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  • nanana1

    Thanks although Opera 46 Stable seems to be getting more updates than Beta and Developer these days due to their summer vacation holidays !

    • Don’t worry. We are not done with releases this week. 😉

      • James Greig

        I use 46.0 Build 2597.46 yet when I go to about Opera I am very often seeing this:
        Version information
        Version: 46.0.2597.46 (PGO) – An error occurred while checking for updates
        Update stream: Stable
        System: Windows 7 32-bit

        • Could you check if you got any logs saved in any of the following directories? Not sure what type of installation you got.
          all users – “C:WindowsTempopera autoupdate”
          current user – “%TEMP%opera autoupdate”

          • James Greig

            I’m not too sure which logs to look for.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Something like ‘opera_autoupdate.log’, I guess.

          • James Greig

            I had nothing with a .log extension.

          • Leonardo Gomes

            Maybe something is preventing auto-update to start?

          • James Greig

            Hi Grzegorz Miazga,

            Still receive the error regardless of whether I open it as admin or not.

  • Andrey

    Autoupdate from Opera stable 46.0.2597.26314(autoupdate from 06/07/2017) not working.

    ps. Crash when ‘move to trash’ bookmark from sub-sub-folder in bookmark bar.

    • Unfortunately autoupdate will not work in this case. You were (un)lucky enough to get this build from our test run of new autoupdate servers. We decided users affected by this was too small to introduce big version bump to have them updated immediately. You can manually install new version over your existing installation to work around this instead of waiting for O47 to go Stable.

      As for bookmarks it’s tracked internally as DNA-62376, just watch changelog for it too be fixed.

  • ktxgio

    thanks for new release

  • Alex Wazovskiy

    I want to ask: will you fix desktop notifications from YouTube? YouTube allows to enable them in Account settings (It recognizes Opera as Chrome), but they doesn’t appear.

  • Loysek

    Guys I’m still having this issue:

    “Since the reborn update (including this latest) every now and then (I really can’t pin point the reason, it appears at random times) my extensions settings restart.

    For example “Magic Actions for Youtube” losses all previous saved settings so I need to configure them again – like its just now installed for the first time.”

    I believe it has to do with my opera profile for synchronization but I don’t understand how and how to fix it. I tried fresh install of Opera and the problem didn’t occur for a couple days until I signed in with my profile.

    Thank you.

    • Tina

      Hi Loysek, I can’t catch your bug. Is the same repeat with another adds? For example “Gmail Notifier” ? Could you reproduce your steps – is that happens straight after auto-update or at the next session?

      • Loysek

        Thank you for your reply Tina.

        Yes, every other add-on’s setting was reset – that’s just it I don’t know what steps
        to reproduce because it happened at random times.

        But I gave up and just made another opera profile and for now the problem
        hasn’t occur.

      • Loysek

        I have finally found out how to recreate the bug :O so if you are still here please try – thank you.

        The mentioned bug appears every time i login in on messenger app on the side bar and then if i log out of messenger and close and reopen the opera.

  • novos7

    HELP! Chromecast does not work for me with the latest stable release of Opera. In opera:/cast I see only a white screen. In the developer version, Chromecast is detected, but the transmission does not work.. Help me, please.

  • Gator5000e

    I’m getting various errors while Opera is trying to update. One is 46.0.2597.39 (PGO) – An error occurred while checking for updates; another is Opera update failed to prepare (or something like that). I had downloaded and installed the latest version from the web site but still getting these errors.

    Also having trouble loading maps in Google Maps and other graphic heavy sites.

    What can I do? Thanks.

  • Raylan Givens

    Opera cannot show correctly the page I linked above. Edge and Fx all fine.

    • Tina

      Thanks for pointing that out. Our developers fixed this issue on 47 Beta

  • redfox

    The bookmarks’ drop down list still overlaps the bookmarks bar in a half, if you click a folder in the bookmarks bar. Bug exists only in v46, v45 was OK. Please, fix it.

  • ArkuS

    Hello. I have the stripes on the bottom after updating to version 45.

    While browsing a page with white wallpaper on your desktop.

    Win7 x32, screen resolution 1366×768

    • Tina

      Hi. I’ve checked it on 46.0.2597.46 and it’s ok.

  • Mário Simas

    I have Opera crash when erasing bookmarks

    • Tina

      Thanks Mario, we already know about this bug. We forwarded this to our product management team

      • Mário Simas

        Thank You Tina.

        Love Your Browser 😉

      • redfox

        Will it be fixed in O47 stable, or later?

  • summer holiday?

  • The Feral


    My speed dial/start page has gone to a nice clean skin. The only problem is that I had hundreds of tiles my on old speed dial/start page and now they are all gone.

    I found them under “Other speed dials.” My question is how do I restore them to the speeddial/start page without having to copy each link again and paste it, because it took me over 12 months to set it up and I don’t have 12 months to do it again.

    Thank you.

    • If I remember correctly “Other speed dials” indicate that it’s for some other Speed Dial account. You could just go to this folder on opera:bookmarks page. Select all items there (Ctrl+A) and just drag and drop them onto regular Speed Dial folder.

      • The Feral

        Wow. Thank you very much, my friend. It worked and now I can get back to work.

