adjustable frame will pop onto your screen, allowing you to frame exactly what you want to capture. This frame can even scroll down the page if you wish to capture more than the currently visible area. You can also quickly create a new selection by clicking and dragging the area outside the current selection, making for easy reframing. There’s also a handy ‘Capture Full Screen’ shortcut button which snaps all that you see on your monitor, useful when you want to quickly share what you see.

All the images you capture from the browser can be saved locally onto your system as a .png image or temporarily copied to your clipboard.

We have more in store for this feature, so stay tuned.

Clean up unwanted suggestions

The autocomplete feature can be helpful when we regularly visit (or can’t quite remember the complete address of) a particular site, but there can be some entries or suggestions which we want to get rid of. For Windows and Linux platforms, Opera 48 allows you to delete URL history suggestions for web pages or search entries from being completed in the combined search and address bar. Whether that’s a mistyped search or a page you want to forget about, you can now get rid of it with just one click.

Deletable search or page URLs will have an ‘X’ on the far-right end of the entry in the search and address bar dropdown menu. No longer will you have to dig through your history log to delete these entries.

O-Menu cleaned up

Throughout the development of Opera 48, we reorganized and cleaned up items in the O-Menu in a more logical order. For instance, all bookmark-related actions, such as importing and exporting, can be found in the bookmarks submenu.

Under History, we added your Recently Closed Tabs for additional ease to return to your closed pages. All extensions and developer options are put in their respective sections in the menu.

Import bookmarks from Edge and Yandex

Speaking of bookmarks, you are now able to import them from Edge and Yandex and into your Opera browser. The two browsers have been added to our list of supported browsers and their bookmarks and other content. Here is the complete list of where you can import your data from:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Microsoft Edge
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  5. Safari
  6. Yandex
  7. Bookmarks from an HTML file

Sharpening the view and preparing for the High Sierra update

As more and more HiDPI displays become prevalent and affordable, it’s important for browser interfaces to stay sharp and presentable. Throughout the development of Opera 48, a number of fixes and improvements were made for the interface, buttons and icons in Opera. Several animation clean ups were made to give this browser the sharpest look yet, perfect also for the arrival of the updated High Sierra OS for Macs.

Engine updated

Opera 48 runs on the tuned-up version of Chromium version 61. Amongst various changes, this version supports JavaScript modules, which helps to unify the way modular JavaScript can be written. Pages can now also request to clear cookies, caches and other data associated with it by sending a new HTTP header. In addition to functional changes, it delivers improved stability and security.

The full changelog.

Installation links

Currency conversion is based on the reference rates reported by the European Central Bank (“ECB”) using EURO as its base currency. According to the ECB, its reference rates are updated on working days, excluding TARGET closing days (generally Saturday, Sunday and certain holidays). The ECB’s reference rates are based on a regular daily concertation procedure between central banks across Europe. Rates are not verified by Opera and you should confirm current rates with your financial institution before engaging in any transaction. You can learn more about the ECB’s policy and exchange rates here.





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  • firuz_u7

    Thanks for Opera 48

  • Hetai-Na

    Thank you. I think you should add the option “Show system color on top bar” back again. I miss it.

  • mattho1

    I am still waiting for option to set “New tab position”, “Cloned tab position”, “After tab close tab activation”….

  • Updating is bugged for some reason. First it downloaded automatically and said it failed. Then it just kept on saying to relaunch to update and it was stuck on 47 after every re-launch. So I had to manually update it. Updater needs to be more reliable, otherwise people will be stuck on outdated versions and that’s bad.

  • Deo et Patriae

    Guys, please, don’t make the perfect browser as bloated as the old opera 12 with features few people use. Keep it simple as much as possible. At least keep giving us parameters in about:confing in order to completely disable whatever we don’t need.

    • Lookso

      Opera 12 bloated, O RLY?

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Used to be a somewhat common complaint back on that time.

        • Lookso

          Yes but most people tells that was the best browser version and with many cool functions that they are missing now. When the new cool features are given again, sombody is telling his browser is “bloated” because it become more functional? Paradox. Something like you can save your money resources on buying car without power steering because it is not important for you and waste of money, but next you will be blaming that steering wheel in your new car is hard to use and should be improved. Nonsense, but it’s all about people 🙂

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Well, I would say that those who used to like Opera Presto with all ita features and opinions may now be complaining that Opera Chromium lacks such things while those who used to say that Presto was kinda of a bloatware now should be liking current Opera.

            I guess that there will always be people asking for things to be implemented in the same time that there are those requesting that those things aren’t added.

            And finding a point of balance to try to please most of the users may not be something simple.

          • The Real Saxon

            Opera 12 was chock full of useless niche functionality

    • Bali505

      I’m afraid the majority of Opera fans is being into extra goody special gadgets fancyness… ;P

  • jojoPL1987

    The Snapshot suggestion may add the ability to take a photo of the all page, including parts that are not visible if there is a scrollbar.

  • Hans Hansen

    German translation for your snapshot tool is very inappropriate. You translate “Image copied to clipboard” as “Image that was copied to clipboard”. I know you can translate this as a relative clause, but it’s wrong in this case. 😉 So please change “In die Zwischenablage kopiertes Bild” to “Bild wurde in die Zwischenablage kopiert”. Thank you.

    • Kornelia

      Thank you. It will be reported to our translation team.

      • Paranam Kid

        Kornelia, on a slightly different issue: my customised search engines do not work anymore.
        Example 2: I have dq as the key to go to http:disqus.com
        Example 2: I have p as the key to go to javascript:/*THE.PRINTLIMINATOR*/(function(){function loadScript(a,b){var c=document.createElement(‘script’),d=document.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0],e=!1;c.type=’text/javascript’,c.src=a,c.onload=c.onreadystatechange=function(){e||this.readyState&&’loaded’!=this.readyState&&’complete’!=this.readyState||(e=!0,b())},d.appendChild(c)}loadScript(‘//css-tricks.github.io/The-Printliminator/printliminator.min.js’,function(){thePrintliminator.init()});})();

        And there are more. All these keys worked since version 43 (when I started with Opera) to version 47. But after upgrading to version 48 yesterday they don’t work anymore, even after relaunching Opera & relaunching my PC.

        Any suggestions?

        • Do you just type “dq” and press enter?

          • Paranam Kid


          • Can you try “dq” and then press [space] and [enter] – observe whether icon in the addressbar changes.

          • Paranam Kid

            I am not sure what icon you refer to, but in any case your suggestion
            dq [space] and [enter]
            Many thanks for your quick reply & your help :-))

          • Glad it works for you. Happy browsing.

  • When highlighting text; the new purple color tint on the blue does not look good. Bad choice on color code. It crashes with common blue design elements used on websites, par exemple Google Search titles and Facebook.

    Notice that highlighting text in the address field has the old, normal blue color.

    Bookmarks bar looks nice clean and Snapshot a practical feature.
    Ability to remove unwanted autocomplete suggestions is awesome! Thanks.

    • For troubleshooting; after refreshing today with Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1703 for x64-based Systems (KB4040724), both mentioned colors changed.

      Search field is now lighter blue and main page highlights look like before, purple tint gone. Looks good to me.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What purple color? At least here I see text highlighted in blue.

      • Do you have the (exact) same color highlighting text in main window as in address field?

        Something with the color rendering in Opera changed after the update. If I toggle browser with Chrome and Firefox I see clear differences. They highlight text blue. Opera in some purple/blue variant that does not look good.

        But it’s not just the highlighting, the whole color accuracy on Opera has changed and I think I need to recalibrate screen. Colors and contrast look way too punchy and saturated

        • Vux777

          Do you have the (exact) same color highlighting text in main window as in address field?

          They are not exactly the same, but pretty close, I’m on win10, latest stable

          • All purple rain here. Unique to Opera, not seen anywhere else on system.


          • Numen

            Exactly the same issue here. I have narrowed it down to #enable-color-correct-rendering flag (disabling it displays correct colours again). The problem is clearly visible on eurogamer.net logo.

            BTW, my screen is calibrated with DisplayCAL, HW accelleration (on/off) has no effect on the colours.

          • Thanks @tomeknumen:disqus! Colors are back to normal.

          • Lucian

            Oh thank the all mighty Jesus (or @tomeknumen:disqus ). The purple tint was killing my eyes. Luckily I found this conversation, after one hour of reinstalling, and forum searching.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Well, they are both blue although the one in the address field may be a little lighter.

    • Hello, could you check status of Hardware Acceleration? Usually such problems are related to specific settings of acceleration. Renderer content is basically same as chromium but in case of acceleration we sometimes have some differences due to our modification. Does the problem reproduce for you if you turn off hardware acceleration? If it would work without hardware acceleration could you send us content of opera:gpu page?

  • lb

    Yes please, this feature is so obvious and IIRC existed back in the legacy Opera versions

  • Nekomajin43

    Capture full PAGE option was asked many times, yet you just ignored it. Another example of the ignorance you show towards users, and another example of a feature released without properly implementing all options.

    You should use the slogan “developing a browser for ourselves, ignoring user feedback”.

    • Kev87

      So true. Instead of working on the useless Apps Hub, this request could be easily implemented too.
      Oh, and I lost count already how much versions we are nagging about implementing tab stacking again, guess we will need to wait another 5 years….

    • BK

      Hi @Nekomajin43:disqus . As you can see even on this blog, there are many users with many various requests. Some would like to see the browser changed, the other would like to keeping this as they are. Someone would like to add features, the other one would keep things simple.
      While we try to satisfy everyone, it’s very hard to deliver on contradicting requests.

      As a long time users on this blog and with Opera, I hope at least from time to time we also will be able to satisfy you 🙂 More changes to snap is incoming with next dev versions.

      • Nekomajin43

        Next dev versions mean many months.

        This is a very bad strategy to release features unfinished, missing essential options. I don’t care how much experience you have in software development. HOW you do it is highly ineffective.

        • BK

          You can still use dev stream and get the feature improved next week, do you?

          btw, there are users that do like the the snap feature as it is now. So think about them too.

          • Nekomajin43

            They would like it with additional options as well, so this is not a valid argument.

            The problem is that you usually abandon these features for months or even years. It is clear that “shipped, not finished” means you don’t work on it, and “thinking about it” means no. This blog is nothing more than a bugreport interface.

          • Stille

            As far I know, you’re not the only person suggesting functionalities here. The developers are having limited human resources and are evaluating the suggestions in terms of their usability and necessity. From what I can tell, being able to snapshot particular fragment of the website seems to be more important than capturing the entire page.
            And what I noticed, the developers are improving added functionalities with new browser versions, so there is a chance they will add the capture function to the already built snapshot system.
            Also, being rude does not help at all.

          • Nekomajin43

            OK, make a list of the features that were improved within 2 versions (~3 months) from their introduction!

            Btw, it seems they have unlimited resources, if they can make a software hub…

    • Frederik

      Hit the “print screen” key and stop being an asshole.

      • Nekomajin43

        Learn to read, and stop being stupid.

    • That is pretty black and white view and it may paint the picture imperfectly

      That request was not ignored. It was implemented: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2017/08/opera-developer-48-0-2679-0-update/ However due to issues, heated internal discussions and users tests we decided to change it: https://blogs.opera.com/desktop/2017/08/time-zone-unit-converters-highlight-opera-48-beta-release/

      Because we had input from users, not just this comments section on the blog post, it wasn’t straightforward. Still input from blog helps to shape the product, for instance shortcut Ctrl + W will close snap window on Windows. Such requests help us for further, thus Ctrl + C (⌘ + C on macOS) while capturing screen copies marked area directly to clipboard and skips showing snap window.

      When it comes to general question whether we ignore user requests and comments, maybe it’s worth summarising some things that happened. Some changes are already released in stable, others are in developer or beta builds. Those things wouldn’t appear without users’ input. Which means user feedback is important and it’s taken into account.

      Your initiative http://disq.us/p/1mlqs3y is welcomed because it adds some structure to requests.
      This is very appreciated!

      Let’s look at some changes closer:

      Search pop up, currency converter, unit converter and time zone converter.
      – 5 currencies added
      – Russian ruble sign added
      – Triggering converters is easier now because you don’t need to select exact value to convert. It’s also for instance your comment that we took into account and change format in one case to potentially avoid confusion (USD -> Y EUR into X USD > Y EUR).
      – Converters support fractions such ½ ft, 1⁄4 mi or even ³⁄₄₇ gal.
      Work on converters and search popup is not over yet, we’ll keep on improving that in the future as well.

      Here are the features that recently appeared on our todo-list. User requests helped them to get to top and be implemented.
      – Extended list of last closed tabs and windows in tabs menu
      – Ability to import bookmarks from Yandex and Microsoft Edge
      – Clenaup suggestions right in the addressbar
      – Ability to exporting bookmarks
      – O-Menu contents has been cleaned up, there’s convenient access to recently closed tabs and windows
      – Reload & reload all tabs included in the tab’s context menu
      – VK messenger added to sidebar
      – Rearrange extensions
      – Refined private mode

      I’m not sure that this counts as ignoring user feedback.

      • Nekomajin43

        Let’s see one by one.

        What kind of issues may come up? There are several extension that can capture the whole page. Why can’t you make it work, if others can?

        Why did you have to choose between capturing the visible area and the whole page? We want both.

        The search popup stuff is good, but these are only minor developments. See my other comment.

        Extending the list of recently closed tabs is only a change of a number in the code, so it does not count. By the way, there were more requests regarding the tab menu. MONTHS ago.

        Import from Edge should have been done without any request. Does Yandex browser use the same JSON format for bookmarks like Chrome?

        Bookmarks export was among the first requests after the engine switch. You should not be proud of implementing a minor feature after years.

        The O-menu cleanup is only a few copy-paste actions in the code. Does not count.

        Rearranging extension icons was among the first requests too. Can we manually move an icon into the expansion area even if the number of icons does not reach the limit of the feature? Can we hide the start page button?

        The VK messenger is just another spam on the sidebar. It’s not a feature, but a step back. The important issues are still not solved. We still have two sidebars and don’t have general web panels.

        The private mode stuff is just a game with colors. There were many requests about additional themes and most importantly native themes, but we still have to see this ugly shit you gave us. (Sorry, the word is well deserved this time.)

        Btw, submenus are still mispositioned, after several reports and several months passed.

        I was very patient after the engine switch, not like many other long term Opera users. I even had high hopes at some point (the introduction of the extension sidebar and the bookmarks manager). Now I am desperate, because I can’t decide whether you are incompetent or just don’t give a damn. (I am not here to insult you, but this is really how I feel.)

        After this whole Reborn madness, the only thing keeps me at using your browser is the search popup (yes, I really like it this much), and the fact that Vivaldi has a shitty GUI too. If any of those changes at their side, you will have one less user. After 15 years.

  • hassanraza

    please PKR in currency please..

    • We will consider this currency as well.

  • christian

    Cursor is invisible before and behind emoji(s) in facebook chat window.

    • Tina

      Other browsers show the same behaviour, probably it’s on fb side

  • Ariane Lu

    Folder opening animation in start page was missing.

    Waiting for HiDPI fixes in O49 come into stable 🙂

  • Capture Full Screen – it should make screenshot whole page not visible part of page only.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Then it should be changed to ‘Capture Full Page’. 🙂

      First builds with snapshot had that option but it wasn’t really working well so maybe it’s something that will require more time for them to implement.

      • Maybe next build bring up this feature ;-)

        • Leonardo Gomes

          I would think more of some versions ahead.

      • Nekomajin43

        Two browsers and several extensions already have this feature. It must be hell of a task to implement. They just don’t give a damn…

      • hspdion

        Firefox has them labeled as ‘Full Page’ vs ‘Visible’ https://screenshots.firefox.com/ …regardless of what it’s called, the ability to capture the entire current website and not just the visible viewport would be very handy. Hopefully this gets (re)implemented in future builds.

  • Vlad

    wide border on left panel telegram https://imgur.com/MFuVApB

    • Tina

      It’s a known problem detected on Linux. Already reported 🙂

      • RussianNeuroMancer

        So when they said it’s going to be fixed?

        • Tina

          Stay updated 🙂

  • Tshiamo Komane

    Wonderful upgrade. It’s all these little tune-ups combined that make Opera my favourite browser. I’m already finding this unit-converter quite handy.

    • Glad that you like it, what’s your most common use case?

  • Hetai-Na

    You should add Reverse Image Search in a future release (Search Image in Google in context menu).

    • and Google voice search if possible.

  • gld59

    (Moved from old post)
    Noticed one glitch – if the number of litres is shown to three decimal
    places, Opera assumes the source number is in European format, so that
    3.785 L gets converted to 999.89 gal (US).
    Test page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wi
    (I’m in Australia, and apart from time/date I use Australian settings.)

  • The Real Saxon

    The last few Opera releases all hang the browser totally (all tabs) when playing music on Google Play Music website. The music plays (and continues to play), but after about 10 seconds, the whole browser becomes unresponsive, even the music playing graphic equliser on the tab.

    Tried 32bit, 64bit, clean installs, and all did exactly the same. Windows 10 64bit.

    I did however find some more info today. it ONLY seems to do it if I allow desktop notifications!!!

    Anyone else reproduce this error?

    • The Real Saxon

      Nobody? How can I report this bug to Opera and get it fixed?

      • Hi, generally it’s enough that you describe your problem here. We pick it up and see how it can be fixed. If you want file a bug and get a tracking number you can do it on: https://bugs.opera.com/wizard/desktop

        • The Real Saxon


  • rocy76

    I noticed that I can’t watch videos on the DAZN sports streaming website. Is this website not supported? Thanks

  • Shion

    Does anyone know how can I “fix” the extension without reverting changes I made it to make Opera stop bashing me with “This extension may have been corrupted” message every time? Dev guys removed the extension corruption check flag.