    • Jack Spider

      All my speed dial tiles are gone after the latest update too. And I cannot find the “Other speed dials” option. Can you tell me where to find it? I didn’t have hundreds of them, just tens, perhaps just over a hundred, but it’s still a pain in the neck to restore them manually. And I don’t even have info for quite a few of them.
      Never mind. Fund the “Other Speed Dials” folded at the end of the bookmarks list.
      But is there any way to back up the speed dial to file just to be sure in the future?

      • The Feral

        No probs.

        I just found it on the left side bar and the 3rd icon down is speed dials. Click on that and it should be there.

        Hope that helps.

        • Jack Spider

          Already found it, but thank you anyway. Your info about there being a way to restore them was most helpful.

          • The Feral

            Good job, mate.

            When it happened to me I almost passed out thinking I would have to ditch Opera. That would have been really sad, because I love Opera.

  • o47 stable to comming?

    • Leonardo Gomes

      Yes, when it’s ready. 🙂

      • are you ready?

        • Leonardo Gomes

          For…? 🙂

  • Copper Cerium

    Please bring the turbo option back in the drop down menu.

  • Mike

    Has the option for the title bar (on Windows) to match the system colour been removed? Or is it intentionally grey??

    • Leonardo Gomes

      It was removed.

      • Mike

        *sigh* can’t use a browser where it’s impossible to tell if it’s the active window or not.

        • Ariane Lu

          I did’t notice before you says it, the title bar should have active/background style in different color

  • Where did my bookmarks, extensions and speeddials go?

    Please tell me how to recover my settings, and speed dials shortcuts.

    • Leonardo Gomes

      What happened to them?

      • I don’t know, after updating extensions were removed, speed dial also clean, and sincronization (bookmarks) also reset. I sincronized back but obviously extensions were not, neither speed dials, and I have to reconfigure all my fave extensions. 🙁

        • Leonardo Gomes

          It seems that somehow Opera couldn’t read your profile folder and/or Preferences file and created a new one.

      • Thankfully bookmarks sync kept my speed dial on Other Speed Dials list.

        Interestingly, after installing (again) my extensions, they all seem to keep previous settings.

  • Rudric

    VPN is incompatible – buggy – with https/ssl enforcers – HUH!?

  • Ariane Lu

    Again, failed to auto update, no error log, just show “download failed”
    BTW: I’m in China

    • You sure no logs for autoupdate were created on your machine?

      They should be in following directories:
      – all users – “C:WindowsTempopera autoupdate”
      – current user – “%TEMP%opera autoupdate”

      • Ariane Lu

        Sure, it’s there but no content

        • From what I’ve found out we had some problem with our CDN in China and packages from 46.0.2597.46 were removed from China servers. Hopefully this should be back to normal and autoupdate should work for 46.0.2597.57.

          • James Greig

            Still receive this in About Opera:
            Version information

            Version: 46.0.2597.57 (PGO) – An error occurred while checking for updates
            Update stream: Stable
            System: Windows 7 32-bit

      • James Greig

        Should the opera_autoupdate folder in Windows Temp have a padlock on it, just curious? In any case when that folder is opened it is empty.

        • Leonardo Gomes

          Here it doesn’t have one.

  • Lanee JIANG

    I’m in Hong Kong and the same update error. The setup.exe also failed to download. “Full installer” link didn’t return anything. I thought it was the problem with my university wifi first… until I opened a VPN connecting to an USA ip (Korea and other HK ips didn’t work).

  • MaikoID

    I’m trying it again after a long long time using Chrome and Firefox and unfortunately certain pages doesn’t load at all, I’m not sure about why because there isn’t any error message. Plz correct it!

  • Preacher Tim

    Google Music brings this version to it’s knees, makes it totally unresponsive.

  • Andrey
  • James Greig

    I installed this version from scratch, removed everything pertaining to previous versions, now I get this 46.0.2597.57 (PGO) – An error occurred while checking for updates. And like others there is nothing showing in logs.

  • Opera stutters badly and CPU temp heats up to 96C playing HTML5 video on Youtube and elsewhere. I have the latest version of Opera on a Windows 7 64bit i5 laptop. The problem does not happen with Chrome. Please fix.

  • H.T.V. Blu

    I have used Opera for over a decade now, I think. It has long been my favourite, especially on my phones.

    In the last 4 or 5 weeks, every single time I ask it to anything at all – from change a tab, open a window or download a file or even just spellchecking, it freezes – freezing the whole computer, not just the browser.

    After 20 to 30 seconds a banner appears that read Opera (Not Responding)”

    Another 20 to 30 seconds and the entire browser disappears (all tabs, all windows and all Opera icons on my desktop) This leaves a blank desktop.

    After another 10 to 20 seconds, open tabs reappear and start working, albeit slowly.

    I tried un-installing and reinstalling several times, clearing any files or detritus left behind. Sadly, this behaviour continues unabated.

    I am using a Windows 7 laptop and several people suggested it was just too old to run the system. Plausible, sort of, except, Chrome runs fine (Chrome has long been much more memory intensive from what I can tell, yet can run without fault – I double checked again just before writing this. Chrome fine. Internet Explorer fine. Opera, set as my default browser, just cannot seem to work.

    Any ideas clever people… PLEASE?

  • Serged Sam

    got 47 and can’t share no more on Youtube, Video on Facebook can’t be play so I un-install 47 and will return to 46 to see