    • Vux777

      Only way I know to keep changes is to copy extension folder to eg. desktop, do some changes, delete “_metadata” folder inside it and install that extension locally in developer mode (or pack it and drag&drop)
      … but it’s probably better to contact developer and report bugs or whatever

      • Shion

        Thanks. That helped a lot.

  • Дмитрий Мойсеенко

    Hi! I’m using Opera sinсу 2006 and I’m a big fan of this browser. But one thing in Opera really annoys me. This is scrolling smoothness. My PC i7 4Ghz, 16Gb RAM, GeForce 760, SSD. And on some pages scrolling is really painful. Facebook, Livejournal and on some news sites with many elements on page. But with Microsoft Edge I don’t have this type of problems. Scrolling is very smooth. Maybe someone can help me? Or this is Operas engine problem and nothing you can do with this it?

    • Remember that Opera battery saver mode ON lowers frame/refresh rate (becomes very choppy and unsmooth). I use Opera on a battery powered ThinkPad most days. Battery saver mode ON and do a lot of scrolling. I don’t understand how limiting frame rate contributes much to conserving juice. There must be a better compromise.


      • Hassan

        In Opera://Flags you used to be able to change this setting (enable smooth scrolling with battery saver), but as of Opera 48 this option has been removed for some reason. Scrolling is rather choppy now for me as well, not sure why they removed the option. There are some third party extensions (like SmoothScroll in the Chrome store) that do a decent enough job

        • RussianNeuroMancer

          Developers, please bring back this flag! 🙂

    • Roz

      Download chrome extension here :


      It makes the scroll much smoother and better than default.

      But first you need to download chrome extension opera.

      Here the link :

      Download Chrome Extension


      Anything just let me know here!

      • Дмитрий Мойсеенко

        Thank you very much!

    • Davide Repetto

      Is hands down the best extension to enable smooth scroilling on Opera.

      You may also want to add the “–enable-smooth-scrolling” command-line parameter to your opera launcher. I don’t know if it still works with the current release, but previously it enabled smooth scrolling within opera internal pages, where the extension can’t reach.

  • firuz_u7

    может быть возможно что в скором времени будет объединены боковая панель расширений с боковой панелью экспресс панели?

    • Please use english next time…
      Q: Translate it may be possible that the sidebar of extensions will soon be merged with the side panel of the express panel?
      A: It is better to talk about active development in he developer blog posts. This is stable release, so the content of this release was more-or-less ready around 6 weeks ago when Opera 48 entered beta stage. As when it will happen I can’t comment. Especially that “soon” can be understood differently 🙂

      • firuz_u7

        oh forgot to translate into English in thanks for the answer next time I will write to the developers blog

  • Geograph

    Never fix bug SpeedDial block colors on browser first daily startup? I see colors like for daltonian. After close and open speeddial about 2-3 times it restore to normal colors.

    • ktxgio

      with this release i see normal colors…with previous opera 47 speed dial colors were wrong

  • 2112

    blocked content badge in address bar is not horizontally centered on linux.

    • We’ve been fixing those things recently. You can check the latest developer build to see if the problem is gone for you.

      • 2112

        Thank you.
        But latest dev build has the same bug.

      • 2112

        Thank you.
        But latest dev build has the same bug.

  • oldq

    the problem of color changing to negative sketches on the express panel is not eliminated

  • Marko

    Update YouTube icon in Speed Dial.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What do you mean?

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Marko, @leocgomes:disqus, @MrHansHansen:disqus you can “update” it yourself, funny is, you need to change to the old YT design first: click on YT Settings, select Restore old YT, select something, press Submit. Click the Heart in the address bar, press the righ-arrow symbol (like three times), you should see the new logo thumbnail, press Done.

      • Leonardo Gomes

        Didn’t work here.

    • Tina

      Thanks. Reported as DNA-64501

  • Luis Emilio Roso

    Hey Opera, add Colombian Peso – COP.

    • We will consider that.

  • Luis Emilio Roso

    Chromium 61?… very old-

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It’s the current stable version.

  • Guilherme Vier

    It would be interesting to report bugs button in Opera Stable

  • Grzegorz Olbryś

    Where is chromecast support? I know that this is less (or no) important feature with opposition to “highly important” converter of measurements, currencies and time zones but please take into consideration that nearly 40 million chromecast devices has sold……

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Someone said some days ago that it would be coming, I guess most probably in developer channel first.
      I remember it was pending legal stuff.

      • Grzegorz Olbryś

        Someone, some days……From the time when chromecast support was moved from extension to the core of chromium this functionality is broken in Opera (smoothly working in Chromium). It _was_ in Opera developer channel (and was working as I remember) so the sentence “probably in developer channel firs” is the past

        • Przemek Kudła

          Leonardo is right, Chromecast is not an open technology, we need a license from Google to use it. But please be patient, we are working on this.

          • Grzegorz Olbryś

            Thanks Przemek for the info. Is there any estimation in which release chr support should be incorporated? or maybe how many months we have to wait for that? (more or less)

          • Przemek Kudła

            Sorry, I’m not allowed to share such details, but it will happen sooner than later.

  • Emanuel

    I would like my fixed tabs to stay there forever. Every time I open the browser, I need to fix them all again :/

    • Tina

      When you pinning tabs, do you have multiple Opera windows open?

      • Emanuel

        I don’t…

        • Tina asked about windows, because questions arise when you have different pages pinned in different window, then you keep closing and restarting browser. Then there is questions, what would be the desired and expected behaviour.

          • Emanuel

            I only use one window with multiple tabs. (Maybe my english is hard to understand… Isn’t my native language, sorry)

          • Emanuel

            Maybe my english is hard to understand… Isn’t my native language, sorry… I use only one opera window and pin my tabs on it. At the moment I close the browser, I lose all the tabs and I need to pin them again.
            I would like the pinned tabs to reopen when I use the browser again

  • Bojan Kassebaum

    Scrolling is broken. Button down (end) is going to the end of the page, but button up (pos1) is not doing anything.

  • MilanDelija1989

    Update YouTube icon in Speed Dial.

    • Tina

      Thank you, already reported as DNA-64501

  • Paranam Kid

    Krystian, I don’t know if you follow the comments here, but some need addressing.
    None of my custom search engines work anymore with Opera 48, whereas before they did.
    What’s going on?

    • Just reposting as we have figure it out solution below. To invoke custom search engine, you need to type your search engine keyword and press space that triggers. For instance w[space]search term[enter] to trigger it. Even if you skip the search term you need to hit [space] to trigger that search engine for instance [w][space][enter] to open wikipedia without any search.

      • Paranam Kid

        Maciek, once again, thank you !!

      • shadow118

        hasn’t it been like that since forever?

  • Ryno

    Hey Opera, add Colombian Peso – COP.

    • We will consider that currency as well. Btw. upcoming Opera 49 will add five more currencies.

  • Harry

    All this time and STILL no proper Bookmarks manager without using some sort of extension.

    Very disappointing. Why the delay?

    • Hi, You would need to define what you consider proper bookmarks manager or just a link to previous comment if you already did. As for extensions that’s the beauty of them, you can fine tune various things to your needs.

  • Abdolahi

    vpn does not connect in Iran after this update
    opera 47 worked very well
    what is the problem?

  • Vladimir

    I do not have a camera icon in the sidebar!
    When will the hryvnia ₴ (UAH) be added to the list of currencies?
    Why is it still not possible to change the SEARCH to the Speed Dial? !!!! Yandex shove all Ukrainian users of the Opera, but Yandex in Ukraine does not work, only through VPN !!! Even not the point, I want to put Google search engine.
    У меня в боковой панели нет значка камеры!
    Когда добавят гривну ₴ (UAH) в список валют?
    Почему до сих пор нельяз изменить ПОИСКОВИК на ЭКСПРЕС ПАНЕЛИ?!!!! Яндекс пихают всех украинским пользователям Опера, но Яндекс в Украине не работает, только через впн!!! Даже не в том дело, я хочу поставить Гугл поисковик.

    • Tina

      1. Have you checked is it select via right click on side bar -> Snap (Снимок) ? Also, notice that side bar should be pined.
      2. Probably it will happens, it’s already available for Developer version

    • L33t4opera

      Hi Vladimir, regarding changing the search engine: try to change the “country” and “country_from_server” values, from “XX” to “US or “GB” in the “Local State” file in the Opera’s profile folder, as it’s described here.

  • Alberto

    I really don’t understand, i saw 2 days ago Opera installed at my high school PCs, and it was Opera 47 stable, of course, but what i can’t understand and it confused me it was that Opera showed me conversion unit. I’m pretty sure of this, and i was like “wow, it supposed to be a new feature in Opera 48, not 47, that i have been using daily since i update from 46”. Thanks as always for your hard work.

    • Lookso

      In the default installer you can find advanced options and there is USB install option (portable)

      • Alberto

        I know, but i mean, i swear that before there was a direct link to portable as an alternative Windows installer.

        • BK

          In the blog post content you mean?
          you can find portable here

          • Lookso

            Yes, but this is only network installer. There is now no portable offline installer on Opera FTP.

          • Alberto

            Yeah, i swear i saw everytime i entered to a blog post of the development team, of a new version of stable, beta or developer version, it was always a link to portable version (only Windows), so i got surprised, only that. Thanks anyways for your great support, attention and hard work, Opera is my 1st option when i think about a Chromium based web browser, (alternative to my 1st option Mozilla Firefox).

        • Lookso

          I also know. I remember that, but I think there is no problem with this and no need to keep extra MB on their servers to provide different instalators 😉

          • Alberto

            I know, i prefer this way, but i was asking because i notify this morning when i entered the web and it surprised me xD.

  • kesha2000

    Some visual bugs in this build.
    1. Translator search engine named in Ukrainian, while the browser language is in Russian.
    2. Some strange sign in ‘Settings’.
    3. Missing scale lines on the font configuration page.
    4. Missing default favicon for sites that don’t have one (‘Recently Closed’ section in the O-Menu).

    • Thanks, some issues should be already fixed in the upcoming Opera 49.

  • RussianNeuroMancer

    After using Opera’s integrated Task Manager to terminate most of (or all) open tabs (only tabs, not extensions or something) Opera doesn’t crash right a way, but it’s crash couple of minutes later. Tested three times, reproducible every time. There was no such issue with previous build.

    Kubuntu 17.10 x86_64, Mesa 17.2.1, Opera 48.0.2685.32
    AMD A8-3500M, 16 GB RAM, OS installed on SSD.

  • Now make it so that it`s easy to follow 2 tabs on the same Ultra Wide monitor!

  • After update on Linux I have got broken colors. Opera changes the colors of websites to more blue-ish ones

  • Erik

    When you click on a link, after the page is loaded, the cursor stay in the address bar, so you can’t scroll down the page with keyboard arrows.
    You first have to click somewhere in the page and then scroll.
    I think this is strange or simply wrong.
    My system is Manjaro linux and KDE Environment.
    Other than this, all good. Thanks.

  • A new Dev

    Please add Google Account integration

    I want to switch to Opera, but i need Google Account and fill-in/pass and all the shit

    • BK

      via settings>Browser>import bookmarks and settings > you can import your data from Chrome, this should solve your main things like browsing history, bookmarks, passwords. However I’m not sure about autofill. Probably depends on the browser you import from.

      • A new Dev

        No it is manual process, i need proper integration that stays up to date automatically with Google Account, not just google chrome local data

    • pauloaguia

      Can you give a use case? I use Opera as my main browser and use lots of Google websites with no problem. I have enabled two step authentication, where it sends me a text message to my phone with a code to enter at the website – again, no problem with this feature.
      I even use my Google account to login onto some websites at the click of a button, no problem there either…

      So, what is it you’re trying to do?

      • Hans Hansen

        I suppose he is talking about synchronisation features of Google Chrome via Google Account (like password synchonisation and so on)

  • Mikhail Broun

    Snapshot is very cool! Nice update, thanks you!

    • BK

      We are happy to hear you like it 🙂

  • Vítězslav Kříž

    im facing with a problem in Ubuntu version. Im not able to open netflix stream. Any idea? Thx.

    • Ewa

      Hi, this is already known issue

  • Little Johnny

    The page zoom in/zoom out trackpad gesture on macOS is broken. Please fix this.

    • Ewa

      Hi, thank you, we also noticed it – bug reported.

  • Mikhail Broun

    I look at structure of design Opera and have missunderstanding with one thing. It has 2 sidebars, one – for the social (telegram, FB, settings etc), second for the plugins. It’s icomfortable. Maybe in next versions you can combine them into one universal sidebar?
    sorry for my english, i don’t speak good enought

    • Nekomajin43

      They just don’t mind it. More than half a year has passed since the introduction of the new sidebar, so don’t hold your breath…

      • Mikhail Broun

        yeap, i know. i use Opera about 12 hours every day – for work and home. and if here i can write my proposals for developers, it will be great. I have so many things to offer…

  • Patrick F

    my online banking account (www.widiba.it) is all messed up with this newest release
    screenshot > https://ibb.co/dU0Ukb

    • Tina

      Might be an Ad-block problem. Try to enable it for these web page and reload it.

  • Mozz

    Have you fixed your terrible syncing?

    • What makes it terrible for you? What devices do you sync?

      • Mozz

        The fact that I keep getting it asking me for a encryption password which I have never seen or heard of. I have had to completely delete my account and will create a new one. Im syncing, desktop, laptop and android phone.

  • Paweł Karpierz

    Hey guys, thanks for the update.
    Are you considering to add translator feature in search pop up tool?

    • Convenient and quick access to translation is something we’re considering as well.
      In the meanwhile you can use one of the extensions that help out with translation:

      In case you don’t want to install anything in your browser, you can use custom search engine to have translate option close, for example: auto translation into english:
      1. Configuration: https://imgur.com/a/tGJPz
      2. Usage: https://imgur.com/a/lgjyC

  • Liubov

    thanks for the update! wow!

  • Jorge Guzman

    Terrific Update!

  • Dyago

    gostei bastante dessas atualizações

  • Rawr

    The Snapshot tool is what I’ve been looking for. Dziękuję Pan Krystian.

  • Will Braga

    Ótima atualização, essa função de converter automático é muito bom.

    • We use english in comments (it can be auto translated as well) so more people can benefit.
      > Ótima atualização, essa função de converter automático é muito bom.
      > Great update, this auto convert function is very good.

      Thanks, nice to hear you like it.

  • Uraniom Jackson


  • Rudric


  • angel

    What about colombia currency?

    • Upcoming Opera 49 will add five more currencies. We can consider that one as well.

      • angel

        Thank you <3

  • Maheshchandra Chourushi


  • Chris Quick

    Are you all aware that Amazon Assistant keeps offering to be installed whenever you visit Amazon.com, and that it’s unique to Opera?

    • Zorzi

      Don’t like it… But why not…


    Pretty Awesome!!!!

  • Desmond Fox

    Where is Ukrainian Hryvnia(UAH)? 🙁

    • Soon, Opera 49 will add five more currencies:
      1. Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH, ₴)
      2. Kazakhstani tenge (KZT, ₸)
      3. Georgian lari (GEL, ლ, ₾)
      4. Egyptian pound (EGP, E£)
      5. Belarusian ruble (BYN)
      You can already use it in developer channel, or wait till next release.

      • Desmond Fox

        Oh thanks, the new Opera 48 is an Awesome!

    • Чичо Гошо

      Soon it will be replaced by Ukrainian ruble 😉

  • artand

    Opera, I love you.

  • Jakub Zajíc

    great yall still work hard to make this browser great again :op I would still like to see the grouping tabs option back tho ..

  • akonvx

    amazingg ı love it….

  • Дмитрий

    I liked

  • I’m drunk!

    I have problem with my facebook at opera… I cant see notifications pop up’s, and i cant see likes under comments.

  • Ebrahim Elhadidy

    Thanks, Nice improvements.

  • KRis

    Will be there Viber build in sidebar? (like messenger, whatsapp…)

  • Чичо Гошо

    The last thing we need is the drop-down arrow for recent sites we’ve been, which was great some time ago!

    • Is this button not top right, next to minimize?

  • icetom

    i need to screenshot the whole window with url etc, which is not possible with your screenshot maker.

    why implement it anyway? because Firefox and Vivaldi also did it? i think you should keep focussing on a fast browser instead of cluttering it with features.

    • Hans Hansen

      If you need the whole window, you can use “Prt Scrn” resp. “Win+Prt” on our keyboard. 😉

      • icetom

        i am talking about the Opera feature. of course i am making my screenshots not with Opera, so thx i dont need tips.

  • KRis

    Will be there Viber build in sidebar? (like messenger, whatsapp…)

  • João Gerardo

    Amazing evolution! Thank you.

  • Nguyen Tung

    Amazing evolution! Thank you.

    But can we install extension from chrome?

  • rdf

    Opera innovating again just like when I first used it on 2003.

  • Great work, I was missing the recently closed tab, now it’s here, I love you Opera dev team.

  • Quast

    This is way i’m using Opera.
    Thank you so much.

  • ernblkn Balkan

    Thanks a lot. Thats why ı am using opera. I love your works. Keep it on.

  • Deepra CooPE

    good job. please – give the possibility to show a “snapshot” in the taskbar. I do not use the sidebar.

    • Hans Hansen

      You can use “Ctrl+Shift+5” or the Opera menu instead.

  • ButtonLady

    Long time happy user of stable Opera. Except since yahoo email issue. Is there any workaround so I can access yahoo email using Opera. Going back and forth from firefox is a daily frustration. Is it the VPN that yahoo objects too?

    • BBN

      Interesting. I use Yahoo mail in Opera and I’m not having any trouble. I’m not using a VPN, so perhaps your theory is correct and it’s the cause of your trouble.

      • ButtonLady

        Thanks for responding. Yes, as soon as yahoo changed to their new email, they no longer supported opera browser on my pc, no acccess, so I had to add firefox. I do want to use VPN, so wondering if there is a workaround?

        • ButtonLady

          I just tried again and it did go through.. it must have been related to the new yahoo email, andwanting me to use their iphone sign in. Really glad to be back to using opera only. Discovered how stable it was when ustream was new, moderating a chat room with thousands visiting including school children at the M & M owlbox

  • MantisGhost

    First of all after Netscape browser died (times of Windows 95 and 98) I did switch to FireFox loved it and used for years, but now when it got buggy, heavy, sluggish, loads sites terribly slow it was time to change it with broken heart. After trying out Dragon, Maxthon, Vivaldi, Brave and other browsers, Opera is the one that made me browse web comfortable. It is still not perfect and needs polishing but so far it’s great. I like the sidebar but I hate that it cannot be customized to my needs. Sure you can add predefined icons apps but you cannot create and download new sidebar apps. Opera still have issues with some sites that do not look and work correctly but with each version it’s working better. I would love to customize the Interface to the fullest like you can do in Vivaldi but for now it is not possible. For example: statusbar at the bottom left is irritating me when streaming video content in full screen. This crap keeps hiding and appearing with informations every 1 second and there is no way to permanently turn it off or move to address bar. Other than that it is really solid browser and I like how it works so for now it is my main.

    • Vux777

      can you post example page where you see status bar (I’m guessing url ) constantly in full screen?
      I don’t see anything in full screen except video controls on mouse movement, win10
      It would help developers to test it

      • MantisGhost

        It appears sometimes on youtube and other pages having embedded videos like rapidvideo or openload. I will try to record it or make a screenshot if this will happen again.

  • Rodney Lux

    Since the 48 update I can not print in opera. It says opera does not include the pdf viewer which is required for print preview to function. Help win 10 64 bit

  • Alex Kelly

    Great work, nice simple useful features. Opera is still my favourite browser by far.

  • Diann McGuinness

    Love the snapshot. I would add the ability to do a design board. Have some number of snapshots on one page with the url attached to the shapshot. For instance if I were designing a bedroom I would clip pictures from magazines of pieces of furniture, upholstery fabric, wall hangings, knick-knacks, curtain styles and fabrics, etc. Get the picture? lol It would be great!!!!

  • David Jones

    Will it be possible to extend the unit-conversion to allow the assumption that volumes such as gallons are in Imperial units, rather than US units?

  • cool stuff. I still wished Opera would pick up something like Uservoice so one can give more feedback on new and wanted features 🙂

    For example I’d really like to finally have my list of search engines sync through opera link (or whatever it is called now), so I don’t have to set them up on every computer again

  • ButtonLady

    now back on Opera, yahoo email is working swiftly again.. a balky mess on firefox

  • Agonie-Latente

    Hello Opera team, I love the changes you’re making and will continue supporting your browser. I especially love the new Snapshot feature but as one who don’t use the sidebar, would it be possible, please, to apply the Snapshot icon shortcut to the upper bar somehow (at the side of the adress bar)? Thank you <3

    • Tina

      Hi, you don’t have to use side bar. Shortcut ⌘ + ⇧ + 5 is also available

  • Rodney Lux

    Since the 48 update I can not print in opera. It says opera does not include the pdf viewer which is required for print preview to function. Help win 10 64 bit

    • Cenon M.

      I believe I too am getting the same problem on macOS 10.13

      • Ewa

        Works for me on Mac, did you try solution mentioned above?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      No problems here. Did you try with extensions disabled? What about a clean profile folder?

      • Rodney Lux

        I cleaned profile and now it works. Thanks alot buddy..

        • Andrea Avesani

          How do you “clean profile”?

    • Andrea Avesani

      Same problem here on Win 10.
      I tried disabling all the plugins and logging out. Nothing.
      I can print normally only in Private Networking.

      • Rodney Lux

        I fixed the problem, let me know if you want me to tell you what I did.

        • Andrea Avesani

          Yes please 🙂

          • Rodney Lux

            Click opera menu then click “about opera” and look under paths to show your profile path. Close Opera, Go to that folder and delete all the files (Keep all the folders) and keep bookmarks,Favicons and Login Data and then reboot opera. Make a backup of that folder first in case you make a mistake.

          • Andrea Avesani

            Thanks @rodney_lux:disqus

  • Led


  • Rijul Garg

    Hi guys, love the work you are doing, the sidebar is awesome. I have been posting suggestions regarding the tabs but i guess you aren’t really listening? Anyway, Tab management gets hard for people who open like 20 tabs at once. So, i had some ideas for you to solve this problem. First is color coding tabs, meaning the option to change the tab color to whatever you want. Second is tab renaming; currently every web page has a name, okay, but we should be able to just double click on the tab and rename it to suit our needs? Because anyway the entire page name almost never appears on the tab. Third is simply numbering. Putting a fixed number on each tab chronologically, and then having a keyboard shortcut like maybe Shift+ALt+T and then entering tab number to open that tab. Here if you closed an existing tab, the tabs opened after this one should not be renumbered, just left as is. This is really a big problem for many people, and let me just put it this way. If Chrome gets this option, I would switch to chrome, even though the whatsapp in the sidebar is nice.

  • Laion Azeredo Silva

    Bye bye google chrome. Hello Opera <3

  • Train of Economics

    Snapshot tool is really awesome. great work.

  • Nasrallah Funku Yekun Ecrin


  • neo

    Panie Krystianie świetna robota!

  • Emanuel

    I joined Opera a couple of months back and I loved the useful tools it had. I could chat with my friends from the sidebar, which is awesome and no other browser offers. I could also block adds without installing anything. I could move videos inside a webpage as well, I didn’t even know that was possible. It was also extremely pleasant to browse with this as everything is well organized and it looks great. Everything is where it’s supposed to be, which is fantastic. The best of all? Most of the chrome extensions work here as well 😀
    Thanks for the awesome browser, the added features and excellent performance are very much welcome!

  • csmanowar

    good all this but must have a solution on memory usage

    • Locorogue

      me too. i’m at 750+mb, nearly a gb with just 4 tabs open

      • Elmar Gods-Boy Schröder

        Currently have 10 tabs open, only using 231 mb of ram…

        • Andrej Práznovský

          9 tabs – 112mb right now

  • 2112

    What about missing close button on linux under Wayland when Opera is maximized?
    Ubuntu 17.10 with Wayland by default is coming.

  • cmadev

    Opera is my favorite browser by far. However, in India some websites (especially government websites like GSTN, Income Tax and MCA does not work well on Opera like they do on chrome, firefox and IE.
    Opera is my default browser, but for all government related websites, need to make a switch to the other browsers.

  • Drake Xiang

    wow~ some interesting features

  • Hüseyin Ekrem YAZICI

    You should add camera icon next to addons. This is not practical if you don’t like the sidebar.

  • Epoch timestamp to human readable, please! 🙂

  • Baleburg

    Does anyone know why my auto-scroll disables when cursor gets outside of page (on the bar of adress for example)? In Edge it works well

    • Joe438

      I find this annoying as well. I seem to recall this issue occurring once before a few years ago. My guess is that this will be addressed soon.

  • Saya

    Can not able open the site: http://crazypirates.me only some pic and codings

    • Leonardo Gomes

      That page loads fine here. Did you try with extensions disabled? Do you use any software that may be blocking the site’s content?

  • Andrew Smith

    If Anything Works WHY CHANGE IT ?

    • Joe438

      Times change and Opera works to stay on top of the changing needs of users.

  • sgrandin

    Strange, my post from 10-15 minutes ago is not showing.* In any case, here’s something in 48 beta, in case it hasn’t been fixed in the final. At Weather Underground, the past few days city names in searches aren’t being retained in the search drop-down, something that wasn’t happening before then even with 48b (desktop). That still works fine with Safari on an iPad. And at their help page, http://help.wunderground.com/, the Contact Support button is nonresponsive. Restarting doesn’t fix it.

    * Post from a few minutes ago concerned the Comments button at the bottom of an article, http://www.espn.com/wnba/story/_/id/20866485/unburdened-candace-parker-sparks-one-win-away-repeating-wnba-champions. The comments popup shows, but the comments themselves appear and disappear instanteously. Turning off ad blockers, yours and Ad Block, doesn’t solve it. The comments do show in IE11.

  • Marc PM

    why can’t I search in a background tab by clicking right click > search (while holding CMD ) just like for any other browser ?

  • Musical drama is my most loved program by a long shot. In any case, in India a few sites (particularly government sites like GSTN, Income Tax and MCA does not function admirably on Opera as they do on chrome, firefox and IE.

  • Mikhail Saimon

    very good !!

  • mleczaj wełnianka

    but there is no option for whole website screenshot 🙁

    • Joe438

      Can you explain what you mean by “whole website”? You can use Ctrl + S to save a page if that is what you are referring to.

      • mleczaj wełnianka

        Of course that i can save page but making screenshot it is something different.
        Sometimes i need to have graphic file with all page image (for mauals online apps). In opera i have to do a few screens of different page parts and join it in other software.
        Fortunately Vivaldi can do it.

      • Nekomajin43

        He is referring to the missing “capture full page” option.

        • Joe438

          Ah, thanks for explaining. I just installed it on Opera. It is interesting, but I’m not sure if I have much of a need for it myself.

          • Nekomajin43

            What did you install? The Screen capture tool is built-in since v48.

          • Joe438

            The “capture full page” has been installed since 48? How do you access it?

  • Izer0

    Hm, still created only for ordinary users using few tabs, not for advanced users. After 18 years with Opera, still staying on O44. I don’t understand – why one better visible tabs separator is so BIIIIIG problem? Who would be hurt by it? I am totally disappointed.


  • Hryhorii Nick

    Why does the developer in the currency lists ignore the Ukrainian hryvnia? Add please!

    • Soon, Opera 49 will add five more currencies:
      1. Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH, ₴)
      2. Kazakhstani tenge (KZT, ₸)
      3. Georgian lari (GEL, ლ, ₾)
      4. Egyptian pound (EGP, E£)
      5. Belarusian ruble (BYN)
      You can already use it in developer channel, or wait till next release.

      • Nekomajin43

        It would be so much easier to track, if you compile a list of all supported currencies, units and timezones…

  • Highly suggest adding “Upload screenshot to Imgur” since they already have API and want users to upload there. It’s free and they shoot out a Direct link to the photo (png, jpg, or gif)

  • csmanowar

    Priority must be given to less memory consumsion and more add-ons like for example downthemall in firefox. or a download manager that really works because with the exception of eagleget there is no one free outthere

  • csmanowar

    The best screenshot tool is PicPick

  • L33t4opera

    New build – Opera stable 48.0.2685.35 😉

  • Paul V

    Bookmarks bottom toolbar (where is Trash basket) again is OUT OF THE SCREEN!!!! Yes, you added scrollbar, but THIS TOOLBAR is out of the screen bounds. Man, I don’t understand how works your testers. We need to look for some plugin which fix it. And another issue: no way to use TAGS for bookmarks

    • Joe438

      Can you provide a screenshot and/or restate what you are saying? Except for bookmark tags I am not understanding what you are describing.

      • Paul V

        Ah, OK. It’s easy to reproduce: open some page. Then click on heart icon (right side of the URL bar). Bookmark popup window is opening. And you can see on bottom of this window something like toolbar with 2 buttons: trash (to delete) and “ready” (to add). But if you open bookmarks list then you see there bookmarks folders. And if you open (expand) that folders, bookmark window will increase height – to bottom of the screen. And no more way to access “trash” and “ready” buttons. They are out of the screen. And no way to scroll down to access them. Execuse my English and my emotional tone 🙂

        • heyidiot

          I think you just need to go to the far left of that page, click into the left pane, and then scroll as normal. The far right side scroll bar only scrolls the right pane, but there should be a separate scroll bar for the left side pane too.

          Also, try zoom in and out to reveal more of the page at the bottom. That may be less helpful…

          • Paul V

            Unfortunately no, if I use common, application scrollbar then bookmark popup window is auto-closing. If I’m using mouse-wheel, I is not closing, but absolutely nothing is changing in it, and bottom “toolbar” is out of the screen independently from. On the left side – no any scrollbars too. I see that Opera testers never tested this functionality. By the way: this is the same on 2 different platforms (Win/Lin) with different resolution.

        • Joe438

          Thank you for explaining. Not being able to access the bottom buttons for “trash” and “ready” would be an issue. I tried to duplicate it on my end, however when I expanded the folders the “trash” and “ready” (for me it says “Done” instead) icons would not go past the bottom of the page.

          What version of Windows/Linux/iOS are you using? What browser are you using? Are you able to post a screenshot?

  • Andrew Smith

    Not everybody likes change . I was advised to change my email account , so I did then I was inundated with suggestive emails on my spam setting to which before I had no spam’s , changing my Passwords drives me up the wall as when getting older most people cannot remember them. Microsoft don’t like me using Opera but I find Opera so much better to access my apps than other Start Engines or Browsers . In time You will understand what I mean .

    • Frankie Smith

      In time be blowed. I hear you! Just had a full-blown tantrum (and I’m way too old for tantrums – second childhood?) when after b-ing about with email addresses and passwords, PayPal wanted me to ‘prove’ that I’m not a robot with a bunch of letters I couldn’t read. Result: PayPal 1, me 0, blood pressure through the roof 🙂

      • Andrew Smith

        We are the result of Computer Error

      • bodica

        Pay Pal may have done you a favor – there are other similar services. Can’t say more right now, but I will no longer use Pay Pal.

  • Laughtman

    Nice to have: Inline translator.
    Some extensions have this feature but they also stopped working for me.

  • Alexandre Bighetti

    The Snapshot is very cool…tks!

  • Rafael Schwenk

    That’s some really good news, I LOVED the snapshot feature, the Windows one is just not as quick as a shortcut to select part of the screen.

  • Hej

    Ou, myVocabu extension has problematic viewing with opera html menu 🙁

  • Eurock

    How to disable Save window to download without it?

  • Henrik K.

    Opera install but doesn’t start. No window is shown and the opera_crashreporter.log file is empty. Windows 10 Edu

  • Максим
    • Przemek Kudła

      No, it’s not, thank you for pointing it out.

      • Hans Hansen

        It is because this entry uses a dash and not minus.

        • Максим

          You’re right.

  • 莊聖揚

    can’t open a private browsing window..

  • emniss

    Since 9/30/17 very much VPN download attempts abort after one or two MB with “interrupted: network error” message. It doesn’t matter if I use Opera stable or Opera dev build, but it matters to which VPN location / IP I’m connected to. Some VPN locations / IPs still work, others don’t. So it’s most likely a VPN server-sided update causing the problem which has been rolled out to some VPN servers (but not to all yet). It’s the very same issue like the “VPN download from SSL secured servers abort” problem, but now it happens to non SSL connections too.

    For example you can test it with the Ubuntu ISO image download:


    • Clarty

      i have noticed similar about 5 months ago and only in the last month have i seen some improvement but the problem remains , the message i get is “size mismatch” so say a file is 200mb it will start downloading, at say 30mb the vpn will cancel the download with a file size mismatch error

    • emniss

      Even the download of the Opera offline installer aborts through the VPN:


  • Clarty

    i just got automatically upgraded and on restart the VPN is no longer working only USA shows up and will not connect , stays yellow

    Any advice appreciated

    • Tina

      Looks like it remembered your previous VPN localization ( that was before update) and doesn’t want download the full list now. Could you please try the same version on the same PC but with Portable Installation?

      • Clarty

        i think you are right however , i turned the laptop off and came back to it later and when i opened up opera this time the list displayed and connected to choosen VPN country, however today the vpn service was not working for again for a short while so it could be a backend issue .

        thanks for the reply 🙂

  • MegamaN

    That’s fine and all but why did it reset my search to Google, I had it on Bing? Please don’t do that.
    Plus, I might have to clean-install, since on my laptop with weak processor and HDD, 4GB RAM, it takes a long time to load up the browser. Same can be said for my desktop with SSD and strong processor, 8GB RAM. Current Firefox loads faster, it’s insulting.

  • Luzandro

    doesn’t work for the format “9am PDT”

    • Mario Lozano

      Maybe you need to use the 24 hour format like 9:00 PDT

  • Juan J

    ARS not available 🙁

  • Wow, Interesting to know
    Good one 🙂

  • fredp

    That’s a nice update!

    I’m just missing one thing from Chrome: a dropdown in the bookmarks bar where I can browse through the whole bookmarks tree. Is there any chance (or extension) to have something like that?
    Having to open a new tab for bookmarks and then having the link open in another new tab is not really convenient for me.

  • SKS

    Make bookmark bar only visible on new tab(speeddial tab) just like on chrome. Also make user interface to modify cookies, javascript, location, notification etc site settings by directly clicking on lock icon on top-left of address bar just like on chrome. Add in-built translator that translate webpage on the fly just like on chrome.

  • Lilith T.

    Decided to give Opera a try again after 4 years and I’m loving it! There’s still a lot of useful features to uncover, I’m sure 🙂 QUESTION: Is there a way to sort Personal News in categories just how the sources are sorted in categories? This will be sooooo helpful! Thanks a million!

    • Nice to see you again! There’s no way to organise individual sources in categories. They are displayed on the list in alphabetical order. It’s most common to have the whole section “My sources” collapsed and just scroll through all the news at one go.

  • Welber

    I’m like it.

  • mk

    I do not see the convert option, macos high sierra
    Version: 48.0.2685.35 – Opera is up to date
    Update stream: Stable
    System: Mac OS X 10.13.0 64-bit

    Also snapshot does not upload to temporary url, I need to enable something to get this working?

    • Upload to temporary url is not implemented. However there’s system share button included, so you can use those options.

  • Frankie Smith

    Opera 48 arrived today. Oddly, it looks exactly the same and I can’t find anything about taking snapshots or stopping search suggestions coming up. ‘About Opera’ says I’m up to date, so I suppose this is it. Baffled.

    • mk

      same here, on which os do you have the problem?

    • Kuba Pawlak

      If you have problems to find the newest version of opera browser you can always check https://kubadownload.com/opera-download.1101.html There are provided links to official Opera servers so you always be updated.

  • Prasanth Crm

    It would be great if the screenshot option with little extra options. Once after taking the screenshot I want to
    1.hide some content(using blur option),
    2.want to point out the some image or content using arrow symbol,
    3.want to highlight the section using rectangle box
    I’m expecting this options will be available in next update which will be useful for many people.

  • Gabriele Cognata

    Wow, for this little reasons (and bigger ones) I prefer Opera

  • reckloose

    Can you add the feature to add full webpage snapshots?

  • vmonx

    This is cool. What’s missing is the ability to auto-detect links embedded and giving an option to “open in a new tab” in the pop-up. I think the “Search” option should just change to “Open” with a open in new-tab behaviour in these cases.

  • alexandre

    pourvu que ça dure.
    opera est vraiment a la pointe de la technologie.
    en avance sur tout les autres navigateur internet.
    c’est un outils indispensable pour moi qui travaille avec des onglet ouvert et le système de signet
    toujours ouvert sur ça dailleurs.
    c’est marrent mais c’est comme si c’était un système complet opera.
    pourvu que cela dure et que cette société ne fasse pas faillite.

    • Zorzi

      Oui, vraiment un très bon navigateur. Rapide qui plus est. Défaut majeur: l’impossibilité d’ajouter des moteurs de recherche par défaut. Un peu rédhibitoire tout de même.

    • Ewa

      Hi, please write in English 🙂

      • alexandre

        please excuse me
        I’m not always careful.
        next time I would make the effort.
        good day…

  • alexandre

    long life for this internet browser.
    I use a lot opera on smarphone and computer
    and really it’s an excellent tools

    • Ewa

      Thanks 🙂

  • Ajoutez de pouvoir modifier les icons et la couleurs des liens (speed dial), j’aimerais mettre le logo des sites ou la couleur que je veux.. pas de brun, de jaune, ca gache mon design de browser..

    • Tina

      Hi, please post in English 🙂 According to your suggestions – you can do this using “heart” at the right corner of URL bar.

  • Marek Ułan

    This is great! Thanks!

  • Victor Solovjov

    I have Opera in Russian. Why do you offer me description in English?

    • Tina

      Hi. Could you please clarify what exactly (line/feature) wasn’t translated?

      • Victor Solovjov

        It’s more comfortable to read text in native language.

        • Tina

          And I’m agree with you, so what text are you talking about?

  • Elena

    Why is not translated into Russian? Why such disrespect to users? For example, Yandex respects its users. Why are not you the same?

  • Prabodha Bashini

    Wow!! this is cool,,,and i’m in love with snapshot…

  • bodica

    Pre digital I could lift a phone and call anywhere in the world. I have an expensive business line, but I can’t call transatlantic on it. Microsoft bought out Skype so even that was compromised. Took forever to get back to my early version and I’m holding to it. In other words, digital is becoming OPPRESSIVE, complicated, anal retentive, even, controlled, it seems, by persons who have never read a book and think, er, ‘digitally!’ The so called ‘convenience’ of the digital age, which seems primarily to allow shopping and complaining is now a giant and over complicated HEADACHE!
    So Opera – this is not directed against your innovations, nor your company, but the hovershadow reminded me of the iPad that I have been using for a month – nightmare – and definitely not designed for writers. Can we get back – or forward to an age of interpersonal communication, and efficient, not temperamental, phones. Any great discoveries since the digital age? Authentic, creative, new, inspirational?


    After this update, I cannot pinch to zoom on Mac OS Sierra!!
    I really use this feature, and it differs from using command+ or the zoom from pull down menu (All elements in the website doesn’t get zoomed).

  • LoverOfLife

    On Win 7, notifications sound of extensions not working

  • Lubomír Bureš

    Just want to say, this is a great addition. I have already been using the pop-up search/copy feature a lot and this is IMHO a step in the right direction.

    • We’re happy to hear that.

  • farrockgrandma

    Just starting to look at the new features, one comment –
    common English descriptor for the Israeli shekel is NIS, for New Israeli Shekel. Anyone who travels or uses Israeli currency would find this a lot easier to use.

    • Tina

      Thank you for your suggestion. However, NIS sounds like a better acronym for New Israeli Shekel it is not correct. ILS was the code for the old Israeli Shekel, and by historical reasons it stays as the code for the New Israeli Shekel. We use currency abbreviations according to the ECB (European Central Bank) and ISO 4217 and according to them the official international abbreviation of New Israeli Shekel now is ILS.

  • I am a software engineer, and I love opera for its great and useful features of next generation :-)..

  • Add an option by which I can select which currently to convert into or units when select of one type.

  • jak lees

    nice work

  • Arman Hossain

    Awesome changes….loved them

    • Glad you like it. There’s more on the way in Opera 49.

  • Anze. ro

    Is it possible to convert “xxx days” into “X.X years” ?

  • Zura Lanch

    Great changes. but it would be better if snapshot was possible by keyboard shortcut with left hand and mouse simultaneously. Now you can turn the snapshot function by Ctrl +Shift + 5 and then adjust it’s boundaries. In my version you push some buttons (Ctrl + Shift +Alt for instance) and then drag mouse as you wish. It would have been cooler.

  • Guillaume Jean-baptiste

    vpn france? 🙂

  • Daitedve

    Hey, liars! Just selected example in your own article “$899 AUD” and…. nothing! Just “search|copy”. Just “$899” also doesn’t work. Where is my currency?
    Damit! Some “smartie” disable this feature in settings and you have to dig in this heap to enable conversion. Who the hell is your developers???

    • Hans Hansen

      What are you talking about? Conversion is enabled by default and working fine: https://abload.de/img/converl5jgt.png What’s your currency?

      • Daitedve

        It doesn’t matter what is my currency. Point is it was SWITCHED OFF by default. Great developers, huh! 🙂

        • gharlane

          Go to Options/Preferences, type “currency” into search box, tick the resulting displayed box.

          Oh, the horror. Took me about 20 seconds, about 2 of which were thinking about it.

    • Tina

      Hi! Please, check is currency you want to convert is different from your default one.You can do it by opera://settings/?search=convert%20currency%20to

      • Daitedve

        Point is this setting was SWITCHED OFF by default. Great developers, huh! 🙂

        • Tina

          Daitedve, could you re-check it? Converter is enable by default. Please note, that search pop-up should be enabled too, to see conversion.

          • Proximity

            It is indeed enabled by default. Also thank you for adding BGN 😉

          • Daitedve

            Search popup was turned ON, but checkbox with currency conversion – don’t. Not a big issue, but double check your code – how that checkbox is set.

        • RawBlare

          I second that it’s enabled by default. I accidentally discovered it the first time around when I highlighted a price on an online store to copy paste it and convert it but I saw the conversion already in front of me~ Don’t be quick to insult and yell… i.e. don’t go full retard

          • Daitedve

            “Reality” of your PC make no sense – I use MY PC and my Opera installation had currency conversion SWITCHED OFF. Do you know why – tell me, but don’t show me your useless example.
            It’s absolutely normal practice, when 1000 PC works well and one – don’t. That means Opera developers made inconsistent code, which “mostly works”, but fails in some conditions due to low quality code. Say, somebody always rely string will be non-empty.

    • gharlane

      You seem nice.

  • bIg hIlL

    “Opera 48 runs on the tuned-up version of Chromium version 61.”

    OK, so what are the principle overlying factors which may govern a person to select Opera over Chrome v61?

    • Engine is just one part of the browser, crucial but not the only. It’s also important what you do with it, how you tune it as well as what’s available outside. In case of Opera there are lots of reasons and different users find they own. You can take a look at: http://www.opera.com/computer/features and check if there’s something that you’d find interesting.

  • Сергей Филипов

    There is no currency convertion to Ukrainian Hrivnya (UAH).
    Add it please.

    • Soon, Opera 49 will add five more currencies:
      1. Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH, ₴)
      2. Kazakhstani tenge (KZT, ₸)
      3. Georgian lari (GEL, ლ, ₾)
      4. Egyptian pound (EGP, E£)
      5. Belarusian ruble (BYN)
      You can already use it in beta channel, or wait till next release.

  • EphramSaracen

    Anyone has problems with spell and grammar in Opera 48 (macOS Sierra 10.12.6) ? dialog box will not open.

    • Ewa

      Hi, thank you for reporting this. Added as DNA-64914.

  • Kavita Gaur
  • Proximity

    Serious question… why do russians become offended so easily?

    • BrainsB4Emotions

      Because in Russian society they do not offer offences nearly as quickly as American people do in their own society. The Russians are much better behaved people than Americans are in my opinion. Americans have a lot to learn from the Russians in my opinion. Hope this answers your question.

  • Миха

    Oh. If you added capture… Why you can’t add “Share and get link”? 🙂 Look at Joxi or pinterest:)

    • We’ll consider such functionality, thanks!

  • nestorR

    Great browser….

    • Thanks. What do you like the most about it?

  • PBond

    This version no longer works with versions of Mac OS X < 10.9, but will auto-update anyway! How can we restore the previous version?

  • Anacreon

    I have always preferred to use Opera Developer version to Opera Stable or Beta. Why? Because since you update it quite often, I thought that all new features would be included there at first and then transferred later to Opera Stable and Beta. Am I right or wrong? I check on line for new Opera Developer each week.

    • You’re right, all new features and changes appear in the developer channel, then they go into beta and finally are available in the stable channel. If you want to know what’s coming and use the latests features the developer is good choice. However the highest level of quality is available in stable channel, because features go through long testing period before they appear in stable. Stable is suggested for all users. You can learn more about our three channels here: http://blogs.opera.com/desktop/streams/

      • Anacreon

        Thank you Maciek (Dziekuje po naszemu)

  • TheusKhan

    Hello, I’m a new user at Opera and I’m loving it.
    I would like you to add Discord support in the sidebar, just like there is with WhatsApp.
    What about Opera Neon? Does it have the same features as Opera? Is it safe and still supported?

    • Hans Hansen

      Opera Neon was just a concept browser to try out new ideas, there won’t be further development, I suppose. It was just an experiment so to say. You should use the “normal” Opera.

  • VfBFan

    Suggestions to make the search feature quite useful (like in Opera 12 ;-))

    1. The last used search engine from context menu should be saved for each tab (until it’s closed), now it’s always the default search engine.
    2. Favicon is missing for the default search in context menu.
    3. Search engines aren’t sorted in alphabetical order in the context menu. Now they are sorted in the most recently added order.
    4. Custom search engines should be synced.
    5. Context menu -> Hold ctrl key doesn’t open the search in a new background tab.
    6. Search in address bar -> Keyboard shortcuts don’t work as expected (like hyperlinks, see below).
    Search shortcut + search term + Enter = open in active tab
    Search shortcut + search term + Ctrl + Shift + Enter = open in new tab
    Search shortcut + search term + Ctrl + Enter = open in new background tab
    Search shortcut + search term + Shift + Enter = open in new window

    PS: The url auto completion uses always “.com”, I’d like to edit this.

  • The unit converter is a super welcome feature, but could use some “smartening up” to better accommodate real world scenarios. For example, it fails to convert when units are written out in full or plural. “100 ft” converts nicely, “100 feet” does nothing. “20 pounds” does nothing. “15 inch” converts, “15 inches” gives nothing.

    Going further, lets say there is a sentence like “One costs 20 pounds, the other 35”. The first amount could be converted easily, the second would require some understanding of context. But I guess this is stretching it, getting the conversion to work when units are written out would be a big improvement already.

  • maxxwell Tech

    i am Roshni from Bangalore, India. I WAS looking for INR – Indian Rupee Conversions, and i got your article. Interesting information. Mentioned the same on below Links.


  • maxxwell Tech

    Raisa here from Hyderabad, I really thank you for the way you have explained here. You will find more interesting stuff in My Online Portal.


  • sid

    Hello, regarding the “Clean up unwanted suggestions” new function.
    What about URLs that cannot be deleted ?

    I have one, specific url (at least one I found) that is no longer in my history, it never was in my bookmarks (I checked it to be sure of course) and it still shows in the suggestions without showing “X” at the right. Also shift/ctrl/alt + del doesnt work either.


    How to remove that url ?

    • There’s a little heart icon on the left, which would suggest it was ‘hearted’ so it’s either in bookmarks, bookmarks bar or speed dial.

      • sid

        Yeah, I also thought about that heart.
        I doubt that, but let’s say it “was hearted” in the past.
        I’m opening bookmarks, click on “All bookmarks” and search for that url – no results. So, just in case, I tried to search every “menu” of bookmarks tab, meaning first I clicked on “Speed dial” and search, then “Other speed dials” and search etc, even the trash. No results in any of these searches.
        I think it’s some bug or error (maybe during some crash)…
        Any idea how to delete it if it’s not in bookmarks, bookmarks bar and speed dial ?

        • I’m glad that you found the solution. Anyway, we need to rethink whether we should suggest items that are in “trash” folder…

  • Naidek L

    I have two different machines with Opera 48 installed on both and youtube comment section fails to load up about 90% of the time. It’s been like for the past 3 updates.

  • Paranam Kid

    This morning I launched Opera 48 (installed desktop version, my default browser) without any problem & was able to get to websites as usual.
    But for some unknown reason Opera suddenly became unresponsive. Clicking on a link in Thunderbird or my RSS app did not open the website. So I closed Opera, then tried to relaunch it but it did not launch nothing happened. So I shut down my PC (Win 8.1/64-bit, installed desktop version) & tried to launch Opera, but it would not launch.
    Please advise.

  • Jally Agire Buenido

    big time opera

  • 리에룬

    After I updated my computer to Windows10 redstone4, Opera browser shows to me only black and Opera beta shows to me only white. Please update quickly asap for redstone4

    • 리에룬

      Even in the Opera Neon, the screen turns black. Quick update, please.

  • Thierry Miret-Casas

    Where is the “home” button ?

  • Great article!

  • Leonardo Altarugio

    Units: Put the conversion of cm per mm

  • Sirius RushFan

    Been an Opera user for over 10 years. Great update. Although, I still long for the old Opera setting from back then, where I could simply ‘click’ the left edge of the screen and my bookmarks would come up, without having to ‘pin’ the sidebar there! Bring it back plz! 😉

  • AHF

    I have been operating since I was using the Presto engine, I have always been loyal to you and I have never liked having to install another browser, but I feel that you need to include the compatibility for Chromecast and that would be perfect.

  • Max_Cohen

    Hi, Opera Team. I am reading all new features today and then testing converting function. But not all measures are converting. I am testing in amazon.com, search page. The USD currency not converted, when the text consists of some span HTML elements. Please, improve this mistake. Thanks.

  • Kossak

    Would be great to have rectangle tool (for marking parts we are interested in) while annotating screenshots!

  • its so useful and helpful
    very kind of you

  • Loved it. The new upgrade is just amazing. Suits my needs. Easy, and convenient. I do like to suggest a similar feater for translation and dictionary.
    Except that, you guys are doing an excellent job!

  • Rey Hatsat

    I do not find the option to convert values. Can you tell me where I put? Because what I find are only the values of the coins.

  • onethree13

    I can not convert some currency into UAH (:
    but everything else works 🙂

  • This very informative article and you can find more details on this website: https://apkhelper.com/.
    this is an amazing information that have this site therefore i shared it with you.

  • mmcg968

    Add crypto-currencies to the list for conversion.

  • pereiracolombia


  • R123

    Dear Opera developers: Can you add support for Netflix video at 1080p resolution (or higher)? This could increase Opera share in browser market.
    Chrome, Opera and Firefox support playback of Netflix movies in 720p resolution in Win7, Win8.1 & Win10. IE11 in Win7 support only 720p (it uses Silverlight 5).
    IE11 plays Netflix movies at resolution 1080p in Win8.1 and Win10. Edge in resolution 1080p or 4K in Win10.
    Adding 1080p or 4K in Opera would especially important for Win7 users (all browsers play Netflix video at 720p in Win7; there is no Netflix app for WIn7)
    Win7 is on 48% PCs and will be major Windows system for 5-10 years.

  • Patel Sonal

    I was more than happy to uncover this great site. I need to to thank you for your time due to this fantastic read!! happy new year greetings message I definitely enjoyed every bit of it and I have you bookmarked to see new information on your blog.

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  • Viren V. Varasadiya

    Thank You For Short And Sweet Info.
    Visit For Christmas Images With Wishes:

  • disinvis

    Good update!

  • Robwild

    Love the snapshot tool, it would be great to have a neat circle or oval shape which you could drag to surround or highlight a feature or text.

  • sudhasan

    I am surprised I do not find features like currency converter or other built-in converters with Opera49.0.2725.47 I am in India . I am using windows7 home premium can someone explain?

  • Great update! I love this browser